Madonna’s trainer reveals insane starvation diet with 2 hour/day workout

US Weekly has an article with a diet created by Madonna’s trainer, Tracy Anderson. I’ve always followed diets in which you eat at least 1200 calories in small meals throughout the day, and that’s about the lowest I can go without freaking out and binging on carbs in the afternoon. It’s uncomfortable for me, though, and I prefer to stick to around 1500 calories when I’m trying to lose weight.

Madonna’s trainer recommends a diet at under 800 calories a day, which is about 1/2 the recommend amount for women. Most experts say that 1200 calories is the absolute lowest a woman can go without feeling lethargic and deprived. A diet of 1500 calories a day is considered healthier and safer for women, and you can even eat 1,800 calories a day, exercise and lose weight safely.

So US Weekly is printing a diet that falls well under 1,000 calories a day, with some days less than 700 calories, along with recommending 2 freaking hours of exercise 6 days a week. Supposedly you can lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks with this diet. That’s insane and counter productive. Here’s the diet, along with what I’ve calculated are the calories for each from (which I highly recommend if you’re counting calories – it’s free.)

1 cup Kashi cereal, with ½ cup plain — or vanilla — nonfat rice milk [262 calories]
3 oz grilled chicken breast — or fresh turkey breast (no deli meat!) — with ½ cup each of chopped cucumber and tomatoes [189 calories]
1 cup mixed berries (try raspberries, blackberries and blueberries) [45 calories]
1 cup organic pasta with ½ cup steamed spinach [330 calories]
[Total: 826 calories]

1 cup Kashi cereal, with ½ cup plain—or vanilla—nonfat rice milk [262 calories]
2 hardboiled eggs with ½ cup each of baby carrots and cherry tomatoes [194 calories]
3 to 5 oz grilled sea bass with ½ cup steamed spinach [240 calories]
[Total: 696 calories]

[Diet from US Weekly, calories calculated at]

I could eat twice that, still lose weight, feel normal and content that I’m eating healthy. It really pisses me off that a diet that can fall under 700 calories a day is touted as healthy by some celebrity trainer and that’s somehow ok.

A much healthier diet is the one that Janet Jackson follows which consists of five meals a day of around 250 calories. You can even eat 6 to 7 meals at 250 calories and it’s still healthy and will help you lose plenty of weight. You should eat a mix of carbs and protein, either at each meal or at separate meals if you prefer to separate. But please – don’t go under 1200 calories a day. You’ll end up losing weight in the short run, but how are you going to keep up that diet? It could also slow down your metabolism. I’m so glad I don’t have to starve myself like that for my job. It just seems outrageous to me, especially combined with 2 hours of exercise. I’m super hungry if I eat 1200 calories a day and do an hour of hard exercise, can you imagine following this starvation diet?

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  1. geronimo says:

    The stupidity. 1200 cals a day is the minimum required for your body to keep functioning effectively, and that’s even if you’re just lying in bed! Pure unadulterated stupidity.

  2. Anee says:

    I agree, I could eat twice that and lose weight. 1200 calories is what you need for your organs and brain to function, a person just sitting all day will need 1200 calories. Heh, maybe this is why she sounds so bloody stupid in interviews.

  3. Codzilla says:

    Even 1200 sounds like fucking torture. Long live Big Macs!!!!!!

  4. bradleybeagle says:

    Sunday actually sounds rather healthy i guess fat Americans can’t wrap their minds around the idea of low cal foods, its not how much you eat but what you are eating and for those of you who said you would be happy eating double it sounds like allot of food. i can’t eat 2 cups of kashi for breakfast that’s way to much, and if you read the box 2 cups is was more than the recommended serving. just like 2 cups of pasts is more than you should eat. Americans need to learn more about portions!!!!!! Also haven’t any of you heard of vitamins and supplements…

    • Ivy says:

      The response that one could eat double the amount on the 800 calorie a day diet was not meant to imply all at once! In a full day, the 800 calorie a day diet wouldn’t sustain someone who did no exercise at all! I burn 1,000 calories before 10am…I struggle with a 12-1500 calorie diet which leads to a two pound per week weight loss…I would never be able to exercise if I ate 800/day. Americans are also known for being more muscular and fit than those from the UK, and we don’t amass as many calories at the pub’

    • cprincess says:

      Actually -its not what you eat-its how much you eat…
      you can live on non fat everything and still be a lard ass…
      I loathe non fat food-I eat a whole diet based around what I feel like eating and if I ate Mc donalds one day I would be craving good food the next.
      Eat good food without a lot of crap in it the majority of the time…oh and learn to cook-so many women wear it like a badge of honor that they cant cook!
      I eat mainly brown rice and gluten free bread for the digestion-its astonishing what a difference it makes,meat and fish with no hormones,real butter and cheese,a lot of vegetables and i dont over eat 90% of the time-I also move my ass -hiking and doing yoga but if i want to shove a cheese burger or chocolate cake down my mouth I do!
      Theres nothing more boring than people and their diets-eat what you want,eat less of it and move your ass off the couch….

  5. Cici says:

    i must agree. I’m an American and American portions disgust me. People consume obscene amounts of food here, much more than what is needed.

  6. bradleybeagle says:

    im an American also

  7. geronimo says:

    It’s nothing to do with that – did you even read the article? It’s to do with limiting calories to 800 a day which is dangerous and unhealthy and very very stupid.

  8. michelle says:

    Bradleybeagl if you read that correctly you would see it says 1 cup of kashi, and 1 cup of pasta, not 2, obviously with only this small amount of food it would make a huge difference between 1 or 2 cups. Oh, and where are you from? All of the wealthiest countries overeat, are you from Sub Sahara Africa or Southeast Asia? Then you would have room to talk. A-hole

  9. Cici says:

    Oh, sorry – I meant it largely as an aside. I agree with the portions in what was listed, I should have said – but more snacks should be included in the day. But regarding Monday’s 5 oz sea bass portion, what SHOULD one eat? 10 oz? no. i just think more snacks are needed so that overall- more than 700 is consumed.

  10. CandyKay says:

    I’m American as well, and this is an example of how Americans can be incredibly neurotic about food. It’s either insanely too much or insanely too little – it’s never just FOOD. Chill out, bro. I live in Europe now and people just eat without worrying about it. It works much better for me.

  11. AC says:

    I can’t count calories. Long live low carb diets.

  12. Syko says:

    Where are the potatoes!?!?!

    Joking. It’s true about portion control. One of my daughters just went on a diabetic diet (it’s familial although luckily I seem to have been skipped) and was shocked to learn that a serving of orange juice is four ounces. And I am a big eater, but almost gag at the portions of food served in most restaurants. I always get two meals out of each, by taking half of it home with me.

    But this diet is insane. Not enough calories to keep you going. It’s traumatized me so badly that I am going to have to go downstairs and buy a Snickers.

  13. iheartlasagne says:

    I think (although I agree, this is a grueling and probably not healthy regimen) it should be noted that going below 1200 can be OK when being monitored closely. I did a hospital-sponsored diet program (weekly visits w/ reg dieticians, exercise physiologists, etc, bloodwork monitoring, short term program) where we started out at 1040/day for 5 weeks, and went up to 1200. They calculated our calories for maintenance, all that jazz. It was a really, really good program and I lost almost 40 lb in 12 weeks! Granted, I can stand to lose a bit more, so I can’t speak for everyone. Portions are out of control in America, as well as the types of food we eat – processed and fast food galore! Small meals and snacks every 2-4 hours, so that you never get hungry, is key. I think a big part of our problem in America is sedentary lifestyles too. I think this trainer’s diet coupled with that amount of intense workout is definitely too much for most people. As an aside, reducing carbs is important, but people go too far with the no-carb thing. You need some starch for energy and digestive health.

  14. Anee says:

    1040 calories is better than 800. I’m Canadian, 140 5’5″ could stand to lose 10 lbs – I’m usually between 120-130lbs. I’m not all for huge portions, no way. But 800 calories a day is just stupid.

  15. bradleybeagle says:

    i can read, and i was referring to the people who said they could eat double!!! also i did read the article and it is ok to drop below 1000 calories as long as you have consulted a doctor. furthermore to successfully lose weight you have to drop 500 calories below what you normally eat.

  16. bradleybeagle says:

    oh and michelle, if i am an A-hole for speaking the truth about the big fat American life style, then you must be a big fat American to get offended by it. and by my last count Japan was one of the world’s wealthiest countries and they are healthy and do not over eat as you said all rich countries do.

  17. celebitchy says:

    You can eat double 800 calories a day and it is perfectly healthy and much more healthy than this diet. I am a 5’7″ woman and burn about 2400 calories a day at least, so at 1600 or 1800 calories I would still lose weight, just a pound or so a week. Read the article before criticizing. I’m saying double those calories, which most doctors recommend, not double the portions on the stupid cereal and pasta.

  18. KateNonymous says:

    I don’t think that anyone was saying that the portions listed should be doubled. I think that the statement is that the total amount of calories, if doubled, would be healthy, whereas what is listed is not a healthy amount.

    Celebitchy and I posted at the same time, so just to be clear, I’m agreeing with her, not responding to her.

  19. Bellatrix says:

    I’ve never counted calories 😯
    If I need to lose a little weight, I tend to go for natural proteins (low-fat meat such as chicken and turkey for ex. ; non-fat yoghurt and cottage cheese ; any kind of fish even salmon ; etc.) without counting anything and vegetables. Then, I reintroduce more “normal” meals with carbs gradually (this is spread over two-three months if, say, I lost 3 to 4 kilograms).

    But when I read that she could only have half a cup of cucumber, I had to reread it to make sure I didn’t see it wrong.
    And where’s the daily piece of dark chocolate to keep the fun going? ❓

    This is a living hell.
    I couldn’t work out on such a diet AT ALL.

  20. Bodhi says:

    I really don’t want to know how many calories were in the fabulously greasy lunch I just ate. But I don’t really care cause I don’t pig out on any kind of regular basis.

    I totally agree about American portions. Its really really gotten out of control. I’ve never counted my calories before so I don’t know what would be best for me. But I can say that the meals listed in the article would not be enough food for me. I have blood sugar issues & need to be able to snack (healthy stuff) during the day.

    And who can work out for 2 hours 6 days a week? There is no way the vast majority of people can fit that in their schedules.

    • joey says:

      you fit it in on the time u would be napping, sitting watching tv or zoning out online… 24 hours in a day, and only 2 have to be physical.

  21. bradleybeagle says:

    im not saying that everyone should go on this diet, what i am saying is that Americans don’t understand portions!! and if you don’t eat refined sugars or sat fats you would be surprised at how many cal you are consuming. i guess its hard for people to imagine cutting out mayo and coca cola from their diets. And i stand by the fact that Sunday sounds healthy, but if you want to add butter while you cook it then right there you would be over 1200, so whats healthier eating it with the butter or without?

  22. AC says:

    you don’t NEED starches in your diet. You do need some carbohydrates… preferably mostly in veggies. We just live in a nation where people consume hundreds or thousands of carbs a day … and call that NORMAL. ITs not … we don’t need that much. Hence… LOW carb not NO carb.

