‘Mad Men’ season 4 premieres: Don Draper likes it rough (spoilers)


*This entire post is a SPOILER for the premiere episode of Mad Men’s Season 4, which aired last night*

If I don’t write about last night’s premiere episode of Mad Men, I’m going to go crazy. It was so good, I couldn’t even get to sleep last night. It was so good, my mother called me in the middle of it so we could discuss how delicious Jon Hamm is. For AMC’s video recap, below:

That recap did tend to focus on the business of Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Price, which is fine. I love the business-related parts of the show too. But the recap missed my two favorite parts. First of all: DON DRAPER LIKES IT ROUGH. Dear God, he hired a hooker (on Thanksgiving!) and paid her to smack him around. Literally. She was on top of him and he said, “You know what I want” and she slapped him over and over as she was on top of him. It was SO HOT. Jesus. That’s the real reason I couldn’t get to sleep. My second favorite part were the scenes between Peggy and Don – they just adore each other so much, and those two actors just play so beautifully with each other. Oh, I just remembered another favorite Draper scene – when he’s in the backseat of the taxi with the girl, and he leans in for the kiss. HOT DAMN.

I just love this show so much. I’m hopelessly addicted. I’m a Lohan for Mad Men.

Any other thoughts, Hamm-holics?




Mad Men photos courtesy of AMC. Additional photo of The Hamm courtesy of WENN.

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  1. di butler says:

    Hamm looked fabulous, as always, but I was a little disappointed. It seemed kinda dragy to me. I know, I know, they had to set it up for those who may have never seen the show, but I was hoping for more Roger snark and more drama. I’ll recover by next week, I’m sure. The one legged man comments were the best, IMO.

  2. K.L. says:

    For some reason, I got the vibe last night that Betty Draper’s days are almost over. Like the politician is going to leave her in the dust and Don’s going to get the kids. Am I the only one who got that vibe?

  3. eden says:

    Oh Kaiser…I am so glad you led off with Don and his slapping hooker!!
    Thank you.
    The other aspect of the wonderful slapping scene was that this was a woman who he had obviously been playing with for a while so we get insight into what he’s been up to since we left him.
    OMG the way his breathing was changing as she kept slapping him was so hot..you could feel him getting excited.

    I love that dynamic between he and Peggy as well and as she gets more and more comfortable in her skin it gets even more interesting and honest.

    @KL…not sure if Betty’s days with the politician are over, but she certainly looks the part now, different than what she looked like when he met her. He seems really into her though.
    Me? Not so much..
    I miss Betty’s fabulousness..she looked so drab,buttoned up and washed out. And her hair looked dry and teased up the way old ladies do when their hair is thinning!
    Where is the Grace Kelly beauty and cool poofed out dresses with gorgeous patterns?? The best she looked was in that yellow nightgown with the pretty flowers on top yelling at her daughter in the hallway to go back to bed.
    She lost the hot.

    My other favorite Don sexy moment was
    when he started yelling at the Janson executives to get out!

    I can’t wait to see where they go this season with all the characters…

  4. gracie says:

    Ok, in that header pic, that is TOTALLY Jon/Don’s penis poking against his pant leg. OMG.

    Jon Hamm is one of the hottest, most articulate men around. HOT STUFF.

  5. Raven says:

    I don’t watch this show, but he definitely looks like a suave man of the 60’s. In fact, Kaiser, add this to your fantasies–I could easily see him as James Bond in the 60’s. Put him back in time opposite Pussy Galore.

  6. meme says:

    Holy Hot Hamm!!!!!! That is one delicious looking man. Loved this MM episode and I hope Betty’s days are numbered. She’s a bitch.

  7. Reason says:

    I wish they would develop Betty’s character as a woman who is finding herself. There was so much consciousness-raising stuff going on then. Betty should get involved, fall passionately in love with a hobby or pursue a career or something and really develop as a person. That would be beautiful.

  8. BW says:

    I like to call the bulge in his pants, “The Hammster.”

