The Duggars on the cover of People: “We’re Ready For More”

The baby collecting Duggars earned the coveted main spot on the cover of People this week, which should have been reserved for America’s (maybe former or tied-for) sweetheart, Julia Roberts. Instead, Roberts got a sidebar when she has her big starring vehicle coming out. (Maybe she didn’t give People an interview, though.) I’m not a huge Julia Roberts fan and find her a tad too full of herself, (although she’s softened in recent years) but she rates over the Duggars. They’re controversial, though, especially when they talk about having more children for their daughters to take care of. The Duggars must sell for People, and I know their posts get a ton of comments here.

Anyway, despite admitting they were wailing and praying to God when their last baby faced health problems after being born prematurely due to 43 year-old Michelle suffering gallstones and preeclampsia, the Duggars are of course giving it another go and letting “God” decide if they’re going to have another kid. The Duggars have said this all along, they said it in their last People interview in May and they said it last Tuesday in an appearance on the Today Show.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have always been open about their willingness to have children. But when the devout Baptists and stars of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting faced the catastrophic aftereffects of their 19th child’s premature birth, many assumed they might be done.

But now the couple – who only recently brought baby Josie home after being hospitalized for six months as she recovered from a perforated bowel and rare digestive problems – say they are ready to consider a 20th child.

“Our family is stronger than ever,” Jim Bob, 45, tells PEOPLE in its new issue. “We made it through the storm.”

That’s not to say that everything has been easy with baby Josie. Born early after Michelle developed preeclampsia (pregnancy-induced high blood pressure), Josie was just 8 days old when a perforated bowel threatened her life.

“When she first came home, I couldn’t sleep at all,” says Michelle, 43. “That was the scariest part for me, having the full responsibility of her care on my shoulders … It was intimidating.”

Similarly daunting are the very real medical risks Michelle could face with another pregnancy – particularly a return of preeclampsia, which can lead to a stroke or prove fatal. But despite the risk – and intense criticism – the pair vow to stick to their beliefs.

“People think we are overpopulating the world,” says Jim Bob. “We are following our convictions.”

The Duggars may be “following their convictions,” but that doesn’t mean that they’re not contributing to th overpopulation of the world. They’re doing that through their own family, of course, and also by publicizing their enormous family on their reality show and in these magazine profiles. They’re making it look like a viable option for families that may chose to follow that belief system and have as many kids as humanly possible. In our last story, commenter “Awkward Turtle” posted a link to a site by a divorced mother of seven children and former member of the Quiverfull movement. It’s called “No Longer Quivering” and has some powerful personal stories from women who have suffered while raising large families under a rigid idealogical system. In a profile on, the site owner describes how she came to raise her family under Quiverfull’s doctrines, which she eventually rejected. She writes on her site that she “was seriously sucked into a hate-filled worldview and was so committed that I was willing to die for the cause – and now I am equally bold in speaking up to say that the Quiverfull worldview and lifestyle overburdens women, enslaves the daughters and destroys families.” Maybe it only works when you’ve got a passive wife who is willing to do whatever her husband wants, even if that means endangering her own health to bear well over a dozen children.

Thanks to CoverAwards for the People cover.

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  1. Ellen Smith says:

    Shut down the factory. Shut down the clown car. Enough already.

  2. Brittney says:

    Their older children have given up any semblance of a normal childhood to help raise the babies their parents won’t stop having. Surely there has to be something in this family that violates child protection laws.

  3. Marjalane says:

    While trying to avoid judgement…I have to say I find this couple irresponsible in the way that there are not enough hours in a day for them to be giving each of their children decent attention! I think it’s wrong to expect older children to raise their siblings in any way other than to set a positive example. I don’t watch their show and I don’t have an opinion on their religion, but children deserve to have a singular relationship with both their parents and siblings, not just as part of the “tribe”.

  4. hellen says:

    ” “When she first came home, I couldn’t sleep at all,” says Michelle, 43. “That was the scariest part for me, having the full responsibility of her care on my shoulders … It was intimidating.” ”

    Of course it was intimidating, Michelle hasn’t had full responsibility for a child since her oldest were born. She is content to pop them out and hand them off. She comes off as about as dumb as a box of hair. I think she likes having no say in anything, it keeps her from having to TRY to think.

  5. veronica says:

    for the love of god, somebody please sterilize the lunatics already!

  6. AlaskaJoey says:

    My main problems with the Duggars are: the church they declared themselves as to evade taxes, the fact that the parents are not raising their own children (the older siblings are doing all the legwork), and that JimBob has already declared he will not support any of his daughters wanting to go to college.

    My personal feeling is, you shouldn’t have more children then you have hands for.

    As for letting God decide whether you should have more kids- maybe God was stepping in when you had to have your vagina sewn up to keep the kid from falling out. Maybe God was speaking through all the doctors telling you stop having babies and stop trying to have a VBAC when you were doctor shopping.

    I bet God could come riding down on a cloud with lightning bolts and straight out tell her to “STOP” and she’d believe it was the Devil trying to tempt her.

  7. GreenGinger says:

    I find it downright depressing that some people think that the Duggars ought to be celebrated.

