Jesse James’ stepmom: he killed baby animals as a teen, used N word all the time

Jesse James’ former stepmother is so upset at his allegations of abuse at the hands of her former husband that she’s now resorted to attacking his character. According to Janina James Coan, who was married to Jesse’s dad Larry and lived with his family since Jesse was six, Jesse’s claims aren’t true and he was a bad kid to boot. Coan has since divorced Jesse’s dad, but she says she was there throughout Jesse’s childhood. She detailed some disturbing incidents in which Jesse was both racist and cruel. According to Coan, Jesse went through a period as a teen when he injected baby rats with alcohol in order to kill them, comparing it to the terrible experiments that Dr. Mengele did on concentration camp victims. She also said that Jesse used the “N” word all the time along with an epithet against Mexicans. As if we didn’t already dislike the guy.

Coan, along with James’ dad Larry, have both already denied that Larry abused James as a child. Now they think that heaping allegations on against James will somehow help their case. It kind of makes them look desperate, actually, but here’s what she said:

“When Jesse was about 14 or 15 years old he started killing baby rats by injecting them with alcohol,” his former step-mother told exclusively. “He told me it’s what Dr. Mengele would do.”

“Jesse found it fascinating that Hitler could seduce a whole country,” Coan said. “Then he became obsessed with Hitler’s personality and the SS and he was fascinated with the Nazis. He definitely has an attraction with the power race thing.”

“I heard him use the N word a bunch of times,” Coan told “I don’t know if I’d call Jesse a white supremacist or not but he’s definitely racist.

“He didn’t like Mexican people either. He always referred to them as wetbacks,” Coan continued. previously reported that James used derogatory terms about gay people. In an email obtained exclusively by, James called two former employees “f***ots”…

Coan was involved with Jesse’s dad from the time that Jesse was six years old. They married when Jesse was in high school and later divorced.

[From two different articles on Radar Online]

I’m not surprised that James was kind of a bad seed as a teen, but who knows how bad he really was? Did he kill some baby rats once or was he doing it for months/years? If he was really using the “N” word and other epithets, it was up to his parents to set him straight and tell him that was absolutely unacceptable. Where do you think he learned it from in the first place?

As we mentioned yesterday, James’ sister supports his version of events and says that she witnessed abuse at home. Enough with the back and forth from this family! If anything, it shows that there was some dysfunction going on. Whether or not it was full blown abuse is something only they can know, unless there were outside witnesses or authorities involved.

The truth expert at Eyes for Lies had a chance to analyze James’ full interview, where he cried when he recounted the abuse. (This is a follow-up to Eyes’ earlier analysis in which she observed that James seemed arrogant and self centered in the advance clips that were out.) According to Eyes, James’ story of abuse falls through, and it looks like he’s working hard to muster up tears about an incident he describes only in very vague terms.

So is James just a scared man-child acting out or is he a manipulative creep like he’s been since he was a teen? I think we have plenty of evidence to judge his character without knowing anything about his childhood background.

Photos are from 5/27/10 and include one of Jesse’s two daughters: Sunny, 6, and Chandler, 15. Credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. YT says:

    The stepmother and father are laying it on thick for attention and tabloid money. Once his sister backed Jessie, they had to come up with a better story. The key is that Jessie and his sister have avoided contact with them for years.

    Jessie is not perfect, but his stepmother and father need to shut up.

  2. Dorothy says:

    Still a douche! Rats are extremely smart, probably smarter that Jesse.

  3. Sarah says:

    Not in his defense at all, but I don’t know of many people (of any race) who have never used a racial slur at least once in their lives. I’ve known black people who’ve used Honkey and Cracker, I’ve known white people to use the N-word, I’ve known many to use Mexican racial slurs. Is it right? No, it’s not but should one be condemned for using it when he was young. If he was such a rotten little ass as a kid where’d he learn it from? Like father, like son?

  4. Kelly says:

    I don’t think there are too many extended families on this sweet tho’ overburdened planet who don’t slap each other in the face with this amateur dram shiz on a regular basis. Perhaps not so much with the rat-injecting, but let’s not split hairs. I know half *my* family thinks the other half are hellspawn, the slight problem of consanguinity notwithstanding. And if someone gave them ten bucks and a microphone they’d have no problem expressing themselves in that direction.
    So perhaps let us ponder the merciful obscurity that most of us are blessed with before adding fuel to this particular blaze.
    No good can come of it, and what’s more, it’s played out already.

