Alicia Keys’ fiancée Swizz Beatz gets called out for being a deadbeat dirtbag dad

July 24, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - Russell Simmons 11th Annual Art for Life East Hampton Benefit.Russell Simmons East Hampton Estate.East Hampton, NY 07-24-2010.Photos by ,  Photos Inc 2010.KASSEEM ''SWIZZ BEATZ'' DEAN.K65376SMO. © Red Carpet Pictures

This is kind of a complicated story, and I apologize in advance for not knowing all of the particulars, but I’m going to try my best. Okay – Alicia Keys’ fiancée Swizz Beatz is all kinds of wrong. I knew that he has two kids by two different baby mamas thus far – one by ex-wife Mashonda, and one child by his girlfriend before Mashonda. Swizz promptly left Mashonda for Alicia Keys, and that was where most of the drama seemed to be centered, at least for the past year or so, since Mashonda put up an open letter online calling Alicia out for being a homewrecker. Now Alicia is knocked up and she and Swizz are planning on getting married at some point, although they both look kind of miserable about it.

Okay, so here’s the story: according to Bossip and several British sources, Swizz had a baby girl with a woman living in the UK. This woman – Jahna Sebastian – is Swizz’s third chronological baby-mama, and fourth that we know of, including Alicia. Apparently, Swizz fathered a baby girl with Jahna Sebastian back in 2009 (the baby was conceived in 2008, I think, if my math is right). This was back when he was married to Mashonda, and rumored to be screwing Alicia. Now – why haven’t we heard anything about this third/fourth baby-mama? Because Swizz is a motherf-ckin’ dirtbag, that’s why. In an email sent to the I Am London Diva blog, a source close to Jahna Sebastian confirms that the (still-married-to-Mashonda) Swizz brought Alicia with him for the baby paternity test, he refused to put his name on the birth certificate, refused to acknowledge the baby, and has only paid $1500 a month in child support, beginning when the baby girl was already several months old. Also – Jahna Sebastian is 24 years old, and she’s been making ends meet as a single mom by acting and singing, according to Bossip. Jahna was also held in an immigration detention center in England while she was pregnant, and she wrote letters to Swizz begging him to help her, and he didn’t lift a finger. Here’s the email from I Am London Diva (photo of Jahna and the baby girl below):


Hey London Diva,

I am close friend of Jahna Sebastian, the mother of Swizz Beatz’s daughter. It’s ridiculous how celebrities turn out to be the opposite to what they portray to the public.

Swizz Beatz might be busy getting ready for marriage and new baby with Alicia Keys, but he stopped paying child support to his only daughter with producer/singer Jahna Sebastian who resides in London. Paternity has been established via DNA test taken in August 2009 and Alicia Keys was present. Jahna has maintained independent parental responsibility for two years trying to reach Swizz Beatz personally but received no response. She then sought attorney’s help and filed petition in July 2009. Swizz first time paid child support in September 2009 starting with $1500. Many people in UK and Russia already know about their two-year old daughter and it seems strange that he still would not publicly acknowledge her. Alicia seems to go along with it too. In May Swizz did not attend his daughter’s birthday although he promised to through a Birthday Party.

Two days later he was in London visiting his fiancé who announced her pregnancy on 27th May when the same day he visited his daughter for three hours. During the past year Jahna Sebastian and Swizz Beatz have been in and out of court but Swizz did not provide required information. They are going back into the court again very soon as Swizz is not behaving himself as a responsible father.

24-year old Jahna Sebastian is a respected producer and engineer as well as a singer, who graduated from Russian Academy of Music at the age of only 20 and is known in the community as a very independent young woman.

More details:
Jahna Sebastian met Kasseem Dean, better known as Swizz Beatz, in August 2007 in London, UK, at the Ministry of Sound nightclub, after being introduced by his manager.
At this stage, Jahna Sebastian wasn’t a fan who had been aware of his career.

During Swizz Beatz’s subsequent performance at the venue, he invited Jahna Sebastian onto the stage to perform with him, which she did.

