Jennifer Lopez’s career amounts to red carpet & wedding appearances

Celebs come out to support the Samsungs Hope for Children benefit at Cipriani Wall St, hosted by Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony in NYC, NY on June 15, 2010. Pictured: Jennifer Lopez  Fame Pictures, Inc

In Touch Weekly has a bitchy little article about Jennifer Lopez this week. I know, that’s the pot calling the kettle a C-U-Next-Tuesday, and although I love to make fun of Jennifer, or as I like to call her, “The New Eva Longoria,” I think In Touch is being a little too harsh. The basic gist of the story is that Jennifer’s career has gotten so bad that the only real gigs she can get are performing at lavish weddings. Here’s why it’s harsh: Jennifer allegedly gets paid $2 million for her wedding performances. Ah, yeah! Who needs to go on tour with that kind of money?

Nine years after The Wedding Planner, Jennifer Lopez is a real-life wedding singer! Her rep denies it, but an insider tells In Touch that the star has recently taken the stage at some big-budget nuptials – most recently performing in France and Monaco – for an estimated $2 million a gig!

“While she’s trying to revamp her record career, Jennifer is exploring other options to make money,” an insider says of Lopez, who has seen the singles off her yet-to-be-released album, Love?, sink on the charts as she attempts a comeback.

“She’s back at square one in her music career,” the insider adds.

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

No, she’s not “back at square one in her music career” if people are still willing to pay her $2 million to shake her ass and lip sync. Yeah, is she Lady Gaga? No. Is she Kylie Minogue or Madonna? No. But Jennifer’s not really struggling either. She just needs to get it together and realize that the music and film landscape has changed. Her singing about “Louboutins” was idiotic and so 1990s. Instead of trying to be what she once was, why not just try to put out a great dance record that the gays will love? And then make a few television appearances on shows that are already loved. And stop showing up to every red carpet – let people miss you for a few months. That’s my humble advice to get Jennifer’s career back on track, not that she really needs it if she’s making $2 million appearances at weddings.

NEW YORK - JUNE 15: Jennifer Lopez performs on stage at Samsung's 9th Annual Four Seasons of Hope Gala at Cipriani Wall Street on June 15, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

NEW YORK - JUNE 15: Jennifer Lopez performs on stage at Samsung's 9th Annual Four Seasons of Hope Gala at Cipriani Wall Street on June 15, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

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35 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez’s career amounts to red carpet & wedding appearances”

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  1. bite me says:

    please leave la lopez alone, xoxo

  2. denise says:

    Poor J.Lo her career is over.

  3. Kitten says:

    She is not very nice from what I have heard . Total diva . She’s beautiful though .

  4. Lisa S says:

    She has amazing skin. She is aging really well. That’s all I got. Don’t care for her otherwise.

  5. lucy2 says:

    Wow, $2 mil for a couple of hours (plus probably free cake!)? I’d do it too.

    Maybe she should give up the music altogether – too much competition and too little talent. As for films…maybe more of a supporting role in a good, non-romcom movie? Stop being the diva in the starring role, find something that’s more of an ensemble.

  6. Leticia says:

    from a physical standpoint, she is aging gracefully.

  7. Ariana says:

    She may be a bit over the hill but why not still put it out there if she can still rake in money from various sources like singing at weddings. That’s good money for a couple of hours work. I think I’d draw the line at being a lounge singer though.

  8. marie says:

    I am surprised that some idiots still like this woman. no talent, no voice, fake buttie, fake hair, fake eyelashes.

  9. andrea says:

    how tacky do you have to be to have j.lo at your wedding?

  10. jover says:

    So agree Marie and Andrea. Her ruin started when she lip synched in the Selena movie where she played the role of a real singer while she was just a studio creation. A legend in her own mind and ignored by the public. How stupid do you have to be to sing about Louboutins in the middle of a recession – so much for pr ppl having brains. She needs to disappear but she has no substance so this lame fame whoring is all she can do. BTW, what are the figures re her latest hollywood foray aptly titled THe Backup Plan?

  11. Megan says:

    Jennifer’s style of music/movies is never a long lasting thing. Her music was very pop and her movies are very throw away and slightly cheap.

    She’s more famous for marrying lots of different guys than making good music and movies. She’s just a celebrity, rather than a singer or actress. I don’t know why anyone would expect someone like Jennifer Lopez to have a long lasting music career. Kylie and Madonna have reinvented themselves to stay relevant, whereas JLo really hasn’t.

  12. mary jones says:

    I have always disliked her. She comes across as a total bitch. So glad her career tanked and she is unable to make a come back. Not that she should be crying she made millions and isn’t going to be hurting for money anytime soon.

  13. mO says:

    Bah, she´s too cheap for me.

  14. original kate says:

    talentwise she’s just mediocre – her ass is what made her famous.

  15. Angee says:

    She’s not an impressive singer, by any means, but I really like her. Like the rest of us, she’s just trying to find her niche. I found her very funny on Saturday Night Live, years ago. Maybe the cast helped (esp. Chris Kattan) and the writers, but I thought she was pretty good there. Maybe doing some comedy movies and sticking to dancing/disco is her niche…

  16. HotPockets says:

    I’m no fan of JLo, but the woman looks fantastic for her age, better than what most 20 years olds look like.

