Megan Fox: “I’ll starve to death before I’ll cook for myself”


This morning, CB covered the initial excerpts from Megan Fox’s June cover profile for Allure Magazine. Those were the quotes with Megan complaining about people taking topless photos of her when she’s on the set, and also something about how she hates getting compliments. I’m just going to be pulling more of Megan’s asinine quotes in this post, before I do that, I’d just like to have a word about the photo shoot. I actually think this is one of the better photo shoots Megan has ever been a part of. Megan’s fundamental problem as a photographer’s subject is that she sucks as a model, as someone who can “emote” or “live” in front of a camera. In pure fashion spreads, she always looks dead, or corpsey if you will. In men’s magazines, well… the focus isn’t her face, and usually she can just lick her lips or whatever. Anyway, she still has that problem, but the styling in this photo shoot is amazing. Even though she doesn’t know what to do with her face, she knows how to show off these clothes. Small improvements, Megan!


Here are some more quotes from Megan’s Allure interview:

Megan refuses to cook: “I’ll starve to death before I’ll cook for myself. I think I could survive a week without eating.”

Megan on recommending someone have plastic surgery: “I would encourage anyone to first speak with a therapist, to try and figure out where this want comes from, because a lot of times it’s not related to your teeth or your nose or your chin — the surgery is not going to alleviate that insecurity for you. If, then, you feel, ‘This is something that I want to do’, then do it. It’s amazing that we have the technology to do the stuff that we do.”

Megan is OCD: “This is a sickness, I have an illness — this is not OK anymore.”

She hates public toilets and restaurant silverware: “Every time someone uses a bathroom and they flush, all the bacteria is shot into the air. Putting my mouth where a million other mouths have been, just knowing all the bacteria that you carry in your mouth? Ucch!”

Megan on how she curses a lot during interviews: “I was trying to be lighthearted and have a sense of humor. But I have no desire to express it, really, anymore, because I’ve always been f-cked doing so.”

[From Us Weekly & Dlisted]

God, this f-cking brat. That’s what she is. She’s just a dumb little talent less brat that keeps winning at life just because no one has had the decency to stand up and say “God, this girl is vapid and nasty. Why give her a forum to act like an idiot?” And do you like how she’s OCD now? Before it was schizophrenic, and now that’s subsided to a mild OCD. Let me tell Megan something – most people have little obsessive/compulsive quirks, that doesn’t make them OCD. Real OCD is hardcore, and you wouldn’t be able to flash your corpsey face all around town if you were really OCD.





Allure photos courtesy of Allure online. CB pointed out that several of these photos may be from Megan’s 2007 photo shoot. Still, they’re very pretty.

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  1. 1 qt of 1 % says:

    Starve Baby Starve. Your choice so I wouldn’t feel a bit sorry for you.

  2. kim says:

    god i am sick of this broad.

    she wouldnt know what real ocd was if it smacked her in her dumb mouth

  3. WTF?!? says:

    Why does she always look like she came to every shoot straight from a lobotomy?

    I wonder if she talked to her therapist, or just her agent before she had the nose job, boob job and lip-plumping?

  4. Missmilly says:


  5. Lady Nightshade says:

    Yeah, she had OCD but is so much better than you, she was able to just get over it all on her own. Real OCD takes over your life and takes years of hard work to over come

  6. Sudini says:

    @WTF?!? – HAHA! Awesome.

  7. Jeri says:

    What is the deal with cooking?? Is that beneath her? Does that include toast?

  8. Green Is Good says:

    Ugh. The Jonah Hex movie is coming out in June. This woman is going to be everywhere, talking about the corsets they shoe-horned her into for the movie.

  9. CC says:

    Say what you will about Amanda Seyfried Kaiser, but her interviews are like Umberto Eco compared to this…

  10. amanda says:

    I hope someone who really has OCD verbally bitch slaps her. It’s a debilitating illness. I once watched a lady outside a gas station try to get from the front door to the end of the sidewalk. I assume she was counting her steps. She had to keep going back and doing it over. So sad. This little witch Megan Fox…ugh. OCD my ass. Being a germophobe is not OCD. The only thing this chick has going for her is looks. She’s dumb, and she’s a terrible actress. But she sells movies because of how she looks. I mean, let’s just call a duck a duck, here. I was reading some celeb blog written by a guy the other day…can’t remember which one, but it was one of the ones that are basically devoted to the guy just expounding on his sexual fantasies with unattainable women (zzzzzzzzzz). Anyway, he said he wanted to be on an island alone with Megan Fox. Are you f-cking kidding me? Could you imagine if she was the only person you had to talk to? Men are so dumb sometimes.

