Angelina Jolie: It’s “bad parenting” to force your kids to dress a certain way


More Angelina Jolie interviews! Hurray. Angelina spoke to Reuters over the weekend, and she got some more “Why is Shiloh dressing like a boy?” questions. Angelina basically said that Shiloh is just a kid and Shi‘s Montenegro style is the bomb. But since this is the new, haughty Angelina, she couches her response with a side of judgment. Angelina says: “I think she is fascinating, the choices she is making. And I would never be the kind of parent to force somebody to be something they are not. I think that is just bad parenting.” Hear that, all of you “Shiloh should dress like a princess all the time” moms? Let a tomboy be a tomboy.

It’s never easy being a style trendsetter, opening yourself up for criticism from the world’s fashionista. But for a four year-old, it might seem especially hard — unless your mother is Angelina Jolie.

Jolie, who is currently promoting her upcoming film “Salt,” defended her daughter Shiloh’s style choices over the weekend, calling them “fascinating” and saying she would not force any of her six children to be something they are not.

In recent months Shiloh, 4, has been pictured wearing boys’ neckties, jackets, hats and other clothing that sparked headlines about the youngster being a bit of a tomboy.

“I think she (Shiloh) is fascinating, the choices she is making. And I would never be the kind of parent to force somebody to be something they are not. I think that is just bad parenting,” she told Reuters on Saturday.

Jolie, who is raising her kids with partner Brad Pitt, said encouraging the kids’ sense of self-expression was an important part of their upbringing.

“Children should be allowed to express themselves in whatever way they wish without anybody judging them because it is an important part of their growth,” she said, before adding: “Society always has something to learn when it comes to the way we judge each other, label each other. We have far to go.”

Indeed, Jolie said the crew grew uncomfortable on the set of “Salt” when she dressed in men’s clothes for her role as a gung-ho CIA officer wrongly accused of being a Russian spy. To hide, she must disguise herself as a man.

“It was fascinating,” she said. “The stunt guys I usually hung out talking to, didn’t want to hang out with me. The girls didn’t know how to respond…there was something about him that kind of freaked the whole crew out.

[From Yahoo News]

I cosign what Angelina says about Shiloh and letting kids express themselves. Most likely, whatever tomboy style Shiloh wants to rock is just some phase. And if it’s not? Who gives a f-ck? What’s the worst case scenario? That Shiloh has a lifelong aversion to dresses? That she grows up to be a tomboyish woman? That she’s – gasp – a pantsuit-wearing lesbian? Whatever.

Meanwhile, Angelina also has a new interview with Nightline, and ABC News just put some clips and excerpts online (ABC News piece here). Here are some highlights:

Angelina on the real-life Russian spy drama: “It’s bizarre, isn’t it? It’s been so bizarre for us. … I have two halves. You know, a part of me feels, as a citizen of a country, you think, ‘I don’t want anything to affect our new positive relationship with Russia.’ And the other part of me is somebody who’s in a film, thinks, ‘My god, what timing.’ And this is so strange, because all through making the film, there was a question of, ‘Is it possible? Does it still exist today? Is it poignant? Is it relevant?'”

Has Angelina ever punched someone? “I have,” Jolie said. She was a teenager. “I did punch,” Jolie said. “I think because I was so — it was my first fight, you know? And you — and you don’t know what else to do. But you just want it to be, I don’t know. You figure you better do it right the first time or they’re gonna come back at you!” But she added, “real fighting is so awkward and not cool at all.”

On her dangerous stunt-work: “Because I have six kids, I would never do something that could kill me,” Jolie said. “But there were things that were — I could have broken my arm or broken my leg, or that kind of thing.”

The tough-girl persona: “In some way,” she said, “I suppose. Or I wouldn’t be able to do the film. … As I said, if it came down to something I had to do, I’m fine to get dirty and tough with the best of ’em, you know? Because I would believe in what I’m fighting for. And I’m not afraid. But I’m also just Mommy, and goofy Mommy.”

Her kids? “They’re in the hotel room,” Jolie said “…I’m sure they’ve made a fort out of every possible thing in that room.”

Plans for more kids? “There’s no plans at the moment for more,” Jolie said. “But always talk about it. We’re always open. You know? We kind of joke about it, ’cause in the morning we’re so tired. ‘Cause there — nobody spends the night. We wake up and we have breakfast. … And so, we always have this thing kind of first thing in the morning where we’re really, really tired. And we always look at each other and wonder like, Are we ever gonna get sleep?’ And then we joke about sleep. … But yet, we still love the idea of having more children.”

Food, and a Knox story: “We take turns. He’s better at making eggs and bacon than I am. I try. But I think everybody prefers Dad’s eggs and bacon. They always want pancakes. Knox is very into pancakes right now. And gets really upset if he can’t have pancakes. You know, we just try to– we try to corral them. We’ve had to put new gates up, because the twins are kind of going everywhere, while we were trying to make breakfast and get the other others out the door for camp. So, we’ve had to put like extra gates on the kitchen. And– we have drawers in the kitchen full of toys. And we’ve got– you know, just stations kind of for somebody’s getting ready. So, the twins have their own little section. … We pride ourselves on the fact that we got it. We got this… We got it. You get the juice, you get the thing. We’re like bartenders. We’re like– we’re like waiters. You know?”