After this initial meeting, a short relationship followed during which Swizz Beatz failed to inform Jahna Sebastian that he was married and gave an impression that was at liberty to pursue such a course of action.

Upon his return to the US, Jahna Sebastian became aware that Swizz Beatz was married and broke off any interest in him, which wasn’t hard as they had no contact at this time. Jahna Sebastian found out she was pregnant with Swizz Beatz’s child about six weeks later and there was no thought of having pregnancy terminated, on principle.

Jahna Sebastian was aware of the implications and possible effect on Swizz Beatz’s marriage, so when six to seven weeks pregnant, she initially privately made him aware of her pregnancy via e-mail, with the intention of seeking advice on how to deal with the situation, but received no response.

When three months pregnant, Jahna Sebastian was detained in Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre and subjected to Fast Track political asylum assessment protocol, an exercise eventually found to contain material error in law in the way her asylum application had been processed, a fact that led to her release, two months later.

Swizz Beatz’s name had been referenced as the father of their then unborn child, during interviews with the UK Home Office, at the time when Jahna Sebastian was initially detained.

Jahna Sebastian attempted to make Swizz Beatz aware of her predicament of being pregnant with his child and being detained, by writing him a letter from Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre outlining these facts, without response.

After her eventual release from detention centre and having given birth to their daughter Nicole, who was born in May 2008, Jahna Sebastian sent another letter to Swizz Beatz’s address to inform him of her birth, once again without response.

In spite of ensuing extreme difficulties, not least financial, as she was legally restricted from seeking employment as she fought a legal battle to clear her name, while providing for and raising their daughter, Jahna Sebastian sought no financial or moral support from Swizz Beatz for two years.

In July 2009, Jahna Sebastian instructed a US – based lawyer to contact Swizz Beatz’s legal representative with a view to establishing his parental responsibility. Following this, Swizz Beatz promptly re-established direct communication, which was the first time he had done so since he had left the UK, after their first meeting in 2007.

In August 2009 Swizz Beatz came to the UK to establish paternity via a DNA test which proved that he was the father of his now almost two year old daughter. His girlfriend Alicia Keys was also present.

In the interim since giving birth, Jahna Sebastian had sold her previously owned apartment in the UK to buy a larger property, more appropriate for housing herself and her daughter, all without any assistance, financial or otherwise, from Swizz Beatz.

Swizz Beatz and his fiance; Alicia Keys have both subsequently visited Jahna Sebastian and her daughter in the UK.

In October 2009 Swizz Beatz was ordered to pay temporary child support, while given time to provide financial documents for a conclusive settlement figure and structure of child support, but due to adjournments for various reasons given, the case is still ongoing.
Swizz Beatz has not provided the required signature for his two-year old daughter’s birth certificate, to date.

It is also worth noting that Jahna Sebastian has three separate strands of employment as a freelance music producer, and engineer and an actress in films and commercials.

[From Email to I Am London Diva]

Jesus Christ. What the hell is Alicia thinking? I wouldn’t touch a man like that with a ten-foot pole. Is Alicia hypnotized by the dick? It can’t be that good. Girl needs to pull herself together.

NEW YORK - MARCH 15: Recording artists Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys attends the Gotham Magazine annual gala presented by Bing at Capitale on March 15, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 27: (UK TABLOID NEWSPAPERS OUT) Swizz Beatz arrives at the Keep A Child Alive Black Ball held at St John's, Smith Square on May 27, 2010 in London, England. (Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

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  1. meme says:

    he’s also ugly and AK is a smug beeyotch.

  2. mel says:

    What a effing scumb-bag! I hope Jahna will get what’s due to her financially. Alicia Keys better wake up cause her karma is coming.

  3. Sarah says:

    Wow, if this is true, he is an immature and selfish person who any woman should stay away from. Is Alicia Keys really that insecure? If this story is true, she knew about this before getting pregnant. Why in god’s name would anyone invest in a man with a record like his? He seriously must be great in bed (or something). Jeepers.

  4. bite me says:

    thank you kaiser for finally covering this part of the story, it was being reported on on urban blogs since last year… but alicia and beak nose claim they are happy and thats all that matters, HAPPINESS :D

  5. bellaluna says:

    Why not just skip the whole thing and go straight to court to establish paternity and obtain child support?

