Is Megan Fox’s career over, or is she too big of a “celebrity” now?


PopEater just put up this interesting editorial about whether or not Megan Fox’s career is in the toilet after Jonah Hex bombed big-time this weekend. PopEater’s take is kind of unintentionally hilarious, because they’re saying that Megan is still a “star” in the same way Paris Hilton is a star – that Megan is a brand now, that her “brand” as Megan Fox is that she’s sexy, and that she says dumb sh-t and can’t act or open a movie. The full PopEater piece is here, here are some of the highlights:

Pop-Ed: Conventional wisdom has it that Megan Fox’s career is toast. Her latest movie, the comic-book western ‘Jonah Hex’ (in which she co-stars with Josh Brolin), opened last week and underperformed even the already-low expectations placed on it (since its competition was the unstoppable ‘Toy Story 3′), roping in just $5.4 million. That failure follows last fall’s weak showing for horror tale ‘Jennifer’s Body,’ the only movie Fox has headlined to date, which scared up just $16.2 million at the domestic box office.

The conclusion industry observers have drawn: No one wants to see Fox in a movie unless she’s wearing short shorts and being chased by giant robots. And now, she doesn’t even get to do that anymore, since she’s been dropped from the ‘Transformers’ franchise in favor of Rosie Huntington-Whitely, a Victoria’s Secret model with no acting experience.

If Megan Fox was determined to be a huge movie star or a top box-office draw, her career would be in big trouble. But movie acting is just her day job. Her full-time career is being Megan Fox. Being Megan Fox means establishing herself as a brand, not just an actress. She’s one of the new breed of stars for whom every public appearance and interview is part of the performance; the actual credits she accumulates on her IMDb page are just a small portion of her 24/7 workload. It’s a career of the sort pioneered by Madonna (who’s never been just a musician, but has always been in the Madonna business) and carried on these days by celebrities like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Heidi Montag. As long as personalities like Fox stay in the public eye (say, by being mentioned on sites like ours), they’re earning their keep.

What are the specific job requirements for being Megan Fox? She has to keep her 15 minutes of fame going by A) looking hot; B) saying outrageous things in interviews; and C) looking hot.

By those standards, she did exactly what was required of her for ‘Jonah Hex.’ During the shoot, she did A very well, since about all she was asked to do was show how well she could fill out a corset. And before the movie’s release, she promoted it by doing plenty of B and C. Nonetheless, ‘Jonah Hex’ remained an ill-conceived, watered-down version of an obscure comic book in a tough-sell genre (westerns) with a leading man who has also never successfully opened a picture. That it tanked can’t really be blamed on Fox.

Fox performed more or less the same duties for ‘Jennifer’s Body,’ though she was also called upon to actually, you know, act. Critics differed on the quality of her performance, but the movie did earn $31.6 million at the worldwide box office, or about twice its $16 million budget. Certainly, the film did better than it would have if some lesser-known, less-flashy starlet had played the lead. So while it doesn’t bode well for a career as a leading lady in mega-budget studio films, ‘Jennifer’s Body’ is also not a career-killing flop. She should continue to be in demand for low-budget indie and horror films, especially as long as she remains a figure of tabloid interest who can generate enough free publicity to cover her modest salary.

True, the B part of her duties — being outspoken in interviews — may cost her gigs in the short run. Her frequent disses of both the ‘Transformers’ franchise and its director, Michael Bay, may have led to her departure from the forthcoming ‘Transformers 3.’ The actual circumstances of the split are in dispute; Fox has said she quit, while Bay has said he let her go, not because of her badmouthing him and the movies, but because he simply wanted to take the story in a different direction. Still, that second ‘Transformers’ movie grossed $402.1 million in North America last year and $836.3 million worldwide, in no small part due to Fox’s willingness to promote it tirelessly around the world, despite her misgivings about the movie. The rounds she’s made for the three movies she’s released in the past 12 months suggest that, for all her blunt candor, she’s still a team player, something Hollywood should appreciate.

