Star: Angelina Jolie’s voodoo rituals will break Brad’s heart


Star Magazine’s cover story is yet another sordid “tell-all” piece about Angelina Jolie, this time loosely based on what Star thinks is going to be in Andrew Morton’s soon-to-be-released biography of Jolie. My favorite part is the “voodoo” reference on the cover. That must be it, right? Angelina Jolie does voodoo. That’s why she exists. If you read the Star excerpt, it becomes clear that just quoted Morton for one part, and then the rest of the story is various sources theorizing on what kind of scandals and stuff will be in the book. Perfect excuse to run a Voodoo Jolie cover.

Over the weekend Angelina Jolie relaxed alongside Brad Pitt at a Malibu beach party as their sons Maddox and Pax splashed in the surf nearby. While things may have appeared picture perfect, a scorching new book is threatening to cause major waves for the actress!

In the June 14 issue of Star — on sale today — we report that a racy new tell-all by famed author Andrew Morton is set to blow the lid off Angelina’s scandalous secrets. And the mom of six — who has carefully cultivated her image as a devoted mother after being branded a homewrecker for luring Brad Pitt away from Jennifer Aniston — has been desperate to keep the info under wraps!

“I interviewed dozens of her friends and associates, and they told me some fascinating facts about Angelina and her relationship with Brad,” author Andrew Morton tells Star in our new issue. “She will have to wait to find out what’s in it.”

But before the book hits shelves on Aug. 3, Star can exclusively reveal what’s got Angelina so worried: The exposé will detail her drug use, reveal her many sex partners and divulge even more outrageous secrets.

“Angie is completely panicked,” a family friend tells Star.

Pick up Star today for all the details about Andrew Morton’s new book about Angelina — including which famous men (some married) she’s been linked to over the years. Plus: How Brad’s been acting out.

[From Star Magazine]

How Brad has been “acting out”? Because he’s 4 years old, right? Because he’s always the poor, innocent kid, the victim of Voodoo Jolie. Eh. As far as Angelina’s crazy sexual partners, etc, don’t we already know everything? At some point, doesn’t it just seem like they’re throwing names into air, and claiming, “Oh, Angelina boned him in 2003.” I’ll start one. Owen Wilson – Angelina boned him in 2002. Truth.

In one other piece of Angelina news, Asian media outlets are reporting that Angelina’s promotional tour for Salt will be extensive, and that she will be visiting South Korea for the first time.

Angelina Jolie Juggles Morning and Motherhood with Vivienne and Knox

Angelina Jolie tightly holds her daughter Vivienne on the balcony of their Venice apartment

Star Mag cover courtesy of CoverAwards.

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  1. YT says:

    Never believe anything in Star. Never believe much of anything from an author who relies only on “sources”.

  2. jen says:

    we get it hollywood: she is a whore!

    gosh, there always something mean to say about here.

  3. jen says:


  4. anon says:

    that Vivienne is ADORABLE. My god.
    And what kind of karma does one rack up makign a living ‘exposing’ peoples ‘secrets?’ I would hate to find out.

  5. lilred says:

    promotional tour for Salt will be extensive, and that she will be visiting South Korea for the first time.

    Does this mean there will be a 7th Jolie-Pitt to add to the clan?

  6. HaphazardStudiousity says:

    Totally agree with you YT

    And, if I could offer a critique…I HATE opening up a story here and finding out yous are doing a piece on a story with just ‘sources’…
    You should stick to event coverage/magazine articles in which the celebs ACTUALLY took part…
    Kinda feel like the pieces based on ‘sources’ is time wastage x2

  7. lucy2 says:

    Angeline Jolie, Voodoo Princess!
    Too funny. While I’m sure she’s not thrilled there’s a tell all coming out about her, because I do believe she tries to keep tight control over her image, I doubt she’s panicking.
    I’m willing to bet most of the stuff about her is already public knowledge, and the rest will all be speculation. Boring.

  8. Julie says:

    The only thing I believe is that she still does drugs. I just get a very strong sense in some of her pics over the years.

  9. j'aime says:

    Same fake stories.

  10. Kevin says:

    I don’t know if she dabbles with voo-doo but girl used vadge-doo to break up Brad’s marriage. Yeah I said it!

  11. Fae says:

    Hmm. If this had happened 8 years ago I’d have assumed it was another lame cry for attention fed to the press from her.