  5. really says:

    maybe he repressed all that anger (N-word, other racists remarks, etc) cause he wanted to kill his ABUSIVE dad, and since he couldn’t not–he picked up the next thing: poor judgement and bad taste (and banging ugly skanks).

    I dont think deep down he hates blacks or mexicans….. I think who he hates is: his ABUSIVE DAD…. and is projecting how he feels about his whacked abusive crazy father onto STUPID HATEFUL COMMENTS.

  6. rraven says:

    The worst thing he could have done was go public with this interview, now everybody that was waiting on the sidelines to profit from this scandal, i.e. the mistresses, the rag mags and now his family members are having a field day, meanwhile the reputation of the people he claims he wanted to protect, i,e, his family ,kids and soon to be ex-wife are just going to get dirtier from all the mud slinging.

    The abuse thing may be a case where his father was a growly mean guy who believed in tough love but Jesse and his sibling(s) probably didn’t see it that way.
    Parents are often genuinely surprised by their kids memory of childhood regardless of abuse claims. This is not to say Jesse is lying or not, just that its getting increasingly likely that his parents were probably not very nice people.

  7. Marjalane says:

    As disgusting as this entire family is, the parents are beyond foul- they just don’t want their abuse and neglect of reporting abuse, (stepmom) to be made public. Men who cheat on their wives with strippers are gross, but child abusers are still the creme de la creme of pigs. I wouldn’t doubt that Jessie James hasn’t had much to do with them in a long time, (like didn’t share any of Sandra’s wealth or fame with them) and they’re just looking for their piece of the action. Bleh. Pigs all of them.

  8. really says:

    ..and Sarah is sooooo right, all cultures have racist is their tribe! Just whites get more notable attention due to: vile slavery and racial pillage. BUT that does not make Jesse a racist and cruel, just makes him STUPID. and these slurs come from people who don’t have respect for themselves and thus can in no way respect others (it’s a cycle of projection), and frankly BORING. and it makes since that Jesse would in lack of cultural respect – thus use these slur’words: his dad was ABUSIVE, which is disrespect upon his soul, and he learned this sort of twisted puns!

  9. embertine says:

    Interestingly, the abuse of animals in childhood, along with firestarting and bedwetting, are three of the main behaviours seen in children who grow up to be psychopaths.

  10. YT says:

    Gloria Allred needs to step in and offer to represent the stepmom and dad in their dealings with the press. If there is no money in it for Allred, at least she can do some news conferences with her favorites: microphones, cameras, and lights.

  11. Lway says:

    This is insane. Jesse should STFU because his lame complaints and crying is blowing this thing up.

    He stuck his tool up another woman – that is it. He is WRONG.

    I was also abused as a kid. My step dad LOVED punching me in the face & treating me badly. I don’t cheat on my husband……in fact i’ve learnt that you gotta let the past be the past.

    Grow up Jesse James!

  12. Team Bethenny says:

    And the Bad Brains t-shirt is supposed to make him look not racist??

  13. simplicity says:

    Jesse has had three lawsuits against him, (sexual harrassment, settled).

    Jesse’s own words, “I lied about everything.” Believe him now? I don’t. I also consider his behavior toward his ex-wife, and children, emotional battery.

  14. jane says:

    Not really sure how you draw the distinction between rats and kittens when it comes to killing them. Maybe I read that wrong, but that’s messed up.

  15. Larissa says:

    So easy to blame family/parents for your own mistakes!
    I was a complete fuck up until I realized I was responsible for my own acts.

    His father being abusive or not, he should´ve kept it private, it is no excuse for what he has done .

  16. moops says:

    lol @ kelly! “…slight problem of consanguinity notwithstanding.” Good stuff!

    @ embertine: the bedwetting part of the triangle is falling out of favor. New studies do not support it.

  17. LindyLou says:

    I would take what the stepmother is saying with a grain of salt. If there really was abuse going on and she stood by and did nothing about it, then she is complicit in the abuse so of course she is denying it.

    If it is true that he tortured small animals as a teen, that’s scary because I’ve read that many serial killers start out that way…but again, not sure I believe the stepmother.

  18. Celebitchy says:

    Ok, I know it’s wrong to distinguish between rats and kittens. I will remove that part as it’s pretty controversial and I know not everyone agrees with me. Rats are not usually regarded as pets, though, and cats are.

