True Blood’s Joe Manganiello (Alcide) is shirtless, smokin’ hot


A couple of weeks ago, US Weekly ran a shirtless photo of hot up-and-coming actor Joe Manganiello. He plays Sookie on True Blood’s dreamy new bodyguard, werewolf Alcide Hervaux. People send me a lot of photos of gorgeous shirtless models and actors and it takes a lot to impress me. In this case I was so mesmerized by this guy’s abs and his sexy scruff that I definitely wanted to cover them (with my tongue as Kaiser would say), but sadly couldn’t find the photo online. Lucky for us he’s also shirtless in Muscle & Body magazine this month and TooFab has the photos. (above!)

This week on True Blood we were treated to a breathtaking scene of Hervaux shirtless as he was confronted by his crazy V-addicted ex fiance. I haven’t seen the full episode yet, but I’m not a fan of that story arc apart from the pure joy in staring at Mangeniello. True Blood is really pushing the limits lately and there’s just too much going on for my taste. I’ll keep watching it for sure, partly because of the man candy and the characters I’ve grown to love. I also want to see if Sookie and Eric will finally hook up and have hot non-dream sequence sex. It’s hard to explain but the show just doesn’t feel like True Blood and it’s like they’re cramming shocking scenes in that don’t add up to much. I agree with a couple recent reviews on Pajiba that it’s lost something. It’s gained hotties like Manganiello and the ugly-hot British actor James Frain (Franklin “Watch how fast I can type motherf*cker” Mott). That’s something.

ANAHEIM, CA - JULY 11: Actor Joe Manganiello during the MLB All Star Game Celebrity Softball Game at Angels Stadium of Anaheim on July 11, 2010 in Anaheim, California. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

HOLLYWOOD - JUNE 08: Actor Joe Manganiello arrives at the premiere of HBO's 'True Blood' Season 3 at The Cinerama Dome on June 8, 2010 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Thanks to Too Fab and Muscle & Body magazine for the photos

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  1. RHONYC says:

    well i don’t mind if i do. :-)


  2. Schnauzers!!! says:

    I just drooled all over my keyboard…

  3. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    I hate the whole storyline with him.

    I have to say, I am not liking True Blood as much as I have. Hopefully things will turn around, because this season is kinda sucking.

  4. Persistent Cat says:

    He’s delicious. And thanks for the baseball player uniform. That does the trick for me.

    I agree, the show is getting beyond ridiculous and Sookie has to be the most self-centred character ever in the history of anything.

    But how cute was Lafayette with Jesus? I love Lafayette. And even Eric flirting with the king’s boyfriend was kind of hot. And Jason was shirtless so that’s always a plus.

  5. IceKitty says:


    He is so sexy. They really hit the nail on the head with this character. He is exactly how I pictured him from the book…

    SAD to say, but I’m going to have to agree. Ball need to go back to the roots. Go back to what the first season was like. He’s trying to combine all of the books to fast.. SLOW DOWN ALAN!!!

  6. Snarf says:

    yum yum

  7. Miss Kitty Litter says:

    I dvr Trueblood and fast forward through most of the Sam and Jason scenes. The show is going to many places at one time.

  8. Kolby says:

    The only time I find I’m really paying attention this season is whenever Eric’s onscreen.

  9. Team Bethenny says:

    Yowza. He has those abdominal/pelvic veins that I’d like to trace with my tongue.

  10. Linda says:

    I was all over the Internet checking him out the other day. Yeah, he’s too much! Wondering if he’s married.

  11. lena says:

    I demand a Franklin post CB !

  12. viper says:

    OMG IT’S A MAN! ITS AN ACTUAL MAN LIKE REAL MAN !!! Such speices have been lable as endangered in most societies, so seeing one is definatly a rarity and what a sight!

    ….its like seeing a white elephant.

  13. ering says:

    ugh, where’s the chest hair??!! i’m a sucker for hairy men, and with a beard like that, you’d think he’d have some chest hair. despite my disappointment with his lack of chest hair, he’s my new favorite part of tb.

  14. All that AND he’s from the Pittsburgh area. Perfect.

  15. P.S. Completely agree with Ering. Does he wax? Weirrrrrd.

  16. Eden says:

    Persistent Cat, I agree! I loved those scenes and Lafayette was SO cute and shy with Jesus. Loved it.

    True Blood is different this season for sure but I still can’t wait to see what they are going to do next and what dark shit is lurking under everyone’s surface.
    Except the light bearing Sookie of course. I admit, when that beam of light shot out of her hand I actually got chills.
    Jason’s body does not do it for me…he looks odd proportionally but I agree with Viper…Joe looks like a real man and in my book is perfectly sexy.
    I love how the actors look like the being they are hiding. Joe looks totally wolfy, Sam looks like a cute dog etc..