    A divorce is much more expensive than a wedding – trust; I speak from experience.

  6. Amy says:

    He’s not cute at all. I don’t get it! Couldn’t she land any guy in the world?

  7. mslewis says:

    I don’t think Alicia is too worried. She has her own money and Swizz is supposedly quite rich also. The fact that he loves to plant his seed doesn’t seem to bother her and that’s okay. A lot of women are that way. Maybe he’s just the right “size” for them and he gives them what they want. All of these people are adults and nobody should blame one over the other. In other words Kaiser, I don’t get why you are being so judgmental. It’s not like this man is out screwing 12 year olds and making babies with them. These women knew or should have known what the consequences would be if they got pregnant by this man. Why not judge the women? They are equally responsible for having these babies.

  8. mojoman says:

    What the..? I am loss for words. All I can say to Alicia is, good luck!

  9. original kate says:

    alicia must have bad taste in men – he kinda seems like a douche.

    in other news, that baby is really pretty.

  10. denise says:

    This is not shocking at all.
    I can’t get over this guy’s nose.

  11. mln says:

    I really hope she doesn’t marry him, but if she does I hope he signs a pre-nup

  12. Lisa Turtle says:

    Swizz Beatz is disgusting. Physically and morally.

  13. lena says:

    damn alicia…really??? this is what you want? being the 4th woman he has a child with.

    the little girl does look like him

  14. onyx says:

    what do you expect from a guy named SWIZZ? not to sound contrite, but if you lay down with dogs, yore prone to wake up with fleas. or babies.

  15. LolaBella says:

    Yep, she must be dickmatized…excuse me, I mean in love.

    So he cheated on his wife with this woman AND Alicia??? I can’t see this ending well.

  16. RHONYC says:

    he definitely has a ‘type’. *eyeroll*

    like prince…all his exes look alike.

    he must be like the fuggin dos equis ‘most interesting man in the world’, cause i don’t see anything cute about him.

    that and his obvious rebellion against wearing condoms.

    ew. :-(

  17. Leticia says:

    I think that AK’s own biological dad was similar to SB. Based on what I have read, AK’s dad was absentee and did not support her financially. It’s a shame that she would fall for someone like her own dad who was not there for her.

  18. Catherine says:

    Wonderful. We will soon be reading about these two breaking up and a custody battle.

  19. anon says:

    Well Alicia isn’t the only one,(that has succumbed to his allure whatever it is) This guy gets around and gets pretty nice women at least that’s how it looks from where I sit. His wife Mashonda, the women he had the affair with before Alicia, mother of his older son, Alicia and this woman Jahna (pretty, talented and resourceful the baby is pretty too and looks like him) You would have to ask what is wrong with all of them. He seems to sweep them off their feet. Maybe she Jahna could have googled Swizz Beatz and found out that he was married. Musicians always have had a bad reputation, all these women just believed he was single? Not blaming the victims but could women just check a little bit first geez!!
    We can’t continue to be so willing to be free enough to have sex with whomever we please and not take some precautions. 4 innocent children involved in this mess :-(

  20. Sassy says:

    If he’ll cheat with you, he’ll cheat on you. Good luck, Alicia.

    I feel bad for the children – sucks they have a sh*tty, deadbeat father.

  21. aenflex says:

    Seems she has always been drawn to thugs…

  22. Jillian says:

    He’s an ugly skeeze. Someone schedule him a vasectomy, stat!

  23. Cinderella says:

    We can all agree he is quite the dog, but I do not feel sorry for any of these women. None of them…the Alicias, the Mashondas, the Jahna’s, the Oksanas. They are smart enough to know better, but they lay down with these creeps (most for money, but in Alicia’s case, not). In the end, the kids get screwed. Very, very selfish women, indeed.

  24. Moreaces says:

    He obviously likes when that could pass for his sister.

  25. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    @Cinderella- I do not agree, these women are not that smart. If they were, they would be running for the door, Alicia included.