    Edit @Julie and Jane – I changed that part where I said it wasn’t the same as killing kittens. It was wrong of me to make that distinction and it’s removed. I was thinking of rats being used more in experiments, but again that is wrong.

  19. embertine says:

    @ moops: Yeah, I know, but because I’m a watcher of Criminal Minds rather than someone who actually knows about the subject, I prefer the pop culture version of the MacDonald triad. 😉

  20. Julie says:

    Embertine: I’m with you, bedwetting or not. This is classic sociopathic behavior.

    CB: Thank you for taking out your reference to rats and kittens. Luckily I was able to edit out my comment to you before I hit the button.

  21. A.K.A says:

    Very funny his “Bad Brains” t-shirt, maybe John Corbett can make him a “Bad Lizard” t-shirt with the thunderbolt and eveything !!!

  22. Tess says:

    Lway, I couldn’t agree with you more. Life isn’t always pretty, but at a certain point growing up and choosing not to repeat rotten behavior is a form of redemption from the past.

    But, enough about him. He just seems kind of dull-witted and BORING.

    The last remaining intriguing part of this story is why Sandra Bullock fell for him, got to know him after 5 or 6 years, and still wanted to spend her life with him.

  23. Kelaa Khaa says:

    Rats are smart animals.

  24. Kelaa Khaa says:

    Kudos to you celebitchy for taking that part about the rats out. I wonder if JJ will take up with Paris Hilton for his next mate.

  25. Lee says:

    Well if nothing else, if Sandra has entertained any thoughts of taking this scumbag back, these revelations will help to discourage it. Though I believe his family is dysfunctional, I believe his former step-mother. He’s a lying psychopath who will say anything to drum up sympathy.

  26. Stephie says:

    Sunny looks so unhappy in that photo. I hope the kids’ home life away from the paps is better than it looks. Somehow.

  27. Westcoaster says:

    I am just waiting for some woman to come forward and say she is pregnant with JJ’s baby. This is starting to look like a episode of Jerry Springer.
    He should really have just kept his mouth shut and laid low. He really needs to work on repairing his image for the sake of his children. The interviews are not helping much and only bring him and his family more attention. I can’t imagine what his children must be going through right now.

  28. Mentok the Mind Taker says:

    Now, these allegations shock me less than the cheating thing.

    How sad is that?

  29. city says:

    acting out by killing/torturing animals, fire starting and bedwetting are classic symptoms of abused and neglected children. not that i support his cheating and all that – all this comment does is make me believe that it is true that he was abused.

  30. Ursaline says:

    @ A.K.A.: Yes! Yes! 😀

  31. JoGirl says:

    This guy just needs to disappear. Take a page from Roman Polanski’s book of sleaze and leave the country. Maybe go spend some time in Sub-Saharan Africa helping the needy and learning to appreciate the wonderfully privileged life he has led.

    Just stop whining and get out of our faces – NOW!

  32. sashavice says:

    Hahahaha no way, he’s wearing a Bad Brains shirt to not appear racist

  33. Riley says:

    Jesse James sounds like he’s ADHD. Tough, yet sensitive. Comes across arrogant. “Vague” in how de describes things. And it’s not uncommon that this kind of abuse is kept quiet. Parents aren’t always loving. I can definitely relate in the sense that things like this comes in the way in relationships with others. You tend to mess up good relationships, even though you really want them to stay. The way he sees himself too, sounds ADHD. That’s my guess. And we will always be perceived differently than we are. I believe him.

  34. Catherine says:

    The whole family seems like a bunch of loons. Enough already. They need to go away.

  35. sashavice says:

    Lindylou is right, killing animals is one of three signs that are extremely common in serial killers. However, I wouldn’t say that because someone killed animals as a troubled child/teen that they would necessarily turn out to be evil.

  36. mai tai says:

    Disgusting creepazoid!

  37. Kim says:

    Typically when kids abuse animals it because they have been abused themselves. This is a pattern they have seen in murderers. She is putting her foot in her mouth because this isnt helping her saying he wasnt abused. To me it proves he was – by someone, maybe not his father but someone.