  9. Laurie says:

    I agree with your favorite parts of last night’s episode, but I would also add the final scene where Don Draper interviews with the WSJ and comes back with a vengeance! He is ready to play the game and could care less about his midwestern modesty! Almost gave me chills!!!

  10. pookie says:

    I agree that something is going on with Betty and the new guy. I found it interesting that he didn’t respond to Betty’s advances in bed after she put her daughter to bed, but then attacked her in the car before they even got out of the garage. I think Betty is only attractive to men outside of her domestic zone, and she ends up feeling useless and unable to be herself, or figure out who she is. It’s like she can’t see where she fits into anyone’s life, and she HATES being a mother. The way she is with the kids, ugh, it breaks my heart. And they act it/write it so beautifully. Very accurate for that timeframe too – I think there were a lot of women who became wives/mothers because that was the only option they really had, but never wanted any of it. And sadly, the kids suffered greatly.

    Based on the upcoming previews, this part of the show will take on some momentum. It’ll be interesting to see how Don handles it. Lord knows he doesn’t want those kids either.

  11. gracie says:

    @BW……..hahahahahaha, the Hammster!
    That is so great!

  12. pookie says:

    @Laurie – DITTO!!!! I got goosebumps. I can’t wait to see what that does for the company. I was SHOCKED to see him kick out potential clients. But I understood why he did it. He doesn’t want to deal with whiny crap companies that won’t take his advice and won’t be much use to them anyway. He is tired of trying to get scraps and needs to get some fat accounts to make their company a success. I think the big clients with big money will be excited by what he put out there and come flocking in! God I am glad this show is back!!!!

  13. {Po says:

    Loved the whole ham scheme. I is so ad man. I wonder where their going to go with the whole hooker please slap me self-loathing thing Don is going through right now. And am I the only one rooting for Don to kick Betty out of the house. I know he did her wrong and all but if she wanted the divorce and to leave everything behind why doesn’t she just do it already. She’s making her new husband feel like crap. I hope she gets it together and her character gets more interesting.

  14. anon33 says:


    I couldn’t get to sleep either!!!! That was THE HOTTEST thing I have ever seen.

    If only we had footage of the whole thing…I would never leave the house.


  15. pookie says:

    @Po: And am I the only one rooting for Don to kick Betty out of the house. I know he did her wrong and all but if she wanted the divorce and to leave everything behind why doesn’t she just do it already.

    I think it’s because Betty really has no ability to make decisions on her own. She has always done what Don has told her to do, and now she is trying to take the stance of “he doesn’t call the shots anymore”. It’s almost like it’s something for her to hide behind because I think she is emotionally tied to that house and is having a hard time picturing her life happening anywhere else. So it looks like she is just being defiant when really, she is scared. She is really a very interesting character and am curious to see how she develops this season. I would love to hear other viewpoints on this one!

  16. anon33 says:

    pookie, what an excellent point! I will re-watch the episode looking at her scenes from that angle. I was initially disappointed with her character and felt it was a little one-note, but your assessment seems pretty right on! thanks!

  17. pookie says:

    @anon33 – cool, let me know if you get the same vibe! I need to find a forum that discusses this show – I am a complete addict. 🙂

  18. Vicki says:

    More Don, less Betty!

  19. bros says:

    I totally vote for jon hamm as the next bond. he is far sexier than that little gnome Craig. too bad he doesnt have a british accent.

  20. Kaiser says:

    Pookie – I’m not sure if Don wants the kids, but I think he knows that the kids would be better off with him – he said that to Betty last season.

    Also: I loved Henry’s mom – she knows what’s up with Betty, big time.

  21. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    This show is so friggin awesome I had to pause and rewind watching it. Don getting slapped around by the hooker and liking it? Where does that self-loathing come from hmmmm? Oh right, nevermind 🙂

    Don’s angry douche is only made sexy by The Hamm. I think if anyone else played him, he’d just seem like a total dick. But The Hamm plays him with this tiny bit of humanity which makes you wonder why he is the way he is as opposed to just writing him off.

