Lindsay Lohan hires Robert Shapiro, who won’t appeal her jail sentence


TMZ is reporting that Lindsay Lohan has officially hired super-lawyer Robert Shapiro, who I thought was already dead, honestly. Was I thinking of Johnny Cochran? Perhaps. But I digress. After playing around with the idea of hiring Beef Jerky, Esquire, Lindsay has broken our hearts with Shapiro. But our hearts won’t be broken for long – allegedly, Shapiro has “no plans” to file a last-minute appeal:

TMZ has learned famed lawyer Robert Shapiro will represent Lindsay Lohan in her jail saga, but we’re told Shapiro’s plan is not to appeal Lindsay’s 90-day jail sentence.

Sources say Shapiro, who was part of the team that successfully repped O.J. Simpson, will try to convince Judge Marsha Revel to put Lindsay in a rehab facility and either eliminate or minimize jail.

Shapiro, whose son died of a drug overdose in 2005, has a lot of experience with rehab facilities and we’re told he has a specific plan for Lindsay, and a specific place in mind — a live-in rehab facility in which Shapiro is involved. Shapiro created a foundation to help people deal with drug and alcohol problems, named after his son — The Brent Shapiro Foundation.

Shapiro was hired in a nick of time. Lindsay is supposed to turn herself in on Tuesday.

[From TMZ]

Meanwhile, Radar has an interesting interview with Lindsay’s prosecutor, Danette Meyers, who got on her high horse about the alleged appeal (I guess she doesn’t read TMZ): “It’s a really a moot point to ask Judge Revel to send Ms. Lohan to rehab only as Judge Revel has already sentenced her…Ms. Lohan is going to jail… Judge Revel could have sentenced her to more time behind bars, but she didn’t. The only issue to be decided is what rehabilitation facility Ms. Lohan will be sent to after she serves her jail time.”

Can you just imagine the gigantic margarita Shawn Chapman Holley is drinking right now? She doesn’t have to deal with that crackhead anymore! Hurray! Oh, and it’s sounding more and more like someone has talked some sense into Lindsay and told her that going to jail could be her best (and most profitable) career move ever. However, the countdown has already begun – Lindsay turns herself in on Tuesday… what kind of crack drama will there be?

Oooh, look at Shapiro’s eyebrows! That’s some Sam Waterson sh-t.

23 March 2009 - Hollywood, CA. Robert Shapiro. UNICEF Tap Project Fundraiser hosted by Sony Cierge and The Richie-Madden ChildrenÕs Foundation held at My House. Photo Credit: Byron Purvis/AdMedia Photo via Newscom Photo via Newscom

Lindsay Lohan appeared to be in relatively good spirits despite her recent jail sentence as she got coffee with her mother Dina Lohan in West Hollywood, CA on July 9, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc

Lindsay Lohan appeared to be in relatively good spirits despite her recent jail sentence as she got coffee with her mother Dina Lohan in West Hollywood, CA on July 9, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc

Lindsay on July 2, 2010. Credit: Fame.

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23 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan hires Robert Shapiro, who won’t appeal her jail sentence”

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  1. Lori says:

    I am sure that is all she will get is a rehab stay. It is a shame that us normal people don’t get the same treatment as famous drug addicts who habitually offend.

  2. YT says:

    Put her in jail. Since she feels nothing is ever her fault or responsibility, jail is the only way to get her attention. She will treat rehab as a vacation where she will at least be comfortable. Not so with jail time.

  3. Jackson says:

    I think LL & Co. are finally starting to see the dollar signs at the end of the rainbow in this case. How disappointing that she is going to profit from this whole mess. I imagine she’ll get things turned around for a little while and then be back to her crackhead ways within two years.

    Has it been determined yet which rehab facility she’s going to go to? To make up for her lack of prison time I hope it’s whichever one is the most austere and no-nonsense place they have. No getting into the Shapiro place – while it may do just as good work as another facility I have a feeling it is on the cushy end of the rehab comfort scale….and she doesn’t deserve that.

