Lindsay Lohan isn’t worried about jail because she’s a “tough bitch”

42250, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -Sunday July 4 2010. A smiling Lindsay Lohan arrives at a fourth of July party in Malibu. After the party, the 24 year old actress who has been reportedly romantically linked to both former Israeli army girl Eilat Anschel and Kelly Brook's fromer rugby beau Danny Cipriani, stopped off at a local store for some soda and snacks. Photograph:   David Tonnessen,

Yesterday, I did this massive Lindsay Lohan post because there was so much dumb news about Lohan Drama. The waitress that allegedly punched Lindsay in the face ran to Radar and said: “that disturbed little train wreck is delusional!” and “I did not hit her… but I’d like to.” When Radar picked Lindsay’s crackface off the bar and asked her to respond to Jasmine the Waitress’s statement, Lindsay responded (via text or email): “Hahahahahahahahaha“. God, Lindsay sucks so hard, she really does. Her probation judge Marsha Revel thinks she sucks too. And Lindsay’s big hearing is tomorrow – TMZ put up an interesting little piece about whether Lindsay is going to end up going to jail:

Lindsay Lohan could go to jail Tuesday for violating her probation … but even though she’s positive Judge Marsha Revel hates her, she’s convinced she’s does nothing wrong and will not end up behind bars

Multiple sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ … as far as Lindsay’s concerned, any missteps she may have made in the past are completely cured. She’s now up to date on all her alcohol ed classes, so, she thinks, what’s the big deal?

What Lindsay does not understand is that Judge Revel could indeed throw her in the pokey for missing three alcohol ed classes as of her last court appearance. And the whole thing of not showing up in court because the dog/thief ate her passport could be a deal breaker as well.

The people close to her tell us … Lindsay has become so accustomed to good lawyers bailing her out of seemingly impossible situations, she simply expects the same thing to happen again.

As one source put it, “Shawn [her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley] will just fix this like everything else.” The source adds, “It’s no big deal to her, even though she totally believes Judge Revel hates her guts.”

But even if Lindsay gets thrown in the pokey, people close to her think she’d be fine. As one source put it, “She is one tough bitch. She can hold her own.”

[From TMZ]

I’d never really thought about it in terms of Lindsay being a “tough bitch” before, but they may have something. Lindsay is a user and abuser, reminiscent of a cockroach – someone like Amy Winehouse, someone like that. They know how to survive. If Lindsay went to jail, my new fear is that she would actually find a f-cked up way to survive that too, and come out with her addictions and her insanity intact. That being said, I still want the judge to send her to jail. And I agree with Lindsay, Marsha Revel hates her. As she should – Lindsay has no respect for the court system, so the court system has no respect for her.

42250, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -Sunday July 4 2010. A smiling Lindsay Lohan arrives at a fourth of July party in Malibu. After the party, the 24 year old actress who has been reportedly romantically linked to both former Israeli army girl Eilat Anschel and Kelly Brook's fromer rugby beau Danny Cipriani, stopped off at a local store for some soda and snacks. Photograph:   David Tonnessen,

Actresss Lindsay Lohan celebrates her birthday at Colony night club on July 2, 2010 in Hollywood, CA (photo by mca / Meet The Famous) Photo via Newscom

Actress Lindsay Lohan arrives at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles June 6, 2010. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT)


Lindsay Lohan sits in the courtroom during a probation status hearing in Beverly Hills May 24, 2010. A Beverly Hills judge on Monday ordered Lohan to undergo random weekly drug and alcohol testing and wear an alcohol monitoring device, brushing aside objections that they would hinder an upcoming film project. REUTERS/Jae C. Hong/Pool (UNITED STATES - Tags: CRIME LAW PROFILE ENTERTAINMENT)

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  1. Julia says:

    Pretty sure that the amount of whining she’s done over nothing is evidence against her being a “tough” anything. Bitch, sure.

    The hardest thing about celeb jail, if she goes, is going to be the inability to twitter about how much everyone hates her and is mean for 24 hours.

  2. d says:

    As usual, Lindsay thinks it’s all about her. It’s not. It’s about public safety, etc. Lindsay is the star in her own world and everyone revolves around her. I don’t foresee any change in this attitude any time soon. I don’t think jail would affect her in any way. Look at Paris…she was shocked, but she got out and now it’s like it never happened. Lindsay in jail would make it all about her again, the inmates would give her all kinds of attention that she craves, and she would blame everyone for everything if something goes wrong.

  3. me2also says:

    She is not “one tough bitch” she is manipulative.

