Brad Pitt, Angelina & the boys make a beach appearance in Malibu


Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and some members of the Jolie-Pitt clan emerged from hiding yesterday, Saturday. They appeared in Malibu! Last I heard, they were still in Europe, but it looks like they came home to Malibu for a little sun, surf and alcoholic beverages. These photos are the only ones we have access to – they’re mostly of Maddox and Pax playing on the beach, and of Brad looking extremely grizzly – like, hairy than ever. Like I need to check him for ticks, like I do with my dog. The Daily Mail and Us Weekly have photos of Angelina too. There are random children in other photos, so I’m thinking there’s some kind of beach party where Brad invited other families, or maybe some of his family? They could be Pitt cousins. Oh… Us Weekly says that they weren’t even at their Malibu property, they were at someone else’s party. Brad had a margarita! Angelina had wine. According to an eyewitness, they were very “affectionate”. Of course they were. Angelina probably needs to get liquored up to touch Brad’s insane scruff.

Beach blanket bingo…with Brangelina!

Back in the states after months in Venice, Italy, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie kicked off the holiday weekend Saturday at a pal’s private beach party in Malibu, Calif. Joining the couple for the shindig were two eldest sons Maddox, 8, and Pax, 6. (Zahara, 5, Shiloh, 4, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 22 months, stayed behind.)

Quaffing a margarita, Pitt, 46, chatted with pals on the beachside deck, with Jolie, 34, drinking white wine beside him.

“Brad was very affectionate,” a witness tells “He put his arm on Angie’s wrist and was always rubbing her back or resting his hand on her shoulder.”

Maddox and Pax, meanwhile, hit the surf on boogie boards. “Brad and Angelina were watching and pointing with big smiles on their faces,” the observer says. “At one point, Pax was packing sand between his hands to make a ball and then throwing it as far as he could.” The two buddies “liked trying to outdo one another.”

And while their famous parents watched their fun from afar, the celeb kids “seemed independent and did their own thing without ever having to check in with their parents.”

“Brad and Angelina seemed very trusting of their boys [and] wrapped up with each other,” the witness adds. “They were having a good time relaxing and enjoying the great weather.”

[From Us Weekly]

Maddox and Pax seem to be playing with boogie boards. I remember the summer I discovered how much fun boogie boards and the ocean were. I got such a crazy tan that summer! I think I was 13 years old. Damn. Now I wish I was sitting by the ocean getting a tan. Motherf-cker!!!




Brad Pitt, Maddox and Pax on May 29, 2010. Credit: Mike/Fame.

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  1. Amneh says:

    “Like I need to check him for ticks, like I do with my dog.”


  2. Morgs says:

    Saint Angie Jo looked like a perfect spring flower in her outfit.

  3. koliber says:

    Another sourpuss. Geez. Look at that face. The woman can’t even relax her snarl at the beach.

  4. MsTriste says:

    Do these people not EVER buy clothing with color? Even the kids’ board shorts are black. Criminy.

  5. nnn says:

    The boys are cute running in the water and enjoying themselves like kids should.

  6. Deb says:

    They are probably right down the beach from JA. I would like to see pics of JA walking down the beach in front of them!!

  7. jan says:

    Where do you see pics of Angelina please?

  8. EB says:

    Such clothing fascists! There is some hard law out there saying you MUST buy clothing of the appropriate variation of colour, OR ELSE. Please.

  9. lucy2 says:

    Oh no, the chin scruff is spreading to the rest of his face! Yuck.
    I’m eagerly awaiting to see what the tabloids make of this, as even the smallest thing is analyzed to death and spun into some dramatic story.

    The kids look like they had fun.

  10. ThatBKChick says:

    I think Brad is gone back to blowing trees…he looks like a Berkeley Tree blowin hippy…but overall the kids are happy and that is what matters in this 21st Century Adams Family Circus.

  11. jacky says:

    Angelina go not in the sun = Diva!

    And Brad has no fun. Why he go not to the beach? Or in the water????

  12. lisa says:

    They seem like they are just relaxing and having fun watching the kids play on the beach.

    Angie looked happy and relaxed in her cowgirl hat.. cute. and she wears black.. Gwen S. wears black a lot too. yet never hear all the complaints.. And funny how a whole story is written based on a picture or two.. LOL

    Brad stats MONEYBALL in a few weeks. He will shave before then.. Wonder what people will talk about.. I mean the discussion of his facial hair has lasted over a year. Obviously he likes it and Angie does not have a problem with it. All that matters. Especially since she is the woman and not complaining.

    The boys are super cute and are having a major blast. That is not their Malibu home.

    I bet once the smell of a Brad/Angie thread reaches the masses this will hit 60+ comments before Tuesday.. LOL

  13. jacky says:

    Why play Brad not with the baoys in water?

  14. Nessie says:

    What’s the news here? I get so bored reading about their “appearances”.

  15. Rita says:

    Popsugar and just jared and other sites have plenty of pics of Brad, Angelina, Maddox and Pax. Pierce Brosnan was also there and lots of other folks.

  16. pumpkin head says:

    yeah thats weird… i dont see any pics of angie

  17. Beth says:

    Judging by their smiles Maddox and Pax are devastated that they are wearing black shorts instead of pink or orange. It’s creepy how people bash Brad and Angelina over the smallest things.

  18. Cheyenne says:

    @jan: photo here:

    The boys look cute. They’re getting big. Mom and dad look like a settled-down middle-age couple.

