Al Gore questioned by police in masseuse sex attack case

When I first heard about the masseuse accusing former Vice President Al Gore of sexually attacking her, I was skeptical. The incident supposedly occurred at a hotel in Portland in 2006. The alleged victim did report the incident to police after it occurred, but then canceled several follow-up interviews, eventually granting an interview to police in early 2009. I listened to the tapes available online of her statements to police and she goes into exhausting detail about everything except for the alleged attack. (You can read more on my thoughts on that case here.) Reports had her asking $1 million to sell her story to a tabloid. She eventually came forward to The National Enquirer, which claims it never paid her.

Anyway police in Portland have re-opened the case now that it’s received media attention and are said to have questioned Gore. It’s a good thing because The National Enquirer claimed this week to have evidence that two more massage therapists were accosted for sex by Gore during what should have been legitimate non-sexual massages in 2007 and 2008. (Their details convinced me and I’ll include them in a moment.) If that’s true, I hope that other women come forward to help with the case. Here’s more from

Al Gore was reportedly questioned last week by Portland police about a massage therapist’s claims he sexually abused her in 2006.

The former vice president, 62, who has emphatically denied the allegations, sat down Thursday with detectives in San Francisco, Portland TV station KATU reports.

A spokesperson for Gore declined to comment.

Therapist Molly Hagerty alleges Gore demanded sexual favors and made “unwanted sexual contact” with her during a massage in his Portland, Ore., hotel room four years ago.

Officials said they were reopening the investigation after detectives looking into the alleged incident this past year failed to notify high-ranking officials that they were dropping the case.

Gore and his wife Tipper, 61, split in June after 40 years of marriage. Tipper does not believe Haggerty’s allegations, says a friend, who adds that “they played no role whatsoever in their decision to separate.”

[From People]

As for those other claims, the Enquirer laid out how they’d tried to verify the reports and I was persuaded. (Remember, we have to give them props for exposing John Edwards, although that doesn’t mean that this story is necessarily true or that there aren’t political motivations behind it.) Here’s part of the report from their print edition:

Police have investigated charges from two more women who claimed they were abused by the former vice president, The Enquirer has learned exclusively…

The first incident allegedly took place at a Beverly Hills luxury hotel when Gore, 62, was in Hollywood to attend the Oscars… in 2007…

The second reportedly occurred a year later at a hotel in Tokyo.

In the first incident, a source at the hotel told the Enquirer: “Al Gore booked a massage with a female therapist at the rooftop spa of the hotel.

“The therapist claimed that when they were alone, Gore shrugged off a towel and stood naked in front of her. He pointed at his erect penis and ordered her, ‘Take care of this.’

“The shocked woman ran out of the room and reported Gore’s behavior to the spa manager. He was ordered to leave the spa and not come back.

“Hotel management hushed up the incident. Staff were ordered not to talk about it.”

Contacted by The Enquirer, a former executive at the hotel confirmed “Yes, something happened between Al Gore and a massage therapist at the hotel.

“The woman claimed he exposed himself to her and demanded sex. Everyone was warned that if they talked about it, they’d be fired.”

The Enquirer tracked the masseuse, who is in her 30s, to San Francisco, where she now lives.

When asked about the purported incident, the woman – who still works as a licensed massage therapist – did not deny the allegations and instead wanted to know “who told” the Enquirer…

In a second sensational incident, Gore has been accused of sexually abusing a masseuse in Japan on Nov. 18, 2008, The Enquirer has learned…

“According to the woman, Gore had been ‘sexually inappropriate’ with her when she began to massage him.

“She complained to the hotel staff and told them she was going to the police. However, hotel staff managed to convince her not to.

“The alleged incident soon became known among some Tokyo journalists.”

The Enquirer has confirmed that Gore did speak at Keio University on the date in question.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, August 2, 2010]

It sounds like The Enquirer got much more confirmation on the first alleged incident than on the one in Japan. Either way, this is looking like much more of a pattern of abuse from Gore and less like a money grab by a single masseuse. Unless there’s a “blue dress” and more women willing to speak on the record, this case may not be able to move forward. Gore has not yet been charged with anything, although that could change.

Al Gore is shown on 11/24/09. Credit:


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41 Responses to “Al Gore questioned by police in masseuse sex attack case”

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  1. denise says:

    Oi. This man’s face gives me the creeps.

