Oksana Grigorieva: Mel Gibson is “trivializing domestic violence”


Oksana Grigorieva just gave an “exclusive” new interview to Radar – video is here. It’s not like she sat down and told her side of the story – Radar’s camera guy and their “senior executive editor” managed to speak to her as she was trying to get into her car. However – I do have to admit, even though it looks like Oksana just got blind-sided by Radar, I’m pretty sure she arranged this “interview”. There are no other photographers around, Oksana is completely on message… it just seems planned. Not that I blame her or anything, I’m just pointing out her PR savvy. Here’s what she said to Radar:

Oksana Grigorieva has broken her silence on the Mel Gibson scandal — saying the star is “trivializing domestic violence” by claiming she tried to extort him — in a video interview with RadarOnline.com.

“I think Mel, basically, is trivializing domestic violence,” she told RadarOnline.com’s Senior Executive Editor Dylan Howard. “This is very, very sad and it is very unfair too. It is unfair that by standing up to somebody — and speaking out — I am being victimized all over again. He has hurt so many people I feel like I am being victimized all over again.”

When asked if she tried to extort money from Mel, she told RadarOnline.com: “No, I have never tried to extort anything from him. There is no proof of anything. It is all false information he is feeding the press. It is a smear campaign, clearly, to me.”

When pressed further, Oksana said, “I am absolutely convinced of that… It is very unfair.”

She pleaded with Gibson: “Speak the truth, tell the truth, for the sake of your daughter.”

She would not answer if she wanted daughted Lucia to remain in Mel’s custody, even after the actor claimed he appointed an independent observer to watch their visits. Oksana hinted it wasn’t Mel’s decision, as his camp has claimed.

“He is not being truthful about it either,” she said. “I cannot talk about that because that is a court order and I don’t know why he is talking about that.”

Asked why she made the infamous audio tapes where Mel is heard threatening her in a crazed rage, Oksana said: “Because I didn’t think I was going to make it through the night. Everything, by the way, this is really important, all the tapes that you hear on the Internet, all of them were recorded that one night. The tapes, as you call them, the voicemails, everything was recorded that night because I was in fear for my life. I really did not think I was going to make it.”

Oksana told RadarOnline.com that her 12-year-old son Sascha “is good” through the ordeal. And she had kind words for Sascha’s father, former James Bond star Timothy Dalton.

“He is a great dad,” Oksana told RadarOnline.com. “They’re good together. He is a good support for his son and he has been a good support to me.”

[From Radar]

Well played, Oksana. Seriously, she hit just the right notes. Do it for the sake of your daughter, the reminder that Mel could have killed her if he got angry enough, the siren call to sympathetic women who are disgusted by Mel Gibson. Also – Oksana’s team just got this article into People Magazine. It’s a behind-the-scenes explanation of the placenta-planting day, for the “official” record of celebrity gossip. It’s interesting that People is now skewing some pro-Oksana stories… like People Mag doesn’t even give a sh-t about kissing Mel Gibson’s ass anymore.

ITAR-TASS 96: MOSCOW, RUSSIA. APRIL 19, 2010. Singer Oksana Grigoryeva, a former girlfriend of Hollywood actor Mel Gibson, adjusts her hair as she gives a press conference at the Moscow office of Komsomolskaya Pravda daily newspaper to announce her upcoming charity concert. (Photo ITAR-TASS / Alexei Filippov) Photo via Newscom


Oksana on April 19, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Obvious says:

    and her new PR guy quit before he even started. he said he could not work with a client who was no willing to listen to him. Same reason her last one quit. while I understand she wants to speak out, you’ve hired these people for a reason lady. Listen to them.

  2. Delta Juliet says:

    Mel Gibson is scum.

    But I can’t stand looking at her anymore. She reminds me of Octomom!

  3. Jeri says:

    People Mag is only paid propaganda. So if Oksana runs out of money to pay lawyers & reps does Mel win?

  4. Jmag says:

    If she was scared for her life, why didn’t she call the cops, or hide at a friend’s house?
    Seems better than pulling a Linda Tripp…

  5. Wisteria says:

    I think Mel’s too messed up at this point to see anything straight or make any sense about anything. It’s just garbage comming out of his mouth.

    My sister was a survivor of domestic abuse and we all totally supported her since she was such a good person and hard worker. But I think a lot of people don’t have much sympathy for this woman since she’s a golddigger who got pregnant on purpose for the huge 18 year long paycheck.

  6. CathyT says:

    What doesn’t Oksana understand about a gag order? This is just going to tick off the judge.