    Where some people see a sweet and loving (and don’t forget debt-free!) couple who are instilling discipline in their eleventy billion children, I see an extremely selfish couple who care more about their obsessive baby-birthing than the children they actually produce, or what it means for the planet.

  8. Meanchick says:

    There;s no way you can convince me that child services shouldn’t step in. Why is their daughters’ responsibility to help raise these other kids? You can’t tell me that they don’t get some time of gov.t assistance. How about strengthening what they alteady have?

  9. Me1st says:

    their kids are starting to have kids, shouldn’t it be time to let the womb be empty now??? WTF lady…stand up for yourself, grow some balls and tell him enough is enough

  10. lucy2 says:

    If these people would just live their lives quietly, I wouldn’t care, but their subtle famewhoring bugs me. They’re constantly on the Today show announcing something or other, doing stuff like this People magazine, and shoving TV cameras in the face of their premie struggling to survive. Enough already!
    It’s their life, but I think it’s horribly irresponsible to try for another child when both the most recent baby and the mother had severe health problems.

  11. Cinderella says:

    I guess she learned nothing from this last pregnancy.

    This woman must have no feeling of self-worth unless she’s knocked up.

  12. Molly says:

    Please–I’m not fan but it’s a little laughable to say that they are contributing to “overpopulating” the world. They can appear on as many magazine covers they want but it’s not going to convince many women to say “Hey! Maybe I should have 20 freaking children!” and the handful of fringe lunatics that might be swayed by them would be more than tempered by ever-growing population of women who are chosing to remain childless. If you object to them because they disgust you, just say so but don’t pretend that a handful of nutcases with large families are going to tip this earth one way or another.

  13. California Surfer says:

    Whoa, these two need to do some magic mushrooms, smoke some weed and come back to reality – and it would be totally ok for them to go tripping because the older dudettes take care of the young ones anyways. Also Grandma and I thinks it is way majorly hillarious that Julia Roberts didn’t get the cover.

  14. Solveig says:

    It would be admirable if the parents were taking care of their own children, but, unfortunately, it’s their older sons and daughters the ones who care for the youngest ones.

  15. KJ says:

    Re-Marjajane-I could not agree more!!!! That has been my point all along-these kids are starving for attention, and the only atttention they get is from their older siblings-I am not suggesting the parents don’t love all of them,but kids NEED and CRAVE a PARENTS time and attention. And news flash to the Duggars-it is not a “miracle”-it is called biology!!!!

  16. Hautie says:

    As a girl who attend and graduated from Baptist schools in Texas. (high school and college) There are so many of these dingbats running around. Michelle is not a isolated case.

    Sadly, there are lots of girls who are told from birth that their only goal is to find a suitable husband and have a baby. (or babies)

    In my Baptist high school the Jr. and Sr. girls had a mandatory class we all had to take. Which came along with a book called Amy Vanderbilt’s book of Etiquette.

    It was kind of charm class and how to have a dinner party class. Or bluntly, how to behave like a good Baptist wife.

    Which meant we were taught how to be good wife. How to run a household and how not embarrass our future husbands.

    But keeping in mind that we were being taught how to service a husband cause his needs came first. What he said was rule and he handle all the money.

    You were to feel honor that he chose you and to never question his authority and decisions.

    I am beginning to wonder if poor Michelle was forced into the same class as I was… with the exception I made it a point to avoid marrying a crazy man. haha!

  17. Tia C says:

    These people are mentally ill. I am beyond sick of seeing/hearing about them.

  18. California Surfer says:

    Also, I wonder if any of the Duggar chicks will escape like Carolyn Jessop did and make a porn like Montana and are the dudes actually going to go to college?

  19. Andrea-2 says:

    I love how the name of the show is “19 Kids and Counting”. It just seems like more of a reason for them to keep having kids because that’s the whole premise of the show: Let’s see if Mama Duggar is pregnant again.

    Is JimBob not supportive of just his daughters going to college? I’ll bet he doesn’t want any of them going for two reasons: 1. They don’t know sh*t because they’ve been “homeschooled” by a zombie and 2. They’ll be “indoctrinated” by the evil real world. You know, the one that they don’t mind pimping their family out to every week.

  20. Katie says:

    I saw one of episode of their show where they took the kids to an anti-evolution musuem (that was the whole point of the musuem) and they literally talked about dinosaurs and man sharing the earth at the same time. I knew then it was a show I couldn’t watch.

    Also, can you imagine what a loose flappy mess that woman’s vagina must be? Christ.

  21. Kitten says:

    @ Hautie-wow, that is crazy! Do you mind me asking when you were in school? Was this recently?

  22. Eileen says:

    @Katie: I was thinking the same thing! It would like doing an Arby’s Giant Roast Beef. yucko

  23. kelbear says:

    Enough already!

  24. Hautie says:

    I graduated high school in ’86 and college in ’90.

    And both schools are still popular and enrolling students.

    And still preaching how important it is to be a good Baptist wife. :)

    I suspect I am seen as a failure for not having a house full of kids.

  25. bnice says:

    I have a feeling that they see their media appearances as chances to “witness” about their beliefs, and think that they are doing God’s will by spreading the word about having as many kids as one uterus can grow and expel. I feel sorry for the daughters and future wives of the sons. How terrible to think that a woman’s main value on the earth is her reproductive capabilities!

