In Touch: Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are in counseling, trying to make it work

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner had a couple of well photographed outings recently that looked staged, in my opinion. They take pains not to be photographed together on the red carpet, and in these park outing photos they were smiling, playing with their kids and kissing. (They also went out to eat at Nobu recently.) It’s possible they were just followed by the paparazzi who stalk them daily and decided to make the best of it. They were at the park to attend their older daughter Violet’s soccer game so it’s not like they could leave. Even if they did set up the photos I can’t really blame them. They’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t, as evidenced by this story in In Touch that their marriage is allegedly in trouble but they’re working on it. Given all we know about Ben, it sounds likely even if it’s completely made up, and that’s likely to be the case too. Here’s what In Touch says, and they note that the two have been necessarily apart due to work arrangements.

Just hours after filming on the NYC set of Arthur, in which she co-stars with Russell Brand, Jennifer garner packed up her daughters… and bounded a flight back to LA and her husband…

It had been weeks since Jennifer, 38, had been in LA with Ben, 38, and it appeared she couldn’t get home fast enough…

“Ben was so happy to have them home, he took Jen out for a romantic date to Malibu’s Nobu restaurant that weekend,” says a friend.

But it hasn’t been all smooth sailing for the couple, who recently celebrated their five-year anniversary. They’ve been in counseling since last year to work through some of their issues. “Ben was never the marrying type,” says the friend. “He is still a playboy at heart, and now that he’s getting closer to 40, he seems to be going through a midlife crisis.” But the therapy sessions seem to be working -for now. “Ben battles demons, but does his best to keep the marriage going. He loves Jen and adores his daughters, so he’s making it work.”

[From In Touch, print edition, August 16, 2010]

The thing that made me think these two might be having problems is a giant 7 carat diamond ring that Garner has been wearing occasionally. Many of you noted that it looks like a guilt gift from Affleck. He may have done it just to be sweet though and it’s a damn nice piece of jewelry! Who are we to knock a guy for giving his wife a ginormous ring?

Ben looks kind of annoyed in these photos but maybe we can chalk that up to the fact that there are several paparazzi bothering him while he’s trying to have a day out with his family. A lot of stories claim couples are having problems based on the fact that someone looks pissed off in photos. Imagine the things these guys shout while they’re taking the pictures and it’s easy to see why the celebrities are mad.

The Town is coming out on September 10 and marks Ben’s second film as a writer/director. He’s going to star in this one too, and it looks damn good. I hope that it does well at the box office and helps herald Affleck’s comeback. He’s had some minor successes but nothing big yet.

Photos are from 7/31/10. credit: Fame Pictures.

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  1. mln says:

    I have had the feeling for a while that things aren’t going well for them. Affleck is seeming less, and less like good husband material. I hope I am wrong though.

  2. RHONYC says:

    that seraphina is the spittin’ image of her pa…such a cute lil’ dumpling.

    but, seriously…his body language says it all.
    he seems totally ‘unbothered’ like he could give a rat’s a%s.

    jen better be careful with that staging of the paparazzi shiz…ben fuggin’ HATES the spotlight and, we all know what that got the chick in his last relationship.

    sorry jlo. :-(

  3. Kitten says:

    I hope this isn’t true :(

  4. irena NL says:

    He keeps his hands in his pockets and appears very aloof toward his wife. That is a man who is NOT into his wife. The body language is unmistakable in these photos.

  5. Kaiser says:

    Ben just always seems so un-engaged with Jennifer. It’s weird. Even when he’s kissing her forehead, it’s like he’s in another world.

    But he does seem engaged with the girls – I hope he’s a good dad.

  6. Cinderella says:

    Ben does not appear to show her one ounce of genuine affection. She is doing all of the work as usual. It’s not like he should be in full make-out mode, but at least put an arm around her for crying out loud.

  7. lisa says:

    I don’t know if that is true or not.. But Jennifer and Ben have said that they take turns working. If that was the case why would they be separated for work. She usually travels where he is. That was the case when he was filming The Town. We saw lots of pics of her out and about with the kids. So I would assume (never good) that Ben is not working right now. She is or was filming Arthur and now that Butter movie. Maybe they are working at the same time. It just goes against what she and he both said was how they manage. They have made a point of saying that when one is on the red carpet the other is taking care of the kids. So why would Jen be away with the girls working and Ben not there.