Who is the Bad Cop with the kids? “I think I’m better at disciplining the girls. And he’s better at disciplining the boys,” she said. “But we — we kind of made a plan early on that we believe that you can’t be good cop / bad cop. That you have to back each other no matter what! We are working together. You cannot break us.”

[From ABC News]

She also says she “really does root for women” when asked about the research she did with female CIA officers. It sounds like a good interview, doesn’t it? The full Nightline interview comes on tonight, after your 11 pm local news. I might have to stay up for that. My favorite part was when Angelina talked about how weird the real-life Russian spy drama is. CB and I were talking about this last week, and I theorized that perhaps the whole thing was some kind of unconventional promotional campaign for Salt, just because the story seemed to fit so perfectly.

Oh, and Us Weekly has a new interview with Angelina where she’s talking about how much she loves speaking in Russian, the “sensual” language. She and Johnny Weir should really get together. Us Weekly’s piece is here.

Here’s a clip of Angelina’s Nightline interview:



Angelina & Shiloh on February 16, 2010. Also, Angelina & the twins on March 26, 2010. Credit: Fame.

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  1. jones says:

    I agree with her. Kids start forming there own identity from early on in childhood. I think it’s important to allow your child to just let them be who they are. It’s possible that her child may naturally be a tomboy or a lesbian as she grows older. It’s important to show your child that they are beautiful no matter how they are and to show them that you are accepting of them and that you support who they are from early on in their childhood. Kudos to Angie for trying to be a good parent.

  2. mimi says:

    Brad’s better at making bacon and eggs.. I try…

    This must be when their army of nannies, cooks are sleeping in? Please.

  3. jc126 says:

    I would have to agree, forcing your kids to be something they’re not is bad parenting. That’s really what she said, not that forcing them to dress a certain way is bad parenting.
    It’s funny, my SIL thought she would raise her kids (2 boys and a girl) in as gender-neutral a fashion as possible, not restricting them from any toy, yet not buying Barbies because those supposedly encourage female stereotypes. The boys went right for the soldiers, baseballs and other “male” toys, and the girl went right for clothes and dolls, in fact being so obsessed with fashion that she’d change her outfit a couple times a day even as a toddler. Lol.

  4. di butler says:

    I love, love, love the “Montenegro-style” comment on how Shiloh/John is now dressing. I hope Michael K updates his last post on this to add in Jolie’s latest comments. She’s beautiful, seems very giving, and a good actress. I still thinks she’s a little whacked, though.

  5. pooky says:

    It’s “bad parenting” to force your kids into the public eye to promote your career but whatever…

  6. denise says:

    I usually let my kid dress herself. However I think it’s wrong to encourage your child to think she is a gender she it not. Dressing like a boy is one thing, but the haircut and overall look is a bit over the top.

  7. Tuatara says:

    I am loving Shiloh’s monkey hat.

  8. lisa says:

    Just saw part of her (Angelina’s) GMA interview. Just loved it. she and Brad are the parents of this 4 year old baby. 4 years old. And the fact that adults will be here saying unkind things is just beyond all reason to me. This little girl in every picture I have seen of her is just glowing and so full of life and fun. I got a kick out of a picture of her when they were in Cancun. she jumped off the side of a ramp.. Perfect form.. her action Mom would be proud. But she just seem so free and loved. and to me that is what is most important. NOT that she wears “girl cloths”. Those children look really happy to me when I see them in photographs. They look like healthy and love kids. They have two parents that are devoted to them and providing a great life. Hmm. I think there are way more children to be concerned about than Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.. she seems to be just fine.

    She nor Brad have ever denied they have help. But really I don’t care what size house you live in.. Do people really think they have 6+ nannies.. Silly.
    She has said they have 3. and that none sleep over and that help comes in during the morning. Why is that so hard to believe. They have help. When did that become a crime. MY sister is a teacher and she has a nanny that comes in the morning to get her girls ready for school. She leaves for work and the nanny takes the girls to school and such. NO she is not wealthy but she has a nanny. No crime. I am sure if working mothers were told they could get help all would jump at the chance. AND having help does not mean you are not raising your children. Gosh what year are we living in.

  9. a says:

    i agree. my mom forced me to wear pink everyday, painted my room pink, girly pink toys, etc… even though she knew i hated it. as an adult i wear black, brown and grey. i’m sure it’s more subconscious than anything.

    there’s nothing wrong in letting a child pick their own things as long as they’re not harming anyone.

  10. Whatever says:

    I agree with her. It’s gross when moms have a kid like Shiloh and force her into dresses, princesses and frilly crap when the kid hates it. Let them be who they are. Each of my kids is completely unique in so many ways and part of the fun of parenting is watching them bloom into the individuals they are meant to be.

  11. Praise St. Angie! says:

    that monkey hat KILLS me. I love it!

    and who cares what kids wear unless it’s some special event?

    I see Victoria Beckham’s kids in Batman suits and other kids in a fairy-skirt, uggs, and a down jacket. let the kids express themselves – what harm can it do?

    (to add, I think Shiloh’s little vest/tie/hat combos are cute, and way more stylish than the fairy-skirt/uggs combo I mentioned above.)

  12. bellaluna says:

    Letting your children choose their own clothing is also a great way to make potty-training a “non-issue”: to many toddlers, potty-training is a control issue. Giving your child other choices (i.e. cereal or eggs for breakfast? what kind of sandwich for lunch? which fruit for snack?) gives your child control in other facets, removing his/her need for control over potty-training! Trust.

