Brooke Shields makes a custom fur coat, enthuses about wearing it all the time

Brooke Shields, who starred in that recent POS kids’ film, Furry Vengeance, loves fur so much that she made a custom fur coat at a Copenhagen studio. She also gave some confusing quotes praising fur. It’s all for cash, though, and we know that Brooke will endorse basically anything. I realize that no animals are going to go medieval on her ass and stage a forest revolt ripped off from Home Alone but I can dream. Now I’m getting flashbacks of that movie I was actively trying to forget, and I’ll never forgive Shields for that.

Brooke Shields visited Denmark in March to act out her ‘little girl’s dream’: to design her own fur coat. The Hollywood star is thrilled with Kopenhagen Fur.

“Wearing fur may be associated with something grandmotherish. Something you wear when you visit the opera, or if you are a rock star and wears it inside out. But I will advocate that both my generation and the younger generation can wear fur“, says Brooke Shields.

The comment fell as the American actress visited Kopenhagen Fur’s creative workshop, Kopenhagen Studio early in March. Here she began designing her own mink coat made of the best Danish fur skins. Brooke Shields chose to work with the short-haired, black mink.

“Brooke Shields will be proud to be an exponent of the beautiful Danish fur skins in the U.S. She thinks that Kopenhagen Fur is very unique”, says Kopenhagen Studio’s Partnership & Alliance manager Natia Linneman and adds that the star has been intrigued by the way Kopenhagen Fur is organized and how the company centrally supports disease control and quality on fur farms etc…

The visit of Brooke Shields, who at the age of 15 became famous for her leading part in the movie The Blue Lagoon, was arranged in February during New York Fashion Week, where Kopenhagen Fur, in cooperation with the design house J. Mendel, had a major event in the city. J. Mendel also helps Brooke Shields to design her coat.

“I will wear the fur garment when I follow my children to school, when I drink coffee and when I sleep“, says Brooke Shields, who calls it a little girl’s dream to be able to design her own fur garment.

[From International Fur Trade Federation website via D-Listed]

I really hope they paid her for this and didn’t just comp her visit to Denmark and give her some fur swag. Her people should have signed of on those quotes because they’re worded like only a non-native English speaker would phrase them. “I will wear the fur garment when I follow my children to school” makes it sound like Brooke is this crazy homeless woman stalking some grade schoolers in a tattered fur coat, babbling about how it’s her precious. (Yes, Michael K at D-Listed said essentially the same thing, but I like to think that I would have come up with that on my own although that’s probably not the case.) Now that’s what I think of when I hear about fur, crazy homeless old ladies and stinky moth balls. Even rich semi-old ladies wearing “new” fur makes me think of down on their luck homeless people, like fur is this monkey paw type curse that brings you warmth and the illusion of wealth and leaves you with nothing in the end.


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  1. audrey says:

    oh man! I’ve always liked her. til now. This is disgusting.

  2. irishserra says:


  3. PrettyTarheelFan says:

    What? The? F? I’m actually offended by this. Glamorizing the fur trade? Seriously? I feel somewhat hypocritical, since I’m not a vegetarian and I wear some leather, but fur is on another level. Look at those poor little skins laid out…how can she think this is ok?

  4. Kevin says:

    She could have let her unibrow and back hair grow in and made it out of them.

  5. Larissa says:

    A little girl´s dream to be able to design her own fur garnment?
    Is she demented or what?

  6. RHONYC says:

    wow, good for her…my little girl’s dream was to have food…and a barbie.

    now, let the tirades of anti-fur peta members ensue. aaaannnnd they’re off! lol 🙂

  7. I am not anit-fur. I HATE when I hear about red paint being use dto destroy furs – one, you are damaging other’s property and two, now those animals really did die just to be thrown away. That being typed – she comes off as a bit – strange – in this story. Like she would be talking to you and you would be rubbing your chin thinking, “Hmmm?”

  8. canadianchick says:

    Hmm..sounds cray-cray. Ohhh wait till PETA gets word-they’ll be lining up the vats of fake blood to chuck as she drops her daughter at school.

  9. Chelly says:


    U do come off as a hypocrite even if ur not trying to.


    I say good for her. It’s what she’s wanted to do for a long time, let her be. Everyone is so friggin judgemental its disgusting. Live & let live!

