Jesse James allowed to bring 6-year-old daughter Sunny with him to Texas


Jesse James has concluded the latest saga of his custody battle with his second ex wife, Janine Lindemulder. A judge ruled that James will be able to take their six year-old daughter, Sunny, with him when he moves to Austin, Texas. James’ first ex wife and the mother of his two older children will also be accompanying him and is thought to be buying a home nearby. He is reportedly moving to be closer to this third ex wife, movie star Sandra Bullock. This guy sure has a string of exes to go along with all the women he had on the side.

Sunny’s mother was devastated by the ruling and made some desperate statements in court about how she’s going to move and would “live in a tent to be beside Sunny.” Lindemulder told reporters prior to the hearing that Sunny was surrounded by people who loved her and that’s what matters but added that “I don’t want to be thrown crumbs. I want to be a parent… I’m a damn good parent and I want to give that to her. If it doesn’t go my way I’m not going to pretend that it’s not going to kill me.” After the hearing, Lindemulder was crying and upset but maintained that “[Sunny] will be fine. She’ll be loved. It hurts, I want her, but there’s a different plan. They’ll be good to her.” She said she’s not going to take Sunny for the summer as was ruled as it “would create a bond [and] be harder to let her go.”

Here’s more on the ruling from Radar Online:

Jesse James won a dramatic custody victory on Tuesday when a court ruled he is allowed to move his daughter to Texas. His ex wife Janine Lindemulder spent more than a week fighting Jesse’s planned move with their daughter Sunny.

Commissioner Thomas Schulte ruled that both parents will have joint legal custody of the six-year-old but that it was in the child’s best interest for her to go with her dad to live in Austin.

As Schulte read his ruling to the Orange County Family Court, Lindemulder burst out crying and screamed, “I’ll move, I’ll move.” The former porn star vowed earlier in the proceedings that she would “live in a tent to be beside Sunny.”

Under the terms of the agreement, the distraught mom will be allowed to have Sunny for the rest of the summer beginning on Thursday, until school starts in Texas in August.

Thereafter, she will be allowed to visit her daughter, including at least one weekend per month with Sunny in California, plus the majority of the holidays.

The judge ruled that Sunny had a great bond with her older siblings, Chandler and Jesse James Junior, and was thriving living with her father.

As James left the court, he remained tight lipped but smiling about the decision. He is expected to move to Texas at the end of the month, where he has bought a $2 million mansion just miles away from ex-wife Sandra Bullock.

In the closing statements on Friday, James’ lawyer John Schilling said that there was no comparison between James and Lindemulder.

He said, “She is an admitted drug addict, stripper, criminal and porn actress, who has moved nine times in the past five years. The only stability she has had was when she was in prison for six months.”

[From Radar Online]

I think the most damaging evidence against Lindemulder were some e-mails she sent James’ sister prior to her incarceration for tax evasion. She admitted sleeping all day and neglecting Sunny and begged for prescription painkillers and sleeping medication to help her cope. Her former sister-in-law told her that she was worried about Sunny and that she needed to stop doing drugs and be a better parent to her daughter.

In response to criticism of her parenting, Lindemulder said outside of court that “People doubt my parenting because of my past. They can all kiss my a** because I’m a good parent. I’ve made mistakes, but I’ve learned a lot.” As much as she’ll miss Sunny, she sounds positive about the girl’s future, and praised Sandra Bullock as a good stepmother. “[Sandra] will be good to her. I’d like a little communication from her would be nice. I would just like communication just mom to mom… Let me know what’s going on, keep me in the loop… We didn’t have that for the past year, I’d like it now.”

Of course Jesse pulled his sob story act in court, and testified that he “was a victim of childhood abuse and trauma” and “pretty much raised myself.” Whether that influenced the judge to rule in his favor or not is up to question. He was Sunny’s primary caregiver for the last year and a half and she’s definitely better off with him and his other two ex wives. It’s sad, though, that this little girl won’t be able to have more of a relationship with her mother. As messed up as she is, Lindemulder does love Sunny. Given her past, she should have supervised visits though and not full custody.

**  Sunny James kept on a serious face as she exited a car in Los Angeles, CA, still waiting visitation from her father Jesse James on June 11, 2010.  Fame Pictures, Inc

Little Sunny James does the limbo under the garage door on May 28, 2010 in Huntington Beach, California followed by her big sister Chandler James and father Jesse James. Jesse loaded his daughters into the massive Ford truck where they then made their way to school for the day and dad to the office with his trusty ipad in hand again. Jesse has been the center of the media since his cheating habits came into the spotlight a few months back followed by more and more of the story different family members views. Joan Rivers has now come to his defense. Fame Pictures, Inc

Julie James England has come to Jesse James defense saying that the physical abuse towards him from their father is not false. Jesse James recently opened up about his abusive childhood to ABC s Nightline TV show during an emotional interview about loosing his wife Sandra Bullock due to his cheating and hurtful actions. After returning to his home in Huntington Beach, California from sex rehab Jesse James has returned to his daily routine of work and spending time with his children. On May 27, 2010 Jesse ex-wife Karla James picked up her daughter Chandler along with Jesse s youngest child daughter Sunny for school early this morning. Jesse then emerged from the home with his iPad in hand ready to head to work in his massive truck. Fame Pictures, Inc

Header: Jesse James on July 13, 2010. Credit: Fame.