    My oldest child wore (in public, no less!) a purple, grey, & black Batman shirt with white & blue striped baseball pants, and Buster-Bunny slippers. But he didn’t mess his pants! 😀

  13. ghostbuster says:

    im an adult and still hate dresses. yay to aj for sticking up for her kids and letting them be the person they are. i like her more and more.

  14. poster 1 says:

    That interview is hard as hell to follow. with all the extra bits here and there.

  15. SolitaryAngel says:

    God, I love this woman! She is right, and you posters are correct when you say that kids are individuals, and should be allowed to decide for themselves what they want to be. My own mother used to complain to me about my son, the things I would allow him to wear or read, etc. Once he decided he wanted his ear pierced; in order to hold him off (until he hopefully changed his mind), I told him that if he kept his straight A’s all school year I would allow the piercing. He kept his grades up, so I had to keep my promise. She felt I was allowing him to be made fun of, and I asked her this; If I never allow him to make small decisions and live with the consequences, how would he EVER learn how to make big ones? I’m glad Angelina & Brad understand that…those kids are really lucky!! And obviously loved.

  16. hanh says:

    I don’t know why people are so against having nannies? What do you think working parents have to do? They have to have nannies, daycare, etc to help them. You still take care of your own child even if you have nannies! You spend time with them, etc? Geez. Some people have no clue on what they’re talking about.

    And I hate the idea of forcing clothing choices on a child. Let them decide! Why are people so controlling? What is wrong with short hair on a girl? What is wrong with pants? She’s freaking 4 years old. Nobody gets on the Beckham boy for wearing his superhero costumes.

    People are so judgmental.

  17. photo jojo says:

    Gotta give it Angie on this one, and normally I’m anything BUT an Angie fan. Who gives a shit what the kid wears? With six of them in the house, she’s got bigger battles to fight than what Shiloh or any of them wear! They’re clean, clothed, fed, loved, respected, honored, and clearly happy. Maybe if every child in the world had just that much, there’d be a lot less hatred and violence in the world.

  18. jayjay says:

    Didn’t think I could dislike her any more then I already did.

  19. TaylorB says:

    Good for her!

    I don’t actually get what the big deal is, is it that she might ‘GASP’ become a lesbian because she wears pants? First of all, clothing does not define a person, and secondly who would really care if she was born gay?

    I will say though, and this is simply because of where I live (MN) I agree with forcing kids to wear hats, boots, mittens, etc. no matter how much they protest, the temps here in the winter are often well below zero with wind chills in the -30 degree range, as daytime highs and fashion self expression be damned they must be safe.

  20. bizzy says:

    so, what i really really want to ask angelina jolie: she wears her hair down almost all the time, and there’s not one single picture of any of her babies grabbing her by the hair and *pulling*. how does she make that happen? my son fricking scalps me and my partner unless we wear our hair scraped back all the time. he’s too little to understand (though we’re working on it, and i think there may be the first glimmerings of restraint), but seriously, how does she do it?

  21. Lisa S says:

    I know most people get so annoyed with Gwyneth Paltrow talking about dieting, exercise, etc., and Angelina Jolie seems to have more important things to talk about. But could you imagine that conversation going down between a reporter and AJ? Reporter: “So Angelina, how did you lose your baby weight after the twins?” Angelina Jolie: ” I don’t eat.” LOL

  22. Shi-gatsu says:

    I agree with her about letting Shiloh dress how she wants. BUT-

    Her interviews are boring. Every interview she talks about her kids and Brad. What their breakfast routine is. What her kids are doing at the very moment. What cute “goofy mommy” and daddy moments her and Brad share. It’s getting old fast – and a bit suspicious.

    Duh – she always will put in a sweet little excerpt about her perfect mothering and how much Brad and the kids love her and they all accept her faults. Really? All those little kids know all her faults? When I was a kid -my parents’ faults were not apparent. They were my heroes – now as I get older of course their faults are more visible.

    The painting of a beautiful conventional family eating breakfast together while the parents are in P.J’s is sweet and endearing -and she knows that. It all may be true – but why blab it to the press? It’s a bit too syrupy and over the top.

    I just see it as her feeding the masses of a Puritan American society when she pulls this crap.

  23. denise says:

    @ Bizzy

    It’s just one of those mysteries 🙂

    The kids are a little bigger now, I think they’re beyond that hair pulling stage.

  24. denise says:

    @ SHi-Gatsu

    She’s an actress, she is acting 😉

  25. mslewis says:

    @Mimi . . . Angelina has always said the nannies, cooks and cleaners don’t stay overnight. That’s why she and Brad cook the breakfast. What’s so hard to understand about that? Rich people seldom have live-in help these days.

    I have recorded the GMA interview but haven’t watched it yet. I know the longer interview on Nightline will be interesting because all of Angelina’s interviews are interesting. Can’t wait to see it.

  26. Penguen says:

    When I was a kid, my parents would let me pick out my own clothes. I had days where I couldn’t pick between a skirt and jeans, so I’d wear both. Nothing I wore matched, and I loved it. It definitely gave me a sense of developing who I was, and growing up, I never felt too much of a need to conform with what I wore or what I did. I’m pretty grateful for it.