  26. bagladey says:

    I have bought People magazine every week, in numerous countries, for decades, and I will not buy this issue of People magazine, and in the future I will not buy any literature that primarily or prominently features these people.

  27. whitedaisy says:

    I second Marjalane, hellen and Solveig, etc. These narcissistic, self-centric parents feel no responsibility to have a relationship with each of their children; only to make sure that their physical needs are met by an older sibling. (The Mom seems a bit daft?)

    And it never ceases to amaze me how these deluded religious convictions are so selective in their interpretation. Whether or not they have more children is entirely up to God without any worldly intervention, however when it comes to saving the life of the Mom and baby in this last pregnancy, worldly (medical) intervention is a part of God’s will, too? If, by their definition of “convictions” the act of conception is to be consistent in “up to God” philosophy with the lack of intervention at the tail end of the pregnancy, then both she and her daughter would be dead.

  28. mia says:


  29. meme says:

    The Duggars seem more like a cult than a family to me. Americans (of which I am one) will watch ANYTHING REALITY on TV. Sad comment on society.

  30. guesty says:

    we all know jim bob is strapping a board on that ass to keep from falling in. crass i know…but they disgust me.

    unless of course she’s the queen of the kegels or had a vag rejuve. she pops them out way too quick for that tho.

  31. Wif says:

    Mmmmmm, I don’t know. My instinct is that the size of the family is wrong, but I disagree with a number of you that it’s wrong to have the sisters raise their siblings. We were recently away at a family camp and these 13 year old girls sort of swooped in and adopted our kids for the week and they made amazing substitute mommies. They had so much more energy and patience than I do at this stage of the game. Historically, parents were seen as more of an authority figure and were loved for that, not for “quality” time. So, I guess my point is that if the children are provided for, and being raised by loving, attentive people, that’s enough.

    The PROBLEM, is that the expectation of the daughters to raise the siblings is sexist. I’d be less bothered by it if there was an equal expectation of the boys. (Is there? I don’t think there is, but I’ve never seen the show.)

  32. Arkie says:

    I live a few minutes from this scumbags(the parents)and all i can tell you is this, the only people this is funny to, is Disney ,The today show, GM, All diapers companies, or all of their sponsors.
    Jim`s Dad was when he was alive, ashamed of them , the way they conducted them selves and all the attention whoring was just to much, he in more than one occasion repudiated the fact that Jim was a free loader with no shame and who made a mockery of any Christian belief.
    In town LOTS of people look down to them for their hypocrisy , he goes to say with no shame that he supports all of his children…???WTF
    No he does not, all he & she do is parade in town shopping @ the local Sam`s club and smiling like and idiot, she thinks their are actually famous.!!!
    Free loading, careless, egocentric SOB`s , what makes it worst is their children will think it`s OK to have as many kids as possible , hey they know that is their meal ticket.
    BTW how is it fun to have sex with a Road tunnel like the wife?
    Some one put it better “sex with her it`s like trowing a wienie in to an elevator shaft..”

  33. lucy2 says:

    It’s hard to believe that sort of thinking is still being taught today. If that’s what you WANT in life, that’s great, but I don’t like the idea of being told that’s what you should and must do.
    Seems like all the Duggar kids are stuck with what their parents chose. I would hope a few of them would go out in the world and make some decisions for themselves, but I doubt it.

  34. denise says:

    These two alone, can repopulate the Earth.

  35. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “And it never ceases to amaze me how these deluded religious convictions are so selective in their interpretation. Whether or not they have more children is entirely up to God without any worldly intervention, however when it comes to saving the life of the Mom and baby in this last pregnancy, worldly (medical) intervention is a part of God’s will, too?”

    whitedaisy, very well said. I’ve been wondering about that for a while. the hypocrisy they’ve demonstrated is astounding. if they really believed that the conceptions are “God’s will”, then they should have believed that the complications were ALSO God’s will, and should have been left to play out however they were going to, WITHOUT any pesky, blasphemous doctors to intervene.

  36. heb says:

    The Duggars can do WHATEVER THEY WANT.

    And they don’t care what all of you think.

  37. flourpot says:

    @Wif I would think that if you depend on these “substitute mommies” on a daily basis, they no longer become substitute and are the main focus. Patience and energy aside – we’re all at a loss for those two things at times. Quality time, today, is hard to come by with people having to work 2 jobs and focusing all their energies on keeping that roof over their head. It’s the most important thing in the world for children to know their important, for them to be focused on, nurtured. Loved. I’m just not seeing any of that from the parents in that family. And that’s my issue.

  38. Whatever says:

    I have come to the conclusion that they are crazy famewhores. To those who say they are paying, so it isn’t a problem, they are actually using their kids to fund their crazy lifestyle. Where is the outrage and the demand that portions of the money be set aside for the kids, as with Jon and Kate? I mean, these kids need it far more, especially the girls, if they are to escape a life of servitude. They certainly don’t appear to be getting the education required and the parents seem unlikely to fund college. Used car dealerships for the boys and motherhood for the girls. Gross.