  17. mz says:

    I know how to get her career back with just 2 words.DUMP MARC!.Her curse started when she married him.Unlike his because he took all her fans and publicity and used it for his own advantage.Marc might be ugly bit he’s shrewd .he’s using her while he can.

  18. andrea says:

    i have been saying this for ages, why dont jlo listen to my advice??? go back to the DANCING. that was her first, real talent. and she can still dance her ass off. she could hook herself up with all of these dancing shows, or maybe make one of her own. choreograph some stuff. some sort of paula abdul/tina landon angle, but with the jlo flair. and be her entertaining diva self all the while. i love her when she is dancing. i would pay her to dance well before id pay her to sing.

  19. Mia says:

    Karma ate her career because that’s all that ever meant anything to her.

    She stole a husband away from wife and new babies and never became talented.

    How diff is she from Paris Hilton in terms of singing and acting talent? Just one sex tape away IMO.

    On to the next butt.

  20. Victoria says:

    She was excellent dancing with Tom Cruise on MTV Video Music Awards. She looked great also.

  21. Sarah says:

    It is not true that she’s getting $2 million to sing at weddings. is a site that corrects rumors that are not true and confirmed that In Touch was NOT telling the truth. If she were really singing at a wedding for $2million, her publicists would have it publicized all over the internet, and not just coming from In Touch.

  22. gen says:

    On the one hand, 2 mil for a wedding!? Ya, not too shabby. On the other hand, still gotta be kinda embarressing that nobody wants to buy your current music anymore. In my opinion J Lo is a performer, not particularly talented at singing or acting. So she wshould be happy she’s still making any money at this point. Also, I LOATHE that dress.

  23. Cinderella says:

    Two million is a lot of money, but not in her world. Taxes and expenses could eat that up in two months. She is basically hustling to make a living.

    I have to give it to her for not sitting on her ass, but considering the diva she has always been, this has to hurt her pride a bit.

  24. Beth says:

    @Cinderella, $2 million is a lot of money for doing a private show. Plus most of her expenses(travel, band, etc) are probably paid for by the host. If Jennifer did a public concert, she wouldn’t come close to making that much money, probably not even half. Plus she would have to pay the expenses herself.

  25. ViktoryGin says:

    Well…Lopez was always someone who had marginal talent but a lot of ambition and it got her far. Unfortunately, her mediocrity is catching up with her. I saw her career going in this direction about 7 years ago. She was always doing too much, spreading herself too thin, with her millions of projects attempting to be the quadruple threat diva, and yet EVERYTHING she did was just pedestrian. I think she’ll be fine if she watches her finances, but her relevancy to any artistic medium is swiftly dying.

  26. ddw says:

    No marriage that comes from a result of a man that already had a wife and two little children, but decides to leave because he’d rather start a family with another woman is NOT good. That’s the story of JLO and Marc’s marriage. Karma is lurking somewhere in the background.

  27. sandra says:

    I’m so glad this animal killer got into this. The lack of talent, carisma and lots of things are clear to everyone now.

  28. Sasha says:

    damn I hate when ppl call her “La Lopez”…like y???

  29. Anj says:

    I used to hate her but now i feel sorry for her.

  30. Ogechi says:

    @Anj: You used to hate somebody you have not met? Now feeling sorry for what? For her earning 2million for an invitation…I guess u must be a billionaire to feel sorry for a celebrity whose name u can Google just typing her name. Oh i forgot, u are related to Bill Gate [laughs].

    I advice u feel sorry for yourself for stalking somebody who doesn’t know u exist.

  31. Vins says:

    the most beautiful face i’ve ever seen

  32. cbaughman says:

    oh my god why would anyone pay this much money to see jlo or anyone else. the economy is so bad and there is an artice about jlo taking 2 mil for a personal show, how degrading for her. wow i guess someone really cares about the little people in this great economy world, she must need money also. are we broke jlo!!! give me a break i would not pay a dime. she really cares NOT!!! only about herself….maybe marc could ask the ex for a little money to support his little diva!!!!!

  33. Andrea says:

    I think it’s hilarious that people think that just because she is singing at weddings for 2 million/wedding her career is over…. PLEASE people!!! NOT many people can make two million dollars in a few hours….I know I Definitely DONT! I think if she starts getting paid min. wage THEN we can start worrying but for now TWO million! Is a WHOLE bunch of money….

  34. Ian Leuytenhal says:

    Who give a rolling doughnut a running
    $%#@ what Jennifer Lopex does, says or thinks? And anyone willing to pay her $2M to sing at their wedding obviosly has too much money and no social conscience.

  35. Max says:

    J.Lo is an entrepreneur. Music and Dance brought her to limelight. Now she earns millions in hours. A lot you haters will not have a million in a life time. Love her or Hate her, she is successful and does not know you exist. But you know, JLo exists and your kids will know so, just as your grandkids. JLo, you are successful thats why people talk about you. Cheers