  7. sapphire says:

    Mel is dunzo.
    But I like the “exclusive” interview, the concern for other women and her “fear”. Sorry, doesn’t strike the right note for other victims.

  8. toto says:

    hi all what gag order means please?

  9. Snarf says:

    As if trying to profit from it is any better? This woman is a piece of work.

  10. Obvious says:

    @toto there is a gag order in place meaning she, nor Mel, nor anyone who works for them can comment about any part of the on going lawsuits and court cases. she could be found in contempt and thrown in jail and be made to pay fines. just because she doens’t listen to the PR teams she hires.

  11. Feebee says:

    I’m not blaming the victim or anything like this but something about her makes me think of words like meticulous planning, slick operation, on point, well-played…

    Or maybe she’s just fighting back the only way she can against a (formerly) hugely powerful star……

  12. irena NL says:

    Intriguing story….wish they would get on with it. I will pay att. to this one.

  13. Bam Bam says:

    This whole thing feels like a contrived smear campaign. The pretty ho hooks up with rich, but f-d up star, finds out he’s a SOB, and plans her revenge and no doubt her financial future. I dislike both of these people immensely. He is beyond belief with anger issues and she calculatingly plans his demise as the media chomps it down. These two are both poison, woe anyone that end up with either of them, especially the child.

  14. Mouse says:

    Still don’t get why the officials weren’t called in when all this went down, especially since Mel supposedly bruised the baby. So she recorded everything because she was in fear of her life…and this was supposed to save her life HOW? Sure, that would provide evidence after the fact, but…why didn’t she run to the police with this taped evidence the day of?? Oh right, they wouldn’t pay her for it.

  15. Liz says:

    So she tricked Mel and got pregnant well if he didn’t want her to get pregnant than wrap it or clip it dude. Mel is an abusive bigot he has been in the business 30 years if he can’t spot a groupie/ golddigger than thats his fault. I hope he goes to jail if the evidence and witnesses show he hit her. Though I know he will get probation

  16. hatuh says:

    Does anyone else think she looks like Angelina Jolie?

  17. ;lk;lk;dlkf';flk says:

    This situation is tragic. If the tapes are indeed authentic, no reasonable person could justify the compulsiveness and rage in those recordings, as well as the revolting things said to her son. Seems as if she needs better counsel. Public opinion can be very harsh and people in the US still consider domestic violence a “private matter” or lover’s quarrels.”

  18. Kitten says:

    My god woman, please keep this crazy punk away from your children. To use a Kaiser term-he is “nutburgers”.

  19. nnn says:

    I don’t beleive in the tricking stuff.

    It’s not as if he realised he was going to be a new father when she released the baby. If he didn’t want the baby, he should have left…like so many men leave. Just because you impregnante a woman doesn’t make you obliged to live with her in these days.

    Elysabeth Hurley’s baby’ father left, Eddie Murphy left from his daughter with Scary Spice…men who don’t want to be father again or feel trapped leave, ask a paternity test and pay and that’s it…, sometimes they even refused to recognize the baby.

    If he is fighting for that baby, that means, he didn’t feel trapped. You can’t have it both ways. Either he felt trapped and should have left 18 months ago when she fell pregnant, either he don’t and even if it wasn’t in his plans, staying with the mum, giving his name to the child is an act of support and agreement.

    He made love to that woman one year before impregnated her. he doesn’t want condoms, she fell pregnant, he didn’t walk away and therefore was in agreement with all that happened, including supporting her financially.

    He can’t say otherwise today and nobody can’t change that truth that he was happy to have that baby, to date the motherand supporet her financially (she was leaving in his house with his agreement), a baby for who he is fighting today.

    Now that he is realiing that the woman can’t be controlled and forced to love him (what woman will love a guy that treats her like sh*t, that treats her son like sh*t ?…noone SANE would) he is pulling all those nasty criminal acts.

    He wants to raise that baby when he can’t even act sane with the mother and her baby daughter sibling.

  20. Drew says:

    Well, well, looks like the trolls are back. And away we go with the gold digger ranting & raving. It would be great if she had gotten bucks off this bloated old psycho, and it wouldn’t change a thing. But she supposedly signed away claims to his money and doesn’t seem to have gotten anything but beaten up. Dude’s a nut and he did what he did. He used her and was supposedly boning that porn star while she was pregnant. Nothing is more sickening than a guy who cheats while his mate is pregnant. He’s also in full control of his penis and knows how babies are made. As much as she understandably wants to fight against the smear machine, she shouldn’t do direct interviews like this at this point. She should have someone else speak for her, even if it’s a friend (a dignified friend.) She’ll have her say down the road, and people want to root for the underdog.

