Oksana Grigorieva signed away her claim to any of Mel Gibson’s fortune

42447, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Saturday July 10, 2010. Oksana Grigorieva, Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend, leaves a Ralphs grocery store in Los Angeles. Mel Gibson was recently caught on tape admitting he punched the mother of his love child. Photograph: James Breeden/Jordan Lockhart/Pacific Coast News.com

Now we’re getting to the heart of the matter, in my opinion. If by “heart” you mean “cash register”. According to Radar, part of Mel Gibson and Oksana’s ongoing custody dispute – the same custody dispute that started The Epic Revelations Of Mel’s Hateful And Violent Insanity – is about money, of course. Radar’s sources claim that Mel “made” Oksana sign a contract that basically said that she had no claims whatsoever to Mel’s extensive fortune. Radar describes Mel’s money as a “billion-dollar fortune” but my guess is that post-divorce (from ex Robyn), Mel’s fortune is in the “hundreds of millions of dollars” range rather than “billion”. Anyway, Mel somehow forced Oksana to sign this contract when she was pregnant with Lucia, and now Oksana is fighting the legitimacy of said contract:

Mel Gibson’s baby mama Oksana Grigorieva signed a cohabitation agreement that locked her out of securing a slice of the Oscar winning director/actor’s billion-dollar fortune, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

The contract, which Oksana signed while she was pregnant last year, prevents her from laying any future claim to Gibson’s extensive business empire or vast assets, we’re told.

However, it includes provisions for the Russian musician to financially care for their eight-month-old daughter, Lucia. Despite the agreement, the 55-year-old Braveheart star has not met his financial obligations or paid a cent in child support, a source close to the situation told RadarOnline.com.

“He is not paying me a penny,” Grigorieva even admitted not soon after their bitter court battle became public.

She told a British newspaper, “I am having to live on credit cards and borrowed money… It is not a good situation.”

A cohabitation agreement, much like a prenuptial agreement, is a legal agreement reached between a couple who have chosen to live together. It is struck in order to protect individuals from unnecessary cost and litigation should their cohabitation break down.

Gibson split with his now ex-wife Robyn in April last year, just days after he was photographed kissing Grigorieva on a Costa Rican beach. Mel and Robyn had been married for 28 years and have seven children together. But the new relationship fell apart two months ago in a sensational split.

Sources close to Grigorieva cite the cohabitation agreement as proof she is not interested in Mel’s fortune. Yet, Grigorieva is disputing the legality of the contract because, according to her, she signed it in draft form, under duress. She did not agree to the final version because it awarded custody of Lucia to her 80 per cent of the time, and 20 per cent to Gibson, we’re told.

“Oksana thought that wasn’t fair or safe,” a source told RadarOnline.com.

Yet, despite the shocking audio tape revelations, in which Gibson unleashed a horrific, profanity-laced tirade against Grigorieva, he has continued to have visitation rights to Lucia, RadarOnline.com has also learned.

The actor had custody of his daughter this past Friday, when the first tape of his disgusting rantings was released to the world on RadarOnline.com.

“A third party ferries Lucia from Oksana to Mel,” said a source familiar with the situation.

“They have no communication whatsoever… In fact, Oksana fears for her daughter’s safety when she is with Mel.

“But a court has ordered he has share custody of Lucia, so there is little Oksana can do in the meantime.”

Following the tape’s release, Gibson’s talent agency dropped the star, reportedly for being a liability.

[From Radar]

Honestly, if Oksana just signed the contract in its draft form, and if she was under duress (which she can now claim, now that there are tapes of Mel’s insanity), then Oksana might have a pretty good case to declare the contract null and void – which is what this whole thing has been about, in my opinion. I said it yesterday, and I’ll say it again – Oksana is playing hardball with Mel, and I like it. She’s playing this whole situation really brilliantly, and I think she’s going to come out ahead financially from everything.