  10. Ron says:

    The peta people are f**king loons and make me want to club baby seals.

  11. Constance says:

    I love fur, I love leather, I love meat, and I love to hunt. I think it would be a fun experience learning how a master furrier matches color and design. /shrug

    Brookie does come off a little… much in this interview. Maybe I’m just reading into it. Maybe you “hear” it too. I think it has a lot to do with the writers set-up of her quotes and the constant business name plugs. Either way it comes off awkward. I don’t see anything “grandmotherish” about furs. Humans like fur and hide. There isn’t a whole generation of kids who are repulsed by even the touch of their family pet’s fur.

  12. Brittney says:

    Fur coats don’t make me think of grandmothers or moth balls, they make me think of the animals who were raised to be slaughtered so that someone could wear their lifeless flesh.

  13. Keirelle says:

    You know, I don’t see a reason to wear fur anymore. Generations ago fur would have been reasonable given they actually ATE the meat of the animals they used in the items they made with fur… besides that they didn’t have the man made products we now have to keep warm. But now it is just a rich bitch waste, imo. Though I too think it is silly to go around spraying red paint on people wearing fur– you aren’t going to make them change their minds that way. People have different opinions. If you don’t like people wearing fur, well just worry about yourself.

  14. Belle Epoch says:

    I’m with Pretty. I can’t believe they thought this photo was a good choice. It doesn’t take much imagination to picture these pelts as happy LIVING animals, and then you start to wonder… That’s a lot of death to wear on your back. Following your kids to school.

  15. Constance says:

    If you eat meat, you also wear lifeless flesh. I treat my chickens to a pretty good life. My kids understand how properly to care for animals because they are giving us the energy and nutrients we crave.

    Life is all about luck. In my family, reincarnation is actually used as a folklore reason why we raise and slaughter animals. Bad people must learn their lessons and are often reincarnated as animals. By eating it’s meat, I am helping to purify a soul so it has a chance to live again as a human.

  16. stinabelle says:

    Hm. I don’t really like how she’s glamorizing the fur industry, and I am an animal lover. This just makes me sad. Come on, Brooke.

  17. Katija says:

    Why are the animal rights activists so hard on people who wear fur coats, but you guys don’t go after the famous people who wear leather shoes? Isn’t that sorta hypocritical? Or is it because cows aren’t as cute as little furry animals?

  18. meme says:

    @Keirelle – ITA with everything you wrote. No way could I wear the skin of an animal that was raised SOLELY to make a coat.

  19. maritza says:

    Don’t you have to have it refrigerated in the summer so the hair won’t fall out? I think that’s too much trouble just to have a fur coat, besides the cruelty it represents to the poor animals.

  20. gen says:

    Oh hell no!!!!! I would like her to kill every mink that it will take to make her coat. She wants to make & design one then go ahead & do it all. I want her to frikin stick the elecric prod up hundreds of minks butts & kill them!!! Let’s see if she can do that! And then I want her to do something with their flesh too! Use the whole animal Brooke!!!!! I swear to God if I ever see this man faced, sell out on the street I will be so happy to give her a piece of my mind……just like I do to every other person I ever see wearing fur >:oO I despise this woman.

  21. danielle says:

    Disgusting. Well she does seem pretty obsessed with money. As rich as she is, she’s not “rich rich”. Read Kathy Griffin or Andre Agassi’s autobiographies, Brooke comes across as money obsessed in both.

  22. Colleen says:

    Team Pretty also. I wonder if people who had to raise these animals would think twice about killing them for a coat. “Oh, that’s Twinkles there on the collar.” Buffalo Bill called Brooke, he wants you to put the lotion on bish.

  23. smarty p. says:

    Minks are rodents that multiply like crazy. As a rule, they are well cared for when raised on fur ranches. In fact, they live longer in captivity than they would in the wild, where disease and starvation kills without regard to morals. Most fur ranches practice the same procedures used by veterinarians. This is not opinion; it is fact. Is fur necessary? Of course not; neither is eating a steak or hamburger, so that is a phony argument. Little of what humans consume is absolutely necessary. We were not put here to do only what is absolutely necessary. We were put here to have dominion over the earth as we see fit. If you don’t like fur, don’t wear it. If you do, go for it, and stop worrying about what the rest of the world thinks.