  8. Kitten says:

    I just have to add that we’re making a lot of judgments based on a few photos. I’ve seen them out and about in Boston and they always appeared to be a happy, healthy couple. I would hate if people judged me based on how I act towards my boyfriend, especially because I HATE holding hands (just grosses me out)..
    Also, is it really cold in Cali or something? Why are they wearing winter clothes??

  9. LindaR says:

    When were these pics taken? Most of North America has been suffering through heatwaves and yet she has a vest on and he has a coat. The only one dressed for summer is Violet. This is just more manufactured bullshit from the tabs. I hate this made-up shit.

  10. guesty says:

    just no hotness between these two…

  11. Janna says:

    He certainly seemed to be happy to be talking to Blake Lively when they filmed together. That was the picture that bothered me. He never looks that happy to be with his wife. I wish she would step out of the mommy role once in a while and show him how great she can look too. It’s one thing to have a man who still appreciates you in sweats. It’s another to wear them all the time and she seems always to be wearing mom clothes lately.

  12. EllenP says:

    Ted C. (Awful Truth) has been saying for a long time how Garner is the opposite of what she portrays onscreen and in photo ops. Who knows?

  13. Tess says:

    Good luck with all that.

    And this is the guy who tells us how to vote. Here’s a hint, Ben. Take care of your own family first.

  14. Cheyenne says:

    Since the source of this story is that shitrag Outa Touch I will take this with a bushel of salt, never mind a grain.

  15. Jules says:

    Another possibility is that Jennifer dragged him to this photo op and tried to force him into some kissing for the cameras to show they were a big happy family and he wasn’t into it for that reason. Maybe he thought it was dumb and he’s above it now. Remember his awful public romance with Lopez that killed his career?

    Or maybe they got in a fight at home and she wants to kiss and make up and he’s not ready yet so he’s temporarily giving her the cold shoulder.

    Or maybe he’s just being a d*ck.

  16. susanne says:

    I think he was probably boning Blake, and is having a rough time with his addictions- being a generally crappy husband.

    Jen seems like such a perfectionist type that she’s willing to do anything to keep her family together. I recall her beating herself up over the breakup of her last marriage.

    Too bad.

  17. Lardy Chops says:

    Agree with Irena: keeping your hands firmly in your pockets while someone is cuddling up to you sends a very negative, ‘keep away from me’ message.

  18. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    If InTouch says it, it has to be true! *eyeroll*

  19. Marjalane says:

    I doubt if the paps follow them relentlessly. Both of them are boring as hell, and I get that it’s easier for moms to dress in the jeans and sweats when dealing with kids, but if my husband was spending his days with Blake Lively and her boobs, I might try a little harder to look less dowdy. Jennifer Garner seems to ALWAYS be sporting major bitchface.

  20. liz says:

    That man couldn’t seem less interested in his wife. I would hope to be able to spot this disinterest if displayed by the person I’m dating. Who knows what’s going on in his mind, but it has little to do with Jennifer or his kids.


  21. denise says:

    These two may need to hang it up, they look so miserable together. The body language speaks volumes. Ben looks so distant from her, esp. in the pic where she is giving him a kiss, he has his face turned. What an a-hole. I feel bad for Jenny and the kids, he never seemed to be much of a great hubby or dad.

  22. Whatever says:

    Eh, marriage is work for everyone, if it lasts. Why would it be any different for celebrities? Could be true, or not; considering its ITW, I’ll reserve judgment for now.

  23. Alexa says:

    Ben seems like a lousy husband, a lousy father, and just a DOUCHE! And why is everyone all hot up under the collar over this “Blake Lively”?!?!! I’m not seein’ it!

  24. Meanchick says:

    I agree about the body language. She’s touching him, he’s not touching her. Until now, I’ve never seen them all out together. What I hate is that they are pretending for others instead of doing what makes them happiest. You can’t make someone love you or be with you.

  25. TG says:

    @Marjalane – Too funny and true. Jen is a pretty girl and you can look majorly cute in jeans and a cute top. But she is always sporting the lumbrjack look can’t figure out why. And Jen should have known what she was getting into when she hooked up with this creature. I haven’t forgotten that JHo was still recently married when he bagan wooing her with full page advertisements about how awesome she is and at the opening of her restaurant he had someone rush the ropes to give her flowers right in front of her pitiful husband Chris.