  4. YT says:

    I doubt the judge hates her but simply dislikes having to deal the this bit of trash. Lindsay spends too much time thinking the judge hates her while the judge only thinks of Lindsay when it is her job to do so.

  5. Solveig says:

    I don’t think she’s able to survive to jail because she is a fragile person. Yes, she’s dumb, she is manipulative and a liar, and an addict but nonetheless fragile.

  6. Statler says:

    So, let’s see, within the course of one week… 1. a waitress punches Lohan one time, and she runs away 2. Lohan cries about it on twitter 3. Lohan runs into same waitress at next club, again runs away 4. Lohan tries to pass herself off as some sort of tough chica in preparation for possible jail time.

    Yeah, the level of disconnect here is fascinating. She’d better hope she serves her time in the drunk tank/DUI section with the (semi)regular folks who wind up in the pokey.

  7. Electric says:

    I agree she’s like a cockroach, but she’s not tough. She is a whiny, dependent, enabled, little person. She can’t hardly live a day without a personal assistant. This bitch is unemployed and she can’t manage her own life!

  8. qb says:

    I’m sorry but Amy Winehouse has talent.

    Not like Lindsay whose best role was 13 years ago in a disney movie.

  9. Kayleigh says:

    Tough? Or thick?

  10. Scribe85 says:

    Lindsay saying the judge hates her, is a manipulative attempt to deflect attention away from her own antics. The antics that got her in trouble with the law in the first place.

    The judge doesn’t hate Lindsay. The judge is doing her job.

  11. hellen says:

    She’s not tough, otherwise she would be able to deal with rejection and fuck-ups. She denies everything so she doesn’t have to face it or think about it, and she relies on others to clean up the crap.

    If she went to jail she’d have a nervous breakdown. Although her “jail experience” would probably involve a cushy private VIP accommodation and catered food.

  12. Doseofreality says:

    First let me preface this by saying I am NO Lindsay Lohan fan.

    There is no joy in this entire situation, no winner, no satisfaction for Lindsay nor for us as the viewing public. Regardless of whether she is punished for this or that, or if she stays an abuser or cleans up, she is a loser, and we gain nothing from any celebration of that.

    Lindsay is only a product, a defective one at that, of a system that churns out entertainers for our pleasure but does not equip them for the pitfalls of life behind the camera. I read a very very good account by an insider that analyzed the type of people that make it a mission to become actors/actresses. Almost all suffer from narcissistic tendencies, attention seeking behaviors, and major insecurity and self-image issues amongst other things. Ironic really, that the very traits that almost guarantee a life of misery in the public eye are the very traits that are required to succeed in this business! Now top that off with the immediate handicap of being or starting off as a child actor (with the wickedly awful double handicap of a dysfunctional parent manager), no wonder Lindsay is a walking talking chronic train wreck.

    Lindsay is the architect of her own misery, but she was doomed from the start. No matter how many times you think she gets away with it, she has gotten away with nothing. Literally. She has nothing, achieves nothing, probably feels deep down inside that she deserves nothing. Her life is an endless nightmare of trying to fill a bottomless void inside of self-loathing and self-hate that she will never escape.

    Be glad you do not suffer as she does. In a very sad way we are literally watching someone drown, and doing nothing from our dry edge of the seashore.

  13. lt2010 says:

    As one who works in correctional services can attest, depending on where she is put I don’t think her “tough bitch” persona will help her in any way, shape or form. Unless she’s willing to spread IT around (which I guess she will), she could see that jail is nothing like her mamby pamby world of personal assistants and attention. PLUS she’s hated anyway

  14. Seri says:

    It’s hard to feel sorry for her anymore. I used to think she was just cute as a button too. I wish she’d get a therapist and someone to really hold and love her–a real friend. Maybe there’s still hope for her, maybe not. 🙁

  15. hottathanholywatta says:

    lock her up maybe then she can find her “soul mate”

  16. Solveig says:

    @Doseofreality, you say an undeniable truth that most of the people who read gossip sites do not consider. I totally agree with your conjectures.

  17. trollydolly says:

    I’m with doseofreality too. Good post.

  18. bizzy says:

    “she can hold her own” … ass in the shower?

    yeah no. your average fifteen year old inner city delinquent could use her up and throw her away in under two minutes. thankfully, they’ll all be in joovey, so linds might actually survive *a bit* longer than that.

  19. d says:

    Holy, DoseofReality. You make some good points. Food for thought…

  20. Feebee says:

    she may think so but she’ll still end up BEING someone else’s tough bitch

  21. Liana says:

    Almost all suffer from narcissistic tendencies, attention seeking behaviors, and major insecurity and self-image issues amongst other things.

