Jessica Biel’s pale blue-silver lacy dress: too fussy or gorgeous?


Here is Jessica Biel (and her newish nose) at The A-Team premiere in Berlin, Germany. Now, as we’ve already seen this week, Jessica Biel’s style is hit-or-miss. I gave her a pass on her strange diaphanous red gown, with what appeared to be a black swimsuit underneath – I actually thought Biel pulled the look off. I did not, however, give her a pass on that one-armed beige monstrosity she wore at the beginning of the European tour. So now we have this – what seems to be a very pretty, somewhat fussy pale blue and silver strapless dress:


Now, I’m actually with the idea of this dress from the hips up. If this was one of Angelina’s black strapless tube dresses (only in blue and silver), I would be totally in love with it. You have to fight off the fussiness of what appears to be metallic Chantilly lace with a modern, simple silhouette. But the bottom of the dress is not modern. It just looks dumb, in my opinion.

Also, once again: Nose-job deniers, really? Look at the bridge of her nose! Look at the tip! Her nose DID NOT look like that before. She’s had it narrowed. I’m totally in love with her earrings though.



Jessica Biel in Berlin on July 29, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. bellaluna says:

    I actually like this dress, minus whatever that fru-fru stuff (looks like feathers or tulle) on the top of the bodice is. She wears it well, and I love the colour.

  2. ella says:

    she look like christy turlington

  3. bite me says:

    the dress looks heavy, and i hate her shoes…makeup and hair are fine

  4. melina says:

    Does anyone really think those shoes look good? Why do all the celebs insist on wearing them? They are ugly as hell!
    Also, why do they keep modifying all these lovely dresses. This one was a fantastic evening gown with a big train, which she had cut. I agree, Kaiser, the bottom part looks stupid!

  5. autotron says:

    I suddenly have the uncontrolable urge to figure skate.
    ALSO, umm HELLO mascara spokesperson…WEAR SOME. Her lips are overpowering her whole face. Not to mention a nude, peachy, or pink lip would have matched much, much better. She really has no clue.

  6. malachais says:

    her nose looks broken…the shoes don’t even match the dress.. this woman (as beautiful as she is) is trying to ruin herself, I don’t get it. I actually love the dress, flatters her figure very well.

  7. CH says:

    i can see some wrinkles!
    good for her
    i think she always had this weird nose
    and the dress is ok
    i dont think she´s that bad an actress
    she just has to work more and shut the f*ck up and stop messing with her lips
    plastic surgery is only tolerable in extraordinary actresses, otherwise it gets distracting
    and even in great performances it doesnt help much
    look, i can only understand plastic surgery with bags under and over the eyes, the sagging in the front of the neck, and maybe a small lifting or small breast enhancement, and sometimes the nose job
    but its so painful i dont know how people like it so much

  8. bros says:

    she clashes with almost everything she wears. it is really weird. she should look good on the red carpet because she has such a banging bod and pretty face, but for some reason, everything she wears seems to be fighting with her-the opposite of charlize theron’s clothes-wearing problem. I keep wanting her to look good in her dresses but she always looks off and like the clothes are wearing her. I find it so aggravating! get a new damn stylist!

    she does not have a new nose.

  9. snowball says:

    Hate the hem, hate the shoes, the color and texture is lovely.

    How can it be a new nose? She’s been filming, then promoting. Don’t you have some recovery time in there where you’re a mess? My friend had a similar nose tweak and she was horrendous looking for about 6 months, all bruised and swollen. She didn’t even have anything major, just a tweak. How you can have something really thin done and not be swollen – I don’t know how you’d really not show it even just a little bit, especially since she hasn’t exactly been hiding.

    Wasn’t she even doing that hiking crap in the middle? She’s been out and about in front of the cameras filming a lot of stuff that’s only now coming out, so I just don’t know when she’d have the time to get tweaked and recover, not that I don’t think she’s never had anything done.

  10. Eileen says:

    Its not horrible, but its not great either. Girl needs to get herself a new stylist!

  11. Syko says:

    She’s not a very pretty girl.

  12. CH says:

    i agree with bro
    she´s beautiful but there´s just something about her that doesn´t work

  13. Toe says:

    Damn..this girls body is banging. Time for me to hit the gym.

  14. Roma says:

    For sure that’s another nose job! People were pointing out that she was smiling and that’s why it looked different, but it’s plastic surgery for sure in these pics.

  15. LolaBella says:

    I like this dress and I think she looks good in it and it actually FITS her.

    However, the hair, lipstick (wrong color and too jarring) and shoes (too chunky) are completely wrong for the dress.

    @autotron: ITA about the figure skating. My first though when I saw this dress was didn’t Nicole Bobek wear that at Nationals one year?

  16. Biel looks awesome. She looks awesome in almost anything.

  17. goldylocks says:

    That dress is very Dolly Parton…only Dolly could pull it off! She makes everything she wears look so dang cheap.
    Oh and she’s def had a nose job. They don’t take too long to recover from. Looks like peter pan.

  18. Livia says:

    It’s a beautiful dress, but not the right color for her – it looks too washed out on her, and makes her look washed out as well. The dress would be better on a pale blonde, IMO – and Biel should stick to darker, more dramatic colors.

  19. Kayleigh says:

    Looks like shes trying REALLY hard to keep her mouth shut.

  20. RHONYC says:

    it’s hopeless.

  21. Rosanna says:

    I love her outfit minus the ludicrous lipstick

  22. Katie says:

    Top of the dress is nice, but you’re right that the bottom ruins it. Also, those shoes are terrible.

  23. ViktoryGin says:

    Ironically, I actually like that dress. The close up of her face is not doing her any favors, however.

