Khloe Kardashian might be two months pregnant


I’ve said it before, but Khloe has become my favorite of the Kardashian ladies. Yes, she’s the biggest, and yes, she’s not the girly-girl of the family. That’s kind of why I like her. She’s a tough loudmouth tomboy, and sometimes she’s really funny. Anyway, Radar is reporting that Khloe is two months pregnant (with husband Lamar Odom‘s child), and the Kardashians aren’t ready to announce anything yet because Khloe wants to wait until she’s three months along. That’s so… sensible. I thought that as soon as Khloe was with child for two seconds, she would begin screaming it from the mountain tops. After all, we had to hear about the pre-alleged-baby stuff. Like when Khloe said she was off her birth control in January, and then said she and Lamar weren’t actively trying. Wrap your head around that.

Khloe Kardashian is two months pregnant has learned exclusively. Her sister Kourtney gave birth to son Mason Dash Disick on December 14, 2009 and Khloe is so in love with the baby that she wanted one of her own!

Khloe married Los Angeles Lakers star Lamar Odom on September 27, 2009.

“Khloe was inspired by Kourtney having a baby,” a source close to the family tells “Lamar is happy and ecstatic” about having a baby with Khloe. The source tells that the family is elated by the news.

“Khloe is having cravings of fruit and ice cream,” the source told “They’re really happy, but Lamar is a little weary of exposing his baby on TV. He already doesn’t like his life being played out for everyone to see eight months of the year.”

Lamar’s misgivings stem from the fact that Khloe’s pregnancy is sure to be featured on the family’s reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. So much so, the Kardashian clan has gone into lockdown over our report.

Our sources reveal a cautious Khloe wants to keep the announcement secret until it could be announced on the show — and until she passed through the vital first trimester.

Lamar has two children with Liza Morales, who has been critical of her ex and Khloe in various interviews.

[From Radar]

Khloe was inspired by Kourtney having a baby…” Do we really need to have “inspirations” for pregnancy at this point? But I know what that source meant. They meant, “Khloe wanted to one-up Kourtney by having a husband and a baby, and now Kim is the one with nothing, HA!” Because these girls live to compete with one another. I don’t think they can help it.

Anyway, if Khloe is pregnant, God bless. That baby is going to be gigantic, and I’m just thinking about Lamar’s genes, not even Khloe’s. Lamar is what, 6 foot 8 inches? Yikes. My uterus just whimpered. Congratulations to Khloe and Lamar!

Oh, X17 has a source denying the pregnancy, by the way. So is Hollyscoop – both are using a “source” close to the Kardashians. Hmm…



Khloe in LA on April 24 and May 24, 2010. Also, Khloe and Lamar on Halloween 2009. Credit: WENN.

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24 Responses to “Khloe Kardashian might be two months pregnant”

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  1. javelin says:

    More likely she might be the subject of this blind item:
    BlindGossip – Despite the rumors, she isn’t pregnant. But she really, really likes all the attention it brings.

  2. DoMaJoReMc says:

    As loudmouthed and rough as Khloe is, I sincerely believe that she is the most sensitive of the Kardashian sisters. WAIT! WAIT! before anyone starts throwing things at me…I think her tough way is to mask the hurt that she still harbors inside. Her Dad’s passing (some daughters never get over that) and the fact that she is always criticized for not being as girly or as petite as her sisters. Try to live in THAT shadow! I’m just sayin’. Best Wishes to Lamar and Khloe (if this is true). If it is not, then keep trying!

    Oh, and Khloe, try to curb the foul language. It’s SO unbecoming ; )

  3. ogechi says:

    Congrrrrrrrrrrrrrratulatiooooooooooons to her!!!

  4. Awesome! That makes me happy. I like them together! I can’t wait to see a Kloe/Lamar newborn – it would be like 5′ at birth! I am jelly, with a 5’2″ mom and a 5’5″ dad, I wasn’t give much of a tall chance!

  5. serena says:

    urgh at least I hope it’s a boy XD

  6. mel says:

    I hope itz a boy too!

  7. Ana says:

    I don’t think she is pregnant.

  8. Maritza says:

    That will be a gigantic baby, I hope it’s a girl, just to see who it will look like. Good luck with that.

  9. debbie says:

    I don’t think she is pregnant either…I think she just ate a sandwich!

  10. oxa says:

    If she is pregnant it is a lesson in economics for Kourtney.
    You collect child support from your baby daddy, you do NOT pay it.

  11. kia says:

    I actually like Khloe and Lamar for some unknown reason. I like Lamar’s face, and he’s a pretty good basketball player, even though I hate the Lakers and am SO MAD that they beat Phoenix…I wanted Orlando and Phoenix to play each other, not the sh*t Celtics and the Lakers!! But anyways, Lamar seems to be an OK guy and a good match for Khloe (that is, assuming that this isn’t a fake publicity stunt relationship), and he’s not a complete moron like that Ron Artest, or a (known) scumbag like Kobe. But whatever….

  12. bellaluna says:

    I’ve always liked Khloe because she’s the most “real” of the family. She doesn’t hold back what she thinks and makes no apologies for her opinions.

    I can’t wait to see how tall their baby becomes – I’m 5’8″ and my hubby’s 6’6″; our oldest is 6’4″, so our 1 year old baby is probably going to be a giant too.

  13. Kelbear says:

    If it’s true than I am really happy for her, but who knows it could be just a rumor.

  14. original kate says:

    you could say that about most actresses under 50: kate hudson might be pregnant! emma watson might be pregnant! natalie portman might be pregnant! such a non-story.

  15. KJ says:

    This is totally unrelated, but Khloe looks IMMENSE in that silver long sleeved dress. So unflattering. She’s got a good figure, and I’ve never thought she was fat in the first place, but that dress just doesn’t sit right on her.

  16. Rosanna says:

    “Wrap your head around that”: it means she is off of birth control, so she is open to getting kids but isn’t into a frenzy about it (as in: doing it every possible time, taking the basal temperature every day, etc).

  17. hellen says:

    On no, please don’t let the Kardashians spawn again!

  18. glowkey says:

    “He already doesn’t like his life being played out for everyone to see eight months of the year.”

    …thinks the man who married into one of the biggest famewhoring families out there today? Did he think once they got married that she’d be content to exit stage right and lead a nice, quiet, reserved life?

  19. My2Cents says:

    I want that strippy dress. I want it. I want it. I want it!

  20. Zoe says:

    I hope the news is true. Khloe is my favortie Kardashian.

  21. Jillian says:

    She would be prettier if she parted her hair to the side. The center parting spits her face in two and makes it look gross and fat, when she really has nice strong features and good bone structure.

  22. SolitaryAngel says:

    Introducing……….Kong Kardashian!

  23. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ Jillian:
    I agree about her hair. I also wish there was some style to it, not just Cher-like.

    She actually is very pretty and I wish the media would STOP with all the ‘fat’ stories on her. No wonder she has body image issues : (

    I hope she is pregnant and that they are BOTH happy about it. But if she is, I, too, believe that she will announce it on their show…..JMO

  24. Man oh man. That Kim Kardashian is wierd. I love following the family just because they’ve always got something wierd going on. Hope you keep blogging stuff about the Kardashians.