Sean Bean’s fourth wife files for divorce after two years

I’ve been gossiping for over four years now (well really all my life, but I wasn’t paid for it then), and sometimes I’ll report on a lesser celebrity and won’t hear a follow up story for well over a year. Working from home the days all kind of run together, and I’ll remember the last story as if it happened just a while ago. That’s the case with this Sean Bean divorce, because when I heard it I thought “jeez, didn’t he just get married?” No, he got married two years ago and now it’s over. Sad, but predictable given this guy’s history. Oh – you might known Sean Bean from the Lord of The Rings trilogy, which should have a damn follow-up by now but that Hobbit movie is taking forever.

It looks like another ending to another high-profile marriage is in the works.

Citing irreconcilable differences, Georgina Sutcliffe has filed for divorce from actor Sean Bean at the High Court in London.

Theirs was a tumultuous relationship that got off to a rocky start when the couple called off their wedding 24 hours before they were to be married in January 2008.

The two finally wed on February 19th of the same year.

It never appeared to be a match made in heaven, however, and the police were called to their residence three times over their two-and-a-half years together to help settle domestic disputes.

Despite a successful career on the screen, the Lord of the Rings actor doesn’t seem to have had a lot of luck in the nuptial department given that this will be his fourth time in divorce court.

[From Hello!]

In terms of Sean’s past, he’s been married three other times and has three daughters by his two middle wives. (I tried to make that succinct, but it may take a moment to figure out.) He’s had three instances in which cops were called to his home for domestic incidents with this last wife so he was either abusive, they fought a lot, or both.

Kaiser really wanted to report on this one because she thinks Bean is dirty hot like Gerard Butler, but I already called this story. This guy might do it for me if he seemed decent, but there’s something really low life about him. Once someone is accused of assaulting their wife they lose any appeal they might once have had for me. Kaiser would do well to stick to love ‘em and leave ‘em types instead of love ‘em and make their lives miserable until the inevitable divorce. (*Shakes head at Kaiser for her bad taste in men. And you know I was going to write “love ‘em and beat ‘em,” but that was just too much.)

Georgina Sutcliffe is just 32! Doesn’t she look older? I think it’s the bad makeup. Bean is 51 and he looks it.

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  1. Green Is Good says:

    I suspect Sean Bean is a raging alcoholic.

    Only 2 years? They barely had time to use the good China they got as a wedding present!

  2. Kaiser says:

    He looked delicious on his wedding day! Mmm… dirty hot.

  3. K says:

    First Dom now The Bean? Is it Lord of the Rings day? Can we get some hot Elijah action next? Or Billy Boyd? I love that man!

  4. alicia says:

    she is wearing the same shoes

  5. Green Is Good says:

    “Dirty Hot”. Excellent description!

  6. lucy2 says:

    Four divorces is someone who is CLEARLY not cut out for marriage. But I’m sure his attorney loves it!

  7. esblondie says:

    Never mind Elijah or Billy Boyd; check out some of the lesser-known actors from that trilogy. Carl Urban (also played an assassin in one of the Bourne flicks) and the guy who played Faramir, David Wenham. Yes, please.

  8. émer says:

    There were rumours a while ago that police came at their house after a call from her to the police => supposed marital violence when he was drunk.

    edit : nonetheless I like the dirty hotness he has lol.

  9. bizzy says:

    STUNNED, i tell you, i am STUNNED.

    also, jebus sean get a haircut. ps, i still loff you.

  10. Kelly says:

    Meep! Poor thing, she’s better off without him; now maybe she can get a job so that she can have more than one pair of shoes and one lipstick.

    I agree, though – he’s probably a filthy drinker, but hot. I can’t resist the rough macho.

  11. Raz says:

    Sean Bean looks like a tramp. And not in a sexy scruffy way, like in a pees-in-his-pants-to-keep-warm sort of way.

    AND every time I see his name I say the first part to rhyme with the second which sounds RIDICULOUS. Can’t help it though.

    Seen Bean.

  12. BrandyMc says:

    I agree he is “dirty hot”! What was that movie he played in with Sophia Bush? He played a psycho who was trying to kill her? He was really hot in that one!

