Larry Rudolph says Britney is ready for a comeback

An undated photo of Britney, Larry and Sean Preston

Britney’s getting ready to come back ya’ll! Get the Cheeto sandwiches ready (that’s 2 pieces of white bread smothered with a ton of mayonnaise and filled with a layer of Cheetos) , because Brit’s ready to stage a (supposedly) dignified comeback. No more dancing on MTV looking bewildered with her stomach sagging. This time Brit’s gonna do it right ya’ll. I’m just gonna ya’ll as much as I can throughout this article, so be warned.

Britney Spears’ former manager Larry Rudolph has fuelled speculation he has reunited with the troubled star by announcing she is set to make a triumphant comeback. The pop star dismissed Rudolph after he joined forces with her parents and staged an intervention to get Spears to enter rehab at the beginning of last year (07). But according to New York gossip column PageSix, the music svengali has now re-entered Spears’ camp, meeting with the singer four times over the past few weeks and reporting “huge improvements in her”.

He tells MySpace Celebrity, “She’s still got a comeback in her. She’s in great shape, I mean really great shape. She’s in an amazing position for a comeback right now. She could end up being the biggest comeback in history. The public, for a while, was throwing darts at her. I think the tide turned and people started to understand what was going on with her. Everyone is rooting for her. Everybody wants to see her get through it… to see Britney back on stage. She is the world’s greatest entertainer.”

As for her recent stint on TV sitcom How I Met Your Mother, Rudolph insists Spears loved her return to the spotlight: “It was a really positive experience for her. She talked about it quite a bit the last time I saw her… She wants to do it again.”

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For all the criticisms (and to be fair, a good deal of support too) that we’ve given Britney over the last few years, we’d be as happy as anyone if she got her life back together. It’s been shocking to see not just how fast – but how deep – someone can fall, regardless of their stature or wealth. In fact in some ways it seemed like Britney was able to do even more damage to herself because she had practically unlimited resources at her disposal. Though it seems like she’s at the extreme beginning of her supposed comeback, she’s already improved in ways a lot of people didn’t think her capable of. Hopefully this is the beginning of something very good for Britney. Ya’ll.

Here’s Larry Rudolph with Brit in February in NYC.

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  1. daisy says:

    she got the dead eyes
    if by comeback they mean Vegas, I can see that.

  2. cdk says:

    I don’t understand why people keep pushing her to stay in the entertainment business unless she is thoroughly incapable of doing anything else. And well, make money off her. I thought her being in the biz was what brought her to the state of crazy. I would have thought by now she would instead benefit from a normal life and hey, maybe an education at least, and time out of the spotlight to learn to be less of an ignorant woman…shouldn’t that be a priority, instead of this other crap? That’s what always annoyed me about her life – that she’d been robbed of an education and a proper upbringing and how to be a decent strong woman and is instead the …. I don’t know, loser that she seems to be today (if the best people can say about her is that she’s really sweet…I’m thinking, not a powerhouse…it’s like they’re saying, she’s nice but dumb and therefore not worthy of education, a decent life, etc.). Seems to me, people are getting back into the biz of making her a product, a commodity, and an image. And feeding her need for attention. Britney the human being? The mentally and emotionally healthy human being? Who knows. What is she going to do when she hits 30? 40? And this is all she can do? Man, seems to me the nightmare (for her and for us, though she may not see it as nightmarish) is only starting over. Blech. Dead eyes, indeed. On the other hand, there are tons of people like that, uneducated, ignorant, drifting, and aimless, unambitious…she’s just in the public eye…which she doesn’t need. OMG, I need to get a life…

  3. headache says:

    I also don’t see why there is this big push by her family to get her back into the business. From what I understand, not only does Britney have enough in the bank never to work again but she also makes enough money from investments, perfume, royalties and residuals to make up for any money she does spend provided she isn’t buying new cars every week.

    Get the girl healthy then send her to school or something. Why does she have to be on a stage?

  4. Sasha says:

    Here’s something you’ll never read, “Britney’s ready to retire from the public eye, having had her fill of fame, invested wisely and ready to pass the torch to another pop diva.”

  5. sexy girl says:

    Please britney, go home…

  6. Anonymous says:

    labelling britney as the best entertainer in the world is going over board, considering she hasn’t head lined her own tour for almost two years. The only entertaining britney has proven to be good at over the past two years is humiliating and embarassing her self.

  7. journey says:

    well said cdk and headache. but perhaps the only way the people who are concerned about brit’s health can find to motivate her is through her dreams of “everybody loves me again!” someone with brit’s history probably wouldn’t be excited and encouraged to stay sober, drug-free, and a responsible mommy, by dangling the carrot of “look brit, here’s this wonderful book! here’s a whole library of wonderful books that you can read and study and learn from, and grow into an admirable young woman who is smart and aware.” unfortunately she’s probably more at the level of a spoiled two-year-old demanding candy. becoming educated, becoming a responsible adult are foreign things to her, they probably have no meaning to her. but she’s tasted fame, adulation, hero-worship, she knows it. so if the adults in her life say, “brit, if you stay clean, stay sober, and behave yourself, you can be a superstar again and everyone will love and admire you.” that’s something she might understand. not that i don’t totally agree with you, girl needs an education and to learn inner strength. but it takes very strong perceptive people to convince a spoiled two-year-old that books and learning are way better than candy. and i don’t think brit’s surrounded by anyone that wise.

