Miley Cyrus hates ‘Glee’: “Honestly, musicals? I just can’t.”


Miley Cyrus is the current cover girl for Billboard Magazine. I actually wasn’t aware that Billboard was an actual magazine publication, I thought it just a newsletter and a site, so I learned something new today. The whole piece (online here) is all about Miley’s strategic corporate move away from teeny-bopper to legit adult pop star, although Miley is still talking sh-t about pop music in general, and repeating the claim that she “doesn‘t listen” to pop music. But the quote that is drawing the most attention is her disrespect of Fox’s hit TV show Glee. Miley snots: “Honestly, musicals? I just can’t. What if this was real life and I was just walking down the street on Rodeo Drive and all of a sudden I just burst into song about how much I love shoes?” Um… so I didn’t watch Hannah Montana, but isn’t that exactly what Hannah Montana was like? Or am I wrong?

On aging before our eyes: “I’m just at a certain place where I’ve changed a lot as a person,” she says. “I’ve grown up a lot, which everyone does.”

On the gigantic birdcage in her “Can‘t Be Tamed” video: “You’re going to, like, die when you see the birdcage in the video because it’s so crazy,” she says. Despite Cyrus’ march into adulthood, she still talks like a teenager-all rapid-fire patter that, by my transcribing tally, comes in at around 200 words per minute. “I’ve got, like, 30 dancers in there and a tree and a nest. Literally, it’s out of control. I’m definitely going to be doing a lot more stuff like that.”

On how her music isn‘t “shallow”: “I listen to zero pop music, which is really weird for someone who makes pop music,” Cyrus says, noting that the first concert she ever went to was Poison. (She covers “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” with Bret Michaels doing backing vocals on the album.) “My 13-year-old self would have beaten up my 17-year-old self because she would be like, ‘You’re a sellout!’ But that’s not what it is. It’s not dance music that’s just about, ‘Ooh, I’m in the club and everyone’s looking at me.’ It means something. I’m not just sitting here trying to sell glitz and glamour…because no one lives that life. A lot of [pop] songs are super shallow, but this music isn’t.”

On her busy schedule: “It’s hard when you’re doing a show and you’re going to London for two days and then you come back and you’re doing the show again,” she says. “I can kind of bounce around everywhere and I don’t really have something that’s tying me back here.”

On Lady Gaga: “Unlike a lot of artists, all her music does mean something to her personally.”

On the comparisons between Hannah Montana and Glee, which she doesn‘t watch: A big part of the appeal of she can’t quite find it in herself to suspend her belief enough to watch “Glee” even though the show featured “The Climb” in a recent episode. “Honestly, musicals? I just can’t. What if this was real life and I was just walking down the street on Rodeo Drive and all of a sudden I just burst into song about how much I love shoes?” She pauses for a second, and then laughs. “It would get hits on YouTube.”

[From Billboard]

Personally, my favorite STFU quote is “A lot of [pop] songs are super shallow, but this music isn’t.” Oh, Miley. You are the very definition of shallow. And that’s when we’re being kind! I always go back and forth on Miley – I think she’s improved so much, even in just the past year that I’ve been following her interviews with any regularity, she’s gotten smarter and more interesting. But she thinks the whole world revolves around her – typical teenage bullsh-t, actually, except that everyone is agreeing with her, “Yes, Miley, everything does revolve around you!”


Cover courtesy of Just Jared, additional pic courtesy of Billboard online.

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  1. Lilith says:

    this is just to easy

  2. Jack says:

    whatever..shes lame and boring..

  3. Amneh says:

    Very disrespectful. I’m starting to get a Megan Fox/Katherine Heigl vibe from her.

  4. Jackie says:

    Honestly, Miley? I just can’t.

    She is soooo not talented OR sexy.


  5. Marjalane says:

    I’m with lillith….too easy, too much of a big old softball dancing across the plate, far too much opportunity to be unkind. sigh….let me leave you with my best uber eyeroll.