    My mother did say that my wardrobe choices embarrassed her when I was in nursery school and lower grades – so she stuck a button on my shirt every day that said, “I chose these clothes myself!” It just made me happier (I liked getting the credit) and kind of let the world know that she wasn’t the one dressing me like oh, say, a pirate on some days.

    So more power to Shiloh. I think what Angie is doing is healthy and good for her.

  27. Monica says:

    Well, I think she forced Shiloh to dress like a tomboy…

  28. bizzy says:

    @denise: yeah, our guy’s just a year old. but, y’know, when *her* babies were a year old, they respected The Hair.

  29. Eve says:

    I remember when I was a little girl and my mother made me wear the cutest dresses…too bad they were uncomfortable as hell! Not only they’re itchy and I almost died every time I had to wear them during the summer (which is basically 100% of the year where I live), but I also couldn’t play or do anything fun while wearing them — all I could do was just sit down and look pretty. My childhood pictures are something interesting to look at: I always look spotless and sometimes I’m smiling, but I can honestly say I wasn’t happy at all. All I wanted to do was wearing t-shirts and shorts so I could play with my friends…I’ve always liked masculine clothes but could never wear them back when I was a child.

    P.S.: And no, I didn’t turn into a lesbian. I’m very much straight.

  30. mimi says:

    There’s nothing wrong with having nannies. ???? What gets me is how AJ tries to portray themselves as *not* having nannies. Yes, she’s mentioned it but if she were to really reveal what daily life is like for them she would have to mention the nannies – and she never does.

  31. denise says:

    @ Bizzy

    I remember when my babies were that small, not only did they love grasping the hair and putting it in a deathhold,but they loved pulling my earrings 🙁

  32. Leticia says:

    Regarding her stance that it is wrong to force children to dress a certain way, I completely disagree with her.

    However, she is obviously a loving, devoted mother and her kids seem happy.

  33. Leticia says:

    @Denise, I have to agree with you again.

  34. Missfit says:

    Yup, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…Shiloh shouldn’t have to be in peptp bismol colors to be cute or girlie. If she’s a tomboy, so be it, she might grow out of it, she might not. She might decide she’s gay later, maybe not. But not all kids that dress tomboyish will be lesbians later in life. As long as Shiloh is happy, that’s what matters. And Angelina’s kids always look well taken care of and happy to me in photos (of what I’ve seen). And I doubt they always have to be smiling to look “happy”…we all have our moments…bad days and good days. I agree with everyone else…I LOVE her monkey hat! 😉 I was one of those kids in school that wore weird stuff to try to be different and not to blend in with anyone else. I didn’t fit into a group, I talked to everyone. I wasn’t popular, I wasn’t a jock, but sadly some of those other “groups” felt it was necessary to be jerks to other kids and that’s anywhere. I used to think kids were bad in school, back in my day, but now, they are much worse. So I also think there is a certain line you have to draw as a parent. I don’t think girls should be dressing like Miley Cyrus either. I think more covered up as a teen, (even if it’s mismatched), without showing too much skin is more appropriate for a teen.

  35. lucy2 says:

    I think it’s ridiculous for these tabloids to be discussing children at all, but especially how a 4 year old dresses.

    Most of the time I say let kids be themselves and wear what they want – unless they’re 16 or 17 years old and performing on stage barely clothed in hooker-wear, ala Miley and that Taylor girl. THEN a parent needs to step in.

  36. denise says:

    @ Leticia

    Thank You.
    It’s nice to have somebody that agrees with me once in a while 😉
    Esp. on this topic.

  37. Maritza says:

    Maybe if early on Angelina would have taken Shiloh to any store and told her pick out whatever you want from the girl section, letting her know there is a difference, then maybe Shiloh would like girls clothes. In my opinion she is encouraging Shiloh to be a tomboy.

  38. denise says:

    @ Maritza

    Good point.

    If it were a boy in a dress , I don’t think the overall reaction would be that approving.

  39. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Mimi Angelina has mentioned that they have help with the kids but I don’t think considering how little they work the nanny is daily thing expect when they want to get ready to go out and have a little help getting them dressed. So what if they have a freaking nanny, Angelina is the mommy, Angelina does the mommy thing with her kids. Not the Nanny. I can’t understand what kind of satisfaction your gonna get from her mentioning that while she is getting the twins dressed and Brad is getting another 2 kids ready a 3rd person is helping them dress the other 2. Nobody cares about the 3rd person. Those kids don’t call the help mommy and daddy.

    Its not impossible to be incredibly hands on and still have some help. Brad and Angelina took their babies to school everyday when they were in Prague, picked up Maddox everyday from school when they were in New York, people bitched like they were doing something bad because the paps were taking pictures everyday. OMG Imagine the bitching if they had the nanny go pick Mad up from school. So your just ranting about this really because you find very little fault with them as parents and that upsets you.

  40. snowball says:

    I guess unfortunately for my son, we didn’t have enough money that I could take him on shopping trips when he was a baby so I could frivolously let him pick his own clothes, so he ended up stuck with the Oshkosh B’Gosh overalls and rugby shirts I bought him. He missed out on all the fun he could have had in skirts and pink dresses when he was 4 if that’s what he would have chosen.

    It’s one thing if it’s a girl wanting to be in boys’ clothes, but if Maddox wanted to be wearing dresses, would we be saying something else?

    And yeah, yeah, I’m all for letting a kid be what he or she wants, before anyone leaps on me. Aside from sticking to the boys and mens departments when shopping for him, I don’t make any choices for him.

