Tiger and Elin’s divorce is moving forward, working on confidential agreement

Tiger Woods Addresses Media At Aronimink Golf Club
Various outlets are reporting that Tiger Woods and his estranged wife Elin are moving forward with their divorce, and that they’re working to keep the details confidential and out of the press. They may ultimately be successful, but we’re bound to get some information given the interest in this whole sordid affair. Both TMZ and Radar have the news, with some additional information from The Chicago Sun Times. I’ll just quote them all at once, and it’s worth noting that they’re consistent with both each other and previous reports. Tiger and Elin reportedly want to share joint custody and it’s Elin’s idea to make it a permanent split, having tried to reconcile through counseling and finding Tiger’s response lacking. They’re supposedly still not sure whether they’ll file in the US or in Sweden, but are no longer fighting and are both committed to their children.

TMZ – they want a quick and confidential divorce
Sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ … the most important thing for both Tiger and Elin is keeping the terms of the divorce confidential. We’re told Tiger has a team — partly based in NYC — that is working on the division of assets. But … as TMZ first told you … the key player is West Palm Beach lawyer Thomas Sasser, an expert in child custody agreements that involve more than one jurisdiction. – From TMZ

Radar – divorce is Elin’s idea
“There is no arguing any more,” one source close to the situation told RadarOnline.com. “They don’t fight. There is a coldness between them and it’s Elin who is pulling the plug on the marriage.”

Both Tiger and Elin have seen divorce lawyers multiple times, as RadarOnline.com reported exclusively. But it is Elin who is leading the way in ending the marriage because the damage from Tiger’s serial cheating has been too extensive to overcome.

“She tried to put things back together,” said the source. “She went to therapy with Tiger. She gave it a shot moving forward.”

But there were so many women and so many betrayals – including the daughter of a neighbor – that every time Elin and Tiger took a step forward, they would then take two steps back, the source told RadarOnline.com. – From Radar

Radar – they’re committed to joint custody
In the past month, they have spent only a few days together and both have seen divorce lawyers.

And one source familiar with the situation tells RadarOnline.com that the couple will share joint custody of the children if the divorce goes through.

“They have not been getting along as a married couple but there has been no conflict over the children,” the source told RadarOnline.com. “They both want what’s best for the kids.

“This isn’t going to get ugly. They’ve both made sure of that.” – From Radar

Chicago Sun Times – divorce is almost finalized, Elin is house-hunting
Elin Nordegren — the maiden name Tiger Woods’ soon-to-be-ex-wife now prefers — has been house-hunting in South Florida. One requirement: a guest house where Tiger can stay when he visits the couple’s children.

The huge financial issues have been resolved. Along with very specific custody issues, Elin reportedly is insisting their divorce settlement include a pledge by Tiger to keep their two children his ”principal heirs,” even if he eventually remarries and has more kids. – From Chicago Sun Times

[From various sources linked in text]

While Tiger and Elin are working to make their split legal and final, Tiger is dealing with a neck injury that may derail his golf career for months. He withdrew from the Players Championship in Florida over the weekend due to an injury, which one reporter mistakenly called a “bulging dicks”. Tiger held a press conference on Monday explaining his injury. He said that he’s “getting old” and his game is “not where I would like it to be. There are a lot of things going on in my life.”

You have to admire the way Elin has handled this whole thing. She’s quietly gone about her business and hasn’t said a word to the press as far as we can tell. She’s also allegedly working to ensure that her children will receive an inheritance in the event that Tiger remarries. I’m still hoping that she’ll grant at least one interview, but it might be in her best interests just to lay low, take the money and keep her divorce as press free as possible.

Tiger Woods announces he will take an indefinite break from golf

Tiger Woods Addresses Media At Aronimink Golf Club

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18 Responses to “Tiger and Elin’s divorce is moving forward, working on confidential agreement”

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  1. Whatever says:

    I agree that she has handled the situation really well. Classy lady. I also like that she is trying to ensure that her kids remain principal heirs.

  2. lucy2 says:

    I think she’s smart to secure inheritance for the children. I don’t think future children are the issue, so much as future wives, aka gold diggers. Everyone knows he’s not capable of a committed relationship, so any woman going after him now only has dollar signs on her mind.

    I have to respect her for dealing with it all privately too. It must be difficult, wanting to correct rumors and be able to tell your side of it, but I do think in her case it’s wise to not comment at all.