  4. poopie says:

    okay, she is BROKE but can afford to hire robert shapiro? hmmmm…..does anyone else hear $$bookdeal$$ i’m sure he’s not repping her for FREE ! unreal

  5. Lori says:

    LOL you are right Jackson. Dina must be the one with dollar signs in her eyes. She can’t even buy a cake for her own son on his birthday. But Lindsey won’t suffer in jail, she will vacay and be pampered in a rehab that looks like a 5 star resort. Then she will make a boat load of money to talk about it. Makes me sick.

  6. Marjalane says:

    It’s odd that people are making such a big deal about Shapiro; He’s not that great. It was Johnny Cochran that was the brains behind O.J.’s aquittal. All Shapiro does these days is his on-line legal service and manicuring those magnificent brows.

  7. bite me says:

    jail might take some of that entitlement away from ms.lohan since she seems to think the law does not apply to her…correct me if am wrong put hasn’t she been to rehab like three times already …like other have said she needs to go to a REAL rehab facility center that will cater to her bulls**t.

  8. meme says:

    brat ain’t going to jail.

  9. lucy2 says:

    Glad he’s not appealing, what a giant waste of time that would be. She needs to suck it up and do her time, and be glad it’s not more.
    If she manages to make a penny off of this, I hope some sort of system is in place to first pay back all the people she owes millions too. And you know if there’s anything left, she’ll blow right through it.

  10. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Sure she is going to jail, just not for very long. Better some jail than no jail though.

  11. ugh says:

    I hate her. It’s funny, I don’t hate people. But she’s just so detestable.

  12. Laurie says:

    It’s s shame the judge can’t ensure LL will not profit from her current legal troubles. How about the first monies she makes goes to repay broke CA for the police services she has cost the state?

  13. ses says:

    Never thought Kim Kardashian and Lindsay were friends, but now her “moral support” visit makes sense…her dad, Robert, was on the “dream team” with Robert Shapiro. Maybe Kim was pulling some strings for Lindsay.

  14. ,,,, says:

    Here’s an interesting fact – Shapiro also represented Linda Lovelace when she was alive.

  15. Hope she finally gets clean, i hate that everybody is so mean to her. Yes she made mistakes but can you honestly say that if you were living her life with her parents you wouldn’t have made them too?
    She did the crime so she must do the time but i’m hoping for a postitive outcome.

  16. denise says:

    This bitch. Go to jail already crackhead. She will never take responsibility for her actions, because these idiots keep bailing her out. Putting her in jail may be the best thing for her.

  17. Gwen says:

    Yes, FUTURESTAR, I can honestly say I wouldn’t have made those mistakes. Quit kissing Lindsay’s ass. She’s a nasty little brat and she deserves the jail time she’d earned. Lots of people grow up with much worse parents than she had and do just fine.

  18. Cinderella says:

    Do Not Pass Go, crackie.

  19. ,,,, says:

    @ FUTURESTAR – Ask Drew Barrymore that question. She had a ton of issues and no parental guidance but still managed to pull herself together and get help when she way way younger than Lindsay.

  20. Tia C says:

    @ 4 commas (#19): Good point about Drew! Her mother was probably way worse than Dina Lohan, and she didn’t turn out to be a detestable, entitled, self-centered brat. She had some major issues but pulled herself up by her bootstraps and made a success of her life. Something tells me that is never going to be the case with Lindsay.

    She’s got a much better lawyer now, so her case should be handled better. And perhaps he can handle HER better. Part of being a good lawyer is managing your client. The judge has already sentenced her, so she will be going to jail. There really isn’t any way out of that. I guess we’ll see what happens when she reports on Tuesday.

    Kaiser, I thought Robert Shapiro was dead, too. I wonder what gave us that impression!

  21. Hautie says:

    What I want to know… is who is the maker of the sunglasses that Lindsay has on. I am starting to like those…

  22. bagladey says:

    #14 – That is some interesting shi*t.

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