Is Britney Spears abusing her kids with belts?

Britney Spears did not seem to be enjoying herself as she had an almost constant scowl on her face while taking her sons Jaden James Federline and Sean Preston Federline to the amusement park at the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, CA on June 1, 2010. The trio was joined by Spears's boyfriend Jason Trawick who seemed to be the recipient of most of her scowls. Perhaps reports that the couple got into a loud public fight the night before are true? Fame Pictures, Inc

CB caught me off guard when she told me that some of these child abuse allegations have been lodged against Britney Spears before. I didn’t remember it, but apparently Britney’s son Jaden has some serious food allergies, and they found that out when he needed to be hospitalized back in 2008. The Sun has another sort-of interview with Britney’s alleged ex-bodyguard Fernando (the same one who claims Britney sexually harassed him), and Fernando claims that Britney purposefully feeds the boys food they are allergic to, and that Britney beats her sons with a belt. Ugh. Here’s more:

TROUBLED pop star BRITNEY SPEARS faces a probe into allegations that she abused her two young sons. Social workers will quiz her over claims she beat one with a belt and gave both food they were allergic to – making them violently ill.

Investigators were approached by the singer’s former bodyguard FERNANDO FLORES – who claims he was forced to quit his job due to Britney’s erratic behaviour.

It is understood that the 28-year-old star strongly denies the claims and insists she has never mistreated four-year-old SEAN PRESTON and JAYDEN JAMES, three. But Flores, 29, has told the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services he feels Britney is too unstable to be left in charge of her sons.

He fears her behaviour could scar for life the youngsters – who split their time between Toxic singer Britney’s Beverly Hills mansion and dad KEVIN FEDERLINE’s home.

A source said: “Britney doesn’t mean to be a bad mum. But Flores feels she has so many issues she can’t be trusted around her boys. He claims the first really shocking incident was when she came marching into the pool house at her mansion and demanded his belt. He handed it over but then followed her into the main house and claims he witnessed the alleged incident.”

Flores also accused Britney of feeding the boys food they were allergic to, including shellfish. The alleged incidents took place in late March or early April.

This month The Sun revealed how Flores claimed Britney constantly walked round naked and sexually harassed him.

Child protection agency workers tried to quiz her last week but she had left LA for a few days. Britney temporarily lost custody of the boys two years ago after suffering a massive breakdown.

[From The Sun]

The boys are how old now? One is about to turn five, the other will turn four this year, right? Here’s what I think: I think that if Britney is feeding her kids something they are allergic too, it is probably accidental. Like, they’re allergic to peanuts, and she gave them something accidentally that contained peanut oil or something. And I doubt it happened frequently, or else those boys would have repeated trips to the hospital, month after month. As for the beating with the belt… or shall I say, a “whippin’”… eh. That’s how Britney was probably punished, and she’s just continuing the cycle of Southern-style belt-whippins. I’m not saying it’s right – those boys are way too young for the belt, for real. And plus, it seems like Britney is the one acting out, not the boys. If Fernando’s claims are true, she really does need to be investigated. And make her take some parenting classes too!

Britney Spears did not seem to be enjoying herself as she had an almost constant scowl on her face while taking her sons Jaden James Federline and Sean Preston Federline to the amusement park at the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, CA on June 1, 2010. The trio was joined by Spears's boyfriend Jason Trawick who seemed to be the recipient of most of her scowls. Perhaps reports that the couple got into a loud public fight the night before are true? Fame Pictures, Inc

Britney Spears did not seem to be enjoying herself as she had an almost constant scowl on her face while taking her sons Jaden James Federline and Sean Preston Federline to the amusement park at the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, CA on June 1, 2010. The trio was joined by Spears's boyfriend Jason Trawick who seemed to be the recipient of most of her scowls. Perhaps reports that the couple got into a loud public fight the night before are true? Fame Pictures, Inc

Britney Spears arrives at her office with mother Lynne Spears and with her two kids Sean Preston Federline and Jayden James Federline in Los Angeles, CA on March 12, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc

Britney Spears took her boys to dinner in Calabasas, California on October 30, 2009 but looked a little tired. Britney has been busy on tour and taking care of her life but she still shares a smile with the photogs as she carries Sean Preston Federline into the restaurant. Fame Pictures, Inc

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  1. denise says:

    I don’t think she abuses her kids, at least not physically.
    Her kids are sooo cute.

  2. bite me says:

    hmmm, if she was abusing the kids, why didn’t he contact child protective services anonymously and make a claim…wonder how much the sun paid for his story

  3. MSat says:

    I don’t believe it. This guy is clearly looking for a payday.

    Also, I don’t believe Britney was ever disciplined by either parent, which is why she can’t function as an adult now.

  4. mimi says:

    Given her history and well, just common decency…not cool to post topic.