42447, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Saturday July 10, 2010. Oksana Grigorieva, Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend, leaves a Ralphs grocery store in Los Angeles. Mel Gibson was recently caught on tape admitting he punched the mother of his love child. Photograph: James Breeden/Jordan Lockhart/Pacific Coast News.com

42447, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Saturday July 10, 2010. Oksana Grigorieva, Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend, leaves a Ralphs grocery store in Los Angeles. Mel Gibson was recently caught on tape admitting he punched the mother of his love child. Photograph: James Breeden/Jordan Lockhart/Pacific Coast News.com

42186, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Friday July 2, 2010. Oksana Gregorieva, Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend and mother of his nine-month-old daughter Lucia, heads to her lawyers office today in LA. Photograph: Jeff Steinberg / Matt Smith  PacificCoastNews.com

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  1. Jackson says:

    I don’t care if people call her a gold digger or worse, she deserves whatever she can get out of that piece of filth MG. I completely understand why she wouldn’t want her child with him in any unsupervised fashion, if at all. Karma is a bitch, ain’t it Mel?

  2. db8ng1 says:

    Not to mention, if it’s a “cohabitation agreement” and the two are no longer cohabitating, I’d guess all bets are off. Even pre-nups fail in a no-fault state. Depending on where it was drafted (likely LA) the CA legal system could shred this attempted contract. Especially given his behavior…

    On top of the duress argument, I’d guess that there was some sort of clause that would nullify the agreement or provide for damages should one party not hold up their end of the bargain.

  3. Marjalane says:

    I find it difficult to muster any respect or sympathy for either of these creeps. He’s disgusting, but she’s a gyspy grifter in my opinion.

  4. Lady Jane says:

    Wow look how trashy she dresses. Not. Go Oksana. I hope she bleeds the a-hole dry.

  5. pooky says:

    “She’s playing this whole situation really brilliantly, and I think she’s going to come out ahead financially from everything.”

    Really? Because she looks like an insane, money-hungry plastic surgery victim who’ll use her own daughter as a weapon against her father from where I’m standing. She better make some money from this, because no wealthy man is ever going to want to touch her with a 10-foot pole once this is over and her secondary [singing] “career” isn’t exactly flourishing due to the fact that she can’t, ermm, actually sing.

    The irony of all this is that this couple are both so completely vile that I can’t imagine two people in the world more deserving of one another.

  6. mln says:

    OK before the Mel defenders start in on her I will say it again… Oksana is an instrument of karma. Mel is a deranged abusive man and I believe he finally ran into a woman smart and tough enough to fight back and willing to play dirty. I say good on her and I hope she gets a big pay day. Maybe next time he will think before he speaks/hits.

  7. ERM says:

    @Jackson – I disagree she doesn’t deserve any of his fortune. Only their child deserves child support (at a decent amount).

    MG is filth but followed pretty closely behind by Oksana. Not to ‘excuse’ MG’s behavior but for all we know Oksana agitated him on purpose, etc. From early on reports/friends said that she was after the money so not only is he a bigot he’s an idiot.

  8. blaugaro says:

    Mel Gibson is the worst, but I don’t think we should applaud her. Don’t forget she was his partner for years and has a child with him. What is she going to tell her daughter when she grows up? I recorded and linked these tapes in cold blood because I wanted the money and wanted to ruin your father, who is a pig? Poor child, how many issues to deal with.

  9. Katalina says:

    I agree with @ERM. The child deserves MG’s money, not Oksana. I don’t care what a racist scumbag he is, the way she is playing this is not “brilliant” as Kaiser put it. She’s playing dirty, REALLY dirty because she changed her mind and wants a free ride on his dime. These 2 are perfect for each other. They both belong in the gutter with the rest of the trash.

    And also, that poor kid. She doesn’t have a chance with these 2 as parents.

  10. malachais says:

    She looks like she has had a lot of work done, but then Oksana went through hell to Mel’s fortune. I honestly think she was gold digger to begin with, obviously. She is playing it very smart though. Mel is f-cked.