  23. Bellatrix says:

    About the american portions issue that has been going on in this comments discussion : I must say that when I first visited New York I thought the food was surreal.
    And then there are those huge supermarkets that only sell sweets and ice-cream. 😯
    I don’t blame americans for the way they eat and I’m sure that a lot of people there try to be as healthy as possible but the general “food environment” is simply enormous in quantity. I did not understand how you could buy such large bottles of orange juice for example. It all looked “too much”.

    Here, in Europe, we buy bottles of milk that are 1 liter.
    We open up a bottle of diet coke once a week at home.
    I have a ceramic grill installed in my kitchen which allows me to cook any meat or fish or even most vegetables without adding any olive oil (which I prefer to use from time to time to add to a special kind of meal).

    But, every night, we have a glass of red wine and I eat a normal butter croissant from my favourite bakery two times a week. And I have a daily piece of very dark chocolate.
    Still, I manage to stay at 50-51kg for 1m65 and fit into a French size 36 (which is a EU34, UK6-8 and US4-6).

    Life can be so much more enjoyable if moderately sinful. 😈

  24. Mairead says:

    Bradley – you would have to add 100g of butter to bring it up to 1200 calories. To be honest, I read what you said a few times to understand what you meant – that IF she was to eat precisely double of her current diet it would exceed the recommended portion size in some cases – right?

    To be honest, if either of these days could be classed as healthy it;s monday. At least there protein is provided at two meals which is essential for someone trying to build muscle like Madonna.

    1600 – 2000 calories are recommended for the average adult female. For those who are particularly active, it’s recommended they eat more. 800 is the absolute minimum requirement for basic body function, and even that is classed a starvation diet. I really wouldn’t want to be in the same house as someone on that regime. I’m slightly hypoglycemic and am positively nasty if I leave it too long without some protein or complex carbs.

    And she’s still only getting maximum 4 out of the recommended 5-a-day of fruit and veg.

    But you are absolutely right about one thing – by consistently reducing calorie by 500 cals a day below your average it will help you lose about 1lb a week – as 3000 calories are needed to be used up to “burn” 1lb of fat.

  25. Scott F. says:

    Jesus, when will people understand that calories are entirely subjective to the person. My wife goes overboard with this stuff all the time, reading websites and calculating calories by body weight, BMI, all that shit. It all comes down to what you weigh, what you want to weigh, and how many calories you burn every day.

    If you want to lose weight, you don’t necessarily have to starve yourself. People forget that there’s two sides to the weight equation – intake and energy burning. If you don’t want to decrease intake and starve yourself, you can increase energy burned.

    The idea that you have to eat just over 1000 calories a day to be fit is fucking retarded. A standard MRE or equivalent field ration in just about any part of the world is 2000 calories or more – how many fat soldiers do you know? That’s on a 6000 calorie or more a DAY diet.

    Granted, an average person isn’t going to burn near that many calories, but it’s not hard to eat 2500-3000 a day with 45 minutes to an hour of exercise a day. I’ve been out of the service for more than a year, I still eat more than 3000 calories a day and weigh just over 170lbs at 5′ 10″. You just need to do some kind of cardio every day: running, basketball, something.

    It’s not even the idea she only eats that much, it’s that she does ALL that physical activity while still eating that little. It’s no wonder I’ve heard she’s obsessed with B12 shots, it’s probably the only reason she can stand up.

  26. bradleybeagle says:

    there are 100 calories in one tablespoon of butter so actually what i said about adding butter is correct. most people add way more than one tablespoon when they are cooking especially when considering pasta, just watch the food network…

  27. delilah says:

    Weren’t we talking about Madonna? Frankly I don’t care what any of you eat but Madonna just sets herself up for ridicule. Hello osteoporosis!

  28. iheartlasagne says:

    In response to AC:

    Starch vs. Carbohydrate

    Starches are the most basic form of carbohydrates. It is found in all fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes. Starch is broken down in our digestive tract into small molecules of glucose, which are then absorbed and transported into cells for energy production.

    Many fruits and some vegetables contain significant amounts of glucose and fructose, as well as a disaccharide called sucrose (ordinary sugar), which contains both glucose and fructose.

    Our bodies have been accustomed to metabolizing about 300 grams of glucose (mostly from starchy foods) every day for thousands of years.

    We have always consumed some fructose, often in the form of fruits and honey. Until about 200 years ago, the average daily intake of fructose was only eight grams a day. As ordinary sugar (sucrose) from sugar beets and sugar cane began to be readily available, the daily intake of fructose raised 10 fold to 75 grams a day. The problem is further compounded since the 1970s, when high fructose corn syrup was introduced as a substitute sweetener. About 9% of the average dietary calorie intake now comes from fructose.

    When sucrose is ingested, it reacts with water to generate glucose and fructose in equal amounts. Each 100 grams of sucrose produces 53 grams of glucose and 53 grams of fructose. Sucrose is called a disaccharide for this reason. The ingestion of 100 pounds of sugar (sucrose) per year translates into 125 grams per day and 66 grams of fructose. With about 8 grams added on from fruits and honey, the total average intake per day now becomes 74 grams. Our body is used to metabolizing only eight grams of fructose a day. The nearly 10-fold overload has caused many health problems, which we will discuss below.

    That was taken from this article, it is very good!

  29. velvet elvis says:

    Whoa…I eat all of that in one meal alone.

  30. breederina says:

    No one is talking about age here. Madge is nearly 50
    and likely pre-menopausal if not into it already. The
    hormone crazy her body is doing is probably kicking her butt metabolism wise.
    If you want to stay at top condition after 50 you may need to really work at it. It’s not easy any more, if indeed it ever was.

  31. Lilly-Anna says:

    I never eat more than 500Kcals a day. Just on special holidays or once a month, maximum. If someone wants to stuff themselves with bigmacs its their choice. What do you care about what she eats? Does it make you feel better about your one eating habits?

  32. journey says:

    where’s the potatoes?!?!?

    NOT joking!!! complex carbs are a blessing. potatoes, brown rice, sweet potatoes!! yum. they fill you up, have few calories, lots of nutrients, lots of chew-factor, and taste wonderful. add vegetables, beans, heart healthy olive oil, seasonings and spices and you have a meal or a side dish. love my complex carbs!!!

  33. happyfatty says:

    Madonna looks like a tranny; don’t know why anyone would want to look like her anyway. Just sayin’… 😆

  34. retro-actress says:

    bradleybeagl, where are you from that you are such an authority on this subject? people should realize that everyone has their own requirements for their own body, and that is what has been negelcted in nutrition is intuitive eating.

    also that if you come onto a thread and immediately insult a whole nation of people, you are going to a) upset people and b) seem insecure and immature yourself. by the way, before you bother, im canadian, whatever that means to you.

  35. Mairead says:

    Scott, you’re totally right, eat sensibly and move more is the way to doing it. Counting calories tend to turn you into a food obsessed bore.

    But I cannot see how this article can be accurate – by moving around at all she’ll burn 800 calories, more as she’s so muscular. And you can guarantee that she’ll burn 800 calories minimum in 2hour workouts. So I think someone is telling porkie-pies about portion sizes. 🙄

    Bradley, I respectfully disagree with you regarding butter. I doublechecked the two forms of butter (pure and one with added oil to make it spread) in my office fridge and both gave approximately 750 calories per 100g. This is about the same as oil as they’re both primarily fat.

    1 tablespoon usually equates to about 15g and a large tblsp about 25g. So a 15g tablespoon of butter tends come to about 105 calories.

    It’s not important, but it was a welcome distraction from work 😀

  36. bradleybeagle says:

    retro-actress: i am an authority on the issue of Americans being fat asses for many reasons; 1) I live in America and have eyes, I can see the fat people and watch them eat their over sized portions. 2)I have purchased meals from restaurants here in America, guess what the portions are huge. 3) I can read, therefore when I buy a food product, I read the nutritional information and can clearly see what the correct portions are. Therefor I can recognize when people are eating too large of portions. 4) I am a college graduate and have learned through classes how there is a problem in America with obesity.

    I must state again that I am an American and if you are offended by my statements then you must be part of the increasingly growing population of overweight people in this country. There is a problem with obesity and I am tired of our health care systems being clogged with obesity related problems. Obese people are disgusting to me and there is no one to blame but themselves, in this day and age there is no acceptable reason to be obese.

  37. Scott F. says:

    Bradley – I think if you paid attention to half the people in this thread you would understand the point we’re trying to make.

    Big portions do not make people fatasses. You get fat by eating a ton and doing NOTHING. It never ceases to amaze me how many people complain they’ve never found a diet that works, but if you ask them if they exercise, they look at you like you’ve grown a second head.

    I eat Mcdonalds twice a week, and believe me when I say I am the type who used to supersize. I don’t have some hyperactive thyroid or super metabolism that keeps me thin. I just don’t spend all my time on my ass.

    Food nazi’s like you are taking the focus off the real causes of American obesity – self control and laziness. We cry about our school kids getting fat – so we take the soda out of the lunchrooms – but the damn kids aren’t required to do gym more than 1 year of high school anymore! How does that make any fucking sense at all?

    Eat what you want within reason – just get off your ass and work it off.

  38. ff says:

    Yes, but the point of her going so calorifically low is the fact that all of this low end calorie curbing has put her body into such a fraught state that it doesn’t lose weight at 1000kcals a day WITH exercise, let alone 1200kcals.

    This is what a lifetime of calorie dropping does to the body, it goes into survival mode and does anything it can to stop the body dropping weight – be it fat or muscle.

    Fact is, Madonna probably can’t get results without eating that little. Oh well, she’s vowed not to get fat so she’s clearly doesn’t mind living on rations for the rest of her life – she’s happily recompensed given her choice of career, so who cares.

    I’m more worried about people WITHOUT her career and it’s perks trying this regime on for size. (Clue: don’t do it unless you’re happy to starve for the rest of your life, or you can afford to pay people to help you do it.)

  39. HS says:

    JEBUS. I would PASS THE HELL OUT if that’s all I got to eat in a day. I’m starving just looking at that ridiculousness.

    If you’re trying to put on muscle, your body will eat itself on that little amt of nourishment.

    Yeck. I would not be a pleasant person to be around. I certainly would not have the energy for a 2 hr work-out on that b.s.

    /raiding the pantry right now. 🙂

  40. bradleybeagle says:

    Scott F.: Im sorry i was under the assumption that when talking about diet, exercise would be a given. i exercise everyday, and eat healthy the problem is people don’t exercise and complain about their diets not working. Also you cant blame schools for fat kids you can blame the fat parents for not feeding them correctly or teaching them about diet and nutrition. furthermore why does the school system have to be responsible for exercise; instead of buying kids a happy meal and putting them in front of the playstation or tv, parents should have their kids play outside, or as many good parents do enroll their children in after school sports!! and yes exercise is important but so are portion size and the types of foods consumed. I think the point people are missing is that over sized portions are bad, and yes exercise is good but if your diet is shit then your not giving your body the fuel it needs.