    Key word being “almost.” I know a few well adjusted, non attention seeking, non narcissistic actors, but in truth, they are few and far between.

  22. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    I’ve heard that people who abuse drugs and alcohol become emotionally frozen at the age they started using. Lindsay sounds like a character from “Mean Girls.” Yes, Lindsay, Judge Revel wants to send you to jail because she like TOTALLY hates your guts. She’s probably jealous because you’re so pretty and popular. It’s not like she’s a judge who is applying the law to someone who broke the law multiple times. Oh no. Lindsay did nothing wrong and everyone is out to get her!

  23. Sasha says:

    eww…she’s looking more and more like her dad…not cute.

  24. original kate says:

    is she wearing a chainmail top? she looks like she’s going to work the dinner shift at midievel times.

  25. M says:

    RECKONING DAY is Tuesday!

  26. thisoneguy says:


    I agree with everything except the last paragraph. People have been throwing her life preservers for a long time. She just keeps swatting them away. Telling us to be thankful we are not her is just plain ignorant. Some of us have it a lot worse than she does. We just don’t have the spotlight on us or the massive amount of help available that she does.

  27. bellaluna says:

    @ Doseofreality – I agree.

    I feel badly that she’s such a train wreck (as entertaining as it is from a distance), but it’s largely her own fault. I am also very tired of seeing LH get away with as much as she does, without any concept as to how lucky (I know; who – other than a fellow criminal or substance abuser would consider her “lucky”?) she is to have gotten away with so much with such little consequence thus far.

    The lack of accountability is obscene (at least it is to me!), but looking at her parents, it’s obvious how she became that way.

  28. la chica says:

    it’s unfair to build a story around this hearsay evidence. there is no evidence that Lindsay called herself a tough bitch. none.

    can’t believe i am defending this twat.

  29. Laura says:

    She’s not going to go to jail. And if she does, she will be out in no time due to “overcrowding”.

    Our legal system sucks ass.

  30. mr. stinky fishface says:

    Is it just me or does she have a receding hairline?

  31. Isa says:

    Doesn’t Kate Gosselin have that same grey top?

  32. FUTURESTARdelux says:

    i agree with @doseofreality 100%. I know that lindsay is a complete mess at this moment and it’s all down to her actions but to me she seems like a sweet girl underneath it all.
    Out of my mothers family she is the only one of 6 siblings who didn’t get addicted to drink or drugs and is always helping her sisters & brothers with rehab etc
    My point is that it’s all well for people to say oh lindsay has had so many opportunities to get her life on track but has she really? to do that you need at least 1 person to support you and she doesn’t even have that, she has 2 shit fame whoring parents, a sister that would rather take her discarded clothes and not a single genuine friend i feel bad for her.
    To me it’s like she’s screaming out for help but there’s nobody to give it.
    I’m sure the reason she’s always out is because she can’t stay in her apartment alone at night thinking about how her life is so fucked up and she has nobody in her life that loves her for herself.
    Ironically her life reminds me of the Britney Spears song “lucky” we should be giving her support but this is a 23 year old girl that has been villified by the press and i really think people shouldn’t be so hatefull towards her…

  33. Orbit says:

    Lindsay should go to jail because (1) she’s earned it and it might do her some good and (2) it sets a bad, inconsistent example for regular folks when celebs never face justice.

  34. mojoman says:

    Yeah Lindsay, the judge is like, definitely hates you, like, she goes home after whole day of trials and like, writes down on her diary, “ugh, I hate that Lindsay Lohan, she is sooo not all that!”.. and because this is so high school! My 3 year old son has better reasoning skill than this girl.

  35. RaraAvis says:

    She thinks she’s tough? That’s hilarious! If she goes to jail (which I doubt) she’ll learn what tough is.

  36. mollination says:

    addicts are survivalists when it comes to getting what they need (drugs), but that does not make her a “tough bitch”. If anything, addicts are more affected by emotions like frustration, resentment, and despair (hence why they use).

    Let’s see, she just got punched out by a petite little model/waitress and cried to twitter. And her mom will be the first to tell all of us she’s just a poor, naive, innocent little milkaholic baby.

    So which is it Lindsay, you annoying piece of crap? Are you a tough bitch or a whiney little milkaholic who is constantly being taken advantage of by others? Yeah— that’s what we all thought.

  37. moocowhead says:

    Well, addiction takes endurance but so does life – you either take all the shit that happens or you kill yourself.

    I really can’t find words for the sense of entitlement she exhibits and all the bullshit that spouts from her mouth and twitter. I’m sure she’s said before that she can’t stand to be alone and I’ve known people like that who are manipulative and are deeply in denial about their behaviour and how they treat other people. If they were all forced into solitary confinement for a while they might have to face the truth about themselves so I think jail would do her good!

