Swizz Beatz’s third baby-mama publicly slams Alicia Keys


Just the sheer epic drama of this Swizz Beatz scandal astounds me. Here is a man who has just impregnated his fourth woman – and his baby-daddy and jump-off drama just keeps growing by the day. So, I know this is complicated, but it’s totally worth it just for the juiciness of the growing scandal. While most legit media sources claim that Alicia Keys is Swizz’s THIRD baby-mama, it’s not true. She’s his fourth, chronologically. His third baby-mama is a girl named Jahna Sebastian, who lives in London and is a model, actress and music producer. Friends of Jahna have begun to tell her story to the press – we covered an open letter sent by a friend of Jahna to I Am London Diva earlier this week. Her story is really interesting, so go here for the recap.

Anyway, don’t start thinking that Jahna is some tragic victim in all of this mess. According to Bossip, Jahna is starting to get really vocal about this mess, and she’s making some pointed attacks. Of course, she doesn’t mention Alicia Keys by name, but it’s in there.


[From Jahna’s site, courtesy of Bossip]

Damn! Okay, so I didn’t know that Alicia Keys had ever been accused of “f-cking for tracks” but Bossip seems to think that Jahna is coughing and pointing at Alicia, so I’ll buy that. Also, Jahna wrote about the sex-for-play offers she’s turned down, unlike SOME bitches:

“Hearing about some of today’s successful artists, who for their career sleep with producers jumping from one to another, break up marriages even when kids are involved and take everything for themselves with no sense of morality, building their image by speculating on sacred things, then get Grammys and worldwide promotion, I think to myself that somehow they get away with it too easy, but what is happening within their soul?”

[From Jahna Sebastian, via Bossip]

Damn! Why didn’t I know this dirt about Alicia before now? Do you think she really built her career on f-cking her way to the top? I have to admit, when I covered the other Jahna story a few days ago, I told my mom about it, and she had an interesting theory that I’m now agreeing with: that Alicia is totally over her head. This thing with Swizz is Alicia’s first serious relationship, it’s her first baby, the first time Alicia ever wanted to get married, and she just got in over her head and now she’s embarrassed or too in love to see what a skeezy f-ck Swizz is. I don’t know, I’m not sure if I can really see Alicia as The Victim in all of this – after all, Alicia allegedly knew about the Jahna drama while she was boning Swizz, while he was still married to Mashonda. Damn, people.

Alicia Keys accepts the award for Best Collaboration at the 2010 BET Awards in Los Angeles on June 27, 2010.  UPI/Jim Ruymen Photo via Newscom

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 27: Singer Alicia Keys performs a tribute to Prince during the 2010 BET Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium on June 27, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)


Header: Jahna Sebastian photo, courtesy of Rhymes with Snitch. Additional photo of Alicia and Swizz on July 24, 2010, credit: WENN.

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  1. jen says:

    It’s kind of an idiotic insult considering she f’d him too.

  2. alex says:

    bunch of bitter women

  3. alex says:

    exactly Jen1 and I never heard about this chick before but now I guess she is getting the attention she wants

  4. Maddie says:

    Why would you get involved with a man that kids by multiple women?

    That is the height of stupidity to me, because those women and kids tell a person all they need to know.

  5. anon says:

    checked Bossip (thanks for the links) seems the women over there think Jahna is the pot talking about the kettle, accuse her of a one night stand with Swiss for the meal ticket and state Alicia had hits before Swiss. Will be interesting what’s said here :-) TGIF

  6. lukie says:

    Maybe the nose is related to *ahem* peen size? It might explain a lot…

  7. bite me says:

    this whole situation is so trashy

  8. denise says:


  9. canadianchick says:

    How tawdry. Alicia probably thinks she can change him. Good luck with that!

  10. Michelle78 says:

    Jahna is a moron. Alicia Keys is a trained musician who writes music and plays an instrument. She doesn’t need to fu*k Swiss Beatz for songs. These are ridiculous accusations. She’s definitely hating.

  11. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Alicia Keys has always generally had a good head on her shoulders, she has always exhibited a high level of self repect and strength. Alicia was pretty much solo or at the very least never dated anyone publicly.