  11. Jackson says:

    @ERM – let me clarify, she may not *deserve* the money, but I hope she gets a nice chunk to live on. Mel and his whack-job version of a Catholic Church aren’t going to miss it. And I don’t care how ‘agitated’ someone makes another person, they aren’t going to get them to say such vile things if it’s not already in their heart and mind to say such things. I could never, ever, be agitated to say the things he did. Ever.

  12. AlaskaJoey says:

    And this hag can’t get a job, why? I hate Mel, so part of me wants him to be bled dry, but I hate her too. You’re not married, he’s under no obligation to give you money – just the child.

    And that money better go to establishing a therapy fund for this poor kid.

  13. jones says:

    Now it all makes sense….of course it’s about the money. She probably signed the papers when things were good and now that she realized she signed away the $$$$, she got smart and secretly created a plot ‘to get him and his fortune.’ We can see through your BS Oksana. You are no better then Mel. You both were perfect for each other. Oh, and we know you leaked the tapes also…aha.

  14. Whatever says:

    Why in the hell would she ever be entitled to ANY of his fortune, other than child support????? I don’t get it. They were never married and didn’t even really live together. She screwed him, got knocked up and had his baby. That means she gets CHILD SUPPORT, not a share of his fortune. This bitch is delusional! She shouln’t get one penny past what is legally required by CA law for support. Mel should deed the house in trust to his daughter with the provision that Oxsana can live there until the girl is grown.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Screwing rich men and getting pregnant is NOT A CAREER, nor should it reap lifelong wealth. The fact that she illegally recoreded him and is using the tapes to go after his fortune tells me everything I need to know about her.

  15. susieqinBA says:

    I believe she was “forced” into the agreement and the custody agreement after their split as well. Mel’s obssessive controlling/dominating behavior is being seen: telling her to/when/how to breast feed no doubt. When I was married to my son’s father he didn’t want me holding the baby while I was feeding him a bottle, I had to lay the baby on the bed and hold the bottle to feed him.
    I’m not team Oksana but she obviously has a legitimate claim against Mel for child endagerment and domestic violence. I have to agree with her not to let him have visitation; I shudder to think he had visitation Friday. He should have NO contact with this child whatsoever! The child is only a “pawn” to him trying to protect his precious image, trying to give himself the reputation of a “good father” when he has already shown HE IS NOT; Mel has no concern for this child’s well-being or safety. Mel is all about himself, his image, at the cost of his family and kids. He is a danger to the child, he will use the child in whatever way he can against Oksana. Mel is definitely an UNFIT parent, he has shown physical abuse. I would have to say that Oksana is the FIT parent she at least has not shown physical endagerment.

  16. jc126 says:

    I’m in total agreement with you, Whatever.
    BTW is he really fully divorced from Robyn? I didn’t think it was finalized yet.

  17. angelika says:

    She’s playing this whole situation really brilliantly, and I think she’s going to come out ahead financially from everything.
    Oh really?She is digging her own grave..

  18. monsley says:

    Oh my frigging god. Are we seriously still excusing abusers with the old “the woman provoked him”?

    Condemn her possible release of the tapes as illegal, by all means. Suspect her motives for getting involved with him in the first place.

    But to state that an abuse victim is to blame for her abuse is simply vile. No true man, no true person would heap such violence (verbal and apparently physical) on another, under any kind of ‘provoking circumstances’.

    He has a history of hate. Being a gold-digger may well be morally questionable, but being an unrepentant abuser goes so far above and beyond the line of questionable and into the truly sickening that the two things can never be equated.

    Dislike her all you want, there is plenty of material to work with. But if you say she deserved being hit and verbally abused you are no better than him.

  19. CathyT says:

    How was she under duress? Mel bought a house in Sherman Oaks for Oksana and her son before she became pregnant. She lived in that house and Mel lived in Malibu with his wife. Then Oksana gets pregnant, Mel gets kicked out of the house by Robyn, and he moves to another of his houses in Malibu. Oksana only started “co-habitating” with Mel in Malibu after she was pregnant, apparently after she signed this document. She didn’t have to live with him, she could have stayed in Sherman Oaks.