  26. Dorothy says:

    *Golddigger Song* Alicia needs pre-nup, she needs prenup, YEAH!

  27. Kelly says:


    i know a few weeks ago i was playing devil’s advocate re: a story about these two but…eesh.

    he’s scummy and alicia…RUN. if anything, hopefully a happy beautiful baby and great AK album will come of this. but he sounds like a habitual liar and cheater who deserves to be alone. or rather, only spend time with ALL of his chirruns because they are worth spending time on. hope the kids in this situation make it out unscathed.

  28. Just a Poster says:

    well.. one thing we can all say.. these two are perfect for each other.

  29. a says:

    what a jerk.

    what a beautiful baby and i hope the mother gets to live a constructive life with her daughter, i would say “their” daughter but…

  30. Po says:

    Don’t think this is a shock to anyone but why are all of these women having unprotected sex with this man?

  31. Andrea says:

    Do any of these people use birth control? Damn, there’s gotta be some “fire crotch” action going on.

    By the way, I can’t seem to get the timing straight, but was he cheating on his wife with both Alicia and this chick at the same time? If so, doesn’t Alicia realize that means he was cheating on her?

  32. Iggles says:

    Good Point Andrea. Though it’s clear that Alicia doesn’t care. She thinks she’s “special” — how he treats his exes doesn’t matter because he’ll never treat her like that… YEAH RIGHT!

  33. Mrs. Kalifornia says:


    She is “dickmatized.”

  34. hzl says:

    Okay, Swizz Beatz is an asshat, we can all agree. But what the hell was that Jahna-chick thinking by going through with the pregnancy? Not so bright? Hoping to win him back? Looking for a meal ticket?

  35. mik says:

    It’s one thing to want a pos like this in your life but to bring an innocent child into the world with him? Poor kids don’t deserve to have a father like him. think about the poor child, ladies. The women have the choice to leave and move on to another jerk but the kids only get one biological father.

  36. mik says:

    And that child has his fathers eyes too!

  37. TG says:

    My rule is a man can only have one other baby momma (unless his previous spouses all died and were not killed by him) othewise it just looks trashy. Same goes for women, only 2 baby daddy’s allowed and you better be with the second one or that shows you have bad judgment too.

  38. mslewis says:

    Wonderful. We will soon be reading about these two breaking up and a custody battle.
    Uh, no!! There won’t be any custody battles with this man. He seems not to care a bit about any of his children.

    I do wish the commenters would stop ragging on this man’s looks. It’s not about the outward appearance of this man. He is a powerful, successful, very rich music producer/writer/whatever. He is also very capable of “mesmerizing” women with whatever else he has. So stop talking about his looks. It makes you sound immature and fairly ignorant.

    I have a cousin who got married to a nice lady when he was 30 years old. Nobody in the family told her about his past but six months later she learned that he has FIVE babies by FOUR different women. Her first words were that she didn’t think he was good looking enough to attract any women, let alone four. Turns out it wasn’t the looks that attracted all those women!!! Women can be so dumb!!

  39. Tia C says:

    What a sordid story. We all know that Alicia will get hers.

    @ Jillian: That is EXACTLY what he needs!! Snip Snip!!

  40. Jeri says:

    Swizz Beatz is a worthless b-tch. Good luck Alicia.

  41. Green Is Good says:

    Get in line AK. You’re his 3rd baby mommy, and you won’t be his last.

    Aside: Jahna is attractive, and her baby is too adorable.

    2nd Aside: Swizzdick: pay your fraking child support, jerk-off. Or stick to jerking off, rather than fertilizing women you’re not married to.

  42. Crash2GO2 says:

    @mslewis: You are certainly entitled to your opinions, but they are just that. OPINIONS. It doesn’t give you the right to tell other posters to stop saying or talking about anything. Good grief.

    God only knows what people see in each other. But one thing is for sure: AK is setting herself and her baby up for heartbreak in the not too distant future with this skeezeball.

  43. oduroyal says:

    They call him Swizz Beaks around my way…hope the baby looks like Alicia

  44. fugly says:

    Snozz Beakz can’t be the baby daddy! that baby is waaaay too cute.