  24. Weekends Off says:

    @Katija -I agree with your whole statment…

    Seeing as how I have absolutely no problem eating animals I have no problem at all wearing their skins. I wear leather and if I could afford it I’d wear fur too.

  25. lucy2 says:

    Keirelle, I’m in agreement with your post also.

    Even if I did want to wear fur, which I really don’t, I couldn’t go to the factory and look at all the skins like that.

  26. original kate says:

    her face looks so mannish.

  27. Crash2GO2 says:

    I love a nice fur. Can’t afford it though.

  28. Tia C says:

    I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time, but I am very disappointed in her with this. I keep wishing the fur industry would just die a natural death due to lack of interest. I don’t have as much of a problem with leather since the cows are being killed anyway for the meat. For fur, animals are bred, raised and killed solely for their fur. Maybe I am one of the hypocrites, too, but I have more of a problem when the whole animal isn’t being used. I guess it probably doesn’t make much difference, but it just seems more cruel somehow.

    @ Kevin: LOL, true!!!

  29. endoplasmic ridiculum says:

    Narcissistic bitch. She could have seen some poor child halfway to college with the money spent on the coat.
    Whether you’re pro fur or anti fur regarding the animal life issues, can we all agree that, for the price tag, a fur coat is a collossal waste considering 90 per cent of the world is
    On or below the poverty line.
    No matter which way you cut your meat (or don’t), in this light, fur is for those with a loose grup on reality.
    What a waste of space.
    What has she done since Blue Lagoon anyways?
    Shall we just start calling her La Goon?
    La Goon la bitch

  30. L says:

    Look, I inherited a lovely fur stole that I wear in the winter. I eat meat. I wear leather every now and again (seriously, how many shoes are made with real leather these days?)

    That all said, that first picture creeps the hell out of me. Having all of those pelts on display looks like someone just vacumed out the insides of those animals and laid them out for her to see. It’s creepy and bizarre.

  31. Lanna says:

    Well she just dropped off my list!

  32. bizzy says:

    gourd, i hope they paid her richly, because she’s gonna hafta swim through a tide of sh*t for doing this.

  33. Julia says:

    Fur ranchers kill mink using the “same methods as veterinarians”? I am relatively certain that anal electrocution is not the same as pre-surgical sedation (which is expensive) and IV injection of euthasol only after unconsciousness.

    Wearing leather and eating meat are different, as is hunting. Cows are killed and pretty much every part of the animal is used, from skin to waste organs, to hooves. There is a difference between objecting to the death of an animal (which I don’t) and objecting to cruel execution methods for something so superficial (which I do).

    I know vets who hunt and eat meat. I’ve never met a veterinarian who digs fur. Go figure.

  34. Lady D says:

    I hope she chokes to death on a hairball.

  35. k says:

    “Wearing fur may be associated with something …” abhorrent.

  36. ganjagirl says:

    i think someone could make a nice blowup doll out of that bitch’s hollywood skin. nasty selfish cruel skank.

  37. Champagne says:

    Guess those of us that opose Brooke doing this need to get on her website and let her know. My jaw dropped when I saw that photo of her gawking over the dead animals fur. Gross Brooke, how out of touch are you anyway???? OMG!!!!

  38. Keirelle says:

    @Smarty P, no, eating meat is not necessary, but the point is that if you are going to kill the animal in the first place, it should be used in it’s entirety and not just the fur. And that bit about how ‘we were put here to have dominion over the earth as we see fit” um, seriously? You do realize that continuing to abuse the world as we have so far will just lead to our own destruction, don’t you? We don’t deserve ‘dominion’, we need to coexist. People that believe such folly as ‘humans owning earth’ are the ones that will go first.

  39. Sumodo1 says:

    I have a gorgeous “blue iris” mink coat that I paid for myself.

  40. Cinderella says:

    I guess Brooke has run out of interesting things to do with her time.

  41. Carrie says:

    My grandmother has a white fox fur coat that she shoves me into every time I visit- apparently it’s my “inheritance”.

    I feel like I’m wrapped in an animal corpse when I wear that thing…what am I going to do with it when it eventually becomes mine?

