Tiger Woods furious at Rachel Uchitel for doing Celebrity Rehab, wants to marry her

American Tiger Woods laughs on the 10th tee on the final day of the Open championship in St. Andrews, Scotland on July 18, 2010.  UPI/Hugo Philpott Photo via Newscom
This story is in the National Enquirer, which usually has solid sources. In this case the story is so slanted that I’m thinking the source is Tiger Woods’ first known mistress, Rachel Uchitel. Uchitel recently jeopardized her stay on Celebrity Rehab by bolting after a particularly tough counseling session only to return the next day. If this article is in any way accurate, Woods still cares about Uchitel and is outraged that she’s still doing the show. Uchitel is said to have so captured the golfer’s heart that he wants to marry her and have a baby once he’s settled that pesky divorce from his first wife and the mother of his two kids. Is this a clever story plant by scheming Uchitel or does Tiger want another wife at home to keep up his shattered image while he cats around with hookers on the side? Is that too stupid even for him, or has he already shown how truly stupid he is by letting a sex and power addiction rule his life?

Here’s part of the Enquirer’s report:

Tiger woods is making plans to marry his #1 mistress, party girl Rachel Uchitel, and have a baby with her, sources say, but he’s furious that she’s shooting episodes of the reality TV show “Celebrity Rehab”!…

“When Rachel told him that she was going to do the show, Tiger went ballistic!” disclosed an insider.

“Rachel explained that she’d be paid $500,000 and could kick her pill habit at the same time. She knows she is seen as the woman who broke up Tiger’s marriage, and by doing the show she hopes to gain a sympathetic image by the time she marries him. But Tiger was living that she’d expose her addiction in such a public way.

“He’s embarrassed that the next Mrs. Tiger Woods will be known as a former drug addict, and he’s encouraged her to go into a private program. But he’s also worried that Dr. Drew ill influence Rachel to leave him, and paint him as a loser who can’t be counted on in a serious relationship.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, August 9, 2010]

I can see how Tiger would still be carrying on with Uchitel when it’s convenient for him and nothing else can be readily procured. I can also see how he would tell her that he wants to marry her and have kids in order to keep her on the hook. It seems doubtful that he’d actually marry her, but again he’s shown what an idiot, denier and conniver he is in his private life. Some of the random women he hooked up with describe him as oddly possessive. If another woman comes on board who’s willing to put up with all that, he may try and make it work for a while in order to fool the public and himself. A second divorce could get very expensive for him, of course. On the other hand this could all be creative fiction from Uchitel.

Despite his end of year scandal, Tiger was still the highest paid athlete in 2009. Sports Illustrated ranks him at #1 with $90 million in earnings. We’ll see where he lands next year.

July 18, 2010 - St Andrews, SCOTLAND, United Kingdom - epa02252400 Tiger Woods of the USA tees off at the 10th during the final day of the 150th Open Golf Championship on the Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland on 18 July 2010.

40271, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Wednesday May 5, 2010. Rachel Uchitel and a female friend leave Las Palmas after a night out together. Photograph: David Tonnesson, PacificCoastNews.com

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  1. canadianchick says:

    He won’t marry her. Glad she’s getting help but it wouldn’t decrease my disgust for her involvement in hurting his wife and kids. And she’s getting help in this way to get paid so I doubt she wants serious recovery.

  2. Yeah, marry Tiger. That’s a safe bet. Uhg.

  3. bellaluna says:

    What does Tiger think we don’t already know about Slutty McSkankpants and his “bedroom activities”? (And parking lot activities, and back alley activities, and automobile activities, and hotel/motel activities…) What else does he think we’re going to find out? Enquiring minds want to know!

    My distaste for her started when her fiance died on September 11. Apparently in the aftermath, she used it as a jump-off for her notoriety, then started “dating” wealthy (married) men and clubbing around. My distaste for her turned to disgust with a quickness when all this mess came out, and I was appalled that she took a huge pay-off to stay quiet and then ran off at the mouth anyway. (Of course, since she slept with a very publicly married man, I don’t know why I was surprised by that.)

  4. Agent Cooper says:

    She is just fucking funny looking. Nothing pretty about this girl :s

  5. sapphire says:

    What? That this could even occur is the worst reality show drama in history!

  6. Whatever says:

    I believe this like I believe John Edwards wants to marry Rielle. Another delusional bitch. I’m sure the other 99 meant nothing, or at least that’s what she tells herself. I think he’ll look for another good girl like Elin, not any of his hos. Rachel would do nothing for his image. Then he’ll screw around on the new wife too.

  7. UrbanRube says:

    Just like a narcissist to think that each of his 3000 women should ONLY see him, even if he’s only available to use their bodies a few times a year. The whole situation is just sickening. He should go to inpatient rehab for years. Better yet, he should be forced to do community service for the rest of his life so he can understand what the real world is about.

