Gisele claims her not-even 7-month-old baby is already potty trained


Apparently this story came out a few days ago, and I am truly sorry I did not see until now. And I only caught it because of Star Magazine had one of their hilarious polls (more on that in a sec). Okay, so Gisele gave an interview with a Brazilian website, and several American publications did translations and stories about some of Gisele’s claims. For example, Gisele claims that her baby boy Benjamin – who will be 7 months old next week – is already potty trained. FOR REAL. And Gisele even makes it about the environment! She told the site: “Diapers pollute the environment. Where does this garbage go?” Gisele, I love you and everything, but settle down. Star Magazine’s poll is basically like “Is Gisele full of sh-t?” The answer: a resounding yes.

Not that this surprises us or anything, but according to his very proud mommy, Tom Brady’s 6-month-old son is potty trained. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen, mom of superbaby Benjamin Brady, told a Brazilian Web site that, after scoring a few tips from a toilet-training manual, the newest Brady is doing his business like a big boy.

According to a translation of the article, Benjamin – who was christened in California yesterday – does his thing like clockwork right after breast-feeding in the morning and afternoon. Leading us to wonder: Has Gi trained Benji or has Benji trained Gi?

But let’s go to the excited new mommy: “Give it about five minutes, and bang,” gushes Gi, whose twin sis, Patricia, is called in to inspect the potty deposit.

“Everytime she calls me to see it, I say, ‘Do not want to see it,’ ” said Tia Patricia.

Gi, who laughs at how much time she spends talking about her son’s toilet habits, said she does realize that getting Benjamin to pee in the potty “is more complicated.”

No kidding. Like, shouldn’t he learn to stand first? Apparently, the rush to toilet train the little QB has more to do with trying to cut down on Benjamin’s use of disposable – albeit biodegradable – diapers.

“Diapers pollute the environment,” [Gisele] said. “Where does this garbage go?”

And speaking of environmental irritants, Gisele also chatted about her $20 million, supposedly environmentally friendly manse in Brentwood, Calif.

“I spent literally half my life working, and, of course, I want to have a good house, a nice house,” Bundchen told the Brazilian Web site. “I’m not saying that you have to have everything, but seek green alternatives.”

[From Boston Herald]

I’ve said it before, I do like Gisele. She’s funny and crazy and she doesn’t care that Bridget Moynahan will shank her one of these days and Gisele’s a lot weirder than people give her credit for. This is a prime example – her baby can’t even walk yet, and she’s got him “potty trained”. You know what she’s doing, right? She just feeds Ben and puts him on the potty training toilet until he goes. I’m sure that’s what she does. For goodness sake, they make CLOTH DIAPERS for environmentalist moms. Gisele needs to get a grip.

These are photos of Crazy on the runway a few weeks ago, by the way. You know she only gained 30 pounds with Ben. And she’s really proud she didn’t “turn into a garbage disposal” like some pregnant women. Enjoy!


Gisele in Sao Paulo on June 13, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Chris says:

    This goes along perfectly with her painless childbirth. Good for her.

  2. Jillian says:

    It’s totally possible with elimination communication. I’ve never done it with my child, but I’ve read about parents who have.

  3. bite me says:

    isn’t Gisele just perfect *giant eye roll*

  4. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself Kaiser! There are cloth diapers–people have been using them for centuries. There are also bio-degradable flushable environmentally friendly diapers. So, psh…

    I’ve read a few books on early potty training, and what it really is-like you said-is the mom is really trained by the baby. You analyze their bodily habits and schedule, then work your schedule around theirs. So, for Gisele ‘potty trained’ means, “I spend 20 minutes holding his tiny ass over a potty chair after every meal.” His body isn’t capable of ‘real toilet training’ yet. I sincerely doubt she’s taking him on photo shoots and long walks to the park with no diaper on and he’s asking to go potty when it’s convenient for her, then waiting til they actually make it.

  5. CourtneyH says:

    The apparent misuse of the term “potty trained” could be a problem with the translation of the interview. What she’s doing is likely an informal potty training procedure with a baby who has relatively predictable digestion. Until he’s independently taking himself or requesting that he be taken to the bathroom, you can’t claim he’s potty trained.

  6. ! says:

    Yes Gisele we’re all very impressed that you’re better than everybody else.