  8. daisy says:

    does anyone else think she is mildly retarted?

  9. ? says:

    wow harsh comments from the peanut gallery – especially loved the word “retarted” uhhhh was that supposed to be witty? retarded + fallen tart = retarted when she regains her fallen glory? Anywho.

    Why does everyone seem to think the girl is completely stupid? She has serious mental issues. People need to get a grip, read a little and find some compassion in their hearts.

    A creative goal may be just the outlet she needs right now. As long as she is working towards her mental health and family relationships – what is wrong with her trying to pick up the pieces of a career that she sacrificed her childhood for? Maybe she can help others (and trust there are more than just a few in H-weird) in similar situations.

    With the support and love of her family maybe she can evolve into a talent truly deserving of the accolades she receives.

    Let her get on with it – and stop judging. She seems like someone that could use a break.

  10. cdk says:

    Agreed, journey, some good points; I hear what you’re saying. And ?, yeah, creative outlet is fine. I agree it’s probably the best option. It’s just that I don’t trust those around her to make the best decisions for Britney the human being (vs. Britney the superstar-who-may-have-a-comeback-read
    of-money). Maybe it’s all just media generated to generate business in some way for the music industry anyway…
    I mean, yeah, she’s got an illness/mental issues/etc…(God, who doesn’t?) and I’m just questioning whether people are making decisions for the future of Britney the business, or for Britney the person. Like my opinion matters, but anyway.

  11. xiaoecho says:

    I agree with ? and journey……why is everyone assuming that Brits decisions are being made for her. All the indications are that since her family re-entered her life she has been taking baby steps back to her real self under the watchful care of people who love her instead of exploiters. Reading, and a thirst for knowledge are a habit acquired in childhood – and lets face it, from any interview she’s ever given, its pretty obvious Britney doesn’t have an intellectual bent. Why do people assume she doesn’t want to stay in the biz? It does seem too soon for a comeback though

  12. dinigi says:

    rather see her than madonna’s tired crotch ANY DAY

  13. daisy says:

    She’s not that bright in my opinion Since her dad ( the only person who can keep her in check) has been involved in her life she seems to have calmed down . She was , however, involved in a traffic accident the other night.

    I know people that are’nt too smart, the special ed classes in school etc. they are sweet gentle people with a williness to please but they get taken advangate of something terrible. One person I know whenever he was on his own he would be taken advantage of people would steal from him move into his house and not leave drop off a herd of sheep . He went to live with a realtive who keeps an eye out for him and since then he has not been overwhelm with people using him.

  14. Julia says:

    I wish they would just concentrate on getting her better and getting her some access to her children (in that order obviously) surely those things have got to be a higher priority than pushing her back into the spotlight because she has acted better for a couple of days? It’s like they all have to milk that cash cow – shameful, really…

  15. mollination says:

    Looks like the tide has turned too far and people care so much about her well being that they don’t want her performing anymore. oops.

  16. rottenkitty says:

    Wasn’t she diagnosed as being bi-polar? Not to mention her abuse issues. And she is so incapable of running her life that her father was put in charge of her assets.

    Does anyone really think she’s mentally stable enough to perform or tour? In only a matter of a few months?

    It takes years of therapy and proper medication for someone as mentally ill as she apparently is to function normally.

    And if there are people in her camp who seriously think she’s in any condition to be working, they don’t have her best interests at heart.

  17. arc says:

    Gee whiz, you know what would be more impressive than a comeback tour?

    Being a f*cking mother to her own kids!! Has everyone forgotten that she has two latch-key babies being reared by KFed’s nanny somewhere?

    Let’s focus on that first, people! Seriously, Brit, invest whatever is left of your fortune, move into a sensible house far away from Hollywood and take care of your children.

    She’s not mentally ill – she’s as coherent as she wants to be when it’s convenient (like when she needs to memorize lines for a sitcom appearance).

    I have zero sympathy for a deadbeat mother.

  18. LefsaFan says:

    rottenkitty, you don’t know that she was diagnosed bipolar, or even “mentally ill.” That is all speculation. She is NOT a deadbeat mother like arc claims. If there is a deadbeat in the picture, it’s K-Fed.

    But a few things are clear, to me — she has a sharp mind, she is uniquely talented, she is a sweet person, she was robbed of a childhood, she loves her babies, and she is trying her best to be a good mother.

    Nobody is pushing her for a comeback, least of all Larry Rudolph. He is simply making an observation from the point of view of a professional who has been her friend and manager for most of her career. She and the babies will get past K-Fed’s mess just fine.

  19. Kayla says:

    Britney is getting better. She is making progress. She is seeing her boys 3 or more days a week. She is working. That is more than we can say for alot of people. Maybe she wants to tour. Whatever she wants to do, I mean it is her life, not ours. Back off her was said a billion times, she has been thru hell and is still standing “yall” what in the hell do you want?? It is none of our business what she plans to do in the future. She can open her own dance studio or take bit parts on sitcoms, or maybe even write a book about how freaks wouldn’t leave her alone!!! BEST WISHES TO BRITNEY!!!!!!