  8. cprincess says:

    I dont believe it-men dont marry sluts like her and anyway-his handlers would never let that happen…
    Something tells me that they would rather he stay unmarried and cat around…

  9. danielle says:

    Honestly, if he marries again he should marry someone who knows the score and knows he won’t be faithful.

  10. OhCamille! says:

    How embarrassing for our society that this woman is now labeled a celebrity.

  11. Marjalane says:

    Maybe it’s true and it’s Tiger’s way of legitimizing his affair with her? Like, “I know I destroyed my beautiful family by cheating with this skank, but hey- who can argue with true love?” Tiger seems just that stupid.

  12. Cinderella says:

    The last thing he needs is another wife. I think I’d halfway begin to respect him if he were just honest with himself. He should never be married, as he is mentally and physically incapable of being a faithful husband.

  13. Feebee says:

    Seriously? “does Tiger want another wife at home to keep up his shattered image while he cats around”. Are you suggesting he thinks that by marrying this skank, or even a new regular woman that it would do anything to repair his image?

    He’s many things, but I don’t think he’s that delusional. This story’s nothing except publicity for Uchitel, god she’s gross on every level.

  14. Blue says:


    She is an idiot, and a whore, and even more moronic if she agrees to marry Tiger. ewwwwwww…! He should never marry again. Hell I would guess that him living with her for a couple years would even be stupid, but its a better idea than making it legal!


  15. Sudini says:

    I can’t even imagine two such vile people having kids together. Just makes me want to projectile vomit..

  16. Music says:

    I think its plausible. Tiger could have fallen for her and whats everyone to see that this is true love. I bet anything he is sleeping with Rachel.

    Rachel isn’t even addicted to anything she is just doing this to prolong, her 15 minutes thats probably while TW is upset. I can see him wifing her easy.

    She go along with it and get a reality show of her own. Like Kim, Kendra and etc.

  17. CB Rawks says:

    “He’s embarrassed that the next Mrs. Tiger Woods will be known as a former drug addict”

    As opposed to a whore with worldwide name recognition?! AHAHAHA

  18. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Maybe he doesn’t want her giving up her love/sex/pill addiction b/c then she won’t provide him with love/sex/pills whenever he wants. My ex couldn’t handle it when I got sober b/c he had nothing to hang over my head anymore.

  19. Obvious says:

    Attn Tiger’s next Wife,

    Get a pre-nup state that until you’re pregnant he cannot sleep around. Once you have your child allow him to do as he pleases. You may ALSO do as you please. This should be a partnership of money and power, not of love.

    Follow these rules for a successful 2-6 year marriage and then get paid off when he is ready for wife #3.

  20. snowball says:


    Oh yeah, he’s going to marry her and lose every single endorsement he’s still got. Can you imagine the hits he’d take to what’s left of his rep if he married someone like her while he’s still golfing even if he did love her?

    I don’t think he said anything to her at all. It’s bad enough that his sex crap was recorded, I don’t think he’d take the slightest chance that a promise to marry her could be recorded and sent to the media.

    NE goofed on this one. She sounds pretty delusional.

  21. lucy2 says:

    He’d be an idiot to marry her – she’s basically a blackmailing, fame obsessed hooker, and it would totally destroy whatever shreds of his career and image are left.
    She’d be an idiot to marry him – he clearly bones anything that moves and doesn’t care about anyone or anything but himself.
    That said, I hope they do get married and spend a long time making each other miserable. Jerks.

  22. irena NL says:

    Unbelievable, but he is currently the second most popular sports figure. LeBron took top billing.

  23. Oh for heaven’s sakes! If he’ll do it WITH you, he’ll do it TO you. Think, girl.

  24. Anti-icon says:

    I believe this. These psycho control sex/love addicts are ALWAYS justifying their lust in one way or another. If he marries her, then in his delusional mind, he is a stable married man, in love with his wife. On the other side, he is defined by his public image, so his “crazy” is only going to become worse as public opinion for Uchitel worsens. This is trainwrecktastic. I feel so badly for the children who will be in the middle of this man’s psycho-drama for the remainder of their lives.

  25. mollination says:

    I don’t know why the scandal should affect his golfing career. He may not be a great guy, but he’s a great athlete. Phenomenal, really.

  26. Chris says:

    “He’s embarrassed that the next Mrs. Tiger Woods will be known as a former drug addict”

    But he’s a self-confessed sex addict.

  27. Sharon says:

    I hope that Tiger really does marry this woman. That way, his image will be irrevocably destroyed. His endorsements will become invisible and we will no longer be forced to read or see anything ever again about this disgusting man-child. If he marries the whore, in a sense he will fall off the face of the earth. I can’t wait. Bring the preacher, hallelujah.