  11. LindyLou says:

    Hate to sound like a hater but she is an offensive twat.

    That is all.

  12. skibunny says:

    I havent seen anything she’s been in so I cannot comment on her acting skills but I have seen her interviewed and I actually quite liked her. She came across as very honest and not full of herself.
    As for her looks……beautiful!!!! I dont find her plastic looking. The girl is absolutely stunning.

  13. lucy2 says:

    Some of those photos are bad, but a few she looks pretty in. However, I totally agree that she always looks completely dead behind the eyes. If she had a little bit of life and personality in her, she’d be (surgically enhanced) gorgeous.

    I won’t even comment on her remarks, they’re just too stupid.

  14. Ali says:

    why is she always looking up? is there something fascinating and sparkly dangling above her just out of the camera shot?

  15. NayNay says:


    You took the words right out of my mouth.

  16. Janelle says:

    I’m fine with people making fun of OCD because , what is life if you can’t make fun of a little bit of everything? But I’m flat out offended that she claims to be OCD. This is a fucking disorder that has taken years to get over. You’re not a spokeswoman, bitch. OCP[D] if anything. Or just personality disorder. Don’t speak about shit you don’t know about.

  17. Missfit says:

    I believe it, cause “thin is in” in Hollywood. Any more meat and they are considered “fat asses.” And for the person who wants try to get technical on her getting over OCD and how’s she better…seriously, really??? OCD is not a joke or something to be made up to have, as if it were a (trend). Some people seriously have it, a condition and there’s probably no getting over it, it’s not that easy. It’s like there are people who seriously have any real mental illness or are special needs and then some other dumb ass who doesn’t have shit, says they have something for attention.

  18. Janeth says:

    I used to really like her, her beauty didn’t threaten me at all. But now she is another pretentious dumb Hollywood bimbo! She constantly talks out of her a**, she must lead a horrible life she has all “Illnesses” known to man. Biattttch

  19. RHONYC says:


    those shoes are out-of-this-world!!!

    me likey :-)

  20. Victoria says:

    She has no personality and people INSIST on taking her stupid photo and then asking her questions so she just pulls crap out of the air “Oh Im OCD”.

  21. bellaluna says:


  22. truthSF says:

    Megan “Slut” Fox sure takes the whole “diarrhea of the mouth” to a whole new level, doesn’t she?!

  23. Anastasia says:

    Everything out in public is reused by humans. How does she think to escape that? How many rear ends sat in that theatre seat? How many saliva laden mouths drank from the exact same spot on that coffee cup? And let’s not even get into hotel rooms and the many DNA samples you’ll find there. Either get with the program or stay in your house where everything is yours alone.

  24. FIONA says:

    She is a beautiful girl no doubt, but her whole “self deprecating” thing is getting old. People who are generally self loathing are really just shallow as holy hell and very selfish.

    Claiming to be low on confidence, cutting, OCD, schizophrenic and so on, just a cry for attention.

    She’s less interviews and more pictures!

  25. original kate says:

    oh megan … promises, promises.

  26. jane16 says:

    Wow. She’s so accomplished.

  27. Oi says:

    Sorry, she just looks fake. Good looking fake, but still fake.

  28. dread pirate cuervo says:

    So she’s admitting she’s gotten her teeth, nose & chin done? I wouldn’t put cosmetic dental work in the same category as a face lift. God blessed me with pretty perfect teeth so it’s not a decision I’ve faced, but I don’t see wanting straight teeth as a mark of low self-esteem.

  29. jover says:

    Love the comment 9 and fully agree Victoria, many fashion models photo well because they have some personality behind the face. Megafarse is just a big zero all around – not a speck of intelligence, personality, life, no hobbies, interests, pursuits – except what her pr people pump her with – she is testimony to how vapid hollywood has become, and we can only hope Jonah Hex bombs likes Jennifer’s BOdy. Has that bomb even showed up at the two dollar remainder bin at Wal-Mart. I can affirm on a positive note that my son and his college friends are quite over her and maybe that is a good sign that her dumbarsiery and vapidity are finally causing her to sink in the public’s eye.

  30. Dawn says:

    God, she’s dumb as snot. Just shut up and go again.

  31. ligeia says:

    i’d starve to death too if it wasn’t for trader joes!

  32. Stephy2185 says:

    She’s SOOO boring.
    She’s one of those gals who think they’re doing enough just “showing up” and the rest (ie: talent, likability, charisma, charm, beauty, etc) will take care of itself.
    Earth to Megan–

  33. She’s such a bloody idiot and has chosen to claim OCD based upon the most obvious cliches imaginable. Most things that OCD people fixate upon make absolutely no sense to others… like people who literally scrub battery acid off the street in front of their house. Now, I’ve never done that before, but I’d also never admit the particular bizarre things that I really have done to ease the anxiety brought about by my own OCD. Meds do help for the most part. It’s such a shame Megan can’t take meds to help her not be such a bitch.