    Alicia is really talented I doubt she has to f*ck for tracks. She writes her own music. Why oh why I see women fall for men like this drives me nuts. I don’t really know anything about Swizz Beats but I don’t like men with multiple baby mamas. I wouldn’t date one, I like Diddy and he has baby mamas and I bet he has kids he doesn’t even know about. Anyway I like Alicia Keys and I could see her being like the next Sandy Bullock because I don’t get a good vibe from him.

  12. blah says:

    Why would we believe the scorned woman? Jahna has so much to gain from talking shit about Alicia. Also, you say this is Alicia’s first real relationship, but she dated Kerry Krucial Brothers for like 10 years. You don’t know that she never thought about marriage in that time. Full of presumptions, Kaiser.

  13. danielle says:

    The accusation of “******* for tracks” floats around various female artists – I think it’s a bit misogynistic, although I’m sure some female artists are taken advantage of. That said, while Alicia’s being involved in all this seems really sketchy, she’s a pheomonally talented artist.

  14. Lem says:

    what a mess

  15. Eileen says:

    Kaiser-LUCKY! You get to talk gossip with your mom?? I can’t peel my mom away from the QVC long enough to get her to talk to my kids for 10 minutes! But I do get “gorgeous” sweaters decked out with anchors made of chains and this year’s head turning Christmas themed cardigan.

  16. bite me says:

    well the rumour is that alicia is a lesbian and that this relationship including baby is a rouse or maybe the girl just have some daddy issues

  17. Po says:

    Ok, I just want to make one comment. What is the difference between all of these women, aside from the first babymama. All of these women slept with a music producer and had unprotected sex with a man who obviously likes to have unprotected sex a lot. there is no difference and Alicia is no better. Grown adult women who make decisions with their eyes open are not victims!

  18. jen says:

    If she (Jahna) wasn’t boning him for tracks then why was she boning him? Maybe Alicia’s smarter than her, but just by an rch.

  19. sickofit says:

    hahahahaha @ the nose and peen size thing

  20. ViktoryGin says:

    Of Zcourse, she has it in for Alicia when the dude is equally at fault. Typical.

  21. Sudini says:

    He’s just disgusting and Alicia is a fool to be with him.

  22. Meanchick says:

    Why is Miss Mashonda being included in this baby-mama crap? She was married to him. Maybe AK knew all about SB and his ‘history,’ but just because she’s a talented musician doesn’t mean she has common sense in her personal life. This JS woman? Never heard of her. She can call herself whatever she wants, that doesn’t make it true. I can call myself Little Richard, but whamp-ba-ba-loo-bop, that doesn’t make me Little Richard! JS is hating and hating on the wrong person! I smell jealousy!

  23. nycmom10024 says:

    Back in an earlier time in my career I worked at 550 Mad. Alicia had just released her album on Arista. It was considered a sore spot that they had let her go/leave (depending upon who you listen to.

    She left/was not re-signed because she wanted more involvement than 550 would allow.

    My educated guess is she would not F@#% for tracks,makes no sense given her history.

    Trashy story all around. Too bad I really enjoy Alicia.

  24. Iggles says:


    You know who is vindicated in all this? Mashonda! She got hated on for calling out Alicia for boasting about the “love” when she found with Mashonda’s husband (Swizz). It was very tacky, yet folks called her bitter.

    Now we can clearly see the foul one is Swizz and that NO way is Alicia innocent is all this drama. Both Swizz and Alicia’s true colors are showing.

    Jahna’s only responding to the criticism she’s getting from pro-Alicia and Swizz fans who don’t know the full story. I don’t blame her for getting her side out there! We see time and time again that celebrities do the ugliest things YET are given the benefit of doubt because they are famous!

    Chris Brown
    Roman Polanski
    Mel Gibson

    All of the above still have a loyal followers who viciously discredit anyone who speaks about their misdeeds.

    Roman is still held in high esteem in Hollywood. Public opinion didn’t fully sour for Mel and Chris until photos and other evidence were made public!

  25. Jess says:

    All these stupid women should get check for an STD. These are just the girls he knocked up.

  26. LolaBella says:

    Damn, this story is so trashy!

    I think Alicia is too talented (plays the piano, writes most of her songs) to f*ck for tracks. I think Jahna is just being a bitter betty.