  42. mln says:

    Unless you live in Siberia or Alaska there is no reason to wear fur but I do think that PETA has alienated pretty much everyone who might be open to listening to their beliefs with their Gestapo tactics

  43. Lisa says:

    I don’t care for PETA either, but Brooke Shields is dumber than I thought. She went to Denmark to watch how fur is made, but didn’t bother to stop by fur farm to find out how fur is really made. Stitching fur pelts is not an Art Form.

    My great-grandfather exported fur pelts from Russia, that was 200 years ego, when people froze to death when they didn’t have fur coats.
    People who wear fur in this day and age are vulgar and simple minded morons, like that idiot Kelis.

    I’m so glad that moron Jonny Weir embarrassed himself at the Olympics with his hysterics and crazy skating routines. Burn in fur hell Johnny Weir.

    Any person wearing fur should be given a knife and taken to fur farm to skin the animal they will be wearing.

    And no wander Brooke Shield’s career is gone, she’s a crazy old witch, maybe she can become useful and take up basket weaving.

  44. fizXgirl314 says:

    wow, this is truly disgusting… especially seeing those poor little critters just laid out like empty sacks like that. What en effing bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  45. fizXgirl314 says:

    Katija, because we actually eat the flesh of a cow and it’s actually a bonus to be using the skin for something else. That way, you aren’t just killing the animal for superficial reasons and are using as much of it as you can. However, to slaughter a bunch of little squirrels or what not just cuz you think it’s “slylish” is effing ridiculous and disgusting.

    Seriously, why is it so difficult to make the distinction between eating animals and just killing them for clothing?

  46. javagirl1 says:

    To each their own…but I could not myself look at little fur animal skins complete with little fur tails, and design myself a coat out of them….the f**CK???

  47. shortyme says:

    Doesn’t she live in L.A.? What the hell does she need to be wearing fur for? This is disgusting.

  48. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    fizxgirl: I see your point (and I love your posts :)), but I think a lot of people regard raising and slaughtering animals for ANY reason as “superficial.” I eat meat rarely, but when I do, it’s because I want to enjoy the taste (superficial) or because I’m too lazy to get my protein in another way (again, superficial). Eating meat really is, in most situations, a luxury. I won’t even get into the INCREDIBLE damage that raising meat does to the planet…

    Would I ever wear fur? No way in hell, but I do have a hard time logically avoiding the hypocrisy of eating meat, but being against fur. Just my 2 cents.

  49. Aspen says:

    As a vegan, I find it nauseous listening to people who eat beef 3 times per week cast stones at people who wear fur.

    The number of animals raised and slaughtered in torturous conditions to serve your appetite for meat so overshadow the fur industry’s crimes that I can’t even listen to it. I find fur repugnant…but then I don’t take lives to satisfy my personal taste, either.

  50. ol cranky says:

    this doesn’t surprise me at all, the woman has become a shill for pretty much anything

  51. Aspen says:


    My grandmother left me a fur stole made from mink. It’s old and it was hers and it made her feel beautiful when she was a young woman.

    Look at it that way.

    I abhor the fur industry, but I loved my grandmother. Now that she’s gone, I love having something I can touch that used to be hers.

  52. Beth says:

    Brooke sounds psycho. Nobody loves fur that much.

  53. Aspen says:

    Oh, and “dominion” is not “as we see fit,” Biblically. It indicates stewardship, not ownership.

    Trust me, all of you spouting this nonsense will be reminded who this world belongs to someday. Hint: It’ ain’t us.

  54. Kelaa Khaa says:

    I wonder which brand of disposable underwear BS is going to promote when she gets a little older.

  55. Shay says:

    I’ve never seen anything more disgusting than the first image.
    Anyone who gets their rocks off hunting for the sake of it, is sick in the head.

  56. My2Cents says:

    I can’t even bring myself to touch a fur coat let alone wear one. They disgust me. Just like people who buy/own them disgust me.
    I would not be bragging that I have one!

  57. Jessie says:

    @Constance: Really? It just sounds creepy and anthropomorphizes in a bad way. It sounds like a short step to justifying doing anything to animals, to “punish” them for being “bad souls.”

    I was raised by a veterinarian, and he told it straight: these are living creatures, worthy of respect. The law of jungle may mean creatures eat each other (as we eat animals) but we have an obligation to be respectful and avoid cruelty. This definitely included not wasting food, and avoiding unnecessary killing and causing unnecessary pain.