  39. bnice says:

    I was basically raised by my oldest sister, while my mother pursued her career goals. It was not fair to my sister, who had no freedom to do a lot of the things teenage girls like to do, and it wasn’t fair to my other 2 sisters and myself, who had to put up with her immature “parenting” style. I am very opposed to this idea. If there is no one around due to family hardship (mom has to work to pay bills, mom is sick, etc.) and siblings step up to help, that’s wonderful. If it’s an obligation that parents are ducking, that’s terrible.

  40. cowbell says:

    Unfortunately, I watched an episode last night. Normally I do like them because inspite of all the criticism, the kids do seem happy and caring. However, I turned it off when it was shown that they went to a Mexican Restaurant to celebrate on the the daughter’s 19th Bday and they went there because kids under 10 eat free. “The Duggars estimate that they saved $80 with this.” Assholes. I wonder if they tipped before or after the discount.

  41. Belle Epoch says:

    Can you repeat #1 a few more times?

    “I bet God could come riding down on a cloud with lightning bolts and straight out tell her to “STOP” and she’d believe it was the Devil trying to tempt her.” – I think this is profound!

    Those poor girls are home schooled and then discouraged from college, so they only have access to the kind of books where dinosaurs live outside the Garden of Eden. They must be practically illiterate with no skills except childrearing and no expectations except MORE childrearing.

    Can’t say in print what I think of Jim Bob. He really thinks he is something special, doesn’t he?

  42. meme says:

    one of those girls is going to rebel and in a BIG way.

  43. TG says:

    @hellen – I was thinking the same thing! Too funny. I was raised in a large family and cultish religion and let me tell you I am 34 today and still recovering from it. Everyone thought we were the luckiest kids because our mom was so wonderful. They had no idea of the physical, and mostly mental, abuse we endured. I would take a spanking any day over some ridiculous 2 hour lecture on morals. Also, the stress of not having any control over my environment still has repercussions today with me. I deal with anxiety and depression because of it. Also, our church was over an hour away so that means we usually had church/Sunday school at home and that means we were never aloud free thought. How can you question God’s existence or anything if your mom is in charge and won’t tolerate that kind of thinking? Also, her ideas were always the right ideas and to this day I still deal with valuing my opinion since it was never valued while growing up. Thank god we didn’t have to wear ugly dresses though. By the time my mom got around to having me (3rd to the last) she was worn down a bit so we could wear pants and cut our hair. No we weren’t Pentecostal or Baptist or any of those crazy religions that make women look ugly.

    I can tell when someone was raised to be valued and feel special in their parents and families eyes and it is a wonderful thing to see and gives them a natural confidence about themselves and a certain expectation of how they expect to be treated by others and even in career control.

  44. TG says:

    @cowbell – I almost spit out my food after reading your post. It was so funny. I bet the restaurant changes their policy after those douches went thru there!

    I won’t even watch the show I can’t stand to watch that zombie eyed woman and that dufus husband of hers and that name of all names takes the cake for stupidity.

  45. Maybelle says:

    I don’t know why everyone acts as though this is so very strange. For the most part many families had as many children as possible throughout history. It is only in the last hundred years that women have had more options than in the past. And while most people don’t want so many children to say its strange or abnormal to have so many kids is not entirely accurate. The Duggars are only abnormal because society is no longer embracing the “have a child a year” family structure. Back 200 years it was VERY normal for the older boys to work full time in the farm/ranch/whatever and the older girls helped with the younger children until they themselves died of something or got married and started their own huge family. While the big cities did not have this family structure many farmers and rancher families had as many children as they could. It was completely normal and never considered some sort of child abuse or wife abuse. I am not saying I agree with the Duggers and I personally cannot imagine that lifestyle. But this is hardly a unique situation or family structure based on the natural tendency for humans to want to populate. I do realize that society is very different now than it has been for the last few thousand years. But having only one or two children is actually what is abnormal if you look at averages throughout human history of non-royal/rich family structures.

  46. Victoria says:

    @Cowbell: NOOOO they did NOT cabbage on the kids eat free?!! That is SO tacky!

  47. TaylorB says:

    Cowbell wrote: “I wonder if they tipped before or after the discount.”

    I can not stand it when people get a discount on a meal and tip on the discounted total vs the actual total. Just because you got 50% off doesn’t mean your wait person did 50% less work. Sorry, that just bugs me. I have a few friends who do that and I always make sure to sneak some cash to the wait person to make up for it.

  48. LindaR says:

    They haven’t run out of names that start with “J” yet. Like Jehovah and Jesus. They didn’t choose the letter “J” as the starting letter for their children’s names for no reason. Bunch of freaks.

  49. bellaluna says:

    @ Molly – While these people may not be encouraging many other women to have 20 kids, think about just the children in that family. There are 20 children in that family. If each child has 20 children, and each of those 20 children has 20 children…you do the math.

  50. j. ferber says:

    Imagine if the Duggars were black or Hispanic. All the reverence would disappear, no?

  51. xxodettexx says:

    @hautie, that southern belle/baptist church wife class sounds like my idea of a perfect hell!

    @bellaluna – for freaking real! people have no concept of their carbon footprints…

  52. original kate says:

    “For the most part many families had as many children as possible throughout history. It is only in the last hundred years that women have had more options than in the past.”