  41. finnagen says:

    It’s mind boggling that people actually believe the stuff that comes out of her mouth. This is all about image control and what she wants the public to believe about her. Oh, and she has a movie coming out. Mommie Dearest indeed.

  42. Liana says:

    is it wrong that I covet the monkey hat? And come on now, I doubt Angelina is forcing Shiloh to dress like a boy. When I was that age, I liked to wear skirts over shorts, baseball jerseys, and high tops. I also went through a phase where I wanted to wear a crown 24/7, and one where I dressed like a gypsy. I got over it and am a fairly well adjusted woman.

  43. Maritza says:


    Very true indeed, if Pax or Maddox would want to wear a pink dresses and be seen outside, neither Angelina or Brad would approve.

  44. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Snowball first off alot of what the kids wear is each others clothes. 2nd are you upset because Brad and Angelina have money to take their children clothes shopping? 3rd I am pretty sure there would have been a bigger discussion if the boys wanted to dress like girls but I think Angelina’s reaction and feelings still would be the same, Brad is another story. I honestly don’t know what your complaining about. You think things would have been different if the boys wanted to dress like girls? Who knows. Like I said I think Angelina’s reaction would have been the same. It would take some getting used to for other people, but in that family they support each other and no one else’s thoughts or opinions would affect the fact they are raising their babies to be individuals.

  45. GrnMtGirl says:

    I think I remember Angie stating that she didn’t want her girls wearing pink. And, wasn’t there a to do about Brad’s parents buying Shiloh something pink to wear?

    Maybe I’m remembering incorrectly, but if this memory is correct then she did “force” her kids to dress the way she wants them to.

    p.s. Have you ever seen any of her girls wearing anything pink?

  46. Shawna says:

    I’ve pretty much resigned myself to not wearing jewelry, and always wearing my hair tied back, for the first 2 yrs of my kids’ lives!

  47. Deb says:

    Sounds like they are being raised by wolves.

  48. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @GrnMtGirl you are indeed incorrect. Angelina never made any statement like that, until now, about what she dresses her kids in or how they choose to dress.

  49. L says:

    This has been said before, but dressing like a cute little girl will not keep them from growing up to be a lesbian. Look at Chaz Bono. That girl was dressed to the nine’s when she was young in the most frilly things I’ve ever seen.

    I have no idea how you would force a child to be a tomboy, since it’s more than just the clothes and hair. Cutting her hair and allowing her to wear pants isn’t trying to convince her she’s boy.

  50. andrea says:

    yeah, i dont buy the image about them waking up each morning and making breakfast – maybe that happens, like, occasionally – but with 6 kids of the 2 of them filming regularly, i dont buy the picture she is trying to paint.

    i have no idea what the “controversy” is about this kid and her clothes. she wears pants. bfd. id say a worse example of parenting re: clothes is not making your kid wear a coat in the cold.

  51. lrm says:

    um, she should just kindly say ‘why are you questioning me about something my preschool age child is wearing?’

    I think it’s highly inappropriate for her to be asked about it,a nd equally so for her to respond.

    These children are not accessories.

    That said, all of their children seem grounded and content, in photos, esp. given how often they are photographed by complete strangers. And, i honestly cannot believe people would trip over a girl going through a tomboy phase, in 2010. esp. one with older brothers.

  52. original kate says:

    if shiloh turns out to be a lesbian it will be because she was born that way, not because she wore boy’s clothes. god, could that assumption be any dumber? so i agree with her there – they should wear want they want provided it’s season-appropriate. but does she honestly expect anyone to believe that she & brad struggle to make breakfast for 6 kids when they have household staff? girl, please.

  53. jeannified says:

    Love me some An-JO-leena!!! …and she is right!!!

  54. Deb says:

    She’s creating 6 more “Lindsey Lohan’s”

  55. teri says:

    I’m not even sure why people just blame Angelina, it’s not like Shiloh doesn’t have a father in her life as well. It’s always some who say Angelina encourages Shiloh to dress that way even though Brad takes her clothes shopping as well.

  56. Katherine Mac says:

    What I want to know is how anyone knows if that’s a girl monkey hat or a boy monkey hat?

  57. Jaxx says:

    What kind of world do we live in that you have to protect a four year old CHILD from harsh criticism for clothes she puts on in the morning? It’s totally ridiculous. Shiloh idolizes her older brothers so she wants to look like them. Nothing wrong with that.

    The press needs to lay off this kid. It’s sick.

  58. Codzilla says:

    LOVE the hat. We had a little bear tuque for our son that was almost identical to Shiloh’s monkey hat. I nearly wept when he outgrew it, LOL.

  59. Bobie says:

    I actually think that Angelina seems like a fine mom, and her kids are cute. But she just brings out the hate in me because she seems so damn arrogant. Granted, its probably pretty hard not to be arrogant when everyone tells you nonstop how awesome you are and how you are so superimportant, but you can tell she really thinks she’s God’s gift to everything especially motherhood. She’d be a lot better off just saying, you know, it’s hard but we love it instead of going on and on about how awesome she is (because that is what she’s indirectly saying). It makes me root for her to fail and be exposed as not that awesome. I admire people who are great but also humble.

  60. lindsay says:

    she looks olddd in that interview. its crazy to see what makeup and photoshop can do. though shell always be beautiful, the difference is insane.