    If Tiger has half a brain and wants to try to repair his public image again, he will not fight her over the divorce settlement.

  3. Bee says:

    I have a feeling Elin is leaking some of this information like Princess Diana did with Andrew Morton. Radar and other outlets have just been too spot on with some of their information, to not have an inside source that is somewhat authorized by Elin and her people. I’m not criticizing her. If she is leaking info I think it’s great that she’s finding someway to get her side of the story out without doing some self serving interview, I’m talking to you Rielle Hunter.

  4. Shane says:

    A little confused by the “principle heirs” part. Sounds a little too much like a royalty clause.

  5. Gracie says:

    I made the mistake of reading the comments on a story that Radar Online had on their website about Elin and OMG…so many hateful comments about how Elin was a bitch, a gold digger, and basically how wittle bitty Tiger was a great golfer and a wonderful guy.

    Yeah. It made me sick to my stomach to read slop like that. Ugh.

    Elin is a class act and she has been since they were dating. She could’ve spilled the beans on all Tiger’s secret shit a million times to any magazine, but she chose to stay quiet and focus on what is important to her.
    Which is a calm, peaceful life and the welfare of her children.

    I do hope that after the divorce settlement is established, she might choose to go to someone reliable and give her side of this story. I would love to hear her voice and listen to how she feels. She has a lot of guts and a ton of integrity. I reallly admire her.

  6. l says:

    I don’t think the “principle heirs” is confusing at all. Often times the cheater or spouse will go off and have another kid/family and the first ones, after awhile, become forgotton. Heck, even Tiger himself comes from that. His dad had a wife and several kids, then Tiger’s mom and eventually little Tiger himself came along, and well….I don’t think his dad ever looked back.

  7. RReedy says:

    Good for her. He can scurry back to his lonesome rathole.

  8. Sumodo1 says:

    On Elin’s stipulation while house hunting: I LOVE the idea of a little cottage in the back where Tiger can stay when he visits the kids. Make it small, badly furnished and uncomfortable, Elin, to make sure he doesn’t being ho-bags over!

  9. javagirl1 says:

    I always thought golf clothes could make any man look good….but not Tiger Woods. The dude is fug!

  10. flo says:

    Do not forget that Elin’s sister is an attorney and probably had some tips to offer.

  11. nycmom10024 says:

    As used above all principal heirs means is in the event of any future claimants to his future estate, they will be considered first. Just legal speak.

  12. Vanessa says:

    hee hee He has to stay “in the doghouse,” when he visits!

    Agree, she has shown a lot of class.

  13. lena says:

    i don’t know, something is telling me she is holding out for the big interview and book deal after the divorce is over and then again maybe she isn’t

  14. Rita says:

    I read the terrible comments about Elin being a gold digger and a bad perosn. Why do these PR people think we women are so stupid to believe such nonsense? LeAnn Rimes’ PR people have done the same thing concerning her lovers’ wife. They seem to think that tearing down the victim makes the perpetrator of these moral crimes look better.

  15. Zaia says:

    I love this woman. Oh my God not only she’s gorgeous but classy, elegant, discreet, dignified, gracious.
    Tiger dummy you have made the greatest mistake of your life. Elin is the kind of woman you meet once in your lifetime. I don’t think you will find another like her anytime soon. She’s certainly not the kind of woman you meet in night clubs an bars. You will realize what my dad used to tell me YOU WANT WHAT YOU HAD.
    Good luck to Elin and her precious kids. She did absolutely nothing to deserve such a betrayal. She will find true love and happiness. A hot guy who will treasure her as she should be.
    Tiger or Cheetah can go back to the gutter along with his harem of sluts.
    Rachel Uglytell can’t wait to become the next Mrs Woods. She’s delusional but I want her to experience the same kind of suffer and pain that Elin had to endure.

  16. Ogechi says:

    #3: Spot on.

  17. Sincerity says:

    The reality is that Tiger is the one with the money and Elin signed a “prenup” which significantly limits what she can expect to receive in the event of a divorce. Negotiating for the inheritance of her children is a wise move and I’m sure that Tiger Woods will be more than generous to them. More than likely, Tiger will “sweeten” her divorce settlement in return for her silence concerning the details of their marriage and divorce proceedings. At this point, it’s much more advantageous for Elin to work with Tiger instead of against him.

  18. kid bean bag says:

    Super-Duper site! I am adoring it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.