Jon Hamm talks about women & sexism like an intelligent adult


Yes, I am a Jolie lover, and I’m excited about seeing Salt this weekend. But can I tell you what I’m really excited for? The premiere episode of Mad Men, which comes on this Sunday. The world is really going to stop for me on Sunday evening as I prepare to have my mind blown by Mad Men. Speaking of blowing (in the good oral sex way, which is how I like to imagine him), Jon Hamm hasn’t been doing that much press for the new season, but he did appear on Jimmy Kimmel earlier this week (LaineyGossip had the clips), and The Hamm (My Hamm) also did an interview for Time Magazine – with questions submitted by fans. Can you imagine the poor bastard who had to cull through those submissions? I imagine they involved lots of proposals of marriage, still-damp panties, locks of hair, and explicit sexual fan-fic involving – just off the top of my head – an orgy with The Hamm, John Slattery and Cristina Hendricks on the floor of a suite in the Ritz.

So, The Hamm answered the questions and… God, I just love him. He talks like an adult, you know? Like a man who has lived in the world and learned hard truths and knows how to treat people with respect, like a professional and like a good person. He’s someone who cares about the work – a lot – and yet he doesn’t go on and on about the work and how important he is. I just love him:

Is Mad Men really about men or about women?
I’ll give a lame answer: both. There are at least three phenomenal female characters on our show in Peggy, Joan and Betty. It’s very much about how they are dealing with this world that these men nominally run. I don’t think you can have a show about men that doesn’t deal with women. But the overarching presences are the men.

Don can be a cad at times. What do you think are his redeeming qualities?
You have to understand that Don is an incredibly damaged human being, had a terrible childhood. What he has accomplished, he has accomplished through the strength of his own will and his own ambition. I think that’s what resonates throughout the show. It’s a constant striving to be better. He fails, and he makes bad decisions. He’s not a superhero by any stretch of the imagination.

Do you think Don would be as popular if he had to pay for his crimes, so to speak?
I think in many ways Don has had to pay for his crimes. Certainly not in the literal sense, but definitely karmically. His dishonesty with his family and with himself has come back to reap dividends, and not in a good way.

What qualities do you think men lack today that were present in those from the Mad Men era?
There’s a cordialness that men had when dealing with the opposite sex, even when they were being blatantly sexist. It’s a weird conundrum. But that’s been replaced with men treating women like absolute garbage and not even being polite about it, which is too bad.

What’s your view on how the show has dealt with the racial and political issues of the ’60s?
We’ve dealt with them in an honest way. I’ve read reviews that take us to task for not having more African Americans or dealing with gay issues or women’s issues. And I think that criticism is fundamentally flawed because the show is not a travelogue through the ’60s. It’s about very specific people in a very specific place at a very specific time. That comes with warts and all.

You have twice hosted Saturday Night Live and guest-starred on 30 Rock. Which do you prefer — dramatic or comedic roles?
They’re both fun. Believe it or not, it is actually fun to do the hard, emotional, dramatic stuff too. It’s part of why I like being an actor.

Has playing Don Draper influenced your personal style?
I’m more conscious of what goes into dressing up. My personal style is not quite up to snuff with Mad Men. But the difference between a nice suit and a suit that isn’t tailored to fit you is significant. It’s very much a statement about a person who’s ready to look like he’s in control of a situation.

Are you concerned about becoming typecast as Don Draper?
I think it’s more of a concern of just being the guy in the suit in the period piece. It may be hard for other people — as the show becomes more popular — to see me and not see Don. But the challenge of being an actor is being able to create another persona and portray that accurately.

Are those real cigarettes you’re smoking on camera?
They are not. They are a blend of some kind of herbs and spices that burn and look like real cigarettes. But there’s no nicotine or tar.

How do you get your hair to stay so perfectly coiffed on the show? I’m trying to replicate it on my husband.
Have your husband come into hair and makeup, and they will load it up with about three pounds of hair spray and gel, and it won’t move. It is locked down. Crispy.

[From Time Magazine]

Is there really anything else to say? I’m swooning and my pulse is racing, honestly. God, do you love his answer about sexism? “There’s a cordialness that men had when dealing with the opposite sex, even when they were being blatantly sexist. It’s a weird conundrum. But that’s been replaced with men treating women like absolute garbage and not even being polite about it, which is too bad.” My new sexual fantasy about The Hamm involves him holding the door for me, then me making him a martini, then helping him take off his tie… and then…oh, GOD.

Here are some more photos of Jon and his glorious bulge. I… just… sigh.



Cast member Jon Hamm poses at the premiere for the 4th season of the television series Mad Men at the Mann 6 theatre in Hollywood, California July 20, 2010. The 4th season debuts on July 25. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT)

Cast member Jon Hamm poses at the premiere for the fourth season of the television series Mad Men at the Mann 6 theatre in Hollywood, California July 20, 2010. The fourth season debuts on July 25. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT)

Cast member Jon Hamm (C) poses with co-stars Christina Hendricks (R) and Elisabeth Moss at the premiere for the fourth season of the television series Mad Men at the Mann 6 theatre in Hollywood, California July 20, 2010. The fourth season debuts on July 25. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT)

42784, WEST HOLLYWQOOD, CALIFORNIA - Tuesday July 20 2010. Jon Hamm and wife Jennifer Westfeldt head for home following the party to celebrate the release of Mad Men season four. The launch of the fourth season of the hugely popular drama was held at Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Photograph:  Hellmuth Dominguez, *FEE MUST BE AGREED PRIOR TO USAGE E-TABLET/IPAD & MOBILE PHONE APP PUBLISHING REQUIRES ADDITIONAL FEES**

The Hamm on July 20, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. denise says:

    I hate the way his girlfriend is looking at him in the last pic. Maybe I’m a little jealous.

  2. Strawberry says:

    Oh Emm Geee! I love, love, love him and this show. What a classy guy.

  3. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    I, for one, will not be seeing SALT, but I will be glued in front of the tv for the Mad Men premiere.

    I have to ask, what is wrong with his girlfriends top lip? She smiles strangely and it looks very weird in all photos. It just isn’t normal.

    Anyway, love The Hamm! Cannot wait until Sunday night!

  4. malachais says:

    LOL @Kaiser

  5. pookie says:

    that’s ok Denise, I am jealous too. 🙂 I’d kill for five min alone with that man!

  6. denise says:

    I think the Hamm’s girlfriend resembles the black actress Lisa Raye.

  7. bellaluna says:

    John Mayer, take notes.

  8. Po says:

    Wow, Kaiser youre starting to make me wonder what would happen to the poor man if you ever ran into him on the street. LOL 🙂

  9. Lady Nightshade says:

    I seriously only realized the other day that he was such a sex symbol. Don Draper is such a lying, smarmy, bastard..why is that attractive. As for his looks, he is just regular to me, like somebody’s uncle.

    I think it must be the suits and matching hats

  10. a says:

    those answers could have been dull, stupid or flippant… and he answered them genuinely and intelligently.

    well done!

  11. meme says:

    THE HAMM!!!!! I want me a HAMM SAMMICH. Damn, this man is soooooooooooo handsome and smart and talented. His GF is one lucky plastic beeyotch.

  12. Katalina says:

    That last pic makes me think she is waaaay more into him than he is to her. Or, I hate her because she has The Hamm.

  13. Oi says:

    I had no idea Kaiser could be turned into a 13 year old fan girl, lol.

    his answer to the critics is great. He”s totally right; they have dealt with the ‘issues’ in an honest way. I hate it when critics want period shows/movies to take modern stances on things like that. Take it for what it is, you might come away with a better understanding. The show is not here to try and deal with the issues. Treat it as such.

  14. Gwen says:

    How can you not love The Hamm?

  15. jen says:

    Well put Oi.

  16. gabs says:

    I am def seeing SALT for the Jolie and Liev is great too.

    Jon Hamm is the perfect man. Its official.

  17. melina says:

    I don’t get the obsession with this guy, maybe because I don’t watch the show. I didn’t get the Skargard one either, before watching True Blood, though, so I may change my story in the future.
    Just wanted to comment on his…bulge…wow!

  18. denise says:

    @ Melina

    I did’nt even notice the bulge. Yum.

  19. LolaBella says:

    @Melina, your comment made me scroll back up and all I can say is Holy Huge Bulge, Batman! 🙂

    All man that Jon Hamm.