  34. Diva says:

    Aren’t there different degrees of OCD? I’m not defending her at all, but you’re not full on OCD if you’re any, are you????

    I wish I would starve if I had to cook for myself, lol… but there’s these things called restaurants, and they’re pretty easy to get to.

  35. fizXgirl314 says:

    I have to admit, she does have an enviable figure… This, but doesn’t look like her bones are jutting out.

  36. Janelle says:

    @Diva – yes, there are different levels to which OCD can be measured. OCPD is when you have superficial symptoms such as being incredibly clean, if something isn’t done a specific way it might bother you for a long time, etc. When the anxiety of the compulsions and obsessions get in the way of doing basic everyday tasks, it is then a disorder – it takes over your life. We aren’t discussing just obsessive cleaning. There can be tons of rituals, counting, germaphobia, superstitious compulsions, etc. that for the large part have no logical explanation except in the person’s reasons. It is an incredibly difficult anxiety disorder that people often don’t understand. My mother still doesn’t admit my problem because she has been taught growing up it’s all about being clean. What Megan Fox appears to be describing is not OCD, but just being a germaphobe that many people share.

  37. Emily says:

    Soo, she won’t cook for herself, but hates using restaurant cutlery? What exactly does she eat, then?

    As for her having OCD, I don’t buy it. Just sounds like a germaphobe, and everyone has little compulsions. I have a bunch that get more noticeable when I’m scared or nervous, doesn’t mean I have full blown OCD!

  38. nona says:

    Megan, you are beautiful! Stop hiding you thumbs in your pockets or behind you back!
    You are perfect,girl!

  39. Ruffian9 says:


  40. voiceover says:

    I actually have suffered from OCD. This is a gossip site, not a medical site, so I suppose I’ll be talking to the wrong crowd, but they’ve done studies about what can cause OCD, or OCD-like symptoms. It can be something as simple as a diet problem or allergies, especially in children. Not all the time, obviously, but often. I used to have to count everything, and would spend tear-filled hours making sure my bed didn’t have a single wrinkle in it, or that all my spaghetti noodles were combed straight and counted before I ate them. Just to name a few things. I got off of sugar and became a totally different person. I know that idea sounds ludicrous, but I say it only to help anybody who might want to try a different alternative to medication. Sometimes what we’re eating or exposing ourselves to can manifest itself negatively through behavioral problems. I’m sorry to go off on this subject! I certainly don’t mean to offend anybody still suffering from this disorder. I just hope that my story may be able to help somebody else. It’s worth looking into homeopathic solutions and eastern medicine (muscle testing, acupuncture, acupressure). When nothing would work for me, I found all that to work really well.

  41. Camille says:

    Terrible modeling. It seems she has only one facial expression. Can’t she move her face anymore?
    As I said in the other MF thread, her face looks different again, it looks like she took Jennifer Connellys picture in with her to the surgeons office this time.

  42. Ashley says:

    beautiful photos, shame that she is such a silly spoiled brat

  43. omondieu says:

    Yay! A few weeks ago, I was starting to warm to Megan, and I contemplated killing myself. Good to know that balance has been restored to the universe, and that she’s still as dumb as ever.

    However, I do agree with her about public toilets. I always put the lid down before flushing at home.

  44. Chico says:

    Some of these pics are very pretty–too bad she has to open her mouth and ruin them. It’s hard to like the pics when they are attached to an annoying twit.

  45. Boombeeba says:

    I know an easy way people can go without eating food for a week & not caring… Speed! *Tweak Tweak*

  46. Emily says:

    omondieu: don’t ever think that way! Megan will always come out with something to bring you back to how things should be.

  47. MissyA says:

    As a psych major at a large University, I’ve worked with people with OCD. It’s a significant neurological disorder – one that is as heartwrenching as it is debilitating. And most of the heartbreak centers around deep-seated psychological trauma experienced early in life.

    We had a patient who would compulsively check garbage cans/bins. They said they had to make sure there wasn’t a person inside. Another person licked their wrists raw – their mother killed herself by slitting her wrists.

    So maybe it doesn’t make me a very good person, but I really have the compulsion to punch Fox in her pretty little face every time I read one of her interviews.

    Lying and self-diagnoses don’t make you interesting, honey. Enjoy the limelight – you’ve got about a minute left. . .

  48. spooge says:

    What a catch. .. and so intelligent.