    And what’s this about a “draft”? If Mel’s lawyers have a signed copy with her signature, it’s the final draft.

  20. mollyb says:

    I can’t believe some people are arguing that she is just as bad as him. I mean, come on! Being a “golddigger” might not be the world’s most noble profession but it hardly compares with being a woman-beating, racist, homophobe lunatic.

  21. Wayne Coxcsmith says:

    Lohan and Gibson would make a great pairing, both are bigidiots.

  22. mel says:

    At this point Mel is better off trying to come to some kind of settlement with her just so this can go away and possible savage whatever career he has left, if there’s anything left.

  23. CathyT says:

    @Whatever..”Why in the hell would she ever be entitled to ANY of his fortune, other than child support????? I don’t get it. They were never married and didn’t even really live together.”

    In that Hello! interview, Oksana seemed determined to show that they really were in love and had lived together, but she did admit that she split her time between Malibu and Sherman Oaks because of her son. I think it was Oksana who insisted that they live together, not Mel, just like she insisted on traveling with him to Europe. Oksana wanted to be the next Mrs. Gibson, but Mel never wanted to marry her. Mel likes to be independent, as his insiders told People. He can afford good lawyers, and I’ll bet their palimony agreement is iron-clad.

  24. popcorny says:

    Nothing yet on those tapes indicates that she signed away anything under “force” or “duress”.
    Nothing in this entire debacle even nears the words “brilliant” or “smart”.
    It’s like awarding a MENSA membership to a Jerry Springer panel for the one who pulled the most hair out.

  25. bellaluna says:

    And NOW THE TRUTH COMES OUT – she signed something she now regrets, so the gloves (albeit calfskin, fur lined gloves) are now off!!

    @pooky – I’m with you! This whole thing is disgusting. And no, boffing rich (married) men IS NOT A CAREER. It should not lead to lifelong wealth and the top spot in the “Gold-diggers Hall of Shame” (typo and it stays).

  26. Raven says:

    I think this was all a planned by Oksana she had no sympathy for Mel’s ex-wife of 28 years when she was F -ing her husband or after words when she went to every Magazine she could to talk brag about it. If Mel was so abusive then why has Robyn never said anything about it? Who tapes conversations with their boyfriend unless they planned to use it at leverage or blackmail later on, and why did she not go to the police about Mel’s abusing ways after it happened instead of whiting to reels it to the press then going to the police. Oksana comment when they first breakup in May she said “I cannot give you the reason. But you will find out everything quite soon.” And that was before all the taps and before he hit her. It seems like she was just trying to get something on Mel so she could cash in and get the contract she has with him voided. If Oksana is living on credit cards and borrowed money then maybe she should get a JOB and take care of her two kids.

    No I’m not a Mel Gibson fan I have not like his Cray racist alcoholic ass in a long time but the fact is she is a gold digger that would do and put up with anything for a pay day.

  27. CathyT says:

    @susieqinBA…You’ve been hating on this innocent baby for quite some time. It’s not Lucia’s fault how she was conceived. Mel cares about his child and if he didn’t, he would not have stepped out in public with his “embarrassing” and “synthetic” mistress when she got pregnant. If anyone is using Lucia as a “pawn” it is her mother. She is after more of Mel’s money. The only thing Mel wants from Oksana is for her to shut up and go away.

  28. sapphire says:

    Er, somebody at Radar should supervise the fact checking department. What happened to endless attorney negotiations, two day faciliation with judges and all the other issues? And does anyone at Radar remember that they weren’t married and don’t meet palimony standards?

    Personally, I don’t think he owes her a dime. He’s a scum who should fund numerous charities. But first, their child has a right to everything financial. Sorry, Oksana, that’s not a plural obligation

  29. constance says:

    Nice herpes on your lip girlfriend… her daughter deserves support, but momma knew what she was getting into. How the hell else would she know to tape his phone calls and the like. She knew. He was an easy target and that’s what mel gets for being such a huge ass!