  12. Alex says:

    Julie, please tell us how you know she still uses drugs. Did the gerbils tell you? Or are you so blinded by hate for her, you will believe anything

  13. Katalina76 says:

    “In one other piece of Angelina news, Asian media outlets are reporting that Angelina’s promotional tour for Salt will be extensive, and that she will be visiting South Korea for the first time.”

    Translation : Hold on to your babies South Korea!!! St. Angie’s coming!

    Too funny.

  14. voiceover says:

    Ok so let me see…we already know that she’s slept with a ton of people, both married and not, we already know that she’s done every drug in the book (self-admitted), and we already know that the “voodoo” they’re referring to is the blood drinking, blood wearing, violent stuff she did with Billy Bob. Meh. The really interesting story is people actually believe that overnight, you can become a wonderful, doting mother and philanthropist and leave these issues behind. I don’t know if any of you read Ted, but he claims Angie is still doing heroine, which accounts for the weight issues. And it’s not hard to believe she still sleeps around, as she herself said that monogamy in a relationship isn’t important (red flag there, honey). The only thing I doubt she does is drink blood anymore. Yet, her and Brad still seem to be obsessed by violence/guns/knives…Anyway. Boring book about stuff we already know.

  15. mln says:

    I think this story is hilarious…the internet if full of bogus Ang is on the big H stories but Star doesn’t have the balls so they say E and LSD what is she a raver??

  16. voiceover says:

    Dear Alex–there’s no way to prove she’s still using, but did you know that heroin addicts have a 98% chance of relapse? I’ve never known someone on heroin to completely give it up, no matter how hard they try. The woman looks strung out sometimes, and is clearly emaciated from something (though she’s pictured eating). It wouldn’t surprise me (or Dr. Drew) that she’s still doing it. And celebrity bloggers have been whispering about it for some time. I’d say there’s some evidence there.

  17. Poopie says:

    Well, she DID wear a vile of her previous hubby’s blood around her neck. that in itself is pretty C-R-E-E-P-Y

  18. Jane says:

    I think she has grown up a bit, since she’s with Brad. But before him, she was pretty wild and crazy.

  19. meme says:

    is this the book that says she had S&M sex with Ralph Fiennes in London hotel rooms and then watched the news on TV? THAT’S MY FUCKING FANTASY beeyotch. *sniffles

  20. bite me says:

    lets see Aj has been a mother for almost nine years, so there nothing over night about that… people get to grow up except for aj

  21. snowball says:

    I want to just eat Knox up with a spoon, that boy is gorgeous. Vivienne – eh. That poor girl, who gave her a mullet??

    I thought AJ said she only had a couple of sex partners outside of marriage, as much as everyone liked to think otherwise? Brad probably grew the beard to ward off the voodoo spells, y’know.

    At the risk of confirming I’m an idiot, what the hell did I miss about the gerbil? I know it was something big and it gets mentioned a lot, I just wasn’t paying attention.

    voiceover, I’d like to see those stats. Meth is considered the worst, and it has a 94% rate. If anything, heroin is decreasing.

  22. Cheyenne says:

    voiceover: I don’t know if any of you read Ted, but he claims Angie is still doing heroine, which accounts for the weight issues.

    If you believe anything Turd Casablanca says about anyone, there’s some oceanfront property in Arizona I’ll sell to you cheap.

    We’ve been down this road before when Pig Halperin was about to unload his stinkbomb in the bookstores, remember? That was the book that was supposed to send Brad scampering back to Jennifer. It all turned out to be a whole lot of nothing.

  23. Kevin says:

    Snowball,,,,Brad and a couple of the kids were photo-stalked buying a couple of gerbils in a pet store a year or two ago and we have all been making gerbil jokes ever since.

  24. Liana says:

    It’s not like Angelina hasn’t made her past life an open book herself. What could possibly be more explosive than what she herself has said? Andrew Morton is a hack with way too much time on his hands. Not a big Angelina fan, but come on now – the woman has children. Have some respect for them if you’re not going to show respect for their mother, you know.

