Jessica Lange’s rep denies that she’s had plastic surgery

Jessica Lange on 1/15/08
I don’t want to knock a woman for getting work done. I’m 35, and in about fifteen years I will be getting a face lift despite my husband’s objections. I will age semi-naturally and not get a lot of injections and touch up work, but I’m planning on surgery. It already bothers me that I have lines around my eyes and my face is looking sort of old. My mother had a face lift after her best friend did it, and her best friend is in her 70s and looks like she’s 50 without any feline characteristics. To me it is a personal decision and it’s not a personal failing if you decide to get surgery and/or botox or restylane. You shouldn’t go overboard with it and it’s a fine line between having an operation or two and looking like you’re wearing a kabuki mask.

When you’re famous and it’s obvious, though, you should either admit to it, maybe in a roundabout way or in general terms like saying you’re not ruling it out, or you should not address it. If someone asks you, you can say you don’t want to comment. Don’t deny that you’ve had plastic surgery when we can all see the evidence.

Jessica Lange’s rep has denied that the 58 year-old actress has had plastic surgery. All I could think of when I saw her face up close in Big Fish was that she looked really pulled and strange. She’s a great actress, but she’s not doing herself any favors with this fib:

Jessica Lange in “Tootsie,” 1982

The National Enquirer recently speculated, with photos and commentary from a Michigan plastic surgeon, that Jessica Lange has undergone plastic surgery that didn’t necessarily result in a change for the better.

“It’s absolutely not true,” Lange’s PR rep Carrie Gordon told me from NYC on Tuesday. “And Jessica will not comment on it because it’s not true.”

In our first conversation, before Gordon presumably contacted Lange to say I was seeking a comment, Carrie asked how I could write this after admitting that I’m a huge fan of Jessica’s work. Because I’m not blind?

The Enquirer asked Detroit-area plastic surgeon Dr. Tony Youn to analyze before and after photos of Lange and her “Bonneville” co-star Joan Allen, who has suspiciously smooth skin.

Youn gave the Enquirer precise observations about Lange’s “overly arched brows,” and unnatural Catwoman-like appearance.

But haven’t Lange’s eyes always had a cat-like quality?

“To an extent she has,” said Youn when I interviewed him. “Are her eyes a little more tilted than the average person’s? Yes. But not to the extent that we see now in her.”

[From The Star Tribune via Huffington Post]

The article goes on to talk about how hard it is to cast these very plastic-looking women in films because they can’t play average older women. They could play more affluent older women who have had plastic surgery I guess.

They quote a radio personality as saying that if you have plastic surgery at “39, you never have to get it again. You’ve matured into your face and your bone structure and skin are good.” It also matters whether you got to a good surgeon who works on giving you natural results of course. Is that true? Not that I’m asking for personal reasons or anything.

Compared to Priscilla Presley and Kathie Lee Gifford, she’s looking pretty good. Looking through older photos of Lange, I would vote for bad plastic surgeon over too many face lifts.

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32 Responses to “Jessica Lange’s rep denies that she’s had plastic surgery”

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  1. anonymous says:

    She has probably had something done but I can understand that she must be under a lot of pressure. Surgery techniques will get better with time.

  2. jen says:

    Tootsie was 1982.

  3. celebitchy says:

    Thanks jen, I don’t know why I made that simple mistake.

  4. jen says:

    No problem. I love Jessica Lange and didn’t want her to seem younger than she actually is. I can’t look as good as her at 35.

  5. headache says:

    Jessica Lange is awesome!!

    But I see her plastic surgery as a symptom of a bigger problem. The woman is a PHENOMENAL actress. But because she is older and aging, she cannot get the roles she rightly deserves and went this far in the hopes of getting just one decent role.

    It’s quite sad that a man like Clooney can make movies until he keels over but a woman of Lange’s talent can’t even get a Clairol commercial.

  6. Syko says:

    I think there’s something around the eyes there.

    She was so gorgeous when younger, and I enjoyed her movies. She’s still looking pretty decent.

  7. geronimo says:

    Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. What a pathetic vicious circle.

    Have to say that although I still think she is one of the best and most beautiful actresses of her generation, she looks older than 58 in that pic.