  7. Spring says:

    I rolled my eyes so hard I think I injured myself. What a self-satisfied idiot she is.
    And you know how much more good she could benefit the environment with that $20 million, instead of splashing it all over her “green” house? Sheesh.

  8. Sadie says:

    Umm, what’s the news? I was potty trained at 6 months and so was my sister, my parents confirmed – and I saw my sister. No, we weren’t sitting on the potty all the time, we were letting mom know when we needed to go… I don’t want to compare, but it looked similar to what dogs do.
    So yes, it is totally possible.

  9. guilty pleasures says:

    My seven month old puppy still has accidents. I agree with CourtenyH, it isn’t potty trained if you sit the sweetie on a potty when it is that time.
    They don’t have the cognitive ability to potty train so soon.
    I’ll bet the chid is one heck of a stunner though, and really, don’t all we moms boast of our children’s Herculean abilities?

  10. Oi says:

    Why is she attractive again?

    Yeah right about the potty training stuff.

  11. kelbear says:

    I also rolled my eyes so hard I thought my contacts were going to get stuck in the back of my eyes.

  12. Obvious says:

    I don’t know if anyone else saw this “Queen Latifah has spoken up to say it’s time to stop punishing Chris Brown for his assault on Rihanna last year. “The guy is a young guy and he made a big mistake and he needs to bounce back from that,” she said. “And he needs an opportunity for a second chance … We can’t condemn that kid. He’s a kid and he needs to correct the mistake for the future, not live in the past. He needs to be forgiven. Enough already. We can’t keep beating him up.” What do y’all think? [Feministing via]”

    And to think, I like Queen Latifah…

  13. Embee says:

    I think Giselle is beautiful and I love her interviews.


    She is either mentally ill or she the most blessed person I’ve seen. I know the circumstances surrounding the beginning of her relationship with Brady were questionable, but everything this woman does is flawless. It’s just eery.

  14. CourtneyH says:

    Sadie, while your mom was obviously a fantastic, observant mother, she probably did not have you “potty trained”. Rather, she knew the signs that you were about to go to the bathroom. Good on her for being able to recognize your “I’m about to poop in my pants” body language so quickly, though.

  15. Sarah says:

    bleh, I don’t really care for her.

  16. Lulu says:

    There is a trend now of helping babies go in a toilet, so that they get to know their bodies earlier, rather than relying on diapers.

    But, still, hasn’t she heard of diaper service? They’re bleached and sterilized. They’re fine.

  17. girl says:

    I agree with Jillian. She is probably talking about Elimination Communication. It is been around for ages. Literally. It is kind of what people did before diapes were invented. It isn’t so much that the baby is trained or the mother is trained but that they work together and recognize baby’s cues. There is an article about it in the current issue of Mothering Magazine.

    I think by not calling it what it is they (not sure if it is the people who initially reported it or GB) are being sensationalistic. In some parts of the world, this is very much the norm.

    Personally, while it sounds intriguing and not having to wash diapers is a bonus, I don’t think I have the type of patience for something like that.

  18. iriD says:

    How old is she again? 30-ish? And the poor little thing has spent half her life working so feels she deserves a $20 million dollar house. Most people who have worked with far more demanding jobs for far longer she has will never be able to afford anything even approaching that. Ugh. I have never liked her, never thought she was even remotely attractive, but now I absolutely despise the entitled, smug bitch.

  19. Keen says:

    @Courtney H and @Jillian are right-
    it was probably lost in translation. What we refer to as “potty training” is very different around the world.

    Elimination Communication is very common in other parts of the world! and Mayim Bialik talks about it all the time and we don’t call her a stuck up bitch. I think the term “potty training” is what’s throwing people off. and as far as environmental friendliness, it seems like the less diapers you have to throw away or launder (if they’re cloth), the less strain there is on the environment.

    I like Gisele (and I HATE Tom Brady for the record,) but she seems to be just doing her own thing and if it works for her why should we fault her for that?

  20. Keen says:

    in this interview, Mayim Bialik says babies are “born potty trained” so even if Gisele used the term potty training, it’s not just her.