  25. Sugar & Spice says:

    I don’t get why the wild & crazy things Angelina did as a young woman in her early 20’s, (her marriage to BBT was 10 years ago!!!) are still being talked about as if she just did them yesterday. She became a mom and realized that she needed to grow up and change her life, so she did. That happens to a lot of us. And yes, it can happen overnight – you become a parent one day and realize that you need to get your act together to take care of this beautiful, precious little life in your hands. It’s called maturity, and usually happens as you grow older. Now she is in a stable relationship with a supportive partner and a wonderful family, kudos to her.

  26. meme says:

    @snowball – the only famouse gerbil i know of is the one that supposedly was up richard gere’s ass a long time ago.

  27. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ Kevin:

    Ya, you said it, alright! ( And I am amused that you DID!) Thanks for the chuckle! 🙂

    And @ Sugar & Spice:
    While I really don’t care for Angelina Jolie, I ABSOLUTELY agree with your post. We ALL have made mistakes in our past. I am certainly happy that MINE aren’t constantly being thrown back in MY face. We ALL have the right to grow up. (Some just don’t want to *cough* LiLo *cough*)

    So, Yes! Kudos to AJ!

  28. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Same fake stories.”

    nope, all NEW fake stories!


  29. daisy424 says:

    Beautiful babies 😉

  30. Oh, my. I am so over this crazy-crazy. Let it go STAR and all the other rags making things up. Or, I don’t know, get better writers to make it all up. At least that would make it a bit more fun!

  31. snowball says:

    lol @ meme! I was thinking the same thing. 😀 I was wondering who thawed them out again and how Richard Gere’s gerbils were running amuck at the JPs.

    TY @ kevin. For a while now, I was wondering if this was some Huvane reference, but I was afraid of stirring things up. As I probably just did. Sigh.

  32. Alex says:

    voiceover, you mean celebrity blogger like Ted C. and unless you see AJ personally taking drugs etc, then you shouldn’t be making assumption about that she is still on drugs or believing what a hag like Ted said. The same person who have her leaving Brad before Shiloh could walk. It is amazing what some people would believe.

    Nobody is saying that AJ wasn’t a user. She herself said it and she herself said that she don’t use drugs anymore and that I believe. I don’t personally know the woman but I would take her word over any celebrity bloggers or tabloid magazines anyday

  33. Yourmom says:

    Omg, just leave the poor woman alone and let people live THEIR lives. This is ridiculous.

  34. voiceover says:

    Never said it ain’t possible to change, I just don’t think it’s that easy when you’ve got such issues. It takes years and years, and yes, I do believe that when there’s that much speculation that a star is still using, there’s a possibility that she’s still using.

  35. Sumodo1 says:

    Aw, don’t tell me she wears vials of her children’s blood around her neck!

  36. Gaga Fab says:

    Angie is a very smart woman. She knows how to manipulate and decieve the press and bloggers alike. She understands that as long as she stays beautiful and keep up her elusive behavior that media will never leave her alone, which is EXACTLY what she wants. She pretends she hates all the attention , but she LOVES it, as long as she is in control. I think she is sincere about her charity work, but I also think she is a fraud when it comes to everything else. Alot of jerks give to charity. She is no different. Mia Farrow was doing this adoption and charity work decades before Angie, and she never benefitied from it thw way Angie does now. If ANgie looked like Mia Farrow, no one would give a damn how much she donates or how many exotic children she collects. She would be a laughing stock like Mia was later on in her life. But because she is beautiful and generous, she is automatically seen as a saint. And all her shady behavior is somehow forgotten because she is hot and she cares. Oh please…

  37. Alex says:

    LOL Voodoo! Best story ever! Next headline: Angie uses voodoo magic to keep Jennifer from Oscar win

    That’s the only way to explain how a ‘stellar’ actor like Aniston keeps acting in horrible rom-com after horrible rom-com!

  38. d says:

    Speculation makes money for those celebrity bloggers, because it’ll keep people reading, and some, believing. So that’s why there’s always been speculation…it’s a money-making tool, it suits the mags, etc. Doesn’t mean there’s any truth to it. Those people could care less about the truth. I bet if the truth about all the people in showbiz came out, it would take up about two weeks worth of news and that would be it (and most of it would probably be boring, mundane). So, better to spin it out for years on end. They don’t make money printing the truth. Haven’t you noticed that the truth about anyone almost never comes out and that most gossip mags never break a story? Most gossip mags and blogs have exactl the same stories, which are bits and pieces of rumour and innuendo. Or they’re reparceled news releases or something that’s most definitely not new, repeating what someone else said. I’m sure sites like TMZ know A LOT about stuff they never print, because…better to spin it little by little so they get people hooked to come back every day, giving them new page hits. It’s one big con, really. And no offense to Celebitchy. I like the site, just calling it as I see it.

