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Democratic presidential nomination hopeful Senator Barack Obama was on “The View” this morning and had an amazing interview. The first part of the interview focused on Obama’s longtime reverend, Jeremiah Wright, and the anti-American comments Wright has made over the course of his career. Obama hasn’t renounced Wright, but hasn’t wholeheartedly defended him either. He explained that when he joined the church, he didn’t have his revered vetted. Wright was a powerful speaker and Obama was generally just another member of the congregation. He and his wife Michelle were married in Wright’s church and their daughters were baptized there, but as he pointed out, he hadn’t read every church bulletin, or gone over Wright’s old sermons. He also pointed out that a key point is that Wright is retired now, so it’s not as though there needs to be a call for him to step down from anything. Obama did a good job of gracefully walking a very fine line.

In the second part of the interview, host Whoopi Goldberg ask Barack Obama what the first three things are that he’d do in office. Obama replied that he would start withdrawing the troops from Iraq, and doing his best to make sure it was done in a safe and fair manner for both the troops and Iraqis. He said he didn’t think the Iraqis were going to take responsibility for their own country as long as American troops were there. Obama said the second thing he would do is work on getting healthcare for every American, and even went so far to say that for people that didn’t have healthcare, the government would offer plans similar to the healthcare he has as a senator. He pointed out how important it is to return to a focus on preventative health care, which over the long-term saves costs. Finally he said he’d deal with America’s energy crisis, focusing on developing new technology to lesson our reliance on foreign oil.

Some of Obama’s most powerful remarks came in the final part of the interview, where he talked about the differences and similarities between republicans and democrats. He noted, “I am not somebody who believes that the democrats have a monopoly on wisdom,” and said that he would consider having republicans in his cabinet. He also made a dig at President Bush, saying, “I’ve got some very strong views about how we need to move the country forward, but I don’t presume I’m right all the time; I want to listen to people – something that I think our current president hasn’t done – [and] get a diversity of opinion.” Obama also touched on one of his common themes of optimism and hope, and the unity he feels Americans actually have, noting, “The one thing I’m convinced of as I travel around the country is we have so much more in common than what drives us apart.”

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  1. AC says:

    man. how great it’d be if he was president and had a bi partisan cabinate … so cool.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    Barack is the MAN!

  3. Herman B says:

    ok. time for a history lesson. barack is the president, i am thee man. and tha man is tha law who comes down on thee man which is me.

    this moment in history, has been brought to you by the 60′s.

  4. celebitchy says:

    I can’t wait until this guy is President. He is so awesome. That was a great overview of the interview JayBird!

  5. Ur A Loser says:

    When is this Martin Luther King wannabe gonna drop outta the race? When is Mccain gonna drop dead?

  6. Syko says:

    I’d be more inspired if I hadn’t heard every candidate for the last 50 years promise the same stuff. He is a good talker, though.

  7. summertime921 says:

    Go Obama! I sure hope he wins the nomination.

  8. Scott F says:

    Yeah, lets get the government into healthcare, because they’ve done such a bang-up job with Social Security and Welfare. I feel I just get to keep too much of my money every week, lets create new programs to take more of it. God.

  9. geronimo says:

    I don’t know. Is this who you want for president? I’m watching and reading (very widely) from across the pond and I’m struggling to see him as the all-singing, all-dancing saviour he’s being seen as. I accept I may be completely wrong but putting that much faith into someone with no real experience is risky. What happens when he comes up short? No offence intended, but I’m getting a very strong sense of style over substance with him.

  10. cc says:

    Geronimo, I live in America and I see the same thing you do. I wish people would look past the surface.

  11. Diva says:

    Past the surface to the understanding that the best people available work for the good of our country, regardless of party lines? Past the surface to an implemented health care plan? Past the surface to the dedication to the preservation of the earth as one of the biggest energy consuming country in the world?

    Every president falls short to someone. There are none who have been everything to everyone. This is a guy, however, who has proven that he can see both sides of the issue and work with people on both sides of the issue.