  28. oduroyal says:

    I would hope Tiger knows better than to wife up Rachel if he wants to, er, rehab his image. But I do believe he’s still effin her occassionally because he’s really not all the bright to begin with.

  29. Madison D. Matthews says:

    To me Tiger image isn’t tarnished. All of you who believe in famous people then his image is tarnished. Most of us have done something we are very embarrassed about, does it make us inhuman? No! White men and white women have done worst. Tiger just happen to be a black man performing outstandingly in a white man’s world, therefore he will be viewed differently. You nor I have no idea what his home life was like with his wife. She didn’t cat around as some of you put it, but she is not without fault some where in there marriage. Only God is perfect and he forgive us our sins, so it is time to stop the name calling and the prejudice slant comments. America is a wonderful place to be and live in, but it is also the most prejudice country on the face of the earth. Reason, old established white outlets will make sure it maintain the status quo. Black’s should realize they can participate in all the different contests, but they will never win. America Idol and You Think You Can Dance etc., will never have another black winner. The judges and white public will make sure of that. So Tiger will never be forgiven by the white media nor other close minded individuals. He is still a role model for some. My role model and my beliefs are in God almighty and not any human being.

  30. Obvious says:

    @Madison….when did this become about race? we’re upset that this “family man” (because that is why h billed himself as) slept with so many women during his marriage. he had unprotected sex and then went home to his wife, he could have given her a death sentence (AIDS).

    None of us have once said we were hating on him because of race. and read the forums on Jesse and David, we hate on them all equally. though we all tended to give them the the benefit of the doubt at first-even Tier because we didn’t want to believe it.

    Don’t pull the race card. none of us were attacking him for that. grow up.

  31. jane16 says:

    This Rachel is so gross and tacky, she makes George Clooney’s gf look pretty and classy by comparison.

  32. Chris says:

    Presidents are only allowed to be in office for a maximum of 8 years then they’re moved on, perhaps they could bring the rule in for celebrities, because far too many of them wear out their welcome. Watching them desperately try to hold on to their star power is sickening. By moving them on not only would we be doing the community a favour but we’d be doing the has been celebrities a favour too by saving them from themselves. Win-win.

  33. Tiffany says:

    Well said Chris, but what would the term be, since 15 minutes can be stretched to 20, it cannot be 8 years. NO!!!!!

  34. Whatever says:

    Tiger just happen to be a black man performing outstandingly in a white man’s world, therefore he will be viewed differently.

    This is funny. I view Tiger on the same level as Jesse James. He’s a pig and he’d be as much of a pig if he were white. Race has absolutely nothing to do with it. I mean, really, did “the man” follow him around and shove random whores into his bed in hotel rooms around the country? Um, no, Tiger destroyed himself. No one to blame but Tiger.

  35. lucy2 says:

    Madison, I think you’re looking for an issue that just isn’t there. As Obvious said, this has nothing to do with his race and everything to do with his actions.

    mollination – true, it wouldn’t affect his golf game, there’s no question he’s very talented and that won’t change. When I said career I’m thinking beyond that to endorsements and just the overall public perception of him.

  36. Henriette says:

    This is BS. Sure, Edwards told Rielle Hunter he was going to marry her and there he goes, cattin’ around with random hos he meets at bars and Rielle is certainly not walking down the aisle any time soon. Even if Tiger has some sort of connection to this Uchitel ho, no way no how is he actually going to marry her. And, unlike Rielle, Uchitel is smart enough to know that she’s never going to be the Mrs., so she’s exploring on her celebri-whore options to make the most coin before her 5 minutes is over.

  37. budsonly says:

    If this story is true then you have to doubt the 10 million $ payoff. Not even TW would be insane enough to marry a woman who basically blackmailed him.

    I have always thought Uchitel was more than a sex partner; really, after the revelations from the porn stars and escorts, what freaky sex secrets could she spill?

    They had a deep emotional connection and TW opened his heart to her. Big mistake.

  38. anon says:

    As a longtime golf fan I find it really hard to see how he and his team will white wash her enough to fit her in with the other PGA wives and GF’s on the tour. He cant be that committed to her because it was proven he was sleeping with other women at the same time. Rachel would do it for the money and status and to have his kid and then together or apart she has a source of money for life. For the sake of any unborn children I pray to God this isnt true.

  39. budsonly says:

    #39, From the emails he sent RU I’ve always believed they had more than a casual sexual relationship like it was with all the others.

    I think Uchitel understood that a huge sexual appetite is a basic part of his nature. She accepted this about him, did not judge or try to change it and probably encouraged his “play” while still giving him access to her body.

    They met June 09 & the scandal broke the end of Nov. So they got mighty tight, mighty quick. Tiger felt like he could talk to this woman and he made 2 deadly mistakes: I think he discussed his wife and the state of his marriage and he also said those “3 little words”. And Rachel? Clever, clever Rachel has electronic proof.