  39. Brittney says:

    You can’t exactly “binge” on ecstasy or LSD… once it’s in your system, it has to be completely out again for new doses to have any effect.

  40. Beryl says:

    There’s a difference between “growing up” and doing some wild things in your 20’s (partying, relationships…) and having certain personality traits and psychological issues. Angie (by her own admission) was institutionalized, wore vials of blood, has been fascinated with violence, knives, heroin and has done some pretty questionable things that I don’t write off as someone just being “young”. Those are personality traits and you don’t just change because you adopt a child. Not all mothers are saints and change instantly overnight – so to just assume she’s a totally different person now based solely on the fact that she is a mother is not a good argument to me.

  41. maritza says:

    Owen Wilson, really? I didn’t think he was her type.

  42. bite me says:

    wow, so many psychologist on this board, can i receive a free session

  43. Jeri says:

    People talk about Angelina’s past because SHE pretends it does NOT EXIST. If she didn’t promote herself as a Saint no-one would care.

  44. Crash2GO2 says:

    @snowball: I found this:

    I think most treatment centers don’t want the real stats out there, because the truth is, the addiction is so terrible to overcome. I read somewhere else that the average addict starts and stops 10 to 24 times in their lifetime, always going back to using.

    Of course, we don’t know if AJ was ever an addict.

  45. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    @Jen, Angelina has never claimed she’s a saint. Far from it. This ‘Saint Angelina’ nonsense is just a messed up interpretation of her actions from people who are determined to see something sinister or fradulent in every single thing this woman does.

    As for the tabs, please Angelina is boring news now! She has kids, she’s shooting a movie, Brad’s STILL with her, this story is all played out.Surely there’s SOME juicy gossip out there about other celebrities?

  46. Seer says:

    I read a goosip column about 2 years ago that claimed AJ was into voodoo, so the news isn’t new. The question is, is it true? Hmmm…

  47. Kim says:

    Did the Star article mentioned the baby they claimed she was pregnant with 2 months ago . She should be almost 6 months along according to Star GMAFB. Btw I guess the producers of Salt and The Tourist ,who paid her $20 million, don’t care that she is a drug addict. I guess they are willing to risk the 80-100 million+ they invested in the films.

  48. cee says:

    Lets face it Angie fans the jenhens, haters, money hungry tabloids will never leave Angie alone. The good news is that the more ridiculous the stories the less anybody cares. Brad loves Angieand that is all there is to it and if he couldnt’ take all the lies he would have been gone a long time ago. It’s not like he hasn’t been there. God Bless the Jolie Pitts. Also Andrew Morton says he interviewed Angies friends. If they were friends would they be talking to him???????

  49. Melanie says:

    When was this photo taken? She looks so different without her duck lips.

  50. truthSF says:

    @cee, wait, I thought she had no friends? So who exactly was Andrew Morton interviewing?!

  51. Cheyenne says:

    Jeri: People talk about Angelina’s past because SHE pretends it does NOT EXIST. If she didn’t promote herself as a Saint no-one would care.

    One of the dumbest comments I’ve read on here in quite a while. Angie has never pretended her past doesn’t exist. She’s been totally upfront about her past and couldn’t care less what anyone says. That’s what pisses her enemies off so much; she simply doesn’t give a shit what they think. And she’s never tried to present herself as a saint. She’d be the first to admit she is anything but.

  52. Morgs says:

    Isn’t that her cracked out picture from Cannes? She was acting like a human hanger in that foreskin dress? I recognize that nasty lipstick she wore. She looked high as a damn kite walking the red carpet.

  53. Beth says:

    The adoption jokes are stupid and old. Angelina has been to numerous countries and has not adopted a child in 4 years. Angelina talks about her past all of the time so I don’t know why people keep saying she’s trying to hide her past and is trying have a squeaky clean image. It’s the media giving her that image. She’s been doing charity years before meeting Brad. Because of their relationship, her trips get a lot more attention than before. I don’t know people keep doing the biographies. There’s nothing new and some stories are so far-fetched nobody believes them.