Last week, Fox said she’s still attached to produce and possibly star in an adaptation of the comic book ‘Fathom.’ She insisted that the movie will happen even if she has to give the lead role to another actress. Of course, if she gives the role to some other twentysomething starlet, who do you think the press will want to interview more, that performer or the movie’s famous, hot, quotable producer? One way or another, Megan Fox will continue to capitalize on her notoriety.

[From PopEater]

See, I think the problem is that Megan Fox doesn’t just want to be famous, you know? I talk a lot of sh-t about Megan (for good reason, she’s a pill), but I’ve never doubted that in Megan’s own mind, she really thinks she is, and very much wants to be the next Angelina Jolie, complete with awards and “real” acting gigs. Megan wants to be an actress, she’s not interested in being famous just for saying dumb sh-t, although she knows saying dumb sh-t helps her stay relevant. And since Megan’s goal is being a real actress with real box office success and the ability to do parts beyond playing “the girl” – well, she’s failed. Hollywood now thinks that she’s not only a nasty, trash-talking brat, they think she’s not worth her paycheck if she can’t open a movie. Say goodbye to Megan.

Megan Fox, a cast member in the motion picture western thriller Jonah Hex attends the premiere of the film in Los Angeles on June 17, 2010.  UPI/Jim Ruymen Photo via Newscom

Jonah Hex Premiere held at The Arclight Theatres in Hollywood, California on June 17th, 2010. Megan Fox                                     Fame Pictures, Inc

Jonah Hex Premiere held at The Arclight Theatres in Hollywood, California on June 17th, 2010. Megan Fox                                     Fame Pictures, Inc

Header: Megan on June 17, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. tar says:

    She certainly has enough celebrity at this point to get past Jonah Hex. However, too many more movies like that, she’ll be DWTS fodder before long.
    I think the real tragedy is what she has done to her face. She was such a strikingly beautiful girl before, and she keeps f*cking with it. She looks kind of awful here.

  2. Lisa S. says:

    Good Riddance

  3. Sarah says:

    I don’t think I’d like to be in the same category as Britney, Lydsay, Paris, and Heidi Montag. I’d rather be a nobody!! lol.

  4. yes says:

    what happend to her face, she looks very different

  5. Paulina says:

    Why does she look so plastic and older than her age?

  6. lucy2 says:

    She does look weird in these photos.

    I will say, if this is pretty much the end of her movie career (which I think it could be), that was one of the quickest failures I’ve ever seen.

  7. Persistent Cat says:

    Oh that hair. Ugh. It’s like one solid piece.

    I disagree with the Madonna comparison. Madonna got shit done! Even Britney puts out an album once in awhile. As for the others, yeah, she’s in their league.

  8. ien says:

    she seriously looks like jessica rabbit…her face has become ridiculous

  9. ViktoryGin says:

    The face is catastrophic. I’m thinking cheek fillers and lip plumpers.

    The higher the fly, the harder they fall. Though I’m sure she wishes to be taken seriously as a actress, she’s very cognizant of the fact that she’s abysmally terrible. She briefly talked about this in some interview she did last year. That she has “long way to go”. Seems she can keep walking until the earth stops spinning. She still would have gotten nowhere.

  10. EB says:

    If she’s in the same category as Lindsay, et. al, she is headed to the Z list. Not something to aspire to, a hell of a lot of work too as everyone calls you a whore from sun up till sundown.

  11. Liz says:

    Are those breasts new?

  12. Brittney says:

    A few friends of mine went to high school with Megan in St. Pete, and their comments about her personality and the way she treated others are basically the reason I won’t go see a Megan Fox movie. It didn’t take long for people within the industry to tire of it too… and it’s saying a lot when even Hollywood can’t stomach your attitude.

    Also… why on Earth am I being moderated again?

  13. me2also says:

    I didn’t read this article; I wanted to comment on the picture that is shown before you open the article – I thought Megan was Rose McGowan. Stop w the face work Megan!
    With that said if Megan thinks she is becoming too big of a star to get parts I just have to laugh! B*tch, please!

  14. Dizzybenny says:

    I’m waiting to see the next movie with Mickey Rourke and her in it.I want to see what she can do with facing another real actor.But for now shes destroying her face with botox and thats not good.

  15. Annicka says:

    Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely if her career really died now? I wouldn’t have to see her face in the gossip websites anymore!

