Miley Cyrus forces Liam Hemsworth into an awkward photo-op to prove their love


Miley Cyrus’ wild, budget, girl-on-girl European adventure is over, and now she’s back stateside. And that means it’s time to clean up those nasty rumors that she and Liam Hemsworth broke up. Even though Miley posted a detailed denial on her blog, she just had to force Liam out for an awkward staged photo op. Now, do I know for sure that this is staged, or as awkward as it seems? Of course not. But the body language is interesting, right? My opinion: Liam is over this sh-t. And he has good reason to be. Miley has literally no idea how to be in a serious relationship. It took a few days for her interview with Graham Norton to come out, but when it did… my God. This girl is trying to systematically emasculate poor Liam. Here’s the video and a limited transcript:

At first she claims that Liam sent her flowers, saying, “I actually got flowers sent to my hotel this morning, and I was really excited. It was the first time he, like, ever sent me flowers on the road.” Then Norton asks her if she’s getting married, and she makes this weird face and says “UH NO”. Norton recommends she get hitched because “it’s as good as it’s gonna get.” Then they joke around about engagement rings, and Miley tells Usher that he should call Liam and “tell him what to buy because his taste is a little odd…” Then she goes off on how Liam is a bad dresses, and how her gay friend is “way cuter and WAY more fun and wants to do everything I want to do.” Ugh, then marry the gay dude, Miley. She has no idea how to be in a relationship. She’s always the star, it’s always about HER.



Miley and Liam on June 8, 2010. Credit: RIV/Fame.

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  1. Lucy says:

    My mother in law often says: “She must give good head, why else would he be with her?”

    I think she may say the same for these two.

  2. Harper says:

    In the last photo Liam reclaims his manhood.

  3. Guest says:

    Lucy that was crude. Miley has alot going for her. She is not into drugs, she has ad hits songs. Really i am beginning to think that this whole hate thing is just a bunch of jealous old women who want the future she has. Really people she is generally a good person who is extremely famous and has never really hurt anybody. What is with all the hate?

  4. bellaluna says:

    What is going on with her shoes?! My goodness, they are UGLY!

  5. audrey says:

    @ Harper – hilarious!

  6. anonymous says:

    @harper she was actually trying to get away from the paps… it looks like she dragging him but she wasnt..they’ve only shown a few pics of it here..

  7. jane says:

    isnt she only 17? I mean, i think you’re being a little harsh…assigning grown up feelings to a girl still in her teens. She might think she’s all grown up, but come on…she’s still a kid.

  8. OMJ says:

    Oddly enough, and I very much hate myself for saying this, but a friend of mine works in the event giving biz and he said Miley was the nicest performer he’d met in a long time. Not that she was smart or in anyway not spoiled, just that she treated the stage crew with the respect that they deserve.
    I still think she’s sraight of the trailer park, but she apparently isn’t ALL bad. Satan strike me down now, please.

  9. Sarah says:

    I like Miley. She’s a 17 year old trying to find herself. She sees what works for other people so she tries it (ie kissing a girl, wearing hooch clothes, etc). She never got to live a normal life so given what she was given to work with I think she’s doing ok. That being said, those are some hoooorrrible shoes!

  10. Lynn says:

    Lucy’s just being funny.. I say this about peeps all the time!

  11. Obvious says:

    *sigh* as much as i WANT to like her i can’t. I WANT to give her a chance but i seriously can’t.

    @OMJ i’m glad sh’es got that going for her (about being nice). If she is nice to the people who work under her that may just help me on my quest to be nice to Miley.

  12. rkintn says:

    I can’t believe I’m actually taking up for her but who at 17 knows how to REALLY have a relationship? Of course it’s all about her her her and I’m sure he’s just as selfish. They are still just kids, after all.

  13. Demos says:

    “way cuter and WAY more fun and wants to do everything I want to do.”

    That’s because he’s _gay,_ you inbred little troll.

    I didn’t know they made f*g h*gs that young.

  14. Skins says:

    Gettin hotter every day!

  15. missmilly says:

    stupid shoes

  16. erika says:

    Actually, I really like those shoes. Not with that outfit, but … nice clogs 🙂

  17. Marjalane says:

    It’s nice of the Mileybots to come here and defend their princess- most of us will still despise her, but it’s damn loyal of them to try.

  18. Jeri says:

    Guest- How do you know she’s not into drugs? I think little Miley may have a lot of habits she’s not sharing with the public. I’m sure whatever she does is fine w/her folks, they never admit she has any faults.

  19. danielle says:

    Personally, I’m just impressed that Miley’s fully dressed! And she looks cute that way.

  20. BlahBlah says:

    She’s kinda cute when she’s wearing clothes and acting like a normal 17 year old as opposed to when she’s pathetically grinding and trying way too hard to be “hot”.

  21. Leticia says:

    She has a great figure. But she was raised to be a product and not a person. Her dad and Disney deprived her of education, so she has nothing to say that is worth listening to.