  26. Kim says:

    After he’s done promoting The Town, they will probably announce that they have separated. It won’t be announced now because he will have to deal with those questions when he does press. I say before the year ends we will have another hollywood marriage gone kaput. Such is life… feel sorry for the kids, no matter what Ben does and how hard he tries he just can’t shake those demons, like father like son..

  27. Patty says:

    GIVE ME A FRIGGIN BREAK! how about posting all the pics especially the ones where he’s happy seeing playing with his daughters.I could make up a story too by posting only the pics I wanted .If they wanted manufactured photo,they would’ve posed for People or US weeekly mags with a tell all.They are obviously a private family and don’t like to show off.Leave Ben and his family alone!

  28. xxodettexx says:

    i have had the occasion to watch some of the videos on tmz [dont judge, ya'll!!] and considering some of the things i hear the paps scream, i am not surprised there are so many pictures with celebrities looking pissed off… frankly, not every celebrity is as famewhorey as paris or lilo… i mean, they all have a level of famewhoring in them considering their choice in careers, but i am sure even they would like some nice family or downtime from time to time….

  29. LondonLady says:

    just look like two tired parents with small kids to me

  30. Iggles says:

    Omg! You’re so right! I looked at the pictures again and in all the PDA ones with Jen, his hands are in his pocket. Something is definitely up!

    I suspect he and Blake got too close for Jen’s comfort while shooting “The Town”.

  31. snowball says:

    Okay, deleted a huge post down because.. because.

    I don’t particularly think Ben’s that great of a Dad. From what I’ve seen, his girls aren’t that emotionally connected to him the way they are to Jen. They just glow when they’re with her. Not so much with him.

    He and Jen have no spark whatsoever anymore and it’s gone on his end. He looks so cold and unemotional when he’s with his family, but he sure can have a blast when he’s out doing promo work or hanging out with his buddies.

  32. Green Is Good says:

    It’s hard to be all affectionate and loving when there’s a hoard of Pappz stalking you and your children.

    So “uncool”.

  33. danielle says:

    These photos do look off. I think they were staged because of Casey Affleck’s lawsuits. Reminds everyone that Ben’s reformed. But he looks more dapper than he has in years – more like when he was with JLo and she looks like a soccer mom. Major disconnect. I miss Bennifer1.0 – that was a fun couple.

  34. Birdie says:

    Is it cold in LA or something? Jennifer is wearing a fall vest… It’s August.

    I know it’s hotter than heck in New York City…Not the case in LA?

  35. bellaluna says:

    For all we know, IT picked these pix to illustrate their point, not the other way round. Tabs/paps mercilessly pursue couples, takes tons of snaps, then use the worst ones. A happy family/relationship doesn’t sell the rag-mags; conflict (real or manufactured) does.

  36. darn! i was hoping the rumors weren’t true about him and Blake Lively, I really like these two as a couple. They seem “normal” for a H-wood couple.

  37. Beth says:

    It’s been chillier than normal in So Cal lately, a weird summer, cloudy and cool, that’s why they’re dressed this way. I heard we might even get a thunderstorm today, which would be AWESOME.

    I’ve always like Ben Affleck as an actor, and I like Jennifer Garner. She looks like a normal, sweet person that I’d want to hang out with. I hope their marriage is okay, she seems like such a nice girl.

  38. Kim says:

    Ben will be doing major press for The Town, I think he really needs this to be both a critical and commercial success so he can get his career at a respectable level with his peers that have left him behind. I would love to be the one journalist on that press line that would have the balls to ask him point blank why he always looks so miserable and unhappy with his wife and kids, I’d love to hear his answer. I don’t know Ben or Jen personally, but perception is everything and from my vantage point Ben is a major douche that Jen needs to finally dump.

  39. Rosanna says:

    These two are as fake as it gets! They’re headed to splitville and have been before Violet was born. Give them 1-2 years and you’ll see.