  58. MaiGirl says:

    I agree with everything you said, Kierelle. That “dominion” crap has just got to stop. Lest we forget, our dominion is responsible for an oil spill that BP must not have ever considered possible, or they would have better plans/technology to fix it. Their resources are enormous, and this is the best they can do? Good lookin’ out, BP.

    I literally have no idea what Brooke was thinking. The photo with all of the pelts is just grotesque, and she will have a very, very hard time living it down, if she ever does. She would have been waaaaaaay better off if she had just been photographed with the finished coat. Something about the lifelike and yet thoroughly dead pelts is so much more disturbing than a coat, even though that is disturbing, too. I just can’t picture a finished coat frolicking in the wild like I can with a pelt.

  59. Kitten says:

    The funniest thing about the comments are the people who have “cute doggie” avatars and rave about their fancy fur coats.

  60. Shay says:

    @ Constance. No there isn’t a generation of children who are repulsed by their pet’s fur, but pets are ALIVE and they aren’t killed for vanity and status, which is what the fur industry is all about and using pet fur as a valid argument is invalid.
    It’s one thing having a leather bag, and using it long term, but quite another being a collector, for the sole reason of validating one’s status.
    Anyway, the hunters who exist today are the final relics of an uncivilised portion of humankind. There are only two types of hunters today: desperate poachers who kill to sell and feed their families, and wealthy white hunters who couldn’t give a rat’s behind about anything other than their own gratification.
    And it’s fine to desire to sate an itch, but using pathetic arguments to justify it, is inexcusable, insulting and moronic.

  61. Lisa says:

    I saw some crazy people on ebay selling wild cat coats as faux and vintage fur coats, but the coat cut looked completely modern, and you could clearly see the pelt stitching in the photographs. And they were selling multiple coats where only spots or stripes varied. This is obviously some farm that slaughters tigers and other wild cats for fur coats.
    I reported them to fish and wild life investigaton.

    I saw a documentary on Animal Planet, about Fish and Wildlife investigation into a ring of evil people that were buying up zoo tigers some with babies and would execute them for pelts and stuffed animal collectors, in the back of a van. I know there is special place in hell for people like that.
    Brooke Shields would line up for that fur in a minute, she is obvioiusly hired by some fur company to promote fur coats. Look for her in the fall and winter catalogs shilling ugly fur coats. I can’t stand that money grubbin’ ho.

  62. kh says:

    why is fur so much worse than leather in people’s eyes? just because the hairs have not been shaved off? it’s still the same basic material. animal skin. what cows are less deserving to be felt sorry for than minks???

    if you wear any kind of leather it’s ridiculous and hypocritical to bitch about fur.

  63. Mistral says:

    I can only think of three letters when reading these strange, Google Translator-sounding quotes:


  64. Aspen says:

    I cannot believe I’m hearing people call hunters the problem.

    Hunters don’t raise their prey in tiny stalls or cages, manipulate the light they receive, feed them poison, force them to live in their own filth, take their babies away from them at birth, and then slaughter them with thousands of others of their kind all at once with no anesthesia, and no guarantee that they’ll be dead before the skinning starts.

    No. That’s the meat you all buy from your grocer.

    Lay off the hunters. I’d rather eat meat a hunter procured than a chicken breast from any of your homes.

  65. Aspen says:

    Hunters are some of the most active and effective animal welfare and environmental preservationists in the world.

    The ignorance people display about hunters is astounding.

    Read a book or something. Please.

  66. WTF?!? says:

    Brooke Shields lives in NYC most of the time, where the winters are cold. Fur is warm. It’s not a just fashion statement, it’s practical protection from the elements.
    If you are against wearing fur, then don’t wear it.
    And PETA is a bunch of wack-job extremists who actually advocate killing housepets.

  67. birdgherl says:

    I have seen a racoon get skinned alive for a fur coat…when it’s body was tossed on a pile, it opened its eyes and mouth and still tried to scream. It was left there to die a slow, painful death.

    There is NO reason in the world to justify this kind of senseless violence in the name of a frivolous garment.

    Shame on Brooke and anyone else who supports this.