  30. angelika says:

    I found one(in english) interview which was made by Russian newspaper ‘Trud’ with Mel Gibson ,back in january..He sound very sane and kind, loving father,though i feel he avoids talking much about Oksana..I think he was simply mislead by her..But i believe he is a good parent..Can i post a link just here?http://blog.trud.ru/users/3571686/post129999294/

  31. Shay says:

    Mel, like most addicts, was looking for an excuse to find a way out of the relationship. Maybe he was trying to suck up to his wife, to save his money, who knows. But Oksana may be a gold digger,but so what, she was with him for two years and had his baby and he has to get over it and deal with it.
    If Mel can’t handle it, then he should have a vasectomy,but no, he is soooooooo Catholic, he wants to fill the world with his progeny and bitch about it.

  32. susieqinBA says:

    In one of the transcripts of the tapes Mel said, “I may be the father, but I don’t care!”. You are so naive to believe what WORDS come out of this man’s mouth or how HE SOUNDS. Mel is about his own selfish image. He publicly slapped his family/wife/marriage in the face and humiliated them with Oksana and this baby and that is why he is being publicly slapped in the face and being humiliated now. If he had concerned for his kids (from his marriage) feelings and what this was doing to them he would not have publicly displayed this woman. So many comments about Mel and confirming his abusive behaviors are being made but when it comes to the “father” part some people are not wanting to accept that he is not the “loving, caring father” he wants to portray himself. He is full of hate how can he possibly show genuine concern for a child? He physically hit her mother while she was holding her and he admitted to it; do you really think that is a loving, caring, concerned father? Deep down inside he may desire to be that man but he can’t until he comes to terms with his actions and offences; Mel is suffering the consequences of his actions and this baby is not going to “turn his life around”.

  33. Jazz says:

    Let this be a lesson to rich men everywhere – don’t cheat on your wife! Or at least get the snip.

  34. OXA says:

    No one deserves emotional or physical abuse from a tryant, especially the mother of his kid.

  35. JustBe says:

    I’m really confused about the vitriol towards Oksana with so little being thrown at Mel in the comments section here.
    She had a relationship with this man for 3 years. I’m sure that he did not start their relationship being abusive and cruel (abusers never do). The abuse does not usually start until the man has defined a level of dependency from the woman, i.e. you don’t have to work, come move in with me, i’ll take care of you) then once the trap is laid, the monster comes out.
    The vast majority of domestic abuse victims don’t walk away from their relationships with anything more than their shattered lives. If Oksana can get more than that, I’m not willing to begrudge her for it.
    Even if she had a relationship with him for the money/fame and she was an adulterer with him, she (nor any person) does not deserve the level of cruelty outlined in that tape.
    Does she ‘deserve’ a piece of his money? If someone you were acquainted with physically assaulted you and verbally berated you and happened to be rich, would you not take them to civilian court? Just because they had a relationship together doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t be compensated for the abuse that she suffered. If he inflicted the same injuries on a random patron in a bar, the payment would be expected.
    I also don’t blame her for recording his tirade, otherwise the issue of his abuse would be a he said/she said situation. If more domestic abuse victims had the means and wherewithal to record the abusive altercations, maybe more @ssh0les would be locked up right now.

  36. Larissa says:

    oh people, ffs, Mel is big enough to deal with the consequences of his acts… why ya effing care if the bitch takes all his money????

    I certainly don´t and think it´s all well deserved.

  37. j. ferber says:

    I agree that Oksana is an instrument of karm for Mel. Bitch-ass Mel needs to be taken down and Oksana is the woman to do it. That’s all I need or care to know about the situation. I judge her not in the least. She is the instrument of destruction that his own sins have brought down upon him. That is all.

  38. jc says:

    is that a core sore?