    Gore shrugged off a towel and stood naked in front of her. He pointed at his erect penis and ordered her, ‘Take care of this.’

    I’ll never be the same. lollll!!

  2. jen says:

    Poor ManBearPig.

  3. The Bobster says:

    Mah dear, something in mah pants has a fever.

  4. denise says:

    @The Bobster

    It’s global warming. ;)

    @ Jen


  5. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    So depressing…I can’t understand why men just can’t be good. I admire Al Gore so much and this really depresses me he could be such a sleaze. I am really hoping its not true. Ugh and then picturing him nude not a pleasant thought. Blah.

  6. denise says:

    @ Love Ang

    I’d rather you admire Angelina , than AL Gore. These politicians are the worse of the worse, can’t be trusted.

  7. Kitten says:

    Who will be the next to go down ? Wonder what Rush limbaugh has to say about this ? Not going to listen to him to find out . If Al Gore can be destroyed anyone can . Even if he gets out of this he will still be known as ” take care of this !” the powers that be are probably afraid he will run for president .

  8. snowball says:

    Yup. I suspected he schmeared on her pants all along, even if she did sound shady. Who’d willingly admit this creepy Joker-looking thing flung his willy on you?

    It’s not like anyone would believe he actually got an erection, so you’d automatically get called a liar. You had to be seriously traumatized.

  9. Toe says:

    Damn…thats “An Inconvenient Truth” for him. LOL

  10. Morgs says:

    He looks like a troll.

  11. Kiska says:

    I’ve always thought Gore didn’t have a penis. Oh my, I’m shocked.

  12. If any “video” comes out of anyone talking on this specifically, let me know, I’d love to see it!

  13. Lady Jane says:

    Over on Perez (I don’t know why I still go there) he is defending Gore – saying, ‘give the man a break – he does loads for the environment’. I just can’t even begin to say what is wrong with that, but considering the source, I won’t bother.

    (And Gore admitted to making up a bunch of stats in his movie An Inconvenient Truth – yuckier and yuckier).

  14. Jeri says:

    You can’t trust anybody. That’s a shame, really says something about our society when powerful people get away with these things.

  15. Tess says:

    I blame the press for this. They give so much cover to liberals it gives jerks like Al Gore confidence that they can get away with just about anything.

    Newspapers, most of which are basically flaks for the Democratic Party, spiked the story.

    The press refuses to investigate politicians (or Nobel Prize winners—what a joke) like Al Gore, because they share a political agenda.


  16. Eden says:

    Men + power= “manbearpig” (HAHA @ Jen, thanks for the laugh)

    It takes a strong man to have power in the world and learn to use that power with love and respect and not as a means to rampage and pillage anything and anyone that he wants.

    I’ve believed this story from the beginning after reading the initial transcripts.
    The first massage therapist reacted like a high school dork based on her own description of her reactions to the incident, but she also sounded like she was telling the truth.

  17. Milan says:

    @ Denise, weren’t you the person that was critisizing a poster called toto for bad grammar? Pot…kettle?? worse of the worse….erm don’t you mean worst of the worst?

  18. canadianchick says:

    Eww, Tipper glad you got free of him, honey! This must be so tough for his kids.

  19. Marjalane says:

    Just the thought of Al Gore baring his bits makes me want to clorox my brain.

    The press has been (oddly enough!) awfully quiet about all this….

  20. Syko says:

    I have gone all my life without facing the fact that Al Gore has a penis. Now I have to think about him having an erect penis. Oh, the trauma!

  21. kiki says:

    when women’s status is raised this behavior will not be so amusing. we will be outraged as we should be
    he is soooo disgusting

  22. meme says:

    Of course the media have been quiet about this. Gore is a liberal and remember, he invented the Internet, inspired the book Love Story and oh yes learned us all about global warming. Epic douchebag.

  23. tiki says:

    take it from one who knows because of long-time family connections, the man is a pervert. there’s so much dirt on him in tn that he’s about to be declared a new state mountain. mount gore. NO THANK-YOU! i’d rather mount, or be mounted by, a manbearpig.

  24. Terry says:

    It is depressing. So everyone’s bad? Btw, just because a woman doesn’t go to the police doesn’t make her suspect. The reality is cops usually do nothing and just make a trauma doubly worse.

  25. Van says:

    @tiki, just curious, was Gore always slimy or did he get slimy after being VP?

  26. Poopie says:

    Okay maybe i’m being ‘MEAN’ but THOSE TEETH !! doesn’t he have DENTAL CARE?

