George Clooney will stand by his “distraught” girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis


A few days ago, rumors and reports began to circulate that Elisabetta Canalis’ name was being heavily mentioned during the course of an ongoing cocaine-and-hooker scandal in Milan, Italy. Basically, hookers/call girls/escorts were hired to hang out with rich clientele and VIPs in some nightclubs. Some of the hookers who got caught up in the investigation began dropping Canalis’ name, saying stuff like, “Yeah, I totally did coke with Eli a bunch of times, back when we both worked the scene” – not an exact quote, but something like that. These escorts were not necessarily paid in cash money, per se, but often got “paid” in coke and rich, generous boyfriends. Some of you complained that I implied too heavily that Elisabetta was a cokewhore. Maybe I did. But I still think she has cokewhore roots.

So… this could be a horrible scandal, or it could totally be sufficiently whitewashed. People Magazine hasn’t reported anything about it yet, but the story is on heavy rotation on other entertainment sites. Neither Elisabetta nor George Clooney has said anything about it yet, but E! News has some sources in the Clooney Camp to do a little mainstream damage control. Guess what? Clooney isn’t done with that bodacious ass!

George Clooney’s pristine rep seemed in danger of being sullied when accusations emerged that his ladylove was just as familiar with nose candy as he was with arm candy.

And while Elisabetta Canalis and her Oscar-winning other half have yet to publicly acknowledge the testimony that connects the Italian TV host to a nightclub cocaine and prostitution ring, sources close to the duo tell E! News that privately, she is “distraught.”

“I have heard that Elisabetta is distraught but that George is standing by her,” Milan socialite and party girl Francesca Biagini told E! News. “In Milan, everyone is talking about this. It’s a huge scandal and we think more celebrities will be named.”

Biaglini, a regular on Italy’s club circuit, made clear that while she routinely saw Canalis out on the town, she never once saw Clooney’s girlfriend du jour engage in any form of illicit behavior.

“Elisabetta was a regular at Hollywood in Milan for several years,” she said. “She’s friends with a lot of the models who live in the city. I last saw her there at a birthday party last year for the captain of AC Milan. I never saw her doing cocaine, but she’s always the life and soul of the party. She’s a fun girl.”

And while Biaglini never witnessed indiscretions on Canalis’ part, she is certainly not disputing the other claims put forth in the incriminating testimony.

“A lot of girls would come out of bathroom stalls sniffing and they would check their noses in the mirror,” she said.

Another source added that the club’s management secretly filmed the celebrities (and presumably, the less bold-faced names as well) on their bathroom drug excursions, so if footage of Canalis engaging in such behavior exists, it’s likely only a matter of time before it makes its way out.

“Perhaps the club manager was planning some sort of blackmail/extortion,” the source said. “That makes sense as he’s currently under house arrest.”

Whether or not any famous company is in his future remains to be seen.

[From E! News]

Ooh, I love the euphemisms! Whenever you see “model” read it as “hooker.” And then do a shot of vodka. And whenever you see “She’s a fun girl” read “She loves orgies, cocaine, rich men, whips, jewelry and anal.” And then do a line off of a hooker’s ass. Ah, Italia!



George & Eli on October 17, 2009, and on January 11 & 12, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. j says:

    Of course he is standing by her. Otherwise she’ll talk about what’s going on in that Italian villa and it’s not about women he has up there.

  2. Bi Georgie says:

    Celebitchy was it really necessary to “create” another story on this tramp? And your headline is misleading. No such statement has been released, so enough with the bullcrap.

  3. bite me says:

    look, no one disrespects kaiser and celebitchy,elisabetta is a cokewhore, deal with it.

  4. Eli says:

    I agree #2. Elisabetta has nothing to be distaught about. She is set for life. George will be paying her off for years to keep her mouth shut about all the peckers he licks.