  40. Taya says:

    Considering the fact that Jen got pregnant on purpose to trap Affleck the first time and then gets pregnant again to keep him in the marriage, I would be pissed if I was him too. This has been known for years about Garner. She is no innocent virgin who made Ben fall in love with her. Jen has been obsessed with Ben since they both made Pearl Harbor. Hell, everyone in Hollywood knows that. Look at their wedding photos. Jen is jumping around like a school girl and Ben is just there. Very sad.
    You people need to give him some credit. He did marry her when she got pregnant. He may be a douche but the guy did step up.

  41. alwayssurprised says:

    I saw these pictures earlier and all I can think is why is Violet the only one not wearing tennis shoes.. Shes there for soccer camp and shes wearing sandals? Why push sports on kids if thats not what they are into.

  42. Kitten says:

    Always amazing to me how unabashedly gleeful some people seem over the perceived (emphasis on “perceived”) demise of other peoples’ divorce/break-up. Interesting….

  43. Cheyenne says:

    Sweet Jesus, has nobody learned yet that body language is often total bullcrap?

    Does anybody remember the photos of Pitt and Aniston in January of 2005 on some Caribbean island, kissing passionately and appearing oblivious to the world around them? Two days after those photos were taken they announced they were separating.

    I don’t know what’s going on between Affleck and Garner, but damned if I’m going to try to figure it out via body language. Total waste of time.

  44. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    yep, the paps scream the most outrageous crap at people just to get a reaction.

    Never believe body language in Pap photos. Total waste of time.

  45. serena says:

    well I think the giant diamond ring is something that she wears few times because, you know, she’s the sporty type. Not someone who got all dressed-up and wear jewels. Maybe it’s their engagement ring, what do we know?
    Ben is ALWAYS looking pissed, with or without Jen, so no worry.

  46. Nuharoo says:

    Lets try to remember, that for all of Jen’s silly airs, she is an actress and all actresses are extremely cutthroat. I mean really, do poeple on here think that Jen was shipped in from a convent into fame?

    As for Ben, he might not be good at photo ops and ‘keeping up appearances.’ This is someone who enjoyed going to Dunkin’ Donuts while with JLO. I wonder, who is leaking these tidbits too? After Bennifer and before Garner, Ben seemed to be keeping his private life private.

    As for Ben’s ‘slowing career’ he’s been in the business for ages and I don’t doubt that he’s near broke or relying on her to support them. He might be working on a film and directing, writing, etc. instead of starring in movies.

    BEfore we start buying into this gossip and letting Blake LIvely’s reputation get smeared, there’s no rock solid proof about that and I bet that if Jen wins an Oscar, that she will accuse Ben of adultery and divorce and come across as this ‘strong modern woman,’ which is what all Oscar winning actresses do.

    If Jennifer is unhappy with Ben she shouldn’t have gotten herself pregnant than now should she?

  47. OC lady says:

    Maybe, he’s upset about all the lawsuits his brother is getting? And, she looks like she’s trying to console him. His down mood might have nothing to do with her at all. Just a thought.

    Oh, and it’s been chilly in LA/the OC lately. So, that’s why they’re wearing warmer clothes.

  48. Kitten says:

    @Nuharoo-Ben’s net worth as of 2/10 is listed at $70 mill. If that’s considered “broke” by your standards then I wanna live in your world, please. Seriously, take me out on your yacht! :)

  49. Aqua says:

    I hope its not true,I really like them. Magazines and tabloids have been wrong before, so I’ll just wait and see if anything happens to them.

  50. Jeri says:

    They look like a happy family. I hope for all their sakes, especially the kids, that he’s just mad about the papps being there.

  51. bellaluna says:

    @ Nuharoo -

    Ummm, I’m not sure which female Oscar winners you’ve been following, but Sandra Bullock didn’t accuse her husband of cheating, his mistress did. Ryan Phillipe cheated on Reese Witherspoon. And Eric Benet cheated on Halle Berry multiple times. (Those are the 3 actresses who immediately spring to mind.)

    Also, I’m pretty sure JG didn’t just “get herself” pregnant…last I checked, it takes a sperm to with that egg to make a baby.

    Please don’t take offence. I just honestly don’t understand your position, here.