  5. SammyHammy says:

    Yeah, I’m no fan or defender of Britney, but this doesn’t ring true. This guy is just out for cash.

  6. Hum says:

    He sounds vindictive, looking for a payday.

  7. original kate says:

    if these incidents are true then why didn’t kevin federline report them? he seems to be a very caring father. as for the ex-employee, meh. i’m always suspicious when someone runs to the media and then says they’re trying to “help.”

  8. mary jones says:

    Crazy people do crazy things. She is crazy and should not be raising kids. But since she is a celebrity she will never be investigated. Wait 20 years for the tell all from her kids. Mommy dearest.

  9. ay_ay_ay says:

    Hasn’t she already been through a round of parenting classes and she fought it tooth and nail?

    She has a problem with authority and being told what to do.

    Sad to say, but I could see this happening since she is “controlled” medicinally but her immaturity breaks through (vajayjay flashes, nipple fatwa, etc)

  10. qb says:

    I don’t think Britney would intentionally harm her kids but she clearly is not stable enough.

    There have been incident where her son have been harm but none of them were intentional. They were just out of ignorance.

    Like driving with her kid on her lap , her son falling of his chair , she almost dropping her child while holding a drink in her hand , smoking next to them.

  11. Lynnie says:

    Ummmm, check out the next-to-last picture. Why are those kids in the front seat and not in the back in car seats?

  12. GracieXDoes says:

    There are too many people watching her every move for something of this nature to go unnoticed by everyone except an EX-employee. I call BS.

  13. Atticus says:

    Speculation like this is totally reprehensible. That guy should be sued every which way for defamation, and so should The Sun for giving that guy a platform. Sh!t like this could have serious repercussions for Britney, and like others said, if it was for real then people close to the kids – Federline, nannies, her parents, etc – would be all over this, not some a-hole guy with an agenda.

  14. TQB says:

    I buy exactly none of this. As unstable as Britney is, Federline is the one with custody, and he clearly has no problems hauling her into court when necessary to protect his kids. If they came home to him (recall, he has SOLE custody) with welts from belts or in anaphalactic (no, I can’t spell) shock, don’t you think we’d have heard about it from HIM?

  15. YT says:

    Total BS. Isn’t she supervised when her children are with her, and didn’t she have a parenting coach? There was an article recently that she resented the supervision, so let’s get these stories straight. Anyway, those kids aren’t photographed with normal little-boy bruises much less marks from a belt. I think Fernando simply has a creative source of income that will last as long as he can come up with new stories.

  16. BrandyMc says:

    trust me belts leave marks!!! Someone would have noticed the marks at least dad kevin. I am from the south and I was whipped with everything within my parents reach. I don’t believe it.

  17. d says:

    he’s mad he got fired and to punish her, is throwing any accusation that would result in the conservatorship being extended. the conservatorship was to protect the kids as much as Britney, so for enough people, and he’s hoping the right people, this would ring true enough for at least an investigation and some money for him.

  18. meme says:

    Leave Britney alone already. Girlfriend has enough problems with child abuse bullshit stories.

  19. Ogechi says:

    PLEASE in the name of whatever you hold precious, LEAVE Brit alone. Her children are cute and healthy.

  20. Kelley says:

    You need to learn the difference between too and to, I think !!

  21. Poopie says:

    poor kid ! he looks just like FEDERLINE !!! Ugh

  22. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ Lynnie: I thought the same exact thing when I saw the photo. WHERE ARE THE SEAT BELTS/CAR SEATS?

  23. juiceinla says:

    I’m sorry, but hitting your 2 and 4 year old children with belts is absloutely horrific and total child abuse. ANYONE – whether southern, northern, Hawaiian, middle eastern or from Hades- who thinks otherwise is dead wrong.

    Plus, if this guy had gone and sold his story to the “Star”, maybe he could be accused of looking for a payday. But instead the guy went to Social Services. They don’t pay squat.


  24. Jeri says:

    They’re old enough to tell their Dad & not want to go to their Mom’s if this were true. I don’t believe Kevin would continue to let the boys go with Britney if this were true. Hope not anyway.

  25. juiceinla says:

    Doesn’t anyone remember how terribly she managed the child rearing? no child seats, no seat belts, dragging them by their arms, the bruises that show up ion photos?

    How can anyone argue that because kids are cute there can’t be abuse???

    what on earth is going on here?

  26. SRM says:

    Re: the kids in the front seat…do you seriously think they are driving around like that??? Come on, really?? I am sure they are just waiting on someone and the kids are just hanging out in the front seat. Plus, they look parked. I know she has made her share of mistakes but I doubt she is that obtuse to drive around like that.

  27. malina says:

    ok, if you’re looking for another reason to bash her – the picture where they are in the front seat – they are not with her in the car.

