Teresa Giudice shows off her tacky mansion to In Touch Weekly


As many know, Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice is one of the tackiest bitches ever. She’s also, incidentally, dumb as a doornail. In between her on-going “Prostitution Hoa-ah” or “Crack Hoa-ah” feud with Danielle Staub, Teresa also likes to dress her baby in leopard print heels and show off her multi-million dollar home – which is probably about to be foreclosed on. Teresa has done God knows how many photo shoots with In Touch, and they’re always entertaining. Anyway, ITW sent us these exclusive photos of Teresa’s home, and she’s talking about her great decorating style:

Teresa Giudice is one busy lady. So it’s not surprising that when she’s not filming The Real Housewives of New Jersey or promoting her new cookbook, Skinny Italian, she’s relaxing at her multimillion-dollar New Jersey mansion with her husband of nearly 10 years, Joe, and their four daughters.

“My house is very warm — even though it’s big, it’s very inviting and that’s what I love,” explains Teresa of her custom-built, 12,000-square-foot, six-bedroom, six-bathroom house.

“We designed our house knowing we wanted to use every room,” says Teresa, who adds that she loves everything about her home, from the forged iron railings in her glamorous, two-story entrance, to the oversize plasma TV embedded in the wall above the ornate fireplace in her great room.

“We had our house built with nothing but marble, granite and onyx,” she says, “I don’t think you can ever have too much of that. I could’ve had even more,” she says.

[From In Touch Weekly]

Eh. CB called the whole thing tacky, but I’m not there yet. Is it in good taste? Of course not. Is it what I choose for myself? Nope. But is it horrible? Not really. It’s just cheesy and showy and reeks of new (illegal) money.

But does anyone else thing this reads like a real estate listing? How are they going to pay off all of their millions of dollars in debt?


Photos courtesy of Andrew Coppa-Vis Vitae/In Touch Weekly.

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  1. Ron says:

    Faux Chateau. Tackorama.

  2. jen says:

    Whoa! She looks like a puppet. Thunderbirds are GO!

  3. scrappy says:

    Ha! that was a good one jen.

  4. artista says:

    What happened to her bankruptcy…how is she still living there. Is the fresh start the awful furniture.

  5. Tess says:

    The most notable feature of the house is not the “forged iron railings in the glamorous two-story entrance”…. it’s the forged checks that pair of semi-neanderthal grifters wrote to “pay” for it.

  6. Brooke says:

    The place has great bones, but the decor is way too overdone. I’m all for ornamentation in palatable measure but this level of bald ostentation is pretty tacky.

  7. melina says:

    Kaiser, my comment has nothing to do with this story since I have no idea who that woman is but have you covered Alex Skarsgard’s video where he is going wild with Rhys Thomas? Please, I need to read your take on that one! Thanks and sorry for highjacking this post!

  8. melina says:

    You can delete my previous comment! I just saw that you’ve already covered this on July 9. Sorry!!!

  9. benny says:

    I think they’ll have trouble selling the house for what they want. If anyone had enough money to buy a house that expensive, they would not choose to buy THAT house — they would have better options available to them.

  10. Bonfire Beach says:

    I love this tacky bitch, seriously. I never watched RHONJ until this past weekend. Hysterical! Danielle, however, is a total nut with some serious mental problems.

  11. Jackson says:

    That tv looks horrible there. Put a movable cover over it if you must put it in that room – but IDK why you would put it in there. I’m sure there is a more casual ‘family room’ or media room. Just terrible. And she has a baby? Good luck with a child and marble floors. Does anyone have any idea how slippery marble floors are, especially when they get a bit of water, or juice, or baby drool on them? Think cartoon and banana peel.

  12. Kiska says:

    Her house is beautiful. I love all the marble and granite. Maybe I have bad taste but I could handle living there.
    People may say nasty things about Teresa but I like her spunk. She is harmless and is just a fiesty Italian woman. Compared to a lot of the other “real housewives” she does look after her own kids, cooks and cleans rather than employing nannies and housekeepers. I just can’t hate on the gal.

  13. original kate says:

    my dog cocks her head like that when she has to poop.

  14. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    A tacky, classless woman, with a tacky classless mansion.

  15. BReedy says:

    Nice house. Tacky furniture & decor, but, hey, this is New Jesey.

