Keanu Reeves is getting hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments

Keanu Reeves is getting hyperbaric oxygen treatments in Beverly Hills, according to a new exclusive story in The National Enquirer. They say he decided to try the treatments in order to get relief from insomnia, and he feels that it’s working. Hyperbaric oxygen chambers were brought to public awareness in the 1980s when Micheal Jackson claimed that the treatment would help him live to be 150. He was largely dismissed as a quack for his claims, but hyperbaric therapy does have real medical applications and has been approved by Medicare as a reimbursable treatment for specific conditions, including carbon monoxide poisoning and wounds that won’t heal.

The patient either sits in a large pressurized chamber and breathes through an oxygen mask or goes into a smaller one-person chamber that has pure oxygen. Pressurized oxygen enters the tissues of the body and is said to increase the “oxygen transport capacity of the blood.” Sessions usually last for an hour.

The treatment is supposed to improve overall health, and has widespread applications. A large Canadian study published in The Lancet in 2001 showed that children with cerebral palsy treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy and pressurized air improved significantly compared to most all other conventional therapies. Studies have shown similar improvement with hyperbaric therapy for people with Multiple Sclerosis. The side effects and possible complications are similar to diving disorders, and include trapped air in the body.

Sally Kirkland is a proponent of hyperbaric oxygen treatments, and said it helped her recover from silicone poisoning from breast implants. She claims that it strengthened her immune system and helped clear the silicone from her body. She uses the same treatment center in Beverly Hills, Global Hyperbaric, that Keanu uses.

In Keanu’s case “he has Global Hyperbaric bring a portable chamber to his Hollywood Hills home, and sometimes his movie set, to administer the treatment” and has received it “numerous times,” according to the Enquirer. He also convinced his co-star in the film Street Kings, Naomi Harris, to give it a try.

It would take just one of my friends raving about this to get me to try it. As it is, I want to get the treatment after having read about it. Costs are prohibitive though, and can run from $100 to $200 per session. Here’s a list of some hyperbaric treatment centers around the world.

Keanu Reeves is shown at the Street Kings premiere on 4/3/08, thanks to PRPhotos. He looks great at 43, but would it kill him to smile?

Inset image from Vital Path Health.

[Details and quoted text about hyperbaric therapy from Wikipedia.]

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  1. Anni says:

    if it really helps with insomnia: i am so in!

  2. CJ says:

    I’ve about this before, it helps with extreme exaustion.

    I also read that Modonna has one in her house 😆

  3. AC says:

    yeah i should tell my sister about this.

    hey… oxygen… can’t be a bad thing.

    does it help with cramps? 🙁 ouchie

  4. delilah says:

    Oh pleeeeeeeease….JHC cant these people just have a couple beers like the rest of us? Without blinding you with science, ever heard of antioxidants? ANTI oxidants? Oxidisation is a process that, on the whole, one tries to slow down. Just because oxygen is essential does not mean the more the better…sure its effective for the bends and wound healing but does Keanu have the bends? Are his wounds unhealed? Sigh.

  5. Bodhi says:

    Michael Jackson a quack? No way! 😯

    I’ve heard that doctors use this to treat bad snake bites too. The chamber helps with the necrosis

  6. bc says:

    mmm, whatever’s makin’ him so yummy, he can keep it up!! 😉

  7. Chan says:

    Oh insomnia is a terrible thing to deal with! It really makes the person go crazy. I hope it’s working for him. But whatever he is doing, it’s working outside, because the man is looking MIGHTY fine! 😈

  8. AC says:

    *sigh* i love him.

  9. journey says:

    i kinda like the fact that he doesn’t put a big phony hollywood smile on his mug every time a camera draws near. and i really really wish the crotch flashers would take a card from his deck, and learn how to be polite to fans and photogs, while retaining some semblence of dignity. little nemo, oops that’s not right–i mean his matrix character, not the cute little clown fish– has much to teach the urchins of southern cal.

  10. I choose me says:

    ^^ think you mean Neo. *Matrix fan* 😀
    Just the first one though.

  11. Jandra says:

    It’s working for him.

    I’ve seen this used with autistic kids and it can make a HUGE difference.