    @ maybelle: that is just wrong information. in 1850 the average american family had 5.4 children. that is not “as many as possible.” the numbers have been declining ever since, except for a brief upsurge after world war II. and women have always practiced birth control and used abortifacients, even when it was not legal. also, rich families tended (and still do, by the way) to have more children than poor families. the poor farmer with 12 kids is an american myth, like johnny appleseed. but even if it were true, what’s your point? it is 2010 now, birth control is legal and there are over 6 billion people on this planet.

    as for the duggars, i’m convinced they are hoarders. and is it just the girls who have to raise the kids? the boys aren’t out plowing the back 40 – why don’t they help more? the parents are creepy and they need to put on chastity belts or something.

  53. Novaraen says:

    Truly sick sick people.

    They need to stop and enjoy the children they have.

  54. notgaga says:


    Yes, there has been an historical pattern of large families, but that has largely been because a) people relying on agriculture needed as many in the family unit as possible to be viable b). women historically have had no control over their reproductive lives. That last child would not have survived in previous eras, so the Duggars are using unnatural means to extend their family. Personally, I’ve never thought the Duggar’s were unnatural, but certainly selfish and uncaring about the quality of their children’s lives. There is a real paradox about choosing to have kids as if you live in the 19th century while exploiting them on reality TV.

    Even if they are not getting direct government assistance, if they are not paying taxes, then we tax payers are supporting their lifestyle because we pay for the government services that they use for free.

  55. Aqua says:

    @ wiff
    I’ve only seen the show once,but the episode I saw JimBob said the boys do the outside work and the girls do all the inside work.
    If you ask me their is always a lot more work to do inside the house then outside.

  56. Sugar & Spice says:

    These people are just using religion as an excuse to not have to control their horny urges. Even the Catholics TRY to use self-control via the rhythym method. (Not that that’s very successful, but hey, at least it’s an attempt.) God may bless them with another baby, but they are the ones taking the proverbial roll in the hay, I’m pretty sure God isn’t forcing them to act like rabbits and mice and just “do what comes naturally whenever the urge strikes them”. I feel so sorry for the oldest girls. They will be stuck at home until they’re 30, raising their younger siblings. I just pray that nothing happens to Michelle before the youngest ones are grown.

  57. Wif says:

    Wow j. ferber, that’s quite the accusation! But, you know, I think you’re right.

  58. Sugar & Spice says:

    Something else that just struck me as hypocritical of them. There was an episode where mom and the older girls went and had their hair and nails done, and they all wear makeup. But according to the Bible, only sinful jezebels painted their faces, and vanity is a sin. So it really seems that they are cherry picking which parts of the Bible are OK for them to follow and which parts they want to ignore. And I agree with an earlier poster who said that if left up to God’s will, this last baby, and most likely mom too, would not have survived.

  59. daphne says:

    Awww. I think it’s sad that there is so much criticism. I agree with heb, though. I think everyone would be a lot better off if there was more encouragement and kind words – than all of this extreme judgment. That’s too bad.

  60. kelbear says:

    When something serious(death) happens with the next one, maybe they will stop.

  61. bellaluna says:

    @ Maybelle – I think you may be missing the point of having many children in the 18-or 1900′s vs. now:

    Pre-natal health and infant survival rates are much better now than they were then. Additionally, we have vaccines and medications, which were unavailable then, that contribute to healthier children as a whole. Thus, the old way of thinking (give birth to 6, maybe 3 survive) is archaic.

    @ xxodettexx – I know, right? My husband started doing the math one night and it was an outrageous number of Duggary.

  62. Jean says:

    Do they get a gift basket from God for every child they pop out?
    There has to be some rationale behind this.
    If not, insanity might be good enough a reason for CPS to step in.

  63. Amanda says:

    It makes me extremely uncomfortable how they are given so much attention for each additional baby they bring home. How each new child is an announcement on the Today show, and a cover on People. It makes me feel like it’s become something of an attention addiction for the parents– each child brings them a bigger family, which brings them more fame, more reknown, more covers, more TV coverage, more money, etc. It’s a sickening cycle that this family obviously cannot resist.

    I strongly believe in the use of modern medecine to keep newborn babies alive. However, it strikes me as extremely hypocritical that the Duggar’s do not want to intervene in God’s plan by using modern science to prevent any pregnancies. However, they WILL use modern science and medecine to help keep endangered pregnancies or to help keep prematurely born babies alive. Isn’t there a saying- God giveth, but he also taketh away? It seems like the Duggars only want to be on the receiving end from God, and never have anything taken away. Unfortunately, that’s not the way the world works. I hope that Baby Josie wasn’t a warning for them that they are choosing to ignore.

  64. Andrea-2 says:

    Don’t forget “Jezebel” (teehee)…

  65. Ron says:

    I hate these people. They are irreponsible. They have this family, not due to God, it’s due to science. If it was God in charge the last baby would have died.

  66. Crash2GO2 says:

    He’s not going to pay for his daughters’ colege, but he’s going to pay for his sons’, right?

    These people just lost me. This is a cult all of their own making. Dear God.

  67. Wif says:

    “So it really seems that they are cherry picking which parts of the Bible are OK for them to follow and which parts they want to ignore.”