  21. Layla says:

    Not saying she wasn’t victimized, but she handled this whole fiasco POORLY. Those tapes should have never seen Radaronline tmz this site etc they should have been handled by the courts only. she sold them to get back at him and for that, I just feel sorry for her children being dragged in the limelight when this could have been taken care of behind closed doors where it belongs and with the legal system.

  22. j. ferber says:

    I hope Charlize Theron bails on Gibson, too, like Leonardo did (for a coming movie project). Charlize’s mom was a victim of wife beating and actually shot and killed her husband in self-defense. Charlize has always supported her mom and I hope her vision is not clouded when it comes to Mel Gibson’s abusive behavior (I believe it would hurt her career to support Mel by making a movie with him).

  23. toto says:

    ty obvious 🙂

  24. Whatever says:

    This raises way more questions for me than it answers. I find it interesting that she chose Radar for her first interview. Either it was part of her original deal when she gave them the tapes or she worries that any reputable journalist would dig into her history and ask actual questions. Maybe a bit of both.

    Whether she is a true gold digging famewhore remains to be seen, IMO. I’m waiting to see if there are a slew of other interviews, continued “leaks” and a tell all book. I suspect all of the above are coming in the future. *sigh*

    I’m sick of both of them and I hope they both get what they deserve.

  25. Madison says:

    She’s claims she’s afraid for her life yet she doesn’t go to the cops the next day with this tape or get a lawyer instead she sells the tape to radar and the rights to her exclusive story, she’s out for fame and money nothing more. To this day I find it hard to have any sympathy for her.

  26. jane16 says:

    @ Madison, how do you know what she did? From what I have read, she did get a lawyer. Don’t know when she contacted the cops & don’t really care. A lot of abused women put up with battery & mental abuse for years before they do something about it. It would be especially hard to accuse a celeb of Mel’s status of abuse becuz of the way law enforcement and our culture in general give a pass to whatever they do. Like yourself for instance. You also don’t k n o w that she “sold her exclusive story” to radar. btw, she was already famous and living in high style. Now she’s probably broke and called a gold digger & hooker all over the place, and she reportedly backed out of a deal that would’ve gotten her $15 mil. Your assertions are running contrary to the known facts. If you have a special “in” with this case, feel free to share the details, but actual details, not this same bs that you spout over & over on every thread.

  27. jane16 says:

    addendum to Madison: btw, Nicole Simpson made several abuse reports to the cops, but they were never made public. Only her friends and family knew what she was going thru. Worked out real well for her didn’t it? By leaking the tapes to the public, Oksana made it much harder for mel to bury her in the rose garden. He’ll have to hope that she never disappears or dies under suspicious circumstances, cuz everyone would think it was him, even it really wasn’t. Its a shame Nicole didn’t do the same thing, and I’m hoping other abuse victims learn from Oksana’s experience.

  28. jane16 says:

    Drew, well said!

  29. LolaBella says:

    Mel is obviously a violent, delusional, unhinged man; you can’t deny that after listening to those tapes.

    However, considering that her giving this interview violates the gag order set in place, I think Oksana just may have shot herself in the foot.

    All the evidence that was released spoke volumes about Mel, there was no need for her to go against the gag order and talk to the media; I’m surprised her new publicist Howard Bragman even allowed this.

  30. viper says:

    she didnt go to the cops because at that time she was still very much inlove with Gibson. You guys dont know how such situations play out, some women actually stay with their husbands FOR DECADES without calling for the cops to intervene. Youre all so unsympathetic to not just her but the idea of demestic violence. Youre all so quick to say’ well if it were I would have ‘ well it isnt you its her and others like her. Try to be me more sensitive to their plight good god. Just because they stay doesnt make them terrible people THEY ARE VICTIMS.

  31. NotBuyingIt says:

    #21 so by your comments Im to assume that if I dont “go along” I’m a troll? Sorry, but I’ve never been one to just go along with whatever someone is trying to sell me. She should have just followed the gag order that the judge put on them. The more she talks the worse she sounds.

  32. jane16 says:

    @ lolabella, agree that she should not have talked to them. Her evidence speaks for itself, she’s better off at this point to not talk to the paps. On that note, I have been wondering why gibson doesn’t issue a public apology, admitting he has problems, admit what he did & say he feels terrible about it, getting help, etc. Would that help his image, do you think?

