Paula Abdul’s screw up makes people wonder if Idol judges are scripted

The top five American Idol contestants had two songs each last night and since time was tight the judges were told to quickly comment to each singer after they all had a chance to perform their first song. Randy, Paula and Simon were supposed to give critiques based on their notes. Randy quickly gave his standard “it was just OK for me” and went down the line. Paula proceeded to tell the first contestant, Jason Castro, that she loved his first song, but that his second song was “empty” and that the two songs made her feel like wasn’t “fighting hard enough to get into the top four.”

Paula’s excuse doesn’t make sense
Paula claimed that she got confused and thought that the next song by David Cook was actually Castro’s second.

Then Ryan said “You’re seeing the future, baby” and turned to Simon. Simon tried to help Paula by asking who her favorite singer was, and she said David Cook.

Now if Cook was her favorite singer, then it doesn’t make sense that she confused her notes for his song with Jason Castro’s second song that he didn’t do yet, since she said she didn’t like Castro’s second song.

All of this either suggests that Paula was so addled she didn’t understand even her own notes, which is entirely possible given her usual mental state, or that someone prepared those notes for her ahead of time before the contestants were able to do their second performance. In that case those notes were not Paula’s own thoughts and must have been based on how Cook sounded in rehearsals. It makes you wonder if producers have an agenda for who will win the show and are influencing judge’s responses.

Paula seemed pretty clear-headed to me, so it strikes me as more likely that someone else wrote those notes for her.

There have been some other minor controversies with the show. It came out two years ago that parts of “live” shows were taped, and this season has met with allegations that contestants are too professional At least 3 of the top 12 had former record deals before their Idol appearances. 16 year-old David Archuleta, who some consider the front runner, won “Star Search” when he was 12.

Thanks to The Huffington Post for helping immensely with this explanation.

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  1. headache says:

    The only good thing about Idol is the initial talent search. Everything after that is meaningless tripe.

  2. Sasha says:

    The only good thing about American Idol is the 3 months when it’s not on the air. Why worry about bills, food, the price of gas and how the Bush administration has basically f’cked us into an intractable war to save people who hate us when you can dream about winning the fame lottery. It’s brain-warping rot.

  3. Bodhi says:

    I hate AI. Does anyone else watch Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil? AI was up against high school. While high school definately sucks, Black judged AI to be the root of all evil & I totally agree. 😈

  4. geronimo says:

    “The only good thing about Idol is the initial talent search.”

    Very true. Same with the British one, the delusioned, borderline insane ones that turn up for the auditions are far more entertaining than the bunch of generic, mediocre, bland contestants they end up with.

  5. geeeee says:

    i heard that the comments are written during the rehearsal.. dont know if she wrote them or not, but that would explain why she had a comment about both songs.

    it’s still pretty sad that she cant function enough to get her act together. i wonder when we’ll be seeing her in rehab for pain killer abuse or something like that.

    i really feel bad for her.

  6. Syko says:

    Not even watching it any more. I loved in the first couple of seasons I watched, I liked the idea of some small town kid or farm kid being groomed and growing into a star. But now all the contestants are professionals anyway, so where’s the fun?

  7. Megan says:

    American Idol is borrrringggg

  8. Nik says:


    You hit the nail on the head and I wouldn’t be surprised if you are a university educated Communications & Media Major. Indeed, most of what passes as entertainment for mass consumption is carefully crafted to divert our collective thoughts from the reality of the state of our nations and world affairs in general. There are two types of people who are the easiest to control: Those who are scared and those who are sedated. Governments use both to control their populace. The war on terror and it’s ensuing restrictions on our personal freedoms are ways we are convinced to be scared. The glut of mindless (So-called) reality shows, and game shows are the method used to sedate us.

    So yeah, American Idol is a sham and a scam broadcast with an intention to placate any important concerns we might otherwise think about. Even worrying about it as such is an effective waste of our energies. Those of us who already agree, should now turn off our television sets and start lobbying our politicians about matters of a greater concern to our future.

  9. Jenny says:

    When I saw this show last night I thought the same exact thing. They ways she’s reading her notes so intently trying so hard to say them right doesn’t seem like she wrote them. If they were her own notes she would read quickly what she wrote and say it to the person, she was looking down at the notes reading them off word for word like she never wrote them. And the whole fact that she said the second song notes were meant for david cook is a lie becasue she liked him, she said he was fantasic, but for jasons song it left her feeling empty. That’s not the same note! I think the company is getting fed up with paula saying the most stupid things that make no sence at all, so they are starting to write them down for her and she screwed up big time! She’s out of her mind!

  10. J9 says:

    In her defense, there is more going on a given show than just the 2 songs each that we end up seeing on TV. The contestants do rehearsals and sound checks prior to the actual taping — so the judges have already seen what their offering prior. She probably DID see his second song at some point prior to that statement and her natural confused state just fanned the flames.

  11. mamalama says:

    I bet there’s room between the folks who live for AI and those, like many on this post, who think it is the “root of all evil.” If you think it’s “the best thing ever,” get a hobby; if you think it’s the root of all evil, don’t watch it. There are also those of us who simply view it as entertainment – I’m doing the laundry, cleaning the house, etc. and I can have it on, get some laughs, maybe hear a good song or two. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m not sedated but, quite honestly, I can’t spend all my thought time on the war on terror, etc.

  12. jan says:

    ai is so cheesy and boring. I only watch it when a pro I like is on.

  13. neworleans says:

    simon cowell told me years ago before it
    started that the winner was picked in the audition everything else is a fraud
    don’t watch that shit