    Where there is smoke, there’s usually fire : I have a feeling that more stories of additional potential baby-mamas may be popping up for Swizz Beatz any day now.

    I just hope that with all this drama swirling around her (yes, even though some of it is of her own making) that Alicia has a healthy pregnancy and baby.

  27. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Lukie: Big nose = big hose. LOL

    I don’t think JS knows what Swizz told Alicia about his relationship with Mashonda when they hooked up. JS’s story is that Swizz didn’t tell her he was married so why does she think he told Alicia something different? Also, if anyone is fucking for tracks, it’s Jahna WHO???

  28. jen says:

    Kaiser-According to Blowhard Hilton, Alicia’s rep has confirmed they were secretly married Sunday!!

  29. Scarlet Vixen says:

    Okay people…She NEVER mentioned Alicia Keys by name! They live on different continents for Pete’s sake. Maybe-just maybe-the woman ISN’T talking about AK but maybe someone else?? People are so quick to judge and jump to conclusions…

  30. Tia C says:

    @ Michelle78: If you read the prior story about Jahna you would read that she is also a trained musician. Not that it really matters, this is an epic mess no matter who the players are!

    I think it’s hilarious if Jahna was slamming AK. It’s not like she doesn’t deserve a little slam. She did break up a marriage, after all. And then act like she did nothing wrong and la-la-la isn’t life grand because she’s all in love and knocked up and let’s do the unthinkable together! Ugh, I’m so over AK it’s not even funny. She must f*ck for airplay as well – that stupid song is on the radio every five minutes. No song is THAT good, lol.

  31. Girl says:

    Well said, PO.

    And honestly I don’t get AK’s appeal as a singer. Her voice cracks horribly. Songwriter maybe but definitely not singer.

  32. WTF? says:

    I’m so disappointed in Alicia. I know that rationally I don’t have any right to be. She’s a grown woman living her life the way that she wants.
    It’s just weird how someone’s voice and their lyrics can just speak to your soul. You think you know them. But I guess this is just a reminder that you don’t. I’m sad for her. I’m sad that she doesn’t know that no matter what the back story is, a man that would put you in a position to be publicly humiliated, isn’t worth it. period.

  33. serena says:

    This guy is so ugly and fucked up. He doesn’t deserve Alicia’s beauty and talent. Damn this will be his 4th child!!!!!! Get a grip, man! Restrain it, for god’s sake!

    And that jahna girl is just jealous, of course she is. I think Alicia decided to marry this scum- er- Swiss guy for the baby’s sake. Surely she knows he’s a douche but she’s trying hard.

    I suppose so.

  34. Moore says:

    She can’t talk trash when she’s in the same line up as Keys. She’s a babymama too. A bitter one at that.

    I don’t think Keys had to sleep around to get to where she is, I just think she ended up in a pathetic situation with bitter, pathetic women and a pathetic man. She not blameless but I don’t think she’s that nasty to sleep around for tracks either.

  35. malachais says:

    I don’t think Jahna can really say much, she was allegedly a fling (as reported). Oh MAN, I hope someone knocks Alicia over the head because her fairytale ending is crashing down fast! Jahna’s comment is a lowball jab at Alicia without merit because quite frankly Alicia doesn’t need Swizz Beats to stay relevant. This is hilarious:

    “It’s about to go dizzzown. Who you got your money on? A. Keys might have a vicious right hook. She always had that borderline butch swag.”

    Ah man, I could just see Alicia whooping this girl’s a$$. So dramatic yet epicly tragic especially for all the kids involved.

  36. Kim says:

    Whats happening within this girls soul to be ok spewing stuff publicly about another woman and the father of her child?

  37. Chelly says:

    Doesn’t matter what she says at this point. Swiss & Alicia are officially husband & wife. She got her man, his baby & their sharing success together. All of which this woman has none of w him (except the child of course)

  38. Toni says:

    Jahna Sebastian said she was NOT talking about Alicia Keys:


    It was not about Alicia Keys, stop spreading hate by taking words out of context
    I was very surprised to find out that some folks started assuming that there were subliminal messages in my blog posted more than a month ago: http://jahnasebastian.blogspot.com/2010/06/i-give-thanks-for-being-producer-myself.html There are NO subliminal messages there.

