Heather Mills’ broke-ass insanity is reflected in her hair


She looks like Suze Orman, on drugs, and in a wind tunnel. This is Heather Mills yesterday, as she celebrated the only somewhat profitable part of broke-ass empire – her vegan restaurant, V Bites. For the occasion of V Bites’ first anniversary, Heather did herself up in a psychedelic muumuu and spiked hair. I swear, in every photo of her from this event, her hair is doing something totally different, yet equally crazy.

I have a question – why platinum blonde? Granted, Heather is delusional, and her delusions stretch from her charitable causes to her appearance to her past to her future. So she probably thinks this is a great look. Her best ever.

It does seem like this one investment (V Bites) might pay off, although not a big way. As we told you several months ago, Heather has completely run through her roughly $50 million divorce settlement from Paul McCartney. And she didn’t give it away to charity, either. She bough some properties, she bought this V Bites restaurant, and the rest of it she just blew on vacations and a world-class entourage or hair, makeup and fashion people. And bleach, apparently. The Daily Mail notes that V Bites is doing very well in Sussex (where it’s located) and there are even “Heather Forever” t-shirts being sold in-town. Well, let’s hope she can live on it.


Oh, look – it’s even worse from behind.


Heather in Sussex on July 4, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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22 Responses to “Heather Mills’ broke-ass insanity is reflected in her hair”

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  1. Persistent Cat says:

    Yesterday, I saw a lady in the mall with hair like that. But higher. It was horrible.

  2. a says:

    she looks a little “billy idol” in the second photo…

  3. BeeCee says:

    This is hilariously AWESOME!! One of my best friends has her hair EXACTLY like this….. I despise it I’m just too bloodly nice to say what I really think of it… Does that make me a bad friend???

    …. LMFAO

  4. Gwen says:

    She ran through $50 MILLION?? How is that even humanly possible?

  5. Roma says:

    Maybe she figured the bad, crazy ass hair worked for Kate Gosselin?

    I bet she’s hoping for hair extensions and a big People Cover – Heather’s New Look!

  6. irena NL says:

    Paul will forever rue the day he took her in.

  7. lolo says:

    I like her hair, it is very European!

  8. Anti-icon says:

    I swear, she seems to be from the exact same mold as Reille Hunter. The Exact Same Mold.

  9. Henriette says:

    Ugh. Has run through $50million… That’s disgusting and pathetic. Just like those poor lottery winners who get a huge-ass check and are back to being broke 2 years later.

  10. Laura says:

    Too bad she didn’t spend some of that money on those big ass donkey teeth. ICK!!!

  11. archiepelago says:

    Paul was crazy with grief after Linda died and back then, Heather had a little of the Linda going on. Blond, blue eyed, into the same charities, working the humanitarian angle, vegan. I think he married her with blinders because his kids hated her and warned him but grief does funny things to people. Sad he learned the hard way and sadder still they had a kid that grew up in the mess of their divorce and the toxic fall out years later.

  12. Lushus L. says:

    There’s no fool like an old “Fool on the Hill”!

  13. Aussie Mama says:

    and so will Oksana.

  14. Aud says:

    Too bad she never hired someone to show her how to do makeup with that 50 mil. That crap is CAKED on the whole way down her neck!

  15. RaraAvis says:

    How ironic – she’s all for animal rights, but willing to pour toxic bleach all over her head. What a stupid bitch.

  16. Vibius says:

    Hair like this didnt look good on men a couple decades ago and it doesn’t look good on women now

  17. cruiz2 says:

    L.L. – saw this too & looks like modeling clay, a pancake cover-up. Not natural at all & no surprise here. She’s a big phoney!

  18. Sincerity says:

    Well, she’s 42 years old and may be trying to reach out to a younger age demographic in order to promote her business. I really don’t care for her look either, but it’s her life. Money can easily slip through anyone’s fingers when they don’t understand the tax implications of their expenditures.

  19. Meanchick says:

    If it’s TRUE that she “blew through 50 million dollars” then I have no sympathy for her.

  20. frenchie says:

    How many TONS of make up is she wearing ?

  21. kaligula says:

    omg i actually don’t like to make fun of her because i think she is so pathetic that it’s just not ethical to target her at this point. however, hilarious headline! lol when i saw it…thanks

  22. mojoman says:

    Holy Gotham teeth, Batman!