  27. Poopie says:

    Come on TIKI ! spill the goods on this douche PLEASE?

  28. tiki says:

    he’s always been a freak. always. from high school on, al sr. had his hands full cleaning up jr.’s messes. there were A LOT of people bought off to keep everything on the down-low.

  29. tiki says:

    poopie, much as i’d like to, i can’t go into specifics. the majority of what i know came via my late father-in-law who was a close friend of the late al sr. my father-in-law was a power player in tn’s democrat party, and al sr confided in him quite a bit when it came to jr’s indiscretions. when jr decided he wanted to try his hand at national politics rather than remaining on the state level, sr read him the riot act about keeping his wick dry. there was tremendous concern during jr’s vetting process when clinton indicated he was in the running for the vice-president spot, but sr had managed to bury the skeletons so deep that, other than some whiffs of a stink here and there, the bodies (figuratively speaking) couldn’t be found. the irony is that clinton was considered to be the sleaze and jr the goody two-shoes by the country during clinton’s presidency. if truth be known, however, jr makes bill look like a choirboy. following sr’s death in 1998, we didn’t hear as much about jr’s antics. we were given to understand, though, that jr regarded sr’s passing as a license to misbehave. his mother’s death in 2004 removed the last restraint on him. from what we understand, he’s been in free fall ever since.

  30. alexandra says:

    @Milan well said!!!

  31. a says:

    i don’t understand…if someone wants a “special massage” can’t they just order one from someone who will definitely provide one vs. hoping to get randomly lucky with the hotel’s regular massage person?

    this is what it seems like he tried. i’m not saying he didn’t do it, i just don’t understand why he would risk it.

  32. Andrea-2 says:

    It’s always those uptight white guys you have to watch out for…

  33. elvisgrace says:

    Is it just me, or is he missing one of his front lower teeth?

  34. Blake says:

    Hillary Clinton for President.

  35. Mistral says:

    PUKE @ Clinton for Prez comment. Gore was a fitting VP for that particular president; he also has problems with the truth, likes to tell lies to bolster his rep, and has a lot of delusions of grandeur and entitlement (“I invented the internet”, “I invented saving the environment and discovered global warming [as my mansion consumes more power than a small banana republic]“, and—if the accusation is true—”I deserve a happy ending”). The Clinton sleazebags need to go away and never come back—same for all political “dynasties”. Enough with the kids/spouses/extended family of former presidents…Time for some fresh blood.

  36. CandyKay says:

    Does this mean the results of the “stolen” 2000 Presidential election were actually fortuitous? :=)

  37. Lita says:

    I may not understand all the politico comments, but I know the important stuff:

    Eden, ‘manbearpig’ is a South Park reference.

    I guess I just has to .. take care of this. *ba-da-bump-chi*

  38. Julia says:

    It is George W Bush’s fault…isn’t everything?

  39. Blake says:

    @Mistral, you have “fresh blood” now. How’s that workin’ out? That’s an irrational stance. Go with the best candidate regardless of so-called “dynasties.” The immediate point which you missed was that with women in power these sexual abuses don’t go on and the country benefits from having the President’s full focus. You can continue with your Clinton diatribe now

  40. Nick says:

    @a, that’s what makes it doubly heinous. It’s like there’s a thrill of the assault & abuse for turds that do this. It doesn’t seem to be about sex, but about power. They seem to pick on someone with no power who will be humiliated.

    @candykay, who knows what behavior Papa Bush might have squashed for baby Bush, just like Papa Gore allegedly did for baby Gore. Republicans generally seem better at keeping this stuff hidden.

  41. Mistral says:

    I feel neutral about Obama, Blake. The best candidate for the job is probably not the one who is supported by mommy and daddy’s money and connections. The best candidate isn’t the one who is a firm part of the establishment that will never do anything to truly better the situation of the poor in America. The Clintons are firmly a part of the establishment (Big_[insert industries here]_), have many scandals under their belts, and are definitely not what the US needs for its future. Being Canadian, I obviously can’t vote in your elections. However, looks like most of your country rejected a Part II of the Clinton show, already. Obama is doing a pretty good job–as good as he can with what he has to work with. Every president has to deal with bi-partisanship and the many politicians in Washington who work to undermine change because they are in the pocket of various lobby groups. So, it isn’t like Obama could really bring about any radical changes…