  28. Cinderella says:

    As much as I’d want to see any mom get well enough to independently take care of her kids, I don’t think Britney will ever reach that point. The belt incident doesn’t sound that far-fetched, unfortunately.

  29. original kate says:

    “But instead the guy went to Social Services. ”

    we don’t know he went to social services – if britney is being supervised the CPS agent would naturally speak with him about the children. also, he claims she sexually harassed him, and that he was forced to quit – which makes me think he has an axe to grind, hence “britney whips the kids with a belt!” the fact remains he has given at least 2 interviews to the sun – i’m sure they paid him.

    as for the kids being in the front seat alone, look closer – you can clearly see britney’s hand. obviously they are parked somewhere, probably at a fast food place. who knows what goes on behind closed doors, but the kids look healthy and happy, unlike the gosselin kids who look miserable, or the duggar kids who have no childhoods because they are assigned younger kids to raise so their parents can have sex, apparently.

  30. juiceinla says:

    @kate, sorry but yes, actually that is the exact what the Sun reported. They only reported that CSC was opening up Ms. Spear’s very large file again because a complaint had been lodged.

    The Sun didn’t say the guy came to them with his story.

    as for her hand on the kid in the front seat- anyone who thinks that is safe, or even legal is dead wrong.

    Lots of kids who are abused look happy in pictures.. and healthy. Ask your catholic priest, I know plenty of children that grew up in abusive homes without any obvious visible signs of physical abuse.

  31. Seth says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure that if any of this were true, Kevin Federline and his team of lawyers would have jumped right on this shit. She wouldn’t be having contact. This is just some jackass trying to drum up publicity, attention and any kind of money he can. I’m surprised you’re even seriously entertaining the notion that it might be true.

  32. Tia C says:

    I agree with you, Kaiser, I don’t believe she would intentionally feed them foods they are allergic to, but I do believe she might not be above using a belt now and then. I am not opposed to a kid getting a “whippin” when they deserve it, although like many others said here, those boys are too young for that. A handsmack on the butt would suffice at their age. They look like good boys, though, hard to believe they would even need that. Now all the “I never raise a hand to my child” people are going to start. Don’t bother. We disagree. End of story.

  33. WickedSteppMom says:

    Just today, my 2 y/o smacked my 5 y/o in the forehead with a toy car & now she has a FUGE knot & bruise. Both of my kids (especially my son) are covered in bumps, bruises & scrapes from regular play. Unless Britney’s kids had makeup on in those pics, I didn’t even see bruises from regular play, much less from the belt-which definitely leaves welts/bruises! As someone who has seen both sides of social services, I can tell you that people report false claims fairly frequently…they do it for revenge, b/c they don’t know what’s really going on & don’t want to take a chance, or just b/c they’re bored.

  34. original kate says:

    “as for her hand on the kid in the front seat- anyone who thinks that is safe, or even legal is dead wrong.”

    juiceinla, it is only illegal/unsafe if the car is moving. it is obviously sitting in a parking lot at a fast food place, judging from the surroundings.

  35. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @original kate: You must have a different picture than I’m looking at, because I don’t see any proof that the car is parked, especially where it is parked. It could very possibly be driving down the street–LA traffic if very crowded and there are other cars and signs in close proximity at all times. And, Ms Spears has a well-documented history of driving with her children in the front seat (sometimes in her LAP as she’s driving) without seatbelts. The sub-heading says it’s ‘at her office.’ But again, could very well be driving–I’m just saying.

    I get that people feel sorry for the woman, and that the kids ‘look happy and healthy.’ But do you people really think you can tell simply by looking at pictures of children you don’t know whether or not they’re being mistreated?? I guess I’m just not a big enough fan to give this woman the benefit of the doubt. I think that she’s probably not careful enough with her children’s food. I think that she probably loses her temper quickly and spanks her kids. Do I think she intentionally abuses them to derive some kind of pleasure out of it? No. But do I think she’s a good mom? Nope. I hope that if anyone has any true concerns that they aren’t afraid of her celebrity and seek proper help thru the authorites.

  36. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    He sounds like the worst damned ex-cop ever. What’s going on in this dude’s mind?

    - If I’m going to call CPS for physical assault, the best offense is waiting around for months after said incident to take action. When all traces of that particular event would have been long healed, that’s when I’ll strike!

    - I’m not sure what a ‘police report’ is, but I doubt they rely on any kind of specificity or corroborating evidence. It might have happened in spring, or possibly in Pangea. You know what, I stayed up really late watching Bullitt, so just forget what I’ve said.