  68. gen says:

    Not that anyone will read this, but if you inherit fur, instead of keeping it you can either donate it to an animal rescue so they can give it to orphaned babies so that they can feel that they have a mom with them. Also, I know there are some groups that are accepting fur to help clean up the oil spills going on right now. Just in case you would rather be helpful instead of wear a carcass.

  69. Alipop says:

    never seemed like a fur-lover. pretty sick….

  70. DetRiotgirl says:

    @birdgherl They skinned it alive???!!!??? That’s the most horrific thing I can imagine!

    Omg, I spent five years being a strict vegetarian and I have two cats at home. I almost threw up just now picturing that!

    Brooke is an idiot. I hate PETA. I think they are Eco-terrorists. But, in this case, I’ll put aside my issues with them and say that I hope they bring some full on crazy out of the woodwork with her. That first picture makes ME want to bring some full on crazy to this woman! Although, lol, that quote about her “following her kids to school” does make her sound like she’s already got a lot of her own crazy in her life.

  71. bellaluna says:

    Did you know:

    A) Many animals used for fur are actually skinned alive?

    B) There is now vegetarian leather (or some such cruelty-free thing) available?

    C) Some manufacturers claim their furs are synthetic when they actually include various amounts of real fur?

    I rarely ever eat meat, but I do wear leather; that balances out what my husband eats. I don’t agree with people who wear fur, nor do I agree with PETA’s methods.

  72. Shay says:

    @Bellaluna, I’ve always wanted to know why animals are skinned alive, but have been too terrified to even bother looking at PETA’s information, because they horrify people with their graphic videos and I don’t want to watch their videos for that reason. I’m not a PETA fan for that reason,but at the same time I don’t believe that we need fur in this era (with all the textile technologies we have).

  73. bellaluna says:

    @ Shay – I won’t watch those videos either, never have, and I totally agree with you on all opinions.

  74. crash2GO2 says:

    Please don’t believe that rhetoric that animals are skinned alive. A live animal would be FAR too hard to skin. When anything dies, it takes a while for the nervous system to stop twitching. They call that the ‘death throws’. I am quite certain that is what you were seeing in that video. Is it pretty? No. But the animal is already dead and doesn’t feel anything anymore.

    I am an animal lover, and an advocate for humane treatment, housing and euthanasia, and have been active in that area.

    PETA has an agenda, and they use shock tactics to try and sway people’s opinions – to shock them into wanting to throw up even thinking about something. I have watched a man in his death throws after he broke his neck being thrown from his car. It wasn’t pretty. But he was already gone. We were feeling for a pulse the entire time, and there wasn’t one, although his body twitched for some time.

  75. Julia says:

    Whether or not you eat meat, Aspen, you alienate people when you tar everyone with the same brush. There is a difference between killing something in a terribly painful way and then wasting it and bringing about death quickly and using all of the parts. It is possible to abhor the suffering of animals and wasteful disrespect without being vegan.

    It is true, too, that hunting does not necessarily equal cruelty, as a swift death from an unseen bullet is far less painful than a slow starvation or crippling injury from a busy roadway.

    There are shades of gray. Cramming stray dogs into cages while their bones break from the weight of those on top of them, then skinning them to trim coat hoods is not the same as humanely killing a cow and wasting none of it.

    Temple Grandin advocates for humane conditions, and has improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of domestic animals on farms and feedlots. The black and white “just don’t use any animals” position does more harm than good.

  76. Kelly says:

    This news just disgusted me beyond words. I always liked her and now I find her repulsive. Every time I hear a story like this some one always starts to bash PETA in some way, at least they are trying to stop the cruelty against animals and to those who bash PETA why don’t you start caring about something other than yourselves for a change and do something positive in this world? And for Aspen and his/her comment-Hunters are some of the most active and effective animal welfare and environmental preservationists in the world.Are you kidding me? You hide out in the forest to find some innocent life to take away, you put them in pain then take the body home to display on your wall or feed your fat gut and you call that preservation? environmental? Twisted!

