Lisa Rinna wishes she never admitted to getting her lips done

As part of People Magazine’s 50 Most Amazing Bodies issue with super buff Zac Efron on the cover, they have a roundtable interview called “The Body Summit: Stars Tell All.” It features lesser celebrities you may need help remembering like Lisa Rinna, 46, Nikki Blonsky, 21, Dayna Devon, 40, Garcelle Beauvais, 43, and Whitney Port, 25. They’re all talking about body, beauty and weight issues, and Lisa Rinna really dominates the conversation. They discuss dealing with pressure from the media to stay thin and look perfect and it’s common stuff that’s moderately interesting. The best part is when Lisa Rinna complains that she never should have admitted to having her lips done. Lisa came clean about her painful-looking obvious silicone injection lip job about a year ago after sporting those puppies for 23 years. I don’t ever remember seeing her without huge engorged-looking lips. She told People that she wishes she never owned up to the work she had done, though, because people just bashed her for it. (Lisa even got in a Twitter war with someone last month and claimed they were “cyber bullying” her for pointing out that her lips looked bad.)

In the quoted text below I’m also including a statement from Dayna Devon, who I’ve never heard of but who People notes is a “former Extra correspondent and Juvederm spokeswoman.” Her face looks painful but she seems to like it that way and she admits to having a lot of work done. Here’s a picture of Dayna to start us off: (Her daughter is so over it.)
11 October 2009 - Los Angeles, California - Dayna Devon and Daughter. 8th Annual GLEH Garden Partyheld At A Private Residence. Photo Credit: Kevan Brooks/AdMedia

What body issues do you face in Hollywood?
Dayna Devon: My issue is that there are so many celebrities who say, “I got in shape because I had salmon and vegetables.” I personally have been very open. I do Juvederm, Botox. I had a tummy tuck and my boobs done after my baby [Cole, now 3]. I want people to know it’s not necessarily fish and vegetables.

Lisa Rinna: I was open and honest last year. I had something done to my lips 24 years ago. It was like getting a tattoo – spur of the moment. I never spoke about it, but once I called out the pink elephant in the room, I took a tremendous beating.

Whitney Port: Because a lot of people probably think you’re shallow, right?

Lisa: They do! I felt so judged. I became somebody who did something bad. I actually wish I hadn’t said anything, to be honest.

[From People Magazine, print edition, June 28, 2010]

Good for Dayna Devon for admitting what she had done and earning some money for promoting it, if that’s her thing. I think her face looks like it can’t move, and her mouth looks like she can’t smile properly in the People photo that accompanies this article. That’s what Lisa is talking about, though – people nitpicking her looks after she makes herself vulnerable by admitting that she’s had surgery. Maybe she shouldn’t have told us about it if she didn’t want to hear the comments, but she was promoting a memoir at the time. It would have been suspicious if she published a story about her life without acknowledging her most prominent feature.

Lisa Rinna is shown on 3/31/10 with her husband, Harry Hamlin, and on 4/17/10. Credit:


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  1. Larissa says:

    yeah, if Rinna didn´t admit it we would´ve never known! Instead we´d just think she gets constantly punched in the mouth. hahahaha

  2. Jackson says:

    So, she regrets admitting to it, but doesn’t regret actually having it done? Ok. Then again, I’m not sure anyone would know who she is without those sausage puffs around her mouth.

  3. Kitten says:

    Ugh, she annoys me to no end. Stop complaining because you look like a catfish stuck to the side of a fishtank. Nast.

  4. mel says:

    Yeah like we are so stupid that we couldnt look at her and figure out that she’s done something to her lips, what a ditz-o!

  5. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL Wow Lisa, gee golly wow, you are so right!!! We like totally would have never known those lips were filled with a substance to make them look bigger if you hadn’t said anything. LOL I like Lisa but sweetie you weren’t foolin no one. Just own those lips because your now stick with them and plus I think your still fabulous in your own way.

  6. audrey says:

    Why do these women want to look like blow-up dolls?

  7. Feebee says:

    It’s pointless attacking her for admitting it though. We all knew it, so it’s “okay… moving on”, who can be bothered to continue to beat her up about it?

    Dayna did look a little harsh in the photo with her kid. I used to like watching her on Extra… then they replaced her with the kingsized douche Mario Lopez, no more Extra for me. She was always pretty open about the work it took to look camera ready.

  8. Persistent Cat says:

    Lisa, we would’ve assumed either injections or tumours.

    And once, Lisa? Really? Just once?

  9. lucy2 says:

    I don’t know who that Devon woman is either, but it does look like she can’t move her face normally.

    I think people probably made more fun of Rinna before she admitted it – once she finally did, it was like duh but OK, at least she recognizes it.