    Nothing wrong with that. I don’t know a single Christian that doesn’t cherry pick. The book is full of inconsistencies, you have to pick the parts that you can live with (or else we women would all be hidden away once a month.)

  68. serena says:

    I’m sick and tired of this family.

  69. TaylorB says:

    I must preface this with my firm belief that every woman has the right to bear or not bear children, no one should prevent or hinder her personal choice whether it is to terminate an unwanted pregnancy or to whelp out litter after litter. That is their choice and theirs alone.

    I hate the subject of the Duggars for so many reasons I couldn’t list them all, but mostly it seems that they have lost sight of the fact that being a parent is very different than simply breeding for breedings sake, it involves time and attention and when you have 19 offspring it is not possible for the parents to individually nurture those children enough that it helps them grow, mature, and learn to bond.

    And don’t even get me started on how they oppress their girls. That just makes me ill and pissed.

  70. pookie says:

    #6 – “God was stepping in when you had to have your vagina sewn up to keep the kid from falling out”

    WTF?!? I don’t follow this show or family – please tell me that was a snide comment and not something actually done to this human puppy mill??

    FYI – My husbands grandmother had 12 children – since her late fifties/early sixties, she has been nearly incapacitated due to the stress that much childbirth put on her body. It warps your bones, hips, legs, joints, internal organs, etc. The human body is simply not designed to take on that many pregnancies, especially one after another after another. I hope this mom is ok with not being around for her kids/grandkids – chances are, she will be in a wheelchair before she can collect social security.

  71. Taya says:


    “as for the duggars, i’m convinced they are hoarders”

    I thought I was the only person who believes this. You are exactly right.

    I truly believe that MommaD is a hoarder of children. It is not that crazy to think that. People hoard papers, cups, trash and animals. Children are not far off. I think she has an illness of empty womb syndrome and she will most likely crack when that womb closes.This woman has been the star for each of her pregnancies and when there is no more babies to have, she will fall out of the star mode. It may come down to creating sick children (Josie or maybe her future baby) and keeping them sick for her own selfish need for attention. That is not unheard of and does happen. That or she will have her daughters spit them out for her. Very sick and sad, no matter how you think about it.


    “pick the parts that you can live with (or else we women would all be hidden away once a month.)”

    That still should be the law today.Hiding from the world once a month is like a minivacation.

  72. Cakes says:

    @ hellen: word!
    @ sugar and spice: the catholics use natural family planning not the rhythm method. NFP is based on a womans personal cycle and the rhythm method is more of a general pattern you follow not based on your own cycle.

  73. AlaskaJoey says:

    @pookie – I did read somewhere, not sure of the source, that her last few pregnancies required some stitching somewhere on her ladyparts because her uterus, I believe, was quite lax, and there was a risk of everything not holding the babies in place as they should be.

  74. Westcoaster says:

    With every child the Duggars have it just seems like they are doing it for their television show. Would Michelle still want another child if they did not have the television show and all the attention that comes with it?
    Having a child born with severe health issues makes many women re consider having more children. Maybe she should focus on this baby instead of getting ready for another.
    Also what would happen(heaven forbid)to this family if something should happen to Michelle?

  75. original kate says:

    “That still should be the law today.Hiding from the world once a month is like a minivacation.”

    yeah, that would be awesome, taya! and i’m sure the world would like a break from my cranky ass when it’s my ladytime.

  76. Crash2GO2 says:

    I would be surprised if her cervix doesn’t require stitches to allow her to carry to full term after so many full dilations and deliveries.

    I found this criticism of the Quiverfull Movement that I thought was particulary succinct:

    Christian philosopher Jeremy R. Pierce states that the Quiverfull view

    is held by those who are weak of conscience and can’t get around an extremely simplistic reading of some biblical statements. For them, it is wrong to use birth control pills and condoms, because it would be doing something that they believe to be wrong. It isn’t wrong in principle, however, and those who have thought through the various moral principles that apply will realize that sometimes it’s wrong to use such methods and sometimes not, depending on the circumstances.

    Pierce further asserts that Quiverfull can become “legalism much like that of the Pharisees”.[31]

  77. Jeri says:

    I find the Duggars sickening and hope they do not influence any young people. They cannot even support themselves without outside endorsements & free health care. They should consider mental & physical health for all their children. They should care for their own children, not have the older ones care for the younger ones. It might influence them if they had to do it alone. Fame ho’s too, they’ve never seen a magazine cover they won’t jump onto.

  78. pookie says:

    Cervix…stitches…*shudder*!!! Good heavens, if they are at the point where they can just fall out of you, it is REALLY time to stop having babies.

    @Crash2GO2: Nice post, I agree with the philosopher about these folks having a weak conscience. The Duggars seem to pride themselves on their strength of conviction, but really, they are just handing over responsibility for their lives to an unseen force so they don’t have to actually THINK about their actions, consequences, nothing. It’s a pitiful and cowardly way to live if you ask me.

  79. lucy2 says:

    Amanda, I totally agree with your idea of attention addiction. I’ve often wondered if the TV show, the magazines, and the news shows went away, would they still be “and counting”?
    Every time there’s a Duggar post, the historical notion of large families is brought up. And every time, I think, there’s a lot about the way people lived 200 years ago that I’m very glad has changed!