  45. Cakes says:

    Goodness gracious! I dont get this trend of having babies 2 minutes into a relationship. Its like people cant date any more, they move right into baby/house/marriage within a year of meeting!
    But its whatever. I dont things will end well for these two.

  46. Missfit says:

    Wow, the only thing I can think of is that he has a charm, portrays to be this really “down to earth, nice, great personality kind of guy”. That usually gets most girls instead of looks. Then later on down the road, after they get the girl knocked up, the douche bag comes out royally. So, like most relationships, it’s all good in the beginning, fine and dandy, sunshine and flowers, then later, BAM, they change on you! Then they are not honest to you about EVERY single detail about their past, until later it comes out and they want you to accept them for it, and they want you to accept them for their douche ways and it’s like…wtf??? It’s like, that’s not the person I fell in love with. But ya, you know, the saying goes…”for better or for worse”, but I don’t think it should be for a bad you didn’t know and it depends the severity of the situation. If they would have been honest to begin with, well, you know and you went along anyway, then it’s on the female, but if she didn’t know, then she’s really the victim. But, Ms. Alicia should have known most of this on him, she should have known better. But some women like man whores with baby mommas, you never know. Uggh, gag. I think he would just give up the rights to his kids instead of “being there.” I’m curious to know what kind of daddy he’s going to be with this new offspring.

  47. Liana says:

    But what the hell was that Jahna-chick thinking by going through with the pregnancy? Not so bright? Hoping to win him back? Looking for a meal ticket?

    Maybe she doesn’t believe in having an abortion. I hope you weren’t trying to say that she should have aborted. That’s HER decision and it more than likely has nothing to do with the Sperminator anyway. It seems she only wants him to pay what he should for the baby he assisted in the creation of.

  48. Iggles says:

    I could never be with a guy who has multiple baby mommas!

    Shows distrustful character (can’t trust him to be a family man if he has multiple failed starts). Lack of judgment (having kids with women who he was not compatible with or did not see a future with). Dubious morals (no way he can be a good father to multiple kids living in different households). Etc!

    How could I trust him to be my partner if life if he made that promise to other women and reneged?

    How could I trust him to raise a family together if he pledged to do so with other women and reneged?

    Seriously, what is Alicia thinking???

  49. Hautie says:

    I thought Alicia’s relationship with this guy, goes back to be the beginning of her career.

    She has always been the girl on the side, while he was still publicly shagging and marrying other women. And having babies with them.

    So I suspect Alicia is more than aware of how he has behaved with all these other baby’s Mothers. And she does not obviously care.

    All one could hope for that Alicia gets that pre-nup signed. Cause she seems determined to marry him.

    And since she is the only one with her own fortune, it would be Alicia’s luck, that this would be the only child he would take an interest in. And fight for custody.

  50. Persistent Cat says:

    Unless Swiss Beatz is a woman, it’s “fiance,” not “fiancee.” It’s a french word, french uses masculine and feminine.

    AK is his fiancee, he is her fiance.

  51. Andrea says:

    I love how Jahna’s friend tries to make her out to be all moral by saying that Jahna stopped the relationship once she found out he was married. Right after that, she lamely adds, “Well, they didn’t have any contact by that point, anyway”.

  52. Mouse says:

    What do women see in him? IMO, he’s physically unattractive and sure doesn’t sound like he’s got a personality of gold.

    @ Mrs. Kalifornia #38 – HA! ^-^

  53. Confuzzle says:

    Does he have a magic dick? Must be because he is fugggggly. Alicia, WTF are you thinking!

  54. elvisgrace says:

    @mlewis – So your cousin’s wife is a naive dumb-ass, and your cousin, like Swizz, is a douchewad. If I am correctly comprehending your post, your cousin is also, like Swizz very unfortunate looking, but it doesn’t matter because even though he looks like the Elephant Man, his junk is sized proportionately, so it all works out for him. Aren’t you at all weirded out knowing the size of your cousin’s package? As a complete FACELESS STRANGER AND ANONYMOUS POSTER, I am weirded out knowing the state of the junk in cuz’s trunk!