  21. S says:

    first of all, the baby’s name is Ben. Jack is Bridget Moynahan’s baby.

    secondly, this is a new method. You apparently start to look for signs of what they do before they go, and then start to communicate it between mother and child and you hold them over the toilet and they go. It’s not easy and it takes A LOT of time and trial and error, but it can be done and a lot of people do it. It’s apparently based on babies in some African countries who don’t wear diapers and are trained from birth about when and where to go.

  22. molly says:

    OMG. She is so full of it. First her totally painless childbirth and now a potty-trained six month old. *rolls eyes*. Get over yourself!

  23. anon says:

    The end of this lists her son as “Jack” a couple of times rather than “Ben.”

  24. Kaiser says:

    Sorry, I corrected that. Ben, not Jack.

  25. Katija says:

    My mother thinks television is real and asked me why Natasha keeps getting cheated on, especially when she’s so much prettier than Carrie and “that Victoria’s Secret model.”

    That said, I’m still Team Bridget. Her career is sorta “meh” and obviously her personal life is messed up, but I think she’s beautiful and seems very down-to-earth.

  26. juiceinla says:

    She is starting to sound like a crazee crack hoe…. please. I doubt Tom Brady is even potty trained yet.

  27. Katija says:



  28. Eileen Yover says:

    Most third world countries don’t have any diapers at all little own disposable ones. They pee and poo in a pot with their moms holding them as babies-I’ve seen it done. Back in the “olden days” our children used cloth diapers for about a year then once they walked, they were potty trained. I had my kids potty trained before they were two. Six months is young but it can happen if you don’t diaper them.
    I got all kinds of stank eyes when I said I was going to potty train them before they were two. I didn’t press them in a mean or stern way but I took a week stayed at home and we went without diapers. The first few days they were great, then when they realized its much more of an inconvenience to get up and go potty than just going in your pants-they regressed for a bit. But I stuck with it and my daughter was trained in about two weeks and it took my son about a month. Everyone is so sensitive about making kids potty trained before they are two or three like your going to harm them for life. As long as you don’t punish them if they are ready and you know they are, just get it over with. I even told my kids that I get it, if I could walk around with a diaper on and not have to miss an episode of my show or have to find a bathroom in the mall, I’d be all over it. But being a big kid means going to the bathroom. Once you show them the big kid underwear, big kid bed and big kid food they get once they cross over, they magically become gung ho on the process. lol That’s just my experience with it anyway.

  29. fugly says:

    team bridget. that is all.

  30. DetRiotgirl says:

    I can’t stand her or Tom Brady. She’s one of the few celebrities that I just can’t find one good thing to say about, and he’s even worse. They both strike me as being totally self absorbed and classless. I don’t even find her attractive.

  31. Novaraen says:

    Yeah…i knew someone who said that about her baby. Truth was she just knew when her kid would go and she held her baby over the potty. Which isn’t really potty training at all. Later when her baby got older…it was a different story. She had TONS of trouble properly training her kid.

    Blah blah Gisele…always trying to look oh so perfect.

  32. P says:

    Yup #29 Eileen and others here have it spot on. Potty training as Gisele is talking about is NOT NOT NOT NOT the same “potty training” that most Western folks are talking about/used to. This is the way things happened before cloth diapers *existed*, still the way it’s done in other countries, and yes, babies are usually totally DONE by age ~1yo or so (can be earlier or later, but ALWAYS MUCH earlier than kids who are diped the modern way. It’s not just for greenie weenies – you TOTALLY save $$$$$ and YEARS of dipes, and yes, the environment too. There are books, websites and yahoo groups and IRL groups all about it. Google “Elimination Communication” (aka “EC”) or “Infant Potty Training”.
    – mama to 2 EC’d kids

  33. Wiley says:

    Well, if you have intelligent children and teach them they can learn real early. My son quit crying at 6 wks and instead said “agee” (hungry) when he was hungry. He was walking and speaking complete sentences at 7 mo and was potty trained. He wasn’t big enough to get on the potty himself but he tried and would tell us when he needed to go. (Yes, we diapered him at nite when we were all sleeping.) This behavior is common in my family. Treat them like a baby and don’t listen or communicate with them and they’ll stay a helpless baby forever. My puppies were potty trained at 1 month and they are not nearly as intelligent as most of our children.

  34. Catherine says:

    Another celebrity kissing their own butt. Neither she nor Tom have an ounce of class in them.