  16. RhymesWithSilver says:

    As a New York Italian, I just have to say that house is firmly planted in the ninth circle of guido hell. People where I grew up would pile on the granite and marble and it always ended up looking like a hot, heaping ginzo mess.

    If you visit Italy, you can see where this comes from; Italians pride themselves on their art and style, but as Tim Gunn would put it, we as a people never really learned to “edit”.

    I’m gonna go sit on my Swedish couch now…

  17. masonwasp says:

    It’s bad, but that’s why we love reading about it. Honestly, I’m a bit jealous. My house is 1500 sq ft, with absolutely no granite, onyx, or marble. Or dishwasher or central air, for that matter.

    So more power to her.

  18. ligeia says:

    Huh? i thought this was britney in a wig..

  19. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL I gotta say I really like her gaudy house. Its hot and I would love to live in it. I think Joe has some kinda construction business and yes the construction industry took a bit of a hit because no one is getting custom things done to their house anymore. I hope things work out for them.

  20. Sumodo1 says:

    Freaky how Teresa Jew-dice (her pronunciation, not mine as a Jew)looks like former presidential candidate Michael Dukakis in a dress?

    Wow, that Great Room is BROWN. The TV is where sophisticated people would place a significant painting, no?

  21. Melinda says:

    Good lord, that is a MONSTROCITY. I have no idea who this woman is, never seen the show, but its a shame that someone spent so much money to make things so ugly.

  22. Tiffany says:


    Did you not see the last episode of ‘Housewives’, Theresa was sitting at home and talking with her husband about how Danielle spoke the truth about the house being foreclosed on. The husband did not say a word, I don’t know how far in advanced these shows are filmed but Danielle called it and Theresa went ballistic and then Jacquline’s daughter got involved (she pulled out some of Danielle’s hair) and could go to court and I cannot lie Jac’s husband laying the smackdown was awesome.

    That is my mini recap for you, Kaiser. Enjoy.

  23. Tiffany says:


    Did you not see the last episode of ‘Housewives’, Theresa was sitting at home and talking with her husband about how Danielle spoke the truth about the house being foreclosed on. The husband did not say a word, I don’t know how far in advanced these shows are filmed but Danielle called it and Theresa went ballistic and then Jacquline’s daughter got involved (she pulled out some of Danielle’s hair) and could go to court and I cannot lie Jac’s husband laying the smackdown was awesome.

    That is my mini recap for you, Kaiser. Enjoy.

  24. Mentok the Mind Taker says:

    Original Kate —

    After all this Gibson nonsense, your comment almost made me fall off my chair laughing!

    Thanks for helping me feel almost normal again.


  25. Kaboom says:

    It looks like a Hobby Lobby exploded in there.

  26. Team Bethenny says:

    Money can’t buy you cla-ass….

  27. Melanie says:

    That TV is so stupid, you can’t even watch it from that angle.

  28. dre says:

    I love Teresa, actualy, she is my favorite one. Big deal you dont like her “style”. Its HER style.
    From what I understand, the house is not included in the financial problems, so she ISNT losing her home.
    If youre gonna talk sh*t, make sure you know what youre talking about.
    Smells like a lot of jealousy here from the ladies who live in a box.
    You go Teresa!!!

  29. bondbabe says:

    Waayyyyy too much curvy, ornate-ness; especially with the minimalistic plasma planted above the columnar mantel.

    She says they “designed” the house, but did she also “decorate” it? If so, has she ever heard of the integration of color and the use of oppositional colors (a la color wheel)? And if she didn’t decorate it herself, their decorator will be out of business.

  30. American Dreamer says:

    Teresa Giudice and her husband declared just $80,000 in income to the IRS each year for the past ten years.

    Even with all their credit card debt they could not have afforded this home without earning much more which clearly means they lied on their tax returns.

    In fact Teresa and her husband are under investigation by the IRS criminal unit AND by state and federal authorities for mortgage fraud.

    Terea’s next big house will be THE big house

  31. Eileen Yover says:

    At least they had the common decency to cover that forehead. ::shudder::

  32. Sumodo1 says:

    Remember what Dolly Parton says: “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap!”

  33. RHONYC says:

    where my ‘hgtv’ dogs at?!!!

    those window treatments are a gasp.


    jamie drake, saaaave them!!!

    it looks like she used to watch ‘kimora, life in the fab lane’ and majorly failed at coping that look.

    to each its own, but…yikes, that place is ugly.