  33. NotBuyingIt says:

    @jane16, Im sure if he were to give a public apology there would be people waiting to rip him apart because of it. Personally Im glad hes keeping his mouth shut. Just wish Oksana would, its getting worse for her

  34. Chris says:

    Presidents are only allowed to be in office for a maximum of 8 years then they’re moved on, perhaps they could bring the rule in for celebrities, because far too many of them wear out their welcome. Watching them desperately try to hold on to their star power is sickening. By moving them on not only would we be doing the community a favour but we’d be doing the has been celebrities a favour too by saving them from themselves. Win-win.

  35. CathyT says:

    @LolaBella, her new publicist just quit! He didn’t like this interview either. According to Radar he was lining up a spot on “Dancing with the Stars” for her.

  36. Whatever says:

    I just went to Radar and watched her interview. This caught my eye:

    she told RadarOnline.com’s Senior Executive Editor Dylan Howard.

    So I guess now on top of pretending to believe she didn’t leak the tapes, we are to believe that the “senior executive editor” of radar just so happened to be out with a camera crew and ran into Oksana. Who the ef does this trick think she is kidding???? She must really think Americans are stupid.

  37. Madison says:

    “Oksana made it much harder for mel to bury her in the rose garden”
    I find that laughable, as crazy as Mel is I don’t believe Oksana had to worry about being buried anywhere. Until she started dating mel gibson hardly anyone knew who Oxsana was, the only thing she’s famous for is dating rich old men.

  38. NotBuyingIt says:

    Arlo West, forensic auditory expert from Portland Maine told the ABC correspondent that he doesn’t think the tapes will benefit her or anyone, he “found gaps, transients and fades and all three of these things would be considered when authenticating an audio itself.”
    West said he “believes the tapes were professionally done, he thinks she has had help, She was clearly speaking into a large microphone” in what sounded like poor acting to me. He said her voice is well engineered on the taped recordings.

  39. CandyKay says:

    I agree with #32. People don’t deserve to be called trolls just because they’re not buying the party line. It’s a discussion board, after all.

    While I think that Oksana is the victim of emotional abuse and quite possibly physical abuse, I don’t agree with Kaiser’s “you go, girl!” attitude.

    There’s nothing inherently noble about being a victim. It’s how you handle it.

    Rhianna, whom I ordinarily not a fan of, seems to have handled it well – she acknowledged and addressed the issue, urged others not to put up with domestic violence of any kind, and then moved on with her life and her career.

    Plotting for months to squeeze megabucks out of your abuser – and then doing your best to humiliate him when he won’t come up with the dough – isn’t really the makings of a role model.

    She may be a victim, but she’s no hero.

  40. Jazz says:

    I hope Oksana has stored enough money for Lucia’s future therapy bills because the kid is gonna need them!

  41. KeithTax says:

    Mel is his own worst enemy. He took a great career and wasted it. He has trivialized many things, including inappropriate behavior towards women.

  42. Ann says:

    “But I think a lot of people don’t have much sympathy for this woman since she’s a golddigger who got pregnant on purpose for the huge 18 year long paycheck.”

    Yeah. Because Mel had NOTHING to do with her getting pregnant.

  43. jc126 says:

    If someone hit my infant, I’d call 911 IMMEDIATELY, no matter if I was in love with him – or his money – or not.
    FTR, I don’t believe he hit the baby. Still undecided on how much she’s exaggerating or not, too.

  44. snappyfish says:

    I read an article once about barry bond’s being in court to reduce his child support payments during the baseball strike. That the judge was starstruck and actually asked him for his autograph.

    Mel Gibson is a huge star. He indicated in one of the tapes that “no one would believe her”. I know that I would have called the police but this is Malibu and the home she lives in was Mel’s. I can understand the fear of the police taking his side. But in a tape she did tell him that if he came over she would call the police and he mocked her and said that “he took care of his own problems”

    The man is deranged and needs help. She needs to go back to the place she was in when a man wasn’t paying for her life. (her words that Mel owned her) Only then will this poor child have a chance.

  45. CathyT says:


    Maybe you haven’t heard? Suit-and-tie wearing ROL Senior Executive Editor Dylan Howard is now working double duty as a video paparazzo. Expect his video interviews from The Ivy any day now.

  46. California Surfer says:

    Whoa, Hatuh that is an accutely awesome observation! This chick totally dOES look like Angelina Jolie – Grandma and I had not noticed that before. And Grandma and I would find it way majorly entertaining if Oxana would hook up with Jon Gosselin – they would make a fun couple!

  47. Nick says:

    Oh puh-leeze. This raving mob is so clearly trolls. Like ghouls in the night, you come out of the woodwork when there’s a controversial Mel Gibson post, your ‘argument’ and verbiage is identical and perverse. Need some sage burning to cleanse the evil.