  38. Paul E. Stanley says:

    Nothing will happen to her. When she walks I’m done with all these celebrity blogs. I really don’t need to read comments from her stupid mother saying ” I told you she was fine”

  39. Per says:

    It’s the other way around… The court system has no respect for Lindsay so she has no respect for it.

    Lindsay behaved no different than other celebrities her age but for some reason both the media and the courts are harassing her to such a degree that she becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    If you look through all the fake media hype, you’ll see that it all started with a broken wrist. Lindsay was on powerful painkillers in order to work with it. This lead to alcohol abuse and her first rehab. Back out she found cocaine to be a substitute for the painkillers, again with alcohol. She was still too young to drink but the bars were happy to sell her alcohol anyway and to tip the paps off as well. This led to the famous paparazzi chase crash, the second rehab and the current court farce.

    Lindsay has been drug free since but was still drinking a bit (but never driving). The paps kept making up stuff, including throwing powdered sugar on her, snapping pics and calling it cocaine when they commented their pics.

    The judge obviously hate Lindsay and has been exceptionally hard on her, including the refusal of SCRAM time-off when Lindsay had to work, causing her to lose several jobs. No wonder that Lindsay has no respect for that system.

  40. Ruby Red Lips says:

    @ Per…with all respect are you being paid by Lindsay?

    What a ridiculous view, you are basically taking away all her self- responsibility and enhancing the ‘it’s never my fault’ mentality that Lindsay has…

    Its because of people like you that she will never take responsibility for her own actions and the mess she is making of her life.

    I don’t ‘hate’ Lindsay, but I feel that her behaviour is not acceptable and whatever you may say, being under the influence whilst driving is disgusting and there is no excuse for that entitled superior and downright dangerous action.

    Its the innocent people that get killed or maimed not the ‘high as a kite I’m a celebrity so I can do what I want’ Lohan et al

    I’m not going to debate each of your points because I think you are pretty much delusional, but to blame all her issues and addictions and vile behaviour towards others on a broken wrist and the fact that the court (which obv has nothing better to do!) disrespects Lindsay!!??? Makes me laugh out loud!

  41. Meanchick says:

    Lindsay is not worried about jail, because she’s going in on Thursday and getting out Thursday afternoon. Those 2 hellish hours! Poooooooor LL.

  42. N says:

    Wasn’t there rumours she didn’t have a broken wrist and injured herself ? There was also that time she needed to get 10 stitches after supposedly slipping and cutting her leg.

    I hope she doesn’t go to jail and the judge gives her another chance She has proved she can actually stay off illegal drugs. Hopefully the judge gives her 1 final chance with new conditions attached.

  43. normade says:

    @N: You’re joking right? lololololol

  44. The Bobster says:

    She really doesn’t know what a “tough bitch” is. If she goes to jail, she’d better be pretty good with her tongue.

  45. Per says:

    Yes, she broke her wrist – there are plenty of pics of her with a cast/split on her right wrist.

    No, I’m not paid by Lindsay, nor do I know her in any way except through the media. I just believe in her because she is a victim of an unprecedented media blitz following a single DUI incident (which led to the second). The paps were paid to cook up scandals and they did and everybody bought them.

    Sure she has flaws and she made mistakes but right now everybody is attacking her and enjoying her suffer and that is not fair. Listen to her in the court (TMZ has this) and you’ll see that she did her best but her job requires her to go on promotion, to go on location shoots and so on, and she did ask for permission and got it, but apparently not the right place or something, and nobody told her otherwise.

    In any case, she needs to get it over with and move on. She has complied with the court so far but I sincerely hope she’ll be playing a different tune when she gets out. Nothing less but a full assault on a clearly broken system can do it. She needs to team up with others like her and strike back.

    The judge obviously never liked her to begin with and was digging for every way of throwing Lindsay in jail, and now finally succeeded on what I’d call a tiny technicality. She was required to attend some meetings, once a week, but skipped some when she was out of town and then caught up with them (doing several a week) when she was back in town. She completed the required number of meetings but it turns out that she had to go exactly once a week (why?!) so the court essentially said that she once a week had to hop on a plane and fly back to LA for a stupid meeting, then to hop on another plane and fly back to wherever she was working (New York, Africa, France, England to name a few). Or that she just couldn’t work during all this probation time. That’s just stupid and violates every purpose of probation (to let her be able to keep her job and remain part of her community). So it would have made sense to let her do what she did, but no. The judge clearly wanted to hurt Lindsay without showing it too clearly, and just such a technicality is what she needed.