Jennifer Aniston calls Bill O’Reilly rude, I think


While on the red carpet for The Switch, the people at E! asked Jennifer Aniston about Bill O’Reilly’s comments against her pro-single mother stance. Her roundabout kind of stilted answer seemed like a giveaway that she didn’t write the initial brilliant statement responding to Bill’s criticism. (Or maybe she did and just isn’t as practiced at speaking off the cuff.) Aniston isn’t the most skilled when it comes to giving quotes, and I guess she was trying to say that Bill wasn’t either. It came off as a little ironic.

How caught off guard were you with the Bill O’Reilly comment?
I think as caught off guard as anybody would be in reaction to hearing such a rude sort of comment towards you and other women, but you know, I think people like that must not know any better, because if they heard how they sounded I’m sure they wouldn’t – they were trying to make a point – speak that way.

Now who needs to hear how they sound? I guess she’s saying that Bill didn’t really mean that, but it’s hard to tell and doesn’t make sense to me. It’s not a decent point anyway, because pundits like O’Reilly talk smack for a living. They know exactly what they’re saying, they just say things we don’t agree with. It’s not like they “don’t know any better,” they seem to believe these things and it’s their job to tell us about it. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Aniston needs to work with someone to teach her how to give coherent talking points. People listen to what she says and she needs to be more polished in interviews. She did a decent job promoting The Bounty Hunter and seems to have improved in interviews in the past couple of years. Her job may not involve talking every day like O’Reilly, but it’s a critical part of promoting her films and I’d like to see her get better at it. I agree with her initial point, and I did agree with her follow-up statement, but this subsequent comment is so muddled that I have no idea what to think.

For those of you who will say it’s unfair to judge her based on red carpet interviews – this is part of her job. Some celebrities are better at speaking off the cuff than others, but there are surely people who can coach them on giving answers to anticipated questions. This was a huge news item and she should have prepared a more coherent answer to this question. It’s like she wasn’t even aware enough of the statement her people issued to simply phrase it in her own words or quote from it again.

Jennifer Aniston is shown at The Switch premiere on 8/16/10. Credit: Nikki Nelson/

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  1. aenflex says:

    She could have just saved the time and said No Comment.

  2. Hautie says:

    Too bad she just didn’t call him out for being a pr*ck and moved on down the carpet. haha!

  3. Budda DeCat says:

    I was sure her PR people wrote the initial response — Aniston is a moron who can’t string two coherent sentences together.

  4. bite me says:

    hehe 🙂 and look at Huvane in the background, its time he enroll her in a public speaking class, poor jen 🙁

  5. Henriette says:

    She never struck me as being especially bright or coherent. And, while I’m a single mom, I do think that both Jennifer and Bill make valid points. She: that women should have options to build families any way they like. He: that claiming single motherhood is great is not wise. For the record, my opinion: single motherhood can be great, but encouraging the type of women who listen to celebs for advice is a baaaad idea.

  6. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Its more confusing down toward the end of the statement but I am pretty sure Jen says Bill is rude but Jen was trying to over extend herself as usual and it didn’t it work. Keep it simple Jen.

  7. tutu says:

    she really is an air-head. Did you see her on Leno geez I was embarrased for her. She speaks and acts very immmature for her age and it can only be attributed to lack of confidence. You wouldn’t know that she has been in the biz for almost 20yrs she acts very novice.

  8. mln says:

    I think she embibes a little too much margaritas and smokes a little too much weed to form any intelligent sentences.

  9. Cheyenne says:

    Odd that she should have such a lack of self-confidence at the age of 41 and after being in show business for over 15 years. One would suspect she has a deep sense of insecurity. After that response, I think it’s pretty clear her reply to O’Reilly was written and circulated by her publicist and she probably never even saw it.

  10. nnn says:

    The whole thing is so UNCOOL from both parts.

  11. Moreaces says:

    Not the sharpest knife I would say,

  12. Super Sleuth says:

    I think what she is saying is if O’Reilly could hear how he sounded when he says things like that, he wouldn’t say those things. Basically, she’s giving him the benefit of the doubt.