  5. gabs says:

    LMAO..every time you read model, read it as “hooker”… ILY

    Yeah I totally buy that ely was a cokewhore. Still not too interesting of a story

  6. bellaluna says:

    Wow, are some people eating their “Bitch Flakes” for breakfast this morning, or what? The language and attitude is unnecessary. Kaiser’s good at what she does, and Celebitchy (and D-Listed) are the only gossip sites I frequent now.

    Frankly, this probably elevated her in GC’s eyes. His taste in women has been on a steady decline for the last 10 years or so.

  7. snowball says:

    Well, I believed she was a cokehead. I also suspected he’d stand by her, not that I’m sure he will, but I wouldn’t doubt it.

    Eh, I still think she’s either got something on him, he really loves her or he’s gotten so old and probably senile or impotent that he’s just sticking with the old horse so he doesn’t have to go bother with a new one.

  8. gekkca says:

    Hey! Celebitchy drinking games. Now I have something to do tonight 🙂

  9. Toe says:

    This is not shocking at all. Get caught doing coke = fame just like lohan & Moss

  10. Agent Cooper says:

    Agree with @ Toe

    These are celebrities for fuck sakes. Something shocking would be if the NEVER did coke.. Come on people, get a grip.

  11. sickofit says:

    whats GC doing in his villa in italy?

  12. lisa says:

    I don’t see why this is a big deal. The reports say she used coke back in the day. I don’t see any recent pics or accounts of that being the case. If every celeb in Hollywood or anywhere in the world were devastated about past drug use.. Psychologist would be booked for the rest of their lives.

    Regarding Clooney and Eli. When George moves on the women keep their mouths closed..and fade away in the wood work. Have you seen any of them walking around NOPE. So I don’t see any problem here at all. They are on vacation..and in a few weeks George will begin promotion of his movie. If any problems are there.. she will be missing. If not she will be on his arm. And TRUST no one will ask about any scandal.

  13. Rosanna says:

    MOST celebrities do coke. What’s the big news???

  14. mAnDa3 says:


  15. mAnDa3 says:


  16. canadianchick says:

    I’m guessing his women and his staff sign confidentiality agreements so if she “knows” something about him. She can’t spill it. I’m also not shocked, I assume many stars and their groupies do blow and other drugs. Didn’t George’s family say about a year ago they want him to settle down-maybe this is embarrassing for George and his family to bring a cokeho’ into the fold.

  17. Lee says:

    Awesome Kaiser!!!

  18. HookersRUS says:

    ahem, kaiser, let’s weigh the appeal of her flabby ass vs her high level smut factor…you dont think much of clooney if you think he’s going to spin this in earnest

  19. shockedandappalled says:

    What do people think most rich and famous people (or just rich) are doing? Drinking and doing drugs and having lots of sex, often in groups and with people of both genders, both paid and upaid. The fact that anybody is shocked by the idea that Elisabetta was probably doing coke are just naive and provincial. I lived in NYC during grad school and so many people there do coke in the clubs and at parties. SO MANY.

  20. Marjalane says:

    Give it a few weeks, and she’ll be gone. There will be some vague explanation and they’ll part ways with coke-ho walking away with a big chunk of quiet money. It’s all about image for him- he knows what she is.

  21. ElizabethM says:

    I have no doubt the raciness of her past *doesn’t even begin* to compare to the raciness of George’s past. I doubt he would dump her for this.

  22. HookersRUS says:

    oh really #21? he has slept with people for money? he is an untalented hack? he danced on table tops while scantily clothed? get thee back to the cookie aisle supporter of trollop

  23. weslyn says:

    cokewhore roots..classic

  24. Solveig says:

    Is that a big deal? Really? Every celebrity snorts coke, so what? The fact that she may be a w*ore (and she isn’t) is just a speculation most of you visibly like to believe to, but none of the italian newspapers or magazines is reporting that she was/is a w*ore, nor the french model has ever said that.
    I really enjoy bitching those celebrities, but I think that persisting in saying what is clearly a lie is just lame and doesn’t make the news more interesting.