  12. Diane says:

    i hear it helps heal sore muscles from say body building and work outs. all the celebrities use it to get fresh air cause they don’t get out too much with the rude paparazzis following them!

  13. gekazoid:P says:

    lol! DARTH VADER LIVES! …minus the suit.

  14. Sasha says:

    Yet still finds no cure for his wooden acting.

  15. kate says:

    i’d get into a chamber with keanu any day of the week. hawt!

  16. xanax says:

    CB, I live in Canada & suffer from chronic insomnia. If I’m lucky, I’ll get sleep one & a half a hours of sleep a night. Yes, I’m slowly losing it!!! Meds don’t help anymore & the side effects make you feel like crap. Mine do anyway & I’ve tried many. Do you which Canadian city (cities) has the oxygen tank when the tests where done???? Thankx. And Keanue is so hot. Maybe we could hang out together when we’re awake?? Can you pass that along to him??!!

  17. xanax says:

    CB, I am Canadian & suffer fron insane insomnia. I’m lucky if I sleep an hour a night. Can you find out which city the chamber is in???? Maybe Keanue & me can crawl in there together?? Thanks.

  18. Stella says:

    within the article there are centers listed…for the beverly hills center, the phone number is incorrect, the actual number is (310) 622-2525, is there any way to change that? the website is, and the company name is Global Hyperbaric not Westside…please correct that

  19. Other Karen says:

    My father slept in one of those overnight for observation and he said it was the best night’s sleep he ever had. But he has partially blocked sinuses and usually doesn’t get enough oxygen when he sleeps.

  20. marguerite says:

    These chambers do help alot of neurological conditions. We just need to get the word out to everyone PLUS get the doctors on board and CMS to reimburse for it. A lot of people could get the help they need then. Right now there are only 13 conditions they reimburse for AND neurological conditions is not one of them. My son had these treatments after a severe brain injury. They really helped him.

  21. Flipper says:

    Here’s the best article published so far on the use of HBOT for children affected by CP:

    A complete list of references on HBOT for autism:

  22. My son Matthew faiella is getting better from Autism with hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments and also Adult Stem Cell. You can read about it on my blog

    Also watch news interview I have been on about HBOT

  23. My son Matthew Faiella is getting better from Autism with hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments and Adult Stem Cell. You can read about it and watch my news interviews on my blog

  24. Jane says:

    For Your Information. The hyperbaric chamber that Michael Jackson was photographed in was part of the burns unit Michael had financed and built after he had received compensation from Sony after his hair caught fire while filming a Sony commercial.
    He was lying down inside it,looking at the inside, when the photo was taken and spread around the world.He was trying to do good for burns victims but all he got for it was grief

  25. Sarah says:

    Just had my first treatment. My treatments were recommended by my Onchologist due to radiation therapy from 3 years ago. I did not notice a difference after this first treatment, but I am very hopeful that future treatments will show improvement. I will be getting 20 treatments.

  26. suzanne says:

    I have a insomnia cure. Go to a 1$ store and buy calcium pills . Take 2-3 with a glass of milk and you will sleep. And it doesn’t cost anything crazy like a chamber.

  27. Taylor Crowley says:

    ok everyone. I have been in Hyperbaric medicine for the last 25 years. I work in the largest chamber in the north east we can sit 12 people with 2 staff members.So here is the scoop the reason if helps one with insomina(which is a side effect) Is because it makes you burn up your glucose stores ie like sitting still and burning calories. Mj received burns and it repairs tissue damage.It helps Scuba divers with decompression sickness. It helps with many other types of infections. Helps diabetics with wounds that will not heal with conventional means.So instead of sounding like idiots, Just type in Hyperbaric medicine and read.It has not be proven to fix:cp, stroke MI, Autism..

  28. Taylor Crowley says:

    ok well you can only stay in a hbot under pressure 45 feet of sea water breathing 100% oxygen for 90 minutes..Oh you can lay down in one with the door open..thats just like sleeping in your bath tub with out any water..

  29. Hope says:

    Micheal Jackson actually donated a Hyperbaric chamber to a local burn center, because of it’s use for burn healing.

    Inflatable chambers are actually *not* as effective or safe as ‘hard’ hyperbaric chambers. Steel chambers, for instance, can treat a wider range of conditions, and can be covered by many insurances– inflatable chambers are not.