Drew Barrymore’s boyfriend Justin Long busted making out with another woman

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long at Mr. Chows on 2/22/08
33 year-old twice-divorced Drew Barrymore has been dating her co-star in the upcoming film He’s Just Not That Into You, Justin Long, 29, for about eight or nine months. The two went public with their relationship in January and have since not been shy about stepping out together or talking to the press about their relationship. They’ve been photographed kissing on the red carpet, and Drew said in the March issue of Vogue that her “cheeks hurt” from how happy she was with Justin.

Drew might just wish she held her relationship a little closer to her blushing chest when she hears this latest news – her boyfriend Justin was seen making out with another woman at a bar. It’s sounds as if it could be a true story, but you have to consider the source and assume that it’s possibly hearsay or fabrication:

During a boys’ night out at Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood on April 16, “Justin arrived at 12:45 a.m. and he and his four guy friends seemed really drunk,” an onlooking at the club tells In Touch. “Then, all of a sudden, Justin started dirty dancing and making out with a girl.” A Bar Lubitsch employee confirms, “He seemed to be having a great time.”

Justin clearly wasn’t acting like a guy in a committed relationship. “He did not seem embarassed about kissing that girl,” says the onlooker, who adds, “Drew is much prettier.” At the end of the night, Justin and the mystery brunette, who appeared to be in her 20s, left separately.

[From In Touch, print edition, May 5, 2008]

If this is true, I feel badly for Drew. It doesn’t matter how drunk you are – there’s no excuse for making out with someone else especially in public! At least Justin didn’t leave with the girl, and maybe he got in a fight with Drew or something and was blowing off steam with his friends. Hopefully he told her the truth about what happened and made it up to her. These two are really cute together and they seem to genuinely be in love. You want them to weather what was probably the first storm in their relationship and last. Drew doesn’t have the best track record with relationships to say the least, but she seems to have found a decent guy in Justin and I hope he didn’t blow it.

Update: Drew and Justin are going strong, and were seen out together several times this weekend.

Photos thanks to Splash.

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  1. xiaoecho says:

    You don’t pash someone else in public, regardless of whether you are pissed or not, unless all’s not right with the relationship. The relationship must be wobbly. Poor Drew. She’s a trier – that much has to be said

  2. Penelope says:

    They are adorable together. He’s kinda whacky-tom green meets hip-indie-apple.
    A little off beat, but in perfect rhythm with Drew’s down to earth goofiness.

    Hope this is all a crazy misunderstanding!

  3. Cici says:

    i doubt JL would do something like this just as a complete jerk. either they’re broken up or it didn’t happen. if you were the mac guy and had DB – would you ever beseen “cheating” on her in public?

  4. I hope this story is not true. :(

  5. Virginia says:

    Whenever I see a couple being so open about their relationship, kissing and touching, etc. in public, I think there’s probable something wrong with them. It’s like they’re trying to prove something to the world. The best couples are the ones that keep their intimacy to themselves.

  6. Cici says:

    drew is open and lovey-dovey with every relationship she has ever had. that’s just her.

  7. snappyfish says:

    well said, Virginia, well said.

    I do love Drew. I hope she finds happiness.

  8. The Observer says:

    Wait!! Drew Barrymore is a woman?

    Shakira Mebarak owes me money, please pay me back.

  9. Jaclyn says:

    I really hope this isn’t true, they are so perfect together. And to all you bashing Drew, shut up! She’s really pretty.

  10. summertime921 says:

    I like Drew…but I must admit, her voice was PERFECT for the dingbat Jillian character in Family Guy. So funny.

  11. Jojo says:

    Maybe they are broken-up and just haven’t announced it yet …

  12. Lola Lola says:

    In Touch is a total rag. It’s a shame trees are cut down for that piece of poop. I wouldn’t believe that mag if they said it was raining in Seattle.

  13. SeVen says:

    meh i agree with a poster above.. it seems that shes always gushing and gushing about a relationship shes in and it always seems to fail.. perhaps she should keep it quiet and on the down low to see if it fairs better.. :roll:

  14. Booger says:

    Not surprised at all. Drew made a comment last week that good men were hard to find. Sounded like maybe they had broke up and now this story. Sad. They made such an adorable couple.

  15. Lesley says:

    sucky. i’d like to see a hollywood romance stay around for a while. tom and katie are so fake and we get used to that kind of thing. drew and justin looked real and happy.

  16. ADD says:

    She’s a no-talent fake and a skank, never did a thing that wasn’t designed to earn her press coverage.
    Blah, blah, Mac guy mashed with another chick. Maybe Drew can flash Letterman her tits again to cheer herself up.

    PS ROFLMAO, Lola!!!
    “I wouldn’t believe that mag if they said it was raining in Seattle.”