    I don’t pay attention to this one enough to know if she’s had a node job, but I do notice that it’s looking quite unnaturally angular at the tip.

  24. Sophie says:

    Am I the only person who really, really doesn’t find Jessica Biel attractive? She always goes on about how ‘hot’ she is, but I honestly can’t see it. I think she’s kind of ugly.

  25. danielle says:

    I love her simple hair and makeup. I think this works.

  26. aenflex says:

    I love that DRESS!!

  27. locagirl says:

    She looks washed out.

  28. K-MAC says:

    I miss her old nose, she had such a unique face.

  29. Kayla says:

    I wish the dress were longer or shorter, instead of that weird length, but I like the idea.

  30. Schozzle says:

    Dress is GORGEOUSSSSSSSSSSS. If I owned that thing I would wear it to the freaking laundromat.

  31. Audra says:

    Her nose is creepy close up.

  32. canadianchick says:

    Like the dress color and jewels-the hem is too old lady.

  33. coup de grazia says:

    LOOOOOVEEE this look

  34. Brooke says:

    the dress is lovely, the shoes are a bit heavy, and the colour is terrible on her; typical Biel – she f-cks up almost everything she wears.

  35. a says:

    i like the dress but those stripper shoes don’t really go with it.

    the shoes do go with the MJ nose though.

  36. Solveig says:

    This girl may not be very attractive but she can wear every colour of the rainbow and still look gorgeous. I like the dress, but its bottom is a bit off.
    She has an mazing skin and she is not wearing too much make up.

  37. gretchen says:

    i love the natural eyes in the 2010 world of TOO MUCH eye makeup…i’m always complimented on my eyes and i rarely were eye makeup, a little mascara and some ice blue liner, not too much…SICK of seeing the racoon eyes LOL

  38. Mrs.Darcy says:

    Hm orange lipstick and baby blue sequins? yeurch. She is wearing very little makeup other than the bright lips and does look pretty (new nose and all). Agree the lips are too much but they don’t look quite so slug like with the darker shade of lipstick. The dress is a bit doily like and I hate the hemline.

  39. Novaraen says:

    The dress is cute from the waist down and the top of it is way too tight on her. That plus the plain hair, no eye makeup and horrid bright red lips…just no no no’s all around.

  40. lola lola says:

    OMG that dress looks like she stole it from a senior citizen in Florida. She’s got a great body but yikesa, that face. Why can’t this woman ever look lovely?

  41. nona says:

    She looks like a modern version of Sissy Spacek.

  42. Team Bethenny says:

    Jeez…I know I’m just as guilty of starlet-bashing as the next person but I really don’t get the Biel hatred. No matter what she wears, or what she does, it’s guaranteed to be excessively attacked.

  43. ligeia says:

    pretty pretty!

  44. Persistent Cat says:

    @ ViktoryGin, how is it “ironic?”

    The dress and shoes are ugly but it’s better than anything she’s been wearing lately.

  45. original kate says:

    i find her face pretty but bland, and her “acting” is some of the worst i’ve ever seen. i saw some noel coward period piece she was in when i was on airplane and she was so bad i almost opened the emergency door and jumped out. on the upside, i think she cured my fear of flying.

  46. Linda says:


  47. bagladey says:

    Dress is gorgeous, shoes suck.

  48. serena says:

    The dress is not gorgeous, it’s acceptable (and I know that’s a lot for Jessica). But the nose-job? Seriously? Simply she is with almost no-make up, maybe that’s the reason you find her face strange.

  49. chazz p says:

    Enough! Just be one of the guys already, that’s where it’s at. That’s where you can be you.

  50. juiceinla says:

    @ella- Good EYE!!!

    I like the dress, but the shoes DO NOT WORK, and border on horrendous.

  51. chazz p says:

    Hello Jessica, I would like you to meet Sara

  52. RHONYC says:

    @ nona:

    She looks like a modern version of Sissy Spacek.


    for the love of bloody carrie!

    that’s an insult to sissy spacek.


  53. jane16 says:

    I think she looks pretty. I like that her makeup is natural since she has on a showy dress.

  54. zigan says:

    The woman has no sense of style.
    So plain, plain, plain….

  55. Kirsten says:

    LOVE the top of the dress and the color. Hate the bottom and her makeup.

  56. Chicoulina says:

    Her stylist needs to be fired.Terrible clothes all the time.On 7th Heaven she was gorgeuous.What happened to her face?Now I don’t find her that pretty at all.

  57. Alexis says:

    I like how we’re all kinda agreeing. Color is wrong, dress is ok except for the bottom.

  58. P.M. says:

    Dress is so wrong, it’s a mullet & should be burned. Color’s wrong for her, lipstick over powers her face add the stripper platforms & it’s all bad.

  59. lucy2 says:

    It’s pretty except for the bottom, I think. I can’t believe she’s basically wearing NO eye makeup but just the heavy red lipstick. It makes her whole face look so washed out.

  60. Amy says:

    If she wore different shoes, the whole ensemble would look different and we’d probably love the whole outfit. The shoes look boxy and remind me of bricks. If she had worn narrower shoes, I think I would like the dress better.

  61. Lisa says:

    WHY would you wear THAT lipstick with THAT dress


    and i think she got those shoes at walmart. To me, this is a FAIL.

    The dress would have been fine with a little eyeliner, mascara and light pink lip gloss

  62. NicoleAM says:

    I liked the dress until I saw the bottom. Is it me or is her nose starting to resemble Michael Jackson’s?

  63. The dress is a pretty dress, although i’m not sure the color is the best fit for her. The shoes just look strange and the matchy matchy of the colors are just too much. If she wore this dress in red it may have looked better, although i’m still not sure about the bottom lace on the dress, it’s kind of reminding me of my grandma’s curtains.