  55. Gigohead says:

    What puzzles me, is why those who were just hooking up with him (not his wife) not using protection? I’m certain this guy must harbor some STD’s cause he gets real busy and uses no protection!! YIKES!

    Alicia is a fool for getting involved with this loser.

  56. nnn says:

    He is the Bobby Brown of the years 2000′S. Bobby who married Whitney when he was barely 22 – 23 years old was already the father of three children from three different women, one of the baby being hardly several months when he married Whitney. He had an affaor with another woman while he was dating Whitney and this didn’ stop her to marry him, thinking that her pedogree will give her some kind of immunity to failure in the relationship…thinking that her status will help her capture and pay the man to stay and be faithful to her.

    Mashonda is stupid. She went with him when he was involved with another woman who had his baby.

    Alicia is stupid, she knew his pedigree and that he already had two children of two different women at a young age.

    He is unstable. She can’t change the fact that she is pregnant but she has the financial means and doesn’t need to marry that idiot. She can raise her child alone or find a decent man.

  57. Kazoo81 says:

    hautie, i think you’re on to something. i remember hearing about her being linked to him years ago, when she first came out. that would’ve been back in ’01 or so.

    i cannot imagine just casually going with my boyfriend to get a paternity test for another woman’s child, and then knowing this other human being existed out in the world that he wouldn’t have anything to do with. the blinders people choose to wear are mind-boggling.

  58. Kazoo81 says:

    and yes. have ANY of these people heard of condoms? birth control? wtf. i’ll give mashonda a pass because they were married. but seriously…you’re fucking a random dude raw? so gross. i bet there’s some STDs that have been shared by all.

  59. Sincerity says:

    Jahna Sebastian could have easily asked Swizz’s manager at the time of their introduction whether or not he was married. Somehow, I suspect it really didn’t matter to her at the time because she had another “agenda”. If I’m not mistaken, she’s into R&B, Reggae and Hip Hop genres and may have found out that Swizz Beatz was a “mover and shaker” on the contemporary American music scene shortly after they were introduced. As far as I’m concerned, BOTH PARTIES ARE EQUALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR USING BIRTH CONTROL. If a woman becomes pregnant and she’s not married to her sex partner, WOE BE UNTO HER! No one can look out for your best interest better than you! If a man really does not want YOU OR YOUR BABY, getting him to cooperate is like PULLING TEETH! Jahna Sebastian’s experience should be a warning! Never make any assumptions about WEALTHY MEN!!!

  60. Cheddar_cheese says:

    I have nothing constructive to say other than that Swizz beats looks like an afghan hound. You know, the type with the really long faces.

  61. Marieme says:

    The way a parent treats their child – baby no less! – says everything about that person. He obviously doesn’t care about banging any or all woman and the result of that whoring around. What a cold and thoughtless creep! A digusting human being. Enjoy that mess Alicia. You deserve him.

  62. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    I’ve never heard of these people. What is this? Maury Pauvitch? Check, please!

  63. Fae says:

    I do feel bad for the little girl, I do. It’s a horrid situation to put such a precious child into (she really is super cute).

    HOWEVER as far as Jahna is concerned, not so much. I know sometimes these things happen, my only point is that most of us can tell the difference between a penis covered in a condom and one that isn’t. It’s the responsibility of BOTH sexual partners to make sure they’re safe. He could have put one on, she could have not opened her legs till he did so. It’s not hard, and by all accounts she’s not a stupid woman.

    Oh, and as to Alicia- shame she doesn’t feel she’s worth a little bit more.

  64. Meanchick says:

    It’s not up to a woman to ask a man hitting on her if he’s married. This guy has a track record and shows no signs of slowing down. AK seems to think she has something the other women didn’t have, well, she does, $$$$$! To think that he will be faithful is wishful thinking. She doesn’t trust him, that’s why she went with him to take the DNA test. Her ‘Karma,’ will show ‘A Woman’s Worth’ in due time!
    If AK has any common sense left, she will consider how this affects her career (ala Rihanna) and hand SB his walking papers!

