Fred Armisen is boning Abby Elliot post-split from Elizabeth Moss

May 11, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - FRED ARMISEN attends the premiere of the Rolling Stones new documentary 'Stones In Exile' held the Museum of Modern Art. © Red Carpet Pictures

Several days ago Elizabeth Moss and Fred Armisen announced their split after ten months of marriage. Some of us threw out some theories for the reasons behind the breakup – everything including affairs (for either of them) to Moss being a Friend of Xenu. Now we might have a more solid theory – Life & Style is reporting that Fred has begun dating his Saturday Night Live colleague Abby Elliot in the wake of his split from Moss. Just to clarify, in the initial report of Fred and Elizabeth’s split, they claimed that they had been over since the spring, so Fred has been “single” for several months now. Still, was there some overlap between his marriage and this new relationship?

NEW YORK - MAY 17: Actress Abby Elliot attends the 2010 NBC Upfront presentation at The Hilton Hotel on May 17, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Life & Style can exclusively report that Saturday Night Live co-stars stars Fred Armisen and Abby Elliott are dating.

As revealed by Life & Style last week, Fred split from Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss in May after 10 months of marriage. It was an amicable separation.

“They’ve known each other for a few years from being on SNL together but after the split, Fred sought comfort in Abby. They just started dating a few months ago. Fred and Abby are getting to know each other in a romantic way and taking things slowly. But they’re enjoying each other’s company. It’s early days,” says a source close to the couple.

A friend of Elisabeth’s tells Life & Style, “Elisabeth is doing great and focused on Mad Men and is enjoying the single life. This news won’t even phase her.”

Fred, 43, has been with SNL since 2002 while 23-year-old Abby joined in 2008.

He is currently filming his new series Portlandia in Portland, Ore.

[From Life & Style]

Um… how could this news not “phase” Moss? I mean, I get it, she’s on the show every young actress would kill to be on, and that makes her pretty awesome, career-wise. But how could it not hurt that your estranged husband is already shaking up with a young colleague two seconds after (or perhaps DURING) the split? Oh, well. Moss is a cool girl, Xenu or no Xenu, and I hope she bounces back and starts dating someone really cool. Who is a good Scientologist for her… Jason Lee? Eh. Giovanni Ribisi? That might be interesting.

20 September 2009 - Los Angeles, California - Elizabeth Moss and Fred Armisen. 61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards held at NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE. Photo Credit: Byron Purvis/AdMedia

NEW YORK - DECEMBER 14:  Actors Fred Armisen and Elisabeth Moss attends the premiere of 'Did You Hear About the Morgans?' after party at The Oak Room on December 14, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

42784, WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - Tuesday July 20 2010. Elizabeth Moss heads for home following the party to celebrate the release of Mad Men season four. The launch of the fourth season of the hugely popular drama was held at Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Photograph:  Hellmuth Dominguez, *FEE MUST BE AGREED PRIOR TO USAGE E-TABLET/IPAD & MOBILE PHONE APP PUBLISHING REQUIRES ADDITIONAL FEES**

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 20: Actor Fred Armisen arrives at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards held at the Nokia Theatre on September 20, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

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  1. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    How he gets any woman is beyond me.

  2. YOYO99 says:

    WTF how would she be with him???

  3. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    OMG Abby sweetie I certainly hope this is not true. Love Fred though he is sooo funny. Love Abby to. I don’t think Moss needs to rebound with a random celeb. I find it hard to believe Fred and Abby would hook up, I hope its not true. Even still love them on SNL.

  4. jen says:

    And we’re not ooked out by the 20 years difference? At 23 years old?

  5. Hautie says:

    Dating a girl that is 20 years younger than you never ends well. Especially when you are newly married.

  6. Riley says:

    Elizabeth Moss is so cute and down to the earth. She was on Chelsea Lately before she married Fred and she was so sweet and funny. She is kind of my girl crush…

  7. Rx says:

    He looks like a child molester so I guess the 20 year difference makes sense in that regard…C-R-E-E-P-Y.

  8. canadianchick says:

    That relationship will last *eyeroll*

  9. lucy2 says:

    That stinks if true, and yeah, I can’t see how that wouldn’t hurt EM at least a little.
    This could end up being a big mistake for Abby – dating someone JUST getting divorced, someone you work with who’s much more established in the job than you are, and dating a guy twice your age – it’s like the trifecta of bad ideas.

  10. luvtheshoes says:

    The new girl looks like a younger version of Moss to me.

  11. Laurie says:

    Did I miss something? Is Elizabeth Moss a Scientologist?! If so, that really changes my opinion of her.

  12. aenflex says:

    Echo Kittentail

  13. MymaJane says:


    Yes, she follows Xenu. I used to really like her, but as soon as I found that out my like-o-meter went down quite a bit. I feel like such a bigot :-/

  14. canadianchick says:

    @luvtheshoes-she does, doesn’t she?

  15. Karen says:

    Elizabeth can do SO much better; he’s not even funny! It makes me sad she is a Scientologist, but I can’t help but love her.

  16. Feebee says:

    They’re not dissimilar looking so he has a type. I don’t get the concern for Abby… so she’s getting it on with her castmate, who’s saying she’s taking it seriously? The only problem is if it ends badly and the work situation comes into play. I like Abby on SNL but seriously only one who looks different is Kristen Wiig, the other two, or is it three look too much alike. I don’t think I’d miss that she wasn’t there.

  17. Sumodo1 says:

    Maybe it was the XENU DIVORCE CURSE!