  77. PrettyTarheelFan says:

    @Chelly-My point was that I’m acknowledging it’s somewhat hypocritical, not that I’m denying the hypocrisy. I avoid meat somewhat (harder when you’re pregnant, as you can only eat so many beans and soy products before something inevitably makes you hurl), but I do wear leather. However, when you kill a cow (I grew up raising and showing cattle), you use the entire cow or steer- for meat, leather, even dog treats. It’s not a waste. Also, those animals are humanely treated. Local farmers typically have a strong affection for animals and are abhorred by cruelty. The main problem contributing to both cruelty to animals and the damage to the environment are commercial ranches, dairies, furriers, chicken farms, and hog farms that are constantly driven by profit. They’ve over-produced meat and dairy products, driven the price down, increased the harmful release of gas, and caused such strong reactions from the EPA and the USDA that the laws restricting those farms often are enough to drive the local farm out of business. No wonder my daddy sells insurance!
    @birdgherl…I’m truly horrified by what you experienced. I cannot imagine the trauma that would cause. To see a poor animal, still alive… *shudders* I hope you beat whoever performed that particular act of cruelty with a stick. If you didn’t, just send me the address and I’ll be happy to.

  78. Lisa says:

    Regarding Hunter’s comment about preserving animal, it was must be a joke, there was an article a while back that the best gene pool in deer population has been wiped out, due to hunters consistently killing bucks with very large antlers.
    I can’t stand hunters.

  79. Ray says:

    Have you seen videos of Korean dog markets, dragging the dog on the ground and electrocuting it with electric prod, that poor dog, I never heard a dog scream like that, so it must be cruel. Now multiply that sound by thousands, and you get a fur farm.

    There is also video on YouTube of Koreans boiling a large dog alive, and hanging dogs to the ceiling on a rope so that can slowly choke to death.

    Boycott Korea and China, where they hate dogs and cats and torture them on a daily basis in unspeakable ways.

  80. Anna says:

    Brooke Shields is most likely unacquainted with the cruelty these animals endure. She could have avoided this embarrassment, had she read the undercover investigation into Scandinavian fur farms made in 2009 or watched the film at

  81. Cat says:

    WHAT? how disappointing but what can you expect from a self absorbed rich person who has had a glam life handed to her since she was a child, poor baby has some issues wah, she has had everything she ever wanted and more than she needs and stills has a charmed life, why would she care or even consider THE LIVES OF INNOCENT ANIMALS TORTURED AND KILLED BY THOSE WHO SKIN ANIMAL ALIVE AND ALL SORTS OF HORRIBLE THINGS TO MAKE THESE “LITTLE GIRLS DREAM COAT” HOW SICKENING! BROOK SHIELDS SHAME ON YOU!

  82. Me all the time says:

    To Little Fat Me. I hate to break it to you, but the fur you don’t like seeing red painted actually belonged to a LIVE animal before the animal was beat into the ground or hit with a bat and then stripped of it’s skin while it tried desperately to get away. If it fought too hard it would be stomped down and held down with a foot crushing it’s head. Once his/her skin was torn from it’s live and conscious body it was thrown into a pile of other unfortunate ones that went before it. Sometimes they live for up to 30 minutes like that. Nothing left but their muscle and guts underneath. If you have ever had your skin torn or scraped, multiply it by a million and then imagine that pain over your ENTIRE BODY. Any one soulless enough to wear fur deserves all they get and more. Karma for them will be a b i t . . The days of glamour and prestige over wearing fur went out with the dark ages. We have all the synthetics in the world to make a coat look like anything we want. NO humans dream, station in life or need will ever be enough to make it okay to inflict this kind of egregious pain on any living being. EVER. I bet Michael Jackson is spinning in his grave. SHAME ON BROOKE AND SHAME ON ALL THOSE WHO THINK TAKING FUR FROM A LIVE ANIMAL OR ANY ANIMAL IS OK. There is nobody in the world worth it. PERIOD

  83. Aspen says:


    I think you misunderstood my meaning. I am vegan, but I don’t tar everyone with the same brush by any stretch and I am a huge supporter of hunters. I know that there are hunters out there who trophy hunt, and I find that disgusting. MOST hunters, however, don’t do this. I abstain from meat and dairy produced by factory farms, and I find it easiest to do this by remaining vegan all the time.

    I have no objection to people eating animals. I have serious moral and religious objections to people purchasing animal products that come out of our industry slaughterhouses.

    There are only one or two places in the United States where anyone uses the entire cow or butchers it humanely. If you believe otherwise, you are sorely mistaken or misled.