  16. Oi says:

    why does she get so much work done on her face, and leave her neck like that? Her neck looks awful.

  17. mln says:

    Firstly I am not a big fan of Popeater the articles there are usually not very intelligent, fun, snarky etc just kind of lame…and yeah MF has ruined any chances of being taken seriously as an actress with the Botox and cheek implants and bad acting. But at least Mickey Rourke thinks she can act.

  18. GatsbyGal says:

    You’re nobody in Hollywood unless you can make someone lots of money.

    That said, BYE MEGAN!

  19. jover says:

    Great comment Sarah Megafarse thought she was Katherine Hepburn and now she’s in Heidi and Paris company Ha Ha Ha. She’s a plastic porn star blowup doll now but till the day I die I can’t fathom how anyone could say, before or after surgery, she was breathtakingly beautiful – she was average there are hotter coeds on the local colleges where I live. I knew Megafarse was done when my son and his friends returned from college and the talk was of World Cup – Megafarse’s “movie” wasn’t even mentioned. Problem is there are many bimbo starlets outs there that look like Megafarse and have better public dispositions – Madonna has a history for her persona; Megan has nothing. I see her as a sub for the Price Is Right spokesmodels. Karma is beautiful unlike Megan.

  20. ligeia says:

    she will keep getting roles as “the hot girl” as long as she looks young and hot. not like anyone expected her to actually act anyway. shes nowhere near being in the same boat as lohan, she doesn’t do drugs or drink (in public at least)and isn’t a train wreck. meh whatever shes kind of boring to me now.

  21. viper says:

    Consdiering her last photoshoot involved her raping her clone yeah it’s safe to say she’s screwed herself over. Hex was an EPIC flop and once again Megans plastc face couldnt carry a movie. The girl has no soul, no brain and ZERO personality or clu eon how to act. She’s good at modeling becaus elets face it you dont do crap you just stand like a manquine and pose. I honestly thought her clone had mor elife to it than she did.

    Although I will say that if she anounces she retiring I will be proven wrong for the very first time. BUT I DOUBT IT. MEGAn Farce was never much of a star and not even close to being a celebrity.

  22. Mouse says:

    “Goodbye to Megan!” Ah, that felt good.

    This person makes me sick to my stomach. She’s willing to stop at nothing to manufacture herself as a Hollywood product, and doesn’t seem to care that she’s completely talentless. To me that’s the scariest thing about her, that she doesn’t seem to have any qualms about that whatsoever. Everyone telling her she can’t act certainly isn’t stopping her.

  23. RHONYC says:

    we’re a fickle bunch, the public.

    b%tch betta get with making the outrageous shennanegins followed by the prerequisite drug addition and many rehab visits to have a shot at holding our attention in the slightest.

    call lindsey, she’ll tell you how its done.

  24. Milan says:

    Mein Gott! Fraulein should stop fiddling with her face, she’s begining to look like Kim Kardashian circa cat woman phase! Shudder!

  25. nnn says:


    I also want to see her next movie opposing Rourke because…I am curious to see whose face will be able to movve the most atural.

    I am also sure that by the time it will be out, she will have another face than the one of today.

    I have never seen an actress having that insane pathological obsession with plastic surgeries in high turnover speed, changing several things, remodelling, retouching, repairing, refining, re-drawing herself within months for the past two years without ever stopping.

  26. Her career is over because she went from “hot, sexy chick” to weird and icky.

    She can’t carry a movie worth a damn, so yeah, bye.

  27. Rosalind says:

    She was such a pretty girl before she carved up her face. Its kinda sad, really.

  28. bellaluna says:

    Can’t say that I’ll miss her all that much. When she opens her mouth, all bets are off as far as her likeability. She strikes me as obnoxious, ungrateful, and entitled; and most of all, undeserving. I’m waiting for her to fade into the sunset, as in a western.

  29. The Truth Fairy says:

    She was GREAT in Jennifer’s Body. I was really impressed.

  30. kellogg says:

    @nnn Haha. My bet is on Rourke–the fillers in his face have at least had time to settle.

  31. kate217 says:

    she looks so scary she really screwed up her face badly.. bye megan!