    - June 11, 1963: Be like the videographer. Sure, he could have made an effort to save the life of a self-immolating monk, but it’s not my place to intervene with the truth. So, yeah, I’m the guy who alleges that he saw a mother physically assault her two children, and I’m the guy who didn’t do a fucking thing about it. What do you want from me? I’m a freaking bodyguard and ex-cop, so if you people can think of a way in which I could physically restrain her from beating her children, I’d like to know about it. And then you do it, because there’s an Are You Being Served marathon coming on and I don’t feel like doing it myself. (That’s some real fine bodyguardin’ there, pilgrim).

    - Munchhausen by Proxy? Now you’re just making shit up! Only ‘proxy’ I know about is the one on my laptop that…’computifies’ my under-gusset stories in peace! Y’know? Hit ME With Your Rhythm Stick, Droogs!

    - Of course no one can ever find her, so how could we ever keep an eye on her? We’re her personal care-givers, stupid. Anyway, it’s a lost cause once she slips into her Purple Tube of Consciousness (RIP Party Down). It grants invisibility and deflects Cheeto fire.

    - Confidentiality? Sa-da-tay, he’s not my judge. My judge is the code of the street, and I have seen so many Rodeo Drive-By Weave Jackings that I– I’m coming, Elizabeth!

    - If don’t speak out about this publicly, who will?

  37. GatsbyGal says:

    That kid of hers in the top picture has some serious fetal alcohol syndrome. It just keeps getting more and more noticeable the older he gets.

    I can completely believe that she abuses her sons. I think she’s been driven slowly crazy over the years. From overwhemingly adored to endlessly ridiculed in only a few short years…she doesn’t know how to handle it. And I don’t think she knows how to handle her kids, either. Why did she get them back? Such a mistake.

  38. Jaqueline says:

    She’s from Louisiana, how do you think she was raised? With a belt. Give her a break.

  39. GatsbyGal says:

    @Jaqueline – Doesn’t make it right. Jesus Christ.

  40. original kate says:

    scarlet –

    the photo clearly shows britney sitting in the passenger seat holding the kids on her lap- she isn’t driving and nothing in the photo is blurry, not even the reflection in the car right next to britney, which makes me think the photo was taken in a parking lot. plus it looks as if there is a brick wall in front of the car, like the side of a building. without a long shot of the car it is hard to tell, but i think if she were driving with the kids in the front seat the paps would have gotten a photo of that, especially after the attention the first one received.

    i’m not a fan of britney’s at all, but this whole abuse story seems made up to me. she has court ordered CPS visits, her family is watching her, and federline has shared custody of the kids. seems like if she were abusing them someone would have noticed – someone besides an ex-employee looking for 15 minutes of fame.

    jacqueline – i’m from the south, and beating kids is not the norm there. jeez.

  41. bizzy says:

    i think britney’s a complete trainwreck, but i also think that if she wants to beat her kids with a belt, she probably has one she can use, and doesn’t need to go out to the pool-house to borrow one from the bodyguard. so i call bs on this guy.

  42. kelbear says:

    Wish they still had their longer hair

  43. Emily says:

    I don’t believe this. I could totally buy her giving them something like a chocolate bar that had traces of nuts in it, because she doesn’t seem like she’d be the type to be vigilant about removing all traces from the boys’ lives. But I don’t think she’d deliberately do anything to harm them. She seems clueless about what’s good for the kids, not cruel.

  44. Camille says:

    I believe almost anything with it comes to this crazy b!tch.

  45. Confuzzle says:

    This guy sounds like a bottom dweller, money grubbing scumbag. No proof, just wild accusations. Ass.

  46. serena says:

    Those kids are seriously cute.
    I don’t think she feed allergic food to her children.. what the hell, she surely isn’t the best mom of the (past) year(s) but she’s not that harmful to her boys.
    And the belt? I don’t believe it at all.

  47. LindaR says:

    The Sun story is a piece of crap. Why would someone with millions of dollars and closets full of clothes need to ask a body guard for his belt. Whenever the rags publish BS there are always little clues like this that the story has been invented. Someone please shoot me for having wasted 5 minutes to read this.

  48. Aspie says:

    It’s funny how some are so quick to defend Britney by saying automatically that she didn’t do it. Why the quick rush to defend and sympathize over her?

    How do we know that she didn’t somehow hurt her kids?

  49. bad parents = should burn in hell says:

    she seems like the kind of girl that has to have a meeting with the teachers to past the 4th grade.

    i believe everything is true… and she doesn’t deserve to be a mom. motherhood is a privilege. so i hope that happens cause shes a hoe. i know because of her fame shes gonna have fans that protect her but.. even though i am mad at her fans. she herself should not be a parent or on TV. ( I bet you couldn’t even take her kids to fast food with out seeing the problem situation happen.)

  50. Lia says:

    I dont think Britney means to be a bad mom either, but seriousely? It doesn’t matter if she doesnt mean to be, she IS. Her boys should be taken somewhere safe than around this psycho women.