  65. fizXgirl314 says:

    Whether or not this woman is stupid/silly/incompetent or made a horrible mistake is really irrelevant. She’s at least taking care of her responsibility and the result of your actions. This idiot (whatever the heck his name is… is he even Swiss? WTF is up with that name… the name alone is a turn off but I digress) is NOT taking responsibility for his children. That’s ultimately all that matters.

  66. weslyn says:

    if she doesn’t give a d@mn whether he takes care of his kids, she’s as dirty as he is..

  67. Peggy says:

    Here’s the thing: I have and will NEVER UNDERSTAND stupid women who know that their boyfriend has children with OTHER WOMEN that he isn’t taking proper care of (emotionally, financially, etc.) yet they think it will be reallly cute to get knocked up by him and that things will be different with their child! Give me a break ladies, let’s have some self respect and give any children that we bring into the world the best start possible.

    There in fact is a 20 year old chick in my neighborhood who had a bf who had a 2 year old with an ex who he NEVER saw/paid child support for that she knew about, and a few months into their realtionship she told everyone that they were planning a baby b/c “he loved her” (lyrics to Alicia’s newest song anyone???) Sure enough, almost to the day that that baby was born he went all MIA on her stupid a** as well. I feel badly for that child, but the mother has no one to blame but herself and same for Alicia if it happens to her.

  68. Patrice says:

    @Fae: “my only point is that most of us can tell the difference between a penis covered in a condom and one that isn’t” Hahaha you are so right! I can’t stand the new, babies as “souveniers of former boyfriends/girlfriends” attitude that the world is taking on.

    But Alicia openly admits in “I’m Ready” (which she wrote about Swizz) that this baby was PLANNED which only makes the situation even worse. She knew about what he was doing to his kids and just didn’t care.

    As far as Jahna is concerned, she barely knew this man (so I’m quite sure they never went together to get tested for std’s and it doesn’t sound like she was on birth control) and DECIDED to bang him w/o a rubber! Whether she knew he was married or not is irrelevant. What the hell did the both of them THINK WOULD HAPPEN?!

  69. Nikki says:

    I never understand why women take up with men who have multiple other children they aren’t taking care of. How can they be comfortable with that? I could never fall in love with a man who didn’t love and take care of his children from past relationships. Regardless of his relationship with Keys, his children should remain a priority…I would be disgusted and lose my attraction to a guy if he wasn’t a decent father to his previous kids. What makes Alicia Keys think he won’t do the same thing to her someday since he’s lied and screwed over several other women and left other kids behind? So this new kid and relationship with Alicia is just more special, worth more than the other kids? The whole thing is sickening and sad.

  70. Advice motherly says:

    I wonder who cares about all these children he is fathering. It seems the children are not thought about much. A thirty year old man who behaves like a boy. He should claim all his children by establishing a trust for their future. As far as the mothers are concerned…they are at fault too. Adulturous behavior is not good and in the long run can ruin a relationship. One cannot build a strong future on a rocky foundation. When you father children you are responsible for them period! No gray area only black & white! Mothers stop having sex for the love of money! The love and devotion of a man who shows his manhood by being committed and marrying,staying faithful to that marrige and taking care if his children are true men. Dignity,integrity,honor and morality these are the qualities to look for. Women too need to be dignified, have integrity, honor and morality. The lack of those qualities in one relationship after another is a pattern and if that pattern repeats itself over and over, beware. That same behavior will be enacted upon you as the next willing victim comes along. Until true adult behavior appears, neither is fit for parenthood. God bless the children…

  71. Elizabeth says:

    @ original kate

    Yes, the baby is very cute. I took one look at the picture and said “Thank God. She looks like her mother!” No beak nose. I wish all of his baby mamas the best of luck.

  72. Daddy Mac says:

    Alicia Keys always seemed to have more sense than that. I didn’t even know about the baby mama drama. The fact she
    Picked this nut just seems surreal. I hope he grows up and takes care of all his kids. Sounds to me like he leaves destruction wherever he goes.

  73. I savor, lead to I found just what I was having a look for. You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye