Restraining order against Sam Lutfi extended; Britney hits recording studio & gym

The restraining order against Sam Lutfi, the svengali-like guy who controlled and verbally abused Britney Spears, bragging to her mother that he would mash up psychiatric drugs and mix them with her food, has been extended until July 31. People Magazine notes that it’s possible that the restraining order can be extended for years, essentially keeping Lutfi out of Britney’s life for the foreseeable future.

Last month one of Britney’s former assistants told In Touch a chilling tale of being contacted by Lutfi in early 2007 before he had made contact with the pop star. He grilled Britney’s assistant for a half hour, trying to figure out how to insert himself into Britney’s life. The woman got the creeps and left. She says that a few months after she stopped working for Britney she saw a picture online of Sam with Britney she “got a chill down [her] spine” because she found him “stalkerish” and did her best to keep him away from her employer.

It’s clear that Lutfi planned to gain access to Britney and her fortune, and took extreme advantage of under the guise of helping. Thank goodness her father is looking out for her now.

Britney has rehired her old manager Larry Rudolph and was seen at the recording studio and the gym yesterday. It might be a little soon for Britney to jump back into her career, but she has to keep busy and it could help her if she has her music to focus on now.

Britney’s father’s conservatorship lasts until July 31, and People Magazine reports that it is likely to be extended beyond that. The tabloids were ran stories last week about how Britney was drinking again, but it was wine with dinner and the tales seemed a bit overblown so I kind of shrugged and didn’t cover it. She deserves a little break whether she wants one or not.

Britney is shown outside a recording studio and Bally’s gym yesterday, where she had a private personal training session. Thanks to WENN.

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  1. cc says:

    I think she needs her father in her life. He is helping her the way no one else could or tried to to do.

  2. PontNeuf says:

    I’m sorry, maybe I am a bit insensitive, but I find it hard to feel any compassion for Britney, nor am I particularly moved by her harrowing tale of supposed media-induced self-destruction.

    I find it unbelievable that an adult woman would be so incapable of dealing with the meager problems she has had to encounter in life, as to entirely collapse under the pressure of well… both Britney herself and her publicist calling the paparazzi so that she appears in the media for going into restrooms, and a divorce. How many people have to face things that are truly devastating, and yet survive on their own?

    Even though the Sam Lufti episode is truly horrifying, this isn’t a little child or someone who has actually been ostrascized by society. It is someone who could have very easily afforded to pay for help or openly ask for it, but didn’t do so out of sheer ignorance and yes, stupidity.

    I’m sorry, maybe I’m a bit harsh, but I believe that feeling compassion for someone who has willingly created her own problems (and is shamelessly exploiting them for publicity – I guess she has to compensate for her utter lack of talent with something) is something fundamentally wrong.

  3. Sasha says:

    Good for her, but she should really consider finding a new vocation- like former pop star.

  4. Rushu says:

    Sometimes people dig their own holes, but if she does supposedly have bi-polar, then we can not blame her for creating her own problems, can we?

  5. Syko says:

    I’m leaning more toward PontNeuf’s views here. This woman had all the help in the world available to her, and yet she cut off relationships with everyone who cared about her. She could have had the best professional help, she didn’t get it.

    Possibly she is bipolar, I don’t know. But many people with that problem function in society daily without calling out for attention, embarrassing themselves, or being rude or antisocial. And let’s not make the possibility that she is bipolar her crutch for doing anything she wants to do. She is responsible for her actions and for creating a good many of her own problems. Can’t blame it all on an illness.

  6. Bodhi says:

    Maybe Jamie could start a program for star-kids & their parents. A sort of “what not to do” kinda thing.

    I know he wasn’t the best dad for awhile but he sure has stepped up now

  7. Kind words says:

    Go Brit… doing great.

    It’s easy to judge others when you have no IDEA about her medical condition!!! All you air heads maybe do a bit of research about DEPRESSION and her condition!

  8. Syko says:

    Kind words, I find the pseudonym you have chosen to be at odds with calling other people names like “air heads”.

    As far as I know, there has been no official announcement on the facts of Britney’s mental illness. Some say bipolar, some say depression, some say schizophrenic, some say drunk/ druggie. Who knows? Until there is an official disease, I’m going to assume that it’s partly half-wittedness and continue to bash her. Thanks.

  9. JR says:

    She looks so sad now. I feel bad for her. She’s obviously dealing from mental illness

  10. Francaise says:

    Mental illness is tragic and scary. Just think about how many vulnerable people in the “real world” (especially the elderly) get taken advantage of by predatory con artists.