  52. Edan says:

    Don’t forget, she trapped him with pregnancy and although he went along with it at the time, I’m sure is is well over it by now. She was a “rebound” relationship anyways, and those never work out. He has looked miserable for a while now, and all of the stories about working late, blah blah blah, are just bunk. Tom Cruise works 24 hours a day too from one movie to the next and always manages a smile while he is with Suri and Katie. Same for Brad Pitt.

    Ben is just a scowling miserable hump who doesn’t know which end is up. He bought JLo that 15 carat ring or so? It cost over a million bucks. And he buys his wife a 7 carat ring? Big fuckin’ deal. She’s a bag lady and I’m sure he just gave her the ring to pacify her.

    Divorce is around the corner.

  53. Lauren says:

    Jen is not sweet..she was married,then cheated with Michael Varden, then she cheated on MV with Ben. Then Jen got pregnant. Jen was married for years, and never got pregnant. Sorry, but Jen getting preggo with Ben was totally masterminded by Jen. I cant watch her movies anymore, cause of all her projected perky, fake sweetness. Ben looks so bloody bored..there were paps around 24*7 with JLo, and he looked horny & happy most of the time. Ben is sitting in a chair yawning..yeah, he is so thrilled!! LOL

  54. Haden says:


    If Jen wins an Oscar? Bwahahaha!
    OMG are you serious? She is one of the WORST actresses in Hollywood. LMAO @ Oscar.

  55. Madison says:

    “Ben is ALWAYS looking pissed, with or without Jen, so no worry.”

    Not when Blake Lively is around he doesn’t, he looks happy. I think Ben checked out of his marriage with Jen Garner a while back, he shows up when they have movies to promote and then you hardly ever see him the rest of the time.

  56. Nuharoo says:

    I just mean that it’s been printed that Jen works SO HARD to keep the family finances going and I just mean, in regards to getting preggers, that she should have been on a reliable birth control. It’s not difficult and she should know better.

    Yes, it takes spermies, but she should have been responsible.

    “Jen is not sweet..she was married,then cheated with Michael Varden, then she cheated on MV with Ben. Then Jen got pregnant. Jen was married for years, and never got pregnant. Sorry, but Jen getting preggo with Ben was totally masterminded by Jen. I cant watch her movies anymore, cause of all her projected perky, fake sweetness.”

    All actors and actresses are the exact opposite of their public images. At what stupid point is this dolt going to be in a role that actually requires her to act like an adult? I remember that magazine cover where she suggested all these little games and it makes me puke that a grown woman markets herself this way. So she tarts around with all these men and STILL acts like she had sex for the first time with Ben.

  57. Kim says:

    What bothers me is that Jen lets this happen in the first place. I mean have some pride in yourself. Surely her people or even her friends that see these pics,and many before these, that Ben looks disconnected and uninterested in her. I would hate for everyone to think that my husband didn’t love me, and this is the perception that Ben has created with behaving like this. Victor Garber needs to knock some sense into her, the longer she puts up with Ben’s douchiness the more it will hurt her and her kids in the end. I honestly believe that Ben is embarassed to be married to her and that he doesn’t support or care about her in the least. Say what you want about “trapping” him and all the bs, but does that excuse this behavior, geez get divorced if you’re not happy.

  58. Chris says:

    They should’ve shown the pictures of Ben and Jen’s reactions to their daughter’s goals. Apparently they both had great games and their team won 5-0.

  59. lisa says:

    I have to say I don’t trust all the pictures. We all know (I hope) that outlet purchase lots of pictures and only pick the “select few” to represent the story they want to tell. I have seen pictures used on Mag covers (we all have) that are taken out of content. Then when you see ALL of them or a video it is a different story. They may have only selected to show the pics of Ben not smiling with her. Hundreds of pictures were most likely taken. I have always said Jennifer is not the perfect parent. NO ONE IS. I know Ben has an eye on Politics one day. Jennifer G. is morphing herself into the perfect political wife. Cute kids. Perfect Family.

    Give it a few years and we will see a Run for some office. Wait and see. No divorce there. It would not look good on a political campaign sign.

  60. Liana says:

    Ted C. (Awful Truth) has been saying for a long time how Garner is the opposite of what she portrays onscreen and in photo ops. Who knows?