  39. Nibbi says:

    k yadda yadda nobody deserves to be abused and all that, and it’s been clear for a while now that he’s a bigoted asshole- the only thing new here is the extent.
    i haven’t wanted to see his movies since that passion of the christ flick came out, and i remember him doing an interview at the time saying he loved his wife but yah, she was “probably going to hell” because she’s a protestant- wow, that shocked me.
    however it just so looks like this woman was setting him up right from the beginning, so one can sort of understand where stupid mel’s fury is coming from: he finally realized just how much he f*d his life up, leaving his wife and all that, over this lying, scheming, “synthetic” woman, and was totally seeing red, wanted to rip her head off or something… again, nooo, i don’t condone his vileness towards her or his vileness in general, but damn, she seems like the queen bee of manipulators and the whole thing looks like total entrapment to me. i feel like her gold-digger sex-pot thing she’s got going on makes sort of reinforces the stereotypes misogynist men seem to have about women- that “we’re” money-grubbing, deceitful, etc… and she dares paint herself this unwilling victim/martyr/virgin-mother type. blegh i agree with others here: they’re both disgusting.

  40. irishserra says:

    Oksana’s comment regarding her only interest being that the child is taken care of, and then followed up by her complaint about having to live on credit cards and borrowed money is very telling.

    Child Support is to be used to pay for the child’s needs; or if the mother is working hard to take care of the child, then child support income can be used to help sustain the mother while she does so. Oksana clearly is not working hard to support her child, as she appears to be waiting around for someone else to support her AND the child.

  41. original kate says:

    i believe robin deserved a huge settlement: married for a very long time, had a bunch of kids, supported mel’s career when he was starting out, etc. but oksana was only with him for the blink of an eye, despite the fact that she had his baby. i think she deserves child support and that’s it, unless he is found guilty of physically abusing her. i think she is a grifter, but mel is really scary and disgusting, and after all he made that bed himself. robin must be jumping over the moon to be rid of that asswipe.

  42. Ogechi says:

    Am sad. Am sad because some lazy ladies are turning marriage to money venture industry. Marriage is sacred and should not be trivialized. Ladies should work hard and empower themselves.

    I can boastfully say it anywhere that no man can ever insult me because i work hard to have the minimum life I live. Why must any lady marry a man for wealth? Work hard and get a posh car, house or lifestyle that can satisfy u.

  43. Patrice says:

    “I am having to live on credit cards and borrowed money… It is not a good situation.”

    This is the kind of sh*t that makes my freaking blood boil not just a woman, but as a self sufficient human being!!! First of all, she has an older child with another actor, so where are his child support payments going to??? (my guess is all of her crazy plastic surgery).

    Secondly, if she DIDN’T have a child with Mel Gibson, what would she be doing for income? I love these gold-digging sluts who pop out a famous man’s chld, and all of a sudden they are fundamentally incappable/unwilling to GO OUT AND GET AN F*ING JOB like everybody else.

    Seriously, although no one deserves to be spoken to the way Oksana was on the tapes, my guess is that her entitled attitute to her (then) married lover’s finaces and lifestyle brought her pretty darn close….My guess is that Robyn is sitting back and more than getting the last laugh about this whole mess.

  44. Jess says:

    “You reap what you sew when you knock up a ho”

    The saying holds true now-a-days more than ever. Enough said : )

  45. nnn says:

    What will he say to his child when one day she will come to him traumatized questionning the veracity of what she just heard : he wanted to kill mummy and that he didn’t care about her being her father ?

    He is beyond despicable and has made two victims, one of which his own daughter.

    Payback is a bitch and i hope Oksana will get financial compensation for every emotional and physical abuses her and her child went through.

  46. Victoria says:

    What does she have that made him lose his mind over her?

    Did he not notice the ugly plastic surgery face? The baby must look like her before the surgery!

    Mel didn’t notice the boob job, or fake face?

    She has the goods on him – the audio tapes are just a warning – there are videos of him in a rage.

  47. Jeri says:

    What did Oksana live on before Mel? Not putting her down, just curious. Mel is def a PIG and many other words not printable here.