  8. Bellatrix says:

    Like geronimo : she looks older than 58.
    And it’s a shame because if she had stayed away from the plastic surgery (the eyebrows make it seem so obvious), it might not be the case!

  9. Rio says:

    I barely know who she is, but ooh, that’s one tight nip and tuck. She’s channeling Burt Reynolds in the quasi-Asian eye department.

  10. Granger says:

    “The article goes on to talk about how hard it is to cast these very plastic-looking women in films because they can’t play average older women.”

    Wha-wha-WHAT???? And I suppose all the 20-something models-turned-actresses out there are easy to cast in films because of their ability to portray AVERAGE young women? Right, like I see Jessica Biel or Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba in a role — with their perfect hair, flawless faces, full lips, personal-trainer-toned bodies — and think, Yes, I can relate to her, she’s so AVERAGE.

    What a load of shit. Older women, plastic or not, aren’t difficult to cast — they’re just not needed anymore, because there aren’t any good parts for them.

  11. Ur A Loser says:

    I love jessica lange! its so obvious she had something done, makes no difference to me

  12. frewt says:

    Yeah she was beautiful and my favourite actress in the 80′s.

    She has had bad plastic surgery and had it done years ago now actually. I wonder if she regrets it – its certainly hasn’t enhanced her looks.

  13. Orangejulius says:

    I am 57 and look 10-15 years younger than her. She has not aged well. I remember when she swore she would not get plastic surgery. They’ve overdone her eyes and not done enough with the rest of her face which is pretty deeply lined.

  14. Marianne says:

    I agree with orangejulius. I am 2 years old than Jessica Lange and look at least 12-15 years younger and I’ve had nothing done. Those eyes and those lines give it all away. Too bad.

  15. Roni says:

    What did they do her? She used to be so pretty, but now looks like some kind of animal. Not buying 57 either, she looks at least 64.

  16. LindaLou says:

    Oh for God’s sake. It is so pitiful that we have to tear this great actress apart because she is not 25 or 35 or 45 years old anymore! Get real and stop being so shallow as to just dwell on her face. I want to see good acting and just because she has changed somewhat in her looks, doesn’t mean she can’t act anymore in good roles. I am sick of looking at perfect beautiful young women. I want to see real people, who look real. Entertainment industry is all about money and not quality. Give her the roles and those of us who love her and her talent will come watch her. Let’s stop giving older men roles too if that’s they way women are going to be treated when they age. Why can’t we accept aging? There is more to beauty and grace than a facelift or trying to look a lot younger than you are.

  17. a2area says:

    I don’t think this is tearing her apart.. it’s just stating a fact. Jessica, whom is one of if not my favorite actress, has not aged well. Forgive my next statement because it is completely speculation.. but I have the feeling that Jessica suffers from something chronic which is hard on her body stresswise… if you notice in her interviews her hands/knuckles are very puffy and stiff and she rubs them all the time. Perhaps it is a type of arthritic condition. Again.. that is only in my mind but it could explain her weathered look.

  18. a2area says:

    … I forgot to add… she and her family also lived on a ranch in New Mexico for a while and she seems like the outdoorsy type which can take it’s toll on any “normal” person’s skin if you aren’t careful.

  19. Joyce says:

    No way is Jessica Lange 58!!!!. Take a look at a well kept, healthy 58 year old. They can look pretty good. This is a woman in her 60s lying because of her career. I am 57 years old and people assume Im early 40s. I haven’t had any work done yet. Now Im not sure I will. I always thought when I was 50 I would get a face lift but I didn’t need one. I have been doing facial exercises since I was 22 and thank you God because they have worked. I also went thru the Jane Fonda years, Kathy Smith, and continue to do yoga. I have a grown daughter. I will no longer worry about looking older. Older does not mean ugly and these celebrities look ugly!

  20. Matty says:

    Wow, an entire feature was written up speculating whether this woman has had plastic surgery or not instead of writing one about her life and her accomplishments as one of the best actresses of our generation.