  13. K says:

    @esblondie: When I found out that Bret Mckenzie played one of the elves at the Council of Elrond, I about died. He was FIGWIT. (fangirl translator: Frodo Is Great, Who Is THAT? *swoon*)

    And Hugo Weaving? *gasm* Although got to say, Carl Urban wins total love for being that ridiculously good-looking and that ridiculously hilarious.

  14. Molly says:

    Was that their wedding picture? Her dye job is god-awful and she looks like she’s wearing some sort of giant black bra/undershirt under her ivory top. Ugh–wedding day fashion fail!

  15. ViktoryGin says:

    LOL @ CB calling out Kaiser’s questionable taste in men. Sorry, Kaiser. It like they have to be carrying a communicable disease or something. *Ducks*

    I have to admit he looks a little better scruffy. Because the clean cut look would not suit him.

    Anyway, never been much of fan and certainly will never be if it turns out that he used that woman as a punching bag. Who knows? Maybe she gave HIM a beatdown.

  16. Kaiser says:

    *shakes fist at VictoryGin*

    I know, I know, my taste in men is questionable. Can I admit something really dark? I don’t get the Brad Pitt thing. I mean, I find him attractive, but I don’t get hot for him. I generally ONLY get hot for really dirty-hot men (like Sean, or Gerard) or smarmy fuckers like Ed Westwick.

  17. BrandyMc says:

    Kaiser I couldn’t agree with you more! Brad Pitt does nothing for me! Neither does the pretty boys like Zac Efron! But, I will take Gerard or Sean any day! YUMMY!

  18. UrbanRube says:

    Dirty hot I can get behind. Stinky hot, not so much.

  19. Victoria says:

    OMG you guys it IS the SAME shoes and same lipstick!

  20. Green Is Good says:

    This thread is cracking me up! You Celebitchez are hilarious!!

    Co-sign with esblondie: Carl Urban and David Wenham. YES!

  21. fizXgirl314 says:

    wow, these are the dirtiest, worst looking wedding photos I’ve ever seen… you couldn’t get a trim on your wedding day? Damn, her ends are fried… and he could have at least showered… wow, I’m really surprised stinky and scorchy didn’t make it :-/

  22. Oi says:

    Speaking of hot LOTR guys, how about Craig Parker (Haldir)?Not to mention Legend of the Seeker!

    And maybe, just maybe, marriage is not for you Sean.

  23. bizzy says:

    Carl Urban and David Wenham

    i think kaiser has a fanfic for that …

  24. Boromir's bytch says:

    To be fair, Georgina was accused of abusing him in their first publicized domestic violence episode in LA a few years back.

    He’s got one of the best voices ever, could listen to him all day long. It’s a bedroom voice. Yum. He made Shakespeare sound dirty sexy when he was doing MacBeth. And have you seen Caravaggio? Or Lady Chatterley’s Lover? Classic early Bean.

  25. Bodhi says:

    Sean Bean… *wipes drool from chin* Sorry, where was I?

    Well, that sucks… I didn’t seen this one lasting much more than 2 years so…

  26. GatsbyGal says:

    Y’all are right, those ARE the same shoes! You never see that, how weird.

    Also Kaiser, I don’t get Brad Pitt either. He’s so just not hot. He’s good-looking, sure. But to me, “hot” gets reserved for, like, Harrison Ford circa Han Solo or Indiana Jones. Scruffy and smirk-y. <3

  27. Mairead says:

    In Kaiserspeak: Sean Bean is my Gerard Butler :oops:
    Has been for many years now. If you want to see him bring the hawt, look for the tv series “Sharpe” (with the most excellent Darragh O’Malley and lovely traditional music by John Tamm and Kate Rusby). Napoleonic-era uniforms, that’s all I’ll say. ;)

    But he himself has said he was a poor husband in the past as he’d rather spend his time watching football than with his wife. And he wasn’t the most involved dad for his girls for the same reason.

    And just on the police being called to the domestic arguments. Considering I have called the police on my horrible neighbours arguing, although I do doubt ‘he’ is (always) physically abusive to ‘her’, I can’t assume that that’s not the case here as well.