  61. Cleo says:

    Suri Cruise dresses terribly and someday, she’s going to be an adult and look at her toddler photos and wonder where the hell were her parents.

  62. lisa says:

    I think she has the right to answer questions about her life. Especially since the tabloids and blogs have an open forum on what they say is happening in it.

    @finnagen.. it is more mind boggling to believe that the rags that have been printing their truths are believed. I guess for some the problem is she is talking about her life. And she has not done an interview like these in 2 years. 2 years of week after week of stories about her family..

    I think it her turn to give her side. And SHE HAS THAT RIGHT.

    regarding her/Brad children. YES they have 2 parents, but as you see on this site and the rags it all come down to attacking Angelina. Like she is a single parent. Brad and She obviously see eye t eye on how to raise their children. But as always the negative is directed towards the woman. NOT the man.

    I think the problem is her answers are not inline with the crap the tabs have been printing.. So of course to the people who don’t like her she is lying. I guess it never occurred to them that MAYBE THE RAGS HAVE BEEN WRONG THESE 5+ YEARS..

  63. kim says:

    There are plenty of pics of Shiloh in a dress there is a pic of her in a French store w/ a white dress, a pic of her in LI in a peasant dress. If Shiloh wanted to wear dresses she shares a room w/ her sister she could wear her clothes. Obviously the girl dresses like that because she wants to. Good for you Shiloh .Interestly AJ mentioned the kids are in daycamp on GMA and there were pics of Maddox and AJ at a school fair last month_ for thepeople who claim they don’t socialize with other kids. Just because the tabloids or paps don’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t occur.

  64. OC lady says:

    I’m glad she’s letting them pick their own clothes. I hated being forced into frilly dresses as a kid. It was a constant battle with my mom. Now, I like dresses, but as a kid, I wanted to play in the dirt. Can’t do that in a dress.

    With 6 kids 8 and under, I wish her the best of luck but I wouldn’t want to be her like EVER. I think the nannies are a necessity for their sanity. 🙂

  65. picky picky says:

    I certainly don’t limit myself to the girls section at Target. Why should boys get all the retro Star Wars, AC/DC and Queen shirts. I love when my 2 year old girl wants to wear “Queen”. LOL or Star Wars (“mountain shirt”). Self expression is evident even at 2, 3 an 4 and as long as those choices are not self harming or age inappropriate then what is the harm for a happy Toddler/kid. so she dresses like a boy and short hair is easier matainence (she asked for it). if the interview isn’t all fake they seem pretty grounded to me.

  66. Kim says:

    Hum bad parenting might be considered moving your children to different cities/schools whenever filming a new movie, having nannies raise the kdis when you have enough money to stay home, etc. I dont think a child should be forced to wear something they dont want either but i also think its bad parenting to encourage your girl to dress like a boy and to say Shilo is making this choice on her own is silly because children go with what gets them ATTENTION, not oh i feel like wearing boy clothes today. I think Shilo dresses like a boy because she feels the boys in the family get more attention and/or she looks up to them which is great but you dont have to become someone to admire them and i dont think Angelina or Brad are getting the fact that Shilo is looking for attention not being a trend setter.

  67. Gigohead says:

    I agree with Kim, I feel Shiloh feels the boys get the attention and she and Sahara fade in the background so that’s why she dresses like to boy.

  68. Beth says:

    My mom let me wear whatever I wanted, which in the 80’s was usually one of my older brother’s tee shirts and those god awful shorts with bold stripes on em. I turned out ok. I also did my own laundry standing on a stool when I was I HATE doing laundry now..but damn it when I do I dress well. 🙂

  69. Erica says:

    She is right. My family faith was Pentecostal and I raise my two girls to wear skirts never pants. That faith dectates that the dresses fall well below the knees into the calf area.
    Ladies hair can never be cut.
    My daughters are now 24 and 13 years old and will wear nothing but pants, mostly jeans. Of course my 24 year olds hair is short.
    We don’t go to that church any more and I wish I would have just let her wear her pants growing up. Now It’s hard to get them in a dress. Lol if the 24 year old wear a dress then it will be a mini dress.
    I learned my lesson too late.

  70. Beth says:

    It’s very easy to tell who don’t have kids or have no experience with kids because of the stupid comments. When kids do or don’t want to do something they make it very clear. If Angelina (love how it’s never Brad) forced Shiloh into boys clothes she would be screaming and fighting like her life depended on it. If she hated these clothes so much she would rip them off. Who would want to go through that everyday? There’s a picture of Shiloh shopping with Brad, trying on boy clothes. She was checking herself out in a mirror looking very happy with the look. Babies refuse to eat certain food, attracted to certain objects. So why is it so farfetched that a 3/4 year old likes certain clothes? Up until about a year ago Shiloh wore a lot a dresses and feminine clothing. If Angelina was so dead set against girl clothes, why was Shiloh wearing dresses at all? For people insisting on pink being the color of femininity Shiloh and Zahara were pink in the past. Zahara even had a phase where that was all she wore. I also love how the haters have never met Brad and Angelina but can say with 100% certainty that they never make breakfast, have 1000 nannies, and don’t spend time with their kids.