  48. Crash2GO2 says:

    Nick, the instant there is a hint of anything to criticize Oksana over, they don’t miss their chance. Yet they have been stunningly quiet during the last couple of disgusting Mel-tdown tapes.

  49. Sean says:

    @Candy Kay, yes Rihanna surely handled domestic violence and her own recovery well, but was not up against an icon like Mel anyway. Oksana can only rely on herself, any adviser could show up to be an agent from Mels camp, so no wonder if she is acting confused along the way.

    The broadcast of Rihanna’s case was far from her own intention, but looking back she concludes: “Domestic violence is a big secret. No kid goes around and lets people know their parents fight. Teenage girls can’t tell their parents that their boyfriend beat them up. You don’t dare let your neighbor know that you fight. It’s one of the things we will hide, because it’s embarrassing. My story was broadcast all over the world for people to see, and they have followed every step of my recovery. The positive thing that has come out of my situation is that people can learn from that.” (Glamour, Nov 2009).

    So may also count for Oksanas story.

  50. Whatever says:

    Maybe you haven’t heard? Suit-and-tie wearing ROL Senior Executive Editor Dylan Howard is now working double duty as a video paparazzo. Expect his video interviews from The Ivy any day now.

    @ CasthyT: Yeah and mothers routinely come OUT of the grocery store with no bags! I’m sure they bumped into each other. It’s almost insulting how stupid she thinks we all are.

  51. Nick says:

    Crash2GO2, Yup.

  52. gretchen says:

    omg…thought this was turning around…don’t trust her at all

  53. cruiz2 says:

    Sorry, I’m not feeling it O. I still think your an opportunist. Truth hopefully will prevail for both parties. Those lips are ridiculous. Shouldn’t they have ruptured in the face punch? A lesson for fame whores: Lip injections sustain impact, veneers don’t!

  54. CandyKay says:

    Sean, I don’t think Mel is much of an icon any more. After the drunken driving episode, I think most people were willing to believe he was capable of very poor behaviour indeed.

    Oksana had the option of going to the police and then releasing the tapes publicly, if the police refused to help her.

    She didn’t do so, which suggests that a settlement was more important to her than self-protection.

  55. Marsh says:

    @CandyKay, it’s unclear what your point is. And your logic is all kinds of jacked up. Let’s play along and assume she was simply after money. Are assault and criminal threats not illegal if you deem the victim a distasteful person? Are assault and criminal threats not illegal if someone doesn’t follow your arbitrary handbook of behavior?

  56. Alex says:

    “CandyKay” enough with the Rihanna nonsense. My, what selective memories people have. Rihanna reportedly said Chris Brown had abused her before, and she didn’t report it. Rihanna reportedly wanted to drop the Chris Brown case and wanted to get back with him. There was a public outcry against her, she was perhaps in danger of losing her career. As it is, her seeming waffling about him cost her respect and fans, and her career doesn’t seem to have regained the stature it had before the assault. Rihanna allegedly had a hand in Chris Brown not getting jail time. Rihanna was a celebrity in her own right, with money, power and fame. And Chris Brown is no Mel Gibson. Even after 2006, Mel Gibson remained a hugely powerful celebrity. Oksana G. got a restraining order and gathered evidence to prosecute. She has done everything possible for her protection and her kids, and doesn’t appear to have gotten any settlement, not that that would absolve Mel Gibson of his conduct

  57. Sean says:

    @Candy Kay: Well, some still regard Mel as an Icon; disgusting to read their chauvinist comments on Oksanas lips, figure, origin & how they would enjoy to punish her themselves.

    Many do not comprehend why Oksana did not call the police immediately, but as Jane16 already argued: Did the police help Nicole Simpson? In Rihannas case, it was actually the public broadcast that made the difference – like it now makes it difficult for Mel to hide what this case is all about!

    Oksanas message seems to be: Do not trivialize or even lie about domestic violence, much better tell the truth. According to the tapes Mel did regret his behavior; if actually so, it would suit an Icon to apologize in public, but he will probably not, and we will have to wait for the court to draw a conclusion.

    Whether the tapes are manipulated or not, it is disgusting to see how fast some people are trivializing domestic violence, assuming that this hooker simply deserved it because she was a golddigger etc, etc.

    Christ never treated women (or even whores) like that; worth reminding all catholic & chauvinist suppressers of women, though it will hardly change their habits much.

  58. wondering says:

    This lady is a piece of work. Did anyone else not notice their wasn’t even one body guard? Yes, it was arranged……..no body guard means, she knew, of course with the head Radar guy too……..but the body guard is the key.