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  1. Anti-icon says:

    This is such a heart-breaking story. One little girl, whose name is Sunny, surrounded by such DARKNESS, served up to her by her own intensely immoral parents. I feel for her. Jesse James is a loser, but he really seems to keep landing on his feet, doesn’t he?

  2. Po says:

    Wow, so the kids all have to pack up and move to follow an ex-wife. I think rather than him focusing on all these former spouses he might want to consider maybe living a normal life himself and just being a good father. Three women and the one constant is him. Maybe he just needs to fix himself.

  3. lavender says:

    Seriously why keep bashing the guy? Obviously he has some good qualities if he and his first ex wife have remained such good friends and co parent in such a healthy way. As for him and Sandra, it’s thier business if they choose to stay together. While I 100% admit to reading gossip sites and mags I also am aware that what I read is only part of the truth or none of the truth. Fact is there is a lot we don’t know about Sandra and Jesse’s relationship and for us to judge based on that small amount of info is wrong.

  4. YT says:

    I’m glad the custody issue is finally settled for now. Janine can spend her time getting her life in order and staying sober. Once she can prove she is stable and sober for a long period of time, she can go back to court. I am surprised she is not going to take Sunny for the rest of her summer vacation. I find her reasoning odd.

  5. bite me says:

    god bless little sunny james

  6. meme says:

    same time next year JJ and SB are back together.

  7. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    I agree with the poster who said he needs to focus on his children, instead of chasing Bullock around.

    I still do not understand, if he and Bullock are divorced, what is his sick need to be by her? And I do not believe it is solely to keep the children around her. If they didn’t want to really divorce, then they could have stayed together, instead of playing this stupid game.

  8. Linda says:

    It’s like this guy won the lottery and then squandered the money on drugs. He didn’t even know what he had!! What a @#$*!

  9. Missfit says:

    Well it’s good for Sunny to be near Sandra anyway, since Sandra seems to be better for her. But if his intentions are to use his daughter for a piece of ass from Sandra, than he’s just sick. Geeze, what a guy does to get that nookie. If all he’s done is man whoring around for years, I doubt a good girl like Sandra can change him, he didn’t before and he STILL cheated on her and most likely will again. There’s temptation everywhere, I imagine just as much in Tx, as there is in CA. Unloyal men AND woman need to learn how to keep their shit in their pants, that’s what.

  10. bizzy says:

    “pretty much raised myself.”

    well, you made a piss-poor job of it, jesse.

  11. Obvious says:

    While Jesse isn’t the best guy on earth he at least cares for his kids. And for all we know he and Sandra had discussed moving to Texas before the divorce, and both decided to go and keep separate households and such.

    I get a Federline vibe for him-remember how much everyone hated him at first? He’s a great father and cares for his kids-all of them. Why can’t Jesse do the same?

  12. Gwen says:

    What an unattractive man. Everything about him just screams douchebag. Poor Sunny, with him for a father and a pornstar for a mother.

  13. JustMe says:

    He is disgusting, and this is the wrong decision. James said that he would be moving to Texas no matter what the ruling was, so he has no interest in what is best for his daughter, only for himself.

    Yeah, Janine messed up badly, and she doesn’t deserve custody right off, but it’s obvious she is trying right now to get her life together so she can be a mom to her daughter.

    She deserves that chance, not the judge taking Sunny away from her mom so that nazi James can run to Texas for his own ego.

  14. hanh says:

    Janine is still a addict and that is not good for Sunny to be around until she cleans herself up. Sunny is also old enough to know what she wants and you know that they have to have asked her. When all the moving Janine has done, it is right that Sunny have a more stable life with her brothers/sisters and be close to Sandy.

    Jesse is an awful husband/boyfriend but he is a good father.

  15. bellaluna says:

    Has anyone stopped to consider he may be moving so HIS KIDS are able to maintain THEIR relationship with SB? For all intents and purposes, together they provided a stabilising environment for those children. The fact that his first ex is also moving speaks volumes as far as the kids maintaining a relationship with all 3 parents in their lives.

    My husband’s dad died when he was 7, and he was raised (and I use the term very loosely) by a drug-addicted mother. He has had to overcome a lot just to live a somewhat normal life. We would both move Heaven and earth to prevent that from happening to any of our children, mine or his from our ex’s.

  16. Lisa S. says:

    Noooo… we really don’t care to have you here in A-town Jesse.

  17. Jeri says:

    Sunny looks so pretty & innocent. I hope she’ll be happy.

  18. Rosanna says:

    He was moving to TX to see if he (and his kids) could have a family again. How is it going to be worse for the kids????

  19. Kim says:

    What a travesty of justice letting an adulter in the middle of a very public divorce uproot this child from her home and REAL mother and take her half way across the US in order to win back his ex!!!! What judge allowed this??!!!

    Didnt Jesse say he was moving to Texas with or without Sunny? So he was putting his needs first not Sunnys. This does not make a great father. And what about his older kids? R they moving to Texas also? Why would him or Sandra uproot all these kids lives? That is terrible parenting. I hope Sandra is ready to lose the respect people had for her because if she hooks back up with him people will not respect her. How is that a good mother role model – going back to a man who cheated on you mulitple times for years & uprooted his kids lives to be near her??!!!