    I, too, wish people would look past the surface… and see that there’s alot more to this man and what he can do for this country than speak.

  12. Anastasia says:

    Well, hello, we just survived eight years of having a president that is dumber than a bag of hammers. At this point, ANYONE could do a better job.

    But I feel Senator Obama will do the *best* job out of the current candidates.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Have you any you Obama supporters done any research on Jeremiah Wright?

    Comparing Wright to his maternal grandmother, he said, “I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother — a woman who helped raise me, a woman who sacrificed again and again for me, a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world,” Obama said.

  14. geronimo says:

    cc. Thank you. It’s not that I think the other candidates are superior or anything, it’s just that the very sharp divide (plus the inevitable spin that accompanies it) compromises the candidates and forces them to put energy into playing to the voters when that same energy could be put into joining forces to ensure the right team ends up in the Whitehouse. It’s depressing that it’s become a divide and conquor issue (black man/white woman) when the two united could probably accomplish so much.

  15. headache says:

    I have us government health insurance and if you really want to wait a month for an appointment to a GP or two months for a specialist only to be given a script for 800mgs of motrin and told to come back in a month if it isn’t better (regardless of the condition) then you go right ahead with goverment health care.

    But other than that, Obama is the first candidate in a while who I felt really wanted to help the country instead of just wanting to be president.

  16. headache says:

    Oh but speaking of this interview . . .

    Hasselback was up to her usual stupidity yammering on about how offensive Obama’s pastor is and Obama said something to the effect of “let’s take the five stupidest things you’ve said and play them on a loop and then say that is who you are. How fair is that?”

    It was awesome. Seriously.

  17. countrybabe says:

    Isn’t it silly how Barbara Walters and Bloomberg cozy up to him when he sat in an anti semite church for 20 years.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I am astonished how a slogan like “Change”, a nice smile with some pretty words and a bunch of uneducated celebrities endorsements can influence people’s better judgment so much. Obama is not fit to run a country (not now anyway), especially a country as powerful as USA, he is by far the weakest candidate out of all of them. Do the research and think long and hard about your choices because the once most powerful country in the world, will soon crumble down and will need a capable leader to bring it back up and Obama is not the right person to do it. It is a shame because America is a great country.

  19. rose says:

    @ Anonymous
    I think you forgot to include the end of the quote:

    “but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe.”
    If I disowned everyone who’s views differ from mine I would be without any friends and family, husband or kids.Plus, the last time I checked Pastor Wright is NOT the one running fr President.

  20. Anonymous says:

    rose. Why does it always has to be about race, that is the biggest thing that irritates me about his campaign and the people. I can ensure you that my opinion about him is not by any shape or form based of his race and it should not be for anyone, whether you support him or not. I have studied each of the candidates work and I was not that impressed with Obama’s. This could be because he is younger then the others and so on but the state the USA is in at the moment it will require someone with lot of experience and straight, capable do to a good job bringing this country back to shape.

    Also, prejudice and racism does not affect just people of color but women and other groups etc as well. So lets not bring the race issue into this.

  21. Ur A Loser says:

    Headache have u ever heard of John Edwards? Now that guy really spoke for middle america! All Obama & hillary want is to be president. They dnt give a —- that mccain is already the republican candadite & they are waisting time!

  22. rose says:

    Please explain how I brought race into this????? I did not mention color or race in my comment at all.YOU were the one who used an incomplete quote. All I did was include the part that you conveniently forgot.Or does that part of the quote upset you?

  23. headache says:

    Yes, I’ve heard of John Edwards, the trial lawyer in a multimillion dollar house who could afford $400 dollar hair cuts and who doesn’t have to worry about how he is going to pay for his wife’s health care. Yeah, he’s really in touch with middle america.

    In any case, I never mentioned Obama’s connection with middle America nor his credentials for his run or anything of that nature only of what I perceive his motivations to be. I happen to be, idealogically at least, a republican. I was and continue to be a Guiliani supporter and I will vote for him in four years when he makes another run.