    The conclusion in my post was a general statement that can apply to various artists around the world from UK, US, Russia, China, Germany etc and at any point the history of music business. It was not targeted at any particular artist especially someone who writes and produces songs for themselves and other people, where is the logic in that? It was definitely not about Alicia Keys. Any Russian person who read it could have possibly linked it to a famous Russian artist in their mind who folks in the US or other parts of the world have never heard of. I guess, people see what their eyes want to see. No need to start a beef here and spread hate by taking words out of context.
    If I said that I don’t fuck for tracks it means I don’t and have never done so. The story about Glastonbury is one of the incidents that happened in my life and was very upsetting. Also it doesn’t mean that every relationship within the industry have to do with ulterior motives, people simply fall in love sometimes.

  39. mel says:

    Sounds like a juicy story line for the Young & Restless which by the way needs a rating boost!

    I feel sorry for the children involved.

  40. Jeri says:

    Jahna may not be talking about Swiss. It could be another producer or a pattern of behavior on Alicia’s part.

    The wrong dots may be being filled in.

  41. irishserra says:

    @Maddie: That is exactly what my husband said when I read him this story. It’s a good point, too. Blinded by “love.” So sad.

  42. Kitten says:

    LOL @ “Big nose=big hose”. Never heard THAT one before!

    I really don’t understand how Alicia can be accused of “breaking up a marriage” when it seems pretty clear this dude is just in it to win it and would be doing this kind of thing anyway, whether it be with Alicia or someone else. Personally, I have too much respect for marriage to go NEAR a married man (even if said marriage is in shambles) but I don’t judge her for what she’s done. Ok maybe I judge her a LITTLE bit but…

  43. Mouse says:

    Wow, this makes for some juicy drama. Still don’t understand how anyone finds this beaky guy attractive enough to get knocked up.

  44. grrrlgrace says:

    What cracks me up is that when you stand back and look at this guy as a whole–his looks aside–he’s a loser! And he’s got a handful of successful women who he screwed (or will eventually screw) and left behind…and one of them is Alicia Keys!!! Ladies, consider yourselves lucky to be dumped and move on to greener pastures (keep pushing for the well-deserved child support, though!) And Alicia…what are you thinking????

  45. sandy says:

    Alicia is not the person i thought she was, it’s sad really, so she married him, what did she get? do she think by marrying him she won a prize? she should not boast or brag that she is the winner, every one in this story lost, but Alicia? her lost and heart ache is long term, karma, she should be looking over her shoulder while she’s carrying his baby, he might be looking for the next Mommy.

  46. lara says:

    what an UGLY dude

  47. Child says:

    Apparently, he’s a hot commodity since the (3) women allowed him to treat them & their children like crap. Guess she couldnt pass that up…

  48. mymy says:

    so let me see/You have a child and the father of said child is with a woman whom broke up a marriage with children involved .And has the female power to make her man do the right thing by this woman’s child. And she does nothing but get pregnant herself with said deadbeat dad
    A`lisha` is not a decent woman no matter how much you like her music. She was pained by her own lack of a father. Would I be angry at her. Hell to the Yes

  49. crtb says:

    Why are you taking up for Alicia? She’s been having an affair with her married baby daddy for the last two years. She broke up his marriage. She is no different than Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts.

  50. Sans says:

    Kaiser, she dated a guy for six years. He was a producer too. If you’re going to sleep with someone do the label owner. You meet and date who you work with. Anyway, she’s over her had and needs to run. I think she is hard headed and wants to stick with it prove folks wrong but shell be wasting her life. I don’t know how she felt about her break up with the guy she dated for six years? I do think after six yrs with him and no marriage or children she felt her clock going. Wanted to be inlove and a family. Also think after learning about baby momma 3 she was upset the man she “loved” had another chick preg after a yr of being with him. So she wanted to have his kid too. She wanted to be with someone part of the crew as Swizz Beats is a big hip hop producer. I think she just jumped in head first maybe pain from last break up. Being cautious before and things not ending with a family. She’s well off and has much success, so she wanted to get a family. She messed up. Shouldve been patient. I do think she started dating Swiss after he left his wife though. She needs to just let it go. She won’t cause she has a hard head and will learn like Whitney did. The hard way.