  80. flourpot says:

    So basically he became a congressman or whatever he was for one term so he could have free healthcare? Pls, tell me that’s a rumour.

  81. Crash2GO2 says:

    Exactly Pookie. Those women who have escaped from the Quiverfull Movement have described their initial indoctrination as a ‘turning off their brains’.

  82. Anna says:

    Even my most hardcore religous (Catholic) relatives agree that her difficulties with this last pregnancy and the baby’s issues were a wake up call that it’s time to STOP.

  83. Laura says:

    I’m thinking one or more slibs will have some serious crushing on another.

  84. Tazina says:

    “When she first came home, I couldn’t sleep at all,” says Michelle, 43. “That was the scariest part for me, having the full responsibility of her care on my shoulders … It was intimidating.”

    How telling that statement is. Normally she gives the newest addition to the girls to raise. She’s not used to actually having to look after one. And that’s who I feel the most sorry for in that family. Teenaged girls, smart, lovely girls, not allowed to pursue any education beyond what they get with home schooling at the kitchen table. Their future is marriage and diapers. Period. That is sad.

  85. TG says:

    I was just reading a story on People and that creepy photo of the Duggars eerily grinning over their baby in the NICU popped up on the bottom of the screen. How creepy was that.

  86. Taya says:


    Great posts. Smart minds think alike:)

  87. alice says:

    There are so many kids out there that need to be adopted why do morons like this have to have 20 kids?!

  88. aenflex says:

    Sew that desperate hole closed already. Take the blessings and be happy with it, quit being so greedy. Makes me puke.

  89. Sans says:

    Seems like now they are doing it for attention.

  90. Sans says:

    Seems like now they are doing it for attention.

  91. Crash2GO2 says:

    To be fair:

    “When she first came home, I couldn’t sleep at all,” says Michelle, 43. “That was the scariest part for me, having the full responsibility of her care on my shoulders … It was intimidating.”

    The baby was in the NICU for weeks with 24 hour care, in critical condition. Of course she was nervous now being the one soley responsible for her daughter’s survival!

    I don’t question that she loves her children. I do question whether she is using her brain or not.

  92. OC lady says:

    I second the fame addiction comments. I think that they are addicted to the fame which comes w/each child. They are basically famous for being baby machines. So, if they stop producing, then the spotlight might go away, too. I wonder what will happen when people tire of them? Will they try to “up the ante” for attention? It’s a scary thought.

  93. Canucklehead says:

    Seriously everyone reading this post should BOYCOTT TLC and it’s advertisers.

    They are the fuel for this female enslavement clothed in religion. They are also the source of funds that continue the enslavement of Kate Bitchface’s litter of kids.

    Profiting off children like this is unconscionable.

  94. chasingadalia says:

    You know how when dudes see another dude get hit in the nuts, they immediately grab themselves and make some form of ouchie noise?

    Yeah. Michelle is the female equivalent. My vag hurts whenever I see her.

  95. mamking says:


    It has NEVER, in recorded history, been “average” to have 15-20 children. Do not use overgeneralizations and myths to support an argument. Kudos to Original Kate for citing facts.

  96. Ruffian9 says:

    “That was the scariest part for me, having the full responsibility of her care on my shoulders … It was intimidating.”

    Well, of course; She hasn’t raised an infant in eons; her other kids do all the work.

    I have an irrational hate on for these people.

    ETA: hellen, you beat me to it!

  97. Kiska says:

    There is something wrong here. Albeit, if they can financially support these children on their own, who I am I to judge their “convictions.: But, I will.
    When parents are unable to carve out quality time with each child; they suffer. When older children become responsible in the raising of younger siblings; they suffer.
    If the Duggars were unselfish and loving parents they would have had opted for a surgical procedure to end the babymaking machine. Billy Bob or Jim Bob or whatever Bob he may be, could have easily gotten snipped.

    I think God would have applauded.

  98. onlyme says:

    Many christians believe in creation vs. evolution. Maybe some of you that jeer creation theory need to read some of the literature. I don’t watch the Duggars but they may have been at the creation Museum in Cincinnati.

  99. Lizzard says:

    @ AlaskaJoey- you are to funny! I totally agee 100%, about the devil comment, it had me loling.

    @cowbelle- You know she probably didn’t tip for the original total before discount, but then again, with that many people gratuity is added to the bill at most restaurants, so I’d hope for the server’s sake the gratuity was calculated before the discount.

    Am I the only one that thinks she might already be pregnant and just not announcing it? If she said last May she was ready to have another baby but didn’t say she was in fact pregnant, and then she gave birth basically 4 months early in December- she would have been 6 months pregnant when she had the newest baby. They say women are technically pregnant for 10 months- that would be right on target right?

    She needs to stop, obviously people are watching the show, otherwise it still wouldn’t be on the air. If you stop watching it, reading about them in magazine, etc. they’ll have to go away. At this point her doctors should intervene and tell her she needs a histerectome(sp?)!

  100. Wif says:

    Just a point of my own family history that has always fascinated me, my second cousins great-grandmother had 29 children. Can you imagine? A bunch of them were twins, and quite a few of them died, but still.

  101. Vanessa says:

    She is almost 44 years old! How many more children can you have Michelle? How is she going to conceive this child? IVF is not made by “god”.