  34. Serena says:

    Gawd-awful. The massive mortgage fraud this couple has perpetrated seems enough on it’s own to bring down a small bank. In a year we can view photos of this Addams Family mansion boarded-up and weed covered, with no interested buyers at any price. And if there is any justice, In Touch can do a feature on how Terror-isa had decorated her cell.

  35. margo says:

    I lurve the Housewives series-Ny is my fave!
    Kind of getting bored with NJ-and Teresa is an immature, uneducated, tacky woman. Sorry, she may be feisty and funny, but damn girl read a book once in a while or take a class. That decorating is pretentious and gaudy like her. She acts like a 14 yr old girl with her snotty remarks-ESPECIALLY to the police that were investigating that mayhem last episode. GROW UP

  36. Anon says:

    She is the tackiest woman to ever grace tv…she’s lying about losing the home and the woman has serious limited intellectual functioning. She thinks that since her husband is in bankruptcy that it means she’s not. Also, the furntiture in the pictures…completely staged for the photo shoot. The house has hardly any furntiture in it because they can’t afford it.

  37. SolitaryAngel says:

    To each his own; but gawd–DAMN that place is fugly!

  38. belle Epoch says:

    jackson – the baby is going to crack her skull or knock out her teeth unless they foreclose quick.

    ligela – she looks EXACTLY like Britney in a wig – it’s the fetal alcohol syndrome face and the frozen faraway look. She looks like a wax figurine.

    I love it that she says they planned the house to “use every room.” What a concept! Now that’s economizing.

    For the record, no jealousy here. With all the problems we have in the world, I truly would rather live in a tent than in a crude, ostentatious, hideous show of illegal money that came from God knows where for doing God only knows what.

  39. RhymesWithSilver says:

    @anon- That’s the way goombas’ wives think; “Oh, it’s my husband who’s in trouble, not me!”

    You see this sort of style all over the outer boroughs and NJ. As soon as these people get two pennies to rub together, they slap a marble balustrade around their ordinary split level house and turn it into some sort of guido palazzo. They all want to pretend they’re the Medicis or something.

  40. Amy says:

    I like Theresa. She may not have all the meek lady-like qualities, but she is real and Danielle is afraid of her.

  41. Addison DeWitt says:

    All of those accessories look like they came from HobbyLobby. Oh, there needs to be a rug under the furniture and the placement is askew. Oh, look at that ugly painting at the top of the stairs. It glows.

  42. LT says:

    Bankruptcy allows you to protect your primary residency. So they are going to stiff everyone they owe money to and keep their house. If they are that broke then they can’t afford that house either and they will eventually lose it too. You can’t qualitfy for or afford a “multi million dollar house” on $80k a year.

  43. Josephina says:

    If Danielle is afraid of her, she should be. This woman is not above causing scenes where she is calling someone a bitch or throwing tables because someone told her to be quiet in front of the camera.

    Teresa loves drama…simple, not too bright PLUS she is a very horny woman…ergo the kennel of kids she keeps spitting out. She is every man’s dream.

    I love it when she describes herself as sweet and nice…yea, just like a pit bull dog.

  44. Alice Tripp's ghost says:

    Why oh why does she always tilt her head in photos? Wonder if it’s because the rocks (granite?) inside her head shift and she ends up lopsided.

  45. Reba24 says:

    OMG – “You can never have too much granite, marble or onyx” or rocks in your head! – I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  46. Kim says:

    I pray she has surround sound speakers playing Luanns “Money cant buy you class” throughout the house!

    How can anyone filing BK who isnt really down and out (Guidices) look at themselves in the mirror? Thats why Theresa got so pissed at Danielle because Danielle called her out on her house being foreclosed on.

    Wait til local businesses she didnt pay her bills on get a hold of her. I think shell be ostracized out of town!

  47. Crash2GO2 says:

    “Remember what Dolly Parton says: “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap!” ”

    God I love that line. But I think it was “It costs a heck of a lot of money to look this cheap!”


  48. Crash2GO2 says:

    “Why oh why does she always tilt her head in photos? Wonder if it’s because the rocks (granite?) inside her head shift and she ends up lopsided.”

    Probably because her eyes are on different levels, and tilting your head makes your face look more symetrical. There are a number of actresses who do this – SJP is one I think.