  32. Miranda Ann says:

    If you can’t make money for the studios then you are dead in Hollywood!! Megan had nothing to do with “Transformers” making it big, obviously, because if the fans came to see her, where were they for “Jennifer” and “Jonah”?? No, the young boys saw “Transformers” for those stupid special effects and the “half-naked girl” was just a bonus. Anybody can do that as we will see when Rosie takes over the role. The next “Transformers” will be a big hit and nobody will miss Ms. Fox.

    I think, right now, all Megan can hope for is to be hired for straight to video movies or she can lay low for a couple of years and perhaps come back in a small part in a good movie.

  33. Crash2GO2 says:

    @jover: I wonder what kind of Karma comes after those who call names? Just wondering…

  34. gabs says:

    Why is everyone atacking megan for just trying to do what all you bitches would? She wants to be a movie star. Its not working out but why is nobody blaming jonah hex failing on josh brolin? Hes the main guy. Shes just the hot girl again. That said..she has been fucking with her face too much. If you wanna be a convincing actress dont make your face immobile like nicole kidman. jeez. its starting to get in heidi montag levels

  35. Beth says:

    I have to laugh at the part saying Megan was the reason for Transformers’s success yet every other movie she’s in is a bomb. If she’s lucky, Megan will get Jessica Alba’s career. She’s a pretty girl who’s constantly working eventhough her movies barely make back the budget.

    • Virginia says:

      I agree with you, Beth. The third Transformers movie without Megan Fox was a hit so she had nothing to do with the success of the first two movies she was in.
      We all know what she is worth as an actress. She can’t play any role other than the hot chick. She seems to care more about her physical appearance ( plastic surgery ) than acting. Her chances of becoming a real actress with real box office success like Angelina are next to nothing.

  36. ctkat says:

    What happened to her face?

    It’s so plastic and unnaturally smooth and…just horribly messed with.

    • Virginia says:

      There was nothing wrong with her face before she had plastic surgery. Plastic surgery will never make you more beautiful. It has the opposite effect: it damages your face and makes you much uglier. Plastic surgery is only necessary if you have been disfigured in an accident.
      I may be wrong about her, but she sounds like a narcissistic person to me.

  37. Isa says:

    Yea, I will read about her every once in a while but I don’t want to see her movies.

  38. Jover says:

    First Crash2GO2 I didn’t call her any names anymore than other posters. Second, the site is celebitchy where we the public can rant at these too many talentless entitled celebs that think far too much of themselves considering their minimal talent level. Third, of all the celebs to defend why choose Megafarse – her behavior over the last yr shows she cares only for herself (do you really think she cares about you), and now the public is responding to this brat. That’s not name calling; that’s calling it like it is.

  39. Jaxx says:

    Angie Jo she ain’t.

    Can someone explain to me why plastic surgery is making these girls look so old? I really don’t get it. Isn’t the point to make you look younger? She and Heidi both look 40 years old now. And like it hasn’t been a kind 40 years.

  40. ViktoryGin says:

    @ gabs

    I would take substance over fame. Any day.

  41. bb says:

    @39 – basically it’s loads of lip collagen, cheek fillers and botox – all stuff that used to be what older women used to attempt to look younger but recently these young women like Fox, Montag and Katie Price have started to do also.

    I for one can’t wait for this trend of looking so old for your age to go away.

  42. crash2GO2 says:

    @jover: Uh – you are calling names and invoking Karma on the person upon who you are calling names. I just thought I’d call you on your hypocrisy. Justifying it by saying everyone else is doing it, is grade school mentality.

    I’m not a fan of Megan. Your post just struck me as especially mean spirited and small and I thought I would point out your illogical thought process. You then proceeded to prove my initial perception of you. There is a recent article I read about how the internet is making us stupid and mean. I think sometimes this web site provides excellent examples of that.

    Carry on.

  43. MissyA says:

    Brittney – I’ve always suspected was “one of those girls” in high school. I know that people grow and change, but the popular cliches tend to be the most resistant to reality.

  44. Jeri says:

    I think’s she’s done. But we have been surprised before (Travolta).