    Also, the things with the children really rang true to me. Someone has divorced parents on that writing staff because that is precisely what happened with my parents. We spent most of our time in front of the television with our father eating whatever he had in the kitchen (usually chili) or getting pizza. Then he’d put us to bed in our make-shift bedroom (a bunk bed with a futon on bottom) and take us back to our mom’s.

  22. original kate says:

    that christmas tree pin peggy is wearing in the bottom photo is cracking me up.

  23. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    So glad that Mad Men started off with a good episode last night.

    Don should not be reduced to hiring hookers though. Women are dropping at his feet. I realize he doesn’t want any attachment now, but still, a cheap hooker?

    Cannot stand Betty. So glad she is with the old politico.

    Don does love his kids. I think he does want them with him. Betty has always been a terrible mother.

    Cannot wait until next week!

  24. Hautie says:

    Sigh… got to love The Hamm.

    I found this episode for me, answer alot of questions and didn’t drag. (Which does happen with this show more that it should, that is, d.r.a.g.)

    But they got alot covered. I like how the office is up and running and its nearly a year later.

    I do like the Betty character. Because she is so flawed. She might look all Grace Kelly, but she is a huge damage nightmare. Which goes to prove that even the beautiful can be crazy as hell and generally not nice people. 🙂

    Betty has no compassion for anyone but herself. She hates those poor kids. All the yelling and grabbing.

    For me Betty is hiding her crazy just like Don hid his… both beautiful people with screwed up personalities.

    My favorite new character is that new Mother in Law of hers! I am looking forward to seeing how that woman screws with our precious Betty.

  25. cowbell says:

    No one caught that Don hooking up with that young girl is just a Betty 10 years ago?
    Also, he screamed and kicked those clients out because he couldn’t scream and kick Betty and that yucky, nasty Henry out of his house.

    And, yes, I looked and looked and stared and licked my chops at the Hammster before even reading. Started to scroll down and holy moses….

  26. Bee says:

    I loved the premiere! I thought it was an great follow up to last season’s finale. The show moved everyone forward, but the audience was still able to jump right into the new plot lines. Who is Don Draper? Apparently he likes for women to keep their bras on during sex, while simultaneously slapping him around. Naughty. Can I also say I HATE BETTY! I used to be one of Betty’s defenders. But after watching her force feed her daughter at the dinner table I am disgusted with her. I’m just waiting for her to appear with her face caked in cold cream and screaming about wire hangers.

  27. bee says:

    @cowbell: yeah, i got that feelin’ that the new girl was young Betty, i guess he likes them dumb.

    i can’t stand Betty, the way she treats her kids makes me want to slap her.
    On the other hand Peggy is the best, she’s the kind of woman that opened the road for the rest of us, although i’m still a little mad, since she almost abandoned her child. WTH is wrong with all these mothers??

    @Bee: seriously, what are the chances we post at the same time with the same nickname???

  28. Chris says:

    There is an ongoing weekly review/recap of Mad Men and comments (lots of them) by fans at EW.com

  29. Emma says:



  30. grrrlgrace says:

    I’d wear a pointy bra if I could have her seat!!!

  31. Po says:

    Pookie, good point. I plan on rewatching the episode again tonight because I missed the first couple of minutes so I’ll look at it from another angle. However, I will say that the first couple of seasons I liked Betty but now I just can’t wait for her to either move on and do something interesting or get back with Don. There was a rumor that she wouldn’t be on that much this year so I don’t know what the writers are going to do. I tend to agree with the poster who thinks she will just go away. There’s nothing else left for her to do.

  32. Bee says:

    @bee I thought I had seen another bee on here before! Too funny. It seems great minds do think alike.