    When Lange made her debut in King Kong she was bashed by critics who thought she would never be anything more than a pretty face. She proved everyone wrong and went on to win two Academy Awards and just about every other award out there including an Emmy for Grey Gardens. She’s had a remarkable life which has included relationships with Mikhail Baryshnikov and long time partner, playwright/actor Sam Shepard. She’s also a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Children’s Fund and has been very outspoken about the horror that was the Bush administration, all of this would make for great reading but all anyone can focus on are her eyebrows?

    I don’t recall plastic surgery being this much of an issue a few years back, now it’s all anyone can talk or write about to the point where it overshadows any accomplishments a person’s made in their career. Yes, I get it, they’re human and have their faults just like the rest of us. So what?

    I know this is a celebrity gossip site, but personally I think the whole shtick is just getting tired.

  21. The Sentinel says:

    I hate to say this, but JL looks terrible. What was she thinking getting this kind of surgery? And the silly arse that complains about Clooney can get parts blah-blah but a talented actress like JL can’t. Well Clooney doesn’t look like a fecking Catwoman reject.

    When will American woman realize that growing old gracefully is much more sexy? Instead they’d rather compete for parts that are written for their children.

  22. The Sentinel says:

    The more I think about it, JL’s rep is a stupid lying toad. For God’s sake, look at a photo of your boss?

    You think that’s normal?

  23. EMG says:

    Jessica Lange had a nose job before “King Kong” (1976), which she openly admitted to.

    The photo at the top does not depict accurately what JL looks like. It’s an extremely bad picture, which we’ve all had happen to us. We quietly toss the picture away before we put it in the photo album.

    Here, though, a web writer gets his/her hands on a bad picture and then adds fuel to the speculation about “overly arched eyebrows.”

  24. EMG says:

    The only cosmetic procedure I see JL has had recently is she had her teeth veneered.

  25. EMG says:

    Matty, your comment is right on. Now critics realize Lange’s performance in “King Kong” was genius. Her acting the part of a vapid, wannabe star is now recognized as so believable that she fooled the critics.

    Her performances in “Postman Always Rings Twice” and “Frances” splattered egg all over the faces of critics worldwide. She was robbed the Oscar for “Frances,” which is why I think the Academy awarded her Best Actress for “Tootsie,” a performance that I feel Lange phoned in.

  26. sharonregonini says:

    I honestly think shes the most beautiful actress in the buss.So f-in what;I’m 44 and who knows what I may choose to do, with access to money, I just hope her and Sam (and there kids) are healthy and happy. JESS, I ADMIRE YOU!!!

  27. jonny b says:

    I wish I could marry Jesica lang no matter what she is and always be beautiful and attractive to me

  28. Kelli says:

    Jessica Lange is an awesome actress. I’m only 30 years old and I think she’s gorgeous! Regardless if she’s had any help or not. Who cares if you’re around the same age and “look 10 to 12 years younger”.. Everyone ages differently. I think we have a little insecurity going on here otherwise we wouldn’t be trying to compare ourselves to other people. Besides, How do we know you haven’t had any work done.. Lol

  29. izzydoesit says:

    Why are there no websites devoted to talking about how old men look or what face work they’ve had done? Maybe because in our society a woman is judged first on her looks; if she passes muster, then we can talk about her talent, brains, and accomplishments.

    Until women stop allowing themselves to be brainwashed that they’re only as valuable as the sextag men place on them, they’ll continue to be second class citizens dependent on men to validate their worth.

  30. Bacon says:

    Thank you for some other informative website. Where else could I get that kind of information written in such an ideal approach? I have a undertaking that I’m simply now running on, and I’ve been on the look out for such information.

  31. Tom K says:

    Any of you who think Jessica Lange has had work are complete idiots. Her brows are shaped with a pencil (have any of you ever applied make-up?) and the forehead glare in the picture is from a camera. Miss Lange is a natural beauty who might have alleviated some of the glare by putting on some powder, but this is what makes her so GREAT! The source was a supposed Michigan surgeon speculating from a bad picture in the trashiest, most scandalous rag of all crap-papers, the Enquirer…..

  32. Rib of beef says:

    I don’t think this is tearing her apart.. it’s just stating a fact. Jessica, whom is one of if not my favorite actress, has not aged well.The photo at the top does not depict accurately what JL looks like. It’s an extremely bad picture, which we’ve all had happen to us.