  49. Ashley says:

    Kiska – Oh please. Apparently her parents live with her and help her clean that monstrosity. The reason she was giving attitude to that party planner when the PP stuck her nose up at her for not having help was because Tereasa CAN’T afford to hire people.

    I love how that PP called her out on it and Teresa tried to turn it around like she’s somehow a better person because “she” cleans that vile home herself. Ahaha

  50. jon says:

    I love it when she said her husband is an entrepreneur, then pauses to ask the camera man what an entrepreneur is. Wow. They don’t get any dumber.

    Oh, wait. They each declared $80k in income, yet they have millions of dollars in property. I stand corrected. Committing mortgage fraud and then bragging about it in a magazine really tops her dumb comment. Have fun in prison Theresa.

  51. Kiska says:

    @ Ashley I didn’t realize her parents were helping out. They didn’t reveal that on the show.

  52. josepe says:

    i love her wig, is always on her like she never finds the front so she always wears it backwards

  53. Lady LaLa says:


  54. Liana says:

    I feel like there’s too much stuff in there. Over accessorizing is a don’t.

  55. Greer says:


  56. MoMo says:

    New from Mattel: Delusional Bankrupt Barbie. Useless Suburban McMansion and Mid-life Crisis Ken sold separately

  57. Anne says:

    What I keep thinking about are all the subcontractors that never got paid for the work they did on her tacky mansion. I wonder how many families got screwed by Teresa and her “yummy” husband. I think they knew they’d never be able to pay and intentionally screwed these people.

  58. Cirque28 says:

    RhymesWithSilver: “As soon as these people get two pennies to rub together, they slap a marble balustrade around their ordinary split level house and turn it into some sort of guido palazzo. They all want to pretend they’re the Medicis or something.”

    It’s so true!

    PS– Somewhere, Donatella Versace is smiling right now.

  59. Taradash says:

    Food network should get smart and go after her, she’s a real Italiana, knows how to make red sauce can it, home made wine. Her baking must be awesome, planning a traditional Christmas eve menu, forgetaboutit,I bet her homemade receipes are great better than GIADA, plus she’s a hoot to watch, I never take her seriously, ’cause she’ll kick my *

  60. Trillion says:

    This is the home of a dull minded person.

  61. Mozelle says:

    The place is a train wreck. I keep thinking Morticia or Gomez will pop out from behind a curtain.

  62. denise says:

    That house is as ugly as her face.

  63. Jbo says:

    OYE – where to start! I would love to meet her and her “Patterson” roots! She’s a toy poodle w/a pitbull attitude. I’d rip her a forehead, but I have more class than she has in her silly castle (she calls “investment property”).

    She is the WORST example of a human being. It’s just REALLY sad that she was allowed to spawn four little Teresa-minions. So entitled for NO reason!

  64. Robin says:

    I hope RHONJ never airs its hideous face again after this season. By the way, the decor of that house embodies the quintessence of VULGAR crudeness. I can’t believe someone would pay money to decorate one room in unadorned tones of brown. Plus Teresa’s attitude is a monstrosity; unfortunately she’s passed it down to her very homely looking children 🙁

  65. Gail says:

    Weeelllll… Okay. I see the bad taste, I do. It’s like somebody’s gramma exploded. But! She does have some really wonderful foundation pieces. If some of the crap were done away with and the trims were dialed back and the colors were tweeked… It wouldn’t take but so much work to fix it AND keep her sense of (ahem) style.

  66. Mairead says:

    The house could be a lot worse in fairness, but it still looks like your average Cribs crap with “eggstruh” Sandra Lee tableraping thrown in.

    I’ve never watched any of these “Real Housewives” nonsense so I’ve no opinion on this one’s personality, but I would say that she would do well to borrow a dress that’s not too long for her.

    And who the hell wrote the In Touch blurb? If you know nothing about architecture or its terminology, then for the love of God don’t throw whatever random term you think you know in. It will make you sound like a dumbo. Case in point, the “forged iron” railings in the hallway. Forged iron you say, as opposed to what – pig iron? I double-dog-dare you to make railings out of iron that hasn’t been forged.

  67. BeeGirl says:

    How much of a drain on our natural resources is a house like this responsible for? I mean the energy alone… With all that empty vertical space it would take a TON of energy to heat it. So even if the house itself is supposedly not in foreclosure I still doubt they can afford to heat the place.