  17. Codzilla says:

    He looks like he’s 12. Skinny, pale and devoid of anything remotely masculine. Maybe he’ll be a piece in ten years, but not now. Not even close.

  18. CeeJay says:

    What Drew sees in this guy is beyond my comprehension. I agree with Codzilla. He looks like a pre-pubescent tween. However, she seems to go for the goofy, boyish type. Soon enough we’ll hear these two have broken up. When Drew is ready for a real man she’ll stop baby sitting boys. Clearly she’s not ready or willing to settle down so she’s free to play in the sandbox with the goofy, little boys.

  19. Starla says:

    Hope it’s not true. Drew & Justin seemed so in love. But if this is for real, Drew needs to take a break from guys & enjoy life on her own. It seems like any time she breaks up with someone, she’s rebounding so fast. Take time & don’t settle for just any guy because she doesn’t want to be alone.

  20. Pamela says:

    Drew’s voice is very annoying but she doesn’t deserve this.

  21. Kevin says:

    Drew and Cameron are basically what you would call “starter girlfriends” on the hollywood scenes,,,then you can move up to ScarJo or Alyssa Milano or Jessica Beal.

  22. Heather says:

    I wonder if Drew and Gerry Butler might make a good couple, as they both seem to have that really goofy sense of humor?

  23. mark says:

    he’s a moron if he blows it with Drew. the guy is below average & a dweeb. she is a goddess!

  24. nancy says:

    This relationship was just a big pr scam to promote a movie

  25. Deela says:

    Just because they did not leave together absolutely does not mean they did not meet at his place or her’s later, or another club. Give me a break.
    Sorry to hear this…Drew needs to dump his ass in public, now.

  26. Doc says:

    When Drew started going out with this no talent hack , I saw the new Tom Green….Poor Drew …

  27. henry says:

    for gods sake ,let him be, it was his mother!!!

  28. Jeremy says:

    It isn’t true, in the least. Anyone who has met Justin Long knows he is a man of integrity. Anyone can make up gossip and get away with it. Celebitchy…..CONSIDER THE SOURCE and forget about it.

  29. Mary says:

    Justin is very cute AND a good actor. He has more than those commercials going on, you know. He has a lot to offer. People judge so easily on the small amount of surface information available about other people. And I don’t just mean celebrities. Unless you’re living someone else’s life or are with them 24/7, you don’t know what’s really up with them. I’m not trying to call anyone out. I know gossip type info is fun to read or I wouldn’t have found and read this page. But I always take it all with a big fat grain of salt. And figure that whatever I read is “for entertainment purposes only”.

  30. ROFL says:

    Maybe she should stick to dating Brian on Family Guy, poor girl!!

  31. DANIELLE says:

    Here’s the Dirt…

    Nancy got it right these are the facts this is nothing but a classic old school Hollywood star on star rommance stunt, and a really good one at that. But it was set up to spin the forthcoming film ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ which in fact is about four months behind schedule due to post production problems, and the writers strike as well as a number of summer blockbusters that would kill it in the box office if the film was released during the summer. The relationship would have been over by now if the film had been released on the original April date. Hence all the buzz leading up to April ie: The Winfrey show, and various staged papparatzzi events around Beverly Hills,Hollywood including all the magazine press such as People,Domino,Vogue that had already been planned months in advance.

    The truth is that Barrymore is so overwhelmed with her first shot of directing she has little time for anything else let alone Justin Long who after all is the co-star of the film.

    It’s true that Long and Barrymore are friends that goes without saying but here’s a clue. If you read between the lines Barrymore never says in any interview that she is in love nor Long and so called overhearing conversations is nothing but heresay with no names,and no direct quotes anywhere to be found.

    Most people that are in the circle of the A’s in Los Angeles tell me that barrymore is active and, has been seen outside of Los Angeles with several different men that may be at least 5 to 10 years older than her, and one woman.

    These sightings are in places like Austin Texas,Bozeman Montana,Jackson Hole,Wyoming and Palm Desert,California Sun Valley,Idaho just to name a few It’s all kept very hush,hush and far away from the public. The plan was to cut Justin loose just after the movie would have closed.

    So the story that Long was making out with another girl is true, however it’s part of the Flower Films spin machine as well.

    Barrymore is concerned that the real multiple relationships will come to light if she does nothing. So it’s time to get Long out of picture sooner rather than later, and since she has the check book, and a non disclosure agreement with him. He will wind up being ‘Just not that into her’

    Very clever stuff……………

  32. peech says:

    Well, that was bad though!
    I feel sorry for Drew.

  33. jeff says:

    i love you drew i think your the best
    hopr you find everything your heart desires