Britney Spears & the mangy budget weave: the battle continues


Here are some photos of Britney Spears out shopping yesterday. She looks really good from the front, I have to say. I mean, style-wise, she’s still a train wreck in her short shorts, tank top and combat boots, but the bra is on and her little face looks sober and cognizant. From the back is a different story:


YIKES. Britney and her weave: it will always be a battle of the ages.

Okay, two Britney stories for you. First off, the child abuse investigation against her has been officially closed by the LA County Department of Children and Family Services. Back in June, Britney’s former bodyguard went to The Sun (through “sources”) and told horrific stories about Britney beating her kids with belts and feeding them food they were allergic to. But it was probably all bullsh-t, and now Britney doesn’t have to worry, I guess.

Second story – Britney just released her latest teaser campaign for her new fragrance, Radiance. The bottle is so sparkly and childish! It’s kind of cute, I guess. Britney’s perfumes still sell like hotcakes, so that’s good.


Photos of Brit on July 20, 2010, credit: Fame.

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  1. susanne says:

    Holy shit.

    I just want to take care of this girl!

    She needs some good women in her life. I just can’t feel good about busting on her weave…

    I miss Lindsay.

  2. saintdevil says:

    She reminds me of the mutants in “Wrong Turn”.

  3. Praise St. Angie! says:

    jeezum crow…CUT IT OFF!

  4. Jillian says:

  5. Po says:

    When you showed the back shot of her hair I wasn’t expecting it to be that bad. I don’t understand, why doesn’t she just take the weave out and get a nice haircut and give her hair a break.

  6. shorty40 says:

    Man oh man that’s some kinda nasty going on in her hair. LMAO And IMO those combat boots make her legs look extremely short and dumpy. Not a good look, Brit.

  7. trollydolly says:

    Christ I wasn’t expecting that!
    All that money and she still looks so incredibly rough! Why doesn’t she employ a dresser/stylist to be permanently on staff to sort her out before she leaves the house? She’s clearly not able to maintain herself.

  8. bite me says:

    poor brit brit, at least shes wearing socks with the boots

  9. Diana says:

    I just don’t understand why she’s still admired or sought after. How is she a brand?! She looks like she belongs on the People of Walmart website….jeez.

  10. maya says:

    Why does she ALWAYS look so trashy? Who does she thinks is going to buy her clothing line when she looks like this all the time?

  11. Kim says:

    I almost snorted my coffee when I read that perfume name. Radiance!!!

  12. meme says:

    that simply CANNOT be her real weave. it cannot. it simply cannot be. britbrit come live with me and i will make sure you look good every time you leave the house.

  13. Oi says:

    Her clothes ok fine, she isn’t a naturally stylish person, but my god the hair! how hard is it to get her some decent weave? Maybe a good haircut so she doesn’t need it? she has more money than King Solomon!

  14. Lauren says:

    Britney works her butt off, supports her whole family, her lazy ex-K-Fed, and whomever else tries to use her. I am surprised she is still sane. I feel sorry for her, and if she was my daughter, would take better care of her mental health.

  15. Kitty2000 says:

    OK, I have no idea about weaves, extensions and the like, but surely the girl’s own hair has grown back in by now…?

  16. Missfit says:

    She always looks amazingly great and better in the most recent videos she did and photo shoots…but, out in public, she looks thrown out. I mean it’s okay to be casual and what not, but as long as she’s doing okay and is healthy. Hopefully the way she looks in public isn’t the way her life is all over again, as before.

  17. Jillian says:

    Kitty2000, I believe it was 2007 when she shaved her head. Even if her hair grows slowly, after 3 yrs it should be shoulder length.

  18. Kelly says:

    OK,what I don’t understand is that she puts on eyeliner every single day of her life – I’ve never ever seen her without that brown eyeliner. Yet she can’t comb her hair???

  19. purelife says:

    gosh… brit… your head looks like a newly hatched chick with ingrown feathers..

    buy still ok, its just the hair. i rather want you to have messy hair than messy life.

    have fun and ask them to increase your allowance for shopping spreeee

  20. Kimberly says:

    I don’t understand why she’s still wearing those extensions ! Her has to be more than suitable to be worn naturally . It should at least be shoulder length if not more . Those extensions look like they’re balding her in the back more than anything .