  19. Mimi says:

    OK this is something i will NEVER understand if you get bored or is sick of them WTH are you doing reading about THEM? Jesus please TAKE THE WHEEL and give these people something else to read and comment like i don’t know OTHER CELEBRITY’S that also go to the beach ops NEVER MIND you already did that sooo please give them the option to SKIP the threads of people that they are sick or bored with so they can have a peaceful NON bored with others peoples life’s and sick of being able to read about them

  20. Alex says:

    Cool! I really enjoy this family as think they make the best couple in all of Hollywood. The boys are sweet little buddies. It’s nice to see a close knit family.
    Can’t wait to see Angie’s film ‘Salt.

  21. Tazina says:

    People like to analyze photos to death. It’s just a family out with their kids at the beach. The kids are having fun. LOL

  22. Carrie says:

    The kids look like they are having a blast, Angie looks like she is avoiding the sun on her face (smart), and Brad looks hairy.

    All in all, looks like a nice Saturday at the beach.

  23. mslewis says:

    I wish I could spend this weekend at the beach!! I would be just like Angelina . . . linen outfit and a big hat as cover from the sun. Instead, I’m sitting here at home, nowhere near water, with the weather too hot to even go outside. Bummer!!!

    The boys are getting so big and they look so happy. Pierce Brosnan’s younger boy is aged between Maddox and Pax. Hope they all had fun together.

    Angie looked happy and relaxed in her cowgirl hat.. cute.
    Angie is not wearing a “cowgirl” hat, it’s a fedora!! Look it up. A cowgirl/boy hat is turned way up at the sides. Plus, only country-western singers wear them.

    They are probably right down the beach from JA. I would like to see pics of JA walking down the beach in front of them!!
    You obviously have no clue how large Malibu is!! This beach house could be MILES away from Aniston or Cox. Malibu is a very big town and the beach is very, very long. Most of Malibu is beautiful and stars/rich people live in different areas. It’s a lovely place, for the most part, even away from the beach.

  24. canadianchick says:

    Can’t see Angie photos. The scruffy homeless guy…oops, I mean Brad..seems to be having a great time. The boys are sweet-so glad they are happy and healthy.

  25. WTF?!? says:

    And where are their other 12 children?

    Must be big boys’ day to get to have a photo op with mommy and daddy. Such lucky, lucky kids!

  26. TeeTee says:

    Once again, Angie looks out of it and the pics looks forced..her face looks tripped out!

    Dang, has Brad stopped showering?? WOW, just wow..they both look weird, have they both been on a binge???

    they no longer look healthy and in love, they looked stoned and forced.
    Mommy needs a crutch or a cane?? good ole Brad to the rescue.

  27. Bored says:

    Angie looks very cool and beautiful as does Brad, drink in hand, kids having fun chasing waves……looks like a perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon….

    TeeTee you make me laugh youre the one trippin geez get a life! Lol

  28. nnn says:

    Yeah, they looked stoned and forced and not in love. (sarcasm)

    But since what’s her name looked so much enamoured with Pitt, happy and healthy just a few hours before announcing the legal separation, we all know how delusional some body experts can be, don’t we ?

  29. Lway says:

    These kids are too cute man!

  30. lisa says:

    The body experts should take their act on the road. They are beyond talented..I mean what 3 or 4 pictures of Angie(if that) and can see that she and Brad are faking it. LOL

    And this is not a BEACH party.. most of the adults are never on the BEACH. I saw a pic of Pierce Brosnan there too.. WEARING JEANS..OMG.. call the police.. who wears jeans at a beach party..

    Some of you really need to let your hate of this woman go.. You sound like freaks and obsessed wackos. I bet some of these people have used magnifying glasses or blown the pictures up to get a really good look. That is a bit scary actually. But the thing is that is exactly what has been done.

    They went to party and took the boys..had fun.

    End of analysis..

  31. mln says:

    wow # 31 you are actually a sane person!! I wonder what it would look like if someone hid in the bushes and took picture of these people at parties with their significant others body experts would be predicting everyones’ divorce

  32. Dallas says:

    lisa ~ Wow! Why don’t YOU stop worrying about what everyone else says and thinks………..try focusing on yourself and take your own advice and stop with the obsession of Angiejo and Pitt!

  33. daisy424 says:

    “…Brad looking extremely grizzly – like, hairy than ever. Like I need to check him for ticks, like I do with my dog.”

    I agree and I’m still laughing 😉

  34. lisa says:


    I really don’t care what you think of my comment. It is mine and just like you I will say whatever I want. Not obsessed. actually don’t post a lot on this site. and I am a fan and will remain so and will make a comment regarding what I feel is a double standard.

    If you have a problem with it don’t read them..It is easy.. I won’t be reading yours after this.

    Have a good holiday

  35. abc says:

    where is a smile? fake!!!!!

  36. bambam says:

    I sometimes think that God put Brad and Angie on earth so people can have someone to moan about and blame for their utterly miserable existence. LOL.

  37. Oh man, what’s with the beard? 🙂

  38. Liz says:

    Love the JP’s living their lives

  39. sharon says:

    Yes, Brad why don’t you shave? Don’t you know you have to follow the orders of the judgmental freaks inhabiting the internet. What’s wrong with you? Same goes with Angelina and her black outfit. Doesn’t she know she has to wear bright colors at the beach? It’s a rule of law decreed by the internet clothes police.

  40. joe says:

    I can’t believe that I am saying this and never thought I would, but these two are just getting boring. I used to love talking and analyzing the pictures of them, now not so much :-(.

    The kids look cute and very happy. Looks like they had a great time.

    Brad – well – that beard – just nasty. Sure not the Mr and Mrs Smith days the sexiness is just gone.

    Angie – well – she looks fine. Just boring.

    Oh and Lisa 60+ posts by Tuesday morning, not so much. But it never hurts to hope for big things.