    Anony, it’s about race because people make it about race. There is a divide in the perceptions of whites and blacks in this country and it’s even worse for those of us who are raised having to figure out how to balance both sides. Race will stop being a big deal when people stop mentioning it. As Obama said, we’ve come a long damn way, but we have a long way to come. When a black man or a woman can run a campaign for such a high office without it being a shock that the candidacy is not only viable but that the nomination is well within their reach, it will no longer be an issue.

  24. CeeJay says:

    I truly believe Barack Obama is the best choice to lead our country through our current economic and international relations crisis. Voters need to keep in mind that new blood is needed, and Hillary Clinton is not new blood. If Hillary is elected that means our country will potentially be lead by the same two families for close to three decades. Add it up. Bush I, 4 years, Bill Clinton, 8 years, Bush II, 8 years and potentially Hillary Clinton, 8 years. That’s 28 years!!! One of the best things about our democratic systems is the opportunity for new, fresh ideas every four to eight years. We should not pass up this opportunity because the media and the Clinton campaign are shoving Rev. Wright’s comments down our throats. If Barack does not get the nomination, our country will travel down the same old path. Don’t believe there will be health care for all, there won’t. Don’t believe our troops will exit Iraq, they won’t. The time is now and it our responsibility to do what is best for our nation. Vote Obama!!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    rose. I was not using or going to use any quotes so you might have misunderstood me then I misunderstood you. Honest mistake. But as I said before the race issues is something that people seriously need to stay away from wether you support Obama or not because it creates more confusion and division between people and this is the time were the American public needs to unite in making the right decision in choosing a good candidate for presidency.

  26. headache says:

    I’m sorry but no matter who wins, there will not be universal health care in this country, nor will the troops be pulled out of Iraq any time soon. Logistically, neither one of these goals is probable in the first two years at least of the new administration.

    For starters, nationalized health care would mean the radical overhaul of the entire health care system provided anyone could get past the vast lobbying network of the medical community AND get congress and the senate to agree on anything short of when to take a recess.

    As for Iraq, politics aside, we have thousands of troops and billions of dollars worth of equipment that cannot be brought home in anything less than 18 months, unless of course you want to leave all of that technology for the Iranians and Syrians to have, sell and/or use. We may not always have an active force in Iraq but it’s going to be a military presence much like Germany, Okinawa and North Korea for decades to come.

    I think we have to not only be optimistic about a new administration but pragmatic as well. It really doesn’t matter who your pick is or who is elected. No one can live up to unreasonable expectations and if you put unattainable ones on the next president, you’re gonna end up hating whoever it is worse than most people already hate Bush no matter what they do.

    And I hate to beat the samn dead horse, but we have got to start holding these senators and representatives equally accountable for the fate of our nation. The next president could have all the high minded, smart ideas in the world and if those in the house and congress don’t set aside the party line to come to some kind of compromise, whoever wins the election will be hamstrung.

    Whew!! Sorry. I just feel pretty passionate that it’s gonna take more than one man/woman to change our country and to expect them too is pretty much shooting ourselves in the foot.

  27. Ur A Loser says:

    wow. You cannot take a comment without writing a damn paragraph! Let me tell you something. Obama is SPENDING MILLIONS of dollars on advertisements & big houses & vacations.They all spend there money with no regards to anyone but themselves. Most importantly you took my comment on the defense. My point was to mention that there was somebody else in the race who had better intentions & as far as the middle america- I never said that you mentioned it I MENTIONED IT! STOP being so head strong & STOP being so defensive! They are all liars in my eyes just because of the simple fact that they are all in politics. It just depends on who you like more.You are not passionate in what you believe in you just dont like people to disagree with you. JEEZ!

  28. Miranda says:

    UR A LOSER: John Edwards was my pick, as well, and I was REALLY surprised that he was knocked out of the race so early.

    Frankly, he was the most liberal and progressive of the top three dems. I had the opportunity to hear him speak and I was so impressed with his frankness about all types of injustices in America, including poverty, racism, sexism and homophobia. I find he speaks more about these things than Clinton or Obama, and I would have been much happier to see him as the nomination than any of these other two.