  21. Anonandonandon says:

    Britney does not work her butt off. Her backup dancers do more than her. She doesn’t sing or play an instrument and she barely dances anymore. She shows up to a studio to “sing” what was written for her then at concerts she walks back and forth across the stage occasionally pausing to wave her arms. She has the easiest job in the music industry. She does what she is told and makes millions for it.

    I don’t feel sorry for her. She’s incredibly lucky and keeps getting more and more handed to her. She has been given a free pass in life while others have to struggle just to make a living. Tell someone working 2 jobs just to make ends meet that Britney works her butt off.

  22. Len says:

    Her eyelids have become so droopy and sad looking. Has anyone noticed that?

  23. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I hope for her sake that weave pic is photoshopped. Dayum, girl! Her outfit would look OK on say, Kate Moss, but it makes Britney look stumpy. & the boots are way fug.

  24. Delta Juliet says:

    She makes me feel good about myself. And I have a good 10 years on her and 0 time to work out between the children and the need to have a real job.
    She hasn’t done anything significant in years, she looks like crap, and she’s not particularly talented to begin with. She was skating by because she was cute and she’s not anymore. Can she go away now?

  25. viper says:

    Im confused did somthing crawl up her head and DIE? It’s been decomposing right there and nobody has said a word?

    I honestly think she’s doing this on purpose. She made 65 million this year apparently, it keeps her in the light and people make money off her. Which makes her an asset and investment even now. You people are fooling yourselve if you think all this is just her being crazy.

  26. Lisa says:

    She looks frighteningly sad in the first picture.
    I was surprised to see her on the cover of Cosmo this month, she looked beautiful, but her eyes still looked sad.
    Girl needs a hug.. I can’t imagine living her life.. all the money in the world wouldn’t be worth it.

  27. Angelina says:

    I would think that her hair would have grown in by now, like some of you have already said. I am not sure how weaves work, but she probably keeps getting more weaves and it’s breaking her real hair off? I love her fragrances so I am kind of excited to sniff “Radiance”!
    And another thing, her nails are always a hot mess. Always chipped and bitten down. Why!?!?

  28. denise says:

    Eek! Her hair looks like doll hair.
    Britney, why must you continue to hurt me this way?

  29. nolanative says:

    Totally agree with everything Anonandonandon & viper said. Girl is extremely lucky because she’s always had minimal talent but an abundance of the “it factor” at least at one point in time. And as Viper stated she’s still an asset & someone is making money off of her. Daddy or whomever is currently in charge obviously needs to increase or switch the meds. This girl has been off the rails for far too long

  30. Obvious says:

    so THIS was the real reason she shaved her head way back when! to get rid of the mange! I think she needs to do it again but that has got to be a hazmat disaster!

  31. tooey says:

    I truly believe that weave is a metaphor for her mental state: barely holding it together in the front (fronting for the public) totally f*ed up in the back (behind closed doors, i.e. reality). Feel sorry for this one…

  32. Novaraen says:

    I think her hair reflects her mental state. On the outside it’s just okay…but underneath it’s all a tangled mess. It’s gotten so hard to bitch about her…she’s seriously lost her mind. Poor girl. Just hope she’s holding up enough for her sons.

  33. Gwen says:

    Look, I know people have some residual Britney love, and maybe you’re trying to be encouraging or something, but she does NOT “look good from the front”. She’s wearing cheap looking clothes, her hair is fried blonde, and her legs look awful. And from the back, like Diana said, she looks like she belongs on the people of Wal-Mart site. Let’s at least be honest, ok?

  34. denise says:

    I hate bony legs, I think Brit has great legs. They’re strong and toned, and meaty. I just think it’s those horrid boots that are not doing them any justice. But sadly she does look like she belongs in Walmart.