    And don’t get me started on the drain on the water supply…

    Homes like this should be illegal. I’m all for space, but no single family needs this much space.

    And umm, can you actually USE a fireplace with a TV above it? I’m assuming it’s not a working fireplace. The brown is making me nausceous.

  68. sandra says:

    everyone has somethingto say, you bunch of pieces of shit that talk about italians and gommbas theresa is a good mother and wife did anyone say anything nice about her beautiful children all you fools that knock her house and her furniture a jealous. theresa and joe if you see this if i have the money i would bail you guys out and not ask for anything to be paid back i love you and your family your real alot more than alot of asshole celebs i see on tv

  69. Hello Kitty says:

    It’s a freak show!!! Bunch of shallow people think they are better than anyone because they are rich???? Theresa is a low IQ bimbo, Ashley is an immature bitch, Caroline is an arrogant selfrightous bitch. They thinks their shit don’t stink.

  70. Amy says:

    it looks like a “Direct Buy” commercial.

  71. NJ Guy says:

    Comment all you want on these fabulicious adults but hey leave the kids out of it.

    What’s the deal the with the gaudy mansion? Will TG & JG have to move in over the pizza parlor? Will they get to stay in the palace? No way is that thing worth 5 million. Maybe 1.5 on a good day… It’s Montville not Upper Montclair.

  72. WILBUR says:

    BURN IT DOWN! Nicest thing I can say. Note they figured it takes over a $1,000 a month to run a big fountain!

  73. HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY, Kim G Dishes Dirt on Danielle Staub’s love Life and Chicken Dish!
    On Real Housewives of New Jersey, probably one of the only housewives who has any real money is Kim G. Tom Murro, the Celebrity magnet, caught up with Kim G and she dished the dirt on her frenemy, Danielle Staub.

    After Tom met Kim G at Starbucks, they zipped around town in her $400k Ferrari, Tom riding shotgun as her boy toy, spun over to her multimillion dollar mansion to dish the gossip.

    Kim G revealed the reason why she thinks Danielle Staub is now pitching for the other team is because she is having a hard time getting a guy to date her. Seriously? Kim G says Staub has slept with thousands of men, I think she might be joking but we get it. LOTS OF DUDES. You can view the interview here.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZwGZwVNxu0

    One funny quote Kim G had, was she claims Danielle Staub wants a chicken dish to be named after her and HATES it when fans don’t recognize her. The problem would anyone WANT to eat the Staub chicken dish? Who wants to get food poisoning?

    Kim G is actually much prettier in person and is more down to earth than the other girls. She actually looks really happy in this photo. Kim G claims she even does her own gardening. Kim G is much funnier in interviews, Bravo needs to give her better lines next season.

    To check out the rest of the interview, go to the CelebrityMagnet Face Book page or Celebritymagnet.com

  74. lisa says:

    you guys are pathetic its obvious that your all just too poor and jealuos that you cant afford something this beautiful so SHUT UP 🙂

  75. Mary says:

    I need to go to get detox from this show…
    Its sad to say that there are many people who are also
    living way beyond their means just like Teresa and her husband. And just to let you in on info that is actually
    true… Teresa did have a College girl as a Nanny and doing many other things for her. she was actually in the shows when she moved in her house. Someone from her town told me that Teresa stop paying the girl for over six months. And who actually believes she cleans that house. Impossible. She would have dry hands no nails. Pleas,e I don’t think she cooks or does beds. Especially when she is out all day spending money she does not have. So take it all with a grain of salt… laugh and pray for these people… this reality show is going be the biggest mistake they made in their life. its going to hunt them and their great grandchildren. god help them.

  76. HbIsee says:

    Lisa-apparently Teresa is “too poor” to afford that stuff either. How dare you tell people to shut-up! Who made you boss?

  77. Dajiah says:

    teresa is the most disgusting person, i cant believe jac and caroline are still friends with her and havent seen through the bullshit. She is living a lie in everyway and she might have diss danielle but all i can say is look at danielles children, they are beautiful and well mannered. Teresa is trying to push mini troll doll gia to be a model is she delusional that is the most ridiculous thing ever, and the cat walk that gia did was hilarious. People try with teresa but why i dont know she judges everyone else and acts as if she has money while she is one inch away from living in a gutter, the 2 new house wives seem fine, all of them seem fine except teresa, the only worse person than teresa is KIM G 2 faced retiree