  33. LolaBella says:

    Damn, Jon Hamm is sexy. *Swoons*

  34. J says:

    There’s an excellent commentary on Mad Men on Slate:

  35. bros says:

    freshair with Terri Gross had a great interview today on NPR with the shows creator Matthew Weiner.


    i recommend listening, but the transcript is good too.

  36. Mika says:

    Whoever mentioned that Don’s date was Betty ten years ago… I totally agree. It’s eerie. I hope Betty gets kicked off. She left Don and is now living the same life, only now with a man she can cling to. She’s not interesting, she’s weak and she’s childish. Putting it out there, I don’t think the show’s producers are happy with January Jones, she’s brought the show the wrong kind of press and rarely shows up at promotions.
    Betty could very well get written off the show.

    I love Peggy. Every season we have a stronger, smarter and more charming Peggy.

    I wonder how Joan’s hubby is dealing with her going back to work? There was not enough Joan this episode, but I was delighted to see her in an office for that split second. Joanie and Roger coming back?? I hate that Jane bitch!

  37. i have mixed feelings about last night’s episode. does anyone else feel like the betty/henry liason jumped the shark at bit? i’m missing don’s suave lothario tendencies. send in some hot, hookerless sex, please. he’s living in the middle of the east village in the 60’s for pete’s sake- how hard can that be? and who is really surprised by don getting his kink on?!
    i have some compassion for betty’s character. it’s easy to forget that she is a product how she was raised- a pretty, petted thing with no maternal mentoring. i know age appropriate women from that time period- and this portrayal of an upper middle class woman who values image(handsome mate, beautiful and well mannered SILENT children, perfect house) above all things is very in keeping with the times. i don’t think betty means or wants to be a bad mother- but she has absolutely no concept of parenting on any emotional level. it can be called selfish- but that would mean she is actively trying to deprive her children of their needs. she and don are both deeply conflicted souls- and neither really has the moral high ground here.

  38. 6 says:

    I love all of the characters, including Betty (she is completely unnerving, I know). Yes, she is a heel but she does it so well. Every show needs someone that you love to hate. I wish that Sal wouldn’t have gone. I miss him, he was so good at his role also.

    Betty and Henry had some tension, for sure. I don’t like that arrangement but I know that she wouldn’t have left if she didn’t have some other man to take care of her. I might be the only one porsting that actually think that Betty and Don were so bad they were good.

  39. 6: i agree! i miss don and betty together. sure, he was a cad and she was self-involved, but together they were a mind blowingly pretty couple that were mesmerizing. it would be nice to see more of why don was so attracted to betty. you can be sure that part of it was the pedigree she represented…but also something else. i’d also like to see a storyline of don attempting to emotionally connect with any adult female- and whether or not that is his undoing. we saw glimpses with the dept store heiress- and i’d like to see more, more!

  40. 6: i agree! loved betty and don together- miss that dynamic. sure, he was a cad and she was self-involved, but they were so pretty together it almost hurt to look at them and their dialog was priceless!

  41. Advertizingwiz says:

    What an amazing story. Every scene can be analyzed like crazy.
    Betty is a bitch but she is so insecure it is pathetic. Don wants to seem confident but he is not….thus the slapping. Kaiser- you are soooo on. Jon is the HOTTEST male alive. I couldn’t sleep either. I just found these sites to be able to read comments. This show and commenting is new to me. Where the hell have i been. I plan on a Madmen marathon myself this weekend to get caught up. Only saw season 3 and new premiere. Friggin unbelievable. Anon33….if you find a forum about the show with constant interaction…let me know. I am IN!!

  42. sharyn says:

    Did anyone feel Henry Francis must be some guy to be able to live in Don’s house and sleep in his bed … what kind of a guy would do that??? It made me feel sick to think Betty is with this kind of guy.

    Bethany is Betty and I hope it doesn’t go down the predictable path of Don hooking up with Bethany in place of Betty …

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  45. mememe says:

    When I watched the scene with the hooker I couldn’t stop my body for vibrating. I was surprised how turned on I got when he said, “So do it, harder, again.”

    My kinda man!