  41. RC says:

    that diet is just not healthy i’m with everyone else on that. even with occasional doctor monitoring (which most people can’t get, hello HMOs or no insurance)there is a not-small risk for long-term cardiac or musculo-skeletal damage.
    bradley – perhaps the reason everyone assumes you have no idea what you’re talking about (besides the claiming butter has like 7x as many calories as it really does) is because you take the most combative stance possible with everyone. if you’d chillax and stop accusing everyone of being “fat-ass Americans” which makes you sound like a pro-ana 14 year old girl with anger issues, you wouldn’t get such a negative response. just sayin.
    now, gym-ward ho!

  42. CaLi says:

    bradleybeagl have an f-ing cheeseburger and shut the hell up. eyes to your own ass, okay?

  43. bradleybeagle says:

    RC: im sorry you feel that way but in reference to the butter issue i was correct actually if you want to get technical i was a few calories below what the caloric value actually is. furthermore i was simply commenting on the fact that statistically America is the fattest country. you must just be a fat person as i said and will say again the only people who would get offended by a fat America comment are fat Americans. and if you can read i said that the Sunday diet sounds healthy , i never agreed on the crazy amount of exercise that goes with the diet, nor did i say that all people should follow it. it seems that im not the one that needs to learn to read.

  44. Scott F. says:

    Bradley – You’re making yourself look like an ass. Stop trying to act like you know something, and calling everyone who disagrees with you fat. This data took me literally 2 seconds to find by searching “fattest countries’ in Yahoo.


    “In a list of the countries with the greatest percentage of overweight people, Nauru tops a list of countries with the greatest percentage of overweight people, with an alarming 94.5% of its adult population (ages 15+) classified as such, based on the most recent estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO). The Federated States of Micronesia, Cook Islands, Niue and Tonga round out the top five, all with a portly population of over 90%.

    The U.S. weighs in at No. 9, with 74.1% of those over 15 years old considered overweight.”

    So statistically… well, you’re full of shit.

  45. Mich R says:

    Not only is this diet irresponsible in regards to the health and sanity of those who follow it, I notice that one of the meals includes Sea Bass, which is a threatened, over-fished species. If you follow this, not only can you damage your own health, but that of the planet as well. Good work. 🙄

  46. happyfatty says:

    Re: Scott F.’s stats: makes me believe that there is a genetic component to obesity. I can’t imagine that Micronesia, Cook Islands, Tonga and Niue have a very “American” lifestyle w/ McD’s on every corner and Playstations in every home. Although I admit to having zero knowledge about these countries except guessing that their populations are perhaps Polynesian or Samoan? Traditionally big people, no?

    I am overweight because I am genetically predispositioned to be that way. All that really means is that I have to work harder than, say, my husband, to be “thin”. At this age and stage, I just ain’t got it in me anymore to work that hard and micromanage what I eat to that degree. Life is short; I’m gonna enjoy it. Plus when I was “skinny” and getting whistled at and hit on all the time, I certainly wasn’t any happier. In fact, i was so consumed with what I had (or hadn’t) eaten, how long I had (or hadn’t) worked out and how loose (or tight) my clothes were feeling that I couldn’t take a second to notice anything else. I imagine I was a huge BORE to be around. Hence, now I’m a happy fatty… 😉

  47. bradleybeagle says:

    scott f: good for you, you know how to google. although the USA is 9th on the forbes list those figures are calculated by the percent of the population. Naru may be 1st with 94.5% but Naru only has a population of 10,000 people so they have 9,450 obease people, yet the USA’s population is 303,967,000 that means with 74.1% there are 225,239,547 obease people in america. so although Naru has a higher percentage we have the most fat people!!!
    1.Nauru 94.5% -population 10,000
    2. Micronesia, Federated States of 91.1% – population 107,862
    3. Cook Islands 90.9% – population 20,200
    4. Tonga 90.8% – population 100,000
    5. Niue 81.7% – population 1,600
    6.. Samoa 80.4% – population 188,540
    7.. Palau 78.4% – population 20,000
    8.. Kuwait 74.2% – population 2,851,000
    9.. United States 74.1% – population 303,967,000

    yet again i have not called anyone on here fat, learn how to read!!!

  48. Julia says:

    To the poster who said that Sunday sounded healthy:

    A half-cup of cucumber? Really? 🙂

    I agree that people often don’t understand portions, and that smaller amounts of food often satisfy as well as larger ones, but this diet is insane.

    It was irresponsible to print this diet in a magazine like that, even with the caveat of suggesting a physician consultation. Even diets for the obese or patients due to go in for heart surgery that are designed for fast weight loss are not this restrictive calorically. Chronic calorie restriction at this level leads to amenorrhea (loss of periods) in most healthy women and definitely would be unhealthy.

    There are lots of diets that work for different people and for different reasons. The South Beach diet (low fat, low refined sugar, lots of veggies and lean protein) works well for me, and doesn’t require calorie counting at all. The SB diet, for example, encourages salads with plenty of veggies (not just 1/2 cup of damn cukes) in addition to the protein. In fact, it stresses not cutting quantity/calories too harshly.

    The reason this article upsets me is that it feeds the unhealthy spiral many women have with diets and eating. The more crash diets and yo-yo-ing you do, the harder it is to attain lasting weight loss or balance. That trainer is going to make a lot of real doctors and nutritionists angry, just wait and see. 🙂

  49. Bernie says:

    bradley: are you so combative b/c you’re hungry? just saying. and yes sweetheart please do call me fat… it would make me laugh my skinny ass off.

    thanks for the comments folks.. i enjoyed them. *high five* scott f for being such a well tempered good sport to bradley.

  50. Julia says:

    Oh, and bradley, I just read your statement “obese people are disgusting to me and there is no excuse..”. Well, and I mean this in the nicest possible way, go f yourself.

    And to the chick who says she never eats more than 500 calories a day, I hope you are just not adding properly because that is anorexia right there.

  51. Murknas says:

    Not fat, but am offended. Calling ALL Americans fat and lazy is ridiculous.

  52. KateNonymous says:

    “Obese people are disgusting to me and there is no one to blame but themselves, in this day and age there is no acceptable reason to be obese.”

    What’s disgusting to me is when people are judged on their appearance more than whether they are kind, or generous, or honest, or any number of other things that I think say a lot more about character than waist size.

    To get back to the original topic, this diet is not healthy. While the portions may be perfectly fine, there are not enough portions. When you add strenuous exercise to the mix, the diet becomes not just unhealthy, but irresponsible. I can certainly understand Madonna’s desire to stay fit as she gets older, and I know that doing so gets harder as one gets older. But this suggests a lack of perspective that is troubling. The goal shouldn’t just be to be thin, or even fit–it should be to be healthy. I am very skeptical that the diet and exercise plan described here will achieve that.

    And I’m not even getting into what I think of Us Weekly, regardless of this story.

  53. bradleybeagle says:

    Bernie: to state that im the one being combative, and congratulate others for their patience is ridiculous. Not once on here have i insulted a specific person, all i have made are generalized statements regarding to the fact that most Americans are obese. Yet to those of you who disagree with me have specifically called me an asshole, full of shit, an ass, anorexic, and told me to go f- myself, so ask yourself whose the one being combative and disrespectful, quite frankly i have given more respect to those of you who have disagreed with me than vise versa.

  54. Scott F. says:

    Jesus man, you just don’t know how to quit when you’re ahead do you? Not that you were every really ahead – but still.

    You didn’t call anyone who disagreed with you fat? I quote –

    “you must just be a fat person as i said and will say again the only people who would get offended by a fat America comment are fat Americans”

    “if i am an A-hole for speaking the truth about the big fat American life style, then you must be a big fat American to get offended by it.”

    I’m offended, and while I can’t be 100% certain, I would wager to say I’m probably in just as good if not better shape than you. If you want to starve yourself, that’s fine, but calling everyone who doesn’t want to fat is just fucking retarded.

    “obese people are disgusting to me and there is no excuse..”

    “yet again i have not called anyone on here fat, learn how to read!!!”

    I can read douche – maybe you need to read your own writing. As long as we’re working on generalizing Americans, how about we take on the ‘stupid, illiterate American’ image. You’re not helping our case by being (supposedly) college educated, yet seemingly unable to punctuate or capitalize.

    You come here calling people names, spouting off bullshit numbers, and acting like a moron, then people are going to call you out on it.

  55. bradleybeagle says:

    i said “you must” be i didn’t say “you are”, and your newest response just confirms the fact that i have given more respect to you than you to me. considering i have shown restraint and not called you any name as you have me

  56. Dr. McMichaels says:

    I will try to write this comment as respectful as possible. A fellow colleage of mine invited me into this discussion.

    I would like to give some insight into my background so that my comment may hold some validity. I hold several Doctorates in Medicine and am a licensed & practicing Pediatrician and Nutritionist.

    The comments made by ‘bradleybeagle’ are for the most part on the mark. America by far, as numbers go, is the most obese nation in the world. Percentage aside, we have a serious problem here in America and I see it every day with the children I attend. It astonishes me that some of you would take to attacking ‘bradleybeagle’ for comments about ‘fat Americans’. Fat may be considered a harsh word, but I honestly believe that it’s time for a harsh wakeup. All I hear are excuses from my patiens, their parents and finger pointing tactics they employ.

    It’s time to stop the excuses, stop the finger pointing and stop the attacking of those who (sometimes harshly) bring the realities of this epidemic to light. If you are offended that someone speaks out against ‘fat Americans’ then start the change and prove that person wrong.

    Also, do any of you care that much about a random person’s comments that you are willing to ‘blow up’ at each other? Are each of you that insecure? Amazing.

    Also, on this article. Although I personally would not recommend Madonna’s diet to any of my patients; each person’s body is different and requires specially configured diets and with her lifestyle and level of fitness I can understand this style of diet. Oh and 3oz of chicken breast with 1/2 cup of tomatoes and 1/2 cup of cucumbers is actually a very healthy lunch. That I would recommend…moderation.

    Please educate yourselves on this matter before making, what I would consider, ignorant comments. I commend ‘bradleybeagle’ for standing up for what he/she believes in.

  57. Because I say So says:

    Children, please! 😮 while I don’t agree with the majority of Bradley’s rants I do understand his/her point of view. We, as a culture, have embraced laziness and shunned personal responsibility. Think about it: would there even be a diet industry (and would this article have been printed) if we weren’t constantly looking for some easy, quick cheap fix? Our portion sizes are disgusting, our food is over-processed, but we as a culture don’t seem too inclined to do much to change it but complain about it. Regardless of whether Madonna’s “diet” is healthy or not is completely arbitrary. We wouldn’t know what healthy was if it bit us in the ass!

  58. Domesticated Biotch says:

    Whoever this chick on here is who says obese people disgust her…that’s the most agressive thing that’s been said on here. Obesity is a disease just like alcoholism, drug addiction, and even cancer. It’s predetermined in our genes on if we’re going to have high metabolism and burn everything we eat or if our body will hold onto every ounce of fat we take in. It can take twice as much exercise or more to burn a single calorie than someone with a normal working metabolism. Plus you have the people who use food as a coping mechanism-they are compared as the opposites to annorexia. Just like drug users and alcoholics. So anyone who turns to food for comfort disgusts you, than you must have no tolerance for anyone who drinks, does drugs, pukes up their dinner,ect…. Why, you’re a saint!
    By the way-I’m in perfect shape…but I’m not going to judge anyone else’s choice-you never know what anybody is going through. I’ve seen firsthand how much pain someone is in who works out every day, eats healthy low-fat small portions of food, and does everything right for a month….to not loose one pound.
    So get off your high horse and learn to spell ‘obese’ before you start spewing your hateful words. It makes a better impact on your point when you can spell.