    I don’t really think Obama is going to win against McCain, and I don’t think Clinton will get the dem nomination and REALLY wouldn’t win against McCain. Yes “we have come a long way” but please, this is STILL America, we’re still a very racist and sexist country. Hopefully, I will be proven wrong, but we’ll see!

    Headache: I agree completely! Leaving Iraq immediately isn’t reasonable at all at this point, and it won’t happen, no matter who is elected. And socialized health care will also never happen. Corporations have more resources, power and sway than our government, and our government, even if they WERE well intentioned and cared about us, can’t ever compete with the resources corporations have. Big pharmas and medical corps will never, ever let socialized health care come to America, it is far too much of a cash cow for them.

  29. journey says:

    how much experience did john f kennedy have when he became president? yet he managed to give the american people hope and optomism. he was an articulate leader and speaker who did much good. civil rights, peace corp, he put people first. and he inspired people, not just americans, but berliners, and other world citizens.
    i was for edwards. but he’s not in the race any more. and while some people i really admire are hillary fans, she isn’t my first choice, or second. being a politician is about being a leader, about inspiring people to common goals. if she gets in a disagreement with a foreign leader, is she going to whine about how they’re picking on her? cry? make up wild tales about being under sniper fire? those aren’t the actions of a world leader. look at women who were. can you see maggie thatcher crying to get her way?
    and as for the rev. wright. my pastor was all over local television and newspapers declaiming the horrors of a particular series of books and how they should be banned. that doesn’t make me a book burning whacko nut job. quite the contrary.
    sorry, second long post today. my bad.

  30. Trillion says:

    Country Babe: I assume you’d hold all the republican candidates’ feet over the fire over for courting and associating with Rev. Falwell, The Catholic Church, Rev. Robertson, Rev. Hagee et al. Those men and those institutions are beyond the pale- Much much worse than anything I know of regarding Rev. Wright. (whom I hold in low regard, personally) Besides, I think Obama explained himself and his feelings about Rev. Wright on The View very well. And yes, his comment about “compiling the 5 stupidest things you’ve ever said” to Hasselbeck was more fitting than he might know. The reaction from the audience was priceless.

  31. Tracy says:

    No one is perfect and you can’t please everyone in the country, but at least this man is truly sincere about what he is saying. I believe he will truly try to make this country better for all of us. The republicans will just give us more of the same, and the Clintons can’t be trusted as far as you can throw them. Don’t forget about their past! Hillary still won’t reveal her finances. What is she hiding?

  32. Trillion says:

    Hillary’s a freaking Republican like Joe Lieberman. Frankly, I don’t trust any politician that’s at the level of viable presidential candidate. The good ones, if they even exist, never make it that far. They’re not “allowed” to by the powers that be.

  33. hairball says:

    I don’t want Hillary in. If you want 100 more years of Iraq, vote for McCain. Terrified McCain will get in. I am not sure I will ever forgive Congress or this country for not impeaching Bush and Cheney at the minimum.

    Over 4,000+ dead of our soldiers, not counting the wounded or Iraqis, TRILLIONS spent, no end in sight for a war based on lies.

    Someone on another website had said they were surprised someone had not taken Bush and Cheney out after all of this. I don’t condone violence at all, however, I too am surprised no one tried it. The hatred I have for Bush and Cheney is indescribable and I think I’m a pretty normal, reasonable person.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I don’t like ANY of these three possible presidential candidates….

    This is going to be the oddest and biggest mudslinging contest yet.

  35. Anonymous says:

    if you’re gonna point out hilary’s wild tale of being under sniper fire, then you should also point out how obama “mispoke” about his connection to the kennedys. he claims that the kennedeys are responsible for bringing his father from africa, when they are actually not. the kennedys didn’t get involve in that program until after obama’s dad was already here in the states.

  36. idesign says:

    Sarah, & Kate+8.…..

    Obama on TheView…..

    The battle is joined….

    Get out the PopCorn….LOL

    I can see November from my house!