    Ted C is a bitchy queen with an axe to grind. I actually have worked with Jen G recently and she’s fun and genuine and nice. She seemed very together with Ben when he visited the set. I would be surprised if they don’t work hard at keeping their marriage together. Marriage is hard enough, but toss paps and rags and fame and work into the mix and it’s downright close to impossible! I wish them luck.

  61. canadianchick says:

    Hope they’re okay, I’m tired of all the breakups this year.

  62. Darlene says:

    They both seem to be very private when it comes to the state of their marriage, much more since they have kids and neither want their kids photos appearing on the pages of tabloids and etc. They are both likable in their own right and seem to have a hugh following and with nothing to actually feed their popularity, I think a lot of rumors are fabricated to justify the overwhelming interest that they both generate.

    They are cetainly a lovely couple and sure do make beautiful babies and are pleasing to read and speculate about it.

  63. sandy says:

    ben loves jen, he’s not the kind of guy would be with someone he does not care for, he checked out of his relationship with jho, even after he pursued her to the max, JG preggers or not, he would not have stayed if he didn’t love her. ben looks tired, that’s all. great family.

  64. Darlene says:

    I agree with Sandy, I think Ben loves Jen and she obviously loves him. One thing for sure, he can’t do better when it comes to a wife and mother to his kids than Jen Garner. He is not a stupid man so he knows this. She on the other hand, could do better and any guy would be happy to take her off his hands. After having said that, I really don’t think there is any drama here folks, lets just move on.

  65. birdgherl says:

    Every couple has problems. It’s called life. Add kids, jobs (yes, even as actors), family, time and so on, and it’s even more difficult. We should all be in therapy. It’s a sign that people are committed to a good relationship.

  66. Ben Affleck is looking mentally ill here; heard he’s an alcoholic and a gambler. Jen is a good mom and wife, it seems. How long will she put up with him, I wonder.

  67. Lauren says:

    There is definitely something amiss here. Ben has never seemed like a genuine family man…I agree with the Brad Pitt observation…he has SIX kids & he isnt rude & grumpy when his kids are around. And Brad & Angelina have animal chemistry. Ben just seems very narcassistic to me…most compulsive gambler-alcoholic-womanizers are not good husbands or fathers.

  68. Lauren says:

    Poor Jen looks like she is making out with Bens nose!! Maybe Ben has a hangover.

  69. Chris says:

    Most people get bored with their lives and marriages at different times. It must be hard for someone like Ben Affleck to remain faithful because he travels a bit and comes into contact with attractive women who would be willing to sleep with him. Everyday Joes can get on their high horses about being faithful but most of us aren’t exposed to the same degree of temptation.

  70. Tazina says:

    It could be the paps but it doesn’t look like Ben is into Jen all that much. If a man is kissing you and looking off into the distance like he is, it’s not a great sign. He did the same thing to Lopez and they split up shortly after. Of course things might be a lot different behind closed doors but I see trouble between these two. This is why marriage is such a crap shoot. Once the spark is gone it’s gone, and the piece of paper makes it a lot more difficult to end it.

  71. Kiska says:

    Ben looks completely checked out. He just doesn’t seem interested in being their with his beautiful family.

  72. cruiz2 says:

    I don’t normally follow these guys. Ben looks so posed & bored in the kiss shot. She’s making it fake work. At least her hands are free – take note other(katie)actresses. Boring couple really!

  73. Liana says:

    Considering the fact that Jen got pregnant on purpose to trap Affleck the first time and then gets pregnant again to keep him in the marriage, I would be pissed if I was him too. This has been known for years about Garner.

    It HAS? I work in the H-wood community and while there are rumors about EVERYONE running rampant, this is a ridiculous statement. First of all, it’s not the 50′s, where pregnancy means marriage. Plenty people deal with children without running off to a romantic place to get married. It’s not like Jen climbed on Ben, ripped off the condom, and went to town on him in hopes of getting pregnant, then forced him to Turks and Caicos to get married in a private ceremony. It happens. Birth control is not 100% effective (and to avoid unwanted pregnancy BOTH partners should be responsible for birth control, the pill + a condom is more effective than just the pill or just a condom). My friend got pregnant after her husband had a vasectomy and no, she was not cheating on him – she had a paternity test done to prove it to him, then left his ass for not trusting her. Clearly that pregnancy didn’t keep her in the marriage.