  59. bradleybeagle says:

    ohh so sorry that out of the many times that i wrote OBESE i spelled it wrong twice, ever heard of a typo? and yes i find alcoholism drug addiction disgusting. And if you are going to put it in the same category as those two then
    what is clear is that obesity is a huge health problem just like alcoholism and drugs but society seems to think obesity is ok where as the others are not, when was the last time you saw an obese person being court ordered to rehab? or arrested for being fat in public?

    it seems that people are missing the point that obesity is a huge epidemic in america, fine if your happy being fat, but maybe obese people should think of the family members that they hurt by being that way, Ever hear of

    * Type 2 (non-insulin dependent) diabetes
    * Cardiovascular disease
    * Stroke
    * Hypertension
    * hypothyroidism
    * Dyslipidemia
    * Hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance, glucose intolerance
    * Congestive heart failure
    * Angina pectoris
    * Cholecystitis
    * Cholelithiasis
    * Osteoarthritis
    * Gout
    * Fatty liver disease
    * Sleep apnea and other respiratory problems
    * Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
    * Fertility complications
    * Pregnancy complications
    * Psychological disorders
    * Uric acid nephrolithiasis (kidney stones)
    * Stress urinary incontinence
    * Cancer of the kidney, endometrium, breast, colon and rectum, esophagus, prostate and gall bladder
    * Death

    that’s why i find obesity disgusting!!! Just look at what it does to the human body!!!!!

  60. Backster says:

    Finally, I come to the bottom and this entire thread of comments has redeemed itself with Dr. McMichaels.

    Although Bradley is kind of offputting in his presentation, we all know he’s right. In this great nation we live in, we’re given all the luxury in the world to eat what we want, when, where, with whom, while celebrating whatever holiday, religion, or other fanatical thing we choose. Everything is a choice. You can choose to live an unhealthy lifestyle or you can choose to live a healthy one.

    Yes, there are a few exceptions of disease or disability, but that’s such a slim portion of the population. I’m pretty sure everytime I go to Disneyland (the HAPPIEST place on Earth), there is a morbidly obese man or woman riding on their little chair carts headed straight for the ice cream shop. They take up half the room with their vehicle and here’s the thing (you’re gonna get offended) I don’t feel sorry for them at all. Maybe if they WALKED around the happiest place on Earth, instead of scooted or had someone push them, maybe I’d be okay with them buying the incredibly unhealthy, yet remarkably delicious ice cream cone. It’s a treat. Go for it.

    I don’t understand why people are getting so enraged at this guy for telling the truth. Americans have a completely different scale of large and proportional. It’s whatever’s right for you and your body. I’m 5’6″ and by the charts, I should be what? 125-140? I met with a nutritionist and got a complete evaluation and because of my frame and other stuff, she said she’d prefer me to be between 110-115 and I could stretch it to 120, but more than that would be overweight.

    Seriously, all this guy is saying is that if you’re not obese, you won’t get offended by calling Americans, as a collective whole, fat. You would notice that a fairly healthy woman would wear between a size 4 and an 8, why is our national average a size 14? I’m incredibly skinny, I get that… but I eat like it’s nobody’s business. I LOVE food. I love eating it. I love cooking it. I love to smell it. There’s nothing wrong with ANY kind of food.

    Get serious, people…… Just eat a little bit less. Go walk a couple more blocks. You don’t have to analyze everything thing you put into your body. Eat until the first sign that you’re full…. Stop there. We gorge ourselves way too much.

    And would everyone just calm the eff down? It’s one guy’s opinion and I’m starting to think that he might be right. But I’ll add another option. You either: a. are fat, b. are obese, c. care about someone that’s bigger and you don’t do anything to help them, or d. are someone that got hugged 5 too many times growing up. Bully for you.

  61. Backster says:

    I’m sorry, I have to comment on Biotch’s post up there….

    You classify obesity as a disease. Something one is predispositioned to be/have. So, if I know that I have cancer cells in my body and it starts killing me, I’m gonna do something to stop it. If I’m a drug addict, you’ll take the needle away from me if you can, or at the very least, tell me that my lifestyle isn’t healthy. No… at the VERY least, just think my lifestyle isn’t healthy. If I was an alcoholic, my liver would be paying for it, people would tell me to stop. Not in one of these situations do friends and family (that are healthy) say ‘Oh, it’s okay. It’s how you were born. You had those genes from the start, so don’t do anything to stop it. Since you born that way, just live it up. Shoot the heroin. Drink 3 cases of beer tonight. No big deal.’

    No. That doesn’t happen. Why? Because apparently we have to tiptoe around the obese people, when it’s apparently just the same as having cancer. YES! It’s unhealthy. You’re supposed to take steps toward living a healthy lifestyle instead of being defeated with an excuse that says it’s okay to eat yourself to death.

    You find me one obese person that has, throughout their life, eaten moderately and exercised. You give me reason to believe that this situation is the norm and I’ll back off. Until then…. try another excuse.

  62. Domesticated Biotch says:

    If you want to make some helpful points on here and help anyone, try not to start off insulting them and tell them they disgust you.
    Obesity does cause health problems, just like most of anything else we do, eating the wrong foods and alot of them is bad for us…DUH, it’s not rocket science. But what you’re not getting is many people are born with chemical inconsistancies in their brain that create addiction. They feed themselves, if they don’t do that-than it’s smoking, or exercising themselves to death, or starving themselves, or doing cocaine, or pulling thier hair out, or cutting themselves…..
    The human race in general is a huge vat of self hatred or low self esteem. It’s a vicious cycle. If you eat too much because you’re depressed or you’ve had something happen to you in your past that you can’t face, then you feed the pain with your addictive choice….then everything and everyone around you says you’re pathetic…then you do it more because you feel like you’re a failure. Making the comments your making only fuels their pain more. Support and acceptance is the key to help anyone with any problem.
    Maybe you need to face your problem-your need to talk to people as a group and make them feel that they disgust you even before you know the person they are.

  63. Domesticated Biotch says:

    You’re right about grouping obesity with cancer-they aren’t the same. They are both classified as a disease but not even in the same ballpark.
    I just want to provide some compassion to people who are overweight and combat the disgusting comment. That’s hardcore to feel disgust from someone you don’t even know as a person. I feel disgust from the guy that locked up his daughter for 24 yrs or racism…not from someone’s clothing size. Especially when you don’t know where they came from.

  64. bradleybeagle says:

    biotch: its not their clothing size that disgusts me its their inability to take responsibility for their own actions and the results that occur from it.

    I am thankful that there are people out there who see my point, and to the rest of you who cant seem to grasp it, i give up. Its like taking a cookie from a fat kid, it’s just not going to happen!!!

  65. Domesticated Biotch says:

    Wow. You are a mean little girl.

  66. headache says:

    Madonna’s diet is not adequate for her body, her age, or her level of physical activity. I understand that she has an aversion to ever being fat but her diet combined with her exercise regimen is more closely in tune with an exercise anorexic and shows that the woman has some serious control issues.

    That aside, America has an obesity problem for the same reason we have a debt problem, energy crisis and education problem. We have become a nation of self gratification heedless of the consequences.

    Everyone wants to make everything someone else’s problem.

    me, me, me, mine, mine, mine, now, now, now.

    You can reduce portions, put PE back in the classroom, ban transfat, the whole nine yards but until people start taking responsibility for their own health and that of their children, not a damn thing is going to change.

    P.S. Pacific Islanders tend to be overweight because in their culture, big is the ideal, not skinny models.

  67. Elle says:

    BradleyBeagle, for someone who is college educated, you seem to know very little about poverty in America.

    It’s great that you have access to healthful food and a safe place to exercise. It’s great that your schools had money to allocate to gym and playground equipment, and that they were located in a safe area for you to spend time outside. You are incredibly lucky that you had access to adults who could make sure that you were safe while enjoying these things.

    I work in an urban area with poor children. Most of them don’t have the luxuries that you apparently have/had. My clients don’t have a safe place to spend time outdoors. They don’t have the money to buy nutritious food, and they don’t have anyplace to buy it even if they did due to the lack of stores that carry fresh fruits and vegetables. They go home to empty apartments because their parents work 12 to 16 hours a day in order to provide them with food. Their parents then don’t have time to cook food not to mention the lack of access to healthful food, so they default into cheap, easy, and available (ramen/Big Mac/pizza).

    Yes, America has an obesity problem. However, your comments about fat people being lazy or lacking personal responsibility ignores the reality that being overweight/obese has a high correlation with being lower middle to lower class.

    So yes, people need to exercise and eat healthfully, but all of the blame cannot be laid at the feet of the parents. Schools should be offering nutritious breakfast/lunch/snacks along with adequate time for students to run and play. Stores need to offer nutritionally dense food at reasonable prices. The government needs to be willing to subsidize gym memberships for people trying to stay healthy who don’t have the money. Restaurants need to start posting nutrition facts in plain sight (like they’re required to do in NYC). People often make poor choices out of lack of knowledge or lack of availability.

    And before I get called fat, I am a curvy woman who is within “normal” limits according to my doctor. I am a normal woman who loves food, and I am lucky enough to have access healthful food and safe places to exercise outdoors.

    And as a “normal” woman (whatever that means), I think it’s irresponsible for any magazine to post an exercise/nutrition regimen that is so extreme. 800 calories is below starvation rations for the average woman, and coupled with the exercise I would consider this diet dangerous.

  68. Scott F. says:

    You know, I was going to keep the debate going – but I don’t have a doctor I’d feel comfortable enough asking to post on my celebrity gossip site.

    Wow. That’s all… just wow.

  69. headache says:

    1) The more the government subsidizes, the less money I have in my paycheck and the less I have to spend in the produce aisle.

    2) Parenting is hard and it takes more work to make a decent buck than ever but that’s no excuse for lazy parenting.

    3) Womans’ Day and Family circle are 1.99 a monthly issue and each of them have at least 15 or so healthy and inexpensive menus in them.

    4) Restaurants lie. Even the ones who post their nutritional value lie. It shouldn’t take a genius to figure out that less prep = better for you and salty + greasy and bigger than your head = bad for you.

    5) A half hour a day of dancing while cleaning = exercise. You don’t need a park or a jogging path or a playground. Just turn up the radio and have a good time with your kid.

    6) What city do you live in that there isn’t a park, playground, sidewalk, etc nearby where a kid can play. I lived in Brooklyn as a child and I played outside in front of my apartments. On rainy days, I played in the hall.

  70. bradleybeagle says:

    Elle: i don’t understand how you can say that being poor makes people fat. infact i grew up in a poor family but i still was able to eat healthy, rice is very inexpensive, so are vegetable when you grow them yourself. furthermore to say parents don’t have time to cook healthy food is insane, both of my parents worked 15 hr days and i was taught at a very young age to cook for myself and my siblings.

    Also my my last account a dinner of pasta, rice and veg is allot cheaper than pizza. it is far more inexpensive to buy ingredients to make healthy dinners than purchasing unhealthy premade dinners.

