Those Jennifer Aniston & Orlando Bloom rumors just won’t go away” links


Those Jennifer Aniston/Orlando Bloom rumors just won’t go away [Dlisted]
“X Factor” winner Leona Lewis got priced out of her dream house when the seller found out who she was [Bossip]
“Superhero Movie” is one of the worst spoof movies Pajiba has ever been subjected to[Pajiba]
Hulk Hogan’s new girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel bears a striking resemblance to his daughter Brooke [Celebslam]
Chris Crocker: The Embodiment Of ‘Hot Tranny Mess’ [Mollygood]
Britney Spears is having regular colon cleansing sessions at a clinic in Beverly Hills. Can you imagine what 15 years of built-up Cheeto residue coming out of your colon must look like? [Yeeeah!]
Madonna Works Out To Britney Spears’ Music. Probably for a laugh [I’m Not Obsessed]
Kelly Clarkson Rolled Into London For A Concert [The Bastardly]
Lindsay Lohan to star in Charles Manson movie. There are a bunch of really mean things I want to say to this, but I’ll just think them loudly. [In Case You Didn’t Know]
Sophie Monk is Banging Paris Hilton’s Boyfriend. That seems fair. (Site NSFW) [Drunken Stepfather]
Angelina Jolie supposedly has gestational diabetes; and the twins she’s carrying are already too heavy for her [Hollywood Rag]
Adam Sandler’s daughter Sadie looks JUST like him [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
Quentin Tarantino and Fergie share a birthday party in Vegas [Agent Bedhead]
Sienna Miller walking around in Hollywood bra-less and in a see through dress [The Blemish]
Hollywood Gang Signs [CityRag]
Random Celeb Photos, including some hot Angela Lansbury action [Crazy Days and Nights]
John Krasinski Thought He Was Being Punk’d by George Clooney. In related news, John Krasinski asked me to marry him. [Popsugar]
Sheryl Crow says she’s talked to her friend Jennifer Aniston about adoption [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
George Clooney’s girlfriend Sarah Larson sure likes to lick some sand [WWTDD]
Were Jared Leto and a urinal cake Separated at Birth? Most likely. [Websters is my Bitch]
There is now a LOLLost website. Pretty much the second greatest idea ever. [Jezebel]
Katie Holmes: RoboBride to Broadway? [Lainey Gossip]
Guess The Celebrity Cellulite. Seriously, it’ll make you feel better [The Skinny Website]
Kate Beckinsale is the hottest MILF [Derek Hail]
Dennis Rodman was absolutely thrilled to find out his very face was nominated for a “Most Likely to Be a 1991-Era Bedazzled L.A. Gear Jacket.” [Best Week Ever]
TMZ’s uber-unfortunate headline of the day: “Oprah buys Gayle a maxi pad? [Circus Hour]

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6 Responses to “Those Jennifer Aniston & Orlando Bloom rumors just won’t go away” links”

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  1. summertime921 says:

    I thought Orlando was dating Miranda Kerr or whatever that model’s name is…wouldn’t that be a strange turn of events! Haha j/k. Don’t kill me Racheloonies.

    Also, the Britney Spears colonic visual is DISGUSTING but has inspired me not to cheat on my diet tonight, so thanks JayBird 🙂

  2. judi says:

    Did it dawn on anyone, that maybe….just maybe..they are only friends? The media gets into a feeding frenzy and makes so much stuff up..

  3. anonymous says:

    Jen and Orlando look gorgeous in that photo.

  4. anonymoustoo says:

    Poor Jennifer, can’t help genetics.

  5. sus says:

    i dont belive this they are freinds and have been that fore a long time and thats that

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