  49. Lita says:

    If my hub doesn’t cook I don’t eat either, drives him spare, lol. I’m not precious, just really fracking lazy about eating.

    I think she’s gorgeous .. Almost as good as those shoes .. NEED THEM NOW!

  50. Annabelle says:

    I agree with Voiceover. Despite what everyone here seems to think, you CAN get better from any illness, even deep-seeded ones like psychosis and schizophrenia. Its not the common belief, especially in the west, but its true. You can also learn to manage it so that it doesn’t cause so much disruption in your life, which is what cognitive behavioral therapy teaches you (and if thats the case you might say you are getting better when really you are just learning to manage it. Who cares, if you FEEL better you’re GETTING better)

    I really don’t think that you can expect Megan Fox to reveal every detail about her mental issues, like if she’s only mentioning the cleaning thing, doesn’t mean there isn’t more to the story that she isn’t saying. She probably didn’t expect you to have a checklist so that you can diagnose whether she’s being truthful or not based only on what she says in a magazine. Like, chill out.

  51. Sophia says:

    Irk, what a weird woman. That is seriously such a retarded thing to say.

  52. Lita says:

    @Annabelle I agree. People get better from things and have them in varying severities; people here seem to get quite OTT about anything even vaguely related to something that could be considered to have a PC angle. I probably have myself. I think the bad bit about mental health (speaking generally and not Megan Fox related) is when people go so overboard about mental health that its all kid gloves. Analogous to this guy I knew – paraplegic dude – people would insist on treating him like he should be in cotton wool. Maybe that would have helped during his accident (causing said infliction) but what he wanted most was to be treated like anyone else. Similarly just because someone has a mental health issue doesn’t mean we have to speak in hushed tones around them – any more than you have to with someone that lost a limb. Get the frack over it and don’t be so precious is my vote. So someone lost a limb, lung, happy (depression) or happy medium (bipolar) … etc. People is people. Maybe megan fox does have ocd, maybe she’s exagerating like I did last time I had a bad flu and told people I got Ebola – am I going to have the Ebola Survivors Assn after me next?

  53. Cea says:

    “it looks like she took Jennifer Connellys picture in with her to the surgeons office this time. ”

    lol Camille. That cracked me up.

    She is so plastic looking. She is also full of S*** She doesn’t have OCD.

    OCD is a serious mental illness. . She just sounds like she she’s a germ a phobe, like everyone else. There are different severities of it, obviously hers’ was never that severe. I’ve known people who can’t even leave their house for fear of being infected with germs. It’s a tough illness to have and depending on the severity can take years to break, and may never go away.

    She really needs to shut her f’ing mouth, unfortunately that’s impossible for her, she uses way too much lip filler. ;)

  54. freckles says:

    As a totally straight girl, I have to say that she is physical perfection and I would do horrible, horrible things to her. The only condition: she has to shut her mouth. So, alas, it will never happen.

  55. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I wouldn’t get too worked up over it. There’s a lot of pop psychology terminology that we’ve passively accepted into everyday language: OCD, closure, passive-aggressive, anal-retentive, transferrence, etc., that are passed around for hyperbolic purposes or used as generalities. Seemingly, we seem to understand that when the layman uses them, they’re not foregrounded in any kind of clinical sense or with the credentials required to make those kind of judgements in a real way.

    I’ve dealt with mental health issues for long enough to know taking Megan Fox’s diagnostic techniques into account aren’t really germane to the process.

  56. Emily says:

    @freckles: not even if I bought you a ball-gag to use on her? :P

  57. Lizzyss says:

    She’s hardly physical perfection. She’s had so much surgery and it shows. Her nose is all flat and weird looking in the wrong angles. Her lips look ridiculous most of the time. They don’t fit her face. So annoying that some people admire artificial looking trout pout porn star looks over natural beauty these days.

  58. Aims says:

    She’s so beautiful! Look at that waist! I wouldn’t have a waist that small even at 100lbs! And I’m only 110! She’s mighty gorgeous!

  59. Lizzyss says:

    To above#58, Why don’t you go and get plastic surgery like her then, if you think she’s so hot. Idiot.

    Oh and good point , “Mamma Besser“ Imo,not only are Psychology terms being used too casually in conversation, but people are too quick to believe they have a mental illness and self diagnose.

    Many people can have symptoms of OCD but, it doesn’t mean you really have the full blown illness. I mean come to think,many people can have symptoms of many mental illness’s , but it still doesn’t mean you have the condition. It’s just become a trendy thing to be. And so people lie and exaggerate their symptons to others, in turn, doctors are over prescribing medications to people that really don’t need it. And the people who really suffer from mental illness are trivialized.

    It’s a real unfortunate situation happening now.

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