    Second of all, perhaps they were TRYING to get pregnant with Serafina. They were married, they might not have been even using contraceptives. No one not in their marriage or in their circle of confidantes would have access to that information. If Ben was so “pissed,” he could have left then. Again, pregnancy is not a reason to stay in a marriage that makes one unhappy.

    Third of all, I hope they stay together if that’s what they want. And if they don’t, they are simply another addition to the high divorce rate, at least they made it past five years and did something to try to work things out.

  74. The Truth Fairy says:

    Ooooh I love that bag !!

    I am 99% sure he was boning Blake during production of their film.

    Not sure he was ever faithful to Jennifer Garner. He wanted a quiet normal girl at the time, because he was just coming out of his media charged relationship with JLo who is so superficial and a real diva. So he went for someone the opposite of JLo, but now after 5 years of playing the family guy, he’s bored. No big surprise there.

  75. dj says:

    These pictures just make me feel sad.

  76. Vivelafrance says:

    oh non pas eux,

  77. nofreelunch says:

    I think he’s an unhappy person in general. Okay, maybe not around Blake Lively , but he’s unhappy– not insane. Just cause he responds in a typically male fashion to the obviously charming Miss Lively, doesn’t mean he’s boning her. He may want to, but I don’t see her moving in that direction, she’s a mighty careful architect when it comes to her career.
    Ben looks like every 5 year married dad at playgrounds everywhere–bored out of his gourd– except the ones married to Angelina Jolie, who seem a bit more chipper.

  78. Isa says:

    You know, normally I make excuses too. That they are annoyed by the paps, it’s just one or two pictures, etc.

    But pictures of them looking unhappy show up too often. It seems like Jen is trying to hard to reach out to a husband that doesn’t seem to care.

    I still don’t understand why they get papped.

  79. DiMi says:

    I’m with everybody who thinks that something was up with him and Blake Lively, even if it was only in his head. If you compare those pictures with these of him with Jennifer, you can see a very sad story unfolding.

  80. mole says:

    i never liked him really,but their little girls are just so cute

  81. Linda says:

    There are plenty of pictures of him happy and smiling with Jennifer. These particular ones were cherry picked to show only the ones where he wasn’t smiling. Look at other sites and you can see plenty were he is. I think you all are being negative nellies esp. about Blake Lively. its pretty ridiculous to think he was doing anything but laughing at her joking around. Everybody acts like he got caught doing something, and he wasn’t doing a damn thing wrong. Get off their backs people!
    OH P.S. In touch, I mean we are suddenly going to believe THEM??

  82. susan says:

    After reading all these comments I can see that this is a I Hate Ben Affleck site.
    I hope by now that most of you had a chance to see all the entire series of Photos taken this day.
    Ben and Seraphina where playing in play ground area when Jen walked over to the fence and called Ben over to talk. Ben then brings Seraphina over where Jen and Violet are getting ready to play soccer. Ben looks tried not bored. He is watching and playing soccer with Serphina in most of the photos. There a photo of Ben bending down and kisses the top of Seraphina head (Super Cute). Ben is smiling in over half the photos. My point is no one knows what is going on with this family. They look like they are doing just fine to me. I don’t know why people want to judge this couple based on one a photo of Jen kissing Ben. I have seen photos of Jen kissing Ben to soothe him at Red Sox games when they where losing. Jen leaned over and Kisses Ben the same way. Ben looked sad and she was trying to make him feel better. I thought it was a really sweet moment. It looks like she is doing the same thing in this photo. Ben hates the razzies and if he sees them he isn’t going to give them a money shot.
    So that means people like a lot of you get to predicted Jennifer Garners second divorce based on rumors and selected photos to support your hate of Ben Affleck.

  83. Musicfan says:

    I dont usually ever comment on them, but I will today. I think their marriage is over in his head, and JG knows it but is trying to convince herself otherwise.

    They aren’t that popular the paps are not following them, neither or A list actors especially Affleck. He can love his daughters but dosen’t mean he wants their mother. It may because of Blake, strippers, etc Or maybe he just dosen’t want to be married.

    The JLO thing messed his head up, but I do think he only married Garner due to pregnancy not love. He probably felt Matt was married so he should just jump for it, the only time he looks happy with Garner is when Matt and his wife are along also.