  51. K-Love says:

    Ok,Ok Lets stick to the real. Seperated is not divorced for one. Anything that starts out WRONG is not going to end up good. If he does it to one, he will do it to someone else. Women open your eyes and see things as they are and not how you want them to be. That’s why women get hurt over and over and over again. We will be reading about AK, just like we read about Sandra Bullock. Different faces same story.And why any woman would want a guy like Swiss, is beyond any and all of my understanding. The only true victims in this situation are the children who will have to grow up in the middle of all this baby mamma drama.I wish people would just grow up, stop being so selfish, caring only about themselves and just do the right thing. This is just plain wrong on all levels. And it is what it is TACKY.You still can’t make a silk purse out of a pigs ear. The smell of what it is will always be there if you get my meaning.

  52. coup de grazia says:

    ew. and he’s not even cute.

  53. DetRiotgirl says:

    Wow. This situation just keeps getting worse and worse. It’s great gossip. But, I feel sorry for all the children involved. Clearly, none of these people have the best judgement skills with regards to having and raising children responsibly. I just hope that all the parents in this mess love their kids and will take good care of them, in spite of their drama with each other.

    PS Omg, Jahna looks disturbingly like Alicia!

  54. nolanative says:

    Jahna is a major hypocrite since this dude was married when she boinked him also so get off your self righteous high horse sweetie. I think Jahna’s just a lil pissed that she didn’t get the same deal that Alicia did. This guy is a major douche, obviously and all the women in this fiasco are idiots for allowing him to treat them like trash.

  55. bellaluna says:

    Hi, Pot? Meet Kettle…

    I mean honestly, she’s accusing AK of doing the same thing SHE DID! But now it’s wrong, ’cause it happened to HER, right? LMAO @ the hypocrisy.

    Some people’s’ children, I swear!

  56. K-Love says:

    It aint gonna happen. These people aren’t thinking about the effect this going to have on the children. Heck AK is giving birth to another one that can get screwed up. Its going to end up with all the babies calling all the babies momma. Mommy, Swiss after AK have his baby. He just going to leave her and go find another dummy to stick it into and get her pregnant. When are most not all, but most women going realize that a woman having a baby by a man, she is not married too. Don’t help keep them round. It mainly causes them to run off. When the newness rubs off and the responsibility begins. The man runs off and starts it all over again. Duh. It’s the thrill of the chase. Once they’ve caught you. The thrill is no longer there and neither is he. And here you done gone and gotten pregnant. And…. What dat mean. He’s (Swiss) has already proven, he can leave a woman, who has had a child with him. Remember he left her for you AK. The question is not, if he is going to leave, but when. When the next piece of eye candy crosses his path and the chase is on. AK you don’t have a chance, just like the ones before you didn’t have a chance.Stop the madness ladies.Stop hooking with these broke down, aint about nothing,irresponisible, over sexed boys. Because a real man, would not do what Swiss has done, over and over and over again. And a real woman wouldn’t accept what he is doing and pretend that it’s alright.You need to be ashamed. But I know you’re not. But you will be. MARK MY WORDS. YOU WILL BE.

  57. penny says:

    Why don’t they all get together and just move to a big mansion in Utah where they can be one big happy family and raise their kids together. lol

    that would solve everything.

  58. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    As long as a man is valued by certain groups as being “manly” the more kids he has with the more women, then this will go on. Sadly, these kids will be better off than most because the parents have money. Most babies in this situation come into horrible poverty and repeat the cycle unto the ages.

  59. chyna says:

    This guy looks like bad news. She could do so much better.

    I’m starting my countdown to their divorce in ….3, 2, 1

  60. Mistral says:

    Wow, what a bitter bitch. Alicia is a classically-trained pianist and has an amazing set of pipes. She may not be classy in terms of banging a married man, but she doesn’t need to “fuck for tracks”. That’s what less talented tricks need to do.

  61. kaykay says:

    both AK and SB only came out to the public bcuz AK was growing and was going to become obvious.. i honestly think that if she would not have become pregnant we would not b seeing or discussing this at all. but its good gossip lol… poor kids