Lindsay Lohan to play nymphomaniac waitress & go topless in low budget film

One of Lindsay Lohan’s next roles will be a stretch for her: a nymphomaniac waitress. She will command a whopping $75,000, which I would gladly accept for a full year’s worth of 40 hours weeks, so I shouldn’t make fun. Lohan was rumored to be appearing topless for her multiple Razzie-winning role in I Know Who Killed Me, but she ended up keeping her bra on. In this film she’ll be taking off her top, and wanted to be fully nude, but producers nixed that idea.

Star Magazine has learned exclusively that the 21-year-old will get naked again to play a nymphomaniac waitress in the indie film Florence. And she’s getting paid only $75,000 for her part – just 1 percent of the whopping $7.5 million she earned for Just My Luck! “Lindsay doesn’t care that she’s getting paid peanuts,” an insider tells Star “She just wants to remind people that she can act and she’s worth hiring.” The role requires her to take off only her top for a lust sex scene, but the source says Lindsay… volunteered to do more. “She said it would be no problem to go Full Monty.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, April 14, 2008]

I wonder what her holy-rolling dad will have to say about his daughter getting naked for public consumption – again. Star also reports that Lohan has been drinking sick amounts of vodka out at clubs and has been seen popping pills. They even claim she did coke at a party, not like any of that is astonishing news.

As for the future of Lohan’s dwindling movie career – it’s not all bad, reports E! Online’s Answer Bitch. Lohan has that Manson movie coming up in which she plays one of his wide-eyed murdering sycophants, and she’s also signed on to work on a renaissance fair comedy with Jack Black called Ye Olde Times. She’s also supposedly reporting her third album.

The Answer Bitch quotes a public relations expert as saying “”We’ll have to wait another six months to a year to finally see she if she can recover from her past, but she’s managed to keep herself out of the press more lately, and that’s good for her. That’s exactly what she needs.”

Lohan hasn’t managed to keep out of the press so much as she’s kind of reached saturation point. Just wait – she’ll do something outlandish to get our attention again soon.

Lohan is shown leaving the salon after she got a new hairdo on Friday. She is also shown out at Dominic’s restaurant, where she was seen with Samantha Ronson. A “friend” of Lohan’s recently told In Touch that they’re just friends and are not gay.

Thanks to WENN for these photos.

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  1. Syko says:

    One step closer to porn queen.

    I am curious about one thing. Is that mess on her head a freshly-done hair style? If that’s the case, can I recommend a different beautician? She looks like hell. And probably shelled out a couple hundred to achieve this look.

  2. Scott F says:

    I’m sitting here watching Seasame Street with my daughter, and all I could think when I saw this article was:

    “Hey kids, the word of the day is ‘desperate’. Can you say desperate? Great job!”

  3. cc says:

    Yeah, I don’t think this is going to help her career any. What the hell is she thinking? She has (had?) so many opportunities. Blech.

    Scott…lol. I was thinking along the same lines, only our show was the Wonder Pets.

  4. headache says:

    cc, not even ming ming could save Lohan.

  5. neelyo says:

    She’s riding on the fumes of her dwindling notoreity at this point. And with her acting ability and haggard looks, she’d be overpaid at $75 even on a street corner.

    Has anyone seen Tracey Ullman’s new show? It’s not consistent but one of the funny things is her wicked impersonation of Dina Lohan. I can’t wait to see how White Oprah responds because she’ll just have to say something.

  6. Bodhi says:

    She does kind of look like a Muppet…

    I’m gonna call it right now, her career is dunzo. She’ll be hawking gen sweaters on QVC in no time

  7. xiaoecho says:

    Wow, 75,000 dollars is ….really bad publicity

    Wonder is she agreed to do this when she was high and now, can’t get out of it?

    Has she signed for a percentage of the gross?

  8. xiaoecho says:

    oops….’wonder if’

  9. minx says:

    White Oprah probably thinks it’s “art” .. anyway.. how long before Lilo is in a porn movie? I give her 5 years.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sad…just really sad.

  11. Sam says:

    Oops. I had deleted my cookies. i didn’t mean to post anonymously.

    Is still sad though.

  12. D says:

    The hard living has really taken a toll on her face. God, she looks awful. And the five pounds of bronzer doesn’t help, either.

  13. Kayla says:

    Pathetic loser white trash! MAKE HER GO AWAY!!!

  14. anni says:

    lindsay digs her own grave, careerwise.

  15. Lola says:

    You gotta feel sorry for her. Being a has-been at 21 cannot be that easy.

  16. Alexis says:

    She’s only 21!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No fing way. I absolutely do not believe that.

  17. Donna says:

    I don’t feel sorry for her,she’s trash, she needs to disappear.

  18. darkangela says:

    Um…what Manson movie are you talking about? The Lewis Carrol one?

  19. snappyfish says:

    loved the sesame street comment.

    Desperation….brought to you by the letter L and the Number Zero.

    She should have had a better publicist. Oops…sorry white oprah.

  20. wtf says:

    hahaha this hilarious. We’ve all seen her tits already, so hopefully they don’t try to publicize that part for ppl to check out the movie.

    Face it she isn’t that good of an actress and the ONLY characters she plays since she became legal are all the same. She goes for those torn, hurt, over-sexed, needing to be saved roles. Wow that’s really stretching her acting chops.

    Sad to see a fallen “star” try to remain in the spotlight. I don’t feel bad for her, but it’s sad in a funny way.

  21. LindsayNaked says:

    Lindsay Lohan Naked in Scandalous Video:

  22. ThatBKChick says:

    ((((APPLAUSE))))))….Finally, a role that won’t take much effort on her part!! I was just watching “The Parent Trap” with my little girl the other day what a cute little girl(Lindsey), she was on her way to being the next Jodi Foster((WTF WENT WRONG))))???!!!!

  23. Sasha says:

    So it’s an autobiographical movie ?

  24. neelyo says:

    Well the nymphomanic part is autobiographical, the waitress part is a glimpse into her future.

  25. Dee says:

    HAH! Good one Sasha, I was thinking the exact same thing.

    And Dark Angela, Marilyn Manson’s movie is Phantasmagoria – the Manson being referred to is Charles Manson, the disgusting mass-murderer, who is sadly still alive.

    Wonder if he’d get a kick out of a movie being made about him. Sicko.

  26. Loob says:

    There is no *off* position on the genius switch.

  27. velvet elvis says:

    I guess she wanted to play in the Manson family because her own family is so f*cked up….

  28. Joe says:

    I guess once that BJ vid got out she figured she no longer had to play the “nice girl” role.

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