  6. GatsbyGal says:

    I’ll bet you anything Miley listens to current Green Day and shit like All American Rejects and thinks she’s listening to “rock.” Bet Miley even thought Avril was punk music. Uggghh. Either that or she listens to country, which is techically all pop music anyway since country music is some of the most shallow, asinine crap ever.

    Ohhhhhh Miley, you are so young and so incredibly stupid. But you’re too young and incredibly stupid to realize it.

    Edit: I will give her this however – Glee is lame city.

  7. Nicole says:

    OMG, she is, like, soooo mature. Pop music, like, seriously? Yeah.

  8. Constance says:

    She looks like a woodchuck. I’m just sayin…

  9. Serenity says:

    I don’t understand how Miley not liking “Glee” is being disrespectful. I don’t like musicals and would never watch “Glee”.

  10. jover says:

    On a serious note, I agree she is into Megafarse territory. Do all the adults around her worship her to the extent that no one has the cojones to tell her she’s the ultimate fake: a corporate Disney creation from the getgo. BTW, someone correct me but isn’t her new label actually owned by disney? As for her non sequiter comment on Gaga, check Gaga’s album credits Rob Fusari and I believe Redone wrote her hits – Lady Gaga’s own songs stink. I’ve also noticed that her image is noticably absent from Wal-Mart so I’m guessing Max Azria’s ppl have discovered she’s not nearly as popular with that crowd as Miley’s PR ppl would want you to believe. All will be glad when this ungrateful no talent is back in Tennessee serving coffee and pancakes to the early morning crowd her true calling. You have to give Miley’s pr ppl credit for getting her all this coverage and mag covers, etc. sadly to the detriment of talented artists.

  11. kim says:

    she can say whatever she wants, it’s not like anyone over the age of 21 even gives a shit what this nasal bitch says.
    She tries way too hard to be “cool” and “sexy”!! It’s really fucking funny!!!!

    if she didn’t say such retarded things in her interviews I’d almost feel sorry for her.

  12. Cassie says:

    She is just jealous that she can’t sing like lea michele

    And yes I love musicals (julie Andrews forever) but my sister hates musicals and never misses an epi of glee.

    Their version of poker face is amazing, I like it better then lady gagas ( goes to hide)

  13. sunnyjyl says:

    She’s a kid. I’ll give her a bye on stupid comments until she is… oh, let’s say… 26.

    I thought her part in SATC2 was cute.

  14. lucy2 says:

    Serenity, not liking Glee isn’t disrespectful. Saying that all other pop music is meaningless and shallow – except for HERS – that’s disrespectful. Especially for someone who’s claiming to be so grown up now. There are ways to say things without sounding like a total snot, but she never does.

    I hope she’s enjoying it all right now, and that someone is banking some of that cash for her, because honestly I don’t see her having a life long career.

  15. oh hey says:

    I’ve seen an episode of Glee, and even though I do like musicals, and Glee has potential, it’s not a show that keeps me coming back.

    Unfortunately, I also watched Hanna Montana while getting my hair done yesterday. I have to ask, are kids really that stupid to eat this crap up? The father and brother have country accents but Miley doesn’t. I know not all people who live in the South/country have accents, but c’mon if they’re all in the same family, shouldn’t be some continuity for the show’s sake?

    If I had kids, I’d rather have them watching Glee, at least there’s some meat to that story, even if most of the songs they sing are a little too pop, and the characters can…you know…sing.

  16. malina says:

    She’s just sooo extremly unlikable…

  17. Megan says:

    Sounds like a typical 17 year-old to me.

  18. CC says:

    OK..when I first saw that pic my first thought was: “is that Jennifer Lopez?’

  19. normade says:

    She hated Twilight too. I think she just gets green eyed when she sees something popular that she’s in no way involved with. She’s just a big hater.