    Also to assume that i am able to exercise because of money is just dumb. I get my exercise by walking, and doing crunches and other home exercises. i never set foot in the university gym. Simply im saying that you don’t have to have a gym to be fit, it seems like you’re using economic shortcomings as a reason to be unfit. Considering more poor people do not have cars and must get around the old fashion way by foot or bike, they would be more fit. furthermore when was the last time you saw a obese homeless person?

    And about government subsidizes, hell no, to much of my hard earned money goes to taxes to pay for obesity related illnesses now you’re telling me i have to help pay for them joining a gym, i cant even afford to do that, when am i going to get help from the government? i guess what i should do is pop out a kid i can’t afford and get the government to help me.

    yet again more excuses for living an unhealthy lifestyle, obese people need to own up and take responsibility for what they are, instead of creating a multitude of excuses.

  71. Trashaddict says:

    Wow. 69 comments, count ’em. That’s the most I’ve ever counted here. Guess we really are over-obsessing about our food, whether gluttonous or anorexic (that’s you 500cal/day).
    Not to many real working folk out there have 2 hours to spare for exercise. I hope Madonna’s kids get to exercise with her, otherwise I’d wonder when they see mommy. I leave the house at 7:30A and get home at 8PM. So I hope the skinnies out there don’t get too holier than thou about this.

  72. Elle says:

    Okay, I’ve tried to post once, and it seems to have deleted.

    Basically, I stand by my original comment.


    1)Yes, my solutions will cost money. However, I feel like it’s between paying now to prevent obesity and paying for the effects.

    2)Nobody says parenting is easy, but I have an issue with punishing the kids for their parents shortcomings and poverty. If we had better education (nutrition, job training, all kinds), we could help to stop the cycle of poverty.

    3)To create the recipes, you need access to the ingredients. Which is difficult if you are relying on a corner store that has limited to no fruits and vegetables.

    4)I have an issue with secret bad food. A lot of people don’t know what they’re doing in ordering. Salads are often less healthy than burgers. I know that having the information would help me to make good choices on the (rare) occasion that I eat out.

    5)That’s a good idea. I think that variety would help keep people exercising, but I have no issue with encouraging people to work with what they have.

    6)Detroit. I’ve heard Brooklyn is nice 🙂
    I’m guessing the neighborhood you grew up in wasn’t crime-ridden. We have parks here, but playing outdoors in many areas is unsafe.

    I’m not arguing that people should take no personal responsibility, but obesity in America (and elsewhere I’m assuming) is a complex issue. There are a variety of factors that need to be considered, and there’s more than enough blame to go around.

    I don’t really know what to say. From the posts I’ve read, it sounds like you’ve got a pretty set idea, and arguing with you isn’t going to fix anything. I still disagree with you, but I don’t really see the point in continuing a debate with you.

  73. Domesticated Biotch says:

    I can’t possibly fathom being somewhere in my mind that makes it ok for me to sit down and tell a group of people they are disgusting to me for any reason. I am just who I am, and I have no reason to judge them. I have no idea where they came from.
    What gives you the right to be disgusted by someone you don’t know or even try to know? Maybe you’re not obese, but take a look at yourself and ask yourself how it’s ok to you to speak the way you do about people you’ve never met. I have obese friends and several are that way because of childhood tramas like sexual abuse, or even low metabolism. These two women are the most amazing people I know. Filled with lots of love and wouldn’t bat an eye to help me or anyone. So you get on here and write that they disgust you-because they are overweight. You can’t figure out why so many people take offense to your comments because in between your crappy statements, you threw in some medical facts. But does that really make you right in your feelings of disgust?
    Looks to me like you don’t want to be helpful to anyone-just get here and be hateful. That’s sad.

  74. Amber says:

    What you guys just don’t seem to realize is that Madonna is FAT!!! She is just so fat that she has to resort to extreme measures to get rid of all that disgusting blubber.

    UGH! I’m just completely disgusted that a public figure who has a perfectly acceptable figure would diet at all.


  75. Anee says:

    It’s pretty suspicious that anyone would come here to defend BB. How can a doctor or anyone else defend her bitchy posts? I don’t see anyone here saying, ‘lets eat artery clogging huge portions every single day and die doing it!’, not seriously anyway. I still don’t know why BB or the good ‘doctor’ would get worked up anyway. Is it so wrong to suggest that 1600 calories a day for an active woman is healthy?

  76. Anee says:

    Domestic is right, it’s not the points you are trying to make it’s the way you are trying to make them that has everyone so worked up. And, dear, we get it.

  77. headache says:

    Uhm crime ridden enough that I was stuck at the church literally around the corner from my house when there was a shootout going on.

    Vegetables do come in cans or frozen as do many fruits. No, it’s not as healthy as fresh but it is far better for you than anything that comes with fries as a side.

    I mean hell, I feed my kids mcDonalds but we buy the meat, then go home and eat it with broccoli and rice.

    It’s called balance.

    BB, I honestly can’t believe you are an American after listening to you suggest people grow their own vegetables. I mean yeah, good idea but who does that anymore? Some people might have a tomato plant in their backyard but we aren’t exactly growing victory gardens, now are we?

  78. realist says:

    Trashaddict wrote: “Wow. 69 comments, count ‘em. That’s the most I’ve ever counted here.”

    Bradley and it’s entourage of sock puppets have driven up the count a bit. I’m not sure how anyone else gets a word in edgewise 😉

  79. Hazel says:

    I sincerely recommend that Bradley take a class in effective communication. If you’re trying to educate the masses on obesity it would be wise to change your tone.

    Yes, obesity is a serious issue in America. I believe that change starts in the home environment. As a nutritionist, I treat many children with childhood obesity. The parents generally argue with me and make outlandish comments such as, “my child simply has large bones.” Large bones do not bring the onset of juvenille diabetes. It’s frustrating at best.

    Nutrition/gym classes are important in schools, however, parents need to teach their children about nutrition at a young age.

    No, I do not find obese or fat people disgusting. Being judgemental is rarely a good thing.

    This diet sounds very harsh and I would not recommend it to my patients.

  80. Julia says:

    Elle, I love you. Hugs. 🙂

  81. bradleybeagle says:

    oo so sorry i didn’t realize that the 74.1% of population, which is obese, would be on here and so sensitive, go eat you Macdonald’s if you can read i haven’t been near as mean as you who don’t agree its one sided i know but maybe i’m sick of paying taxes to take care of all you fat asses; continue to eat cheeseburgers and make excuses, at least i can see my own feet!! point being the only people who wold get offended are you fat asses, makes sense you get you mcdonalds sit at your computers and pretend you’re not part of the obese population.

  82. Hazel says:

    “oo so sorry i didn’t realize that the 74.1% of population, which is obese, would be on here and do sensitive go eat you Macdonald’s”

    Well if 74.1% of the population is obese, the odds are that obese and overweight people are probably reading this blog/comments.

    “i know but maybe i’m sick of paying taxes to take care of all you fat asses”

    The healthcare system spends far too much money on obese Americans. I too have had discussions with colleagues on some sort of taxation on overweight people. But once again, is there a need for your hostile/insulting tone?

    There are ways to make your point without being insulting.

  83. bradleybeagle says:

    yeah i know point being i tried that and they took to insulting me so i figured back at ya fatties!!! at this point it’s pure entertainment for me!!

  84. geronimo says:

    Jeebus. Any chance we can get back to criticising Madge’s hair?

  85. headache says:

    She really does have bad hair. But I think it is the modest earth mother poses she has taken on of late that really bug me.

    That and she looks like Lance Armstrong from the neck down.

  86. geronimo says:

    Much better 😆
    It’s really odd that she puts so much time and energy into her body but neglects the one part of her that’s always visible.

  87. headache says:

    I think she is setting a horrid example for future fame-whore Lourdes.

    Why don’t we believe in balance in America?

  88. Anne says:

    Her hair is always awful as is her wardrobe. I’ve only once or twice thought what she is wearing actually flatters her. She’s tiny and should have all her clothes professionally altered to fit her properly.

    *name used to be Anee but it sounds sort of anorexic and was a typo to begin with

  89. Anne says:

    Amber’s post about Madonna being fat is pretty hilarious!

  90. Cuca says:

    I am really saddened by what I am reading in this thread. I am shamed that some people are so hateful and scornful. I am a tri-athlete who dedicates a lot of time to my diet and exercise, and spend quite a bit of time encouraging others to lead healthier lives. Now, I do think that America (this includes me) is in the midst of a SERIOUS health crisis and has been for quite some time. But, my outlook on all of this is that we need to first: educate, second: make healthy food available to everyone, in any tax bracket, and third: encourage, encourage, encourage exercise. What we should be doing is encouraging people to make a change, not contribute to their lack of self-esteem by calling them disgusting. I’m truly saddened by that amount of hate…I just question what kind of person is like that. And this is not making excuses for the obese. That kind of attitude is just counter-active.

  91. Seth says:

    I read all the expert opinions on this page and then I reflected on madonna’s physical form and her performance energy, and the fact that she can exercise for 2hrs per day.
    I wonder how many of you experts can perform at Madonna’s energy level.
    She might be wrong but I want to be wrong like her at 50.

    Less food allows the body to more efficiently convert and use its energy, and less rotting waste is left in the stomach/bowels.

  92. geronimo says:

    I give up. Any irony at all in the fact that you’re fighting obsessively over who’s right and who’s wrong about food portions on a post about a woman obsessed with food portions?

  93. happyfatty says:

    Still say she looks like a tranny, or Lance Armstrong, as the other poster pointed out. I wonder if she has any energy left at the end of the day to get, ahem, “busy” with Guy. Don’t think so, maybe that’s why there’s always rumors about her marriage being on the rocks. Too hungry to f*ck. Her and Victoria Beckham. Daddy’s gotta get it somewhere else, usually from a much better fed gal! 😆

    And yes, her hair is horrible. Looks like some doll’s hair that’s gonna come alive at night and strangle you. Or maybe raid your fridge…

  94. IrisEggwhites says:

    I think it’s important to remember that every body is different, no two bodies function exactly alike. I am not thin. But I am not unhealthy. I am not at risk for heart disease. I can run 10 kilometres without stopping, without collapsing. I can walk a flight of steps without an increase in my heartrate. I ride my bike to and from work. I walk daily. I am not thin. I eat healthfully. I don’t eat fast food, I don’t drink pop. My blood pressure is perfect. But I’m not thin. According to the BMI, I am borderline obese.

    Thin does not equal healthy. I think North Americans lose sight of this fact, and judge a person’s health based on their size alone. I know a lot of thin people who can’t run 10k, whose heartrate and breathing increase walking up one flight of steps. Who take cabs everywhere they go.

    I agree there is a major problem stemming directly from the availability of crappy processed foods lacking in nutrition, lack of education, parents passing on unhealthy practices to their children. But I also think that the weight loss industry is ridiculous. A huge multimillion dollar industry designed for most of its participants to fail. I don’t think that the opposite of overeating – starving – is the answer. North America’s obsession with thin is pathetic and self absorbed. There are worse things in the world than a fat person.

    What needs to stop is the contempt and hatred for people who are obese. If they are obese for emotional reasons, they know very well what the problem is, and shaming them doesn’t make it better, it makes it worse.