  25. Kitten says:

    What a way to promote his new film . My girlfriend hung out at a sleazy bar , did coke and maybe turned tricks ? I am sure the itaian people are thinking she was a ho . Coke no big deal . Prostitution big deal . In Italy it would be shameful to be a ho . I feel sorry for her . What a horrible thing to be connected to . There are two options for him . Marry her or quietly slide her out of sight for a while until this dies down . I think this whole thing in Italy is worse than we think in the states . I think there is more to this story .

  26. spotchecker says:

    @ HookerRUS #22

    re: ..he danced on table tops while scantily clothed?..”

    thank you for making me smile @ all of this pathetic bs this morning.
    i’m going to try and keep this in mind re: any further jokes today, as yesterday, i had to resort to 3-ways and squirrels. i hate addicts so much. they really have a way of wearing you down.
    and now exactly what sort of scantily clothed clothing would he be wearing? i’ve heard he’s actually a good dancer. vertically speaking, that is.

    @ #21 ElizabethM
    i’ll believe he’s serious about her in a somewhat private & personal, not moneyed business agenda, way, when i see actual pictures of her and his mom acting like a couple of chuckleheads over an open bottle of vino and a half-eaten plate of cannoli. [now his mom’s gonna’ get all mad at me for dragging her good name into all this]

  27. HookersRUS says:

    kitten what makes you think this will die down? they haven’t begun to investigate. i read on a news blog that they have photos of her, there may also be video tape of bathroom snorting sessions. if she was named in testimony, it is probable there is more to come for her. or else why bring her up? this is sordid business and there’s plenty more to come. oh, and there is a third option. care to guess?

  28. original kate says:

    he really has a type, doesn’t he? skinny brunette model/cocktail waitress with questionable morals.

  29. Linda Lovelace says:

    George will dump the skank when he’s good and ready. And not anytime sooner.

  30. bagladey says:

    Oh dear, methinks Elisabetta Canalis might just be a coke whore.

  31. Lorenzo says:

    This is no more fun now .
    What good news she’ll come up with tomorrow ?
    “Canalis is pregnant and still smoking crack, but many celebrities do so “, “Canalis is showing her naked butt to the Oscar Academy, because that’s the way European people do usually to say hello “, “Canalis is cheating on George Clooney with the Ukrainian soccer team, but he still admires her for her beauty” ??

  32. Kim says:

    She looks like a Rachel Uchitel coke whore/escort type

  33. jane16 says:

    Lainey has a piece up today about this & has clips from Ely’s velina days, “dancing” with a big stuffed animal or mascot. omg. She’s terrible, the “dance” moves are the lamest. But her acting is the worst, we’ve been watching leverage since it started and her part is howlingly funny. (she supposed to play a terrifying Italian spy who threatens the leverage team–she comes of as her velina self) I’m assuming she must have some kind of talent to have landed in GC’s camp and can guess what it is.

  34. Linda Lovelace says:

    “I’m assuming she must have some kind of talent to have landed in GC’s camp and can guess what it is.”

    Yeah, with Man Jaws like that she must have one hell of a talent. lol

  35. spotchecker says:

    @ jane16 #33

    re: “..I’m assuming she must have some kind of talent to have landed in GC’s camp and can guess what it is. ..”

    ready to be shocked? she’s actually a secret humanitarian. how could george not know? sheesh!

    and she did make you laugh [unintentionally], you ingrate[!] think of it this way, she came w/ the movie money, so you get both a movie from GC and ‘comedy’ from her. sometimes less is more.

  36. Aqua says:

    Now this article says that “she never saw her engage in any ellicit behavior” so which article (Celebitchy July 29th) is true? Also could their be more to this relationship than we realise if he is standing by her? only time and some more information will tell.

  37. jane16 says:

    The more I look at her, the more her face bugs me. The charcoal colored heavy eyebrows that always seem to clash with the color of her hair, and those weird facial lines that go down from the middle of her nose, curve around her big mouth and then continue on down to her cleft chin. I didn’t think the Vegas girl was any prize, but I think she was prettier than this one.