  28. Kiska says:

    The first time I saw Sean Bean was in a period piece called, “Clarissa”. He plays a devilish rogue who is cruel and enjoys seducing women of good reputations and then leaving them behind to face the music.
    Anyway, he plays a horrible cad in this piece but he did it so well, I had to wonder if he has a cruel streak in him. He would also be my “Gerald Butler” Bad rep. or not, there is something about him. I wouldn’t want to marry him, just simply go at him for several hours. :-)

  29. Jenny says:

    Dirty hot is right. She does NOT look 32, and sorta looks like a very budget version of Natasha Richardson (rest her soul).

  30. snowball says:

    He looks like he smells like unwashed greasy hair, cigarette smoke, leather and dirt. I’m not even going to speculate on what his breath or crotch smells like.

    His little trophy wife looks like she smells like a Cost Cutters salon, Nair, pleather, Avon lipstick and sweaty bras.

    They obviously were a match made in sensory heaven. Too bad these kids couldn’t make a go of it.

  31. bizzy says:

    @snowball: He looks like he smells like unwashed greasy hair, cigarette smoke, leather and dirt.

    to which i and all the other dirty-hot addicts say, GUH.

    seriously, i bet that man could melt my knickers with just the air above his skin.

  32. Kate says:

    She does look old for her age. I think she makes unwise choices as far as hair color, hair style, make-up, and clothes (and men, clearly).

    And Sean is dirty-sexy, but I would only do him if he wore his LOTR outfit during the act.

  33. Linda says:

    OMG!! Can I have him? Just for a little while?

  34. Delta Juliet says:

    “They obviously were a match made in sensory heaven.”

    LOL that made me snort!

  35. gen says:

    Take the hot off of dirty hot & you got it. I don’t see any appeal there.
    And the 1st pic she looks much older, but in the rest she looks her age.

  36. Jujube says:

    She needs a decent make-up artist poor thing.

  37. NancyMan says:

    He needs to take better care of himself. Rough..

  38. mslewis says:

    I have no idea who Sean Bean is but this thread is cracking me up!!!

    And, Kaiser, how in the world can this man and the Butler guy give you sexy vibes and Brad Pitt doesn’t? Seriously!! I don’t get it. I like me some bad boys too but not bad, dirty and violent boys!! Give me the bad boys who have a tender side and show it by touching my butt and kissing babies.

  39. Eileen says:

    Yucko. No way not even close to Hot N’ Dirty Gerry.

  40. Seer says:

    @Kaiser et al: I’m with all of you, I also don’t get the Brad Pitt thing! The same goes for George Clooney. I don’t know why, they just don’t do it for me. BUT Sean Bean – now, he REALLY is attractive!

  41. John says:

    This looked like doomed marriage from the very start, he cancelled the wedding then married her anyway, just odd…

  42. Shay says:

    I don’t know, but people who marry so many times have many personality issues. I don’t believe in the excuses they make, that they kind find the right person. They have unrealistic and immature standards.

  43. MoMo says:

    @Raz lol- I know! In my family we had this long running joke about whether he was ‘Seen Bean’ or ‘Sean Bawn’.

  44. Cheyenne says:

    Bleagh. He looks like something growing on the side of a tree trunk.

  45. Tazina says:

    I’ve seen this guy in various movies playing a bad guy…. The woman he married in these photos is nothing special, kind of sloppy and poorly put together. In the last photo judging by their glum faces, it’s just about over.

  46. Boromir's bytch says:

    I prefer his Odysseus costume from Troy. Beanie can rock the manskirt.

    Edited to add that the first photo above was taken the night he introduced Viggo at an award show. They both had fifths of Jameson stuffed in their pockets. Viggo was really tipsy, gave a hilarious speech about Aragorn being old enough to change Boromir’s diapers.

  47. Ashryn97015 says:

    BrandyMc: “The Hitcher” is the movie you’re talking about. And that’s the first time I ever fell in love with Sean Bean…
    Bizzy: I agree. CUT YOUR HAIR ALREADY!!!!! He looks soooooooooo much better with short hair!

  48. Solveig says:

    Is the accusation of being abusive turned out to be right? If not I’ll take my ticket and queue to his next wife’s job position.

    He’s one of the most underrated actors of the past decade, especially because unfortunately he’s been stuck on his Boromir’s character.