  20. aury says:

    what an idiot. i’ll be glad, no, THRILLED when she’s off the map. she can go to hell for all i care.

  21. Oi says:

    yup, she left a big ol’ hangin’ slider right down the middle of the plate to the clean up hitter here. Grand Slam!

    @GatsbyGal; you just trashed 3 of my least favorite artists (old Green Day is ok)! Can we be friends??

  22. Beth says:

    How can Miley be a fan of Gaga if she doesn’t listen to or like pop music? More importantly how can she claim she hates pop when that’s all she does? Isn’t this album supposed to be what she wants to do? I never heard of an artist who makes music that they loathe.

  23. jc says:

    Shes just a kid, for Gods sake. Cut her some slack.

  24. FIONA says:

    eh, I don’t understand the appeal of Glee honestly. I don’t dislike all musicals, but I cannot get behind that television show.

    I don’t find what she said disrespectful, because that kind of programming is something you really like or you don’t.

    I do find Miley holding a huge double standard on the meaning of shallow, but she is 17 and most 17 year olds, famous or not, think the world revolves around them.

  25. Claire78 says:

    She is hideous, her Dad’s hair is even more hideous. Wish she would change planets taking that Justin Bieber creature with her!!

  26. mslewis says:

    Miley is being honest and everybody jumps on her!! She doesn’t like musicals . . . so what? Plenty of people don’t like musicals and plenty of people dislike “Glee.” In fact, I find “Glee” to be just about the most stupid thing on TV these days. It rarely makes sense and you have to suspend belief to think these “kids” are teens!! They are all close to 30 years old. “Hannah Montana” is/was a nice show for young girls that starred a young girl. It was positive and uplifting and confident and IT WAS NOT A MUSICAL!!!

  27. Ana says:

    Because Hannah Montana was more like real life- a young singing sensation that has a secret, normal idenity.
    She needs some color on her lips, they shouldn’t be the same shade as her skin.

  28. Whatever says:

    She is hideous and always comes off sounding like a jealous spoiled brat. She’s always dissing whatever is big at the moment, ie, Twilight, Glee, any other pop music singer, etc. She’s a moron. Hey Miley, you’re on Hannah Montana. Nothing can suck more than that!

  29. canadianchick says:

    Just saw Satc2 and between my little pony’s too white chompers and Miley’s cameo horseteeth I thought I was at the Kentucky Derby. Flashbacks for a week, I tell you.

  30. skeptical says:

    ugh.. i’d give her a pass if she was really just a dumb kid…

    her problem is that she’s an ENTITLED dumb kid. stupid girl thinks she’s the greatest “singer” coming down the pipe and that annoys me.

    she’s not the Second Coming. she’s another spoiled brat.

  31. WTF?!? says:

    She looks like Porsche Girl on the Billboard cover.

  32. Feebee says:

    Well not only does she sound 17 but a very shallow, ‘I’m hot shit and my opinion matters… and 17.

    Like Glee or not, she misses the point. Probably because a) she was never a geek in high school and b) did she even go to high school? Plus it’s probably a little embarrassing that the most of the cast have superior singing voices.

    She’s only going to be more insufferable as time goes on.

  33. loca says:

    Ugh… HATE her.

  34. texasmom says:

    Seeing her trying to vamp with her little chipmunk face always cracks me up!

  35. a says:

    what happened to her mouth?

  36. My2Cents says:

    She is just so… So Miley…

    I heart Glee. 🙂

  37. TeeTee says:

    she’d rather smoke cigs, drink coffee and sleep in w/her boyfriend in the same house as her dad.

    low life and classless, why did this even need to be mentioned.

    as folks wouldn’t call what she does “special” either.

  38. TeeTee says:

    money sure can’t buy class…

  39. velcrodots says:

    She’s probably pissy because the only time a song of hers was featured on Glee was when Rachel sang it with a throat infection or something and it STILL sounded better than Miley

  40. Jillian says:

    She only thinks musicals are lame because she can’t sing without auto-tune.