  38. Willie Wonka says:

    Sarah was much prettier than horseface. I actually think he had sex with her. This one, I’m not too sure about.

  39. anonymous says:

    “I have heard that Elisabetta is distraught but that George is standing by her,” Milan socialite and party girl Francesca Biagini told E! News.

    Oh please. Yeah we should really take the word of one of Canalis’s fellow crackho’s. Canalis’s camp always puts out b.s. like this. I don’t believe a word of it. And why use the words of Canalis’s fellow crackho as the headline? Clooney has not and will not make a statement about this. I also doubt he’ll have anything to do with her again. I can’t wait until the additional evidence comes out. Photos, hopefully video.

  40. andrea says:

    horse face is really ugly and very short! in Italy she had always a very bad reputation, she’s always known as a cocked soccer-groupie and finding rich men…

  41. azerty says:

    Clooney made no comment about this story. We don’t know if he is standing by her side or if he already dumped her. I think he will wait to see if there is more about to come and if yes, he will dump her before the Emmy’s. JMO.

  42. Ily says:

    Clooney’s felt so down in the ground with this ugly cocked anal-dumb skankie!

  43. spotchecker says:

    the best response for gc is no comment.

    and if he were to never appear in public w/ her again.

    also, if he were to get a copy of the restraining order published.

  44. jane16 says:

    This can’t be good for her. If he takes her to his next movie premieres and the Emmys, the media will ask questions about this, and it will take the focus away from the movie. I think he would hate that. After her summer there, I thought she was all set to continue on as arm candy for the Fall, but now am doubting it.

  45. jane16 says:

    Sorry if my remark about her looks was catty. My friend just told me that she was recently in People Rags most beautiful issue and Maxims hottest 100!!! Staggering! Never realized Georgie was that all powerful!

  46. oduroyal says:

    He’d better dump her soon or else people will make the connections that he is probably a serious cokehead too and that she is most likely an escort/his beard. I like George but his PR team needs to give it to him straight and tell him to dump her. He should have stuck with the other girl, Sarah…at least she didn’t look so trashy and didn’t have such an allegedly sordid past.

  47. Aqua says:

    I forgot about the Emmys. Isn’t he suppose to get the humanitarian award for all his telethon work??. Maybe he’ll leave her at home like he did at the Spike awards.

  48. jane16 says:

    Just read the post on tigers gf rachel. Yuck. And I thought canalis was ugly and annoying. Canalis looks pretty good next to rachel yuckietel.

  49. Chris says:

    Nearly everyone in Hollywood would’ve taken coke or been around other people taking coke. What’s surprising is that so many people are shocked by it. A lot of socially acceptable people take drugs on a regular basis. The fact that we only ever hear about the ones who get busted or go off the rails creates the false impression that everybody who uses comes to grief, when in fact the majority of people who try drugs never have a problem with them.

  50. rocket says:

    Chris, it’s not the coke that makes the story, it’s the prositution! Apparently Clooney’s girl was apart of a prositution ring.

    Doesn’t look good for Clooney’s image if it becomes known that he dates hired hoes.

  51. If he is standing by her, it is at a distance. He is still in Como on holiday whilst she has been papped (no, not staged at all!) in Milan looking sad wearing a long white dress. Going for a purity angle – no a girl like that could never be involved with drugs and hookers. The exclusive pictures were shot by the same agency that got the fireworks on the lake pictures and her bikini boat driving pictures – RameyPix. I guess we now know whose speed dial they are on.
    Considering the source of George is standing by her is just a club girl who isn’t part of Ely’s Italian circle, sounds more like someone wants to get her name in print and try and get her 15 minutes of fame than someone who actually has insider info. That or Ely is trying to force George’s hand.
    What could come back and bite her on the arse is the comment about drug allegations that she made in an interview in 2008 in Vanity Fair:
    “Obviously whoever is putting these rumors out there succeeded in his intention to discredit me…I’ve never used any drug. I’ve never even smoked weed. But in the entertainment business, if you ignore the phone call of some powerful character you will have to pay for it and nothing works better than mean gossip.”