  71. Zoe says:

    I honestly don’t know why some of you women are so threatened by tomboys. Some girls act like tomboyish women are missing out on life. I have to be honest with you. I was one of those kids that had the unfortunate luck of being raised by a parent obsessed with dressing me in everything but what I really wanted to wear. Not only did it not work, but I absolutely felt creatively stifled and unaccepted. I grew up and stayed true to myself and am now 30 years old, still a tomboy, now headed to get a Masters degree and then a PhD, I’ve never had a drink in my life, I am a completely happy drama-free fun-loving gal, and I am dating a highly educated, intellectual, handsome-as-all-heck man. Sorry folks, I didn’t miss out on a thing, nor has it ever posed any sort of problem for me whatsoever. The haters need to get over themselves and their petty judgment. Not to mention, remember it’s 2010.

  72. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    My daughter is also named Vivienne. When I found out I was pregnant, I definitely wanted Vivienne for a girl. Then the Jolie-Pitts picked it and I was BUMMED! I loved it, though, and went with it anyway. My kid is only 14 months and I only have the one, but I think it’s a mistake to judge how other people parent. All kids are different. I don’t think expressing yourself no matter what is desirable OR realistic. Kids need to learn at some point that the only universe they are the center of is Mommy and Daddy’s. So if I tell my daughter she can’t wear boy clothes or she has to wear a school uniform, that doesn’t make me a bad parent.

  73. bloobloo says:

    Well my now 4 yr old son went through a stage of wearing fairy dresses and disney princess nightgowns. It was pretty in your face. He wore them down the main street, to the farmers market, to swim class, to his sisters school assemblies…and you know what? Not a single unkind comment was ever made to us or Henry at any point. There was lots of laughter and jokes and adoring ooohs from grandmotherly types who thought he was just precious. But I don’t actually believe that people honestly care any more. I sure as heck didn’t.

    BUT I disagree with AJ. I have big battles with my elder daughter and always have. She is a great kid but she has this inherent drive to be nude, or wear as skimpy clothing as possible. See, there has to be a line, and parents draw it where they see fit. I think its fine to say no. You don’t have to be a mound of jello. As long as you say yes enough that they can express themselves. But they live in YOUR family and thus some restrictions may apply, and thats life, and just as important a lesson as self expression.

  74. MiMi says:

    I just love her. Don’t always agree with
    her, but I think she is beautiful and fascinating. She is different and I am rooting for her and Brad and family.

  75. Brad says:

    It is also bad parenting to buy your kids knives. Boy she is a dummy.

  76. Mia says:

    Is Brad really doing that scene for the long hall?

    When he wanted to be Sid and Nancy hard living, dirty grungy guy he was with Juliette Lewis. She still lives that way, rock and rolling actress 4 life.

    Pitt’s golden boy phase he lived with Paltrow then Anniston. They’re still trying to be movie star golden divas, he’s moved on. Did it in a cold blooded fashion too, Anniston’s still dizzy from the speed she got dumped.

    Can he vampire another woman’s life for the next 40 years? When he says he doesn’t thik it’s natural to commit for life to one person it doesn’t seem so.

    Ten bucks says the vampire finds another woman’s life to suck the juice from when the domestic humanitarian goth globetrotting thing turns too routine. Angie will be fine, I’m sure.

  77. Camille says:

    Great interview, I am really liking her interviews this time around, very interesting.
    And I agree with her about letting kids be kids, nothing wrong with letting them express themselves. People are too judgey about stuff like that today.

  78. Catherine says:

    She’s right. Look at those Toddlers in Tiara freaks. Total bad parenting in that crap. Let them find their own identity but DO make your child behave along the way as I can’t stand those parents who let their kids mouth off and act like animals while the parents laugh it off.

  79. DD says:

    Is there something wrong with me? How do you all remember so clearly what you liked to wear when you were that young. I rarely remember anything before the age of ten. I believe my mom dressed me, I don’t think I was interested in fashion before the age of 12. Although I love seeing parents walking around with their kids in full on costume when it’s not even Halloween. It’s the funniest thing.

  80. Gail says:

    It’s freakin CLOTH. It does not matter. Their bodies are covered, which is the ONLY purpose of clothes. If people would stop judging everyone by the cloth that is draped over their asses then it would be fine for boys to wear tutu’s. But oh hell no, we have to decide what a child’s gender identity is before they even know gender exists.

    Chillax people. It’s a non-issue.

  81. mojoman says:

    I dont see the big deal if Shiloh wants to wear boys clothes or dresses. The question is: how she and brad react if it’s the boys who decide they want to wear frilly dresses? would she still let them? there shouldnt be a double standard, right?

  82. LT says:

    I am with you DD, I have no clue what I was wearing when I was 4!

    My girls are almost 9 and 10. When they were 3 and 4 years old, I would set out a couple different outfits each day and let them choose one. It was a win/win situation – they got to chose what they wanted to wear, and it was always something I approved of as well. My younger daughter didn’t like dresses or skirts, so I always set out cute shorts or pants from the girls section. She never got mad, she was just happy to make big girl decisions. By the way, she chooses all of her own clothes now (and she’s quite fashion savvy), but sometimes asks my opinion of her outfits when she’s unsure. So, I agree with AJ that we should never force kids to wear something they are adamant against or be something they aren’t, but we can let them make decisions while also guiding them in the right direction. We are the adults and they are the children, after all. They are looking for guidance.