  54. hottathanholywatta says:

    amazing how people can’t get over the fact that Brad chose her, and not as a one time fling but as a true life partner. Their lives are boring and normal and it’s funny how the media needs to sensationalize them in order to sell mags and only because they are a ridiculously beautiful couple

  55. Melanie says:

    because they are a ridiculously beautiful couple

    Ridiculous is right! Ridiculously strange!

  56. amy says:

    jen hens need to worry about her use of horse hormones and leave miss jolie alone

  57. amy says:

    @ morgs people like u are what is wrong with this country

  58. amy says:
    similar stories from star mag wow same stories different dates a must see

  59. Beryl says:

    What’s ridiculous is all these nut jobs who constantly chant “God Bless the Jolie-Pitts!!” like they’re in some kind of religious zombie cult. Have you ever heard anyone say God bless TomKat, Ben and Jen or the Travoltas?!?! No, because it sounds insane. You don’t even know these people, they are c-e-l-e-b-r-i-t-i-e-s you stupid sheep.

    Oh wait, I forgot Angelina is a SAINT! Resume your chanting and rocking back and forth in the fetal position Brangeloonies……

  60. Melanie says:

    @ Morgs: People like you are what is great about the world.

  61. Morgs says:


    bless your heart! and a word of advice…after your jenhen comment…glass houses and rocks my dear. glass houses and rocks.


    glad to see you’re still fighting the good fight 😉


    you forgot to mention the lighting of saint candles before they go into their rocking zombie trance.

  62. Morgs says:

    And if she really is a voodoo priestess…at least she can use Billy Goat Brad’s goat hair for some of the rituals.

    Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle!!!

  63. Majosha says:

    I love how “amy” makes some nasty comment about Aniston, and then chides someone else for making an unflattering observation about Angie. While I’m sure Brad and Angie have plenty of sane, decent, and intelligent fans, “amy” clearly isn’t one of them. See, amy, hypocrisy is very much a part of “what’s wrong with this world,” which means you’re just as guilty as anyone else.

  64. Camille says:

    Doubt there is anything new to tell about her that she probably hasn’t already talked about I would imagine. Then again, I don’t care either way to be honest.
    I think the only people who will buy this trash will be the jenhens and the brangelooniehaters. They will love it and lap it up. lol
    Man this was hilarious, thanks for the laughs Kaiser and Brangelooniehaters, hilarious stuff lol.

  65. Rita says:

    LOL, another debate thread with Angelina the subject of some tabloid lies. Andrew Morton has never spoken to Star and never will. Due to his Princess D book he is seen as an actual journalist, and he will go to what passes as credible media these days like People and tv talk shows when he talks about his book. USAtoday already tried to talk to him and his publisher has an embargo until the book is out on any info in the book. Star is lying AS USUAL. That is a given. Star which tried to bribe a priest in NOLA to say Brad and Angelina were married to back up another Star lie? That Star???

    Anyone here who quotes Star or TedC as reputable or reliable or credible sources needs to get an education. Ted can’t get his foot in the door of any A or even B list Hollywood events. He is angry at Brad and thus Angelina is his target because Brad blacklisted him for attending the O-13 ceremonies or red carpet. TedC has no sources anymore and is an angry gay man since his same sex spouse left him. Ted has no proof nor does anyone else that Angelina uses any kinds of drugs presently. Angelina certainly shows no signs that she does drugs with her busy life with Brad, their 6 kids, constant humanitarian work all over the world which she pays for, and her acting work. No arrests, no DUIs, no rehab, no strange behavior out in public, no excessive constant clubbing or partying, no missing work, just nothing. So how can anyone say she is on drugs at this time? Where is the proof? Being boring with Brad is proof??

    Why not wait until the book is actually published before debating Star’s lies?
    That seems logical and rational to me.

  66. Rita says:

    And notice that I was able to comment without dragging in a totally tabloid created non existant triange. That crap belongs in the past of 5 going on 6 years ago. Over half a century and some here are still fighting a battle over a fantasy that never was. How delusional.
    What a waste of time and energy.

  67. My2Cents says:

    Just another vile pack of lies.
    God when will it stop.

  68. bambam says:

    I don’t believe this vodoo business unless I see Jennifer Aniston sporting ugly boils on her face and that not’s gonna happen is it? Jen’s too perfect for that.