  52. alix says:

    Why did she take cocaine with a professional escort in a squallid night privè? where did they meet? why did she enjoy her night at Hollywood disco in Milano for many years? her past is very sordid and she didn’t work at italian tv since many years…her skinny long horse-face and her flabby (and sfonded) ass looks very toxic!

  53. anonymous says:

    I think the pics of her in Milan were staged. She’s trying to play the poor sad distraught innocent girl. LMAO.

    @spotchecker, I agree with you completely.

  54. spotchecker says:

    @ #51 bored at work

    re: “..What could come back and bite her on the arse is the comment about drug allegations that she made in an interview in 2008 in Vanity Fair:..”

    the legal angle is interesting, and definitely not funny here. i think, if there are any lawyers who would know contract law out there, that the perjury laws would depend on whether rules of ‘the contract’ [what i’m calling their ‘relationship’] are U.S. based or Italian law based in their application. look what happened to amanda knox, and the prosecutor who put her in jail. he’s under indictment for other cases he’s misled, shall we say, and because he has ‘friends’ in high office [read, berlusconi], she’s still in jail and he’s still at ‘work’.
    i don’t know how an foreign citizen gets any rights to prosecute contract disputes over there.

    either she’s got great lawyers or powerfully crooked ‘friends’. it’s a PR matter of whose rep she’s got any credibility w/ anymore. i hope this doesn’t get nasty. i really just wanted to enjoy the fg movie, to be honest.

  55. HookersRUS says:

    she is definitely looking a little down trodden in that photo on raimeypix..trying to project the air of the innocently accused..or it that the air of one who has just been dumped? you be the judge. anyway a far cry from the photo shopped thong pictures where she looks quite arrogant… to paraphrase a quote made by the most handsome man in the entire world in one of my favorite movies:Damn![She’s]in a tight spot!

  56. snowbunny says:

    If Elisabetta has ‘never’ done drugs or is not involved in the prostitution allegations, then why is she ‘distraught’? If she is not involved perhaps she should state that fact. It appears she does have something to hide.

  57. Willie Wonka says:

    What’s the name of Eli’s ex who was a drug dealer?

  58. spotchecker says:

    if clooney had any involvement w/ getting her into this scandal so that she can never legally ‘act’ in this country again, i’m all for him getting that humanitarian award.

  59. justine says:

    Kaiser, only one person in dirty,
    and vile, can tarnish with such hatred.
    Council a good bath water clean before speaking again of Elisabetta Canalis.
    In Italy there is no case Canalis, there are no allegations, no inquiries, no involvement, was not even mentioned as a witness, nothing against her.
    There is only your desire to besmirch a person, probably the only thing that you can do.

  60. justine says:

    @ =//zizzivirizzi

    The evidence of a crime are not the cover of a tabloid newspaper or a famous photo, documenting work, much less can we blame a person a “crime” committed by someone else … and evil is always in the eye of the beholder …. congratulations!

  61. I'mALawyer says:

    alright justine, of furry lip fame, back off. i wasn’t going to post again, because i pretty much cracked the “was she or wasn’t she a hooker” part of this puzzle, but you must be the last hold out on the sinking ship of canalis innocence. i hope she appreciates you. anyway i did some research, and there is plenty of info to be found on these clubs here on the net. there are two levels to the club, one for the peons and one for the VIPs where all the alleged illegal activity took place. what the club’s managers did was actually hire people to go to runways and playing fields to get models and footballers to come to their clubs. since canalis never was a runway model or an athlete, she must fall under the category of those paid to lure, entice and sleep with. there are other quotes stating she frequented the clubs for years. look it up. any intelligent person seeking the truth can find it. blind loyalty like yours borders on ignorance. let it go. it’s over.