  83. Liana says:

    I remember what I wore the old fashioned way – through pictures of myself. My mom was a free spirit and let me choose my clothes. I clearly wasn’t into “fashion” considering that I dressed like a “Caddyshack” extra during one of my phases. Like I said, I had the tomboy phase, the gypsy phase, the princess phase, the lack of matching phase, the two different sneakers phase, the different socks phase (still in that one), a brief period where I wanted to be Laura Ingalls, and one strange phase where I thought I was a wolf child.

  84. Rosanna says:

    whoever is against having nannies should also get 6 kids and no nannies LMAO

  85. jane says:

    I didn’t bother to read the article. I just clicked on the headline because her kids are just too darn cute.

  86. Cakes says:

    Reminds me of a quote I heard from a Madonna song:
    Girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short and wear shirts and boots because its ok to look like a boy. But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading.
    I think what yall are saying about the boys wearing girls clothing would not be accepted is 100% right. People would be calling for Angelina and Brad’s head. But Shiloh can run around with a “boyish” hair cut and boy clothes on and shes “expressing herself”. Put a dress on Pax and its “disgusting” “boys dont belong in dresses…those are for GIRLS”. Double standard much?

  87. jules says:

    her reflection is a scary shadow alien

  88. Chris says:

    Good on ya, Ange. My 5 year old boy went through a phase of wanting to have: long hair, wear pink and play with Barbies. My conservative parents and my son’s kinder workers were mortified but we let him roll with it and he’s already starting to grow out it and find other interests. It’s no big deal.

  89. KateNonymous says:

    I don’t care how Shiloh dresses or wears her hair. But I do think it’s creepy to spend so much time discussing a 4-year-old’s sexuality.

  90. Cakes says:

    How did I get in moderation 🙁

  91. suedechik79 says:

    just hope that the kid has a tutor

  92. J says:

    While I have no problems with Shiloh’s sexuality or tastes in “fashion”, I also believe if it was Maddox who dressed himself as a girl, it would be an issue for most people. This society is full of double standards.

    It is also funny to hear Ms Jolie talk about parenting. It’s just plain funny. The fact that you have many cars doesn’t mean you are a good driver.

  93. anon says:

    @Gail you are so right

    The boys wanting to dress like girls is not an issue (YET). Most boys do not want to dress like girls. I am sure some do, but most probably don’t. So enough with the what if the boys wanted to dress like girls. At the very least wait for one of Angie’s sons to want to wear a dress before you make it an issue. For now it is a non issue. Though I think I have seen Maddox with nail polish and hair color (not sure) Women and girls (where I live in NYC) seem to wear pants a lot of the time.
    What you wear can not change what you are. I am a girl/woman whether I have on a skirt/dress or pants, clothes just cover my body so I can go outside 🙂 Shiloh is 4 she never “looks” like a boy to me because I know she is a girl, with pants on but still a girl 🙂

  94. Kim says:

    If working when you have another money to stay home is bad parenting than every A list actor/actress in is a bad parent including Nicole Kidman, Reese, Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, J Lopez… None of them need to work. I guess Hugh Jackman is a bad parent since he takes his kids on location with him too.I think kids traveling with their parents and their teachers is preferable than being away from either parent for weeks at a time.

  95. Anti-icon says:

    She saved the most controversial topic–parenting and her opinion—for network TV. This tells me she’s inviting as much “discussion” as possible about it. I myself, coming from humble mid-west (good valued) parents, am still VERY SKEPTICAL about the whole idea of nannies raising one’s children. I think it’s a bad idea. And I also was a working mother—and I never had a nanny. But I don’t necessarily think I did it “right” either. The curse of being a mom is always thinking you’re doing something wrong. You probably aren’t, if you’re always thinking about the welfare of your child(ren).

  96. Miriam says:

    Why is it that anything the Jolie-Pitt do with their children is wrong but anyone else doing the same is OK?

    Here’s Kingston Rossdale getting a mani-pedi with mom.

  97. mika says:

    Oh please she totally used to dress her kids up in all black. She is such a media tool and insincere.

  98. mika says:

    And now because she is promoting her russian spy movie, she just has to talk about her kids and her personal family life. Yeah right.

    Angelina get a clue. Lame!!!!!!!

  99. orion70 says:

    Honestly, I don’t really care what the kids wear… but as for the ‘bad parenting’ ……. Give me a break.

    Oh noes!!!!!!! I can’t disagree with m child or assist them in clothing choices, I’ll stifle my little snowflake’s spirit!


  100. delusional... says:

    i know several strong willed women with supportive husbands that only have one or MAYBE two children. They are sleep deprived and exhausted. It completely blows my mind that this delusional w***e is trying to spoon feed the media this “Brad and I have it” bull s**t.

    Give your HIRED HELP some credit.

  101. Jo says:

    Ohh, kinda like how you forced Shiloh to dress like a little boy? Disgusting hypocrite… Brangelina are horrible parents. They spoil their kids to “make up” for being bad, shallow, neglectful parents who haven’t a faint clue how to raise their kids… but it’s mostly Angelina doing it, so Brad is still at fault for letting his obnoxious NEW wife do whatever she wants instead of manning up and putting his foot down.

    That little spoiled girl cuts off Zahara’s doll heads, collects dead animals and wants to be a man called John. AWWWWWW, THEE’S THO THWEEEEET!111111!!!!1ONE!!1!! How horrible to do that to a kid… that is beyond “tomboy” (which is bad enough, a little girl rejecting her gender in favor of the opposite)- she’s psychotic.

  102. loan help says:

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