    Encouragement is better. Go for walks with your overweight friends/family members. Make meals together. Stop eating out. Help them plan. Take the guilt out of it, because guilt makes people eat more.

    If the US could make healthy foods more accessible to those with little to no income, that would be great.

    North America needs to slow down. Take the time to sit down and eat. Make the time to prepare food, rather than always eating on the fly, fast foods, stuffing our faces.

    I’m a Canadian, and we’re, I’m sure, close behind the US on obesity, but we really need to define better just who is at risk, and what needs to be done to help.

    How about the government banning foods that are proven to increase heart disease? How about not allowing companies to make foods that are killing us? How about making corporations like McDonald’s accounatable for their impact on not only North America, but the world?

    There’s more to this problem than one person’s will power.

    And stop with the prejudice. It’s non-productive.

  95. IrisEggwhites says:

    And if we’re really discussing health, ummm, Madge.. BOTOX?? Really, honey. That stuff is just no good.

  96. Lilly-Anna says:

    I actually don’t see myself as anorexic, thank you. I am just in control of my body. And 500 calories is quite enought for a macrobiotic diet. Doctors do say that a woman (depending on her exercise program) should eat at least 1200 calories per day, but I believe it depends on the person.

  97. Ananonymous says:

    First you say, “its not how much you eat but what you are eating…” and then you finish, “just like 2 cups of pasts is more than you should eat. Americans need to learn more about portions!!!!!!”
    So which is it there, authority? Portions DO or DO NOT matter?

  98. JennGush says:

    I’m agreeing with Iris. I decided to become a vegetarian a few months ago. I eat fairly healthy. I don’t eat fast food hardly at all and I very rarely drink soda or sugary drinks. I eat a lot of fruit and a lot of veggies and I’m not really thin. I’m considered overwieght as well. I have a friend who eats a ton of crap and is TINY. I work out about 5 days a week, probably twice as much as she does but she never seems to gain weight. My husband doesn’t eat meat at home b/c I won’t fix it. He usually eats what I eat then eats an extra sandwhich or ice cream to boot. He never gains weight either. My body just sucks I guess 😡

  99. IrisEggwhites says:


    Your body doesn’t suck. It’s just different. It processes some foods differently. I also believe, as someone higher up in the comments said, that a lot of how a body functions is genetic. Certain body types can’t handle certain foods very well. I feel best when I don’t eat flour and sugar and keep my carb consumption limited to brown rice and vegetables on top of my proteins and fats.

    Native Americans and First Nations, generally speaking, are more susceptible to diabetes and heart disease than people of some other descents because of the diet their ancestors ate, thereby adapting digestion to match. Eating according to what was available seasonally was important, and preserving foods naturally, drying fish, pemmican etc for the times of less available food was a way of life. There weren’t a lot of junky carbohydrates like white bread and pasta. Now, when food (and really crappy, shitty food without nutrition) is available year round, without slowing down, it’s too much for the body.

    It wouldn’t shock me to find that a lot of northern descended body types might thrive better on less white flour and more root veggies and proteins. Things available in a harder, colder climate. I wonder about that – eating the way your physical ancestors did? Might be an interesting area of study.

    Anyone know of anyone working on that?

  100. happyfatty says:

    JennGush and Iris, me too! I eat way better than my husband and smaller portions than my husband. I don’t drink alcohol, he drinks at least three beers a day, plus a glass or two of wine. He is a red meat and french fry guy, he’s been eating at what-a-burger at least three times a week lately and the only exercise he gets is lifting the remote or fetching a beer. I walk, jazzercise, do housework, just generally move as much as I can and guess who’s fat? Me. Not fat, fat, but no where near thin. He’s never been close to fat or even big. So it’s more than just what you eat and what your burn. I think that’s the basic equation but how that equation works out in an individual’s body is the rub. Also, I have several thin(ish) friends and when we walk, they can’t keep up with me and they are begging to stop well before I’m ready. Anymore, I do what feels good. I don’t binge like I did in my 20s but I don’t deprive, either. Any exercise is more for the mental health benefits than anything else. I’m old enough now that no one cares about the size of my ass anyway…

  101. Granger says:

    happyfatty: “I’m old enough now that no one cares about the size of my ass anyway…”

    Well said! Except ONE person obviously cares, right bradleybeagl? 😉

  102. happyfatty says:

    I’m fairly certain the sight of my ass would cause bradley to spontaneously combust, hehe. Can I email a pix? 😈

  103. Jezzy says:

    Someone hire bradley a hooker so it will calm down. Christ, you numb sack… don’t you have any friends? Don’t you know how to interact without crying like a big slack dick? You were fat weren’t you?

    Oh is this that displaced anger/reaction thing I hear so much about?

    It’s okay. It isn’t how you look, baby. No one loves you because you’re a piece of shit with the manners of a goat.

    What I mean is it isn’t me. It’s you.

    In other news, (not you bb you keep fingering your pencil dick, honey, while the grown-ups talk) Didn’t concentration camps require 1100 calories daily? Of course, I don’t think they cared if people died…

    Oh and Godwin’s Law! Rearing the spectre of the nazis for this dumb broad means we’re done right?


  104. bradleybeagle says:

    ooo you hurt my feelings, not!! unlike you losers i don’t give a rat’s ass about you opinions… now go eat a cheeseburger!!! and yes i think this is hilarious!!! and no i’ve never been fat unlike 74.1% of the population. but i’m sure you are a fatty the odds are on my side that you are.

  105. Jezzy says:

    Oh, BradleyB! So many exclamation points! They won’t fool anybody, you chubby little bitch. Do you really think putting a percentage after a few numbers make you credible? And nothing is on your side, you half-wit, not the odds, not spelling, not charm.

    Goodnight, you sad sad little cum-stain.

    P.S. Grammar and punctuation, maybe they’ll be your friends.


  106. anonymous says:

    Madonna’s trainer should be stripped of any professional credentials she has as a “trainer”…this is a starvation diet, period. 800 calories is barely enough to survive on, and not nearly enough to burn off. You need calories to burn, and that starvation diet will only burn off muscle and promote injuries in the long run.
    BradleyBeagle, I don’t know what crawled up your bum and died, but your combative attitude is extremely unpleasant and incredibly immature. Your anti compassionate attitude is probably what makes girls want to stick their fingers down their throats to throw up in a feeble attempt at perfection. Have you ever once heard of constructive criticism? It is not simply that people who are overweight lack willpower, there are much deeper issues at play that need to be addressed. Food addiction is not like smack, you can’t treat it cold turkey. It must treated like any addiction, and until a person is ready to confront their control issues, hateful comments only make the issue worse. I sincerely hope you don’t have daughters, because it’s attitudes like yours that promote eating disorders in young girls. Girls who grow up watching their mothers have a poor relationship with food end up the same way.

  107. headache says:

    Lilly-Anna, do you realize that an anorexic is not trying to fit their body into an ideal so much as proving they have control over it?

    Have you actually consulted with someone with credentials in macrobiotic diets or are you winging it with books?

    There is no way 500 calories a day is sufficient for anyone’s needs regardless of the type of diet you are following.

    I seriously recommend you see someone, even if it’s a macrobiotic dietician.

  108. happyfatty says:

    I’m convinced that bradley is an anorexic adolescent whose boorish behavior is really a cry for help. Not that I care. Bradley, eat a carb; they go a long way to calming your mind. If your personality is what “healthy” is, then, no thanks.

    I honestly thing Bradley’s parents should have spent less time tending the vegetables and more time tending their spawn. However, from what I’ve seen of his/her temperament, I can sympathize with their choices.

    I don’t eat cheeseburgers, ever. Hate to disappoint. I don’t sit down to large portions, either. As of a few years ago, that kind of eating became physically impossible for me and it was never really my style anyway. I eat just enough of the wrong things (chocolate, ice cream) and don’t exercise enough and that keeps the weight on me. But I don’t care. I’ve been skinny; it didn’t do all that much for me. I’m happier where I’m at. I dress it well, carry it well, have loving and caring relationships with other people. I am funny and fun to be around. I have a wealth of knowledge about more things than calorie counts and carb contents. My husband is the “loser” who has stuck with me for 24 years and literally loved me through thick and thin. I know that’s hard for too many of you to believe anymore. And that’s sad. But I really struck the jackpot and found someone who loves me for me not the wrapping that I came in. Bradley, you should be so lucky but I don’t think it’ll ever happen. Not really. You’ll go to your grave obsessing over that last little piece of lettuce on your plate and should you eat it or not eat it and how long will you have to play shuffleboard to work it off. Sigh…

  109. SPS says:

    I find I can eat 1500 cals a day (maybe 2000 on a Saturday), exercise 5 times a week and keep up that lifestyle. You don’t need to subsist on steamed veggies and grilled chicken to lose weight! Subway and diet coke will work just fine. Those diets in magazines are ridic, no one can live on them, and to suggest that that’s what readers need to do to lose weight is a disservice!

  110. Domesticated Biotch says:

    Amen Happyfatty!
    I modeled for 10 yrs and was very successful at it. It paid my tuition for college and I still have some in investments and college for my children. Let me tell you-it took years of self discovery to unbrainwash me. I’m a fit healthy person, even considered underweight, but since I wasn’t a size 2 I was too big. 10 years of people telling you to loose 7 pounds or 10 pounds will do that. For the first time in my life I’m happy with myself the way I am. It took my husband telling me everyday of my life that he loves me and I’m fantastic-because after I gave birth I was devestated that the weight didn’t come out with the kid! And after my last kid it took me 2 years to loose it-I hit over 30 and my metabolism stopped dead in it’s tracks. But I’m sure mine was even worse from years of diet pills and laxatives-beleive it or not, that’s what the modeling industry tells you to do after you eat ANYTHING. No matter the caloric rating. Now I have children,I cancelled my subscriptions to fashion magazines because I know what those women went through to be like that and I’ll never let my children go through it. It’s nice to see that many agencies are putting weight limits on their models to try to keep the anorexia down, but it’ll be a long road of reprogramming to make us see how most of the models got there and how every second of thier life spent outside a photoshoot is focused on what time to take their laxative so that when they eat thier one meal for the day it will flush right out. It’s NOT a glamorous life!
    After the last comment Bradley left I thought this has to be fake or she’s a 20 yr old with the maturity of a 10 yr old. Her next entry will be “Fatty, Fatty 2X4…”
    Sticks and stones biotch!

  111. dr. steve jackson says:

    The problem is anyone can be a “trainer” And idiot gym rat can call themselves a trainer and start doling out advice.

    Basically most of these diets by these trainers come from people who starve themselves and lose weight and thus think they have found the cure.

    This woman is an idiot. And if i doled out that kind of advice I would be sued for malpractice and lose my license. This nut can say what she wants and probably help to kill peopl

  112. Crazy says:

    This trainer obviously has had absolutely NO experience in diet/nutrition in humans. She is crazy to think that the diet she is recommending in healthy. Has anyone ever even questioned her background?
    The celebrities will do anything to look good.

  113. IrisEggwhites1 says:

    That’s the crux of it. People will do anything to “look good”, but there is nothing good looking about a walking skeleton with skin. Kate Bosworth was GORGEOUS in Blue Crush and now look at her. A pretty girl who looks like she’s dying of consumption.