  62. zizzivirizzi says:

    aw look, canalis team landed here.
    Congratulations! very funny.
    justine do I know you? I wasn’t referring to your comment. Cut it out

  63. justine says:

    WARNING, 60 comments to an article are proof irrefutable the guilt of a person.
    Judges, courts, do not do more investigations,
    because authors and readers of gossip
    have the absolute certainty of truth.

  64. alix says:

    When will George be only another name in the Cocanalis ex-boyfriends long list?

  65. zizzivirizzi says:

    This chick is a tough one, she will never give up with him. He is fuck**.

  66. Willie Wonka says:

    Since the AMERICAN MEDIA loves George, my guess is —-

    He’s taking her to the Emmy’s and it will be alright. George and Stan are in good with the American press/media, at least the ones who matter. George will not be asked about the scandal.

    They are betting on the scandal dying down around the time of the Emmy’s.

  67. HookersRUs says:

    wee willie that won’t happen she is trash and unless he is also trash he will not be seen with her with the drug/prostitute rap hanging over her horse head. especially to such a prestigious ceremony honoring his charity work. are you insane? maybe satan’s helper stan can take her if she wants to go..she never looks at her date anyway..what difference does it make who she goes with? leverage was not enough of a humiliation; the gods have had to deal more harshly with her. at least she has the horse sense to stay hidden..but she’s just stupid enough to come out of hiding if we bait her..let’s put out some oats and sugar cubes, see what turns up..

  68. Reality Check says:

    “unless he is also trash he will not be seen with her”

    But, that’s just it. He IS trash. Time to face reality folks, as much as George plays the role of a charmer, he’s really an under cover sleaze.

    Don’t forget, he chose her! George is just as skanky as she is.

  69. zizzivirizzi says:

    The chick has got an interview on last Italian Vanity Fair, she states they will be at the emmys together, all smiles and cuddles

  70. zizzivirizzi says:

    article supposedly issued before hookergate, although @realitycheck hit the mark. She could be there despite all. George Clooney IS trash.

  71. Aqua says:

    If she is there that will say it ALL!

  72. alix says:

    She says at Vanity Fair that Clooney loves her so much, they are happy and people are invidious and they’ll go together to Emmy…Clooney looks like a totally moron!
    he’s falling so down in the heart since the first moment we have seen him with horse-face (well known in Italy and not for her talent!) after several soccers, Muccino, Reginaldo, Ronaldo, Valentino Rossi, Nicolò Oddi ecc.ecc.and now very aged and ugly.
    this is the new Vanity Fair:

  73. HookersRUs says:

    please, she can say whatever she wants don’t make it sooooo

  74. HookersRUs says:

    I can understand why you guys think so, but I don’t think he is trash. Time will tell. I think she did this article to stretch out the ending and then the drug and hooker scandal came out. She can’t spin criminality with lies. Has he been quoted confirming this? It takes two. When he confirms I will believe and not before. She is way too sleazy and opportunistic to believe. Especially with these legal allegations pending. The woman is desperate.

  75. spotchecker says:

    he should just put her picture up on the wall of honor at his academy for wayward cocktail waitresses and other wannabees, w/ a special distinction for drug addiction, and then move on if he hasn’t already [non-publicly].
    i hope he’s got it in him to tell her to ‘get some help’ as a parting gesture.

    @ 63 zizzivirizzi
    EXCELLENT research!

  76. Nuharoo says:

    Tooney is trash. Lets face it, if he were decent and oh so prominent, he would be around better women. But he isn’t. Mainly because outside of the industry, he’s a nothing. A nobody. No accomplished woman wants him and no smart woman wants to have him in her life, acting like the hot shot Somebody while she would be expected to be his gracious accessory.

    I bet the reason he dates tarts is that, that’s where his preferences are. Why should a decent woman date someone who expects his SO’s to be little tarts? He doesn’t know how to be decent. His awards are all PR and I don’t see why so many people look odwn on the other women he dates because he is supposedly some major catch.