  35. hanh says:

    wow that is awful hair. She has the money so I don’t know why she doesn’t get it fixed. But then I never expect Britney to be a classy type person anyway. She’s trashy and that’s why we pay attention.

    I miss her more stylish days. All that money, a dream job, and she still isn’t happy. Hey! I’ll take all that if she doesn’t want it.

  36. Team Bethenny says:

    How long has it been since she shaved her head? Seriously, she hasn’t been able to grow anything decent since then??

  37. Crash2GO2 says:

    She looks like she belongs in a mental ward. I mean come on – she’s got millions, body guards and keepers, yet she still looks like this? Something is CLEARLY amiss upstairs.

  38. TaylorB says:

    Lord above! That looks a bit like she has Mange. I know nothing about weaves, but are they pulling out her natural hair?

    Poor girl, which ever ‘celebrity hairdresser’ is responsible for this mess better close up shop and change his/her name, that is a terrible shame. She is a pretty girl, Great Clips could do a better job than that.

  39. serena says:

    Oh god.. did she not look at the mirror before leaving?

  40. GatsbyGal says:

    Holy shit…has she been ripping it out of her head or something??

  41. kibu says:

    peopleofwalmart hail your new leader!

  42. Cheyenne says:

    Sweet Jesus, she looks like a molting chicken. She actually went out in public looking like that?! Does she ever check out the view from the back?

    To anyone considering getting a weave, those photos say it better than anything else can: DON’T. Her hair can’t grow back normally while she has that weave because the tension keeps breaking it and pulling it out. She needs to get that weave out of her head, get a buzz cut, and leave her hair completely alone for the next year or two. No bleach, no dye, no weaves, no nothing. Just keep it clean and combed and let it be.

  43. Gail says:

    If we are assuming this is real… Who the hell are all these people behind her who didn’t have the common decency to tell her wtf was going on! A simple, “C’mere babe,” and some adjusting to cover it? Was that too much to ask? I do not like her, but that was a shitty thing to do to somebody.

  44. Bobby the K says:

    I don’t think she wants to look good.

    Maybe it’s her way of saying f.u. to the business and all her ‘keepers’ who she feels are controlling her.

    Like a rebellious teen, there’s not much she can dick around with except her look and her diet.

  45. Anonandonandon says:

    When you’re as pro-tooled and photo-shopped as she is you get used to not making an effort. Her whole career is based on smoke and mirrors. I think she’s just lazy and doesn’t care. She always looks bored to me. What is there to do when you have all the money in the world and absolutely no ambition. I can’t believe this turd still has a high profile music career. This joke should have worn thin years ago.

  46. Jeri says:

    Keep soldiering on Britney & please give up the weaves. We like YOUR hair. That grows out of your head! (Not the hair you buy.)

  47. original kate says:

    she looked better bald.

  48. Anastasia says:

    The good news is (if it can be called that) it looks like someone clued her in to the state of the back of her head and she put her hair up in a ponytail/weird bun thing to cover that shit up.

    I go back and forth between feeling profound sadness for her and just wanting her to go away, retire, get out of the public eye. Get cleaned up inside and out and just live on the interest from all that money. Raise your kids. Sigh.

  49. Andrea says:

    Did anyone ever see the I-Carly episode where they had to make a music video for the comeback of some train wreck of a singer? It was so completely a stab at Britney Spears, I’m surprised she didn’t pull a Lohan and sue them for defamation.

  50. Zoe says:

    Leave Britney alone. I am sure the majority of the posters on here have no clue how to ‘do’ their hair either. You probably have the old Kate Gosselin hairstyle.

  51. KJ says:

    Looks like Brit Brit’s hair horror isn’t quite because of the extensions, but because she’s not caring for them properly. Extensions do not ALWAYS pull your natural hair out, but the reason that it happens to so many people is because if you slip up the slightest bit on maintaining them, they can becoming destructive. And the way Britney wears her hair on an everyday basis (in a sloppy, uncombed bun or pony tail) coupled with the fact that she’s always getting it processed in some way for photoshoots, interviews, etc. are causing way too much stress. She’s not caring for them properly on her own time, and her stylists always have to go to extreme measures (heat, dye, all kinds of processing) to make it look normal. It’s the perfect storm for breakage and traction alopecia (hair loss from the pulling of braids and extensions). She really needs to learn how to care for it. Extension hair, although human hair, can be very delicate and requires a careful eye. Clearly she’s not delicate with it in her off time.