  102. kiki says:

    The family has stated that they do NOT follow the Quiverful movement.

    The family never said their girls could not pursue a college education.

    There are certianly reasons to be critical of this family. However, perpetuating falsehoods such as the above two statements only serves to weaken more legitimate arguments.

    @Arkie, if JimBob’s dad “repudiated the fact that Jim was a free loader with no shame and who made a mockery of any Christian belief”, it means he rejected the idea that Jim was a free loader with no shame…Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think that’s what you meant.

  103. Ashley says:

    So if they will keep doing this until God tells them to stop, wouldn’t you think, oh I dunno, say your youngest almost dying from complications and you having preeclampsyia and such that, hmmm, maybe God is saying enough is enough!
    She is going to pass baby Josie onto one of those poor girls, or buddy system, as she calls it, and go at it again.
    Someone should have told her to keep a nickle between her knees.

  104. bellaluna says:

    @ Lizzard – No, you are so not the only one who thinks she’s already pregnant again. When I read a previous post about them, my comment was:

    “And they’ll announce she’s pregnant again in 3…2…1…”

    I also mentioned that my most recent pregnancy was a surprise (we have a 20 year old, a 17 year old, and a 14 month old – he’s the surprise!). After 36 hours of labour, my blood pressure was so high they thought I was going to stroke out right then and there, and I had an emergency C-section. I ended up spending a week in the hospital while they attempted to get my BP under control. I had absolutely no complications during my pregnancy (except for heinous morning sickness all day long), so this was a shock.

    Bottom line for me: no more babies unless my OBGYN says it’s safe.

    And I would never, ever pass off my precious babies to someone else to raise. I don’t want to miss a single second of my little lovies’ lives.

  105. Anna says:

    Any doctor with a sense of ethics should pull out her uterus and tie her tubes.

  106. Aries says:

    I personally believe that letting God decide how a person should run their own life is a cop-out. I’m not trying to offend anyone who follows any religion or faith, but I firmly believe that everyone is responsible for their own actions.

    That aside, I’m glad that little Josie is home and is healthy. I hope she lives a long and happy life.

    I do not agree with Michelle and Jim Bob possibly having another baby. It’s proven that the older women and men get, the tougher it is to conceive and then bring a healthy baby into the world. Michelle should thank her lucky stars for her newest daughter and her health, and leave it at that. Anything more is being selfish and is dangerous.

  107. Amanda says:

    Give them a break, If they want to have more children or simply choose not to use birth control then that is their choice.It seems that in some peoples eyes a woman right to choose only applies to abortion and not actual reproductive rights. They look after their own family and pay for their own home and keep – let it be their business.personally I wouldn’t aspire to such a huge family but they seem happy and loving and seem to make it work

  108. Lia says:

    These two horrible people are wrong on several levels. No two parents can possibly give 20 children the love and proper attention that they need. Since it sounds like the mother is popping them out and they’re making their daughters take care of the babies, it would appear that that the Duggars are practicing a sort of slavery in their “home”. When that monster’s uterus falls out, will they force their daughters to continue the lineage? It’s disgusting.

  109. Laurie says:

    Wow, lots of anger toward this family! Why not live and let live. If all parents were as loving and kind-hearted as the Duggars, the world would be a nicer place.

  110. ViktoryGin says:

    @ Amanda

    People are not arguing over whether or not this woman has a choice or should have a choice. That goes without saying that she does and should. They’re discussing the ideological implications of “choosing” to have that many children, and predictably many don’t agree. And just like abortion has many detractors, so does this baby machine. It’s merely a matter of rhetorical fairness, you see.

  111. MJ says:

    God gave each of us a free will and common sense. Did it even occur to you that God was speaking to you when He allowed Michelle to suffer the pre-eclampsia? Did it occur to you that perhaps He was telling you it’s time to stop?

    When the bible says “be fruitful and multiply” you have to remember when the bible was written and that God was working on populating the earth back then. The earth has now been populated and I’m sure He didn’t mean to just keep going until the mother dies or ends up severely disabled and/or you end up with a dead baby.

    Use the brains God gave you. You have given the world 19 beautiful and intelligent children. STOP ALREADY, before you kill their mother.

  112. Ann says:

    Alaskajoey: Are you sure that they declared themselves a church? I’ve never heard about this. If it is true it is pretty bad that the rest of us have to pay for them and they get off scot free. And how can they be a church = no one else can join. That’s a pretty selective church to my way of thinking.

  113. itsjustme says:

    let them have all the kids they want to have. im not the one to judge and say stop having kids enough is enough… but what come to mind is if they didnt have a reality show would they really have 19 kids and 20 in the making..

  114. brittanie says:

    i think the duggars are absolutely disgusting! there is no reason to have that many children! they are obviously crazy! they both are mental cases if they think popping out another child brings them closer to “god”. and maybe if the parents could actually be responsible parents and take care of THEIR children, not the siblings being parents. in these economical times one or two kids is enough to handle. i hope the older kids use birth control and choose not to follow their parents footsteps. this is a disgrace. they wonder why their last child was premature???? maybe that was a “sign” from god!!!!!!

  115. Madhatter says:

    Some one needs to hold Jimbob down and casterate him.