  22. TeeTee says:

    He needs to RUN!!!! while he is free!

  23. buckley says:

    Whatever does he see in her?
    No talent, no morals, no style, no smarts…and no looks…
    the mind. it’s baffled.

  24. DoMaJoReMc says:

    When she heard “It’s as good as it’s gonna get…” She had the audacity to say, “No, don’t tell me that…”

    WTF? If you love your boyfriend LOVE him to other people. Otherwise, don’t be with him and belittle him. If you want your gay friend instead of Liam, then PLEASE let Liam go, for the sake of his pride and his kajones!

    She is SUCH trash. Oh,and for all you posters that say, “She’s ONLY 17….”, you need to remind her of that when she is strutting around looking oversexed and 30. DISGUSTING!

  25. Obvious says:

    I want to thank all of you who pointed out one more thing to add to my be nice to Miley list. When she’s fully clothed she’s cute. And her chipmunk cheeks aren’t so apparent!

    oh wait….i supposed saying her face looks like a chipmunk’s isn’t nice…o well back to the starting point.

  26. serena says:

    poor guy.

  27. Maritza says:

    I like her shoes too. Miley is only 17 yrs old she has a lot of learning to do, so why should she take any relationship seriously? If He can’t handle her immaturity then he’s the one that should move on

  28. Lucy says:

    Well, I would just like to say, I am 21. Also, when I am finished my education I will have three degrees. One of which will let me put Dr. in front of my name. Yes, I am jealous of Miley’s future.

  29. alexandra says:

    I guess most of everyone here is a nun. I find the girl annoying but she dresses age appropriate. She is young and attractive. Why not take advantage? Envy is the worst poison.

  30. Emily says:

    Miley strikes me in that interview as the worst kind of faghag-the kind that tries to get off with their gay mates, and can’t understand why it’s not happening. Although come to think of it, I’d very much enjoy her releasing a song about the frustration of trying to turn a gay guy.

  31. sdfsd says:

    clogs are in again people…and looking pretty chic with that outfit if i do say so myself.

  32. Jillian says:

    I was going to comment on how tight her jeans are when I looked down at my own legs…

    Well, at least I’m wearing converse and not freakish, skankin’ platform heels.

  33. jover says:

    Good point Leticia: why is she touring in Europe – because she has no fans left in the US. Does anyone have figures on her “movie” she acts like it doesn’t exist so I’m guessing it bombed like her ill-fated product endorsement tie-in with Wal-Mart and Max Azria. She has to face the fact that no-one likes; if she doesn’t she is going to one disgruntled camper in that double wide which is where she will soon end up.

  34. ogechi says:

    Miley has ad hits songs. Really i am beginning to think that this whole hate thing is just a bunch of jealous old women who want the future she has. Really people she is generally a good person who is extremely famous and has never really hurt anybody. What is with all the hate?

    Guest please permit me to borrow your comment. These have been my opinion ever since i joined this forum that is why I hate to argue with anybody here. If you are doing well, you don’t need to put down people at all times, if u are successful, you will be happy with successful people. I know that- yes i do. Everybody here is perfect [so they make us blv]. Miley at her age has achieved what some pple can not achieve till they die, am not exaggerating but stating the fact. Alot of pple make up stories, mock success and envy good life. The question is: How is your own life?

  35. padiddle says:

    The clogs are cute, peeps. They’re back big time.
    More jealous of her fab legs…look at them in those jeans!

  36. jessica says:

    Dangit, I like her shoes… lol

  37. cady says:

    He’s handsome… and she’s pretty and hilarious in that interview. I found her very likable in that one. oh and I want her legs.

    now please stop turning teenagers’ love lives into world news, and stop discussing what they do and say and wear because that’s CREEPY! thank you.

  38. Debbi says:

    I will second (third, whatever) that those clogs are cute. WANT! Also wish my legs looked like that in jeans.

  39. Trey says:

    Being old is only an insult coming from the very young :p

  40. Wresa says:

    I dislike her, but I don’t think she was SO bad in this interview. I think cringing at the marriage question at 17 is extremely appropriate, and I think sticking up for yourself when someone says “this is as good as it’s gonna get” is the right thing to do.

    Anyway, I’m taking this too seriously, as the entire conversation was meant in jest! Sorry.

  41. Isa says:

    I don’t like her shoes, no matter how trendy they are. But that’s just my opinion.
    I also refuse to wear skinny jeans until they are tucked into my boots. I think they make your feet look huge.

    She does have some killer legs though.
    Anyway, I have to admit that I do that to my husband sometimes. I’m still learning how to be in a relationship, isn’t that the point to evolve and grow with each other?
    I have a weird sense of humor, and although I don’t see many of my comments as putting my husband down sometimes he will tell me later that it hurt his feelings. Or that he perceived it in a different way from what I meant it. But we have been together for 5 and a half years, since I was 16 (younger than Miley) and I still act that way sometimes. 🙁

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