Britney Spears goes pantless, has inevitable wardrobe malfunction


Here are some photos of Britney Spears out and about yesterday. When I first saw these photos, I actually thought Brit looked kind of good. I mean, I’m pretty sure this is just a tunic blouse and not a dress, so she’s doing the pantless thing, but other than that, she looks okay from the front, right? The mangy weave is being maintained in a cute ponytail, Brit looks alert, and this grey is a nice color on her. She’s even drinking a milkshake rather than a frap. Good for her!

Except that part of Britney’s outing included walking up some stairs in this outfit. So of course, Britney had a wardrobe malfunction, which I’m not going to blow up in a photo, but you can see in the thumbnails. CB asked me to stop showing any photos with a hint of vadge! Or, as we’re calling it now, “The Darkness”. Apparently, there have been some complaints – or was that just in regards to whatever is happening in Tara Reid’s nether-regions?

By the way, guess who wants to work with Brit on her new album? Snoop! He released this YouTube plea, asking for Brit to give him a holla. DO IT BRIT!



Britney on August 5, 2010. Credit: Fame.

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  1. pookie says:

    All the money in the world and the poor kid can’t dress herself to save her life. Can’t even buy a bra that fits. Sad.

  2. Green Is Good says:

    Or, as we’re calling it now, “The Darkness”

    Ha ha ha!! That’s is pants-wetting hilarious!

    Let’s hold a bake sale and buy this woman some pants.

  3. PrettyTarheel says:

    Dear Brit Brit (AKA Our Lady of the Cheetos):
    What’s so wrong with a pair of jeans? Yes, your legs look great, but we’ve seen SOO MUCH of them? And jeans will guarantee no hint of darkness. With a cute white shirt? Or a pretty black tank? Maybe some flats? And perhaps a Carey Mulligan/Michelle Williams/ Emma Watson pixie cut for a short term rat-nest solution? Then you could grow it out and have some healthy hair? Maybe a nice, natural manicure? Oh, and some moisturizer? Perhaps even consider a little exfoliation?
    I’m pulling for you. I really wanted you to have a comeback, now I just want a normal, quiet life for you. Give up the Starbucks, the papparazzi, and the attempt at a career. Go back to your roots-literally and figuratively. Hollywood is not for you.
    Not even a fan, just someone who is seriously sensitive to frontrum and can’t take anymore of this feeling.

  4. oduroyal says:

    Oh Britney…

  5. Celebitchy says:

    Oh damn, if she’s starting to ass-flash again that’s a big red flag.

  6. Kelly says:

    I just cannot understand what’s going on here. Who wears spike heels and a tunic to buy a milkshake? She’s aware that the thing’s too short – she’s trying to use her flowy wings to cover her assflaps in the third thumbnail. And does anyone else see the boobage bulge? Her bra must be 3 sizes too small. At least Papa Spears will be happy she’s wearing one, and no bodyguards will be punished today.

    WHY can’t she wear normal clothes? I agree with PrettyTarheel – some jeans, a shirt… maybe a pair of flats instead of shaggy, rancid boots on her stumpy little legs. And /rant/ why is it that “stars” either dress like clowns on Ecstasy (Rihanna) or in some fake fashiony mode (Katie Holmes)? /rant some more/ And in fashion magazines, whenever they’re “interviewed” about their style, they always say the same stupid things: “I’m a [insert one: jeans/flats/heels/burqa] girl,” “I live in my [insert one: ridiculously long scarf/ass-baring tunic/leather harness].” Ok, I’m done airing my celebrity fashion issues for the day.

  7. Green Is Good says:


    I cosign and fully support your suggestions. Now, if only Our Lady of Cheetos would hire a stylist.

  8. kelbear says:

    @PrettyTarheel-Best thing I read all week!

  9. guesty says:

    oh britney! l.o.l. she looks so medicated.

  10. LindaR says:

    Well, color me disgusted. I don’t ever want to sit on a chair upon which a woman with no underwear on has sat. Even thongs let some of the coodies out. So gross. Think of others you mangy turds.

  11. Cinderella says:

    The time bomb is ticking as we speak….

  12. denise says:

    Dare I say, she actually looked cute from the front.

  13. grisgris says:

    I think she could look so cute with a short cut with her natural dirtier blond color. I would even take her shaved head over that awful barbie hair.

    With all of the money she has I just don’t understand why she doesn’t have a ddecent stylist and hairdresser on hand.

  14. gimmieabreak says:

    @ pretty tahree: My sentiments exactly!! And I’m still laughing. Funniest entry I’ve read in a long time!

  15. purelife says:

    leave her alone!!!! she only want milkshake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Kayleigh says:

    Star of David necklace… check.
    Tacky cheap tattoo… check.
    Lose the pants… check.
    Spit up milkshake… check.
    Classy… double check.

  17. mimi says:

    I think she looks cute. Girlfriend has a serious sugar addiction though…wonder if she has candida.

  18. Green Is Good says:

    Y’know, I seriously think Snoop could help reinvent Brit-Brit. I’d tune in for that mess.

  19. meme says:

    sigh. britbrit has the potential to be so so pretty but she’s always a hot mess. and the wardrobe malfunction is NOT a good sign.

  20. Sassy says:

    Love the top, it’s cute. But jesus Britney, PUT ON SOME PANTS. Or shorts. Or a skirt. Or leggings. SOMETHING TO COVER YOUR ASS. This poor girl will never learn.