  35. Wiley says:

    Oh, for those of you who say that children don’t have the ability to do this you are just completely wrong. My son absolutely hated a wet or dirty diaper and he started out by coming to us when he needed a change. Then he’d climb into our laps when he was ready to go. At that point it wasn’t hard at all to get him to wait til he was on the potty.

  36. Cinderella says:

    Until he can march his little fanny to the toilet on his own accord and eliminate, he is not fully potty trained.

    Why do I get the feeling she is really trying to look like the better mom.

    Bridget must be chuckling at all of this.

  37. heb says:

    Can 7 month olds even walk to the toilet?

  38. Maritza says:

    I totally agree with Cinderella.

  39. Lola says:

    so your baby is old enough to pee in the pot, but you still breast feed.


  40. cat says:

    Does she sit there for 20 minutes and hold little Ben over the potty or does one of her minions do it, I’m betting she has a whole group of nannies that will do the training for her, what high expectations for such a little baby, I bet he will be reading by one.

  41. melissa says:

    Oh for heaven’s sake. She has trained herself, not the kid for crying out loud. I can’t believe she is that much of an idiot that even she doesn’t see that. Just because you guess the right time the kid is going to poo, doesn’t make him potty trained. What a moron. I suppose the kid will be reading the New York Times by the time his first birthday rolls around…

  42. Caca says:

    Whatever Gisele. You bore me so much with your perfect life and after all this you still look like Mr Ed.

  43. vegetalien says:

    It’s called EC (elimination communication) and since it has been stated that the article has been translated, my guess is that Gisele didn’t necessarily use the term ‘potty trained’. Give the girl a break (painless childbirth is also possible, by the way, without drugs. I’ve seen it. Some women have orgasms! Rare, but it can happen).

    And what’s with the comment “so your baby is old enough to pee in the pot, but you still breast feed.”… REALLY? it’s pretty much common knowledge that the longer you breastfeed, the better. The American Academy of Pediatrics agrees, along with pretty much every other publich health body (including the World Health Organization).

    Why all the judgements about the positive choices people make?

  44. grace says:

    Everything about her baby is just so perfect. She deserves a perfect baby, and a perfect 20 million dollar house, cause she worked very hard making faces to cameras for half her life. Such a hard job.

  45. GatsbyGal says:

    Why does she even bother potty training? It’s obvious that her baby only craps rainbows and gold!

  46. Lisa S. says:

    I’m sorry, but she is full of sh+t. And she doesn’t have a very pretty face does she?

  47. girl says:

    @vegetalien: Totally agree! I have no real opinion one way or the other about Gisele Bunchen, Tom Brady, or Bridgette Moynahan but I am a little taken aback at how little people know about alternative ways to raise babies, much less a child rearing practice that has been around since the dawn of man. Elimination Communication is a real legitimate thing and it is NOT new. It isn’t for everyone but for some people it totally works.

    Don’t even get me started on the “he’s potty trained at 7 months but he’s still breastfed?” comment. I believe the World Health Organization states that as long as 2 years or even longer is completely healhty.

  48. Joy says:

    She’s just talking about elimination communication, which is what people in most of the developing world do to “train” their babies.

    I did EC with my daughter, and she was sitting on the potty to pee at 4 months. It’s no big deal. Babies just don’t like sitting in their own waste.

  49. Moops says:

    LMAO at crazy-a$$ Wiley! Your kid said his first word at 6 weeks, spoke in complete sentences at 7 months…Girl, whatever you’re smoking, I’d like some!

  50. Novaraen says:

    I agree with Cinderella.

  51. freckles says:

    I never realized how very ugly she is. Other than that, #6 summed it up perfectly for me.

  52. Rosanna says:

    EC just makes more sense, you know? The sooner you train them the better it is… of course it takes less to train them like that than allowing them to go whenever they want and then train them to use the potty. It’s definitely not rocket science ladies.

  53. LAB says:

    “For goodness sake, they make CLOTH DIAPERS for environmentalist moms.”