    And she would be so much cooler if she burst into a song about shoes in her real life. Too bad she doesn’t realize this.

  41. Cheryl says:

    Since my 50 year old self would like to slap my 17 year old self silly for practically everything that came out of my mouth that year, i’m gonna cut this chickie some slack today.

  42. poopie says:

    HA HA HA ! She wouldn’t ‘burst’ into song about shoes because gosh darn it, where deez folk come from, they don’t wear no shoes ! she is such a non event. be gone with her!

  43. Anj says:

    Shut up Bitchface.

    She is a 100% slut and whatever she says is her publicist’s drama.

  44. bb says:

    I’ll give her a pass on this because she reminds me of me at 15-17. I’d always say I hated stuff that everyone else loved because I thought it made me look reallly avant garde, deep and complex lol.

  45. Snarf says:

    Actually I feel the exact same way as Miley about musicals and Glee in particular.

  46. kristen says:

    oh but watching you dance and sing dressed as a big is OK??

  47. omondieu says:

    That’s a really stupid cover photo.

  48. Marjalane says:

    Why is there anyone over the age of 14 commenting on how cool she is? This gum chomping hillbilly is a horrible singer and worse actress.

  49. The Bobster says:

    First time I ever agreed with Panface. Musicals are sooo gay.

  50. M says:

    And what Hannah Montana was realistic? Are we all supposed to believe that all one needs to do is put on a blonde wig and have NO ONE recognize you.

    She’s probably only mad, because they purposely butchered her song. Little does realize, that’s how she actually sounds…

  51. Electric says:

    rest easy, haters. In 20 years no one will remember her or her deep and meaningful contributions to pop music.


  52. Gwen says:

    She doesn’t like Glee, she doesn’t like Twilight, pop music is shallow, and she doesn’t listen to Jay-Z. Jealous much, ya Disney wanker??

  53. bambam says:

    I’m comforted by the fact that in a few years time, many people will look back and think of GLEE with a smile on their face and think of Miley asking WHO????

  54. asiont says:

    I hate musicals too but this is perhaps the only thing that I have in common with miley (at least I hope so)

  55. original kate says:


  56. BeckEye says:

    This is as bad as the time Timberlake dissed “American Idol,” claiming it went against everything he believed. Apparently, the memory is the first thing to go in boy band members created in a lab.

  57. ligeia says:

    holy photoshop batman!

  58. Jeri says:

    Ha Ha! Cuz GLEE kinda trashed her song – didn’t even try to make it sound good.

  59. Kim says:

    Oh my goodness the ego on this one? Seriously Miley for a girl with no talent who sings EMPTY pop songs? Wow her parents need to be checked up on by social services because they did a terriebl job raising this ungrateful, untalented brat.

    Maybe she will humble when her “adult” music career goes no where and she realizes her meal ticket was Hannah Montana and bad Disney pop songs & doesnt have real talent & will not succeed as a musician.

  60. Naomi says:

    Honestly, Miley? Shut up.

    And who’s she trying to kid with the “A lot of [pop] songs are super shallow, but this music isn’t.”
    Give me a break, stupid girl.

  61. Anne says:

    I just think she is pissed because Glee made fun of her song as stated above….bit also, she doesnt rate well enough to get an episode using her music…a la lady Gaga, U2, Madonna etc.

  62. Robert says:

    Proud to say I’ve never watched a single episode of Glee.

  63. powderbox says:

    miley who?

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  65. kris says:

    She is such a hypocrite. Seems to me like she wants to be unique and different so she just puts down anything mainstream, which a lot of teens are doing these days. So she’s basically a typical teenager. I hate teenagers. I don’t even care that I’m 18 myself I just cannot stand the stupidity that leaves the mouths of teens.

  66. SaraluvsGlee says:

    What a b•tch. She thinks she’s everything.