  21. ViktoryGin says:

    I think that she needs to be declared legally incompetent at this point.

  22. albeli says:

    She’s really needs a stylist conservatorship. Girl has no clue how to shop or dress herself.

  23. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @albeli: I was thinking the same thing? Can’t her dad just secretly hire a ‘friend’ to hang out with her and dress her in pants, bras that fit right, hide the bad red lipstick, and do her hair? Ya know, just ‘for fun’ like friends do (but she’s getting paid to do it)?

  24. Alarmjaguar says:

    forget jeans, I’d be happy with underwear at this point, then maybe some hotpants, clearly she needs baby steps

  25. snowball says:

    I really wish this Age of the Weave would end and it’d be okay to embrace your natural hair length again.

    Psst, Brit: It’s okay to have short, layered hair that needs growing out! Millions of women do, it can be done in a cute way, you don’t need long blonde hair to be sexy. Work with what you’ve got!

    I thought the shorter bob thing she had going on in the video for Circus was close to her natural length then and looked good on her.

    I know it was supposed to be all preppy, but the white skirt she wore at the end of If You Seek Amy was cute. Try it in something denim, Brit.

  26. Stephy2485 says:

    She does NOT look good in the first pic imo. Her body looks hot (As usual though, if we’re being honest) but yeah, it’s clearly a shirt and her hair is waaay too busted for shoes like that.

    And WHAT is that tattoo of?

    Riblets? Shish-ka-bobs?

  27. Zelda says:



  28. hellen says:

    Oh for the days when we thought the Cooter Shorts were so disgusting… at least they were PANTS.

    She looks zonked out on something. She can hardly keep that shake in her mouth (see last pic).

  29. Snarf says:

    Assistant “Do you need help picking out what to ear today?”

    Britney “I gots this y’all!”

    Assistant “Aw, crap.”

  30. Kiska says:

    She is always photographed with a frappuccino-type drink. Always.

  31. KsGirl says:

    I think I see the edge of what could be some nude panties on her left butt cheek in one photo. Anyone else?

    Poor the Britney.

  32. serena says:

    Yeah, she looks good.

  33. NotBuyingIt says:

    Oh Brit… So close! I truly hope Papa Spears burned the pink wig.

    lol… just noticed Snoop was standing in front of a sign that said, “Crazy”

  34. Kitten says:

    Oh man..I knew I shouldn’t have clicked on this. Back to the Hot Guy Friday post to cleanse my eyes.

  35. sharylmj says:

    she looks un-stable.. I’m scared for her.. she is getting worse and worse with each outing.. Where did Jason go? she looks soo much better when he’s around. Another bad sign is the messed up fingernails..

  36. Novaraen says:

    Wasn’t that “crazy” sign that snoop was standing in front of from her video for the song Crazy?? That’s the first thing I thought.

    Oh and the tattoo on her wrist is of a pair of dice. Lopsided ones…lol.

    Yeah…girl is mentally not all there. Wish they could do something for her to prevent her from this awful displays of craziness.

    Girl needs a friend. A good one.

  37. Tia C says:

    I love me some Snoop! I bet that would be fun for her to cut a track with him. Some of that 420 he loves might do her good, too – better than all the caffeine and sugar she consumes all the time, lol.

    I think she looks pretty here, but I agree with those who feel she would look better with her natural hair, a well-fitted bra, and some undies. Keep on keepin on, Brit.

  38. BethL says:

    When people say Britney looks good, it should be followed by “for her”. She looks good, for her, in these photos but since she’s a trainwreck 99% of the time the smallest improvement is a huge step.

  39. Majosha says:

    “I think that she needs to be declared legally incompetent at this point.”

    @ViktoryGin: Hasn’t this happened, already? I thought her Dad was helming the ship at this point via some conservatorship, but whatever the arrangement, she clearly isn’t fit to make decisions about, well, anything.

  40. grrrlgrace says:

    Her shirt reminds me of when Scarlett O’Hara made a dress out of curtains in Gone With the Wind!

  41. coconut says:

    even a pair of hot pants would’ve done the trick. love the color on her.

  42. fizXgirl3114 says:

    gawd, she’s so disgusting… she can’t even drink a milk shake without it grossing me out… and why does she have chewed up pieces of bubble gum tattooed on her arm?

  43. Peaches333 says:

    maybe she’s just wearing some thongs… why would anyone wear big-mommy-pants under a tunic????

  44. Crash2GO2 says:

    Whatever is wrong in her head is clearly not getting better or going away. Thank God her boys have a good daddy. If he doesn’t kill himself with clogged arteries by the time he is 40, that is.

  45. gg says:

    Someone should throw out all her underwear and get her some grannys, and be fitted for normal bras that fit.

    lol @ “chewed-up bubble gum” ! That is pretty much what I thought. Or Jujubes.

  46. dovesgate says:

    Meltdown Watch 2.0

    Seriously, Brit’s minders need to get on this. The fake accent and pink wig are right around the corner. Obviously, she’s slipping her meds or they aren’t working anymore.

  47. Sns02215 says:

    Once a ho, always a ho!!!

  48. Lemon_twirl says:

    Does anybody know from wich designer the leather strappy bra she’s wearing in Britneys new video is?

    I LOOOOOOOOOVE IT (high singing voice)

  49. Serena Williams will not drop a set in this year’s U.S. Open.