  69. Liana says:

    Why even bring up Jennifer Aniston? This isn’t about her. Honestly – the fans of BOTH these women are the only ones not over the Jen-Brand-Angelina thing.

  70. Jacqueline says:

    Now that explains why Brad always looks possessed.

  71. DD says:

    That is the weirdest I’ve seen her look ever. Is that even her?

    Yawn… how many times are they gonna sell a tabloid cover about this explosive book. If I recall correctly over the past several months there have been several tabloid covers about the drama this shocking book is causing.

  72. Liana says:

    I’ll bet the shocking book says she slept with women, did some drugs, kissed her brother, played with knives, and wore her (ex) husband’s blood in a vial around her neck. Oh wait, not shocking – we already know that. Honestly, like I said, not a fan, but cut her a break, for the sake of the kids.

  73. DoMaJoReMc says:

    A bit off topic, I know, but in the second ‘balcony’ picture (where she’s holding one of the twins with a yellow sippy-cup) SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS!

  74. teri says:

    Still love Angelina and her family.

  75. Lita says:

    Beryl beat me to it! This ‘God bless the Jolie-Pitts’ thing is just creepy. I imagine them getting heckled by deranged fans screaming that and kindly saying “oh thank you so much!” And then quickly walking away while making sure the security is right close. Very, very close.

  76. I Choose Me says:

    So Robert Downey Jr can turn his life around but not AJ? The wild and crazy stuff she did was years ago. She’s been a mom since 2001 when she adopted Maddox. Wayyyy before Billy Brad was in the picture. Now I do believe Angie and Brad tries to control their image, but I’ve never believed that her children are pr props meant to deflect from her ‘wrecking’ Brad and Jen’s marriage or that her humanitarian efforts are less than genuine. Again, she was a Goodwill ambassador BEFORE the whole stupid home-wrecking scandal.

    I just don’t get why she OR Jennifer are so hated by either camp. Why the need to vilify? Seriously, when will people let this shit go?

  77. mia says:

    There are children involved so the idea of bringing garbage to the surface like a BP oil well gusher is really offensive.

  78. Lindsay says:

    @HaphazardSt- If you don’t want to read stuff from the tabloids don’t open the story with their name in the headline. They don’t try and hide it. Most gossip is just speculation anyway.

    @snowball Here is the link: it was around the time all the break up rumors were going around that they were going to split, like it happens every other week, they became known as the gerbils of doom.

    Also, there was a lot of analysis of the gerbils and it created a bit of a controversy – again not surprising. Then they started joking here that the gerbils were the “insiders” that know so much.

    @Rita – it has been a decade (10 years) not half a century, if people are still clinging to this for another 40 years then like I said before we will have a second civil war – Jen vs Angie is just as important to settle as the issue of slavery.

    @ I Choose Me – No straddling the fence! Pick a side and fight for one of them! Use whatever you can for ammo, including twisted statements, armchair psychiatry, and intuition. 😉 There is some sort of death match – only one can win but I dob they realize it.

    I can’t wait until she goes on another red carpet. The dress and make-up are terrible. I want them to start using another one. And I totally agree about the “God Bless the Jolie Pitts” being over the top/creepy. No other celebrity gets comments like that on here, not even Jennifer Aniston.

    @ bam bam – it’s only a matter of time, she is building up to it *evil laugh* 🙂

  79. lolol says:

    Source of voodoo spells … FEMALE FIRST nutjobs. I’m afraid they will never get over Angelina. lol how sad for them. They have wasted five years of their lives trying to “take her down” rotflmao

  80. A.J. says:

    I don’t care what these people do, as long as the kids aren’t being hurt. But, honestly their children are never going to grow up with normal lives, not just because of the oddities of their parents, but because of the media. I feel equally sorry for the parents of Brad and Angie. How awful would it be to read this negative stuff about your own child?

  81. Eh says:

    I would believe she does drugs b/c she looks heroin skinny. I always get a very “off” sense from her, something very dark with this woman. But who is to say? I will never meet her. I feel sorry for people like her who never have any privacy. Then again she enjoys a fabulous life in many ways.

  82. immobilier says:

    salut les gens j’aime bien ce post mais l’ immobilier est mon choix avant tout.