Justin Chambers drunk or just sleep deprived?


Star has a truly bizarre story about “Grey’s Anatomy” star Justin Chambers engaging in some really questionable behavior at a bar recently. A few months ago – around the same time Britney Spears was hospitalized for her myriad of mental issues – Chambers made a statement that he was suffering from a severe sleep disorder and had checked himself into the same UCLA psych ward as Spears. It was assumed that he’d only informed the press since Spears was around, which increased his likelihood of somehow being discovered in a psych ward. Were it not for Britney, I doubt anyone would ever have noticed. It seems that Chambers was making a preemptive strike and letting reporters know why he was there. But something about the whole thing seemed a little off. Now Star has a story that either verifies that Chambers has some severe sleep issues, or makes you wonder if he’s got some other problems going on.

…when a Star eyewitness saw the married father of five 26 days after he was treated — at the Village Pub in tony Palm Springs, Calif. — sleep didn’t seem to be a problem as he drifted in and out of consciousness (at the bar!), rambled incoherently, annoyed patrons and even hit on a waitress!

“Everyone thought Justin was drunk because he kept passing out at his table,” the eyewitness tells Star. “But when I asked the bartender what they’d been serving him, she swore it was only non-alcoholic beer! He was acting as if he was on drugs, like some kind of downers. His eyes were glazed over. He slurred his words and staggered when he tried to walk,” the eyewitness added. “At one point, he was hunched over a table, then abruptly woke up and shouted out of the blue, ‘I am a father of five kids! I am a damn good father! Leave me alone!’ It was really unsettling.”

And that’s not all! Justin, who was without his wife Keisha, began hitting on a waitress! When she showed no interest, he slapped money out of her hand. “As she picked it up off the floor, he said, ‘That’s right, bitch, that’s where you belong. Pick up the money!’”

[From Star]

This story could legitimately make a person think, “Wow, he’s clearly got other issues and that sleep disorder thing was just a cover,” or it could make you say, “Wow, that sleep disorder is clearly not under control yet.” Lots of prescription sleep medications could explain a good deal of Chamber’s behavior (though the thing with the waitress is pretty hard to account for), and the sleep disorder itself could be the cause of Chambers’ nodding off. A ton of sleeping pills have the side effect of daytime sleepiness. But many of the things Chambers supposedly said seem pretty odd, unless he was so groggy and out of it that he just didn’t know what was coming out of his mouth. If any of this is attributable to the sleep disorder or medication for it, you’d think his wife would have kept him home. Which makes you wonder what’s really going on with the guy.

Update by Celebitchy: People has a new story that Chambers will open up in their new issue about his sleep disorder, calling it “a biological sleep disorder. Your mind keeps racing, and your body is tired. It wants to go to sleep, but it can’t.” If he is on Ambien it could potentially explain his behavior at the bar. My husband used to take it and he would stay up at night and do things like make a sandwich or get online and completely forget about it the next day, asking me if I was the one who left the dishes out.

Here’s Justin Chambers at the Enchanted World Premiere on 11/17/07. Images thanks to PR Photos.


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  1. sol says:

    It’s awful to actually be tired want to sleep and just can’t.I used to have this problem that no matter how tired i was i layed my head and began thinking all the things i had to do and sometimes i had to get up and do them .I believe him,and hope he can find a way to feel better.

  2. Kevin says:

    I do declare is that a REAL star in the background of the photo of Sleepy the dwarf? HELLLS YEAH!!! I believe thats Mickey Dolenze sporting the rocking fedora yo!! HEY HEY HE’S THE MONKEYS!!!

  3. Lola says:

    That is what many kids do to you. People think a bus load of kids and a demanding career are a joke but hey are not. You start losing your marbles if you don’t watch out. I see Brad Pitt ending up like him in a couple of years.

  4. CJ says:

    I’ve seen people act the same way on sleeping meds. It’s scary becasue they are awake but not themselves at all.

  5. mollination says:

    With these celebs you never know what they’re on. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t matter if they have a nice persona, or they’re a dad, or whatever. We’d be SHOCKED to find out just how many of them are doing the drugs they’re doing. We only hear about the salacious lohan-types, but look at Valerie Bertinelli. She even said it, they all did/do drugs. Justin better be careful.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Many sleeping pills will wipe out your memory while you are sleeping – i.e you will have no memory of the entire night. Now, if you stay awake on the drug, it is likely that you will do things that you will not remember the next day (and yes, some of these things may be out of character). I probably won’t remember typing this message in a few hours, because I’m on a very, very heavy dose of sleeping pills.

    Everyone knows what insomnia feels like, but few know what severe chronic insomnia feels like. It is extremely painful and extremely draining, both mentally and physically. And then it gets worse: you become addicted to the pills, and then more pills, and eventually you have a pharmacy’s cabinet of pills, pills that you are addicted to but have become immune to. And sleep is always out of reach, no matter how tired you get. All we want is to rest, but we are not allowed to.

    We get desperate. We hurt. Doctors do not take our concerns seriously and will openly admit that they don’t know how to treat us.

    Good luck brother.

    RIP Elvis Presley
    RIP Anna Nicole Smith
    RIP Heath Ledger