  52. great808 says:

    Looks like she’s going back to the fat path too. Soon she will be blimping out again-can see it coming!

  53. p3rp3tu4 says:

    Uh Why doesn’t she just shave it & do a polar ice look or something? Ugh. Don’t her people care about the health of her hair?

  54. Dodol says:

    OMG, she knows a thing called comb exists, right?

    even the crappiest hair extension won’t look that bad if properly combed.

  55. Beth says:

    I hope somebody shows Britney this picture. Her hair is disgusting. But odds are she doesn’t even care.

  56. Katija says:

    I think she’s yanking it out or it’s falling out. That was three years ago she shaved her head.

    I think she should cut out the hair extensions and see a dermatologist to care for any hair loss/scalp damage she may be experiencing. She should wear a wig in public and let her natural hair be able to do its thing. (A good human hair wig, not a pink wig of doom.)

  57. My2Cents says:

    Oh love! Do something with that mess. Come over here and I’ll take the time to brush it out.
    What is wrong with growing your own hair?

  58. Pinky says:

    Awww..poor Britney. I really do feel so bad for her. she never looks happy anymore :(

  59. TeeTee says:

    Whenever she pulls out those boots–its a downwards spiral.

    I feel for the hair stylists that have to make her hair GORGEOUS after she has laid on it for 3 weeks straight w/o combing or washing it.

    she was NEVER what the media made her out to be..she needs to be in the country riding a pig to Walmart or something. she can’t even take off and go get herself fixed..

    She nds a rest overseas or in the country…she’s still in her mousketeer days, hot pants and cowboy boots, smdh.

    @whoever said she looks like a molten chicken, I almost choked on my smoothie, uh, thanks.

  60. Hepzibah says:

    Has no one ever taught Brit the little “trick” about how to use a hand mirror in conjunction with a wall mirror to see what the back of her hair looks like?

    I’ve known how to do that since I was about 6.

  61. CB Rawks says:

    That mangey mess made my stomach turn over.

  62. mojoman says:

    Britney’s new perfume, RADIANCE = Irony of life.
    Good grief, i have a feeling she is addicted to pulling her own hair (what’s the term called?). whoever is her hair stylist should be given a raise just to take care of this chick’s mangy hair.

  63. Anne de Vries says:

    I actually like what she is wearing. Not in a ‘she looks great’ sense, but in the sense that it’s probably what she felt like wearing that day, and not something she picked to play to an audience. Considering how desperately she used to play to the audience, I think that is a good sign.

  64. Jen says:

    To echo some of the previous comments, this whole situation just breaks my heart. If you look at footage of her from her “Oops! I Did It Again” days, that girl could light up a room with her bubbly personality and her smile. Maybe that was all a ruse, but she used to seem so radiant. The girl in these pictures has some of the saddest eyes I’ve ever seen…I just want her to find some happiness and joy again. Nobody deserves to be that miserable in life.

  65. KatScorp says:

    I am in NO WAY a Britney fan; heck, I ran the ‘Sophisticated Disliking of Britney Spears’ website way back when (i.e. the 90′s). But people… the “weave shot” is almost certainly photoshopped!

    From the front Britney’s hair is obviously tied up into that ugly half-ponytail she favours; I’m sure you’ve seen it often: failing to pull the ‘tail’ part of the hair throught the pony/band so it loops at the back?

    I hope I haven’t posted too late for people to read this. Just compare the front shots with the montrous weave; in the latter her hair is loose and down around her shoulders. What, did she untie her hair just to flash the photohog?

  66. CB Rawks says:

    @KatScorp, yes it appears she did untie her hair. Look at the last thumbnail photo, the hair is down in a photo shot from the front. I don’t know why she took her hair down, maybe the nits were biting.