    Dear John Mayer, this is how an intelligent man speaks; no announcement on TMZ, no tweeting, no racist remarks, no meme references, just intelligent articulation.

  20. viper says:

    I dont even know who this guy is so eh. And no I dont see mad men.

  21. Jen says:

    Finish writing out the fantasy Kaiser – we’re missing our smut fix 🙂

  22. Jeannified says:

    Holy cow! How did I miss that bulge!!!

  23. kp says:

    Hell yes, mad men! We should have a discussion post during the show with all the mad men fans here!

  24. fizXgirl3114 says:

    This guy is really handsome and kudos to him for being one of the few men to recognize sexism… however, I don’t think men have (in general) ever treated women well… I’m still waiting :-/

  25. MaiGirl says:

    Oh, Kaiser. Between our shared fanstasy of hot man on man action, your love of the Hamm, and your incredible bulge-spotting skills, I am truly convinced that you are a horny bitch after my own heart.

    Smooches. 😀

  26. clare says:

    At least the blonde girlfriend in that photo looks like she knows she is damn lucky!

  27. Jeanne says:

    Oh God – what is up with Christina Hendricks in that photo? The dress, the makeup… no! no! no!

  28. Audra says:

    Good God his gfriend is the luckiest woman on earth.

  29. Jeri says:

    Good looks and smart. Love him.

  30. Shawna says:

    @LadyNightshade, for me it’s b/c he looks like a real man, not a boy. No Timberlakes or DiCaprios here, thank you very much.

  31. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Mmmmm Hamm. I love his interviews, he comes across as really genuine and silly. I think that might be because he didn’t have immediate success in Hollywood. And he still kinda doesn’t because he’s on a television show that isn’t exactly Friends in terms of it’s popularity.

    Definitely won’t be wasting my money on Salt. I’ll be waiting for Mad Men and True Blood and my Fantasy Sunday to begin.

  32. bellaluna says:

    Yeah, I don’t get the attraction. No offence to those who do, I just don’t see it.

    I’ll take my husband, thank you. He does it for me, spectacularly! Next to “Real Man” in the dictionary is my husband’s picture.

  33. canadianchick says:

    I want to make babies with The Hamm *heart flutters*.

  34. debbie says:

    Nw because of the battle of the bulge…I love him even more!

  35. original kate says:

    hot, hot and… did i mention hot?

  36. tripmom says:

    Honestly, I don’t think he’s hot. But I do really respect how none of his answers were pandering or trite, just very straightforward and clear. He doesn’t come across as trying to score points with the audience. I like him more now than I did before. Still really don’t find him hot, though. Don’t get it.

  37. grrrlgrace says:

    He’s hot and sweet…perfect combo.

  38. Henriette says:

    He’s very articulate, and I love that. Actors like Brad Pitt always try to come across as deep and intelligent, but The Hamm is the real deal.

    His girlfriend/ partner Jennifer is really very fug – there’s just something seriously “off” about her face… like she’s had too much plastic surgery or something like that. At the very least, she needs to lay of the injections (botox, etc).

  39. Lady Jane says:

    Surely that is something in his pocket? Cause if not, he is hung like a horse! Like 12″! I don’t normally even look at a man’s crotchal area, but my oh my…

  40. Sofia says:

    Gosh, the more he talks the more I love him! Can’t wait until this Sunday night!

    Tripmom, just tune in to Mad Men and watch it…you might change your mind about his hotness! There is just something about him, he is the quitessential man in my mind, strong, dark brooding…and well dressed in a suit every day! Of course it’s the 50’s and early 60’s in MM, so there is sexism and racism….not down with that…but it is an acccurate rep. of the times.

  41. anneesezz says:

    He is gorgeous and talented. Mad Men is fabulous and honest. The sixties were not a good time for women or minorities. Love the show and him. They don’t sugar coat the truth.

  42. Julia says:

    *Fans self*

  43. Buddha DeCat says:

    Jon Hamm is what a man looks like — all the rest of the guys out there are just variations.

  44. Sumodo1 says:

    What a man, what a man(*clutches pearls*).

  45. Maritza says:

    Mad Men is such a cool series, I’ll be watching for sure!

  46. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    T-3hrs and counting until Mad Men premiere! YAY!