    Isn’t there a reverse procedure for that? For all the other stuff they can do, you’d think they’d be able to deflate her lips a little, unless that’s how she likes it?

  10. ElizabethM says:

    My opinion of Lisa went WAY up after she admitted to the lip job. Not because I couldn’t tell before the admission but because I liked that she basically told (politely) the world to effe off and leave her alone because she likes them just fine. I have total admiration for someone who owns their body and their body image.

    I’m not opposed to cosmetic surgery so if someone wants to change the way they look, that’s fine by me. But when they get obvious changes and then lie about it, that is both pathetic and lame.

  11. nana says:

    her lips looks like 2 sausages tied both ends. painful to look at, could erupt anytime

  12. serena says:

    Do she think we’re blind? Anyone could suggest that’s lip injection, for god’s so oblivious!

  13. kate says:

    Her Hemorrhoid lips creep me out! I literally cannot look at her. Her face is so disturbing and GROSS!!!

  14. Kim says:

    PLLEEAASSSEE! Everyone knew she had terrible lip injections LONG before she admitted it. She was getting flack for how hideous they are LONG before she admitted it. She only admitted it because its so obvious she had bad work done – no one was fooled into thinking those were her real lips. The question is WHY DOES SHE CONTINUE TO HAVE THEM DONE WHEN THEY LOOK HORRID?!

  15. Kim says:

    I always appreciate and have a ton more respect for women like Dayna who admit their surgeries. The women (majority of Hollywood celebs) who dont admit obvious work they have had done – im just embarrassed for them.

  16. Cinderella says:

    You don’t have to be Nancy Drew to figure that one out.

  17. Jennifer says:

    I think the point Rinna is making is that everyone jumps down a celebrity’s throat when they show up with a completely new face and deny having had any work done (*cough*cough* Renee Zelweger, Nicole Kidman, Kim Kardashian). If a woman doesn’t think there was anything wrong with her decision to have plastic surgery, than she should be able to talk about it openly. Rinna is complaining that this is what she did and she caught even more slack for it. It’s not like people just started commenting on her lips when she brought it up, but knowing that they are “worked on” isn’t making fun of her sort of beating a dead horse?

  18. ViktoryGin says:

    Now, Lisa knew that everyone knew. This is why she referred to her admission as “calling out the pink elephant in the room.” I do know that people were talking smack years before. Perhaps it’s just gotten worse, so she regrets admitting the obvious. You know, anyway. Why the need for verification?

    Either way, she looks like a damn clown.

    @ Kim,

    She probably has to keep getting injections (if they’re not implants). After 23 years, her natural lip line has likely been destroyed.

  19. Lita says:

    Ridiculously enough I remember when Lisa Rinna came out with her lip tale – probably because I remember all the tragic monikers she’s been given on TV w/o Pity through the years. She didn’t come out to say ‘guess what, I got my lips plumped ZOMG.’ She came out to explain that she’d had this thing done ages ago (23yrs I gather) and that very first time it was botched, that her upper lip in particular was left permanently hard, uneven and super slug fat. So consequently she’d ‘balanced’ the lower over the years and done the best she could with it. If I recall correctly, she was pretty matter’o'fact about the whole thing – regretted it as a one-time thing that scarred her but that on the other hand she felt the LIPS had in fact opened doors etc for her career. Tbh as little as I care about her I remember reading and thinking she sounded quite .. normal, reasonable, likeable. That’s my recollection anyhow.

  20. The Truth Fairy says:

    Celebrities do not “owe us” any explanation on their changing looks. If they do not want to talk about it, it’s their right.

    But what the article mentions, which is very valid, is when the stars outright lie and say that they’ve never had work done when they have, or that the changes are due to diet and exercise. THIS is wrong and is one of the reasons young girls have such distorted body images.

    So basically, if a star has work done, they can admit it or keep their injected trout pout shut about it, but do not lie about it. It’s insulting.

  21. Persistent Cat says:

    What about her gross boobs? She admit to that nastiness?

  22. birdette says:

    Yo idiot Lisa, it is obvious you have had your lips done wether you admit it or not, do you really think the public is THAT stupid??

  23. Bopa says:

    Who attacked her for getting her lips done? Like she was the purple elephant in the room.

  24. di butler says:

    Whatever. She has a fantastic body, I saw the Playboy pics. And her hair is always so cute. I wish she could fix the lips and make them a little less aggressive, but I actually like her.

  25. This looks amazing and goddamn Natalie Portman looks stunning!

  26. dungchewer says:

    Admitted it? Like we didn’t know??? I remember how she looked before. She was beautiful! Why do all these stars get all this surgery? They start to look stupid. You have to admit, they did a terrible job on her lips…which could have been prevented if she just left them alone

  27. I agree with preceding poster, seems to be like you will do properly out right here around the world-wide-web.