    There was a time when fat meant you were rich because you could afford to eat and eat and eat, and thin meant you had the black plague.

    Now it’s the other way around, apparently.

    I find nothing sexy about zombie hands and ribs showing.

  114. happyfatty says:

    Biotch, sorry to hear that you went through all that, but glad that you are in a better place now. I think my metab is screwed up from a lifetime of yo-yo dieting and mistreatment. I was on my first liquid diet at age 12!! In my late 20s I lost a lot of weight w/ Nutri System, which was a fairly reasonable eating program, but I paired it with two hours worth of workouts a day, 7 days a week. Not something I could keep up forever and as soon as I stopped, well, you know the drill. So, over time, I’ve trained my body to be super-efficient at storing fat and not terribly efficient at working it off. So be it. I am happy and loved and I’m raising a great kid. A boy, thankfully, so hopefully he won’t be pressured to look a certain way like girls in our culture.

    And Iris, I agree, I hate those claw hands! It is Madonna’s veiny arms that make her look so manly to me. She looks like the guitarist for a glam rock band circa 1972. Again, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to look like that. And poor, poor Kate Bosworth. She was gorgeous in Blue Crush but it wasn’t enough. What these girls don’t realize is that they’ll never get back those years that they were miserable and torturing themselves over their weight. That’s the sad part. You get older and you look back and are just astonished at how much time and energy you wasted on something that is really so trivial.

  115. 700 cals?!?!?

    I could soooo rock that! Of course it helps to not have, like, ANY money to buy food with, also..

  116. Disturbed says:

    Not here to argue, portions are most definitely out of control.
    But I will say one thing…
    It is my belief that portions increased because of time. That is right, TIME.
    I can eat one great big meal a day and be good for 12 hours, or I can stop everything and go rummage for food every friggin 2 or 3 hours, as some of you suggest.
    While you may consider it lazy, others consider it a byproduct of living in 2008. There is no time for anything anymore. I have 2 jobs, 2 kids and take classes at night and on weekends. I simply cannot drop everything I am doing and go find food every 2 or 3 hours.
    I am really surprised so many people never mention this, and although it’s no excuse for eating unhealthy, it’s unavoidable in some cases. Believe me, I would love nothing more than the luxury of stopping everything and going to get food, even just a snack every couple of hours. I simply cannot do that, and I’m sure I am not the only one.

  117. freddielee says:

    Okay. Marilyn Monroe was a size 16.
    Our perception of beauty wrapped in a size 2 package is unrealistic and unhealthy.
    While Madonna feels she has to maintain a svelte, youthful appearance for her career, she’s having to starve herself, shoot vitamins and human growth hormones into her bloodstream and excercise for 2 hours a day. I call that an eating disorder.

  118. Battleofthebuldge says:

    This is by far the most entertaining thread I stumbled upon TONIGHT. Quickly I just wanted to share that living off one small meal a day or 500 calories can make you CONSTIPATED…perhaps some of the gals…no names…is under some strain! No in all seriousness you an get a bad case of irritable bowels which (young ladies) is not fun, ok? So eat, drink and be merry. Walk a little more, eat a doughnut less and don’t stress. :mrgreen: let’s all do some yoga!

  119. lovelylady says:

    2000 calories??? Oh good Lord, no.

    Hasn’t anyone heard the health benefits of intermittent fasting and caloric restriction???
    READ IT!
    As per the aforementioned article:
    Studies have shown that if one’s caloric intake were lessened by 30%, we could extend our lives 30-50%.

    Good for Madonna!! Not only is lowering one’s caloric intake GOOD FOR YOU, it just looks better. Period.

    PS- what’s wrong with feeling hungry? I’d rather feel hungry than feel my thighs touch in the middle when I walk 8)

  120. Celebitchy says:

    I am very familiar with calorie restriction with optimum nutrition, but even CRON devotees recommend you start gradually and work to 30% reduction, and 30% reduction is almost always higher than 1000 calories a day, even for a small woman.

  121. lovelylady says:

    Good. Me too. And even moreso, I actually practice CR/IF.

    The point is to eat what you need and not much more than what you need. Who says Madonna practices this diet for extended periods of time? Who says she did not start small? One can FAST (no food, just water) for more than two weeks at a time and still be healthy. Man has been doing this for years, animals do it instinctively when they are ill, and fasting has the ability to cure almost any ailment and many diseases (obesity included.).

    It is quite possible, and very likely, that the diet shown above is her training diet. For example, my friend and personal trainer diets almost exactly like this for short periods of time as she needs to look/be her fittest.

    Basically, if Madonna practices this very low calorie diet for more than 3 months, she can be doing a lot of damage to her body.
    BUT (and this is a huge American BUTT), if she’s doing it with the help of a nutritionist, trainer and doctor (which, come-on, is so freaking likely), she is perfectly within health standards of doing so. And that being said, on my last trip back to the states, I saw that many-a-MANY Americans would be benefitted in restricting their calories as well.

    Lastly, people rave about how good Madonna looks, and not even “for her age” kind of raving. She is fit and being that she is on stage, television and in magazines constantly (obviously on blogs such as yours as well), she has chosen to be apart of an elite group of people to which we, the public, hold ridiculously high standards. If she were to gain 5 lbs, all of us in the peanut gallery would be bitching about how she has “let herself go”.
    There is a reason Madonna is quite possibly the most successful woman in the music business– she pushes herself to every limit possible and does so for our enjoyment.

    All this and I am not even a fan of hers…

  122. Anikanocks says:

    ok you bitches are really taking this too damn seriously…Madonna is a nut and so is everyone else for bugging out about how much that skank puts in her mouth. Plus i am not sure they have the caloric intake for di*k included in madonna’s diet…if so i am sure its way over anyway i say let them eat cake!!!

  123. Galadriel says:

    Girls, the article is junk. The diet contents meat and I know for sure that Madonna is a strict vegetarian for at least 30 years already.

  124. alfagetti says:

    Oh come on, everyone, there is NO way Madonna eats such a low calorie diet. She’s got some serious muscle and that requires not only the right exercises, but proper nutrition which would have to consist of an adequate caloric intake. If she didn’t “get” that equation right, she would lose muscle mass and just be thin – like alot of the hollywood starlets out there.

  125. ? says:

    What a bimbo. She must not keep her clients longterm, because I bet they either end up going binge-crazy or kill their metabolism and gain it all back. or die.

    and FYI, eating under 1000kcalories/day is a really bad idea and does actually kill your metabolism. My first two years of college I was really depressed and I would only take in 400-700kcalories a day. I almost killed myself doing that, my fucking heart got infected. yes. infected. with strep bacteria. That, kids, is why you shouldn’t stick your fingers down your throat.

    I got down to a BMI of 18.5 and then my weight started creeping up. I gained >20lbs in the space of 6 months on about 600kcalories/day. I was even taking phentermine- it didn’t help me lose or even just maintain my weight.

    Anyhow, I guess the point of that story is that if you want to lose weight, extreme measures only work for so long. If you aim for health, you WILL lose weight. Just listen to what your body is telling you, and when you sit down and eat- focus only on the food and how it makes you feel.

    and if you do decide to count kcalories, I suggest going with 1,500kcalories a day and getting plenty of exercise- both cardio and resistance training. and don’t cut out any food groups.

  126. obi-wan says:

    1- u’r all wrong exept BB…the GIVE IT TO ME video is the best – even the remixes and live footage of her performing it r great…
    2- i luv how jezzy talks about displaced anger without even knowing he’s displaying it in his comments -the IRONING is hilarious…
    3- anikanocks…calling Madge a skank? one of the most important lessons a child gets taught b4 going to school is that “if anyone treats u badly, that’s a reflection of them, not u”. u just displayed to everyone that no one cared enuff about u to teach u that. don’t get me wrong, i have complete sympathy for someone who’s ended up a failure, or whose sex life is a failure, but allowing u’r anger to come out when u see someone who travels the world, is admired and famous, is successful beyond belief, has changed peoples lives w/ her charity not to mention her inspiration, has complete confidence in her sexuality and has slept w/ everyone she’s wanted and is a part of history, is disrespectful and shows everyone how much bitterness u have inside u. having to berate someone like that in order to compensate displays to everyone that u have very low self-esteem. it’s very small and petty. when Stallone was here in Vancouver they interviewed a truck driver laughing that -why would he care that Stallone was in town- Sly was an idiot and u could tell from the way he talked…a self-made, world famous, oscar winning, multimillionaire idiot, i guess. 3 guesses what a fulfilling life that guy has continued to have since then. do u know the psychological basis for most conflict? -when a person w/ low self-esteem and a fragile ego sees a person w/ high self-esteem, who do u think is jealous of and resents the other…when an inhibited person sees an uninhibited person, who do u think wants to make the other person like themselves and bring them down to their level and who do u think is too busy enjoying life to think about it? even if i don’t achieve my version of success, i’m inspired by Madge and luv watching her enjoy her success.
    BradleyBeagl Fan Club founding member.
    PLEASE EVONE KEEP THIS THREAD GOING!…here i’ll help…if u disagreed w/ BB u suck and should go f u’r selves, and BB and evone else is kewl!…WHAT DO U HAVE TO SAY TO THAT!!!???…WELL???…

  127. DHFM says:

    Agreed- dinner portions at most restaurants are too large. With that being said, only eating roughly 800 calories AND doing a 2-hour workout is not good.

    Calories are relative to the person. I’m a college athlete, 5’7 and 115lbs. During season I am required to eat AT LEAST 4,000 calories a day just to be functioning at a competition level. If I eat less than 2,000 calories…I struggle. Not eating enough of the RIGHT things leads to illness and injuries.

    The main issue I get from this article is just that the trainer obviously is not well educated in nutrition. Even in the most extreme strength training scenarios (think- the guys that trained for the movie 300) it is required to eat for all the calories you burn during that particular workout.

  128. ohbeez guy says:

    I stumbled over this thread because I was looking for topics about consumption of calories which makes a person trim down weight. Well in fact, the recommendations that has been posted above are quite healthy for me because I go lower than 800 calories I think. I just started last month and I wanted to drastically slim down because I’m a 6’1 and weighs 250 pounds and I’m quite obese. Now I weigh 209 pounds and all I did was take vitamins and eat an apple a day or sometimes just a carrot a day. Do you guys think its healthy? Well for me I lost quite a lot of pounds by this diet and it doesn’t affect my activities at all. Oh and also I do 1 hour workout everyday.

  129. Oki says:

    The body knows what it wants. The problem is most Americans doen’t listen to our bodies. We listen to what people tell us what we should and should not have. Sometimes I may want to eat 2000 calories. Another day I want little to nothing.

    Let us remember, the food and nutrtion companies are big businesses. They are going to tell us what to do because it benfits them.

    Listen to your body. When we fill it with crap all the time, its harder to read.

  130. kat says:

    I love this thread! It is so entertaining. I needed a good laugh. Poor bradley. The laughing stock of the day. What a lost and insecure person. Its proven psychology that those who over assert themselves as “smart” or anything else are really insecure in that area. And the fact that people dont receive the imposed intellect causes anger, ie the name calling. Its actually sad. However, seems negative attention is better than no attention for this person. All in all, its most entertaining. I love the fined tuned throw backs from the intelligent. What is it….Darwin’s Theory? That the strongest survive? And the weak ones die early due to STUPIDITY? Ok bradley, call me fat and disgusting so it can keep going. This is too good.

