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28 Responses to “Paris Hilton calls Kim Kardashian’s ass “gross””

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  1. Cindy Kennedy says:

    What are these women going to do when they get OLD? Are they still going to be arguing over who has the bigger butt?

    This is so childish.

  2. Carrie says:

    Pot? Meet kettle.

  3. daisy says:

    lets see both are worthless both are attention whores both have sex tapes both dont contibute anything to society except for the spread of stds. okay.. whats was the question? Kim has a big ass?

  4. Syko says:

    It is childish and stupid. Paris can’t seem to keep a BFF more than a few months – it’s starting to look like more than coincidence.

    On the other hand, though, I agree about Kim Kardashian’s ass. And I despise how she always stands with her back to the camera and peers knowingly over her shoulder at the lens.

    It’s a sad day when you can become famous for nothing more than having a big butt and a dead father famous for chauffeuring a murderer on a scenic drive through L.A. Oh, there’s the stepfather too. Didn’t he used to be cute?

  5. AC says:

    kims butt is amazing there isn’t a part of paris’s body worth noting.

  6. dede says:

    I agree with her-for once in my life.

  7. Megan says:

    Paris just did this for publicity.

  8. lola lola says:

    Daisy said it best!

  9. daisy says:

    Megan Paris just did this for publicity
    You are correct Duh on me for being punked by this media whore who finds one way or another to keep her name in the news.

  10. Sasha says:

    But not as gross as the 1500 types of cootchie critters crawling around in your underwear, Paris. I hate it when no-talent phonies fight with other no-talent phonies.

  11. CinPin says:

    I can’t stand either one, but I think Kim’s got a great body. Paris on the other hand looks like a trannie.

  12. Lana says:

    Paris’ sell-by date has long expired. What anyone sees in her is behind me.

  13. Jaclyn says:

    Paris isn’t sorry! She’s right, Kim’s ass is gross! And so is hers.

  14. paige says:

    my friend just died of oxycontin overdose. you guys need to redirect your focus.

  15. DD says:

    I’m sorry about your friend, but why are you criticizing when you are here doing the same thing?

  16. Anastasia says:

    Shyeah, because Paris’ ass goiters are SO much more attractive.

    They’re both idiots and I wish they would BOTH go away, permanently.

  17. Duke Steele says:

    Kim Kardashian’s ass is gross??? Grosser than herpes???

  18. Bex says:

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Kim k’s body.. personalities.. well, neither one is anything to scream about.

  19. FF says:

    Aw, is the poor hack princess burned that she’s now on level media pegging with that same “cottage cheese” ass?

    Suck it up, Paris. No one cares.

    The moral of this story: blonde does not always equal better. Sometimes you have to actually *shock* BE a worthwile person. (It also helps if you have a brain cell left in your head to tell you that if you’re not a worthwhile person, and still manage to have friends – you might not want to alienate them by presuming you’re above them because of… whatever.)

  20. ilovekim says:

    KIM IS A MILLION TIMES BETTER THAN PARIS WILL EVER BE!! how dare paris say anything about kims body. paris has no body. she looks like a 12 year old boy! kim is a gorgeous woman and what some of u guys are saying is horrible. you shouldn’t talk about her dad he was a good person. and paris had a sex tape before kim did. paris is just jealous.

  21. sophie says:

    all you girls saying that kim kardashians ass is gross are ALL sitting on their flats ass right now wishing they had her butt, girls hate on what other girls have and what they want
    just shut up jealous b*tches and have a nice day = )

  22. angela says:

    i dont understand why kim k’s ass is gross? why?

  23. Olivia says:

    Kim’s ass is the BOMB!!! Hell, I WANT HER ASS!!! So you can stfu Paris!

  24. Kimmy says:

    Kim K is AWSOME…Gorgeous, Pretty, Funny, Sweet and such a wholesome person. Paris is a flat chested, flat assed skinny pessed her sell by date Biatch! Kim K rocks and her ass is awsome….I want her body!

  25. Kimmy says:

    *Passed her sell by date* whoops

  26. kim k says:

    Penis Hilton is a skinny bitch with a dog face.

  27. Raquel says:

    Honestly from what I see Kim seems like a way better person.Parris is hit!shes not pretty she dosnt have a body she cant sing and her personality is shit.shes washed up.she goes tru friends like underware,so that must tell you something.Kim is smashing her.Kim may be full of herself but shes doing it big.cant hate on that!

  28. whoa now says:

    Paris is wack KIM AN NICKI HAve butt shots i’ve seen’m both b4 tha fame