    And, yes, they do skin and/or process MANY animals alive. This fact is documented in many, many books and articles and investigative reports along with first-hand accounts from countless slaughterhouse workers.

    I don’t expect the entire world to go vegan. I sure wish they would, but I don’t condemn meat-eaters. What I condemn is the refusal to self-educate because not knowing makes everyone feel better about what they’re promoting when they consume meat, the hypocrisy of industrial farmed meat-eaters casting proverbial stones at fur-wearers, and the same hypocrisy that allows industrial meat-eaters to disdain and slander hunting practices.

  84. crash2GO2 says:

    Why did some of these posts (including mine) disappear?

  85. MooCow says:

    Let’s hope you come back a chicken then eh? Your reasoning is fucking ridiculous and just an excuse. Karma would mean a person who killed chickens in their life would come back as a chicken you fool.

  86. Edan says:

    Everyone who thinks the fur industry is nice to the fuzzy little animals go watch the videos on and the cruel way those animals are skinned ALIVE! The excuse is that the skin comes off of them easier when they are alive. They are screaming and live for up to 10 to 15 minutes after being skinned, suffering and gasping for air.

    Anyone who doesn’t think that this is CRUEL and UNNECESSARY is without a conscious. There is absolutely NO reason whatsoever to wear this in modern times.

    She is a complete douchebag for doing this and is now forever on many peoples’ shit list. What an absolute moron she is.

  87. Oh. My. Gosh.
    Brooke Shields has always come off a bit crazy too me…but this is insane. I did an English report on the fur industry, and nearly threw up. Let’s she if she endorse’s those too. And for all those people talking about eating meat and shizz and hunting?…those have nothing to do with fur. Sure, sometimes they shock cows to death. But they never stick ’em up an animals behind! I eat meat. I love chicken. I eat beef. I love beef. I do not hunt, though I may try venison. I find it insane to kill and animal just for they fun of it. I don’t kill things for competition. This is 2010. Not 1510. But all the things I eat are killed in a fast, non-painful way. Minks are treated horribly before they are killed, and baby minks are killed when they are only 6 months. So seriously thinking about it, you are paying thousands of bucks to endorse animal slaughter. So what, the fur feels nice when you wear it! The fur felt nice on that mink when he wore it! Buy a sheepskin rug. Buy a leather coat. But dear God, don’t buy a mink.

  88. Cris Smothers says:

    Brooke Shields has absolutely no regard for animals even though she has been continuously educated in the cruel methods used to make fur coats. She is fully aware that animals are skinned alive, and tortured beyond imagination. Brooke believes that wearing fur is beautiful, but in reality it makes her ugly inside and out. Any person who wears fur is contributing to enormous suffering. FUR IS EVIL!!!

  89. Cecil Coleman says:

    Very Sad,

    Obviously she is no longer in lime light; is this her way of getting attention.
    Brooke sure you can find something else to wear to make up for the fact that you are looking old….fur is not going to make you look younger. 🙁

  90. bunny wabba says:

    HATE her now.

  91. Cool website. Thank you! be back here soon.

  92. bobncase says:

    Hats off to Brooke Shields for going public with this controversial issue. She has obviously educated herself about animal welfare and utilizing every part of an animal that is processed as a food source. There is a big difference between animal welfare and animal rights. I have a degree in animal science and all animal scientists are animal welfare people. If we don’t take good care of our animals, there is no need to domesticate them and; like it or not, people will starve. Not to mention, I love to watch most of the animal rights people busy keeping the burger joints in business.

  93. Nichola Nolan says:

    I really can’t write what I think of her now…Looking over all those mink skins in front of her….What kind of dreams does she have. That actually makes me sad.

  94. blakey says:

    I think people need to get real. I love fur but at the end of the day the animal dies weather its for fur or food we kill animals for there fur to keep warm and we kill animals for food to feed us. But the animal deserves to die by its own natural causes. But hey we do so as long as the animal is killed properly then so be it. And these days a lot of animals are killed properly because the trade is regulated in alot of countrys. China being a few that arnt. And peta only show what they want to show which is probably 20 years old. Would i wear fur yes i would but cant afford it so i wear faux fur. I think people need to stop criticising people and concontrate on there own lives.