    Cloth diapers are apparently just as bad for the environment as disposable diapers. The water and bleach needed to clean and disinfect them over and over again are a problem

  54. K McFarlane says:

    LAB I used cloth diapers with my second child. I never needed to use bleach on them, and only soaked them on very rare occasions. There are so many misconceptions about cloth nappies and what is needed to keep them clean. These days most cloth mommies “dry pail” which means that the soiled nappies are stored in a smell-proof container but with no chemicals or liquids. Then you just do a load of washing every 2-3 days using half the amount of detergent that you would usually use for a load of washing of that size. Most of us use biodegradable detergents also. So the environmental impact is minimal, much less than with disposables. They are surprisingly little hassle to use as well. My friends all thought I was some kind of martyr to use them, but honestly, with a baby you’re doing so much laundry that one extra load every few days adds nothing.

  55. Larissa says:

    Clearly this was intentionally distorted… I went on to check the interview and ALL she says is that she read a book called “Poop trainning”. At no time Gisele says Benjamin IS POTTY trained already. Just that he is already used to it(like any other baby is used to diapers) and that he has a poop routine so it´s easy to know when it´s going to happen. She finishes by saying that you can START TRAINING babies since a very young age, not that he is going to the toillet by himself or anything…and at no time she says he doesn´t wear any diapers anymore, but she insinuates “the less the better”. I personally think it´s clever to not use diapers if you already know when it´s going to happen… cloth diapers can be nasty too, so if ya have a potty nearby why the hell not?????

  56. shandi says:

    I don’t consider a child potty-trained until he can get himself to the potty when he has to go. I highly doubt this one is truly potty-trained. As for her being a supermodel – really??? She doesn’t look very attractive at all to me with the greasy/wet hair look. Not at all.

  57. Marjalane says:

    I knew as soon as I saw the headline that there would be untold numbers of posters that would claim that they too, either were themselves, or have babies that were potty trained at 6 months! Get over yourselves! There ain’t no such thing as a child potty trained before 12 months- does it make you feel superior to claim you’ve accomplished the impossible? I love these parents who claim their child is “speaking” to them, and that they have this incredible intellectual relationship with them! We all love our children, but some of us are at least realistic as to what a baby is capable of! Childrearing has gone on for centuries, and you and yours are no better than anyone else.

  58. kim says:

    Obviously if the mom is carrying the child & holding him over the toilet the baby is going to pee/poop simply because he has to go. If she held him over the bed or her car or anywhere he would do same thing. He is a baby simply going to the bathroom after he eats period. He isnt potty trained/wouldnt know on his own to go to toilet to go to the bathroom. I think this is good because supposedly its been proven that potty training to early is traumatizing?

    And this is Giselle sister talking about situation not her saying Giselle says baby is potty trained.

  59. Cindy Kennedy says:

    Who cares??

  60. DiMi says:

    Did the nanny tell her that?

  61. guilty pleasures says:

    Lord knows I try not to be a word Nazi on these pages but I cannot let ‘little own’ by eileen yover pass.
    It is ‘let alone.’ Please, people, if it makes no freakin’ sense it is very likely the wrong phraseology.
    I wish I had taken note of all of the WRONG idioms people think they are quoting…it just hurts my brain.
    Think, people, and for the love of dogs, STOP putting parentheses around things ‘not worth quotation marks.’
    **breathe*** rant over. For now.

  62. ShinyBits says:

    Yup, totally possible – although I agree with other posters that “potty training” is a misnomer. My sister started doing the same thing with my 2 year old nephew when he was six months old. If she saw his little face screwed up in the obviously concentrated expression, she’d grab him, run to the toilet and hold him while he went. Much tidier than soiled diapers, and so much more comes out when it’s unimpeded! At two he still wets his diaper, but he’ll call out “toilet!” when he needs to take care of business.

  63. effinann says:

    I don’t mean to be a debbie downer as I get that Giselle comes off as a genuine asshat in the interview, but the argument that cloth diapers are more environmentally friendly than disposables is debatable. I know, crucify me, but unless you mommies out there are hand washing and/or air/line drying your nappies then the chances are that the fossil fuels you’re using to provide energy to wash and dry your cloth diapers is actually INCREASING your carbon footprint…. bring on the bad guy comments. Just bringing up a point.