  17. Audra says:

    Franklin! Franklin!

  18. denise says:


  19. Chelsey says:

    I don’t watch True Blood, but I do know this guy as Brad from How I Met Your Mother…and I DEFINITELY don’t remember him looking like that! Phew!

  20. lucy2 says:

    TB has been a little uneven- some story lines are great, some are blah, and it throws the pace of the episode off. Plus it does seem like they’re trying to cram a lot in.

    I remember this guy from some other show and didn’t like him at all, but I do like him a lot as Alcide – perfect casting. Actually all of the casting has been phenomenal.

  21. Kitty2000 says:

    I know it’s cheesy to say but:

    Oh. My. God.

  22. Michelle says:

    Check out – it has several pics of him on there, none shirtless, but some older pics.

  23. denise says:

    I am not feeling Season 3 of True Blood. Too many stories, too many characters, I’m totally lost.

  24. Johanna says:

    This guy is a hot piece of ass but I don’t see him as Alcide & I thought Debbie was supposed to be somewhat pretty in the books – the actress not so much!

  25. viper says:

    in Photoshoots the make up teams usually shave the chests of the guys…

  26. MM says:

    Holy Crap Batman!! Never seen TB but I’m about to add it to my Netflix so I can catch up!!

  27. ksmit says:

    I’ve only read up to Club Dead, which season 3 is based off of. I should say loosely based off of because it’s a serious departure from the book! Alcide is waaaay better in the books. I was really looking forward to the dynamic between him and Sookie. Maybe they will turn it around before the season is over. Right now he is just too whiney. I wish they would introduce Bubba, too!

  28. melina says:

    He is Brad from HIMYM?! Who would have thought. I watch both shows but I hadn’t made the connection. Talk about a tranformation!
    The last TB episode was kind of boring but I prefer this season to the last one. It’s the first time I don’t find Sookie annoying and finally Bill acts like a badass vampire. I guess I’m in the minority who don’t want an Erik – Sookie hookup! Maybe it’s because I haven’t read the books, I don’t know.

  29. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Melina, I don’t want an Eric-Sookie hook-up either. I want a Eric-DreadPirateCuervo hook-up! LOL. I think this season is way better than last season. I think they could have skipped the Bill-Lorena-headtwisting, but I actually think this is the best season so far. After all, it’s the only season with Franklin! I watched the Tudors, too, so I already have the James Frain love.

  30. bellaluna says:

    @ denise:

    Try watching it more than once – follow one story line each time you view it. If you have On Demand, you can even fast forward through whichever story lines you aren’t focusing on at the time.

    And yes, Alcide is HOT! He looks like a man is supposed to look (minus the chest hair – pretty sure he waxed for those pix, as he has a “happy trail” but no arm hair either).

  31. jones says:

    Just delicious.

  32. RHONYC says:

    waiter –

    i’ll have an ‘alcide & jesus’ manwich, with a side ‘jason momoa’.

    thanks. :-)

  33. trishy says:

    He is beautiful, but he has no charisma and ZERO chemistry with Anna Paquin. Disappointing.

  34. Schozzle says:

    Ewww, don’t like guys that muscular. He’s a shitty actor, too.

  35. Strawberry says:

    dread pirate cuervo: Totally agree with you.

    Last season with the maenad storyline and Eggs sucked big-time.

    I actually love all the divergent storylines, it’s really become an ensemble show and I enjoy how they’ve managed to weave in Sookie’s abilities and the fact that Bill may have had ulterior motives for meeting her, in again.

    Also, I haven’t read the books, but what is Crystal’s secret(s) – is she a shifter? I’m dying here…

    My favorite characters: Lafayette/Pam/Terry not necessarily in that order lol.

  36. bellaluna says:

    @ trishy – I think it’s more the way his character is written. That, and the way “Sookie” is too wrapped up in her own drama to take a second look at anyone else around her.

  37. Schozzle says:

    “Also, I haven’t read the books, but what is Crystal’s secret(s) – is she a shifter?”

    Sort of….if it goes the way of the books her story will be a BIG deal for Jason.

    Can’t wait until the hook-up with Eric and bitchy Talbot.

  38. YvetteW says:

    He has got the type of body that makes me feel c-e-a-t-i-v-e. Verrry nice.


    Why does he insist on talking? Every interview makes me less interested in getting to know his mind. I think I will dig the wrapping w/o opening the box!

  39. Sasha says:

    I’m so in love with Franklin..that guy is an amazing actor.

  40. lena says:

    CB where is my Franklin post??????? It’s only fair that the ugly hot guy on the show gets some loving…

    I just might start a petition

  41. Cmac says:

    Ladies, THIS is what a werewolf should look like! Yum! (a sexy, adult MAN) Exactly how I pictured him from the book’s descriptions!