  48. Patrice says:

    Victoria: You’re spot on! I saw a (very rare) picture of Oksana in magazine once pre-overdone plastic surgery face, and she was beautiful. The baby looks just like her Mommy pre op!

  49. Belle says:

    Here’s a link to a pic of Oksana back in the day pre-plastic surgery with baby Daddy #1 Timothy Dalton:


  50. Kitten says:

    In the end, what she did/who she is (which we are all speculating about as I don’t think any of us know her personally) is totally irrelevant imo. I hope she takes (or “steals” as some of you are claiming) everything he has.

  51. Samantha says:

    She is a gold digging W**re what did she live on before Mel? She got knocked up so now Mel has to pay child support for 18 years and that child support can be spent anyway she likes. These men are SO STUPID, ever hear of a condom.

  52. Sincerity says:

    When this “conniving Jezebel” has to go on “public assistance”, she may become “half-way” convincing. Realistically, Mel Gibson is not responsible for the “legal bills” that she has incurred as a result of her breaching their mediated child custody/support agreement.

    I agree with many of the other posters. She’s only entitled to child support and she knows it. The only “so-called” duress she may have experienced was when Mel Gibson questioned the baby’s paternity. She probably figured it was a pretty good idea to sign the cohabitation agreement just to shut him up. She’s only playing “the victim card” because she doesn’t have another well-to-do “trick daddy” to exploit. She thought that she reeled in “a real big” fish but that fish jumped off her hook and now she’s making him pay for waking up and seeing things as they are. I don’t blame him for not paying off her because leeches like her never stop trying to suck a victim dry. He’s much better off taking his licks now, than giving her “a crying dime” that she does not deserve. She obviously cares very little for the welfare of her children because when things don’t go her way, she seems to have no problem with dragging everyone involved through the mud which is the reason why a court ordered restraining order was issued in the first place. To protect the best interests of everyone involved while the legal authorities could privately sort everything out. She won’t allow the system to work because she knows her hands are not clean to begin with.

  53. sonola trip says:

    For all of those people who hope Oksana bleeds Mel dry, how is that fair to his children? Mel’s estate is their inheritance. I can’t imagine what it was like to be raised by Mel, but it must have been an absolute nightmare. The psychological damage they suffered must be profound. I would much rather Mel’s fortune went to his eight children (and that includes little Lucia). Oksana put up with Mel’s deranged behaviour for a couple of years. His kids have had to endure it for a lifetime. I don’t see how giving all of Mel’s money to Oksana is fair to them. They’re the most innocent victims in all of this.

  54. Maegan says:

    Oksana was conspicuously calm during Gibson’s angry response. Obviously she knew the conversation was being recorded (without his consent) and there could be legal fallout for this. Gibson has already stated that he will take care of his daughter. Extortion and entrapment on her part??? Ya think???

    I can’t figure out why he married her. Look at those cold sores….ew.

  55. Debbie says:

    Sincerity Spot on my Girl. Totally agree with you and Whatever and Cathy T.

    I can bet you anything Team Mel have a lot of dirt on her, I have heard like most of you the leaked tapes both of them And Still on Meld side here.


    First of all She seems far to clam on those tapes, Any one who had to put up with that verbal abuse does not react so calmly.
    To me they are only playing her recorded pieces to make her sweet and innocent.
    It’s clear to me she agreed to sign this agreement and is now having second thoughts. As to Mel still seeing Lucia so he should, If Child protection services and Law enforcement people were to hold any fairs over this issue they would NOT allow it. Plain and simple over that score, For her to say the child is in danger, the same could be said when the child is with her.

    She did not say no to the posibility of getting back with Mel after the breakup She said her self in interviews.

    I agree she’s trying to play dirty she may win a few rounds now BUT her day will come.

    I didn’t really want to say this But I had a girlfriend whom suffered terribly from bio-polar and when she was under pressure and felt trapped and alone she said some absolute disgusting things to me.
    Being honest I was upset and angry, But I new she didn’t mean half of these things.
    Sadly how ever she ended up committing suicide after a breakdown.