  18. Iggles says:

    lucy2 – Your logic is sound 🙂

    Yea, I don’t get the point of them getting married?! Only to separate a few months later and make it official at 10 months — there must have been some warning signs before the wedding. I don’t get it..

  19. gen says:

    I don’t trust a scientologist, no matter how nice they seem durning interviews. For all we know, she was hounding him to join & he got sick of it.

  20. The Truth Fairy says:

    Boning her post-split? I don’t think so! I’m sure he’s been boning her for awhile and this is most likely the reason for the split. What a scumbag!

    Plus it’s almost creepy how much the gf looks like the wife.

  21. Dreamyvelvet says:

    And this is good for Abby’s career exactly how? Gawd dammit, that dude is grossness personified. If I was a guy, I would not want to be with any woman he hit up first.

  22. jzhz says:

    He is so disgusting, I don’t see what these women see in him. Maybe he’s packing? Elizabeth Moss will be just fine, she’s awesome. But he was too old for her, and he’s too old for this new woman, too. Ew.

  23. Jeri says:

    Yeah, that would sting a little. Maybe Elizabeth would be cool with a Scientologist although Tom’s first wife, Mimi was Scientologist and I think I read she’s the one that turned him (like vampires get turned).

  24. Tia C says:

    I don’t care who he’s boning, he still has a screaming case of gay face, IMHO.

  25. Eric Walker says:

    That dude needs to give seminars on how to score with women. Jesus Christ, I am actually impresssed, he must have mad game.

  26. 3wi3 says:

    The wife was prettier than the gf. Seemed more pleasant, too.
    The new gf has a weirdddd nose.

  27. Stacy says:

    Who the hell are these people?

  28. Alexandra says:

    Geeze, 20 year age difference?! Usually age doesn’t bother me, but since I am turning 30 this year, that would be like me dating a 50 year-old. I just can’t see myself doing that. But good luck to them. It might work out. Maybe they just date and enjoy each other’s company and that is as far as it will go.

    On a side note, I agree with MymaJane and others about the Scientology bit. That’s creepy and sad. 🙁

  29. Aquarius says:

    :-/ Ugh. I hope there wasn’t an overlap in the two relationships, and despite EM being a Scientologist, I can’t help but like her. I don’t get AMC, so to me, she’ll always be Zoey Bartlett. I have to admit, I’m also stuck on the fact that L&S doesn’t know the difference between “phase” and “faze”.

  30. idiots says:

    fred is a sorry excuse of a man. he cheats on women. he humiliates women. he takes advantage of women. now he takes advantage of a little girl. abbie’s lived a fairytale. she’s experienced jacksquat compared to peers her age let alone a man TWICE HER AGE. abbie was hoodwinked just like elisabeth, martha and fred’s first wife were to believe she’s special and the best and he’ll change his disgusting habits just for her. does she think because he cheated on his wife with her she’s different and he’s not going to cheat on her? he’s still cheating, still humiliating, and still taking advantage. she’ll probably pretend she doesn’t care what he does in a bizzarre hope to keep him around. even if by some miracle he commits, they’re still a ridiculously unbalanced, unhealthy couple. fred needs to grow up and out of his midlife crisis. elisabeth is the only one who looks good.

  31. amy says:

    yeah elisabeth is fazed but she is probably addressing her pain through therapy or family and friends (or CoS). unlike fred who looks happy with his morally corrupt relationships and life.

  32. malachais says:

    Moss was funny in Get him to the Greek, she can do a whole lot better than a man like looks like an 80 year old with a major facelift.

  33. Jen says:

    I can’t tell those two women apart. They look the same to me.

  34. cari says:

    I hope Chris Elliot stalks him and beats the crap out of him. She is just a kid. He is creepy and old. i also don’t know why he is on the show. He is a one trick pony and NOT funny at all.


  35. D says:

    It’s not like Abby is wise beyond her years. She’s an obnoxious girl obsessed with the Kardashians. When Fred was 23 he was the drummer in a punk band. What is he doing? He lost his own identity. I enjoyed watching Fred because I thought his roots and story were cool. Now that I’ve realized he’s a pervert and it was all a sham, I don’t want to watch. He tricked us all into thinking he was once cool.

  36. pws says:

    Freds rooted in being a womanizing jerk. He sought ‘comfort’ with Abby instead of an older friend or colleague who could empathize? Please. He’s a cheating tool. Punk girls and women his own age won’t have anything to do with him anymore. He has no chance with anyone else.

  37. gorilla says:

    they look a lot alike – like they could be sisters, but that reddish hair color is sooooo pretty

  38. sheila says:

    Fred Armisen is a disgusting person. I have a friend who he hurt badly. He really does burn through women and he’s cold about it. He no doubt cheated on Elisabeth with Abby, just like he cheated on everyone else he’s dated.

  39. Cassidy says:

    HA GROSS!!!!!

  40. Derek says:

    That guy is pretty unfortunate looking, not to mention he cheated on his wife not only with Abby, but also with a girl named Allison ( unbeknownst to Allison at the time that he was married ). Who knows how many other women this guy has cheated on… If it wasn’t for fame, he’d have a hard time getting anyone. GROSS.

  41. Chitown Gal says:

    I briefly (and unfortunately) dated Fred back in his Chicagoland Trenchmouth days. He behaved like a star obsessed, womanizing, social climbing player without any of the good graces to know how to treat a woman decently. He was cheap, sloppy, rude and the worst “breaker-upper” I’ve ever met. Apparently nothing has changed since back in the day… aside from the fact that now rather than making his living selling CD’s at the local music store, he’ is overpaid and for making racially and culturally inappropriate “jokes” for a living and dyes what hair he has left to appear younger in appearance.