  49. as11 films says:

    Ok, she wins – worst dressed Bride ever. Hasn’t she heard of conditioner or non vampire bride make-up or a white bra?
    Frizzy, bad root job, bedraggled hair – my Mum would die of shame if I turned up like that on my Wedding Day.
    She waited the 2 yrs, now she can claim the alimony.
    Cheer up Sean, you’re better off without her.Find yourself a decent, fun loving, non gold digger gal to keep you company.

    P.S. I’m free from this week on ………..

  50. as11 films says:

    Ok, she wins – worst dressed Bride ever. Hasn’t she heard of conditioner or non vampire bride make-up or a white bra?
    Frizzy, bad root job, bedraggled hair – my Mum would die of shame if I turned up like that on my Wedding Day.
    She waited the 2 yrs, now she can claim the alimony.
    Cheer up Sean, you’re better off without her.Find yourself a decent, fun loving, non gold digger gal to keep you company.

    P.S. I’m free from this week on ………..

  51. K says:

    @Boromir’s bytch: How awesome would it be to get drunk with Bean and Viggo? Especially the “I love you man!” “No, I love YOU man!” part of the night. RP slashfic, yes…

  52. mojoman says:

    call me traditionalist but in that wedding picture, where is HIS ring? I saw hers but not his..that’s weird.

  53. gg says:

    @ Raz – LOL my husband and I do the same thing.

    Note to Seen Been: Oh Beeny, you used to be so hot. Then I saw you on a few really bad movies, playing dumbasses, and I can’t believe it but you have turned into an abusive slimeball who quit bathing ten years ago and abuses women. Shame. I’m thinking you are just as dumb as the dumbasses you played. Please cut the hair, take a shower, go into rehab, and quit marrying. You look like a drunken street bum.

  54. gretchen says:

    But to me, “hot” gets reserved for, like, Harrison Ford circa Han Solo or Indiana Jones. Scruffy and smirk-y. <3
    ummm Yes…and to me to be smirky you have to be intelligent…one of my biggest turn-ons!!

  55. Andrea-2 says:

    @as 11 films

    Oh, you’ve never seen Emma Thompson’s wedding dress from her first wedding to Kenneth Branagh…

  56. p3rp3tu4 says:

    I really enjoyed the Sharpe’s stories he was in…

  57. DetRiotgirl says:

    @both the Harrison Ford comments… YES!!!! Han Solo was my first total lust crush, and then Indiana Jones sealed the deal. Even in the last Indy movie, even with our huge age gap (I’m 25), I still thought “HOT SEX WITH A WHIP!” the whole time! Damn, and Han Solo is still high up on my fantasy roster as well, even after all this time. Harrison Ford = sexy forever!

    Btw, I am not a fan of LOTR or Sean. But, I have loved reading the comments! You guys are all hilarious. :) and lol@Kaiser and CB especially! I love your banter.

  58. Toe says:

    This guy playes for the bad guy in Golden Eye. I realy liked him in that movie. PLease Celebitchy, put Karl Urban on the “hot man’s list” next Friday.

  59. alice says:

    I feel bad for him in spite of it all. Maybe he should take a rest from relationships. I until he finds out what he’s doing wrong.I agree that he’s underrated,but that’s in the AUSA. He won’t go Hollywood like Gerard Butler who I also love! I kinda admire him for sticking to his own principles as far as his career.

  60. Hi
    I know the pain of being an abusers 4th
    wife/ I’ve been married to this pain off more than on for the last 15 years. He refuses to take prescribed medication for his emotional issues. He prefers taking poor innocent wives whom don’t know what hell they are in for married to his several personalities. I could write a very thick book concern-
    ing this unstable relationship from beginning to an end that God knows I often wonder/ what will be it’s end. Will I kill him or will he kill myself and our two kids whom he started harming when they started trying to protect me from him. God help us all

  61. Jen K says:

    Nobody knows the real reason behind the breakup and it should stay private. But like everyone else I had a pretty good idea it wasn’t going to stand the test of time.
    Sean IS smokin hot under normal circumstances and these pictures don’t do him any justice. Not by a long shot.
    The last pic, says it all. They look like they are furious with one another, but are putting on the “we’re okay” front. Sad!
    And Georgina, you don’t wear an outfit like that on your wedding day. You looked like crap! And if you cared, you would have had Sean get a haircut, shave and wear a better suit. This is a special occasion even if it was at City Hall!

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