  38. Kim says:

    Everyone is WAYYYY to sensitive these days. Poeple use derogatory terms and it doesnt mean they are racist. Im not saying its right, i personally HATE the N word, but it happens all the time. Look at rappers calling each other the N word and are we saying they are racist? And dont go into they have “earned” the right to call each other that – that is bs! Perez Hilton, a gay man, himself used the word f***ot just this year. People need to get over being so sensitive.

  39. Katija says:

    I know that America regards her as something of a patron saint, but I’m starting to lose patience with Sandra Bullock for marrying this douchebag in the first place.

  40. yadira says:

    It is one thing to be stupid when you are young and show poor judgement but this IDIOT is 40ish? He can’t really blame his current actions on his father now for abuse that took place 20-30 years ago. He is now grown and should have the capacity to choose right from wrong. He is scum who thinks he can get away with scummy behavior and now he is attempting to do damage control by blaming everyone else and their mama’s too.

    Just acknowledge that you were arrogant and thought you were above everyone else and screwed up and learn your lesson. The blame game isn’t the answer

  41. Mikunda says:

    Come on, it’s like those rapists, who say they raped because it’s in their genes. You have a choice, dude. You call the shots. You make that choice. You are the one who has to be held accountable.
    So many people have been abused, but they CHOOSE to be good people, you know?

  42. yae says:

    To me this woman validated Jesse’s abuse claims about his father.

    Sounds like the angry actions of a young boy being brutally treated and dominated by his father.

    By the stepmother sticking her face into it, it also shows that Jesse probably got no comfort from this b-tch as a child.

    Hell, now I feel sorry for the guy.

  43. Aussie Mama says:

    Gee Mum and you wonder why he’s f***ed up. You were obviously hugely suppotive and there for him in the earlier years, just as you are now. Stupid, talk for cash bitch.What a mole.
    Have a look at WHY KIDS DO THAT SORTA SHIT!
    14, 15, hell I’d hate someone to go digging through my childhood. I am sure we have all done crap WE ARE NOT PROUD OF!

  44. Maritza says:

    Jesse has dug his own grave by talking too much and his family is helping him.

  45. archiepelago says:

    I was abused as a child and never once killed or tortured an animal. In fact, knowing what it felt like to be bullied, terrorized and stripped of dignity and respect was enough to make me decide to never subject another human being to that. Not trying to polish my halo here but perhaps if people would take more responsibility for themselves as adults, the world would be a better place. It’s cathartic I am sure to cry and blame his dad but this guy is in his 40’s and a public persona – he needs to look himself in the mirror, admit that he is not a good guy, that he made mistakes and work on making himself better. He’s already proved to be a shitty partner and a shitty parent, take the wake up call Jesse and move on. I’d respect you a whole lot more if you stopped living out your drama in the limelight and took time to parent your child.

  46. Duh says:

    Uh huh sure lady. How hard did your husband have to hit you to get you to say this?

  47. jules says:

    this is crap, even if it is true… his father did not literally break his arm, as it sounds by the way jj tells the story…he climbed over a fence and fell and broke his arm.

    more importantly, though is this:

    there are so many good people out in the world who have had horribly traumatic events happen to them, and they chose to take a higher road.
    those anonymous people walking about are my everyday heroes. too bad we don’t give those folks more credit for doing the right thing.

  48. Shannon says:

    If this woman had a hand in raising him, I can only imagine what a king douche Jesse’s dad is. No wonder he turned out the way he did. Not that it excuses his behavior – it was still ultimately his choice to become the village bicycle – but it doesn’t sound like he grew up in a world where he was exactly nurtured.

    This woman’s disgusting decision to publicly castigate her stepson, no matter how much she may dislike him, is still absolutely appalling and shows a total lack of taste. You’re not famous lady, stop riding his coattails just to drag his name through the mud.

    I’m not fan of Jesse, I think he’s scum. But come on, running to a gossip rag about your stepson is low. It just makes me believe all the more that Jesse had a really messed up childhood.

    Killing animals is not something a child without a lot of trauma in his life would do. It doesn’t mean that all abused kids hurt animals, but it IS seen in child abuse victims enough to not be surprising when it comes up.

  49. Shannon says:

    “there are so many good people out in the world who have had horribly traumatic events happen to them, and they chose to take a higher road.”

    What?! You mean they stayed silent about their abuse? That is not the high road, that’s sad and oppressive, and means their abusers were allowed to continue hurting people instead of thrown in jail where they belong. Why would you be condoning this?