    And, I gotta admit, I’ve got a crazy crush on Franklin, too! :)

  42. Ron says:

    fantasy hotness! When I am watching True Blood I can’t see any reason for him to wear clothes…ever.

  43. Schozzle says:

    @cmac, shouldn’t a werewolf actually have chest hair?

  44. Persistent Cat says:

    Please please please, no spoilers!!!!! Please don’t make comments about what’s in the book. Or if you do, put a big note so I know to skip your comment.

  45. Jeri says:

    That guy is HOT! All those Gerald lovers should take a look at Joe Manganiello.

    I don’t get HBO but I def want to rent the DVD.

  46. Cmac says:

    @Schozzle: *laugh* Yes, you’re right! I am one of the few that still LOVE chest hair.(a la Tom Selleck in the late ’80s!)

    I’ve gotten so used to men these days not having it. Especially ones with great bodies who seem to want to shave it off to better show their muscles.

    Yes, some chest hair would make this were more complete, but I still think he looks fabulous!

  47. I Choose Me says:

    @lena. Let me be the first to sign that petition. Franklin (James Frain) is my main reason for watching these days – am not a fan of this season, although I must say I’m enjoying bad bill.

  48. amanda says:


  49. buckley says:

    What a perfect specimen.
    Hope he doesn’t get any bigger though.

  50. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Fanning my face and clutching my pearls, this man is…delish.

    He might just not be hairy in that area. I had an ex-boyfriend who played basketball and he could grow a full beard and had a very hairy down there area and hairy legs and arms but his chest had like, two hairs that poked out. It was weird to say the very least.

  51. Jenny says:

    that body isn’t attractive anymore, it’s disgusting

  52. BeeCee says:

    CB you made my day.

    Love me some Alcide thank you very much
    Love love love love

    That ladies is sex on a stick

  53. Amy says:

    I think this is the best season so far! Maybe if I hadn’t read the books, things wouldn’t make as much sense, but all the pieces will fall into place.

    I love Franklin, too! :)

  54. Erin says:

    People! Alcide was in the books and is a major part of it so yes he’s going to be on the show. Jason’s hookup with Crystal is also in the books and does tie in nicely with episodes and politics to come.

  55. BeeCee says:

    @Strawberry: I with ya, I totally like the divergent storylines, It makes me know each character and what’s going on with each of them more and more which I really do love. I did happen to like Season 2 though… Eggs didn’t really do it for me, I just didn’t feel his character.

    I didn’t read the books yet so I guess that’s why I’m liking this season a lot.

  56. Camille says:

    So yummy. Thank you for the delicious pics hehe.

  57. Sookie says:

    This guys is so much hotter than Alexander Skarsgard – and a lot less of a douchebag!!

  58. call-in says:

    okay, the beginning of this season kind of sucked ass. but the past 2 episodes have been so. fucking. good.
    bit more sexy time and i’ll feel like it’s season one again.

  59. lena says:

    Okay CB, myself and I choose me have signed my imaginary petition…and I have about 7 others who have professed their love for Franklin Mott…so can I please get my Franklin post now? pretty please??? :-)

  60. Mouse says:

    I like his face, but not the bod. Not doing it for me, way too waxed and steroid looking. Tone down the hyper muscles and add some body hair and I’d think about it.

  61. Anne de Vries says:

    I think he’s hot, but those abs make him look like a man who spends waaaaay too much time in the gym and would turn down an evening on the couch with a silly movie and a plate of nachos…

  62. Celebitchy says:

    We have heard your desperate pleas and have a Franklin Mott/James Frain post coming up this morning. ;)

  63. Mercedes says:

    OhMyGoD!!! I think I just swallowed my tongue. Joe makes me want to finger paint his body with vanilla ice cream and using my tongue. All I need is his “happy trail” to show me where to start and where to end! YUM! YUM! YUM! I wouldn’t boot Joe out of bed for hogging the covers. Gerard who? With the way ol’ Gerry has been looking lately my loyalties are swaying to some hot Italian man-meat!

  64. Brooklyn says:

    Forget Bill! Sookie can take this one out in sunlight and bake cookies on his chest!!

    oh hot damn.

  65. marilyn mullen says:

    He is so beautiful; if they make a series or movie about Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake he can play the role of Richard Zeeman.

  66. sharon says:

    Have you seen this Joe Manganiello video interview? SO HOT!

  67. Lorii says:

    I prefer muscular aka “bodybuilders” and no chest hair. Joe definitely is the kind of man I would go for, of course I would also go for Alexander, they are both hot, hot, hot and very sexy!