    So I know I have said some things about Mel But I think people should look at the problem. I’m sure he will get help and look after himself


  56. la chica says:

    this chick could write a manual on gold-digging. lol

    it is clear that Mel knew exactly what he hooked up with. what he did not expect was that she would so easily give up the role of Jacuzzi whore.

    i don’t understand why men keep falling for these types of women. or why they leave their wives of 25 years to end up with gold-digging hos. sad.

    sad also for his children from the first marriage. he is completely humiliating them as their father. to make a whore cause you to unravel like that. all because she dared to deny him sexually. she was supposed to just keep blowing him. lol. well-played Oksana.

  57. CathyT says:

    Thanks for that link Angelika. It’s yet another interview where Mel says that sometimes he would rather be dead. Get help for your depression Mel!

  58. AussieGal says:

    I don’t know the laws in CA as I am Australian but I thought a few basic rules of law would apply in this case. I don’t see how she can invalidate the cohabitation agreement on the grounds of duress as the agreement would have 1) included a clause which says she is signing out of her own free will 2) included a clause which says she has had independent legal representation 3) been witnessed by lawyers who would testify that she did not have a gun to her head. Unless the agreement was very badly drawn up, which I doubt given Mel’s army of lawyers in the light of his divorce case.

  59. AussieGal says:

    Also, even if Oksana did somehow manage to get the cohabitation agreement voided, I don’t see how she could get more out of Mel than what the agreement provided for. I thought the Marvin case was based on an oral contract that “he (Marvin) would take care of her (Triola)”. Even if Mel made “oral” (hmmm) contracts, wouldn’t they be rendered irrelevant after he presented her with a written agreement ?

  60. Sara says:

    She’s a smart cookie. I actually kind of like her now for exposing Mel. Now the world knows what a douche he is.

  61. RayT says:

    I really have a hard time listening to Mel’s rant. It is disgusting. That said, Oksana clearly set him up – she was talking in a way to press his buttons knowing that it was all being recorded.

    The entire situation is sick and the only one I feel bad about is the baby. Why these two had a child together is beyond me.

  62. lolherpoes says:


  63. Oksana was conspicuously calm during Gibson’s angry response. Obviously she knew the conversation was being recorded (without his consent) and there could be legal fallout for this. Gibson has already stated that he will take care of his daughter.

  64. Beverly Chancey says:

    Can we say Heather Mills…This is the same scenrio as Paul McCartney…They both claim abuse to cash it…That is it point blank….It is always these younger women with older wealthy men…The men need to wake up…..Another example Anna Nicole Smith except he died……These women know exactly what they r doing and I have no mercy on them….As far as the abuse…I beleive everyone is innocent until proven quilty…And as of now that has not been proven….Neither Paul or Mel’s ex’s ever said anything of abuse..And these two men were married over 25 yrs to their spouse….

  65. southern gal says:

    Oksana may be a gold-digging slut, but she didn’t deserve the verbal and physical abuse she got from Mel. In his disgusting rants, he makes it clear that he considers her role in his life to be “sex slave,” and he can’t imagine how she could forget that and go to sleep! Mel is a hard-core alcoholic and a total A-hole, and he gets no sympathy from me.

  66. Jeremy says:

    I choose not to support either of them. Mel’s clearly got bad anger issues, but Oksana’s a real piece of work as well. “Not interested in his fortune”, my a**. What a snake.

    God. Even bloggers were predicting that this established gold digger was going to attack Mel’s bank account, and they knew it the moment the relationship was made public.

    Truth: Mel’s got anger issues, and clearly doesn’t know how to keep his big mouth shut. He’s an asshole as well.

    Truth: Oksana’s a dirty b**** who only marries guys with wads of cash, and she doesn’t deserve a cent of the man’s fortune, no matter how f***ed up he is.

    Really, I have no sympathy for her and her scheme. Mel should get himself cleaned up, and Oksana should try to stop having babies with rich men and maybe earn her keep.