  45. Jaxx says:

    Travolta could make a surprising come back because he had some talent to begin with. Megan? None.

  46. Mary says:

    Why don’t people just leave her alone, people who wish her bad are just jealous because she’s a beautiful woman, it’s too bad she’s done plastic surgery now people are just going to trash her some more. You guys should concern yourselves with better things. She’s living her life, you guys should start living yours.

  47. AbrilMehmadi says:

    guys, Megan does drugs and it is pretty obvious . She just doesnt admit it. You can see her on some of her interviews she is on cocaine. People on youtube notice it and comment about it, but the problem is that because she still is liked by fans those same fans think her apperances high on drugs is fun and cool. And these people are you children, they now think it’s fun to do drugs and talk like whores with wide open mouths. All because of their ‘role models’. Sad !
    About her face – it is obvious she is trying to remodel it to make it more Angelina face, becaue Angelina’s face is roundish. Megafarse has implanted stuff on her cheeks (upper and low) , eyebrows are connected to the cheeks to make the face more round , the forhead is implanted so that it is round (because she used to have flat forehead and Angie’s is round)and the lips is obvious. I think if she wants to be Angie, she should try to make her face more simetrical. Her eyes are redicilously small specially now for this huge weird face she had them make for her.

  48. AbrilMehmadi says:

    ohn and no, she is not a beautiful woman – never was. Look at old pictures. THere is somethings really weird with her face, that is why she started with surgery on the first place. Lol i don’t think that people are jelouse of her – if peole wanted to be jealouse of a truly beautiful woman, they would have been taling shit about Angelina Jolie – and everyine loves Angelina and admits she is addorable not only on the outside , but has also personality. So take that ! Watch megan fox in the movie she started in with Lindsay Lohan – she is just an average girl with weird lines on her face which she later stated working on

  49. mike ryan says:

    megan i’ve watched her prior to transformers in hope and faith and in lindsey lohan movie (confession of a teenage drama queen) she wasn’t bad..she totally fullfilled the characters she imprersonated…and transformers i belive she tried to make her best outof as a real actress eventhough bay’s concern was how hot and sexually arrogant she looks for the wankers viewers..well she got throught successively within the st two transformers…..but obviously after the release of tf second and how it became a huge bloackbuster….she turned herself into an arrogant luisy bitch who think that everything in the universe is spinning around her and began dissing her boss bay(he made her out to the public actually) thinking that she became a st class hollywood star…and she used that personality during her shootings in jennifer’s body which wasn’t bad from her…just the timings and lame effects…..but in jonah hex and passion play particularly which is the genesis of her death of career…how lame she was in it and how much devestation and ruin she caused to her natural beaty by nonsensible plastic surgeries…i think she’s one of those change seekers freaks,,,,

  50. CPB says:

    Her and those liquid plastic lips…the surgeon must have been there for hours.

  51. Sophie says:

    I don’t care about her appearance. Good looks don’t make you a great actress. She is only a pretty face to me. I wouldn’t say she is the worst actress ever but she is not good enough to be considered a real actress. Her acting is nothing special. She is Ok at best. As I haven’t seen much talent in her she is not the one to look at. There are far more talented young actresses than her.
    I’m not surprised by the poor performances of her movies at the box office. As she is a bland actress with no charisma not many people are interested in her. Obviously, you won’t last in Hollywood if you are not a box office draw. I am not a fan of MF but I feel bad for her because small ‘hot chick’ parts in low-budget movies is all she can get now. Being dropped from a blockbuster movie franchise and reduced to accepting small roles is not her best career achievement.

  52. Virginia says:

    I don’t feel sorry for her. The Transformers movies made her famous and gave her the opportunity of having a career in Hollywood. She screwed it up with her lack of dedication to her job and lack of cooperation and professionalism on the Transformers set. It is easier for her to play the victim than admitting it was her own fault. I have never heard of any other actor complaining about Michael Bay. I don’t think he is the ‘bully’ the media made him out to be. He may have been hard on her but she gave him the impression she wasn’t interested in the job he had given her. I don’t think it is just the ‘ Hitler’ comment that got her fired. If you don’t do what your boss asks you to do you will be fired from your job. Simple as that.