  13. Juice in LA says:

    I wonder if the Press would bother St. Ange with that sort of question? Of course if they did, she’d pretend she knew nothing at all about the existence of O’Reilly, which is probably smart.

    Maybe like someone said on another post, Jen should get her self a new publicist and stop paying attention to the crap people say about her.

  14. OC lady says:

    Honestly, I can’t stand the turd but O’Reilly has a point. Raising a kid by yourself in this economy is very difficult. Jen’s statement was that you “don’t need to fiddle with a man” to have kids. Easy for her to say. But, her comment did make it seem as if another parent isn’t as important. O’Reilly expressed his opinion on that in his typical O’Reilly fashion.

    It’s not rude–it’s called having an opinion. What does she expect? She can mouth off all she wants, and everyone has to treat her like a princess? I think these celebs really do expect everyone to kiss their butts. But, when they start talking about religion, politics or other hot topics, they have to expect that others will respond accordingly.

  15. Steffie says:

    This from a woman who once said “F— Bush” in an interview. Whichever side of the political spectrum you are on, no one really wants to hear a crude remark from a celebrity who is historically inarticulate and probably not the brightest actor to hit Hollywood. The interview with Samantha Harris, in which she makes the statements that Bill O’Reilly is criticizing, is a testament to her inability to speak thoughtfully…she just rambles.

  16. manly says:

    huvane was like…jen,you forgot to memorized again.

  17. Camille says:

    I’m fast beginning to think this woman is as dumb as a box of rocks.

  18. sandy says:

    she is and always have been dumb as a box a rocks, why do you think she is alone. no man?, also her insecurity comes from knowing she should not be where she is, she can not act, she got lucky by marrying brad, he realized his mistake, corrected it, and she road they pity machine for all it was worth.

  19. Shy says:

    Oh God. She is so empty. Every time you see her interview it amazes how empty and shallow she is. She has absolutely nothing to say. About anything. Even the simplest things. Imagine how is if someone would want to talk to her about politics, books, things that happen around the world. She can’t even discuss her dress probably.

    I’v noticed it long time ago. But we rarely see her talk. Mostly it’s only pictures. But when you see her interview… Gosh. Even stupid Megan Fox has more personality in her and can talk about something.

    And then you see Julia Robert or Sandra Bullock or Natalie Portman in interview. And it’s heaven and earth between them and Aniston.

    P.S. Was that the legendary Steven Huvane next to her?

  20. Camille says:

    sandy: Ouch! But yeah, so true lol.

  21. ann says:
    Here’s a really bad picture of her.
    Saw her on Leno. She needs to quit playing with her hair, quit twirling her foot around and learn how to form a complete scentence.

  22. Isa says:

    I wish she heard how she sounded…
    I wonder if she ever goes back and listens to old interviews. I think that would help make her more aware what comes out of her mouth.

  23. AGREE says:

    Normally I think you are unfair and too vindictive in your criticism of JA, but I do have to agree w/ you here. I think it’s admirable that she is a genuinely kind and nice person. However, kind and nice do not sell movie tickets or have longevity in film – especially now that being a good salesperson is just as important as acting. The reason why we love Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks and Will Smith so much is b/c they sound like charming people who seem genuinely like good people who are interesting. Jen on the other hand comes off as being too afraid to speak or say the wrong thing that she says really inane bland things. She couldn’t even answer George Stephanopoulos’s simple question of what was on her bucket list. Yes time was running out, but her bumbling, “uh, uh, uh” answer was quite sad. She’s inarticulate for someone who’s job it is to be articulate. If she didn’t want to be a movie star and be a character actor like Pacino & Di Nero (hold your bitchy comments, 99% of actors are not their level so don’t attack JA b/c she’s not) – she can get away w/ being inarticulate for interviews, but she’s a movie star and she needs charisma instead being so scared about what she says. Learn better words than “uncool” & the R word, and learn to be entertaining in interviews instead of reserved and nervous. She has the natural charm, but she’s not showing it due to fear and she needs a new publicist b/c Huvane is killing her career w/ bad advice or no advice and overexposure.