  64. Isa says:

    I had never heard of EC before this but when my daughter was about 7 months I noticed she would always wake up with a dry diaper. She had a very predictable schedule. At 9 months I decided to start the process of potty training by putting her on after she ate or woke up. I didn’t have to wait long, never 20 minutes and she would go. I figured it would help and she would be potty trained a lot earlier.
    But everyone told me to stop and let her be a baby…I wish I wouldn’t have listened. She will be two in a few weeks and is still not. Meanwhile I am piling up diapers in a landfill and wasting dollars. She is just so busy all the time and isn’t speaking so I don’t know when she is going to go.
    I think it’s whatever works for your baby, if you have the time go ahead. I also think that the translation was off and that Giselse is intent on obtaining superhero status.

  65. Amy says:

    This article and most of these comments are so ignorant. Guess what? There’s a world out there beyond Pampers…

    She was talking about elimination communication. It’s really not hard or sensational at all. My baby squirms and cries out before she pees 90% of the time, so I sit her on the little potty rather than wait for her to pee in a diaper. She often holds her pee until I get her to the potty and she’s only 2 months old. I spend the same amount of time holding her over the potty as I would changing her diaper.

  66. hannah says:

    30lbs is normal isn’t it? i don’t get why thats even a topic…20-35=normal

  67. ken says:

    Remember Gisele’s as dumb as a rock, dropped out very early from h.s.

  68. girl says:

    It is pretty foolish to deny that there are cues that babies give that parents can read. Many mothers can look at their babies and tell that they are hungry, tired, are wet, etc.

    I bet just about every mother here can recognize that face their baby makes when they are ready to poop.

  69. ligeia says:

    i was potty trained way before i was a year old, you americans are just used to keeping your kids in diapers till they go to 1st grade so stuff like this seems weird to you.

  70. Whatever says:

    I guess I just have a different definition of potty trained than some people. For us, they are only potty trained when they can tell us, walk into the bathroom and take care of business. The entire process has never taken more than two days. Sitting a baby on the potty constantly, hoping they will go is idiotic. Even if I had nannies to watch their every move, why????

  71. Lola says:

    When my son was born my mother in law told me all about another culture (can’t remember which) that starts potty training them at birth and those babies are ACTUALLY potty trained in the early months of their lives not as in, walking to the potty chair because they can’t, but being taken to it, doing their business because they are held over it and not doing their business when the pot is not there and that is being potty trained.

  72. andrea says:

    she makes a lot of dumbass comments and most definitely has a bad case of horseface. she worked “literally half her life”? most people work, literally, more than half their lives. i can believe bridget is a real bitch too, but she seems to conduct herself in public in a classier manner than gis. as far as her career goes, i am SO tired of her mug – i hope some of the new girls start taking over more cuz, damn, am i sick of gis’s face.

  73. Esmerelda says:

    I hate that she fashions herself (and publications call her) an environmentalist yet her carbon footprint is INSANE. Get off, bitch.

  74. irena NL says:

    No sense rushing Nature along. It won’t make him a better person because he’s accelerated in some ways.

  75. Wif says:

    @ Whatever, “why????”

    Why not? I kind of hate Giselle, but I’m totally for elimination communication. I didn’t with my kids, but my neighbour does, and the big advantage is that I get to see her son’s little naked bum toddling all over the neighbourhood. So cute! We were out for a jog one night and she had him in a sling, he made this little noise and she hauled him out of the sling, naked bottomed, held him under his knees, and he peed a gracious arc into the bushes. Back into the sling and we were jogging again. The whole thing took a minute. Way more efficient than laying him down, changing his diaper and making sure he gets 5 min. of naked bum time.

    And in my neighbour’s particular situation, it’s not that she’s trying to be the world’s greatest mom, she’s an immigrant with 5 kids, and this is the cheapest, easiest way to do it. I think it rocks, and wish that my kids had had regular enough schedules to make it work.

  76. Cue says:

    Why are there like, 50 comments on how this is actually called : Elimination Communication?

    Do some of you posters not read the posts above theirs?

    While I’m at it, did anyone read Post #56?

  77. Mikunda says:

    I taught my daughter to say a-a for #2 and piii for #1 at the age of 7 months and a half.

    So, yes, it works. And it’s easy – I stayed at home full time though:))). And I loved being a stay-at-home-mom!!!