  131. Karolina says:

    This is ridiculous! I spent 8 years torturing myself by having an eating disorder, and now that I have gotten treatment and am feeling MUCH better, I am disgusted by how insane these people are.

  132. As a person who has battled with my weight for my entire life (due to disability), I find it interesting just how negative and degrading some people can be. Instead of arguing, there should be more focus placed on a resolution.

    BradleyBeagle had great points–the unfortunate thing is that it was hidden in the midst of negativity and degradation. Americans HAVE given themselves over to eating large portions. Many times, Americans (self included) will even complain if they don’t think that they are getting “enough” food for their money. Many times, people will eat something and not even realize that the one bag of chips they ate was equal to THREE or FOUR servings! I know, I have done it myself.

    Instead of fighting, name calling, bickering and bitching, let’s offer serious solutions. The diet that we were supposed to comment on (you know, the one Madonna follows?) is completely unhealthy. It doesn’t give the body enough fuel. My doctor told me that those type of diets aren’t healthy because your body tends to hoard the fat.

    The key is portion control and exercise, and in just a short time, it has been helpful to me. While my disability limits my movement, I have lost a few pounds by simply following the guidelines on the packages of the foods I eat. If there are no Nutrition Facts provided, then I don’t eat it. If a restaurant can’t provide the facts, then they don’t get my business.

    So, let’s not focus on fat-bashing and obesity debate. Instead, focus on sharing your knowledge with someone in hopes of them making a healthier choice for their life. It’s not about whether they wear a size 4 or a size 14. It’s about improving the quality of life.

    Yes, BB, I am a fatty. However, I am a fatty who is trying to do better. Besides, there are no old fat people…even I know that.

  133. Sarah says:

    Most of the readers here are in shock at her diet?

    What is shocking is that the majority of you on here have been brainwashed into believing you NEED more than 800 calories per day to function! Just take a look at the FAT on you, pinch your midsection! If you were fit and nutritionally balanced, you wouldn’t have that roll of flab and you wouldn’t be running to junk food to make you feel better – just like the addicts you ARE!

  134. Mary says:

    bradelybeagl – you tell her! What’s with the arrogance of calling you names?
    What kind of crap is that? The wealthiest countries all overeat, she says. Um – yay? Are you kidding me? Since when is gluttony something to be proud of? In moderation people. I’d give this diet a try just for the cleanliness of it. I doubt I’d last a week on it. But the challenge of it is tempting.

  135. Leisa Helms says:

    One of my friends that I met in my college years, walked up to me at a party, and said “alright Leisa, how’d you lose the weight?” I told her just a lot of work lately, but before we broke up for the night, I told her the truth. She told me she could wait til she got back to Huntsville (AL), and tell all our other friends the truth!

  136. trinity says:

    I am a dietitian and will tell you that an 800 cal diet is going to make you an anorexic and fat in the end. Never go under 1200 cals unless you are 4ft8 and under.

  137. Amandabella says:

    I don’t believe the whole 1200 calorie thing.. some of us will not lost weight with say, 1,800 calories. I am five foot one and have a hard time losing weight with 1,000 calories. Short people lose less energy as heat and require much less than people of average or above height, but for some reason we have this crazy rule.. guess if you want to fit in the USDA’s ridiculous servings of grains and dairy then maybe..

  138. Janet says:

    This diet will KILL Madonna.
    You CANNOT eat 800 calories a day and work out like that.
    There isn’t NEARLY enough protein or fats in it to restore her muscles and bones. Her metabolism will shut down. She will develope severe osteoperosis.
    The trainer is a quack and an absolute fool. Doesn’t seem that she knows anything about diet and training.

  139. gabriela says:

    I try this diet and i could’t do more than a week……..I was hungry all the time and i was so weak i couldn’t even walk…I would never do this again!!!It is brutal, and if i have to this to be skinny them i will stay fat!!!

  140. Someone says:

    Some of you people are so sad. Do you realise there are people out there with terminal illnesses who can barely eat? People in third world countries suffering from malnutrition due to circumstance? People in war torn regions surviving day to day on whatever scraps they can gather? Yet you all sit here bickering over petty issues, labelling each other every name under the sun and each trying to outdo the other with even more deluded egoism. Be grateful that you are blessed with good health and in a country where you get to pick and choose your food. Some are not as fortunate and there biggest headache of the day isn’t Madonna’s calorie count, but whether they will survive alive by the end of this week and frankly, unless you know Madonna personally, chances are you havent the faintest idea what she eats and all this is just silly speculation.

  141. Betty says:

    First off, I do this diet, and it works. When I consume over 900 or 1000 calories I gain weight. Then again I have a very small frame and am only 5’4. If I were to consume 1200 calories, I get fat. My mom’s sister can only twice a day, if she eats more her body gets too full and she can’t tolerate it. All of our bodies are different. Even with my 900 calories, I still workout for 30-45 minutes, and then do slight resistance training. THe body needs 300 calories to sleep well, the rest we can burn working out, 300, that takes you to to 600, you can then use 200-300 throughout the day, which works if you sit around like I do. If more movement is required then I switch up to 1000 or 1200 max, but no more. This is how I stay a size 1. Need I remind everyone that the 2000 calorie diet was intended for farmers and people that lifted heavy stuff all day. If you’re like in the military and boot camp, you will need those calories, construction workers that drill pavement need those calories too. A secretary doesn’t.

  142. For an insane workout, Insanity comes to mind.

  143. Sexybiatchhh! says:

    At 5’9 I’ve been at both ends of this spectrum from weighing 15 stone to 7 and a half. Growing up I was overweight (ignorantly excusing my 15 stone frame as genetically predisposed as all of my family members were also overweight) it’s very easy and convenient to pass blame onto someone/ something else other than yourself and your own eating habits. As you can probably, and correctly assume, I was extremely unhappy at this weight, and also the negative health implacations eventually made me realise it was time to do something about it. Albeit probably not the most rational of decisions, I began extreme crash dieting. What people do not realise is how quickly a simple “crash diet” (although I must mention it was not particularly simple at first) can escalate into a life consuming obsession. I was so absorbed in it I would hide food under the cushion of the seat I was sat on just in order to not have to face it passing my lips. This eventually (coupled with the surplus of compliments I received having lost weight) saw me starting to purge myself of any food I’d eaten whatsoever by means of induced vomitting and severe laxative abuse. It’s but what did I care I was skinny. What I eventually realised (after a few spells of admittance to hospital and being supervised 23 hours out of 24, along with a nice dose of forced feeding) was that I was just as unhappy being skinny as I had been when I was overweight, and with alot more health problems! I couldn’t be happier to say that I am, after two years enduring a far more stable diet and happier than I cam remember ever being. Although I still have a multitude of related health problems, for example, stomach ulcers (although healing), kidney damage, severe bowel problems. Bit of a price to pay just to be thin. I’m sorry, badgering on, the point I’m trying to make is that it doesn’t matter what weight you are, alsong as you are happy and your health is all in check, shouldn’t we put the old “fat vs skinny” arguement to bed?

    Although I cannot really comment on the whole “obese america” arguement at the beginning of this link, as i am English and live in England, should we not be focusing more of this hatred toward large commercial companies and businesses. The ones who are serving these large portions, and making this fast food culture so much more accessible and acceptable? Also, I think it is unfair to suggest and stereotype Americans as overweight, obesity is not a problem bore solely by the US. Infact obesity (in particular childhood) is on a dangerous increase in the UK as well.

  144. aNonnyMoose says:

    VLCD (very low calorie diets) are fine for very short term — say Madonna needs to quickly lose weight for a photo shoot or performance. However, this is not healthy for long term use. After about 3 weeks, your body will freak out and go into “starvation mode” and the diet will no longer work. Your body will even turn to its own protein stores (that much-sweat-gained, coveted muscle – aaack!)for food and begin storing your fat — very counterproductive! In short VLCD are not the answer for permanent, safe weight loss.

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  147. sally c says:

    The point is that she is a trainer and is recommending 2 hrs exercise whilst eating like this. I am British and am size 6 (USA), I work out 4 times a week and probably eat about 4 times more than this every day. You need to fuel your body to work out not starve it. It’s ridiculous to expect a ‘normal’ person to follow this diet it is surely intended only for competitive actresses trying to reach the dreaded size zero? Also I’ve been following the Tracy Anderson method for months now with no results. Stick to the gym and to eating proper amounts of healthy food. Cut out white carbs and refined sugars, don’t obsess, give yourself the occasional treat and you’ll look good and feel good.

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  152. Katie says:

    this is redicilous. even kids don’t eat that little. a women over 18 is supposed to eat 1500-1800 calories a day. 800 calories a day? seriously? if u eat that little u are actually gonna gain weight afterwards the diet thingi is over. cause u miss the old food so much u start eating like crazy. so my advice: do not do this!!!

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  154. Crystal says:

    I’m currently on a diet that consists of eating 800 or less calories. I also exercise everyday for 45-60 mins. I’ve been doing this for a little over a week and my body is starting to get used to it. I think alot of it is psychological. Americans feel the need to eat out of routine instead of survival.

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  160. Ana says:

    I eat around 800 calories a day, sometimes less. I’m trying to lose 20kgs. I have already lost 10kgs and kept it off even over the christmas period which I was def not sticking to my diet.I am not able to exercise though as I do not have enough energy. It is definatly a struggle and I am ALWAYS hungry but in the end it’s worth it.

  161. Brookie says:

    I went on a 500 cal diet, Zumba for one hour 3 times a week, and walking about 30 min 2-3 days a week. I lost weight fast but I got very weak and drained.. Everyone’s diet is going to be a little different. I don’t want to ever feel the way I felt at that point. 3 Months later I gained back 30lbs and ate about 1200 calories a day and had to quit Zumba because of my knee injury. I have been doing research and started to add vitamins to my diet. There is no point in listing what vitamins I take b/c everyone should research what vitamins are right for their bodies. Any who, *giggle* I am doing water aerobics 3x a week and walk 30 min 2x a week. I believe a good healthy sex life is amazing for losing weight! The most important things; researching what foods to eat, portion control, no soda, 80-100 ounces of water a day, green tea, more small meals per day, meditation/yoga. Also as I listed above, some sort of exercise. I like being a bit curvy and enjoy being comfortable in my own skin. I hope people quit bickering and be happy and healthy! 5’3 and now 140lbs. If you think that is fat, I don’t mind because I am happy and healthy. 🙂

  162. Brookie says:

    Oh.. Have to add. I hate how they make those “Healthy Life” magazines and have about 15 healthy recipes! If you want to know why it’s because about every other page have pictures of cupcakes and big fattening meals! My biggest dislike is some of the coupons they put in those magazines that are for jar’s of gravy or something like that! For real? Go figure…

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  164. david says:

    ‘I’m an American and American portions disgust me. People consume obscene amounts of food, much more than what is needed.’ I feel the same way. And yet somehow people in the U.S. feel qualified giving nutritional advice.