  78. weslyn says:

    here, here Irene! i totally agree..some parents can be overzealous with rushing developmental milestones to simply make themselves look good…and btw i have always thought her looks were overrated (body and face)

  79. Aspie says:

    @ Obvious – WTF does Chris Brown have to do with this post? It’s a completely different subject.

    Enough already with the endless dumping on him, he’s not the only one who’s ever made a huge mistake against a woman before.

  80. original kate says:

    “My son quit crying at 6 wks and instead said “agee” (hungry) when he was hungry.”

    ok, is a 6 week old child capable of speech? i don’t have kids and know nothing about them, but that seems a bit unlikely. don’t bash me, parents…just curious.

  81. Donna Wingfield says:

    I’ve never thought she was the least bit attractive, and she often comes across as self-absorbed. I don’t think it’s all due to translation issues. By the way, her husband has been described in similar terms by a number of sportswriter and sportscasters.

  82. K says:

    Agreeing to the comments about “Elimination Communication” — it’s been around in developing countries forever. My brothers and I were all diaper free by 6 months (as were my cousins and everyone our age). Had to do with the expense of disposable diapers and the pure yuckiness of cloth diapers back then. Sure we still had accidents.

    Even dogs don’t like to crap themselves and yes, it is slightly more work but it does work. I know as I have a 3 month old child who has been ECing since she was 5 days old. It really isn’t as much of a switch to regular diapering, bringing a child to the toilet and now that she’s older and is more cognizant, def. saves SO much on diapers. We pretty much only use 3 diapers a day, she “signs” us for the rest of the time.

  83. birdette says:

    hope little ben pees right in her face, right up that hook nose she has

  84. tsagrednerp says:

    I’m not a fan by any stretch of the imagination of Giselle but I think she was misquoted here.

    Her attitude though is hilarious to me, her beauty obviously escapes me because though I think she’s pretty, this encompassing all blinding beauty that overwhelms so many…I just dont see it.

    I think Tom and Giselle are very well suited they both have very similar attitudes but if they don’t last past year 4 I wouldnt be surprised.

  85. Confuzzle says:

    She and Goopy together would make quite a sanctimonious twat party.

  86. XYZ says:

    Is is supposed to be celebrity news? I also take a poop every morning around 7.30, why isnt that in the news? Say smth smarter, horsefaced Giselle!

  87. eternalcanadian says:

    is this for real? wasting 20 minutes holding a baby over the toilet waiting for it to pee or poop?

    slap a cloth nappy on and use a laundry service. that’s what my parents did.

  88. Red Rooster says:

    The fact that supposed grownups use the word “potty” says more about them than their children’s ability to communicate their need to go to the bathroom.

  89. layla says:

    this is like those women who claim their children scored a perfect 10 on their Apgar – except the apgar tests only goes up to 9.

  90. CB Rawks says:

    Is she mainly famous for her body? Because she’s a butterface.

  91. Cat says:

    Really, who gives a rat’s ass? Who has time to hold their kid over a crapper? Hahaha tell me how that works if you have more than one kid, Gie-SELLE! God she is so full of herself it’s sickening. Next thing she’ll be telling people that her baby has discovered the cure for some disease…bleh

  92. bellafiga says:

    Lookee here, I am the mother of a child who tried to sit up 4 days post birth and who started walking at 8 months old. But let me assure you, ESPECIALLY with boy babies, potty training is SERIOUS BUSINESS! That kid isn’t potty trained, more like she’s got a nanny who just sits in the bathroom with that child till something happen, because he’s seven months old and barely grasps the idea of toes!

    I do not co sign her! Never have!

  93. Michaela says:

    Stop being so jealous people! Just because you are doing things different way doesn’t mean she is making stuff up. I also had a natural birth and can’t say it was painless but I did it. My daughter started sitting up before she was 6 months and we started elimination communication (proper term for “potty training” with infants) with her around the same time and also sign language. It’s about scheduled potty time now but she is 7 months and does more pee in potty than diapers and #2 in the potty about 3x/day. She also signs potty as she goes, doesn’t do it before yet. We are also doing baby-led-weaning instead of feeding her purées and she can “eat” (suck) soft food all by herself – she will at a whole banana for breakfast for example and we only started a month ago. It takes about same time for her to go in the potty as it would to change dirty diapers! I guess we are over achievers as well then but good for us and good for Giselle! :p